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m (letter ~) n littera m (em)

  • ~ .D (physician) n doctor, MD
  • ~ .D (physician) n MD, doctor
  • ~ .D [Med] n MD

mac n impermeabile

macabre adj macabre

  • ~ , gruesome adj macabre

macadam n macadam

  • n macadam A]

macadamization n macadamisation

macadamize v macadamisar

Macao [Geog] n Macao

macaroni n macaroni

macaronic (as in macaronic verse) adj macaronic

  • ~ composition, macaronics n macaronea
  • ~ composition, macaronics n macaronea (-éa)

macaronics, macaronic composition n macaronea

  • ~ , macaronic composition n macaronea (-éa)

macaroon n macaron

mace (1. herald's staff; 2. club) n massa

  • n massa

mace-bearer n massero

macédoine [Cookery] n macedonia

Macedon, Macedonia n Macedonia

Macedonia [Geog] n Macedonia

  • ~ , Macedon n Macedonia

Macedonian (inhabitant of Macedonia) n macedone

  • (pertaining to Macedonia) adj macedone
  • (pertaining to Macedonia) adj macedonie

maceration (steeping) n maceramento

Machiavellian adj machiavellic

  • n machiavellista

Machiavellism n machiavellismo

machinate v machinar

machination n machination

machinator, plotter n machinator

machine gun n mitraliatrice

  • ~ gunner n mitraliator
  • n machina
  • n machina (mà-)

machine-gun n mitraliatrice

  • ~ -gun v mitraliar

machinery (machines collectively) n machineria

  • (machines collectively) n machineria (-ìa)
  • n machineria

machinist (one who invents, makes or controls machines) n machinista

  • n machinista

macho (brave) adj macho, viril

  • (brave) adj viril, macho
  • (male) adj masche
  • adj masculin

machopolyp [Zool] n machopolypo

  • [Zool] n machopolypo (-pò-)

mackerel n maquerello

  • n maquerello (makeréllo)

mackintosh (apple) n pomo de mackintosh

  • (clothing) n impermeabile
  • [Comp] n mackintosh

macro- (long, large) occurring in compounds] adj macr-

macrocephalic adj macrocephale

macrocephaly n macrocephalia

  • n macrocephalia (-ìa)

macrocosm n macrocosmo

macrocosmic adj macrocosmic

macroscelia, long-leggedness n macroscelia

  • ~ , long-leggedness n macroscelia (-ìa)

Macroscelides, elephant shrew [Zool] n macro-scelide

  • ~ , elephant shrew [Zool] n macro-scelide (-scé-)

macroscelous, long-legged adj macroscele

macroscopic adj macroscopic

macroseism, major earthquake n macroseismo

  • ~ , major earthquake n macroseismo (-séizmo)

mad (angry) adj furiose

  • (as in mad dog) adj rabiose
  • (be ~) v furer
  • (crazy) adj demente, folle
  • (crazy) adj folle, demente
  • (go ~) v affollar se, rabiar
  • (go ~) v rabiar, affollar se
  • (idea) adj insensate
  • (mentally deranged) adj folle
  • (upset, make ~) v inferer, inrabiar
  • (upset, make ~) v inrabiar, inferer

Madagascar [Geog] n Madagascar

madam n dama, seniora, domina

  • n domina, dama, seniora
  • n seniora, domina, dama

madden v affollar

  • ~ , drive mad v affollar

maddening adj exasperante

madder n rubia

  • ~ root n alizari
  • ~ root, alizarin n alizarina

mad-dog n can rabiose

Madeira [Geog] n Madeira

madman n phrenetico

  • ~ , phrenctic n phrenetico

madness (craziness) n dementia, follia

  • (craziness) n follia, dementia
  • (mental derangement) n follia
  • (mental derangement) n follia (-ìa)
  • (of animal) n rabia
  • n affollamento

madonna n madonna

madrigal [Poet, Mus] n madrigal

magazine (entertaining periodical for the general reader) n magazine A]

  • (entertaining periodical for the general reader) n magazine
  • (of military supply) Mil], (entertaining periodical for the general reader) n magazin
  • (periodical) n magazine, periodico, revista
  • (periodical) n periodico, revista, magazine
  • (periodical) n revista, magazine, periodico
  • n Mil]

mage, magus n mago

maggot n larva, verme

  • n verme, larva

magic adj magic

  • n magia
  • n magia (-ìa)
  • ~ spell, fascination n prestigio
  • ~ , magical adj magic
  • ~ , white magic, theurgy n theurgia
  • ~ , white magic, theurgy n theurgia (-ìa)

magical, magic adj magic

magician [Fem] maga

  • [Neut] magician
  • n magico
  • n Masc]
  • ~ , sorcerer n mago

magisterial (as in magisterial air) adj magistral

magistracy, magistrature (1. dignity or office of a magistrate; 2. magistrates collectively) n magistratura

magistral [Pharm] adj magistral

magistrate n magistrato

magistrature, magistracy (1. dignity or office of a magistrate; 2. magistrates collectively) n magistratura

magnanimity n magnanimitate

magnanimous adj magnanime

  • adj magnanime (-nà-)

magnate (1. person of eminence or great influence; 2 . Hist] (member of the Upper House in the Diets of Hungary and Poland) n magnate

magnesia (magnesium oxide) Chem] n magnesia

magnesian [Chem] adj magnesian

magnesic [Chem] adj magnesic

magnesium n magnesium

  • n magnesium (-né-)

magnet (gen/mech) n magnete

  • n magnete

magnetic (gen/mech) adj magnetic

  • adj magnetic

magnetism n magnetismo

magnetize (1. to charge with magnetic properties; 2. to mesmerize) v magnetisar

magneto [Elec] n magneto

magneto-electric adj magneto-electric

magnetron [Atomic Phys] n magnetron

magnificence n magnificentia

magnificent adj magnific

  • adj magnificente

magnify vt magnificar

  • ~ , exalt, extol v magnificar

magnifying, amplifying adj amplificative

magniloquence n magniloquentia

magniloquent adj magniloquente

magnitude (1. greatness; 2. Astron]) n magnitude

  • n magnitudine

magpie n pica

magus, mage n mago

maharaja n maharaja

  • n maharaja Hind]

maharanee n maharani

  • n maharani Hind]

mahatma n mahatma

Mahdi n mahdi

  • n mahdi (-dì)

mahogany n acaju

  • n acaju -jù]
  • n mahagoni
  • n mahagoni (-hà-)

Mahometan, Mohammedan adj mahometan

  • ~ , Mohammedan n mahometano

Mahometanism, Mohammedanism n mahometismo

maid n servitrice

maiden (girl) n puella, puera

  • (girl) n puera, puella
  • (Miss) n senioretta
  • (virgin) n virgine
  • n domincella, donzella
  • n donzella, domincella

maidenhood n virginitate

maidenly adj/adv virginal, virginose

  • ~ adj/adv virginose, virginal

mail (air ~) n posta aeree

  • (armor) n armatura de maillia
  • (black ~) n chantage, extorsion
  • (black ~) n extorsion, chantage
  • (letters) n curreo, currero
  • (letters) n currero, curreo
  • (letters, papers, sent by post) n currero
  • (service) n posta
  • [Comp] n posta electronic
  • adj postal
  • v postar
  • ~ , post v postar

mail-armor n malia

mail-carrier n currero, postero

  • ~ -carrier n postero, currero

mailet n mallette

mailman, postman n currero

mail-server n Comp]

maim, cripple, lame v stropiar

maimed person, cripple n stropiato

  • ~ , mutilated adj mutile

main adj principal

  • ~ , principal, chief adj principal

mainland n terra firme

  • ~ , continent n terra

mainly adv principalmente

maintain (1. to keep in the same position or status; 2 . to adhere to an opinion) v mantener

  • (keep alive) v mantener vive, supportar
  • (keep alive) v supportar, mantener vive
  • (support) v supportar
  • ~ an argument v contender
  • v mantener
  • ~ , affirm v pretender
  • ~ , affirm v pretender -tend-/-tent-/-tens-]

maintainer n mantenitor

maintenance (1. as in maintenance of order; 2. means of sustenance) n mantenimento

  • (1. as in maintenance of order; 2. means of sustenance) n mantenentia
  • n mantenimento

maize (corn) n mais

  • ~ , corn (Indian) n mais
  • ~ , corn (Indian) n mais (-ìs)

majestic adj auguste, majestic, magnific

  • adj magnific, auguste, majestic
  • adj majestatic
  • adj majestic, magnific, auguste
  • ~ , majestical adj majestose

majestical, majestic adj majestose

majesty n majestate

  • n majestate
  • n majestate

major (1. Army]; 2. person who is of age) n major

  • (1. greater in demension, rank, age; 2. Mus]; 3. Law] (of full age) adj major
  • adj major
  • ~ earthquake, macroseism n macroseismo
  • ~ earthquake, macroseism n macroseismo (-séizmo)
  • n major

majordomo n majordomo

  • ~ -domo n majordomo

majority (1. greater or greatest number; 2. legal age of responsibility; 3. rank of an army major) n majoritate

  • (1. rank of an army major; 2. legal age of responsibility) n majoria
  • (1. rank of an army major; 2. legal age of responsibility) n majoria (-ìa)
  • (adulthood) n majoritate
  • (the greater number) n majoritate

make (1. to create, produce; 2. to render, cause to be or become) v facer fac-/fact-;-fic-/-fect-]

  • (1. to create, produce; 2. to render, cause to be or become) v facer
  • ~ a choice, choose v optar
  • ~ a criminal attempt v attentar
  • ~ a fideicommissum v fideicommitter
  • ~ a fideicommissum v fideicommitter -mitt-/-miss-]
  • ~ a harsh, shrill, noise v strider
  • ~ a pack of, pack v paccar
  • ~ a speech, harangue v orar
  • ~ a tracing, trace v calcar
  • ~ a tumult v tumultuar
  • ~ an allusion or reference to v referer
  • ~ an allusion or reference to v referer -fer-/-lat-]
  • ~ autographic reproductions, autograph v autographiar
  • ~ believe, simulate, feign, pretend v finger
  • ~ believe, simulate, feign, pretend v finger fing-/fict-]
  • ~ bitter v amarisar
  • ~ black, blacken v nigrar
  • ~ clear or lucid v lucidar
  • ~ clear, show v arguer
  • ~ conformable to a norm, normalize v normar
  • ~ conjectures, conjecture v conjecturar
  • ~ conjectures, conjecture v conjicer
  • ~ conjectures, conjecture v conjicer -jic-/ject-]
  • ~ depraved, deprave v depravar
  • ~ din, make rattling, make noise v strepitar
  • ~ disappear, whisk away [Conjuring] v escamotar
  • ~ distinct, singularize v singularisar
  • ~ double, double v duplicar
  • ~ drunk, inebriate v inebriar
  • ~ easy, facilitate v facilitar
  • ~ empty, empty v vacuar
  • ~ enemies of v inimicar
  • ~ feverish, throw into a fever v infebrar
  • ~ firm or stable v firmar
  • ~ firm, strengthen v affirmar
  • ~ friends of v amicar
  • ~ game of, ridicule v ludificar
  • ~ greater v majorar
  • ~ greater, enlarge v aggrandir
  • ~ hoarse or husky v inraucar
  • ~ honey (as in bees making honey) v mellificar
  • ~ honey, honey v mellar
  • ~ illustrious, illustrate v illustrar
  • ~ impatient v impatientar
  • ~ indignant v indignar
  • ~ infirm, weaken v infirmar
  • ~ into bread v panificar
  • ~ into dough v impastar
  • ~ iridescent, iridize v irisar
  • ~ manifest, externalize v exteriorisar
  • ~ manly v masculinisar
  • ~ marginal notes on v marginar
  • ~ masculine [Gram] v masculinisar
  • ~ music, play v musicar
  • n fabrication, figura, forma
  • n figura, forma, fabrication
  • n forma, fabrication, figura
  • ~ noise, make din, make rattling v strepitar
  • ~ one's debut v debutar
  • ~ one's hair stand on end, give one goose flesh v horripilar
  • ~ one's testament or will v testar
  • ~ or wage war, war v guerrear
  • ~ over or deliver up as property v mancipar
  • ~ pleasant v ingratiar
  • ~ pregnant, impregnate v pregnar
  • ~ proud v inorgoliar
  • ~ pure, purify v lavar
  • ~ rattling, make noise, make din v strepitar
  • ~ ready, prepare v apprestar
  • ~ reconnaissance of, reconnoiter v recognoscer
  • ~ reconnaissance of, reconnoiter v recognoscer -gnosc-/-gnit-]
  • ~ red, redden v rubificar
  • ~ rhymes or verses v rimar
  • ~ rough, roughen v asperar
  • ~ round, round v arrotundar
  • ~ round, round v rotundar
  • ~ sad, sadden v attristar
  • ~ sad, sadden v contristar
  • ~ serene v serenar
  • ~ shorter, shorten v accurtar
  • ~ shorter, shorten v curtar
  • ~ solid or firm v solidar
  • ~ stand out [Paint] v distaccar
  • ~ strong, strengthen v corroborar
  • ~ strong, strengthen v roborar
  • ~ thirsty v assetar
  • ~ uninterested or indifferent v disinteressar
  • ~ up into pastry v pastissar
  • ~ up, paint v fardar
  • ~ use of subterfuges v subterfugir
  • ~ use of, use v usar
  • v fabricar, facer, formar
  • v facer, formar, fabricar
  • v formar, fabricar, facer
  • ~ worse, aggravate (a disease, pain, etc.) v exasperar
  • ~ worthy, dignify v dignificar
  • ~ wry faces, grimace v grimassar
  • ~ young again, rejuvenate v rejuvenescer
  • ~ , do (with studied care) v compassar
  • ~ , manufacture v fabricar
  • ~ , manufacture, confect v confectionar

make-a-living v ganiar su vita, superviver

  • ~ -a-living v superviver, ganiar su vita

make-away-with v vader se con

make-do (- and go without) v arrangiar se con e contentarse sin

  • ~ -do v arrangiarse con

make-for (go) v vader

  • ~ -for (go) v vader (se)

make-good (repair) v reparar

make-me v fortia me

make-much-of-a-thing v facer troppo de un cosa

make-out (kiss) v basiar se passionatemente

  • ~ -out (result) v resultar
  • ~ -out (see) v vider

maker n fabricator facetor

  • ~ of artificial flowers n florista
  • ~ , doer n facitor
  • ~ , manufacturer n fabricante

make-shift (in haste) adj subitari facite

  • ~ -shift (in haste) adj subitari facite (facto)

make-up (a story) v inventar

  • ~ -up (a story) v inventar (se)
  • ~ -up (peace) v facer le pace
  • ~ -up, rouge, paint [Cosmetics] n fardo

make-way v ceder, facer via

  • ~ -way v facer via, ceder

making a criminal attempt on, attacking adj attentatori

  • ~ deeper in level, deepening (action of) n approfundamento
  • ~ infirm, weakening (action of) n infirmation
  • ~ pretensions or laying claims adj pretentiose
  • ~ progress, advancing adj proficiente
  • ~ soft, softening n amollimento
  • ~ strong (act of strengthening) n corroboration
  • ~ , compounding n confection

malaceous [Bot] adj malacee

malady (illness, sickness) n maladia

malapropos (french) adv importune, malapropos intempestive

  • (french) adv malapropos intempestive, importune

malaria (illness) n malaria

  • [Pathol] n malaria
  • [Pathol] n malaria I]

malarial adj malaric

Malawi [Geog] n Malawi

Malay (1. member of the Malayan Race; 2. Malay language) n malay

  • (1. member of the Malayan Race; 2. Malay language) n malay (-ài)
  • ~ , Malayan adj malay
  • ~ , Malayan adj malay (-ài)

