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l (letter ~) n littera l (el)

la [Mus] n la

  • ~ , A (the note) Mus] n la

label (fig) v classificar

  • (put a label on) v etiquettar
  • (put a label on) v etiquettar (-ke-)
  • (put label on) v etiquettar
  • n etiquetta
  • ~ , tag, ticket n etiquetta
  • ~ , tag, ticket n etiquetta (-ké-)

labial [Gram] adj labial

labialize v labialisar

labiate adj labiate

labile, unstable adj labile

labiodental [Phonet] adj labiodental

labor (hard ~) phr travalio dur

  • (in ~) prep. phr parturiente
  • (indust) n mano de obra
  • (labour) v laborar, travaliar
  • (labour) v travaliar, laborar
  • (work, labour) n labor, travalio
  • (work, labour) n travalio, labor
  • [Med] n dolores del parto
  • ~ , toil n travalio
  • ~ , toil v travaliar

laboratory adj laboratorial

  • n laboratorio

laborer n laborator, travaliator

  • n travaliator, laborator
  • ~ , workman n travaliator

laborious (1. hard-working, industrious; 2. requiring hard work, toilsome) adj laboriose

  • adj laboriose

laboriousness (1. diligence; 2. toilsomeness) n laboriositate

labor-party n partito del laboratores

labor-saving adj que allevia travalio

Labrador n Labrador

labradorite [Mineral] n labradorite

labyrinth (1. maze; 2. Anat]) n labyrintho

  • n labyrintho

labyrinthic, labyrinthine adj labyrinthic

labyrinthine, labyrinthic adj labyrinthic

lac (dark-red resinous incrustation produced by the puncture of the Coccus lacca) n lacca

lace (as in Brussels lace) n dentella

  • (fasten or tighten with a lace) v acordonar
  • (for shoes) n cordon
  • (material) n dentella, dentellas
  • (material) n dentellas, dentella
  • v acordonar, laciar
  • v laciar, acordonar
  • ~ , string (as in shoe lace, corset string) n cordon

Lacedaemon (1. Gr. Mythol]; 2. Sparta) n Lacedemone

lacedaemonian adj lacedemonie

  • n lacedemonio

laceration n laceration

lachrymal adj lacrimal

lachrymation n lacrimation

lachrymatory adj lacrimatori

  • ~ , tear bottle [Archaeol] n lacrimatorio
  • ~ , tear-provoking adj lacrimogene

lachrymose adj lacrimose

lack n carentia, manco

  • n manco, carentia
  • ~ of appetite, inappetence, inappetency n inappetentia
  • ~ of devotion, indevotion n indevotion
  • ~ of extension n inextension
  • ~ of grace n disgratia
  • ~ of precision n imprecision
  • ~ of proportion, disproportion n disproportion
  • ~ of punctiliousness, inexactness n impunctualitate
  • ~ of verisimilitude, improbability n inverosimilantia
  • v carer
  • ~ , be lacking in v carer
  • ~ , want (of something) n carentia
  • ~ , want n manco

lackey, footman, valet n lacai

  • ~ , footman, valet n lacai (-ài)

lacking grace adj disgratiose

  • ~ in precision adj imprecise
  • ~ probity, dishonest adj improbe
  • ~ probity, dishonest adj improbe (ìm-)

Laconia n Laconia

Laconian adj laconic

  • n lacono

laconic adj laconic

laconism n laconismo

lacquer n lacca

  • v laccar

lactate [Chem] n lactato

lactation (1. action of suckling; 2. secretion of milk) n lactation

lactescence n lactescentia

lactescent (having a milky look) adj lactescente

  • (having a milky look) adj lactescente (ppr of lactescer)

lactic (pertaining to milk; 2. Chem]) adj lactic

lactiferous adj lactifere

lactose [Chem] n lactoso

lactucarium (mild narcotic substance extracted from lettuce) n lactucario

lacuna n lacuna

lacunose adj lacunose

lacustrine adj lacustre

lad n garson, juvene

  • n juvene, garson
  • ~ , boy, young man, youth n garson

ladder (in a stocking) v dismaliar se

  • n scala

laddie n puera

lade, load v cargar

laden adj cargate

ladino adj/n hispano-judeo, ladino

  • ~ adj/n ladino, hispano-judeo

ladle n coclear

  • n coclear (grande)
  • v servir con coclear

lady n dama

  • n dama, seniora, domina
  • n domina, dama, seniora
  • n Lady
  • n Lady A]
  • n seniora
  • n seniora, domina, dama

ladybird n coccinella

lady's maid n camerera

lag (cover) v revestir con materia isolante

  • (delay) v morar
  • n retardo

lager (beer) n bira clar german, lager

  • (beer) n lager, bira clar german

lagoon n laguna

laic, laical, lay adj laic

  • ~ , laical, lay adj laic (làic)
  • ~ , layman n laico

laical, lay, laic adj laic

  • ~ , lay, laic adj laic (làic)

laicization n laicisation

laicize v laicisar

lair n cubil

laity n laicos

lake (large body of water surrounded by land) n laco

  • (pigment obtained from lac) n lacca
  • ~ Leman, Lake of Geneva n Lemano
  • n laco
  • ~ of Geneva, Lake Leman n Lemano

-lalia (talking) occurring in compounds] n -lalia

  • ~ -lalia (talking) occurring in compounds] n -lalia (-ìa)

lama n lama

lamb n agno

lambda (11th letter of the Greek alphabet) n lambda

lambdacism n lambdacismo

lambent adj lambente

  • adj lambente (ppr of lamber)

lame (crippled) adj claude

  • (make ~) v stropiar
  • (of excuses) adj debile
  • (person) n stropiar
  • ~ , limping adj claude
  • ~ , maim, cripple v stropiar

lamellibranch [Zool] n lamellibranchio

lament (1. to wail; 2. to bewail) v lamentar

  • n lamento
  • v lamentar
  • ~ , lamentation n lamento
  • ~ , plaint, lamentation n plancto

lamentable (be pitied) adj lamentabile

  • adj lamentose
  • ~ , worthy of tears adj lacrimabile

lamentation n lamentation

  • ~ , deploration n deploration
  • ~ , lament n lamento
  • ~ , lament, plaint n plancto

lamenter n lamentator

lamina (thin plate, foil; 2. Bot] (the blade or flat expanded portion of aleaf) n lamina

  • (thin plate, foil; 2. Bot] (the blade or flat expanded portion of aleaf) n lamina (là-)

laminate (to beat or roll into thin plates; 2. to split into layers or leaves; 3. to overlay with plates of metal) v laminar

lamination n lamination

lamp n lampa

  • n lampa, lampada
  • n lampada
  • n lampada (là-)
  • ~ shop n lampisteria
  • ~ shop n lampisteria (-ìa)

lampadary n lampadario

lampion n lampion

lamplighter, lampman n lampista

lampmaker n lampadero

  • ~ or lamp seller n lampista

lampman, lamplighter n lampista

lampoon n pamphleto

lampooner n pamphletero

lamp-post n palo de lampa

lamprey [Ichthyol] n lampreda

lamp-shade n paralumine

lance (surgery) v lancettar

  • [Surg] v lancettar
  • n lancea
  • ~ , spear n lancea

lanceolate [Bot] adj lanceolate

  • ~ leaf, petal [Bot] n lanceola
  • ~ leaf, petal [Bot] n lanceola (-cé-)

lancer n lancero

lancet n lancetta

lancing (action or result of) Surg] n lancettada

land (earth) n terra

  • (from ship) v disbarcar
  • (go ashore from a ship or boat) v abbordar
  • (nation) n pais
  • (of plane) v atterrar
  • (soil, tract of land) n terreno
  • [Aeronaut] v atterrar
  • adj terren
  • ~ , country n pais
  • ~ , country n pais (-ìs)
  • ~ , earth adj terren
  • ~ , soil n terreno

Landau n Landau

landing (act of) Naut] n abbordo

  • (from ship) n disbarcamento
  • (of house) n corridor del scalas
  • (of plane) n atterrage
  • [Aeronaut] n atterrage
  • [Aeronaut] n atterrage (-aje)
  • ~ pier, wharf n disbarcatorio

land-lady (of house) n proprietaria

  • ~ -lady (of inn) n albergera
  • ~ -lady (of pub) n patrona

land-lord (of house, land) n proprietario

  • ~ -lord (of inn) n albergero
  • ~ -lord (of pub) n patrono

land-mark (notable feature) n puncto de referimento

  • ~ -mark n marca de terra

land-on-one's-feet v cader super le pedes

land-scape n paisage

landscape-painter n paisagista

  • ~ -painter n paisagista (-jìsta)

land-slide n glissation terranee

  • ~ -slide n lapso de terreno

lane (on motorway) n via

  • (road) n parve strata

language (expression) n expression

  • (phrasing) n linguage
  • (tongue) n lingua, linguage
  • (tongue) n linguage, lingua
  • ~ , speech n linguage
  • ~ , speech n linguage (-aje)
  • ~ , tongue n lingua

language-laboratory (lang-lab) n laboratorio linguistic

languet, languette n linguetta

languette, languet n linguetta

languid adj languide

languish (become or continue to be languid) v languer

  • v languer

languishment n languimento

languor (state of bodily or mental weariness) n languor

languorous adj languorose

laniferous, wool-bearing adj lanifere

lanky adj alte e magre

lanolin n lanolina

lantern (1. as in railroad lantern; 2. Arch]) n lanterna

  • n lanterna

lanuginous, downy adj lanuginose

lap (lick) v lamber

  • (sport) n circuito del pista
  • n gremio
  • ~ , lick v lamber

lapel n reverso

lapidary adj lapidari

  • n lapidario

lapidate, stone (1. to hurl stones at (someone) 2. to put to death by stoning) v lapidar

lapidation, stoning n lapidation

lapidator, stoner n lapidator

lapideous, stone, stony adj lapidee

lapidescence n lapidescentia

lapidescent adj lapidescente

lapidicolous [Zool] adj lapidicole

lapidific adj lapidific

lapidification, petrifaction, petrification n lapidification

lapidify, petrify v lapidificar

lapidous, stony adj lapidose

lapillo, papillus [Geol] n lapillo

  • ~ , papillus [Geol] n lapillo I]

lapis lazuli n lapislazuli

  • ~ lazuli n lapislazuli (-làz-)

