Ancient Gallo-Latin name for Britain, Albiōn (Middle Welsh Albbu, Old Irish [[Albu#Patrono:Sga|Albu]]), is from Proto-Celtic *albiyo- (world), ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *h₂élbʰos, *álbʰos (white), whence also Latin albus (white) and Ancient Greek ἀλφός (alphos), whiteness, white leprosy). The primary meaning of Common Celtic word is "upper world" (as opposed to underworld), with semasiological development similar to e.g. Russian [[свет#Patrono:Ru|свет]] (svet), world; light).

It is often hypothesised that the Romans took it as connected with albus (white), in reference to the White cliffs of Dover.

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  1. The ancient name for England (or sometimes, the British Isles), now only used poetically.
  2. Any of several small towns in the United States.



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