Malaya, Malay Peninsula n Malaya

Malaysia [Geog] n Malaysia

malcontent adj malcontente

male [Masc] masculin, masculino

  • [Masc] masculino, masculin
  • adj mascule
  • n masculo
  • n masculo (màs-)
  • ~ nurse n infirmero

malediction n exsecration, malediction

  • n malediction, exsecration
  • ~ , curse n malediction

malefactor n malfactor

malefic, harmful adj malefic

  • ~ , harmful adj malefic (-lé-)

maleficence, mischievousness n maleficentia

maleficent, evil-doing adj maleficente

  • ~ , harmful adj malfaciente

malevolence n malevolentia

malevolent adj malevole

  • adj malevolente
  • n malevolente, malvate
  • n malvate, malevolente

malformation n malformation

Mali [Geog] n Mali

malic adj malic

malice n malitia

malicious adj malevolente, maligne, malvate

  • adj maligne, malvate, malevolente
  • adj malitiose
  • adj malvate, malevolente, maligne

malign v facer malevolentia

  • v malignar

malignancy, malignity n malignitate

malignant (1. malicious; 2. malign, harmful) adj maligne

malignity, malignancy n malignitate

mall (1. mallet used in game of mall; 2. the game mall; 3. the alley in which mall was played) n malleo

malleability n malleabilitate

malleable adj malleabile

  • adj molle

mallet n malletto

  • ~ , beetle, ram, sledge hammer n massa

mallow n malache, malva

  • n malva, malache

malnutrition n subalimentation

malodorous adj malodor

malpractice n malpractica

  • v malpracticar

malt (convert into malt) v maltar

  • n malt

Malta [Geog] n Malta

malter, maltster n maltator

maltese adj/n maltese

maltose [Chem] n maltosa

maltreat v maltractar

maltreatment n maltractamento

  • n maltractamento, maltracto
  • n maltracto, maltractamento

maltster, malter n maltator

malversation (corruption in office) n malversation

mama (mother) n mamma

mamelon [Geog] n mamillon

mamillary (1. pertaining to the breast; 2. mammiform) adj mamillari

  • ~ , mamillated adj mamillate
  • ~ , mamilliform adj mamilliforme

mamillated, mamillary adj mamillate

mamilliform, mamillary adj mamilliforme

mamma [Anat] n mamilla

  • [Anat] n mamma

mammal adj/n mammal

  • n mammal
  • n mammifero
  • n mammifero (-ì-)

mammalogical adj mammalogic

mammalogy n mammalogia

  • n mammalogia (-ìa)

mammaries n mammarias, mammas

  • n mammas, mammarias

mammary adj mammari

mammiferous adj mammifere

mammiform adj mammiforme

mammon [Bib] n mammona

mammoth adj gigantesc

  • n mammut

man (1. human being; 2. adult male person) n homine

  • (adult male) n homine, viro
  • (adult male) n viro, homine
  • (male human being) n viro
  • (mankind) n homine, humanitate
  • (mankind) n humanitate, homine
  • (species) n humanitate
  • v equipar, guarnir de homines
  • v guarnir de homines, equipar

manage (administer) v administrar

  • (conduct, lead) v conducer
  • (cope) v arrangiar se
  • (deal with) v essayar, tractar
  • (deal with) v tractar, essayar
  • (direct) v diriger, gerer
  • (direct) v gerer, diriger
  • (horses) v manear
  • (master) v maestrar, magistrar
  • (master) v magistrar, maestrar
  • (sports) v managiar
  • ~ , administer v gerer
  • ~ , administer v gerer ger-/gest-]

manageable adj agibile

  • adj agibile, maneabile
  • adj maneabile, agibile

management n administration, direction

  • n direction, administration
  • n gerentia
  • ~ , administration n gestion

manager (of estate, etc) n administrator

  • (sports) n manager(-o)
  • n director, gerente
  • n gerente
  • n gerente, director
  • n impresario
  • ~ , administrator n administrator

manageress n directrice, gerente

  • n gerente, directrice

manage-to (succeed) v succeder a

managing director n director gerente

Manchu (1. Manchurian; 2. Manchu language) n manchu

  • (1. Manchurian; 2. Manchu language) n manchu (-tchù;-djù)
  • ~ , Manchurian adj manchu
  • ~ , Manchurian adj manchu (-tchù;-djù)

Manchukuo npr manchukuo

  • ~ npr manchukuo (-tchùkwò;-djùkwò)

Manchuria npr Manchuria

  • ~ npr Manchuria (-tch-;-dj-)

-mancy (divination) occurring in compounds] n -mantia

  • ~ -mancy (divination) occurring in compounds] n -mantia (-ìa)

mandarin (- Chinese) n chinese mandarin

  • (chinese official) n mandarin
  • (Chinese public official) n mandarin
  • (fruit) n mandarina
  • (tangerine) n mandarina
  • (tree) n mandariniero

mandarinate n mandarinato

mandarinism n mandarinismo

mandatary, mandatory n mandatario

mandate [Law, Pol] n mandato

  • n mandato

mandator, principal [Law] n mandante

mandatory adj obligatori

  • ~ , mandatary n mandatario

mandible (jaw) n mandibula, maxilla

  • (jaw) n maxilla, mandibula

mandibular adj mandibular

mandola, mandora, pandora, pandore, bandore (musical instrument similar to a mandolin, but larger) n mandola I]

  • ~ , mandora, pandora, pandore, bandore (musical instrument similar to a mandolin, but larger) n mandola

mandolin n mandolino

  • n mandolino I]

mandora, pandora, pandore, bandore, mandola (musical instrument similar to a mandolin, but larger) n mandola I]

  • ~ , pandora, pandore, bandore, mandola (musical instrument similar to a mandolin, but larger) n mandola

mane n criniera

man-eater, cannibal n anthropophago

  • ~ -eater, cannibal n anthropophago (-òphago)

man-eating, cannibal, anthropophagous adj anthropophage

  • ~ -eating, cannibal, anthropophagous adj anthropophage (-òphage)

manège (1. horsemanship; 2. riding school) n maneo

  • (1. horsemanship; 2. riding school) n maneo (-éo)

maneuver v manovrar

  • ~ , manoeuvre n manovra
  • ~ , manoeuvre v manovrar

maneuverability n manovrabilitate

maneuverable adj manovrabile

maneuverer n manovrator

manganate [Chem] n manganato

manganese (the metal manganese) Chem] n manganese

manganic [Chem] adj manganic

manganiferous adj manganifere

manganite [Mineral] n manganite

manganous [Chem] adj manganose

mange, scabies n scabie

manger, crib n mangiatoria

  • ~ , crib n mangiatoria (-ja-)

mangi, scabious adj scabiose

mangle (clothes) v passar per le exprimitor

  • (mutilate) v deformar, mutilar
  • (mutilate) v mutilar, deformar
  • n exprimitor de aqua

mango n mango

man-handle (move by force) v mover mano

  • ~ -handle (treat roughly) v maltractar

man-hole n foramine de accesso

man-hood (age) n etate viril

  • (as in to arrive at manhood) n virilitate
  • ~ -hood (bravery) n valentia
  • ~ -hood (virility) n virilitate

mania (1. Pathol]; 2. as in sport mania) n mania

  • (1. Pathol]; 2. as in sport mania) n mania (-ìa)
  • n mania, obsession
  • n obsession, mania
  • ~ , frenzy n furor

maniac adj maniac

  • adj maniac (-ì-)
  • n maniaco
  • n maniaco (-ì-)

manicure n cura del manos, manicura

  • n manicura, cura del manos
  • v curar le manos

manicurist n manicuro

manifest adj manifeste

  • n manifesto
  • v manifesta
  • v manifestar
  • ~ , patent adj patente

manifestation (1. act of manifesting; 2. public demonstration) n manifestation

  • n manifestation

manifesto n manifesto

manifold n diverse, multiple

  • n multiple, diverse

maniluvium, bath for the hands [Med] n maniluvio

manipulate v manipular

manipulation n manipulation

manipulative adj manipulative

manipulator n manipulator

manipulatory adj manipulatori

Manitoba (Canada) n Manitoba

  • [Geog] n Manitoba

mankind n humanitate

manliness (bravery) n virtute

  • n virilitate
  • ~ , valor n virtute

manly (brave) adj valente

  • (macho) adj macho, masche
  • (macho) adj masche, macho
  • (virile) adj viril
  • (vulgar) prep. phr con coliones

man-made adj artificial

  • ~ -made product, artifact n artefacto

man-made-product n artefacto

manna (1. Biblical manna; 2. Pharm]) n manna

  • ~ grass [Bot] n glyceria

mannequin (1. figure of a person used by artists, tailors; 2. dressmaker's live model) n mannequin F]

  • (1. figure of a person used by artists, tailors; 2. dressmaker's live model) n mannequin

manner (custom) n more

  • (method) n maniera
  • ~ , custom, usage n more
  • ~ , fashion n faction
  • ~ , way n maniera
  • ~ , wise, way n guisa

mannerism n manierismo

mannerist n manierista

mannerly, well-mannered adj manierose

mano- (1. rare, thin; 2. gaseous) occurring in compounds] adj man-

manoeuvre n manovra

  • v manovrar

manograph [Engin] n manographo

  • [Engin] n manographo (-ò-)

manometer n manometro

  • n manometro (-ò-)

manor (medieval) n feudo

  • (modern) n proprietate seniorial

manor-house n casa seniorial

man-power n mano de obra

mansard (1. mansard roof; 2. mansard story or room) Arch] n mansarda

man-servant, valet n camerero

mansion n casa seniorial, palatio

  • n palatio, casa seniorial

man-slaughter n homicidio

  • ~ -slaughter n homicidio (involuntari)

mantelet (1. short mantle or cape; 2. Fortif]) n mantelletto

mantel-piece n mantello

  • ~ -piece n mantello (del camino)

mantic adj mantic

  • ~ , divination, manticism n mantica

manticism, mantic, divination n mantica

mantilla (Spanish) n mantilla

  • (Spanish) n mantilla H]

mantis -mante [Zool] n mante

mantle n mantello

  • ~ , cloak, coat n mantello

manual (book) n manual

  • (keyboard) n claviero
  • adj manual
  • ~ manual adj manual

manually adv a mano, manualmente

  • adv manualmente, a mano

manufactory, factory n manufactura

manufacture n manufactura

  • ~ of wool n laneria
  • ~ of wool n laneria (-ìa)
  • v manufacturar
  • ~ , confect, make v confectionar
  • ~ , fabrication n fabrication
  • ~ , fabrication n manufactura
  • ~ , make v fabricar

manufactured article n fabricato

manufacturer n fabricante

  • ~ , maker n fabricante

manufacturing (as in manufacturing town) adj manufacturari

manumission n manumission

manumit v manumitter -mitt-/-miss-l

manure n stercore

  • v stercorar
  • ~ , dung n stercore
  • ~ , dung v stercorar

manuscript adj manuscripte

  • n manuscripto

manx adj del insula de man, manese

  • adj manese, del insula de man

many (a good ~) adj un bon numero de

  • (how ~) adv quante
  • (so ~) adv tante
  • adj multe
  • adj plurimel
  • adj plurimel (plù-)
  • ~ adj/pron multe, plure
  • ~ adj/pron plure, multe
  • ~ pron multos, plure
  • ~ pron plure, multos

many-a adj multe

many-colored adj multicolor

many-sided, multilateral adj multilatere

map (of town) n plano

  • n carta
  • n carta (geographic), mappa
  • n carta, mappa
  • n mappa
  • n mappa, carta
  • n mappa, carta (geographic)
  • ~ of the world n mappamundi
  • ~ of the world n mappamundi NL]
  • v facer le mappa/plano de

maple n acere

  • ~ tree, maple n acere
  • ~ , maple tree n acere

map-out v traciar

mar v guastar

marabou [Ornith] n marabu

  • [Ornith] n marabu (-bù)

marabout (Mohammedan saint or hermit) n marabut

marasca (cherry) n marasca

  • (cherry) n marasca I]

maraschino n maraschino

marathon n marathon

marauder n piliator, predator

  • n predator, piliator

marble (1. as in Carrara marble; 2. as in to play marbles) n marmore

  • adj marmorari
  • ~ carver, marble cutter n marmorero
  • ~ cutter, marble carver n marmorero
  • ~ cutting n marmoreria
  • ~ cutting n marmoreria (-ìa)
  • n marmore
  • ~ polisher n marmorero
  • ~ quarry n marmoriera
  • v marmorisar
  • ~ works n marmoreria
  • ~ works n marmoreria (-ìa)
  • ~ , marbleize v marmorar
  • ~ , marbleize v marmorisar

marbleize, marble v marmorar

  • ~ , marble v marmorisar

marbleizer, marbler n marmorator

marbler, marbleizer n marmorator

marcescence [Bot] n marcescentia

marcescent [Bot] adj marcescente

  • [Bot] adj marcescente (ppr of marcescer)

march (as in military, processional, funeral, march) n marcha

  • (as in military, processional, funeral, march) n marcha (-sh-)
  • (month) n martio
  • (musical) n marcha
  • n marcha
  • n martio
  • v marchar
  • v marchar (-sh-)
  • ~ , marchland n marca

marchioness n marchesa

  • ~ , marquise n marchesa
  • ~ , marquise n marchese
  • ~ , marquise n marquise
  • ~ , marquise n marquise F]

marchland, march n marca

marchpane, marzipan n marzapane

  • ~ , marzipan n marzapane I]

mare n cavalla

margaric [Chem] adj margaric

margarine n margarina

margin (1. border, edge; 2. margin of a printed or written page) n margine

  • n margine

marginal adj marginal

marginally adv marginalmente

marginate, bordered adj marginate

  • ~ , bordered adj marginate (pp of marginar)

marguerite n margarita

  • ~ , daisy n margarita

Marian adj marian

Marie, Mary n Maria

  • ~ , Mary n Maria (-ìa)

marigold n calendula

marijuana n marihuana

marinade n marinada

  • ~ , marinate v marinar

marinate v marinar

  • ~ , marinade v marinar

marine (1. as in merchant marine; 2. Paint]) n marina

  • (of the sea) adj marin
  • adj marin
  • n marina
  • ~ shell, conch n concha

mariner, sailor, seaman n marinero

  • ~ , seaman n nauta

Mariolatry (excessive veneration of the Virgin Mary) n marianismo

Marion n Marion

marionette, puppet n marionette

  • ~ , puppet n marionette F]

Marist [RCCh] n marista

marital adj marital

maritime adj maritime

  • adj maritime (-rì-)

marjoram n majorana

mark (1. Hist] (unit of weight for gold and silver; 2. Fin] (monetary unit) n marco

  • (1. trace, impression; 2. sign, indication; 3. stamp, brand, label) n marca
  • (correct) v corriger
  • (currency) n marco
  • (indicate, distinguish etc. by a mark or marks) v marcar
  • (note) v notar, prestar attention
  • (note) v prestar attention, notar
  • (school) n nota
  • (sign) n marca, signo
  • (sign) n signo, marca
  • (stain) n macula
  • (target) n scopo
  • ~ again v remarcar
  • ~ my words! phr marca mi parolas!
  • n Marco
  • ~ over a word as sign of abbreviation [Paleog] n titulo
  • ~ over a word as sign of abbreviation [Paleog] n titulo (tì-)
  • v marcar
  • ~ with rhythm v rhythmar
  • ~ , grade [School] n nota
  • ~ , target n scopo
  • ~ , token, indication n indicio

marked (as in a marked difference) adj marcate

  • (as in a marked difference) adj marcate (pp of marcar)
  • (observable) adj notabile

marker (device) n marca

  • (instrument for marking) n marca
  • (one who marks) n marcator
  • (person) n marcator

market (1. market place; 2. as in cattle market; 3. Econ, Com]) n mercato

  • n mercato
  • v mercar

marketable, merchantable adj commerciabile

marketer, merchant, dealer n mercator

market-research n investigation del mercato

mark-out v traciar

marksman n tirator

  • ~ , sharpshooter n tirator

marmalade n mermelada de oranges

marmorize v marmorisar

maroon adj de color marron

  • v abandonar sur un insula deserte

marquee n grande tenta

  • n marquise
  • n marquise F]