Lap-land [Geog] n Lapponia

lapp adj/n lappon

lapse (1. as in lapse of time; 2. slip) n lapso

  • (mistake) n error, falta
  • (mistake) n falta, error
  • (of time) n lapso
  • v perimer
  • ~ , expire, become invalid v perimer
  • ~ , expire, become invalid v perimer -im-/-empt-]

lapsed adj perempte

  • ~ , expired, invalid adj perempte

larceny n furto

larch n larice

  • n larice (là-)

lard (1. Cookery]; 2. to interlard) v lardar

  • [Cookery] v interlardar
  • n lardo
  • v lardar

lardaceous adj lardacee

larder n dispensa

larding or interlarding (action of) n interlardamento

lardy adj lardose

large (be at ~) v esser libere

  • adj grande
  • ~ kettle, cauldron n caldieron

larghetto [Mus] n larghetto

  • [Mus] n larghetto I]

largo [Mus] n largo

lark (bird) n aloda

  • (fun) n burla, farce, farsa
  • (fun) n farce, farsa, burla
  • (fun) n farsa, burla, farce
  • (singing bird of the family Alaudidae) n aloda
  • (singing bird of the family Alaudidae) n aloda (?)
  • v burlar, facer un farce
  • v facer un farce, burlar

larva (1. Rom. Mythol]; 2. Zool.) n larva

  • n larva

larval adj larval

larvate [Med] adj larvate

laryngeal adj laryngee

laryngitis n laryngitis

  • n laryngitis (-ìtis)

laryngoscope n laryngoscopio

laryngoscopia n laryngoscopia

  • n laryngoscopia (-ìa)

larynx n larynge

lascivious adj lascive

lasciviousness n lascivitate

laser n laser

lash (eyelash) n cilio

  • (tie) v attaccar, ligar
  • (tie) v ligar, attaccar
  • (whip) n colpo del flagello
  • (whip) v flagellar

lashing (tying) n attaccamento

  • (whipping) n flagellamento

lass n puera

lassitude, weariness n lassitude

lasso n lasso

  • n lasso A]
  • v prender al lasso

last (at ~) prep. phr al fin

  • (for shoes) n forma
  • (the ~) prep. phr usque al fin
  • adj ultime
  • adj ultime (ùl-)
  • adv in le ultime loco
  • ~ but two, antepenultimate adj antepenultime
  • ~ but two, antepenultimate adj antepenultime (-ùl-)
  • ~ night phr a nocte, nocte passate
  • ~ night phr nocte passate, a nocte
  • ~ on, perdure, continue v perdurar
  • v durar, permaner
  • v permaner, durar
  • ~ week phr le septimana passate
  • ~ , be permanent, endure v permaner
  • ~ , endure v durar
  • ~ , final adj supreme

last-but-one adj penultime

last-but-two adj antepenultime

lasting adj durabile, permanente

  • adj permanente, durabile
  • ~ one day adj diurne
  • ~ , durable adj durabile
  • ~ , enduring, permanent adj permanente
  • ~ , enduring, permanent adj permanente (ppr of permaner)

last-year n le anno passate

latch n pessulo

late (be ~) v esser in retardo

  • (deceased) adj decedite
  • (delayed) adj retardate, tardive
  • (delayed) adj tardive, retardate
  • (recent) adj recente
  • adv in retardo
  • adv sero
  • adv tarde

latecomer n retardatario

late-cover v retardatario

lateen yard [Naut] n antenna

lateen-rigged lighter [Naut] n fusta

lately adv recentemente

  • ~ , recently, newly adv nuper
  • ~ , recently, newly adv nuper (nù-)

latency n latentia

lateness (of arrival) n arrivata tardive

  • (of time) n hora avantiate

latent adj latente

  • adj latente (ppr of later)

later adj ulterior

  • adv depost, plus tarde
  • adv plus tarde, depost
  • ~ , subsequent adj ulterior
  • ~ , subsequently adv posteriormente
  • ~ , subsequently adv ulteriormente

lateral adj lateral

laterally adv lateralmente

latest (at the ~) prep. phr al plus tarde

  • adv ultime

lathe n torno

lather n scuma

  • v facer scuma

laticlave [Rom. Antiq] n laticlavo

latifundium n latifundio

Latin (1. Rom. Hist] (native or inhabitent of Latium; 2. member of one of the Latin races; 3. Latin language) n latino

  • adj latin
  • adj latin
  • n latino

Latin-America [Geog] n Latin America

latin-american adj latino-american

  • ~ -american n latino-americano

Latinism n latinismo

Latinist n latinista

Latinity n latinitate

Latinization n latinisation

Latinize (make Latin or Latinlike) v latinisar

latitude (1. freedom from narrow restrictions; 2. Geol]) n latitude

  • n latitude

latitudinal adj latitudinal

latitudinarian adj latitudinari

  • n latitudinario

Latium n Latio

latria [Theol] n latria

  • [Theol] n latria (-ìa)

latrine n latrina

  • ~ , privy n privata

latter (second of two) (the) dem adj iste

  • adj iste

lattice enclosure, grating, railings n cancello

  • n cancello, reticulo
  • n reticulo, cancello
  • ~ work, grating n grilliage
  • ~ work, grating n grilliage (-aje)

Latvia [Geog] n Latvia

  • n Latvia
  • n Lettonia

latvian adj lette, letton

  • adj letton, lette
  • n letto, letton
  • n letton, letto

laud, praise v laudar

laudability, praiseworthiness n laudabilitate

laudable adj laudabile

  • ~ , praiseworthy adj laudabile

laudanine [Chem] n laudanina

laudanum (tincture of opium) n laudano

  • (tincture of opium) n laudano (làu-)

laudation, praise, lauding n laudation

laudative, laudatory adj laudative

laudatory adj laudatori

  • ~ , laudative adj laudative

lauder n laudator

lauding, laudation, praise n laudation

laugh n riso

  • v rider
  • v rider rid-/ris-]

laughable adj risibile

laugh-at v rider se de

laughing-stock adj ludibrie

  • ~ -stock n ludibrio

laughter n riso

  • n riso, risos

laughter-burst n risada

launch (1. to set afloat; 2. to start, set going) v lancear

  • (as in steam launch) n lancha
  • (as in steam launch) n lancha (-sh-)
  • n lancha
  • v lancear

launching (1. setting afloat; 2. starting off, setting in operation) (action of) n lanceamento

  • n lanceamento

launching-pad n platteforma de lanceamento

launder v lavar e repassar

laundress n lavandera

laundry (dirty clothes) n pannos a lavar

  • (establishment where clothes and other articles are washed and ironed) n lavanderia (-ìa)
  • (establishment where clothes and other articles are washed and ironed) n lavanderia
  • (just washed) n pannos lavate
  • (place) n lavanderia

Lauraceae [Bot] n lauraceas

lauraceous adj lauracee

laureate, crowned with laurel adj laureate

laurel (tree or shrub) n lauriero

  • adj lauree
  • ~ crown n laurea
  • ~ grove n laureto
  • n lauriero, lauro
  • n lauro, lauriero
  • ~ , bay-tree, bay-laurel n lauro

lauric [Chem] adj lauric

lava (volcanic) n lava

  • n lava

lavabo (1. R.C.Ch]; 2. washstand) n lavabo

lavatic, lavic adj lavic

lavatory (on bus, trains) n lavatorio, w.c.

  • (on bus, trains) n w.c., lavatorio
  • n lavatorio, w.c.
  • n w.c., lavatorio

lavender (color) adj color de lavandula

  • [Bot] n lavandula
  • n lavandula

lavic, lavatic adj lavic

lavish adj prodige

  • v prodigar, profunder
  • v profunder, prodigar

law (body of laws) n derecto

  • (in ~) n affin
  • (my in -s) n mis affines
  • (profession, statute) n lege
  • n lege
  • ~ , right (as in divine right or law) n jure

law-abiding adj observante le lege

law-breaker n transgressor, violator

  • ~ -breaker n violator, transgressor

lawful adj legitime, licite

  • adj licite, legitime
  • ~ , licit adj licite
  • ~ , licit adj licite (lì-)

lawfulness, legality n legalitate

law-glver n legifero

lawless n anarchic, ingovernabile

  • n ingovernabile, anarchic

lawlessness n anarchia

lawmaker n legifero

  • n legifero (-ì-)

lawmaking adj legifere

lawn (ground covered with fine grass) n gazon

  • n gazon
  • ~ tennis n lawn tennis
  • ~ tennis n lawn tennis A]

lawn-mower n machina a tonder le

lawsuit n lite

  • n lite, processo
  • n processo
  • n processo, lite

lawyer n homine de lege

lax adj laxe, negligente

  • adj negligente, laxe

laxative [Med] adj laxative

  • adj laxative
  • n laxativo
  • ~ , aperient n aperitivo
  • ~ , aperitive, aperient adj aperitive

laxity, laxness n laxitate

laxness, laxity n laxitate

lay (up) on v imponer

  • (up) on v imponer -pon-/-posit-/-post-]
  • adj laic
  • ~ brother [Eccl] n converso
  • ~ hold of, take v sumer
  • ~ hold of, take v sumer sum-/sumpt-]
  • ~ in a stock of, stock v stockar
  • ~ out, spend v erogar
  • ~ up (through illness) v allectar
  • vi poner ovos
  • vt poner
  • ~ waste v vastar
  • ~ with a mat v mattar
  • ~ , laic, laical adj laic
  • ~ , laic, laical adj laic (làic)
  • ~ , put, place v poner
  • ~ , put, place v poner pon-/posit-/post-]

lay-a-bet v facer un sponsion

lay-aside v poner a un latere

layer n jacimento, strato

  • n strato, jacimento
  • ~ , deposit, stratum [Geol] n jacimento
  • ~ , stratum n strato

laying (up) on n imposition

  • ~ a pavement, paving (act of) n pavimentation
  • ~ a pavement, paving (action of) n pavage
  • ~ a pavement, paving (action of) n pavage (-aje)

