Parolas: Eddie Constantine
Musica: Marguerite Monnot

If the sky should fall into the sea
And the stars fade all around me
Of the time that we have known dear
I will sing a hymn to love
We have lived and reigned we two alone
In a world that's hinder very own
With its memory ever grateful
Just for you, I'll sing a hymn to love

I remember each embrace
The smile that lights your face
And my heart begins to sing
Your arm, the hands secure
Your eyes that said "be sure"
And my heart begins to sing

If one day we had to say goodbye
And our love should fade away and die
In my heart, you will remain, dear
And I'll sing a hymn to love
Those who love will live eternally
In the blue, where all is harmony
With my voice raised high to Heaven
Just for you, I'll sing a hymn to love

He unites all those who loved before...

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