Marquesas (Islands) n Marquesas

  • (Islands) n Marquesas H]

Marquesas-Islands [Geog] n Insulas Marquesa

marquess n marchesa, marchese

  • n marchese, marchesa
  • ~ , marquis n marchese

marquis n marchese

  • n marguis
  • n marguis F]
  • ~ , marquess n marchese

marquisate n marchesato

marquise, marchioness n marchesa

  • ~ , marchioness n marchese
  • ~ , marchioness n marquise
  • ~ , marchioness n marquise F]

marriage n maritage

  • n maritage (-aje)
  • ~ , matrimony n connubio

marriageable adj maritabile

  • ~ , nubile adj nubile

marriage-certificate n certificato de matrimonio

married (get ~) v maritar (se), sposar (se)

  • (get ~) v maritar, sposar
  • (get ~) v sposar (se), maritar (se)
  • (get ~) v sposar, maritar
  • adj maritate
  • adj sponsate
  • adj sponsate (pp of sponsar)
  • adj sposate
  • adj sposate (pp of sposar)

marrow [Anat] n medulla

  • [Hort] cucurbita
  • n medulla

marrowy adj medullose

marry (take in marriage) v sponsar

  • (take in marriage) v sposar
  • (unite in wedlock) v maritar
  • v maritar

Mars (1. Rom Relig]; 2. Astron]) n Marte

  • n marte

marsh adj paludic

  • n palude
  • ~ , bog n marisco
  • ~ , swamp n palude

marshal n marechal

  • ~ , field marshal n marechal
  • ~ , field marshal n marechal F]

Marshal-Islands [Geog] n Insulas Marshall

  • ~ -Islands v ordinar

marshalship n marechalato

  • n marechalato (-sh-)

marshy adj paludic, paludose

  • adj paludose
  • adj paludose, paludic

martial (1. pertaining to war; 2. warlike, eager to fight; 3. Old Chem] (containing iron) adj martial

  • adj martial
  • ~ , warlike adj guerrier

martial-law n lege martial

martian n martian

martini n martini

Martinique [Geog] n Martinique

martyr n martyre

  • ~ , martyrize v martyrisar

martyrdom n calvario

  • n martyrio

martyrize, martyr v martyrisar

martyrology (register of martyrs) n martyrologio

marvel (that which excites wonder) n meravilia

  • n meravilia
  • v meraviliar
  • ~ , portent, prodigy n portento

marvellous adj meraviliose

marvelous adj meraviliose

  • adj mirific

Marxism n marxismo

marxist adj/n marxista

marxlsm n marxismo

Mary, Marie n Maria

  • ~ , Marie n Maria (-ìa)

Maryland n Maryland

  • n Maryland A]

marzipan n marzapane

  • ~ , marchpane n marzapane
  • ~ , marchpane n marzapane I]

mascara n mascara

mascot n mascotte

  • n mascotte F]

masculine (1. male, manly; 2. Gram]) adj masculin

  • adj masculin

masculinity n masculinitate

mash (potatoes) n puree

  • n puree
  • v facer un puree de

mask (1. cover for the face, used for disguise; 2. person wearing a mask, masker; 3. as in death mask) n mascara (màs-)

  • (1. cover for the face, used for disguise; 2. person wearing a mask, masker; 3. as in death mask) n masca
  • (1. cover for the face, used for disguise; 2. person wearing a mask, masker; 3. as in death mask) n mascara
  • (put on a ~) v mascar se
  • n masca
  • v mascar
  • v mascarar

masochism n masochismo

masochist n masochista

masochistic adj masochistic

mason (builder) n mason

  • (freemason) n francmason, mason
  • (freemason) n mason, francmason
  • n mason
  • ~ , Freemason n francmason
  • ~ , Freemason n mason

masonic adj del francmasones, masonic

  • adj masonic, del francmasones

masonry (1. work of a mason; 2. Freemasonry) n masoneria

  • (1. work of a mason; 2. Freemasonry) n masoneria (-ìa)
  • (freemasonry) n francmasoneria, masoneria
  • (freemasonry) n masoneria, francmasoneria
  • (stonework) n masoneria

masquerade n mascarada

mass (body) n massa

  • (coherent body of matter or of individual objects) n massa
  • (eccles) n missa
  • [RCCh] n missa
  • ~ guillotining n guillotinada
  • ~ guillotining n guillotinada (gi-)
  • v agglomerar (se), massar
  • v agglomerar, massar
  • v massar, agglomerar
  • v massar, agglomerar (se)
  • ~ , group together v massar
  • ~ , pile n mole

massacre n massacro

  • v massacrar

massacrer n massacrator

massage n massage

  • n massage (-aje)
  • v massar

masses of n grande cumulos de

masseur n masseur

  • n masseur F]

masseuse n masseuse

  • n masseuse F]

massive adj massive

mass-media n medios de communication con le massas

mass-meeting n reunion in massa

mass-produce v fabricar in serie, in massa

  • ~ -produce v in massa, fabricar in serie

mass-production n fabrication in serie

mast [Naut] n mast

  • n mast

master (1. lord, owner; 2. person possessing approved skill or mastery) n maestro

  • (acad) n magistro
  • (as in master of arts) n magistro
  • (be - of) v posseder
  • (lord, owner) n domino
  • (lord, owner) n domino (dò-)
  • n maestro
  • v maestrar
  • v maestrar be - of posseder

masterful adj imperiose

master-key n passe-partout

masterly adj maestral

  • adj magistral
  • adv magistralmente

masterpiece n obra de maestro, obra maestral

  • n obra maestral, obra de maestro

mastery (skill, dexterity, worthy of a master) n maestria

  • (skill, dexterity, worthy of a master) n maestria (-ìa)
  • n maestria

mastic (1. resin exuding from the mastic tree; 2. any of various pasty cements) n mastico

  • (1. resin exuding from the mastic tree; 2. any of various pasty cements) n mastico (màs-)

masticate, chew v masticar

mastication n mastication

masto-, mast- (breast) occurring in compounds] n masto-

mastodon n mastodonte

mastoid adj mastoide

mastoiditis [Pathol] n mastoiditis

  • [Pathol] n mastoiditis (-ìtis)

masturbate v masturbar se

masturbation n masturbation

mat (as in door mat) n matta

  • (of hair) v immiscer se
  • (rug) n matta
  • (tablemat) n subplatto
  • adj mat
  • ~ , dull (metals) v matar
  • ~ , dull adj mat

matador (bullfighter) n matador

  • n matador
  • n matador H]

match (agree) v harmonisar se

  • (equal) n equal
  • (equal) v equalar
  • (light) n flammifero
  • (person to marry) n partito
  • (sport) n match, partita
  • (sport) n partita, match
  • [Sports] n match
  • [Sports] n match A]
  • ~ , game n partita
  • ~ , lucifer n flammifero
  • ~ , lucifer n flammifero (-ì-)

matchbox n cassetta a flammiferos

matchless adj incomparabile

mate (bring together for breeding) v accopular

  • (bring together for breeding) v copular
  • (check ~) v matar
  • (chess) n chaco mat
  • (companion) n companion
  • (copulate) v accopular
  • (copulate) v accopular (se)
  • (marry) v sposar
  • (marry) v sposar (se)
  • (pal) n camerada
  • (spouse) n sposa, sposo
  • (spouse) n sposo, sposa
  • n Naut]
  • ~ , checkmate v matar

material (fabric) n stoffa

  • (physical) adj material
  • (substance) n material, substantia
  • (substance) n substantia, material
  • adj material
  • n material
  • ~ , fabric n stoffa

materialism n materialismo

materialist n materialista

materialistic adj materialistic

materiality n materialitate

materialization n materialisation

materialize (become real) vi realisar se

  • (of spirit) v prender forma visibile
  • (render material) v materialisar
  • vt materialisar

materially adv materialmente

matériel n material

maternal (1. pertaining to the mother; 2. characteristic of a mother) adj maternal

  • (1. pertaining to the mother; 2. characteristic of a mother, motherly) adj materne
  • adj maternal, materne
  • adj materne, maternal

maternity hospital n maternitate

  • n maternitate
  • ~ , motherhood n maternitate

mathematical adj mathematic

mathematically adv mathematicamente

mathematician n mathematico

mathematics n mathematica

matinee [Theat] n matinee

  • [Theat] n matinee F]
  • n matinee

mating (breeding) n copulation

  • (fig) n copulamento, copulation
  • (fig) n copulation, copulamento

matins n matutinas

matriarch n matriarcha

matriarchal adj matriarchal

matriarchate n matriarchato

matricide (act of killing one's mother) n matricidio

  • (one who kills his mother) n matricida

matriculate v matricular

  • v matricular (se)

matriculation n matriculation

matrimonial adj matrimonial

  • adj matrimorial, sponsal
  • adj sponsal, matrimorial
  • ~ , nuptial adj sponsal

matrimony n connubio, matrimonio

  • n matrimonio
  • n matrimonio, connubio
  • ~ , marriage n connubio

matrix (1. Anat]; 2. Technol]) n matrice

  • n matrice

matron (elderly wife or widow) n matrona

  • (in hospital) n infirmera principai
  • (motherly person) n matrona

matronly adj matronal

matte [Foundry] n matta

matter (1. physical substance; 2. material of thought) n materia

  • (as a - of fact) prep. phr in realitate
  • (in the - of) prep. phr in le caso de
  • (it's a serious ~) phr es un cosa serie
  • (literary) n materia, thema
  • (literary) n thema, materia
  • (printed ~) n imprimitos
  • (problem) n problema
  • (question, affair) n affaire, question, cosa
  • (question, affair) n cosa, affaire, question
  • (question, affair) n question, cosa, affaire
  • (subject) n subjecto
  • (substance) n materia, substantia
  • (substance) n substantia, materia
  • (what's the - with you/him?) phr que ha vos/ille?
  • v importar
  • ~ , be important v importar
  • ~ , thing, affair n re

mattress maker n matrassero

  • n matras
  • n matras (-às)

maturate v maturar

maturation n maturation

maturative adj maturative

mature adj matur

  • v maturar

maturity n maturitate

  • ~ , ripeness n maturitate

matutinal adj matutinal

maul v maltractar

Mauretania, Mauritania (ancient district of North Africa) Hist] n Mauritania

Maurice, Mauritius n Mauritio

Mauritania (French colony of Mauritania) n Mauritania

  • [Geog] n Mauritania
  • ~ , Mauretania (ancient district of North Africa) Hist] n Mauritania

Mauritius [Geog] n Mauritio

  • [Geog] n Mauritius
  • ~ , Maurice n Mauritio

Mauser (rifle) n mauser

  • (rifle) n mauser G]

mausoleum n mausoleo

  • n mausoleo (-éo)

Mausolus [Anc Hist] n Mausolo

mauve adj/n mauve

maxillary adj maxillar

maxilliform adj maxilliforme

maxim n maxima

  • n maxima (màx-)
  • ~ , machine gun (gun) n maxim
  • ~ , machine gun (gun) n maxim A]

maximal adj maximal

  • ~ , greatest, highest adj maxime
  • ~ , greatest, highest adj maxime (màx-)

maximize v augmentar al maximo

  • v maximisar

maximum adj maxime

  • n maximo
  • n maximo (màx-)

may (wishing) adv que ...

  • n maio
  • n maio
  • v pote

maybe adv forsan

  • ~ , perhaps adv forsan
  • ~ , perhaps adv forsan (fòr-)

may-day (m'aider) n auxilio

  • ~ -day n le prime de maio

mayonnaise n mayonnaise

  • n mayonnaise F]

mayor n burgomaestro

mayoress n marita del burgomaestro

Mayotte [Geog] n Mayotte

maze n labyrintho

mazurka [Dancing] n mazurka

  • [Dancing] n mazurka Polish]

mdbilization n mobilisation

me (dear -!) phr guai!, oh

  • (dear -!) phr oh, guai!
  • (it's ~) phr es io
  • (me) pron mi
  • (who - ?) phr o?, qui
  • (who - ?) phr qui,io?
  • ~ pron me

meadosweet, queen of the meadows [Bot] n ulmaria

meadow n prato

meadower, cultivator of meadow land n praticultor

meager, lean, thin adj magre

meagre adj magre

meal (dinner, supper) n cena

  • (flour) n farina
  • (repast) n repasto
  • ~ worm, Tenebrio [Zool] n tenebrion
  • ~ , flour n farina
  • ~ , repast n repasto

mean (average) adj medie

  • (average) n media
  • (center) n centro
  • (despicable) adj villan
  • (inted) v intender
  • (low) adj basse
  • (middle) n medio
  • (miserly) adj avar
  • (shabby) adj meschin
  • v significar, voler dicer
  • v voler dicer, significar
  • ~ , average adj medie
  • ~ , average n media
  • ~ , medium adv medio
  • ~ , paltry, shabby adj meschin

meander v serpentar

  • ~ , Greek fret, key pattern [Art] n greca
  • ~ , wind v serpentar

meaning n signification

  • ~ , significate n significato

meaningful adj significative

meaningless n disproviste de senso

meanness, shabbiness n meschineria

  • ~ , shabbiness n meschineria (-ìa)

means (agent or instrument by which an end is attained) adv medio

  • (by - of) prep. phr a fortia de, per medio de
  • (by - of) prep. phr per medio de, a fortia de
  • (by all ~) prep. phr certo, naturalmente
  • (by all ~) prep. phr naturalmente, certo
  • (by no ~) prep. phr non del toto
  • (pecuniary) n medios
  • (resources) n ressources
  • (salary) n salario
  • (the - to an end) phr le solution al problema
  • (wherewithal) n medio

meantime (in the ~) adv interim, intertanto

  • (in the ~) adv intertanto, interim
  • ~ , meanwhile (in the ~) adv interea
  • ~ , meanwhile (in the ~) adv interea (-té-)
  • ~ , meanwhile (in the ~) adv interim
  • ~ , meanwhile (in the ~) adv interim (ìn-)
  • ~ , meanwhile (in the ~) adv intertanto

mean-well phr esser ben intentionate

meanwhile adv interim, intertanto

  • adv intertanto, interim
  • ~ , meantime (in the ~) adv interea
  • ~ , meantime (in the ~) adv interea (-té-)
  • ~ , meantime (in the ~) adv interim
  • ~ , meantime (in the ~) adv interim (ìn-)
  • ~ , meantime (in the ~) adv intertanto

measles (german ~) n roseola

  • [Med] n rubeola
  • [Med] n rubeola (-bé-)
  • n rubeola

measly adj insignificante, miserabile

  • adj miserabile, insignificante

measurability, mensurability n mensurabilitate

  • ~ , mensurability n mesurabilitate

measurable adj mesurabile

  • ~ , mensurable adj mensurabile
  • ~ , mensurable adj mesurabile

measure (1. size, extent, dimension) n mesura

  • (1. to ascertain the size, capacity, extent, measurements, of; 2. to be of a certain measurement) v mesurar
  • (made to ~) phr facite sur mesuras
  • (size, length) n mensura, mesura
  • (size, length) n mesura, mensura
  • (tape) n metro
  • ~ in spans palmar v palmar
  • n mensura
  • v mensurar
  • v mensurar, metir, mesurar
  • v mesurar, mensurar, metir
  • v metir
  • v metir met-/mens-]
  • v metir, mesurar, mensurar