layman n laico

  • n profano
  • ~ , laic n laico
  • ~ , secular n secular

lay-out (clothes, papers) v poner

  • ~ -out (diagram) n plano
  • ~ -out v poner

lay-up (basketball) n layup

  • ~ -up (store up) v accumular

lazaretto (building or vessel used for detention in quarentine) n lazaretto

Lazarist, Vincentian [R.C.Ch] n lazarista

Lazarus n Lazaro

  • n Lazaro (là-)

laze v facer nihil, otiar

  • v otiar, facer nihil

laziness n pigressa

  • n pigressa, pigritia
  • n pigritia
  • n pigritia, pigressa

lazuli (lapis) n lazuli

  • (lapis) n lazuli (là-)

lazulite n lazulite

lazy adj indolente, pigre

  • adj pigre
  • adj pigre, indolente

lead (1. the metal lead; 2. bullets, shot) n plumbo

  • (command) v diriger, ducer
  • (command) v ducer, diriger
  • (guidance) n conducta
  • (guide) v conducer, ducer, guidar
  • (guide) v ducer, guidar, conducer
  • (guide) v guidar, conducer, ducer
  • (metal) n plumbo
  • adj plumbee
  • ~ astray v discamminar
  • ~ away, abduce [Physiol] (abduct) v abducer
  • ~ away, abduce [Physiol] (abduct) v abducer -duc-/-duct-]
  • ~ poisoning, saturnism n saturnismo
  • ~ , guide, conduct v menar
  • ~ , plumbeous adj plumbee
  • ~ , plummet [Naut] n sonda

lead-astray (be in the ~) v esser al testa

  • ~ -astray v disviar

leaden adj de plumbo, plumbee

  • adj plumbee, de plumbo

leader (of an army) n stratego

  • (of newspaper) n articulo de fundo
  • (person) n chef, leader, conductor
  • (person) n conductor, chef, leader
  • (person) n leader, conductor, chef
  • ~ , chief n chef
  • ~ , chief n chef F]

leadership n commando, direction

  • n direction, commando

leading adj eminente, principal

  • adj principal, eminente
  • ~ or outstanding person n summitate
  • ~ , inducing adj inductive

leadsman [Naut] n sondator

leaf (1. Bot]; 2. leaf of a book) n folio

  • (of door) n valva
  • [Bot] n folio
  • ~ or wing (of a folding door) n valva
  • ~ , leave, shoot out leaves foliar v foliar

leafless adj defoliate

leaflet n folio volante, foliolo

  • n foliolo, folio volante

leafstalk, petiole [Bot] n petiolo

  • ~ , petiole [Bot] n petiolo (-tì-)

leafy (furnished with leaves) adj foliate

  • adj foliose

league (association of persons, countries) n liga

leak (of gas) n fuga

  • (of water) n via de aqua
  • v facer aqua

leakage (fig) n revelation

  • (of liquid, gas) n fuga, perdita
  • (of liquid, gas) n perdita, fuga

leak-out v transpirar

lean (of meat) adj magre

  • (of wall) v inclinar
  • (thin) adj discarnate, magre
  • (thin) adj magre, discarnate
  • v appoiar
  • v appoiar (se)
  • ~ , thin, meager adj magre

leaning (inclination) n inclination

  • (resting) adj appoiate
  • (sloping) adj inclinate
  • (tendency) n tendentia

leanness, thinness Hcnce: emaciar n macie

  • ~ , thinness n magressa

lean-out v inclinar se

leap (- year) n anno bissextil

  • n salto
  • v saltar
  • ~ , bound, jump n salto
  • ~ , bound, jump v salir
  • ~ , bound, jump v salir sal-/salt-]

leap-year n anno bissextil

learn (1. to gain knowledge of, by study or instruction; 2. to acquire information about, find out about) v apprender

  • v apprender

learned adj docte

  • adj docte, erudite
  • adj erudite, docte
  • ~ man, teacher, scholar n doctor
  • ~ person, scholar n erudito
  • ~ , informed, well-informed adj sciente

learner n comenciante

learning n erudition, saper, scientia

  • n saper, scientia, erudition
  • n scientia, erudition, saper
  • ~ , knowledge n saper
  • ~ , knowledge n scientia

lease n contracto de location

  • v arrentar, locar
  • v locar, arrentar

lease-hold n proprietate arrentate

leash n corda

leasing n location

  • ~ , letting out (for hire) n location

least (at ~) prep. phr al minus

  • (not in the ~) prep. phr nullemente
  • adj minime
  • adv le minus
  • adv minime
  • adv minime (mì-)
  • ~ , smallest, minimal adj minime
  • ~ , smallest, minimal adj minime (mì-)

leather adj de corio

  • n corio

leathery adj coriacee

leave (absence) n congedo

  • (get going!) v/interj vade!
  • (mil) n commeato
  • (permission to depart) n congedo
  • (to allow to remain in some place or state; 2. to commit, entrust, hand over) v lassar
  • ~ a hiatus v hiar
  • ~ a margin on v marginar
  • ~ behind, relinquish v relinquer
  • ~ behind, relinquish v relinquer -linqu-/-lict-]
  • n permission
  • ~ out, skip v saltar
  • ~ the tracks, derail v derailar
  • ~ the tracks, derail v derailar (-rél-)
  • vi partir
  • vt lassar, quitar
  • vt quitar, lassar
  • ~ , depart v partir
  • ~ , furlough n commeato
  • ~ , quit v quitar
  • ~ , shoot out leaves foliar, leaf v foliar

leave-alone v lassar in pace

leave-behind v abandonar, relinquer

  • ~ -behind v relinquer, abandonar

leaven n levatura

leave-off v cessar

leave-out v omitter

lebanese adj/n libanese

Lebanon (1. Lebanon Mountains; 2. state of Lebanon) n Libano

  • (1. Lebanon Mountains; 2. state of Lebanon) n Libano (lì-)
  • [Geog] n Libano

lecherous adj lascive

lector [R.C.Ch] n lector

lecture n conferentia

  • v conferentiar
  • vi conferentiar
  • vt sermonisar

lecturer n conferentiante

ledge (on building or cliff) n bordo saliente, cornice

  • (on building or cliff) n cornice, bordo saliente
  • (shelf) n planca

ledger n libro major

leech n sanguisuga

  • ~ , bloodsucker [Zool] n sanguisuga

leek n porro

leer n reguardo maligne

  • v reguardar malignemente

left (be - over) v restar

  • (be ~) v lassate
  • (from - to right) adv ab sinistra verso dextra
  • (not right) adj leve
  • (not right) adj sinistre
  • (on the ~) adv a sinistra
  • (on the ~) adv al leva
  • adj leve, sinistre
  • adj sinistre, leve
  • n leva
  • vi past part
  • vt past part

left-hand n mano leve, sinistra mano

  • ~ -hand n sinistra mano, mano leve

left-handed (using the left hand more easily than the right) adj sinistromane

  • ~ -handed adj sinistromane

left-luggage-office n deposito de bagages

left-wing (-er) n socialista

  • ~ -wing adj socialista

leg (of a chair, table) n pede

  • (of furniture) n pede
  • (pull somene's ~) v mystificar un person
  • [Anat] n gamba
  • n gamba

legacy n legato

legal adj legal

legality, lawfulness n legalitate

legalization n legalisation

legalize (make legal, render legally valid) v legalisar

  • v legalisar

legally adv legalmente

legate (1. Rom. Hist]; 2. R.C.Ch]) n legato

legatee n legatario

legation (1. office, position, dignity, of alegate or of an envoy; 2. diplomatic representative of a country together with his staff; 3. premises occupied by a legation) n legation

  • n legation

legend (1. myth, fable; 2. inscription, caption) n legenda

  • n legenda

legendary adj legendari

legging n gambiera

legibility n legibilitate

legible adj legibile

legion (1. Mil]; 2. very large number) n legion

  • n legion

legionary adj legionari

  • n legionario

legislate v legiferar

legislation (1. making of laws; 2. laws made) n legislation

  • n legislation

legislative (- branch) n ramo legislative

  • (as in legislative body) adj legislative
  • adj legislative

legislator n legislator

legislature (legislative body) n legislatura

legitimacy n legitimitate

legitimate (1. as in to legitimate a child; 2. to justify) v legitimar

  • (1. lawfully begotten; 2. lawful, accordant with law) adj legitime
  • (1. lawfully begotten; 2. lawful, accordant with law) adj legitime (-gì-)
  • adj legitime
  • v legitimar

legitimation n legitimation

legitimism n legitimismo

legitimist n legitimista

legume n legumine

legumin [Chem] n legumina

leguminiform adj leguminiforme

leguminous adj leguminose

leisure n otio

  • n otio, tempore libere
  • n tempore libere, otio

leisurely adv sin pressa, tarde

  • adv tarde, sin pressa

lemma [Logic, Math] n lemma

lemon (fruit of the lemon tree) n limon

  • adj citrin
  • n citro, limon
  • n limon, citro
  • ~ tree n limoniero
  • ~ yellow n citrina

lemonade n citronada, limonada

  • n limonada
  • n limonada, citronada
  • v endor n limonadero

lemon-colored adj citrin

lend v prestar

lender n prestator

lending (action of) n prestation

  • n prestation

length (at ~) adv longe

  • (geographical) n longitude
  • (spatial) n longor
  • n longitude

lengthen (make longer) v allongar

  • v allongar, prolongar
  • v prolongar, allongar

lengthening (act of) n allongamento

lengthy (longish) adj assatis longe

  • (wordy) adj prolixe

leniency n clementia, indulgentia

  • n indulgentia, clementia

lenient adj clemente, indulgente

  • adj indulgente, clemente

Leningrad n Leningrad

Leninism n leninismo

Leninist n leninista

lens (photog) n lenticula

  • [Anat] n crystallino
  • [Opt] n lente
  • n opt

Lent n quaresima

  • n quaresima
  • n quaresima (-ésima)

Lenten adj quaresimal

lenticel [Bot] n lenticella

lenticular adj lenticular

lentiform adj lentiforme

lentil n lente

  • n lenticula

leo n leon

Leonidas n Leonidas

  • n Leonidas (-ò-)

leonine, lion adj leonin

leontiasis [Pathol] n leontiase

  • [Pathol] n leontiase (-ì-)

leopard [Zool] n leopardo

  • n leopardo

leper n leproso

lepid-, lepido- (scale) occurring in compounds] n lepid-

lepidodendron [Paleontol] n lepidodendro

lepidolite [Mineral] n lepidolitho

  • [Mineral] n lepidolitho (-òlito)

lepidopterous [Entom] adj lepidoptere

lepidosiren [Zool] n lepidosirena

Lepisma [Entom] n lepisma

leporide n leporide

  • n leporide (-pò-)

leporine, hare adj leporin

leprosarium, leprosery n lazaretto

leprosery, leprosarium n lazaretto

leprosy n lepra

leprous adj leprose

lesbian adj lesbian

  • n lesbiana

lesion n lesion

Lesotho [Geog] n Lesotho

less (more or ~) prep. phr plus o minus

  • (none the ~) prep totevia
  • adj minus de
  • adv minus
  • adv minus (mì-)

less-and-less adv de minus in minus

lessee n locatario

lessen v diminuer, minuer

  • v minuer, diminuer
  • ~ , diminish v diminuer
  • ~ , diminish v minuer
  • ~ , diminish v minuer minu-/minut-]

lessening n diminution, remission

  • n remission, diminution

lesser adj minor

lesson (1. Eccl]; 2. something taught or learned) n lection

  • n lection

lessor n locator

lest conj de pavor que

let (allow to, permit to) v lassar

  • (allow) v lassar
  • (may... that ...) n que ...
  • (rent) v arrentar, locar
  • (rent) v locar, arrentar
  • ~ go, set free, release v laxar
  • n obstaculo
  • ~ off gas, break wind v peder
  • ~ , rent v locar

let-down (lower) v abassar

  • ~ -down (morally) v disappunctar

lethal adj lethal

lethargic adj lethargic

lethargy n lethargia

  • n lethargia (-ìa)
  • n lethargo

let-me-know-about-it v face saper lo a me

let-out v lassar sortir

let's-go v vade nos

Lett n Latvian

  • n letto

letter (1. letter of the alphabet; 2. epistle) n litera (lì-), littera (lì-)

  • (1. letter of the alphabet; 2. epistle) n litera, littera
  • (1. letter of the alphabet; 2. epistle) n littera (lì-), litera (lì-)
  • (1. letter of the alphabet; 2. epistle) n littera, litera
  • (communication) n littera
  • (of the alphabet) n litera, littera
  • (of the alphabet) n littera, litera
  • ~ patent n patente
  • ~ writer n epistolero
  • ~ , epistle n epistola
  • ~ , epistle n epistola (-pìs-)

letter-box n cassa postal

lettered (versed in letters, educated) adj literate, litterate

  • (versed in letters, educated) adj litterate, literate

letter-head n capite de littera

lettering n inscription

letters (man of ~) n litteratto, persona de litteras

  • (man of ~) n persona de litteras, litteratto
  • n correspondentia

letterweight, paperweight n cargalitteras

  • ~ , paperweight n cargalitteras (-lìt-)
  • ~ , paperweight n cargapapiros
  • ~ , paperweight n cargapapiros (-pì-)

letting off gas, breaking wind (action of) n pedito

  • ~ off gas, breaking wind (action of) n pedito (pé-)

Lettish (language) adj letton

  • (language) n letto
  • adj lette
  • adj letton

lettuce n lactuca

let-us-go (allow us to go) v lassa nos ir

  • ~ -us-go (get going) v vade nos

leuchaemia, leukemia n leucemia

  • ~ , leukemia n leucemia (-ìa)

leuchaemic, leukemic adj leucemic

leucocyte [Anat] n leucocyto

  • [Anat] n leucocyto (-ò-)

leuk-, leuco- (white) occurring in derivatives and compounds] adj leuc-

leukemia (-kaem-) n leucemia

  • ~ , leuchaemia n leucemia
  • ~ , leuchaemia n leucemia (-ìa)

leukemic, leuchaemic adj leucemic

Levantine adj levantin

  • n levantino

levator [Anat] n elevator

level (1. instrument for establishing a level surface; 2. degree of elevation of a plane) n nivello

  • (1. Surv]; 2. to make level or even) v nivellar
  • (on the ~) adj honeste
  • adj plan, platte
  • adj platte, plan
  • adv in tote sinceritate
  • n grado, nivello
  • n nivello, grado
  • v applattar, nivellar
  • v nivellar, applattar
  • ~ , flat adj platte
  • ~ , plane, flat adj plan
  • ~ , smooth out v explanar

level-crossing n passage a nivello

leveler (one who or that which levels) n nivellator

level-headed adj ben equilibrate, judiciose

  • ~ -headed adj judiciose, ben equilibrate

leveling (1. surveying; 2. making level) n nivellamento

  • n nivellamento
  • ~ , smoothing out (action of) n explanation

lever n levator

  • v sublevar
  • v sublevar (con un levator)
  • ~ , crowbar, pry n vecte

leverage (lever power) n potentia de ln levator

  • (pressure) n pression

levier of taxes, assessor n taxator

levitate v levitar

levitation n levitation

levogyrate, levogyre, levogyrous [Phys. Chem] adj levogyr

levogyre, levogyrous, levogyrate [Phys. Chem] adj levogyr

levogyrous, levogyrate, levogyre [Phys. Chem] adj levogyr

levulose [Chem] n levulosa

levy (tax) n contribution, imposto

  • (tax) n imposto, contribution
  • [Mil] n levata
  • n Mil]
  • ~ tithes on v decimar
  • v levar

lewd adj impudic, lubric

  • adj lubric
  • adj lubric (lù-)
  • adj lubric, impudic
  • ~ , immodest adj impudic
  • ~ , unchaste adj inceste

lexical adj lexical

lexicographer n lexicographo

  • n lexicographo (-ò-)

lexicographical adj lexicographic

lexicography n lexicographia

  • n lexicographia (-ìa)

lexicon n lexico

  • n lexico (lé-)

li-, lio-, leio- (smooth) occurring in compounds] adj li-

liabilitics [Commer] n passivo

liability n obligation, responsabilitate

  • n responsabilitate, obligation

liable adj responsabile, subjecte

  • adj subjecte, responsabile
  • ~ to be accused, blameworthy adj accusabile
  • ~ to sin, peccable adj peccabile
  • ~ to tax or duty adj taxabile

liaison (1. liaison between man and woman; 2. Phonet]) n liaison F]

  • (1. liaison between man and woman; 2. Phonet]) n liaison
  • n liaison

liar n mentitor

libel (1. Law]; 2. lampoon, satire) n libello

  • n diffamation, libello
  • n libello, diffamation
  • v diffamar, libellar
  • v libellar
  • v libellar, diffamar

libeler, libelist n libellista

libelist, libeler n libellista

libelous (-ellous) adj diffamatori

liber, bast [Bot] n libro

liberal (1. generous; 2. broadminded; 3. Pol]) adj liberal

  • ~ adj/n liberal
  • n liberal
  • ~ , openhanded adj large

liberalism n liberalismo

liberality (1. generosity; 2. broadmindedness) n liberalitate

  • n liberalitate
  • ~ , generosity n largessa

liberalization n liberalisation

liberalize (make liberal) v liberalisar

liberally adv liberalmente

liberate v liberar

  • ~ , free v liberar

liberation n liberation

liberator n liberator

Liberia [Geog] n Liberia

libertarian adj libertari

  • n libertario

libertarianism n libertarismo

liberticide (one who detroys liberty) n liberticida

libertinage n libertinage

  • n libertinage (-aje)

libertine (1. Rom. Hist] (son of a freedman; 2. freethinker; 3. licentious man) n libertino

  • adj libertin

liberty (condition of being free, freedom) n libertate

  • n libertate

libra n libra

libral (1. pertaining to the pound; 2. pertaining to Libra) adj libral

librarian n bibliothecario

library (1. place where a collection of books is kept; 2. collection of books) n bibliotheca

  • n bibliotheca
  • n libreria
  • n libreria (-ìa)

librettist n librettista

libretto [Mus] n libretto

  • n libretto

libriform (of the nature of liber) Bot] adj libriforme

Libya [Geog] n Libya

  • n Libya

libyan adj libyan

  • adj libyan
  • adj libyc
  • adj libyc (lì-)
  • n libyano
  • n libyano

licence (1. permission, leave) n licentia

license (exercise a trade or profession) n patente

  • (give licence to) v licentiar
  • n licentia, patente
  • n patente, licentia
  • v licentiar, patentar
  • v patentar
  • v patentar, licentiar

licensee (with a licence) n concessionario

  • (with a patent) n patentato

licentiate n licentiato

licentiation, conferring the licentiate n licentiamento

licentious adj lascivie

  • adj licentiose

licentiousness adj lascivietate

lichen (1. Bot]; 2. Pathol]) n lichen

  • n lichen

lichenoid adj lichenoide

lichenous adj lichenose

licit, lawful adj licite

  • ~ , lawful adj licite (lì-)

lick (as in to lick one's fingers) v leccar

  • v leccar
  • ~ , lap v lamber

licking (action of) n leccamento

licorice, glycyrrhiza (1. Bot]; 2. Pharm]) n liquiritia

  • ~ , glycyrrhiza n glycyrrhiza

lictor [Rom. Antiq] n lictor

lid n coperculo

  • ~ , cover n coperculo

lie (be lying in a certain place) v jacer

  • (be lying somewhere) v cubar
  • (falsehood) n mendacio
  • (rest) v cubar, jacer
  • (rest) v jacer, cubar
  • (tell lies) v mentir
  • (untruth) n mendacio
  • (white ~) n mendacio officiose
  • ~ below (not to lie on top) v succubar
  • ~ hidden, be hidden v later
  • ~ or be situated around (a place) v circumjacer
  • ~ , falsehood n falsitate
  • ~ , falsehood n mentita
  • ~ , tell lies v mentir