measurement (dimension) n dimension

  • (take someone's ~) v prender le mesuras de
  • (take someone's ~) v prender le mesuras de (un persona)
  • n mensuration, mesuration
  • n mesuration, mensuration
  • ~ of time, chronometry n chronometria
  • ~ of time, chronometry n chronometria (-ìa)
  • ~ , mensuration, measuring n mensuration
  • ~ , mensuration, measuring n mesuration
  • ~ , metrage (in meters) n metrage
  • ~ , metrage (in meters) n metrage (-aje)

measurer n mensor

  • n mensurator
  • n mesurator

measuring, measurement, mensuration n mensuration

  • ~ , measurement, mensuration n mesuration

meat (flesh used as food) n carne

  • ~ eater, creophagist, carnivore n creophago
  • ~ eater, creophagist, carnivore n creophago (-òphago)
  • ~ grinder n hachatoria
  • ~ grinder n hachatoria (-sh-)
  • n carne
  • ~ pie, fish pie, pasty n pastata
  • ~ pie, pasty n pastisso

meatball n bolletta

meat-eating, creophagous, carnivorous adj creophage

  • ~ -eating, creophagous, carnivorous adj creophage (-ò-)

meatus [Anat] n meato

mechanic n mechanico

mechanical (1. as in mechanical powers; 2. as in mechanical action) adj machinal

  • (of personal actions) adj machinal
  • [Eng] mechanic
  • adj mechanic

mechanical-engineer n ingeniero mechanic

mechanically adv mechanicamente

mechanics [Sci] mechanica

mechanies n mechanica

mechanism n mechanismo

mechanization n mechanisation

mechanize v mechanisar

mechanized agriculture n motocultura

mechanotherapy [Med] n mechanotherapia

  • [Med] n mechanotherapia (-ìa)

medal cabinet n medaliario

  • n medalia

medalist (1. maker of medals; 2. one skilled in medals) n medalista

medallion (1. large medal; 2. round, flat ornament or portrait) n medalion

  • n medalion

meddle (interfere) v ingerer se

  • (touch) v toccar

meddler n intrigante

meddling adj intrigante

  • n ingerentia
  • ~ , interference n ingerentia

mede [Geog] adj/n medo

  • ~ , Median n medo

media (advertising ~) n medios de publicitate

  • [Geog] n Media
  • n medios
  • n medios (pressa e television)

mediaeval, medieval adj medieval

medial [Philol] adj medial

median [Geom] n mediana

  • adj mede
  • adj median
  • n mediano
  • ~ , Mede n medo
  • ~ , Medic (language) n medo
  • ~ , medium adj median

mediant [Mus] n mediante

mediastinum [Anat] n mediastino

mediate (1. to form a connecting link between; 2. to act as an intermediary) v mediar

  • (as in a mediate cause) adj mediate
  • (as in a mediate cause) adj mediate (pp of mediar)
  • v mediar

mediation n mediation

mediator n mediator

medic (person) n medico

medicable adj medicabile

medical adj medic

  • adj medic (mé-)
  • adj medic(al)
  • adj medical
  • n examine medical

medically adv medicalmente, medicamente

  • adv medicamente, medicalmente

medicament, medication, medicine n medicamento

medicaster, quack n medicastro

medicate v medicar

medication (act or process of medicating) n medication

  • n medicamento, medication
  • n medication, medicamento
  • ~ , medicine, medicament n medicamento

medicinal adj medicamentose

  • adj medicinal

medicinally adv medicinalmente

medicine (1. medical science or art; 2. substance or compound taken internally to cure disease) n medicina

  • (art of) n medicina
  • (medicament) n medicamento
  • ~ , drug, remedy n pharmaco
  • ~ , drug, remedy n pharmaco (fàr-)
  • ~ , medicament, medication n medicamento

medieval adj medieval

mediocre adj mediocre

mediocrity (1. quality or state of being mediocre; 2. mediocre person) n mediocritate

  • n mediocritate

meditate (1. to be engaged in meditation; 2. to plan, contemplate) v meditar

  • v meditar

meditation n meditation

  • ~ , recollection n recolligimento

meditative adj meditative

meditator n meditator

Mediterranean adj mediterranee

  • adj mediterranee
  • n mediterraneo

medium (as in a spiritualistic medium) n medium

  • (as in a spiritualistic medium) n medium L]
  • (happy ~) n juste medio
  • (means) n medio
  • (spiritualistic) n medium
  • ~ , mean adv medio
  • ~ , median adj median

mediumistic [Spiritualism] adj mediumnic

  • [Spiritualism] adj mediumnic (-ùm-)

medullary (containing, consisting of, or resembling, marrow) adj medullar

Medusa [Gr Mythol] n Medusa

meek adj mansuete

meekness n mansuetude

meet (pleased to - you) v contente de facer vostre cognoscentia

  • n reunion
  • vi reunir se
  • vt incontrar, ir al incontro de
  • vt ir al incontro de, incontrar
  • ~ , encounter v incontrar

meeting (political) n meeting

  • (political) n meeting A]
  • n incontro, reunion, meeting
  • n meeting, incontro, reunion
  • n reunion, meeting, incontro
  • ~ , assembly n assemblea
  • ~ , assembly n assemblea (-éa)
  • ~ , encounter n incontro
  • ~ , running together (action of) n concurrentia

meet-with v incontrar

megabit n megabit, mille bits

  • n mille bits, megabit

megabyte n megabyte, mille kilobytes

  • n mille kilobytes, megabyte

megalocephalic adj megalocephale

megalomania n megalomania

  • n megalomania (-ìa)

megalomaniac n megalomaniaco

  • n megalomano
  • n megalomano (-ò-)

megalomanical adj megalomane

megalopolis n megalopole

megalosaur, megalosaurus [Paleontol] n megalosauro

megalosaurus, megalosaur [Paleontol] n megalosauro

megameter n megametro

  • n megametro (-gà-)

megaphone n megaphono

  • n megaphono (-gà-)
  • ~ , speaking trumpet n portavoce

megaton n megatonna

megavolt n megavolt

megawatt n megawatt

melancholic, atrabiliary (1. Med]; 2. gloomy, depressed in spirit) adj atrabiliari

melancholy adj melancholic

  • n melancholia
  • n melancholia (-ìa)
  • ~ , atrabile (1. Anc. Med] (black bile; 2. gloom) n atrabile (-ìle)
  • ~ , atrabile (1. Anc. Med] (black bile; 2. gloom) n atrabile

melic (of song) adj melic

meliorism n meliorismo

melliferous adj mellifere

mellifluence, mellifluousness n mellifluitate

mellifluous adj melliflue

mellow (fruit) adj matur

  • (fruit) v maturar
  • (of character) v adulciar
  • (of character) v adulciar (se)
  • (voice) adj dulce

melo-, mel- (song) occurring in compounds] n melo-

melodic adj melodic

melodious adj melodiose

melodist (composer of melodies) n melodista

melodrama n melodrama

  • n melodrama -ma-/-mat-]

melodramatic adj melodramatic

melody n melodia

  • n melodia (-ìa)

melomania n melomania

  • n melomania (-ìa)

melomaniac n melomane

  • n melomane (-ò-)

melon bed n meloniera

  • n melon

melopoeia (1. composition of melodies; 2. chanting of verses) Antiq] n melopeia

  • (1. composition of melodies; 2. chanting of verses) Antiq] n melopeia (-péya)

melt (of ice) v disgelar

  • (of ice) v disgelar (se)
  • v funder
  • v funder (se)
  • ~ , liquefy v funder
  • ~ , liquefy v funder fund-/fus-]

melting n fusion

  • ~ pot, crucible n crucibulo
  • ~ pot, crucible n crucibulo (-cì-)

melting-point n puncto de fusion

member (1. constituent part of a whole; 2. member of a social group, organization) n membro

  • n membro
  • ~ of a congress n congressista
  • ~ of an association n associato

member-of-parliament n deputato, parlamentario

  • ~ -of-parliament n parlamentario, deputato

membership (adherence) n adhesion, qualitate de membro

  • (adherence) n qualitate de membro, adhesion
  • (people) n membros

membranaceous, membranous adj membranacee

membrane n membrana

membranous (consisting of membranes) adj membranose

  • ~ , membranaceous adj membranacee

memento n memento, souvenir

  • n souvenir, memento

memher of parliament n parlamentario

memoir (memorandum, record) n memoria

  • n memoria

memoirs n commentarios

memorable adj memorabile

memorandum (1. note, record of events; 2. informal communication or report) n memorandum

  • (1. note, record of events; 2. informal communication or report) n memorandum (-àn-)
  • ~ book n memorandum
  • ~ book n memorandum (-àn-)
  • n memo, memorandum
  • n memorandum, memo

memorial (document) n memoria

  • (monument) n monumento commemorative
  • (statement of facts in form of a petition) n memorial

memorialist (a writer of memoirs) n memorialista

memorials n memorial

memorization n memorisation

memorize v apprender de memoria, memorisar

  • v memorisar, apprender de memoria

memory (1. faculty of remembering; 2. remembrance, recollection) n memoria

  • (from ~) adv de memoria
  • (within living ~) adv de memoria de homine
  • n memoria

menace n menacia

  • v menaciar
  • ~ , threat n menacia
  • ~ , threaten v menaciar

ménage, household n menage¬F

menagerie n menagerie

  • n menagerie F]

mend (improve) vi meliorar se

  • (of health) v restabilir se
  • n reparation
  • vt reparar
  • ~ , repair v sarcir
  • ~ , repair v sarcir sarc-/sart-]

mendacious (1. lying, untruthful; 2. false, untrue) adj mendace

mendicant, beggar n mendicante

mendicity n mendicitate

mending n reparation

menial adj servil

  • n lacai

meningitis [Pathol] n meningitis

  • [Pathol] n meningitis (-ìtis)

meninx [Anat] n meninge

meniscus n menisco

menopause n menopausa

menshevik, menshevist n menchevico

  • ~ , menshevist n menchevico (menshevìco)

menshevism n menchevismo

  • n menchevismo (-sh-)

menshevist, menshevik n menchevista

  • ~ , menshevik n menchevista (-sh-)

menstrual (pertaining to the menses) adj menstrual

  • adj menstrual

menstruate v menstruar

menstruation n menstruation

  • n menstruation, menstruo
  • n menstruo
  • n menstruo, menstruation

mensurability, measurability n mensurabilitate

  • ~ , measurability n mesurabilitate

mensurable, measurable adj mensurabile

  • ~ , measurable adj mesurabile

mensuration, measuring, measurement n mensuration

  • ~ , measuring, measurement n mesuration

mental (mad) adj alienate, demente

  • (mad) adj demente, alienate
  • (of the mind) adj mental
  • adj mental

mental-hospital n asylo de alienatos, hospital psychiatric

  • ~ -hospital n hospital psychiatric, asylo de alienatos

mentality n mentalitate

mentally adv mentalmente

menthol n menthol

mentholated adj mentholate

mention (don't - it) phr es nihil!, nulle causa!

  • (don't - it) phr nulle causa!, es nihil!
  • n mention
  • v mentionar

mentionable adj mentionabile

mentor n mentor

menu n menu

  • ~ , bill of fare n menu
  • ~ , bill of fare n menu F]

meow (miaow) n miau

  • (sound by cat) n miau
  • n miau
  • v miaular
  • ~ , mew, miaow v miaular
  • ~ , miaow n miau
  • ~ , miaow v miaular

mercantile adj mercantil

mercantilism (1. commercialism, mercenary spirit; 2. theory and practice of the mercantile system) n mercantilismo

mercenary adj mercenari

  • n mercenario
  • ~ , grasping adj mercantil

mercerize v mercerisar

mercerized adj mercerisate

  • adj mercerisate (pp of mercerisar)

mercerizing, mercerization n mercerisage

  • ~ , mercerization n mercerisage (-aje)
  • ~ , mercerization n mercerisation

merchandise n mercantias, merce

  • n merce
  • n merce, mercantias
  • ~ , ware n mercantia

merchant n commerciante, mercante

  • n mercante, commerciante
  • ~ , dealer (one engaged in trade) n negotiante
  • ~ , dealer n mercante
  • ~ , dealer, marketer n mercator

merchantable adj commerciabile, mercabile

  • adj mercabile
  • adj mercabile, commerciabile
  • ~ , marketable adj commerciabile

merchant-bank n banca commercial

merchant-navy n flotta commercial, marina mercante

  • ~ -navy n marina mercante, flotta commercial

merchant-ship n nave mercantil

merciful, compassionate, sympathizing adj misericorde

  • ~ , full of pity adj misericordiose

merciless adj impietose

merclful adj clemente, misericorde

  • adj misericorde, clemente

mercurial (1. as in mercurial temperament; 2. as in mercurial barometer) adj mercurial

  • adj mercurial

mercuric [Chem] adj mercuric

mercurous [Chem] adj mercuriose

Mercury (1. Mythol]; 2. Astron]) n Mercurio

  • (astron) n mercurio
  • (metal) n mercurio
  • ~ , quicksilver n mercurio

mercy (at the - of) prep. phr al mercede de

  • (show ~) v sparniar
  • n clementia, mercede, misericordia
  • n mercede, misericordia, clementia
  • n misericordia, clementia, mercede
  • ~ , clemency, grace n mercede
  • ~ , compassion, pity n misericordia
  • ~ , indulgence n venia

mere (parve) n laco, stagno

  • (parve) n stagno, laco
  • adj mer, simple, sol
  • adj simple, sol, mer
  • adj sol, mer, simple

merely, only adv solmente

meretricious (of a prostitute) adj meretricie

merge v confunder (se), fusionar (se)

  • v confunder, fusionar
  • v fusionar (se), confunder (se)
  • v fusionar, confunder
  • ~ , amalgamate [Com/Pol] v fusionar
  • ~ , intermingle (cause to) v confunder
  • ~ , intermingle (cause to) v confunder -fund-/-fus-]

merger n fusionamento

  • ~ , amalgamation [Com/Pol] n fusionamento

meridian adj meridian

  • n meridiano

meridional meridional, southern adj meridional

meringue (1. mixture of beaten egg whites and sugar; 2 . thin case of meringue filled with whipped cream) n meringue F]

  • (1. mixture of beaten egg whites and sugar; 2 . thin case of meringue filled with whipped cream) n meringue
  • n meringue

merino n merino

merit blame v demeritar

  • n merito
  • n merito (mé-)
  • v merer, meritar
  • v meritar, merer
  • ~ , deserve v merer
  • ~ , deserve v meritar

meritorious adj meritori

merl, blackbird n merla

mermaid n sirena

mero-, mer- (part) occurring in compounds] n mero-

meropia, partial blindness [Med] n meropia

  • ~ , partial blindness [Med] n meropia (-ìa)

merriment n allegressa

merry adj allegre, festive

  • adj festive, allegre

merry-christmas! phr felice natal!