Liechtenstein [Geog] n Liechtenstein

lied [Mus] n lied

  • [Mus] n lied G]

lie-down v cubar se, reposar se

  • ~ -down v reposar se, cubar se

lie-hidden v later

lie-idle v esser disoccupate

lienteric adj lienteric

lientery [Pathol] n lienteria

  • [Pathol] n lienteria (-ìa)

lie-still v restar tranquille

lieu (in - of) adv in loco de

  • n loco

lieutenant (- colonel) n locotenente colonello

  • (1. vicegerent; 2. Mil]) n locotenente
  • n locotenente

life (come to ~) v revivescer

  • n vita

lifebelt n cinctura de salvamento

lifeboat n barca de salvemento

lifeguard n guarda

  • n guarda del corpore

lifeless adj exanime, sin vita

  • adj sin vita, exanime

lifelike adj natural, vive

  • adj vive, natural

lifeline n cablo de salvamento

life-sized adj de talia natural

lifetime (curso del) n vita

lift (for goods) n montacargas

  • (for people) n ascensor, lift
  • (for people) n lift, ascensor
  • (help) n adjuta
  • (ride in car) n viage gratuite
  • ~ up v realtiar, sublevar
  • ~ up v sublevar, realtiar
  • ~ up, raise v realtiar
  • ~ up, raise v sublevar
  • v elevar, levar
  • v levar, elevar
  • ~ , elevator n ascensor
  • ~ , elevator n lift
  • ~ , elevator n lift A]
  • ~ , hoist (lifting apparatus) n montacargas
  • ~ , hoist (lifting apparatus) n montacargas (-càr-)
  • ~ , raise (up) v levar

lifting up, raising (act of) n sublevamento

  • ~ , raising (up) (act of) n levamento

ligament [Anat] n ligamento

  • n ligamento

ligamentous adj ligamentose

ligature (1. Surg]; 2. Print] (combination of two letters; 3. Mus] (tie, slur) n ligatura

light (a-) v accender

  • (fire) n foco
  • (not dark) adj clar
  • (not heavy) adj legier, leve
  • (not heavy) adj leve, legier
  • (of little weight) adj legier
  • (of little weight) adj legier (-jér)
  • (of little weight) adj leve
  • n luce, lumine
  • n lumine
  • n lumine, luce
  • ~ open helmet n caschetto
  • ~ red wine (of Southern France) n claretto
  • ~ up v exclarar
  • ~ , kindle v accender
  • ~ , kindle v accender -cend-/-cens-]
  • ~ , photic adj photic
  • ~ , set alight v incender
  • ~ , set alight v incender -cend-/-cens-]

light-colored, pale adj clarette

lighten (brighten) v illuminar

  • (make less heavy) v alleviar
  • (remove weight) v alleviar
  • ~ , be lightening v fulgurar
  • ~ , fulgurate, flash v fulger

lightener n alleviator

lightening (brightening) n illumination

  • (making less heavy) n alleviation
  • (of weight) n alleviation

lighter (barge) n gabarra

  • (device for lighting cigarettes, gas, candles) n accenditor
  • (for cigarettes) n accenditor
  • (not so dark) adj plus clar
  • (not so heavy) adj plus legier

light-headed adj esturdite

light-hearted adj allegre

lighthouse n pharo

  • ~ , pharos n pharo

lighting n accendimento, illumination

  • n illumination, accendimento
  • ~ up (act of) n exclaramento
  • ~ , kindling n accendimento

lightness (state of being not heavy) n legieressa

  • (state of being not heavy) n legieressa (-jer-)
  • (state of being not heavy) n levitate

lightning (flash of) n fulgure

  • n fulgure, fulmine
  • n fulmine, fulgure
  • ~ rod n parafulmine
  • ~ , fulgural adj fulgural
  • ~ , fulmineous adj fulminee
  • ~ , thunder bolt n fulmine

lightning-rod n parafulmine

lightning-rod-conductor n parafulmine

lightswitch n Elec]

light-up v exclarar, illuminar

  • ~ -up v illuminar, exclarar

lightweight n peso legier

light-year n anno de lumine

ligneous, woody adj lignose

lignicole, lignicolous adj lignicole

lignicolous, lignicole adj lignicole

lignification n lignification

ligniform adj ligniforme

lignify v lignificar

lignin [Chem] n lignina

lignite, brown coal [Mineral] n lignite

Liguria n Liguria

likable adj agradabile, sympathic

  • adj sympathic, agradabile
  • ~ , attractive adj sympathic

like (be ~) v resimilar

  • (feel ~) v desirar
  • (love) v amar
  • (preference) n gusto, preferentia
  • (preference) n preferentia, gusto
  • adj resimilante, simile
  • adj simile, resimilante
  • ~ conj como
  • prep como
  • ~ this adv assi
  • ~ , equal adj compare
  • ~ , resembling adj affin
  • ~ , resembling, similar adj simile

likeable, -kable adj agradabile, sympathic

  • ~ , -kable adj sympathic, agradabile

likelihood n probabilitate, verisimilitude

  • n verisimilitude, probabilitate
  • ~ , probability, verisimilitude n verisimilitude

likely adv probabile, verisimile

  • adv verisimile, probabile
  • ~ , probable, verisimilar adj verisimile
  • ~ , probable, verisimilar adj verosimilante

liken, compare v assimilar

likeness n resimilantia, similitude

  • n similitude, resimilantia
  • ~ , resemblance, similitude n similitude

likening, comparison n assimilation

likes and dislikes phr gustos e odios, preferentias e repugnantias

  • ~ and dislikes phr preferentias e repugnantias, gustos e odios

likewise (1. in the same manner; 2. moreover, furthermore) adv item (ì-)

  • (1. in the same manner; 2. moreover, furthermore) adv item
  • adv anque, equalmente
  • adv equalmente, anque
  • adv mesmo
  • ~ , also adv equalmente
  • ~ , moreover, furthermore adv alsi
  • ~ , moreover, furthermore adv alsi (-ì)

liking n inclination, sympath

  • n sympath, inclination
  • ~ , friendly feeling n sympathia
  • ~ , friendly feeling n sympathia (-ìa)

lilac [Bot] n lilac

  • ~ adj/n lilac

Liliaceae [Bot] n liliaceas

liliaceous, lilylike adj liliacee

lilly, lily n lilio

lily n lilio

  • ~ , lilly n lilio

lilylike, liliaceous adj liliacee

limaciform, snail-shaped adj limaciforme

limb (of animal or human body) n membro

  • n membro

limbo n limbo

lime (calcium oxide, chalk) n calce

  • (fruit of the lime) n lima
  • (tree) n tilia

lime-juice n succo de lima

limestone n calcario

  • ~ -stone n petra de calce

liminal (pertaining to the threshold) adj liminar

limit (boundary) n limite

  • v limitar, restringer

limitable adj limitabile

limitary (limiting) adj limitar

limitation n limitation

limitative adj limitative

limited (restricted) adj limitate (pp of limitar)

  • adj limitate

limited-company n societate anonyme

limiting (limitary) adj limitar

limitrophe adj limitrophe

limp (floppy) adj flaccide

  • (pliable) adj flexibile
  • n claudication
  • v claudicar

limpet (patella) n patella

limpid adj limpide

limpidity (limpidness) n limpiditate

limpidness (limpidity) n limpiditate

limping (act of) n claudication

  • (lame) adj claude

linden blossom n tilia

  • n tilia

line (1. cord, rope; 2. fish or fishing line; 3. linear mark, arrangement) n linea

  • (as in to line a coat) v foderar
  • (of clothes) n foderar
  • (stand in ~) v facer cauda
  • ~ up n alineamento
  • ~ up v alinear (se)
  • v linear

lineage n lineage

lineal (pertaining to lines) adj lineal

lineament (as in the lineaments of a face) n lineamento

linear adj linear

linen (fabric) n tela de lino

  • (made with ~) adj tela de lino
  • (sheets) n pannos blanc
  • (tablecloth, table ~) n drappo del tabula, panno del tabula

liner n nave de linea

linger (delay, tarry) v morar

  • v tardar, morar

lingerie n subvestimentos (feminin)

lingering (slow) adj lente

  • (tardy, dilatory) adj morose

lingual (involving the tongue) adj lingual

linguist n linguista

linguistic adj linguistic

linguistics n linguistica

liniment n linimento

lining (act of) n foderatura

  • (as in the lining of a coat, of clothes) n fodero

link (ring) n anello

  • (together, concatenate) v concatenar, incatenar, attaccar
  • n ligamine

linoleum n linoleum

linotype (linotyping) n linotypia

  • n linotypo

linotyping (linotype) n linotypia

linotypist n linotypista

linseed n semines de lino

linux (unix clone) n linux

lion (leonine) adj leonin

  • n leon

lioness n leonessa

lion's den n leoniera

lion's-den n leoniera

lion's-share n parte del leon

lip (cheek) n insolentia

  • (rim) n bordo
  • [Anat] n labio

lip-balm n balsamo pro labios

lip-read v leger sur le labios

lip-stick n stilo de carmino

liquefaction n liquefaction, liquidation

liquefactive adj liquefactive

liquefiable adj liquidabile, liquefactibile

liquefier n liquidator

liquefy (melt) v funder [fund-/fus-]

  • v liquidar, liquefacer [-fac-/-fact-]

liqueur n liquor

liquid (1. fluid; 2. Phonet]) adj liquide

  • (fluid) n liquido
  • [Phonet] n liquida
  • n liquor

liquid-assets n activo liquide

liquidate (1. Commer] (sell out) v liquidar

liquidation n liquidation

liquidator n liquidator

liquidity n liquiditate

liquidize v liquidar

liquor (alcoholic drink) n liquor

  • ~ dealer n liquorista

liquorice n liquiritia

lira [Monet] n lira (pl lire) ¬I

Lisbon [Geog] n Lisboa, Lisbona

lisp (have a ~) v esser blese

  • n blesamento
  • v blesar

list (enter in a list) v listar

  • (list of names, figures, words) n lista
  • [Nav] n inclinar se
  • [Nav] n lista
  • n lista
  • v listar
  • ~ , roll, register (of members) n matricula
  • ~ , selvage n lista

listen to (1. to hearken to; 2. to mind, heed) v ascoltar

  • v ascoltar

listener n ascoltator

  • ~ , auditor, hearer n auditor

listening n ascoltamento

  • ~ place or post n ascolta
  • ~ , hearing n ascolta

listless adj apathic, languide

  • adj languide, apathic

list-server [Comp] n servitor de listas

litany n litania

  • n litania (-ìa)

liter (litre) n litro

  • n litro

literal (1. as in literal notation of numbers; 2. as in literal translation) adj literal, litteral

  • (1. as in literal notation of numbers; 2. as in literal translation) adj litteral, literal
  • adj itteral, literal
  • adj literal,litteral

literally adv litera per litera, literalmente

  • adv literalmente, litera per litera
  • adv littera per littera, litteralmente
  • adv litteralmente, littera per littera

literary adj literari,litterari

  • adj litterari, literari

literate adj literate, litterate

  • adj litterate, literate

literature (literary productions collectively) n litteratura, literatura

  • n literatura, litteratura

litharge [Chem] n lithargyro

  • [Chem] n lithargyro (-tàr-)

lithe adj agile, flexibile

  • adj flexibile, agile

lithic (1. of stone; 2. Med]) adj lithic

lithium [Chem] n lithium

  • [Chem] n lithium (lìt-)

litho-, lith- (stone) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n litho-

lithograph n lithographia

  • n lithographia (-ìa)
  • v lithographiar

lithographer n lithographo

  • n lithographo (-ò-)

lithographic adj lithographic

  • ~ printing office n lithographia
  • ~ printing office n lithographia (-ìa)

lithography n lithographia

  • n lithographia (-ìa)

lithoid, stonelike adj lithoide

lithosphere n lithosphera

Lithuania [Geog] n Lithuania

  • n Lituania

Lithuanian (1. inhabitant of Lithuania; 2. Lithuanian language) n lituano

  • adj lituan
  • n lithuanian

litigant n litigante

litigate (1. to be engaged in a lawsuit; 2. to dispute, contest) v litigar

litigation n litigation

litigious (1. quarrelsome; 2. disputable, debatable) adj litigiose

Litorina [Zool] n litorina

litre (liter) n litro

litter (1. vehicle carried on men's shoulders or by animals; 2. stretcher; 3. straw, hay used as bedding for animals) n lectiera

  • (as in the litter of a sow) n portata
  • (of animals) n portata, ventrata
  • (of animals) n ventrata, portata
  • (of puppies) n ventrata
  • (rubbish) n immunditias
  • (stretcher) n lectiera
  • v lassar in disordine

litter-bin n receptaculo de immunditias

little (a small degree) adv pauco

  • (not much) adj pauc
  • (not much) adj poc
  • adj parve, pauc
  • adj pauc, parve
  • adv pauco
  • ~ boat n navetta
  • ~ by little, a little at a time, gradually, by degrees adv paulatim
  • ~ by little, a little at a time, gradually, by degrees adv paulatim (-là-)
  • ~ curl (little curled lock of hair) n bucletta
  • ~ joke or jest n joculo
  • ~ , small adj parve

little-by-little adv pauco a pauco

little-finger n digito auricular

littleness, smallness n parvitate

littoral litoral, coast adj litoral

liturgical, liturgic adj liturgic

liturgist (authority on liturgies) n liturgista

liturgy [Eccl] n liturgia

  • [Eccl] n liturgia (-ìa)
  • n liturgia

live adj vive

  • adv al vivo
  • ~ coals n brasa
  • ~ in, inhabit v habitar
  • ~ together v conviver
  • v habitar
  • v viver
  • ~ , living, alive adj vive
  • ~ , reside v demorar

livelihood n medios de subsistentia, vita

  • n vita, medios de subsistentia

lively adj vive

  • adv animate, galliarde, plen de vita
  • adv galliarde, plen de vita, animate
  • adv plen de vita, animate, galliarde
  • ~ , animated adj animate pp of animar

live-on v nutrir se de

liver [Anat] n ficato

  • [Anat] n ficato (fì-)
  • [Anat] n hepate
  • [Anat] n hepate (hé-)
  • n ficato, hepate
  • n hepate, ficato

livery (uniform worn by the servants of a household) n livrea

  • (uniform worn by the servants of a household) n livrea (-éa)
  • n livrea

livestock n bestial

  • ~ , cattle n bestial

live-together v cohabitar

livid (1. having a dull-bluish color; 2. black-and-blue) adj livide

  • adj livide

lividity, lividness n lividitate

lividness n livor

  • ~ , lividity n lividitate

living (earn one's ~) v ganiar su vita

  • (the ~) n le vivos
  • adj vive, vivente
  • adj vivente, vive
  • ~ in a village adj villan
  • n modo de viver, vita
  • n vita, modo de viver
  • ~ , alive adj vivente
  • ~ , alive, live adj vive

living-room n salon

Livonia n Livonia

Livonian adj livonie

  • n livonio

livor [Pathol] n livor

lizard n lacerta

  • ~ of the genus Draco [Zool] n dracon

lo!, see!, behold! adv ecce

load n carga, fardello, onere

  • n fardello, onere, carga
  • n onere, carga, fardello
  • v cargar, onerar
  • v onerar, cargar
  • ~ , also: cargo n cargamento
  • ~ , burden n fardello
  • ~ , burden n onere
  • ~ , charge (as in to load or charge a gun) v cargar
  • ~ , lade v cargar
  • ~ , to burden with v onerar

loading (1. lading; 2. as in loading of a gun) n cargamento

loaf n pan

  • v flanar
  • ~ , stroll v flanar

loan n presto

  • v prestar

loathe v detestar, execrar

  • v execrar, detestar

loathing n detestation, repugnantia

  • n repugnantia, detestation

loathsome adj repugnante

lobate, lobed adj lobate

lobby (in house) n hall, vestibulo

  • (in house) n vestibulo, hall
  • n Pol]
  • n Theat]
  • v exercer pression, sollicitar votos
  • v sollicitar votos, exercer pression
  • ~ , lounge [Theat] n foyer
  • ~ , lounge [Theat] n foyer F]

lobe n lobo

lobed, lobate adj lobate

lobster n homaro

  • n homaro (hò-)

lobular adj lobular

lobulate adj lobulate

lobule n lobulo

local adj local

  • n pub, taverna
  • n taverna, pub

locality n localitate

  • ~ , spot n localitate

localization n localisation

localize v localisar

locally adv localmente

locate v locar, situar

  • v situar, locar
  • ~ , place, set (in a particular place) v locar

located (be ~) v situate

location (act of locating or placing) n location

  • n location, situation
  • n situation, location
  • ~ , site n implaciamento

locative [Gram] adj locative

  • [Gram] n locativo

loch n laco

lock (fasten with a lock) v serrar

  • (of a canal, river) n esclusa
  • (of a door) n serratura
  • (of canal) n esclusa
  • (of door) n serratura
  • ~ away, lock up (something) v serrar
  • ~ up, lock away (something) v serrar
  • v serrar

locker n armario

locket n medalion

lock-in v includer sub clave

locking (of a door) n serramento

lockjaw, trismus n trismo

lock-out (labor) n lock-out

  • n lock-out
  • n lock-out A]
  • ~ -out v excluder sub clave

locks, curl in ringlets (cause to) v anellar

lock-up v serrar. incoffrar

locomobile (moveable steam engine) n locomobile

  • adj locomobile

locomotion n locomotion

locomotive adj locomotive

  • n locomotiva

locomotivity n locomobilitate

locomotor adj locomotor

locust n locusta

locution n locution

lode, vein [Geol. and Mining] n filon

lodge (1. meeting place of a branch of the Masonic order; 2. branch of the Masonic order) n logia

  • (1. meeting place of a branch of the Masonic order; 2. branch of the Masonic order) n logia (loja)
  • (an appeal) v presentar
  • (live) v albergar, allogiar
  • (live) v allogiar, albergar
  • (of money) v deponer
  • n logia
  • ~ , shelter v albergar

lodger n locatario, pensionario

  • n pensionario, locatario

lodging n albergo, allogiamento

  • n allogiamento, albergo
  • ~ , shelter n albergo

lodging-house n domo mobilate

lodgings n camera mobilate

loft (attic) n mansarda

  • (for grain) n granario
  • (for pigeons) n columbiera

lofty, elevated, sublime adj excelse

  • ~ , high adj elevate
  • ~ , high adj elevate (pp of elevar)
  • ~ , high adj eminente

log (of wood) n bloco

  • n Naut]
  • v notar in le registro, registrar
  • v registrar, notar in le registro

logarithm n logarithmo

logarithmic adj logarithmic

loge, box [Theat] n loge

  • ~ , box [Theat] n loge F]

loggia [Arch] n loggia

  • [Arch] n loggia I]
  • ~ : [Arch] n logia
  • ~ : [Arch] n logia (loja)

logic n logica

logical adj logic

logically adv logicamente

logician n logico

logomach, logomachist n logomacho

  • ~ , logomachist n logomacho (-gò-)

logomachic adj logomache

  • adj logomache (-gò-)
  • adj logomachic

logomachist, logomach n logomacho

  • ~ , logomach n logomacho (-gò-)

logomachy n logomachia

  • n logomachia (-ìa)

logos n logos

  • n logos
  • n logos Gr]
  • n logos Gr]

loin (-s) n renes

  • n llmbo
  • n lumbo

loiter v flanar

London [Geog] n London

  • n London
  • n London A]
  • ~ , of London adj londonese

loneliness n solitude

  • ~ , solitude n solitate

lonely adj solitari

  • ~ , solitary, isolated adj isolate
  • ~ , solitary, isolated adj isolate (pp of isolar)

long (- for) v desirar ardentemente

  • (a - time ago) adv ante multe tempore
  • (all day ~) adv tote le jorno
  • (as - as, while) adv durante que
  • (before ~) adv in pauc
  • (for a - time) adv longemente
  • (goodbye, so ~) adv a revider
  • (in the - run) adv al longe
  • (of space, how ~) adv de qual longitude
  • (of space, so ~) adv de tante longitude
  • (of the same length) adv tanto longe como
  • (of time, how ~) adv quante tempore
  • (of time, so ~) adv tante tempore
  • (one meter ~) adv un metro de longitude
  • adj longe
  • adv longemente
  • ~ ago adv pridem
  • ~ ago adv pridem (prì-)
  • ~ staff, pole n pertica
  • ~ staff, pole n pertica (pér-)
  • ~ , for a long time adv longemente