merry-go-round n carosello

merry-making n allegressa

mes-, meso- (middle) occurring in compounds] adj -mes- see mense mes-

mésalliance, misalliance n mésalliance

  • ~ , misalliance n mésalliance F]

mesenteric adj mesenteric

mesenteritis [Pathol] n mesenteritis

  • [Pathol] n mesenteritis (-ìtis)

mesentery [Anat] n mesenterio

mesh (of a net) n malia

  • n malia
  • v ingranar

mesmerian, mesmeric adj mesmerian

mesmeric, mesmerian adj mesmerian

mesmerism n mesmerismo

mesmerist n mesmerista

mesmerize v mesmerisar

mesocarp [Bot] n mesocarpio

mesocephal n mesocephalo

mesocephalic adj mesocephale

mesolabe n mesolabio

Mesopotamia n Mesopotamia

Mesopotamian adj mesopotamian

Mesozoic [Geol] adj mesozoic

mess (disorder) n confusion, disordine

  • (disorder) n disordine, confusion
  • [Mil] refectorio militari
  • ~ , dirty business n porcheria
  • ~ , dirty business n porcheria (-ìa)

mess-about vi perder tempore

  • ~ -about vt irritar, vexar
  • ~ -about vt vexar, irritar

message (errand) n commission

  • (note) n message
  • n message
  • n message (-aje)
  • ~ , dispatch ¬F n depeche

messenger n messagero

  • n messagero (-ajéro)
  • n nuncio

messiah n meshiach, messia

  • n Messia
  • n Messia (-ìa)
  • n messia, meshiach

Messianic adj messianic

Messianism n messianismo

Messidor [French Revolutionary Calendar] n messidor

mess-up v confunder, disordinar

  • ~ -up v disordinar, confunder

messy (dirty) adj immunde

  • (untidy) adj disordinate

mestizo, half-breed n mesticio

metabolism [Biol] n metabolismo

  • n metabolismo

metacarpal [Anat] adj metacarpal

metacarpus [Anat] n metacarpo

metal (as in gold is a metal) n metallo

  • adj de metallo metallo

metallic adj metallic

metalliferous adj metallifere

metalline adj metallin

metallization n metallisation

metallize v metallisar

metallographic adj metallographic

metallography (1. study of metals; 2. Print]) n metallographia

  • (1. study of metals; 2. Print]) n metallographia (-ìa)

metalloid n metalloide

metalloidal adj metalloidic

metallotherapy n metallotherapia

  • n metallotherapia (-ìa)

metallurgic, metallurgical adj metallurgic

metallurgical, metallurgic adj metallurgic

metallurgist n metallurgista

  • n metallurgo

metallurgy n metallurgia

  • n metallurgia (-ìa)
  • ~ or working of iron, siderurgy n siderurgia
  • ~ or working of iron, siderurgy n siderurgia (-ìa)

metamere [Zool] n metamero

  • [Zool] n metamero (-tà-)

metameric, metamerous (1. Zool]; 2. Chem]) adj metamere

metamerism, metamery (1. Zool]; 2. Chem]) n metameria

  • ~ , metamery (1. Zool]; 2. Chem]) n metameria (-ìa)

metamerous, metameric (1. Zool]; 2. Chem]) adj metamere

metamery, metamerism (1. Zool]; 2. Chem]) n metameria

  • ~ , metamerism (1. Zool]; 2. Chem]) n metameria (-ìa)

metamorphic adj metamorphic

  • ~ , metamorphous adj metamorphe

metamorphism (1. metamorphosis; 2. Geol]) n metamorphismo

metamorphose, transform (cause to change form) v metamorphosar

metamorphosis n metamorphose

metamorphous, metamorphic adj metamorphe

metaphor n metaphora

  • n metaphora (-tà-)

metaphoric, metaphorical adj metaphoric

metaphorical adj metaphoric

  • ~ , metaphoric adj metaphoric

metaphorically adv metaphoricamente

metaphorize v metaphorisar

metaphrase n metaphrase

  • n metaphrase (-tà-)
  • v metaphrasar

metaphrast n metaphraste

metaphrastic adj metaphrastic

metaphydically adv metaphysicamente

metaphysical adj metaphysic

metaphysician n metaphysico

metaphysics n metaphysica

metastasis [Pathol] n metastase

  • [Pathol] n metastase (-tàstase)

metathesis [Gram] n metathese

  • [Gram] n metathese (-àtese)

metempsychosis n metempsychose

meteor (1. atmospheric phenomenon; 2. shooting star) n meteoro

  • n meteoro

meteoric adj meteoric

meteorite n meteorite

meteoroldgist n meteorologista, meteorologo

  • n meteorologo, meteorologista

meteorologic, meteorological adj meteorologic

meteorological, meteorologic adj meteorologic

meteorologist n meteorologista

meteorology n meteorologia

  • n meteorologia (-ìa)

meter (1. one forty millionth part of the terrestrial meridian; 2. Poet]) n metro

  • (for gas, electricity) n contator
  • (measure by the meter) v metrar
  • ~ -meter (one occupied in -metry) occurring in compounds] n -metra
  • ~ , -tre (distance) n metro
  • ~ , -tre n contator
  • ~ , -tre v metrar

meterorologist n meteorologo

  • n meteorologo (-rò-)

methane n methano

  • ~ , swamp gas [Chem] n methano

method n methodo

  • n methodo (mé-)

methodical adj methodic

methodically adv methodicamente

Methodism n methodismo

methodist adj/n methodista

  • n methodista

methodize v methodisar

methodology n methodologia

  • n methodologia (-ìa)

Methuselah n Mathusala

  • n Mathusala (-tù-)

methy- (wine) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n methy-

methyl, methylene [Chem] n methylo

methylamine [Chem] n methylamino

methylated (- spirit) n alcohol denaturate

methylene (1. wood alcohol, methyl alcohol; 2. Chem] (methyl) n methyleno

  • ~ , methyl [Chem] n methylo

methylic [Chem] adj methylic

meticulosity, meticulousness n meticulositate

meticulous adj meticulose

  • adj meticulose, minutiose
  • adj minutiose, meticulose
  • ~ , particular adj minutiose

meticulousness, meticulosity n meticulositate

metonymical adj metonymic

metonymy [Rhet] n metonymia

  • [Rhet] n metonymia (-ìa)

metrage, measurement (in meters) n metrage

  • ~ , measurement (in meters) n metrage (-aje)

metre, -ter (measure) n metro

metric (pertaining to that system of measures of which the meter is the unit) adj metric

  • adj metric
  • ~ , metrical [Poet] adj metric

metrical (relating to measurement) adj metric

metrics n metrica

metro- (mother) occurring in compounds] n metr-

  • n metro, metropolitano
  • n metropolitano, metro

metrology n metrologia

  • n metrologia (-ìa)

metronome n metronomo

  • n metronomo (-trò-)

metropolis (1. parent state of a colony; 2. Eccl]; 3. chief town or city of a country or state) n metropole

  • n metropole

metropolitan (1. belonging to the parent state of acolony; 2. Eccl]; 3. belonging to the chief town or city of a country or state) adj metropolitan

  • (underground railway, subway) n le metro
  • [Eccl] n metropolitano
  • [Eccles] metropolitano
  • adj metropolitan

metropolite [Gr Church] n metropolita

mettle n ardor, corage

  • n corage, ardor

mew, miaow, meow v miaular

  • ~ , seagull, gull [Ornith] n laro

Mexican (native of Mexico) n mexicano

  • adj mexican
  • adj mexican
  • n mexicano

Mexico [Geog] n Mexico

  • n Mexico
  • n Mexico (méx-)

mezzanine (floor or story) n mezzanin

  • ~ window n mezzanin
  • ~ , entresol n entresol
  • ~ , entresol n entresol F]

mezzo-soprano [Mus] n mezzosoprano

  • ~ -soprano [Mus] n mezzosoprano I]

mi [Mus] n mi

  • ~ -, mio- (less) occurring in compounds] adj mi-

miaow, meow n miau

  • ~ , meow v miaular
  • ~ , meow, mew v miaular

miasma n miasma

  • n miasma -ma/-mat-]

miasmatic adj miasmatic

mica [Mineral] n mica

  • ~ schist [Mineral] n micaschisto

micaceous [Mineral] adj micacee

micro-, micr- (1. small; 2. Metric System, etc]) occurring in compounds] adj micr-

microbe n microbio

  • n microbio, microbo
  • n microbo, microbio

microbicide n microbicida

microbiologist n microbiologo

  • n microbiologo (-òlogo)

microbiology n microbiologia

  • n microbiologia (-ìa)

microcephalic adj microcephale

microcephaly n microcephalia

  • n microcephalia (-ìa)

micro-channel n Comp]

micro-chip n microchip

micro-computer n microcomputator

microcosm n microcosmo

  • ~ -cosm n microcosmo

microcosmic adj microcosmic

microcyst [Bot] n microcyste

microfarad [Elec] n microfarad

micro-fiche n microfiche

microfilm n microfilm

  • ~ -film n microfilm

micrometer n micrometro

  • n micrometro (-crò-)

micron (one thousandth millimeter) n micron

  • (one thousandth millimeter) n micron (mìc-)

Micronesia n Micronesia

Micronesian adj micronesian

  • n micronesiano

microphone n microphono

  • ~ -phone n microphono
  • n microphono (-rò-)

microphotograph n microphotographia

  • n microphotographia (-ìa)

microphotography n microphotographia

  • n microphotographia (-ìa)

microscope n microscopio

  • ~ -scope n microscopio

microscopic adj microscopic

microscopist n microscopista

micro-scoplc adj microscopic

microscopy n microscopia

  • n microscopia (-ìa)

microseism (feeble earth tremor) n microseismo

  • (feeble earth tremor) n microseismo (-séi-)

microseismograph n microseismographo

  • n microseismographo (-mò-)

microtome n microtomo

  • n microtomo (-rò-)

mid-day adj de mediedie/meridie

  • ~ -day n mediedie, meridie
  • ~ -day n meridie, mediedie

middle adj medie

  • ~ Ages n medievo
  • ~ class, bourgeoisie n burgesia
  • ~ class, bourgeoisie n burgesia (-ìa)
  • n medio
  • ~ point, center n centro

middle-aged adj de etate median

middle-ages (of the ~) adj medieval

  • ~ -ages n le medie etate, medievo
  • ~ -ages n medievo, le medie etate

middle-class adj burgese

  • ~ -class n burgesia

middle-east [Geog] n Oriente medie

middle-finger (give the ~) phr facer insulto con le digito medie

  • ~ -finger n digito medie

middling adj mediocre

midge n culice, mosquito

  • n mosquito, culice

midget adj minuscule

  • n nano

mid-land adv del centro

mid-morning (de) adv medie matino

mid-night adj de medienocte

  • n medienocte
  • ~ -night n medienocte

midshipman, cadet [Mil/Nav] n aspirante

midst n medio

mid-stream n centro del currente

mid-summer adj de medie estate

  • ~ -summer n medie estate

mid-summer-night's-dream (Shakespearean play) n Sonio de nocte de medie estate

Mid-way (- Island) Insula Midway

  • ~ -way [Geog] n Midway
  • ~ -way adv a medie cammino

mid-week adv a medie septimana

midwife n obstetrice

  • ~ -wife n obstetrice

mid-wifery n obstetricia

  • ~ , obstetrics n obstetricia

might n fortia, poter, potestate

  • n poter, potestate, fortia
  • n potestate, fortia, poter
  • v poterea
  • ~ , power n potestate

mighty adj forte, potente

  • adj potente, forte
  • ~ , powerful, potent adj potente
  • ~ , powerful, potent adj potente (ppr of poter)

mignonette, reseda [Bot] n reseda

migraine (headache) n migraine

  • (headache) n migraine F]
  • ~ adj/n migraine

migrainous adj migrainose

  • adj migrainose (-grenòse)

migrant n migrator

  • ~ , migratory adj migrante

migrate [Nat. Hist] v emigrar

  • v migrar

migration [Nat. Hist] n emigration

  • n migration

migratory (pertaining to migrations) adj migratori

  • ~ , migrant adj migrante

mikado n mikado

  • n mikado J]

Milan [Geog] n Milan

mild (gentle) adj blande, clemente, dulce

  • (gentle) adj clemente, dulce, blande
  • (gentle) adj dulce, blande, clemente
  • [Med] adj benigne
  • ~ , bland, soft adj blande

mildew (mould) n mucor

  • (on vines) n mildew
  • ~ , grape mildew (vine) n mildew
  • ~ , grape mildew (vine) n mildew A]

mildly adv blandemente, dulcemente

  • adv dulcemente, blandemente

mildness n benignitate, clementia, dulcor

  • n clementia, dulcor, benignitate
  • n dulcor, benignitate, clementia
  • ~ , sweetness n suavitate

mild-spoken adj suaviloquente

mile n millia

  • ~ , milliary adj milliari

mileage n distantia percurrite

  • n distantia percurrite (in millias)

mileometer n contamillias, hodometro

  • n hodometro, contamillias

milestone n petra milliari

milieu n ambiente, milieu

  • n milieu, ambiente
  • ~ , environment n milieu
  • ~ , environment n milieu F]

militancy n militantia

militant adj militante

militarism n militarismo

militarist (supporter of militarism) n militarista

militarization n militarisation

militarize v militarisar

military adj militar

  • ~ man, soldier n militar
  • n militares
  • ~ supplies, munitions n munition

militate v militar

militia n militia

militiaman n militiano

milk (a cow) v mulger

  • (cows, goats) v mulger
  • (cows, goats) v mulger mulg-/muls-]
  • (exploit) v exploitar
  • adj lactee
  • ~ dry v emulger
  • ~ dry v emulger -mulg-/-muls-]
  • n lacte

milker, one who milks n mulgitor

milking (action of) n mulgitura

  • (action of) n mulsion
  • n mulgitura

milkmaid n lactera

milkman n lactero

  • ~ -man n lactero

milky adj lactee

milky-way n via lactee

mill (coffee ~) n molino de caffe

  • (factory) n fabrica, manufactura
  • (factory) n manufactura, fabrica
  • (for grinding) n molino
  • (machine for grinding grain) n molino
  • (subject to the operation of a mill) v molinar
  • v molinar
  • ~ , full v fullar

mille-fleurs (perfume) n milleflores

millennium n millennio

millepede, centipede n mille-pedes

  • ~ , centipede n mille-pedes (-pé-)

miller (one who works a mill) n molinero

  • n molinero

milliard n milliardo

  • ~ , billion n milliardo

milliary, mile adj milliari

milligram n milligramma

milliliter n millilitro

  • n millilitro (-ìlitro)

millilitre n millilitro

millimeter n millimetro

  • n millimetro (-ìmetro)

millimetre n millimetro

milliner n modista

million n million

millionaire adj millionari

  • n millionario

millionth adj millionesime

  • adj millionesime (-ésime)
  • adj millionesime, millionesimo
  • adj millionesimo, millionesime

millstone n mola

  • ~ -stone n petra de molino

milt (of fish) n lacte

  • ~ , spleen [Anat] n splen

mime (1. Antiq] (farce; 2. actor in a mime; 3. mimic, person skilled in mimicry) n mimo

  • (imitate) occurring in derivatives and compounds] v mime-
  • n representar in pantomima

mimeograph n mimeographo

  • n mimeographo (-ògrapho)
  • v mimeographar

mimesis, mimicry [Rhet] n mimese

  • ~ , mimicry [Rhet] n mimologia
  • ~ , mimicry [Rhet] n mimologia (-ìa)

mimetic, mimic, imitative adj mimetic

mimic (1. of a mime; 2. imitative) adj mimic

  • adj mimetic, mimic
  • adj mimic, mimetic
  • n imitator, mimo
  • n mimo, imitator
  • v mimar
  • ~ , imitative, mimetic adj mimetic
  • ~ , imitator n mimologo
  • ~ , imitator n mimologo (-mò-)

mimicry [Biol] n mimetismo

  • n imitation, mimica
  • n mimica, imitation
  • ~ , mimesis [Rhet] n mimese
  • ~ , mimesis [Rhet] n mimologia
  • ~ , mimesis [Rhet] n mimologia (-ìa)

mimodrama, pantomime n mimodrama

mimographer, writer of mimes n mimographo

  • ~ , writer of mimes n mimographo (-ò-)

mimologist (reciter of mimes) n mimologo

  • (reciter of mimes) n mimologo (-mò-)

mimosa n mimosa

  • ~ , sensitive plant [Bot] n mimosa

mimosaceous [Bot] adj mimosacee

minaret [Arch] n minaret

  • n minaret

mince (cut or chop into small pieces) v minutiar

  • n carne hachate
  • v Cul]

mincer n hachatoria

mincing adj affectate

mind (- out?) interj attention!