long-ago adv il ha multe tempore, longe al retro, pridem

  • ~ -ago adv longe al retro, pridem, il ha multe tempore
  • ~ -ago adv pridem, il ha multe tempore, longe al retro

longanimity, long-suffering, forbearance n longanimitate

longanimous, long-suffering, forbearing adj longanime

  • ~ , long-suffering, forbearing adj longanime (-gà-)

long-distance-call n appello telephonic interurban

longe (long rope used to guide a horse in training) Man] n longa

longer adj plus longe

longevity n longevitate

longevous, long-lived adj longeve

long-for v desirar ardentemente

longing n desiro ardente, invidia

  • n invidia, desiro ardente

longingly adv con invidia

longitude n longitude

longitudinal adj longitudinal

long-legged, macroscelous adj macroscele

long-leggedness, macroscelia n macroscelia

  • ~ -leggedness, macroscelia n macroscelia (-ìa)

long-lived, longevous adj longeve

long-playing adj a longe duration

long-range adj a longe termino

long-sighted adj/n presbyopic, presbyte

  • ~ -sighted adj/n presbyte, presbyopic
  • ~ -sighted, presbyopic, farsighted [Med] adj presbyte
  • ~ -sighted, presbyopic, farsighted [Med] adj presbyte (préz-)

long-standing adj ancian

long-suffering, forbearance, longanimity n longanimitate

  • ~ -suffering, forbearing, longanimous adj longanime
  • ~ -suffering, forbearing, longanimous adj longanime (-gà-)

long-waves n undas longe

long-winded adj interminabile, prolixe

  • ~ -winded adj prolixe, interminabile
  • ~ -winded, prolix adj prolixe

loo n lavatorio, w.c/le vese

  • n w.c/le vese, lavatorio

look (air) n aere, aspecto

  • (air) n aspecto, aere
  • (direct the gaze) v reguardar
  • (glance) n mirar, reguardo
  • (glance) n reguardo, mirar
  • (seem) v haber le aere, parer
  • (seem) v parer, haber le aere
  • ~ after, take care of v respicer
  • ~ after, take care of v respicer -spic-/-spect-]
  • ~ at (searchingly) v mirar
  • ~ at v reguardar
  • ~ at v spectar
  • ~ at, examine v perspicer
  • ~ at, examine v perspicer -spic-/-spect-]
  • ~ back v respicer
  • ~ back v respicer -spic-/-spect-]
  • ~ for, search for, seek v cercar
  • ~ for, seek, search (diligently) v perquirer
  • ~ for, seek, search (diligently) v perquirer -quir-/-quisit-]
  • ~ for, seek, search v querer
  • ~ for, seek, search v querer quer-/quest-;-quir-/-quest-/-quisit-]
  • ~ forward, to look ahead v prospicer
  • ~ forward, to look ahead v prospicer -spic-/-spect-]
  • ~ over, examine cursorily v percurrer
  • ~ over, examine cursorily v percurrer -curr-/-curs-]
  • ~ through v perspicer
  • ~ through v perspicer -spic-/-spect-]
  • ~ , glance n reguardo

look-after (keep) v coler

  • ~ -after (nurse) v curar
  • ~ -after (watch) v vigilar super

look-ahead v prospicer

look-at v reguardar considerar

look-away v deviar le oculos

look-back v respicer

look-down v abassar le oculos

look-down-on v depreciar, disdignar

  • ~ -down-on v disdignar, depreciar

look-for v cercar, querer

  • ~ -for v querer, cercar

look-forward-to v expectar con placer/impatientia

look-here interj eho!, reguarda hic!

  • ~ -here interj reguarda hic!, eho!

look-into v examinar, investigar

  • ~ -into v investigar, examinar

look-on-to v dar super

look-out interj attention!

  • ~ -out n surveliantia, vigilia
  • ~ -out n vigilia, surveliantia
  • ~ -out v guardar se, vigilar
  • ~ -out v vigilar, guardar se

look-out-for v guardar se de

look-sad v haber le aere triste

look-up (in a book) v cercar

  • ~ -up (raise the eyes) v levar le oculos
  • ~ -up (succeed) v ir ben

look-upon v reguardar

look-upon-oneself v creder se

loom n telario

  • v surger

loop n anello, bucla, curva, nodo

  • n bucla, curva, nodo, anello
  • n curva, nodo, anello, bucla
  • n nodo, anello, bucla, curva
  • v anellar, buclar, curvar
  • v buclar, curvar, anellar
  • v curvar, anellar, buclar

looped adj ansate

  • ~ , ansate adj ansate

loophole n escappatoria, lacuna

  • n lacuna, escappatoria

loose (free) adj libere

  • (immoral) adj immoral
  • (lax) adj laxe
  • (not tight, taut, firm) adj laxe
  • v laxar, liberar distaccar
  • v liberar distaccar, laxar

loosen (make looser) v relaxar

  • ~ or slacken (cause to) v disserrar
  • v disserrar, laxar, distaccar
  • v distaccar, disserrar, laxar
  • v laxar, distaccar, disserrar
  • ~ , slacken (something) v laxar

loosing, able to loosen adj lytic

  • ~ , dissolving (act of) n lyse

loot n piliage, spolias

  • n spolias, piliage
  • v piliar, spoliar
  • v spoliar, piliar

looter n piliator, spoliator

  • n spoliator, piliator
  • ~ , spoliator n spoliator

looting n piliage, spoliamento

  • n spoliamento, piliage
  • ~ , spoliation n spoliation

lop off, cut off v defalcar

  • ~ off, truncate v truncar
  • v putar, taliar
  • v taliar, putar
  • ~ , trim, prune (trees or vines) v putar

lop-sided adj disequilibrate, disproportionate

  • ~ -sided adj disproportionate, disequilibrate

loquacious adj loquace

loquacity n loquacitate

lord (god) n senior

  • (master) n domino, senior
  • (master) n senior, domino
  • (member of the House of Lords) n Lord
  • (member of the House of Lords) n Lord A]
  • (of a manor) n castellano
  • (title) n lord
  • adj senior

lordly (haughty) adj arrogante

  • ~ adj/adv nobile, senioral
  • ~ adj/adv senioral, nobile

lordship (dominion) n dominio

  • (title) n senioritate
  • n senioria
  • n senioria (-ìa)

lord's-prayer n le patre nostre

lorgnette n lorgnette

  • n lorgnette F]

lorry (truck) n camion

lorry-driver (truck driver) n camionero, camionista

  • ~ -driver (truck driver) n camionista, camionero

losable adj perdibile

lose (of watch) Rr] retardar

  • ~ sight of v perder de vista de
  • v Gen]
  • v perder

lose-one's-head v perder le bussola

lose-one's-way v disviar se, perder se

  • ~ -one's-way v perder se, disviar se

loser (poor - !) interj mal jocate

  • n perdente, perditor
  • n perditor, perdente

loss (be at a ~) v non saper que facer

  • (harm) n damno
  • (the thing lost) n cosa perdite
  • n perdita
  • ~ of memory, amnesia n amnesia
  • ~ of memory, amnesia n amnesia (-ìa)

lost (the thing ~) n cosa perdite

  • adj perdite
  • ~ and found (left luggage office) phr perdite e trovate
  • ~ soul, reprobate [Theol] n reprobato

lot (a - of) adj multe

  • (a ~) adv multo
  • (at auction) n lot
  • (draw -s) v facer lotteria
  • (everything, the - of it) n toto
  • (fate) n destino, sorte
  • (fate) n sorte, destino
  • (of land) n parcella
  • (share, portion, allotment) n lot
  • ~ , destiny n sorte
  • ~ , parcel [Commer] n partita

lotion [Pharm] n lotion

  • n lotion

lotophagous, lotuseating adj lotophage

  • ~ , lotuseating adj lotophage (-tò-)

lottery n lotteria

  • n lotteria I]

lottery-ticket n billet de lotteria

lotto n lotto

  • n lotto I]

lotus (1. Gr. Legend]; 2. Bot] (African water lily) n loto

  • n loto

lotus-eater n lotophago

  • ~ -eater n lotophago (-tò-)

lotuseating, lotophagous adj lotophage

  • ~ , lotophagous adj lotophage (-tò-)

loud (noisy) adj ruitose

  • (of colours) adj clamante
  • adj alte
  • adj alte, forte
  • adj forte, alte
  • adv in alte voce

loudly adv in alte voce

loudness (din) n ruito

  • (pitch) n fortia

loudspeaker n altoparlator

  • ~ -speaker n alto-parlator

Louisiana n Louisiana

lounge (of house) n salon

  • [Theat] foyer
  • v flanar, reclin.
  • v reclin., flanar
  • ~ , lobby [Theat] n foyer
  • ~ , lobby [Theat] n foyer F]

louse n pediculo

  • n pediculo (-ì-)

lousy adj Fig]

  • adj pedicular
  • ~ , pedicular adj pedicular
  • ~ , pediculous adj pediculose

lovable adj amabile, sympathic

  • adj sympathic, amabile
  • ~ , amiable adj amabile

lovage [Bot] n levistico

  • [Bot] n levistico (-vìs-)
  • [Bot] n ligustico

love (fall in - with) v inamorar se de

  • (in ~) adj inamorate
  • (passionate affection) n amor
  • (sport) n zero
  • ~ affair, flirtation n amoretto
  • n affection, amor
  • n amor, affection
  • ~ of harmony, love of music n philharmonia
  • ~ of harmony, love of music n philharmonia (-ìa)
  • ~ of music, love of harmony n philharmonia
  • ~ of music, love of harmony n philharmonia (-ìa)
  • v adorar, amar
  • v amar
  • v amar, adorar

love-affair n amoretto

loveless adj sin amor

loveliness n beltate

lovely adj belle

lover (one who has a strong liking for something) v amator

  • adj amante
  • ~ of the arts, amateur, dilettante n dilettante
  • ~ of the arts, amateur, dilettante n dilettante I]
  • ~ , paramour n amante

lovesick adj ferite de amor, inamorate

  • adj inamorate, ferite de amor

loving, affectionate adj affectuose

low (1. in a low position; 2. softly) adv basso

  • (1. not high; 2. base, mean) adj basse
  • (depressed) adj abattite
  • (in a - voice) phr in voce basse
  • (of position) adj basse
  • (vulgar) adj vulgar
  • adv basso
  • v mugir
  • ~ , moo v mugir

lowbrow adj inculte

Low-Countries [Geog] n Holland, Nederland

  • ~ -Countries [Geog] n Nederland, Holland
  • ~ -Countries [Geog] n Paises Basse

lower (frown) v arrugar le fronte

  • (make low) v abassar, bassar, reducer
  • (make low) v bassar, reducer, abassar
  • (make low) v reducer, abassar, bassar
  • (make lower) v bassar
  • adj inferior
  • adj inferior, plus basse
  • adj plus basse, inferior
  • ~ part, bottom (of a thing) n basso
  • v abassar

lower-case adj/n minuscule

lower-classes n classes inferior

lowering (decrease) n diminution

  • (dropping) adj abassante
  • (dropping) n abassamento
  • (threatening) adj menaciante
  • n abassamento

low-grade adj de gualitate inferior

lowland n terra basse

lowly adj humile, modeste

  • adj modeste, humile

low-lying adj situate in basso

low-pitched adj grave

low-tide n marea basse

loyal adj fidel, loyal

  • adj loyal
  • adj loyal, fidel

loyalist n loyalista

loyally adv fidelmente

loyalty n fidelitate, loyalitate

  • n loyalitate
  • n loyalitate, fidelitate

lozenge n pastilla

lubricant adj lubricative

  • n lubricante
  • n lubricante, lubrificante
  • n lubrificante
  • n lubrificante, lubricante

lubricate v lubricar

  • v lubricar, lubrificar
  • v lubrificar
  • v lubrificar, lubricar

lubricating oil n oleo lubrificante

lubrication n lubrification

  • n lubrification, oleage
  • n oleage, lubrification
  • ~ , oiling n oleage
  • ~ , oiling n oleage (-aje)

lubricative adj lubricative

lubricator (one who or that which lubricates) n lubricaior

lubricity (1. slipperiness; 2. lewdness) n lubricitate

lubricous, slippery adj lubric

  • ~ , slippery adj lubric (lù-)

lucency n lucentia

lucerne, alfalfa [Bot] n lucerna

lucid adj lucide

  • ~ , clear adj lucide

lucidity n luciditate

lucifer, match n flammifero

  • ~ , match n flammifero (-ì-)

luck (good fortune) n bon fortuna

  • n hasardo
  • n sorte
  • ~ , chance n sorte

luckless adj infortunate

lucky adj fortunate

lucrative adj lucrative

  • ~ , profitable adj lucrose

lucre, profit, gain n lucro

ludicrous adj absurde, risibile

  • adj risibile, absurde

lug n Mech]

  • v tirar, trainar
  • v trainar, tirar

luggage n bagage

  • ~ , baggage n bagage
  • ~ , baggage n bagage (-aje)

lugubrious, mournful adj lugubre

  • ~ , mournful adj lugubre (lù-)

Luke n Luca

lukewarm (be ~) v teper

  • adj tepide
  • ~ , tepid adj tepide

lukewarmness n tepor

lull n de silentio, momento de calma

  • n momento de calma, de silentio
  • vi calmar se, diminuer
  • vi diminuer, calmar se
  • vt calmar, sopir
  • vt sopir, calmar

lullaby n canto de cuna

lumbago n lumbagine

lumbar [Anat] adj lumbar

lumber (furniture) n mobiles vetule

  • (wood) n ligno
  • vi avanciar a passos pesante
  • vt incombrar, obstruer
  • vt obstruer, incombrar

lumber-jack n abattitor de arbores

lumbrical adj lumbrical

lumen (unit of luminous flux) n lumen

luminary n luminar

luminesce v luminescer

luminescence n luminescentia

luminescent adj luminescente

luminosity n luminositate

luminous adj luminose

luminousness, brightness n nitiditate

lump (block) n massa

  • (earth, etc) n grumo
  • (have a - in one's throat) v haber un nodo in le gurgite
  • (he can - it) phr que ille se arrangia sol
  • n grumo
  • v massar

lump-sum n summa global

lump-together v reunir insimul

lumpy (of earth) adj grumose

  • (with bumps) adj coperite de protuberantias
  • adj grumose

lunacy n alienation mental, dementia, follia

  • n dementia, follia, alienation mental
  • n follia, alienation mental, dementia

lunar adj lunar

  • ~ , moon adj lunar

lunate, lunated adj lunate

lunated, lunate adj lunate

lunatic adj alienate, lunatic

  • adj lunatic
  • adj lunatic, alienate
  • n alienato

lunation [Astron] n lunation

lunch n lunch

  • n lunch A]
  • n lunch, prandio
  • n prandio, lunch
  • v lunchar
  • v lunchar (-tch-)
  • v lunchar, prander
  • v prander, lunchar
  • ~ , dine, have lunch, have dinner (take the midday meal) v prander
  • ~ , dinner (midday meal) n prandio

lunch-hour n hora de prandio

lune [Geom] n fuso

lunette (1. Arch]; 2. Fortif]; 3. Eccl]; 4. hole in a guillotine for the victim's neck; 5. watch crystal flattened in the center) n lunetta

lung n pulmon

lunulate, lunulated adj lunulate

lunulated, lunulate adj lunulate

lunule n lunula

lupine [Bot] n lupino

  • ~ , wolfish adj lupin

lupulin n lupulino

lupuline, lupulinous adj lupulin

lupulinous, lupuline adj lupulin

lupus [Pathoh] n lupus

  • [Pathoh] n lupus L]

lurch (leave in the ~) v in embarasso, lassar in difficultate

  • (leave in the ~) v lassar in difficultate, in embarasso
  • n movimento subite
  • v mover se subito

lure (bait) n esca

  • n Fig]
  • v seducer

Lusitania n Lusitania

Lusitanian adj lusitan

  • n lusitano

luster (1. sheen, gloss; 2. chandelier) n lustro

  • ~ , gloss n politura
  • ~ , lustrine n lustrina

lustering, glossing (act of) n lustrage

  • ~ , glossing (act of) n lustrage (-aje)

lustful, wanton adj luxuriose

lustral adj lustral

lustrate, purify v lustrar

lustration n lustration

lustrine, luster n lustrina

lustring n lustrina

lustrous, satiny adj satinate

  • ~ , satiny adj satinate (pp of satinar)
  • ~ , shining adj lustrose

lustrum (1. Rom. Antiq] (lustration, ceremonial purification; 2. period of five years) n lustro

lute [Mus] n lut

  • n cithara, lut, lyra
  • n lut, lyra, cithara
  • n lyra, cithara, lut
  • ~ player, lutist n lutista

luteinizing-hormone n hormone-luteinisante

lutetium (Lu) n lutetio, lutetium

  • (Lu) n lutetium, lutetio

Lutheran adj lutheran

  • adj lutheric
  • adj Relig]
  • n lutherano
  • n lutherano

lutheranism n lutheranismo

lutist, lute player n lutista

lux (unit of illumination) n lux

luxate (dislocate) v luxar

  • ~ , dislocate v luxar

luxation, dislocation n luxation

Luxembourg [Geog] n Luxemburg

luxuriance (1. rankness; 2. lust, lustfulness) n luxuria

  • n luxuria

luxuriant ((rank) wanton, licentious) adj luxuriante

  • ((rank) wanton, licentious) adj luxuriante (ppr of luxuriar)
  • adj luxuriante
  • ~ , rank adj luxuriose

luxuriate (1. to grow rank; 2. to be wanton) v luxuriar

  • v luxuriar

luxurious (characteristic of, or characterized by, luxury) adj luxose

  • adj luxuose, luxuriose
  • adj luxuriose, luxuose

luxuriousness n luxo

luxury n luxo

  • n luxo, luxuria
  • n luxuria, luxo

LXX (Septuagint) n le Traduction del Septuaginta

lycanthropic adj lycanthropic

lycanthropo (1. one affected with lycanthropy; 2. werewolf) n lycanthropo

lycanthropy (1. Pathol]; 2. Folklore]) n lycanthropia

  • (1. Pathol]; 2. Folklore]) n lycanthropia (-ìa)
  • (werewolf syndrome) n lycanthropia

lycee (Fr) n lyceo

lyceum n lyceo

lyco-, lyc- (wolf) occurring in compounds] n lyco-

lycopod, Lycopodium [Bot] n lycopodio

lycopodium (- powder) n pulvere de lycopodio

  • ~ , lycopod [Bot] n lycopodio

Lydia [Bib] n Lydia

lying across or athwart, transverse adj transverse

  • ~ place n repositorio

lymph [Physiol] n lympha

  • n lympha

lymphatic (1. carrying lymph; 2. as in lymphatic temperament) adj lymphatic

lymphatism (1. lymphatic temperament; 2. Pathol]) n lymphatismo

lymphocyte [Anat] n lymphocyto

  • [Anat] n lymphocyto (-ò-)

lymphoma [Pathol] n lymphoma

  • [Pathol] n lymphoma -ma/-mat-]

lymphomatosis [Pathol] n lymphomatosis

  • [Pathol] n lymphomatosis (-òsis)

lynch v lynchar

  • v lynchar (-tch-)

lyncher n lynchator

  • n lynchator (-tch-)

lynching (act of) n lynchamento

  • (act of) n lynchamento (-tch-)
  • n lynchamento

lynx n lynce

lyophilize (freezedry) v lyophilisar

lyre (1. Mus]; 2. Astron]) n lyra

  • n lyra

lyrebird n lyra

lyric adj lyric

  • ~ poet n lyrico
  • ~ poetry n lyrica

lyrical adj lyric

lyricism n lyrismo

lyric-poet n lyrico

lyrics n parolas del canto

lysergic-acid n acido lysergic

lysis (1. Med]; 2. Biochem]) n lyse

  • (disolution) n lysis
  • [Chem] n lysis

lytic (pertaining to lysis or a lysin) adj lytic

  • [Chem] adj lytic

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