  • (be out of one's ~) v furer
  • (bear in ~) v memorar
  • (care for) v curar
  • (do you - ?) interj es il equal a vos?
  • (have something in ~) v preoccupar se de alique
  • (intellectual powers, mental force) n mente
  • (keep in ~) v mantener in mente
  • (make up one's ~) v decider de
  • (never -!) interj non importa!
  • (put one's - to) v applicar se a
  • (take to heart) v mantener in mente
  • (trouble) v occupar se
  • (watch) v guardar
  • n mente
  • v prestar attention a

mindful (of a person or a thing) adj memore

  • adj attentive, memore
  • adj memore, attentive

mine (1. as in coal mine) 2. Mil]) n mina

  • (1. as in to mine a bridge; 2. to dig for ore or metal) v minar
  • (a frlend of ~) phr un de mi amicos
  • (mil/mineral) n mina
  • ~ layer n poneminas
  • ~ layer n poneminas (-mì-)
  • ~ pron le mie, le mies
  • ~ pron le mies, le mie
  • ~ sweeper n dragaminas
  • ~ sweeper n dragaminas (-mì-)
  • v minar

minefield n campo de minas

miner (1. as in coal miner; 2. Mil]) n minator

  • n minator

mineral adj mineral

  • ~ adj/n mineral
  • n mineral

mineralization n mineralisation

mineralize (transform into a mineral) v mineralisar

mineralizer (as in sulphur is a mineralizer) n mineralisator

mineralogical adj mineralogic

mineralogist n mineralogista

  • n mineralogo
  • n mineralogo (-òlogo)

mineralogy n mineralogia

  • n mineralogia (-ìa)

mineral-water n aqua mineral

Minerva [Rom Relig] n Minerva

Minervic, Minervan adj minerval

mingle v confunder (se), miscer (se)

  • v confunder, miscer
  • v miscer (se), confunder (se)
  • v miscer, confunder

mingled together adj promiscue

miniate (1. to paint with red lead; 2. to illuminate pages, manuscripts) v miniar

miniature (1. an illumination; 2. miniature portrait; 3 . miniature representation, model) n miniatura

  • adj in miniatura
  • n miniatura
  • v miniaturar
  • ~ , paint miniatures v miniar

miniaturist n miniaturista

minibus n minibus

minim [Mus] n minima

  • [Mus] n minima (mì-)
  • n minima

minimal, least, smallest adj minime

  • ~ , least, smallest adj minime (mì-)

minimize v diminuer

  • v minimisar
  • v minimisar, reducer al minimo
  • v reducer al minimo, minimisar

minimum n minimo

  • n minimo (mì-)

mining (minelaying) n posa de minas

  • (minerals) n extraction minerari
  • adj de minas, minerari
  • adj minerari, de minas

minister (1. Gov]; 2. Dipl]; 3. Prot Churches]) n ministro

  • (1. to attend, be in attendance, serve; 2. to perform the function of a minister of the church) v ministrar
  • (pol) n ministro
  • (relig) n ministro
  • v ministrar

ministerial [Gov] adj ministerial

ministry, department [Gov] n ministerio

minium, red lead n minio

mink n vison

minnow n varion

Minoan adj minoan

  • n minoano

minor (1. lesser, smaller; 2. Law] (under age; 3. Mus]) adj minor

  • ~ adj/n minor

Minorite [RCCh] n Minorita

minority (1. smaller number or part; 2. Law]) n minoritate

  • n minoritate

Minos [Mythol] n Minos

  • [Mythol] n Minos (mì-)

Minotaur [Mythol] n minotauro

minstrel n menestrel

mint (for money) n moneta

  • (stamp and make into money) v monetar
  • [Bot] n mentha
  • v batter, cunear
  • v cunear, batter
  • ~ , coin v cunear

minter n monetero

minting, coining n monetage

  • ~ , coining n monetage (-aje)

minuend [Arith] n minuendo

minuet n menuet

minus adv minus

minuscule n minuscula

minute (1. diminutive; 2. as in a minute investigation) adj minute

  • (the sixtieth part of an hour or of a geometric degree) n minuta
  • adj minute
  • n minuta
  • ~ , tiny adj minuscule

minutes n protocollo

minutia (trifling detail) n minutia

Miocene [Geol] adj miocen

  • [Geol] n mioceno

miracle n miraculo

miraculous adj miraculose

mirage n mirage

  • n mirage (-aje)

mire, mud n fango

mirror n speculo

  • n speculo (spé-)
  • v reflecte

mirth n allegressa, hilaritate

  • n hilaritate, allegressa

miry, muddy adj fangose

misadventure n accidente

misalliance, mésalliance n mésalliance

  • ~ , mésalliance n mésalliance F]

misanthrope, misanthropist n misanthropo

misanthropic adj misanthrope

  • adj misanthropic

misanthropist n misanthropo

  • ~ , misanthrope n misanthropo

misanthropy n misanthropia

  • n misanthropia (-ìa)

misapplication n abuso, mal application

  • n mal application, abuso

misapply v abusar, mal applicar

  • v mal applicar, abusar

misapprehension n concepto error

misappropriate v malversar

misbehave v comportar se mal, conducer se mal

  • v conducer se mal, comportar se mal

misbehavior, misbehaviour n mal conducta

miscalculate v mal calcular

miscalculation n calculation false

  • n interpretation false

miscarriage (- of justice) n error de justitia

  • (error) n error
  • (failure) n insuccesso
  • [Med] n aborto
  • ~ , abortion n abortamento

miscarry (1. to have a miscarriage; 2. to come to nought) v abortar

  • v faltar, fracassar
  • v fracassar, faltar

miscellaneous adj miscellanee

miscellany n miscellanea

mischief (harm) n maleficio

  • (playfulness) n malitia
  • ~ , evil deed n maleficio

mischievous (harmful) adj maleficente

  • (playful) adj malitiose

mischievousness, maleficence n maleficentia

miscibility, mixability n miscibilitate

miscible, mixable adj miscibile

misconceive v facer se un interpretation false

misconception n contrasenso, interpretation false

  • n interpretation false, contrasenso
  • ~ , misinterpretation n contrasenso

misconduct n mal conducta

  • v mal diriger, mal gerer
  • v mal gerer, mal diriger

misconstrue v mal interpretar

miscount n error de addition

  • v mal contar

miscreance n miscredentia

miscreant n heretico, infidel, scelerato

  • n infidel, scelerato, heretico
  • n scelerato, heretico, infidel
  • ~ , unbelieving miscredente adj miscredente

misdemeanor, misdemeanour n delicto de minor grado

  • ~ , offense (criminal) n delicto

misdirect v mal adressar, mal diriger

  • v mal diriger, mal adressar

mise en scène, staging n mise en scène

  • ~ en scène, staging n mise en scène F]

miser n avaro

miserable (1. wretc.hed; 2. vile, base) adj miserabile

  • adj miserabile
  • ~ , wretched adj misere

Miserere (1. the 50th Psalm in the Vulgate; 2. musical setting of this Psalm) Eccl] n miserere

  • (1. the 50th Psalm in the Vulgate; 2. musical setting of this Psalm) Eccl] n miserere (-rére)

misericord (1. RCCh] (dispensation from fasting; 2 . Eccl Arch] (miserere; 3. dagger for giving the coup de gr ce) n misericordia

miserly adj avar

misery n miseria

  • ~ , wretchedness n miseria

misfire (not fire) v non dar foco

  • n tiro false
  • v Fig]

misfit (of people) n persona mal adapte

  • (of things) n cosa que non va ben

misfortune n disgratia

  • n infortuna
  • ~ , bad fortune n infelicitate

misgiving n apprehension, dubita

  • n dubita, apprehension

misguided adj mal dirigite, poco judiciose

  • adj poco judiciose, mal dirigite

mishap n contratempore

  • ~ , contrariety, adversity n contrarietate

misinform v mal informar

misinterpret v mal interpretar

  • v misinterpretar

misinterpretation n interpretation false

  • n misinterpretation
  • ~ , misconception n contrasenso

misjudge v mal judicar

misjudged adj erronee, mal judicate

  • adj mal judicate, erronee

mislay v misplaciar

  • ~ , misplace v misplaciar

mislead v inducer in error

misleading adj fallace

  • ~ , fallacious, delusive adj fallace

mismanage v mal administrar

mismanagement n mal administration

misnomer n nomine false

misogamic adj misogame

  • adj misogame (-ò-)

misogamist n misogamo

  • n misogamo (-ò-)

misogamy n misogamia

  • n misogamia (-ìa)

misogynic adj misogyne

misogynist, misogyne n misogyno

  • ~ , misogyne n misogyno (-ò-)

misogyny, misogynism n misogynia

  • ~ , misogynism n misogynia (-ìa)

misoneism (hatred of the new) n misoneismo

  • (hatred of the new) n misoneismo (-ìzmo)

misoneist n misoneista

  • n misoneista (-ìsta)

misplace v misplaciar

  • ~ , mislay v misplaciar

misprint n error typographic

  • v mal imprimer

mispronunce v mal pronunciar

misquote v citar erroneemente

misread v mal interpretar, mal leger

  • v mal leger, mal interpretar

misrepresent v mal representar

misrepresentation n falsification, reporto false

  • n reporto false, falsification

miss (aim) n colpo mancate

  • (as in I miss her) v regrettar
  • (feel the absence) v regrettar le absentia de
  • (of aim) v non colpar
  • (of transport) v perder
  • (omit) v omitter
  • (single woman) n senioretta
  • n senioretta

missal n missal

misshapen v contrafacte, deforme

  • v deforme, contrafacte
  • ~ , deformed adj contrafacte

missing adj absente, disparite, perdite

  • adj disparite, perdite, absente
  • adj perdite, absente, disparite

mission (1. duty on which a person is sent; 2. body of persons sent out) n mission

  • n mission

missionary adj missionari

  • n missionario

Mississippi (1. Mississippi River; 2. State of Mississippi) n Mississippi

missive n missiva

misslle n projectil

misspelling n error orthographic

mist n bruma, nebula

  • n nebula, bruma
  • ~ , brume, fog n bruma
  • ~ , haze, fog n nebula
  • ~ , haze, fog n nebula (né-)

mistake (make a ~) v committer un error

  • (oversight) n error, peccato
  • (oversight) n peccato, error
  • (oversight) v committer un error
  • n error
  • v confunder, mal comprender
  • v mal comprender, confunder

mistaken (be ~) v esser in error

  • adj erronee

mister n senior

mistigation n mitigation

mistletoe n visco

mistress (female teacher) n maestra

  • (lover) n amante
  • (mistress of a household) n domina
  • (mrs) n seniora
  • (of house) n domina
  • (teacher) n maestra

mistrust n diffidentia

  • v diffider

mistrustful adj diffidente

misty adj brumose, nebulose

  • adj nebulose, brumose
  • ~ , brumous, foggy adj brumose

misunderstand v mal comprender

misunderstanding n concepto erronee, mal interpretation

  • n mal interpretation, concepto erronee

misusage n misusage

  • n misusage (-aje)

misuse n abuso, misuso

  • n misuso
  • n misuso, abuso
  • v abusar, misusar
  • v misusar, abusar
  • ~ , abuse v misusar

miter (invest with a miter) v mitrar

  • n mitra
  • n mitre

mitigate (make milder or gentler) v mitigar

  • v mitigar

mitigation n mitigation

mitraille n mitralia

mitre n eccles

mitre-joint n carp

mitt n miton

mitten n miton

mix n mixtion, mixtura

  • n mixtura, mixtion
  • ~ together, intermingle v commiscer
  • ~ together, intermingle v commiscer -misc-/-mixt-]
  • ~ up, immix, commingle v immiscer
  • ~ up, immix, commingle v immiscer -mise-/-mixt-]
  • v miscer
  • ~ , blend v miscer
  • ~ , blend v miscer misc-/mixt-]

mixability, miscibility n miscibilitate

mixable, miscible adj miscibile

mixed adj mixte

mixed-up (confused) adj confuse

  • ~ -up (mingled) adj mixte

mixed-with adj associate con, implicate in

  • ~ -with adj implicate in, associate con

mixer n miscitor, mixer

  • n mixer, miscitor

mixtilineal, mixtilinear [Geom] adj mixtilinee

mixtilinear, mixtilineal [Geom] adj mixtilinee

mixture (1. act of mixing; 2. something mixed) n mixtion

  • (something mixed) n mixtura
  • n mixtion, mixtura
  • n mixtura, mixtion

mix-up (confuse) v confunder

  • ~ -up (mingle) v immiscer
  • ~ -up n confusion

mnemo- (memory) occurring in compounds] n mnemo-

mnemogenesis n mnemogenese

  • n mnemogenese (-gé-)
  • n mnemogenesis
  • n mnemogenesis (-gé-)

mnemonic adj mnemonic

  • adj mnemotechnic

mnemonics, mnemotechny n mnemonica

  • ~ , mnemotechny n mnemotechnia
  • ~ , mnemotechny n mnemotechnia (-ìa)
  • ~ , mnemotechny n mnemotechnica

mnemotechny, mnemonics n mnemonica

  • ~ , mnemonics n mnemotechnia
  • ~ , mnemonics n mnemotechnia (-ìa)
  • ~ , mnemonics n mnemotechnica

mnes- (memory) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n mnes-

mnesic (pertaining to memory) adj mnesic

moan (complain) v planger se

  • (complaint) n plancto
  • (groan) n gemito
  • (groan) v gemer

moat n fossato

  • ~ , fosse, ditch, trench n fossato

mob n canalia, turba

  • n turba, canalia
  • ~ rule, ochlocracy n ochlocratia
  • ~ rule, ochlocracy n ochlocratia (-ìa)
  • v assaltar
  • ~ , canaille, rabble n canalia
  • ~ , rabble n turba

mobile adj mobile

  • ~ adj/n mobile

mobility n mobilitate

mobilizable adj mobilisabile

mobilization [Mil] n mobilisation

mobilize (1. as in to mobilize resources, wealth; 2. to put troops on a war footing) v mobilisar

  • v mobilisar

mob-rule n ochlocratia

moccasin (as in buckskin moccasins) n mocassin

  • (as in buckskin moccasins) n mocassin (mòc-)

mock (deride) v derider, irrider

  • (deride) v irrider, derider
  • (mimic) v imitar
  • adj false, imitate, simulate
  • adj imitate, simulate, false
  • adj simulate, false, imitate

mocker (derider) n irrisor

  • (imitator) n imitator

mockery (imitation) n imitation

  • n derision, irrision
  • n irrision, derision

mocking (derision) n derision, irrision

  • (derision) n irrision, derision
  • (imitation) n imitation
  • adj derisori, irrisori
  • adj irrisori, derisori

modal (1. Philos]; 2. Gram]; 3. Mus]) adj modal

modality [Philos] n modalitate

mode (1. Mus]; 2. way, manner) n modo

  • (fashion) n moda
  • (prevailing fashion) n moda
  • (way) n maniera, modo
  • (way) n modo, maniera

model (1. thing, person to be copied; 2. mannequin) n modello

  • (as in a model of virtue) n prototypo
  • (as in a model of virtue) n prototypo (-òtipo)
  • (model in clay) v modellar
  • adj exemplar modello
  • v modellar

modeler n modellator

moderantism [Pol] n moderantismo

moderantist [Pol] n moderantista

moderate adj moderate

  • adj moderate (pp of moderar)
  • adj modic
  • v moderar
  • v moderar, temperar
  • v temperar, moderar
  • ~ , temperate adj mensurate
  • ~ , temperate adj mensurate (pp of mensurar)
  • ~ , temperate adj mesurate
  • ~ , temperate adj mesurate (pp of mesurar)

moderateness n moderatessa

  • n modicitate

moderation (quality of being moderate) n temperamento

  • n moderation
  • n moderation, sobri
  • n sobri, moderation

moderator (1. one who or that which renders moderate; 2 . Mech]) n moderator

modern adj moderne

modernism n modernismo

modernist n modernista

modernity, modernness n modernitate

modernization n modernisation

modernize v modernisar

modernness, modernity n modernitate

modest (decorous in manner and conduct) adj pudic

  • (humble) adj modeste
  • (of woman) adj pudic
  • adj modeste
  • ~ , bashful adj pudente
  • ~ , bashful adj pudibunde
  • ~ , bashful adj vergoniose
  • ~ , proper, decent adj honeste

modesty (humility) n modestia

  • (of woman) n pudor
  • (womanly propriety of behavior) n pudor
  • n modestia
  • ~ , propriety, decency n honestate
  • ~ , propriety, decency n honestitate

modifiable adj modificabile

modification n modification

modificatory, modifying adj modificative

modifier n modificator

modify v modificar

modifying, modificatory adj modificative

modius (Roman corn measure) n modio

modulate (1. as in to modulate one's voice; 2. Mus] (pass from one key into another) v modular

  • v modular

modulation (1. act of modulating tone, inflection, or pitch; 2. Mus]) n modulation

modulator n modulator

module [Arch] n modulo

  • n modulo

mohair n mohair

  • n mohair A]

Mohammed n Mahomet

  • n Mohammed
  • n Mohammed (-hàm-)

Mohammedan adj mohammedan

  • n mahometista
  • n mohammedano
  • n moslem
  • ~ , Mahometan adj mahometan
  • ~ , Mahometan n mahometano

Mohammedanism n mohammedanismo

  • ~ , Mahometanism n mahometismo

moist (be ~) v humer

  • adj humide

moisten v humectar, molliar

  • v molliar, humectar
  • ~ , dampen v humectar
  • ~ , wet v molliar

moistening or wetting (act of) n humectation

  • ~ , wetting n molliamento
  • ~ , wetting n molliatura

moistness n humectation

  • n humiditate, molliatura
  • n molliatura, humiditate

moisture n humiditate, molliatura

  • n molliatura, humiditate

moisturlze v humidificar

molar adj molar

  • ~ adj/n molar

molasses n melassa

mold, moldiness n mucor

  • ~ , mould (1. as in to cast in a mold; 2. model) n modulo
  • ~ , mould (a statue) v modular
  • ~ , mould (hollow form) n forma, modulo
  • ~ , mould (hollow form) n modulo, forma
  • ~ , mould [Bot] n mucor
  • ~ , mould n forma
  • ~ , mould v formar, modular
  • ~ , mould v modular, formar

Moldavia [Geog] n Moldavia

molder, moulder n modulator

moldiness, mold n mucor

molding (mou-) n moldatura

  • ~ , moulding [Arch] n modulatura

moldy, mouldy (be ~) v mucer

  • ~ , mouldy [Bot] adj mucide, mucorose
  • ~ , mouldy [Bot] adj mucorose, mucide
  • ~ , musty adj mucide

mole (jetty) n jectata, mole

  • (jetty) n mole, jectata
  • (pathol) n nevo
  • [Naut] n mole
  • [Zool] n talpa
  • ~ , jetty, pier n jectata

molecular adj molecular

molecule n molecula

molest v molestar

molestation n molestation

Molinism (the doctrine of Luis Molina) n molinismo

  • (the Quietistic doctrine of Miguel de Molinos) n molinosismo

Molinist (a follower of Luis Molina) n molinista

  • (a follower of Miguel de Molinos) n molinosista

mollification n mollification

mollify v mollificar

  • ~ , soften [Med] v emollir

mollusk (-usc) n molusco

  • n mollusco

mollycoddle adj tractar delicatemente, vitiar per teneressa

  • adj vitiar per teneressa, tractar delicatemente

molt (moult) n muta

  • (process of molting) n muta
  • v mutar

molten adj fundite, liquide

  • adj liquide, fundite

mom n mamma, matre

  • n matre, mamma

moment (1. instant; 2. Mech]) n momento

  • (importance) n importantia
  • (instant) n momento

momentary adj momentanee

momentous adj importante, momentose

  • adj momentose
  • adj momentose, importante

momentum (impetus) n impeto

  • n Mech]

mommy n mamma, matre

  • n matre, mamma

mon-, mono- (only, single, alone) occurring in derivatives and compounds] adj mon-

monachal, monkish adj monachal

monachism n monachismo

monad n monade

  • n monade (mò-)

monadelphous [Bot] adj monadelphe

monadelphy [Bot] n monadelphia

  • [Bot] n monadelphia (-ìa)

monadic adj monadic

monadism n monadismo

monadology n monadologia

  • n monadologia (-ìa)

monandrous adj monandre

monandry (1. Anthropol]; 2. Bot]) n monandria

  • (1. Anthropol]; 2. Bot]) n monandria (-ìa)

monarch (head of a monarchy) n monarcha

  • n monarcha

monarchic, monarchical adj monarchic

monarchism n monarchismo

monarchist n monarchista

monarchy n monarchia

  • n monarchia (-ìa)

monas- (live alone) occurring in derivatives] v monas-

monasterial adj monasterial

monastery n monasterio

  • n morlasterio

monastic adj monastic

  • ~ , monasterial adj monastic

monasticism n monasticismo

monatomic [Chem] adj monatomic

Monday n lunedi

  • n lunedi (-dì)

Moneta (as in Juno Moneta) Rom Relig] n Moneta

monetary adj monetari

monetize v monetisar

money n moneta, pecunia

  • n pecunia
  • n pecunia, moneta
  • ~ , coin n numisma
  • ~ , coin n numisma -ma/-mat-]

moneyage (fee paid for minting privilege) Hist] n monetage

  • (fee paid for minting privilege) Hist] n monetage (-aje)

moneybox n cassetta a moneta

money-changer n cambiator

  • ~ -changer n cambiator de moneta, cambiator
  • ~ -changer n cambiator, cambiator de moneta

money-lender n prestator de moneta, usurero

  • ~ -lender n usurero, prestator de moneta

money-order n mandato postal

Mongolia n Mongolia

Mongolian (1. Mongol; 2. Mongolian language, Mongolic; 3 . member of the Mongolian race) n mongolico

  • ~ , Mongolic adj mongolic

Mongolism [Pathol] n mongolismo

Mongoloid adj mongoloide

mongrel adj bastarde, mesticiate

  • adj mesticiate, bastarde
  • n can bastarde

monism [Philos] n monismo

monist n monista

monistic adj monistic

monitor (gen/tech) n monitor

  • (in school) n censor
  • v controlar ascoltar
  • ~ , admonisher n monitor
  • ~ , censor, proctor [School] n censor

monitory (letter) n monitorio

  • ~ , admonitory adj monitori

monk n monacho

  • n monacho (-mò-)

monkdom n monachato

monkey business, monkeyshine n simieria

  • ~ business, monkeyshine n simieria (-ìa)
  • n simia
  • ~ , ape n simia

monkey-nut n arachide

monkeyshine, monkey business n simieria

  • ~ , monkey business n simieria (-ìa)

monkey-wrench n clave anglese

monkish, monachal adj monachal

monochord n monochordo

monochromatic adj monochromatic

monochrome adj monochrome

monocle n monoculo

  • n monoculo (-nò-)

monogamic adj monogamic

monogamist n monogamo

  • n monogamo (-nò-)

monogamous adj monogame

  • adj monogame (-nò-)

monogamy n monogamia

  • n monogamia (-ìa)

monogram n cifra

  • n monogramma

monograph n monographia

  • n monographia (-ìa)

monographer n monographo

  • n monographo (-ògrapho)

monographic adj monographic

monolith n monolitho

  • n monolitho (-òlito)

monolithic adj monolithic

monolog, -gue n monologo

  • ~ , monologue n monologo
  • ~ , monologue n monologo (-òlogo)

monologize, deliver a monologue v monologar

monometallism n monometallismo

monometallist n monometallista

monometer n monometro

  • n monometro (-òmetro)

monometric adj monometric

monomial [Alg] adj monomie

  • [Alg] n monomio

Monophysite [Theol] n monophysita

monoplane n monoplano

monopolism n monopolismo

monopolist n monopolista

monopolization n monopolisation

monopolize v monopolisar

monopoly n monopolio

monostich [Pros] n monosticho

  • [Pros] n monosticho (-nò-)

monosyllabic adj monosyllabe

  • adj monosyllabe (-sì-)

monosyllable n monosyllabo

  • n monosyllabo (-sì-)

monotheism n monotheismo

  • n monotheismo (-ìzmo)

monotheist n monotheista

  • n monotheista (-ìsta)

monotheistic adj monotheista

  • adj monotheista (-ìsta)
  • adj monotheistic
  • adj monotheistic (-ìstic)

monotonous adj monotone

monotony n monotonia

  • n monotonia (-ìa)

monotype [Print] n monotypo

monson n monson

monster adj colossal, enorme

  • adj enorme, colossal
  • n monstro

monstrosity n monstruositate

monstrous adj monstruose

  • ~ , prodigious, portentous adj portentose

montane (1. mountainous; 2. mountain) adj montan

Montenegro [Geog] n Montenegro

month n mense

monthly adj mensual

  • adv mensualmente
  • n revista mensual
  • ~ payment n mensualitate
  • ~ salary n mense

monthly-payment n pagamento mensual

monticule, hill (small mountain) n monticulo

Montserrat [Geog] n Montserrat

monument n monumento

monumental adj monumental

monumentally adv monumentalmente

moo v mugir

  • ~ , low v mugir

mood (bad tempered) n mal-humor, morositate

  • (bad tempered) n morositate, mal-humor
  • (good ~) n bon humor
  • (humour) n disposition, humor
  • (humour) n humor, disposition
  • [Gram] n modo

moodiness n mal-humor, morositate

  • n morositate, mal-humor

moody (bad tempered) adj de mal humor

moon (full ~) n luna plen

  • [Astron] n luna
  • adj lunar
  • n luna
  • ~ , lunar adj lunar

moon-light (by - light) phr per luna

  • ~ -light n lumine del luna

moon-struck adj lunatic

moor (drop anchor) vt religar, retiner anchore

  • (drop anchor) vt retiner anchore, religar
  • (moorland) n landa
  • adj maure, more
  • adj more, maure
  • n mauro
  • n mauro, moro
  • n moro, mauro
  • n tesca

mooring-berth n posto

Moorish adj maure

  • ~ , Moresque adj mauresc

mop n spongia de baston

  • ~ up, dry, wipe v essugar
  • v spongiar de baston

mope v attristar se

  • v infurer

mora [Pros] n mora

moraine [Geol] n morena

moral (1. as in moral conduct; 2. as in moral victory) adj moral

  • adj moral
  • n moral

morale (as in the morale of an army) n moral

  • n moral stato de animo

moralism (moral practice, attitude) n moralismo

moralist n moralista

  • ~ , ethicist n ethico

morality n moralitate

moralization (1. action of improving the morals; 2. moral reflection) n moralisation

  • n moralisation

moralize (1. to improve the morals of; 2. to study moral problems) v moralisar

  • v moralisar

moralizer n moralisator

morals n moral

  • n moralitate

morass n palude

moratorium n moratorio

moratory adj moratori

morbid adj morbide

morbidity n morbiditate

morbiferous adj morbifere

morbific adj morbific

mordacity n mordacitate

mordant, biting, caustic adj mordente ppr of morder

mordent [Mus] adj mordente ppr of morder

more (the) more ... (the more) phr le plus . le plus

  • adj plus de
  • adv magis
  • adv magis (mà-)
  • adv plus
  • ~ or less phr plus o minus

more-and-more phr plus e plus

more-over adv plus ultra

  • ~ , besides adv preterea
  • ~ , besides adv preterea (-tér-)
  • ~ , furthermore, likewise adv alsi
  • ~ , furthermore, likewise adv alsi (-ì)

Moresque, Moorish adj mauresc

more-than (enough) adj/adv plus satis de

  • ~ -than (no ~) phr non plus
  • ~ -than (no ~) phr non plus (que)
  • ~ -than (what's ~) phr etiam plus

morgue (place where bodies are kept for identification) n morgue

  • (place where bodies are kept for identification) n morgue F]

moribund, dying adj moribunde

Mormon (as in the Book of Mormon) n Mormon

  • adj mormonic

Mormonism n mormonismo

morning (good ~) interj bon jorno

  • (morning's duration) n matinata
  • adj matinal
  • adj matutin
  • n mane
  • n matino
  • n matutino

morning-sickness n nausea de matino

morning-star n luciferente

Moroccan adj marocchin

  • n maroccan
  • n marocchino

Morocco [Geog] n Marocco

  • ~ dealer n marocchinero
  • ~ dresser n marocchinero
  • ~ marocchin adj marocchin
  • n Marocco

morose adj morose

morosely adv morosemente

moroseness n morositate

morph-, morpho- (form) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n morph-

Morpheus [Gr Mythol] n Morpheo

  • [Gr Mythol] n Morpheo (-éo)

morphine (drug) n morphina

  • n morphina

morphinism [Med] n morphinismo

morphinomania n morphinomania

  • n morphinomania (-ìa)

morphinomaniac n morphinomano

  • n morphinomano (-òmano)

morphological adj morphologic

morphologist n morphologista

  • n morphologo
  • n morphologo (-òlogo)

morphology n morphologia

  • n morphologia (-ìa)

morris (dance) n mauresca

morrow (morning) n matino

morsel (1. small bite; 2. piece, fragment) n morsello

  • (bite) n morsura
  • v morsellar

mortadella (food) n mortadella

mortal (1. destined to die; 2. fatal) adj mortal

  • adj mortal

mortality (1. mortal nature; 2. death rate) n mortalitate

  • n mortalitate

mortally adv mortalmente

mortar (1. as in mortar and pestle; 2. Mil]; 3. as in to plaster with mortar) n mortero

  • (all senses) n mortero

mortgage n hypotheca

  • v hypothecar

mortician n director de pompas funebre

mortification (1. Eccl]; 2. humiliation, shame; 3. Pathol]) n mortification

  • n mortification

mortified adj mortificate

  • adj mortificate (pp of mortificar)

mortifier n mortificator

mortify (1. Eccl]; 2. to cause to feel humiliated) v mortificar

  • v mortificar
  • ~ , treat with spite, spite v despectar

mortmain [Law] n manomorte

mortuary adj mortuari

mosaic adj mosaic

  • adj mosaic
  • adj mosaic (-àic)
  • n mosaico
  • n mosaico (-àico)

Mosaism n mosaismo

  • n mosaismo (-ìzmo)

Moscow n Moscova

  • ~ River, Moskva n Moscova

Moses n Moses

  • n Moses (mò-)
  • n Moyse
  • n Moyse (-sé)

Moskva, Moscow River n Moscova

moslem n musulman

mosque n moschea

  • n moschea (-éa)

mosquito n mosquito

  • n mosquito H]
  • ~ net n mosquitiera

mosquito-like, gnatlike, gnat-shaped adj culiciforme

moss n musco

mossy adj muscose

most adj le major parte de

  • adv le plus
  • adv maxime
  • adv maxime (màx-)

most-high n altissimo

mostly adv in general, principalmente

  • adv principalmente, in general

mote n mota

motel (hotel) n motel

motet [Mus] n mottetto

moth (small) n tinea

  • [Bot] n lepidoptero

mother n mamma, matre

  • n matre
  • n matre, mamma

mother-earth n gaia, matre terra, gea

  • ~ -earth n gea, gaia, matre terra
  • ~ -earth n matre terra, gea, gaia

motherhood n maternitate

  • ~ , maternity n maternitate

mother-in-law n matre affin

motherless adj orphano de matre, sin-matre

  • adj sin-matre, orphano de matre

motherly adj maternal

  • adv maternal

mother-of-pearl n matreperla

  • ~ -of-pearl, nacre n nacre

motif n motivo

motion (1. movement; 2. Parl]) n motion

  • n motion, movimento
  • n movimento, motion

motionless adj immobile

motion-picture theater, cinema n cine

  • ~ -picture theater, cinema n cinematographo
  • ~ -picture theater, cinema n cinematographo (-ò-)

motion-sickness n nausea de movimento

motivate v motivar

motivation n motivation

motive adj motive

  • n motivo

motor (as in an electric motor) n motor

  • adj motor
  • ~ coach n autocar
  • n motor
  • v ehicle, automobile n automobile

motorboat n motobarca

motorbus n autobus

motorcar n automobile

  • ~ , car, auto n auto

motorcoach n autocar

motorcycle n motocycletta

  • n motocyclo
  • n motorcyclo

motorcyclist n motocyclista

  • n motorcyclista

motoring n automobilismo

motorist n automobilista

  • ~ , automobilist n automobilista

motorization n motorisation

motorize v motorisar

motor-launch n motolancha

motor-oil n oleo pro motores

motor-show n salon del automobile

motorway n autostrata

mottled adj marmorisate, variegate

  • adj variegate, marmorisate

motto n devisa, motto

  • n motto
  • n motto, devisa

moul, moldd v formar, modular

mould, mold (1. as in to cast in a mold; 2. model) n modulo

  • ~ , mold (a statue) v modular
  • ~ , mold (hollow form) n forma, modulo
  • ~ , mold (hollow form) n modulo, forma
  • ~ , mold [Bot] n mucor
  • ~ , mold n forma
  • ~ , mold v modular, formar

moulder, molder n modulator

moulding, molding [Arch] n modulatura

mouldy, moldy (be ~) v mucer

  • ~ , moldy [Bot] adj mucide, mucorose
  • ~ , moldy [Bot] adj mucorose, mucide

mound (for burial) n tumulo

  • (knoll) n monticulo

mount (1. to ascend; 2. to fix in a setting, backing, support) v montar

  • (a horse) v montar a cavallo
  • (climb, fix) v montar
  • (horse) n cavallo
  • (mountain) n montania, monte
  • (mountain) n monte, montania
  • (support, fixing) n montatura
  • (theat) v montar
  • ~ , mountain n monte

mountain climber, ascensionist n ascensionista

  • n montania
  • n montania, monte
  • n monte, montania
  • ~ , mount n monte

mountaineer (dweller) n montaniero

  • (sport) n alpinista, ascensionista
  • (sport) n ascensionista, alpinista
  • n montaniero

mountaineering n alpinismo

mountainous adj montan, montaniose

  • adj montaniose
  • adj montaniose, montan
  • adj montuose

mountain-range n catena de montanias

mounting (a jewel, picture, gun) (action of) n montage

  • (a jewel, picture, gun) (action of) n montage (-aje)
  • (a jewel, picture, gun) (action of) n montatura
  • n montage, montatura
  • n montatura, montage

mourn v affliger se, luger

  • v luger
  • v luger lug-/-luct-]
  • v luger, affliger se

mourner n affligito

mourners (group) n convoyo funebre

  • (group) n convoyo funebre (o les qui seque le ~)

mournful adj luctuose

  • adj luctuose, lugubre
  • adj lugubre, luctuose
  • ~ , doleful adj lamentabile
  • ~ , lugubrious adj lugubre
  • ~ , lugubrious adj lugubre (lù-)

mourning (be in ~) v esser in lucto (pro), portar lucto

  • (be in ~) v esser in lucto, portar lucto
  • (be in ~) v portar lucto, esser in lucto
  • (be in ~) v portar lucto, esser in lucto (pro)
  • n lucto
  • ~ widow, sweet scabious [Bot] n vidua

mouse [Comp] n mouse

  • [Gen] n ratto
  • n mure
  • n mures
  • n mus

mouse-hole n foramine de mures

mousetrap n trappa pro mures

moustache n mustachio

mouth (of a river) n imbuccatura

  • (of river) n imbuccatura
  • (opening) n apertura
  • [Anat] n bucca
  • n bucca
  • n ore
  • v declamar

mouthful n buccata

mouthorgan (harmonica) n harmonica

mouthpiece (of a horse's bit) n imbuccatura

  • (person) n interprete
  • [Mus] n buccella

movable adj mobile, movibile

  • adj movibile
  • adj movibile, mobile

movable-assets n benes mobiliari

move (1. to cause to move; 2. to affect with emotion, stir up) v mover

  • (1. to cause to move; 2. to affect with emotion, stir up) v mover mov-/mot-]
  • (a resolution) v proponer
  • (affect emotionally) v emover
  • (affect emotionally) v emover -mov-/-mot-]
  • (affect with emotion) v commover
  • (affect with emotion) v commover -mov-/-mot-]
  • (by emotion) v commover, emover
  • (by emotion) v emover, commover
  • (cause to change position) vt mover
  • (go) vi mover se
  • (house) v cambiar de domicilio
  • ~ by entreaty v exorar
  • ~ in, be moved by, waves v fluctuar
  • n movimento
  • ~ obliquely, oblique v obliquar
  • ~ or be moving leverwise (over a fixed point) v bascular
  • ~ to remorse v compunger
  • ~ to remorse v compunger -pung-/-punct-]
  • ~ , float, drift, sail v vogar
  • ~ , touch v emotionar

move-about v circular, ir e venir

  • ~ -about v ir e venir, circular

move-back v regreder, regressar, retirar

  • ~ -back v regreder, regressar, retirar (se)
  • ~ -back v regressar, retirar (se), regreder
  • ~ -back v regressar, retirar, regreder
  • ~ -back v retirar (se), regreder, regressar
  • ~ -back v retirar, regreder, regressar

move-forward v avantiar

  • ~ -forward v avantiar (se)

move-in v installar se a domo

movement (1. action or process of moving; 2. as in popular movement, youth movement) n movimento

  • (as in the second movement of a symphony) Mus] n parte
  • n movimento

movements n manovras

move-off v poner se in marcha, quitar

  • ~ -off v quitar, poner se in marcha

move-on v avantiar

move-out v cambiar de domicilio

movie (-s) n cinema, le cine

  • (-s) n le cine, cinema
  • n film

moving (of emotions) adj commoviente, emotionante

  • (of emotions) adj emotionante, commoviente
  • (which moves) adj mobile
  • ~ , floating, drifting, sailing (act of) n voga
  • ~ , touching adj emotionante

mow (cut down with a scythe, sickle) v falcar

  • (cut) v tonder
  • (reap) v falcar

mow-down v destruer in massa, falcar

  • ~ -down v falcar, destruer in massa

mower (machine) n machina a tonder

  • (person) n falcator
  • n falcator

mowing (act of) n falcatura

Mozambique [Geog] n Mozambique

Mozarab (member of the Christian population of Spain under the Arabs) n mozarabe

  • (member of the Christian population of Spain under the Arabs) n mozarabe H]

Mozarabic adj mozarabic

Mr (Mister) n sr.

  • (Mister) n sr. (senior)

Mrs (Mistress) n sra.

  • (Mistress) n sra. (seniora)

Ms (Misses) n sra.

  • (Misses) n sra. (seniora)

much (as - as) adv quanto

  • (as ~) adj tante
  • (excessively, too ~) adv troppo
  • (how - is it?) adv quanto costa?
  • (how - sugar?) adv quante sucro?
  • (I thought as ~) phr io lo ha expectate
  • (in excess) adv de troppo
  • (make too - of) v attaccar troppo de importantia a
  • (so - per hundred) adj. phr tanto pro cento
  • (so - the better) phr tanto melio
  • (with noun) adj troppo de
  • adj multe
  • adj plurimel
  • adj plurimel (plù-)
  • adv multo
  • adv tanto
  • ~ talked of, rumored adj rumorose
  • ~ , exceedingly adv plurimo
  • ~ , exceedingly adv plurimo (plù-)

much-to-my-astonishment phr a mi grande stupefaction

muchwandering, multivagant adj multivage

  • ~ , multivagant adj multivage (-tì-)

mucilage (mucilaginous sap) Bot] n mucilagine

mucilaginous (as in mucilaginous glands) adj mucilaginose

mucin [Biochem] n mucina

muciparous adj mucipare

muck (dirt) n fango, immunditias

  • (dirt) n immunditias, fango
  • (manure) n stercore

mucky adj fangose, immunde

  • adj immunde, fangose

Mucor [Bot] n mucor

mucosa [Anat] n mucosa

mucosity, mucousness n mucositate

mucous adj mucose

mucousness, mucosity n mucositate

mucus n muco

mud n fango

  • ~ , mire n fango

muddiness n fangositate

muddle n confusion, disordine

  • n disordine, confusion
  • v confunder (se), imbroliar
  • v confunder, imbroliar
  • v imbroliar, confunder
  • v imbroliar, confunder (se)

muddle-through v arrangiar se

muddy (of liquid) adj turbide

  • (with mud) adj fangose
  • ~ , miry adj fangose

mudguard n guardafango

  • ~ , fender n guardafango

muezzin n muezzin

muff n manichetto

muffle (deadern) v assurdar

  • (wrap) v inveloppar
  • ~ , mute v assurdar

muffled, surd, dull adj surde

muffler (of car) n silentiator

  • (scarf) n pannello de collo

mufti (official expounder of Mohammedan law) n mufti

mug (face) n muso, visage

  • (face) n visage, muso
  • (fool) adj dupe
  • (for drinking) n tassa (sin subcuppa)
  • v robar, assalir

muggy adj calide e humide

mulatto n mulatto

mulberry (fruit of the mulberry) n mora

  • (mulberry tree) n moro

mulct, fine v mulctar

mule [Zool] n mulo

  • ~ driver, muleteer n mulero
  • n mulo

muleteer, mule driver n mulero

mullah [Moham] n mullah

  • [Moham] n mullah (-là)

multarticulate, multiarticulate [Zool] adj multarticulate

  • ~ , multiarticulate [Zool] adj multiarticulate

multiarticulate, multarticulate [Zool] adj multarticulate

  • ~ , multarticulate [Zool] adj multiarticulate

multicapsular adj multicapsular

multicauline, having several stems [Bot] adj multicaule

  • ~ , having several stems [Bot] adj multicaule (-càu-)

multicellular adj multicellular

multicolored adj multicolor

  • n multicolor

multicuspid, multicuspidate [Bot] adj multicuspide

  • ~ , multicuspidate [Bot] adj multicuspide (-cùs-)

multicuspidate, multicuspid [Bot] adj multicuspide

  • ~ , multicuspid [Bot] adj multicuspide (-cùs-)

multifid (cleft severally) adj multifide

  • (cleft severally) adj multifide (-tì-)

multiflowered adj multi-flor

multiform adj multiforme

multiformity n multiformitate

multilateral adj multilatere

  • ~ , many-sided adj multilatere

multilaterally adv multilateralmente

multilobar, multilobed, multilobate [Bot, Zool] adj multilobe

  • ~ , multilobed, multilobate [Bot, Zool] adj multilobe (-tì-)

multilobate, multilobed, multilobar [Bot, Zool] adj multilobate

multiloquence, talkativeness n multiloquentia

multiloquent, talkative adj multiloquente

multiloquous, talkative adj multiloque

  • ~ , talkative adj multiloque (-tì-)

multilosular [Bot, Zool] adj multilocular

multimillionaire n multimillionario

multinominal, polynomial [Math] adj multinomie

  • ~ , polynominal [Math] n multinomio

multipara n multipara

  • n multipara (-tì-)

multiparity n multiparitate

multiparous adj multipare

multipartite adj multipartite

multiped, multipede adj multipede

  • ~ , multipede adj multipede (-tì-)

multipede, multiped adj multipede

  • ~ , multiped adj multipede (-tì-)

multiple (1. manifold, multiplex; 2. Math]) adj multiplice

  • (1. manifold, multiplex; 2. Math]) adj multiplice (-tì-)
  • (1. menifold, multiplex; 2. Math]) adj multiple
  • (1. menifold, multiplex; 2. Math]) adj multiple (mùl-)
  • [Math] n multiplo
  • [Math] n multiplo (mùl-)
  • adj multiple, multiplice
  • adj multiplice, multiple
  • n multiplo

multipliable, multiplicable adj multiplicabile

multiplicable, multipliable adj multiplicabile

multiplicand n multiplicando

multiplication n multiplication

multiplicative adj multiplicative

multiplicity n multiplicitate

multiplier [Math] n multiplicator

  • n multiplicator

multiply (1. to make more numerous; 2. Math]) v multiplicar

  • ~ by nine v nonuplar
  • v multiplicar
  • v multiplicar (se)

multipolar [Anat, Elec] adj multipolar

multisensual, multivocal (having many meanings) adj multisense

multisonant, multisonous adj multisone

multisonous, multisonant adj multisone

multitubular adj multitubular

multitude (1. large number; 2. crowd, throng) n multitude

  • n multitude

multivagant, muchwandering adj multivage

  • ~ , muchwandering adj multivage (-tì-)

multivalve, multivalved [Bot, Zool] adj multivalve

multivalved, multivalve [Bot, Zool] adj multivalve

multivious (having many roads) adj multivie

  • (having many roads) adj multivie (-tì-)

multivocal, multisensual (having many meanings) adj multisense

multungulate [Zool] adj multungulate

  • [Zool] adj multungule

mum (keep ~) v non dicer un parola

  • n mamma

mumbiling n murmuration

mumble v mangiar le parolas, murmurear, murmurar, parlar inter le dentes

  • v murmurar, parlar inter le dentes, mangiar le parolas, murmurear
  • v murmurear, murmurar, parlar inter le dentes, mangiar le parolas
  • v parlar inter le dentes, mangiar le parolas, murmurear, murmurar
  • ~ , grumble, whisper, mutter v susurrar

mummification n mumification

mummify (embalm as a mummy) v mumificar

mummy (mum) n mamma

  • n Archeol]
  • n mumia

mumps n parotiditis

munch v masticar

mundane adj mundan

  • ~ , worldly adj mundan

Munich n Munich

  • n Munich (mù-)

municipal adj municipal

municipality (town, city, having local self-government) n municipalilate

  • n municipalitate
  • ~ , town or city council n municipalilate

municipalize v municipalisar

municipium [Rom Hist] n municipio

munificence n magnificentia

  • n munificentia

munificent adj magnific

  • adj magnificente
  • adj munificente

munition, supply with munitions v munitionar

munitioneer, munitioner n munitionero

munitioner, munitioneer n munitionero

munitions, military supplies n munition

mural adj mural

  • n pictura mural

murder (kill) v assassinar

  • n assassinato
  • n assassinato, homicidio
  • n homicidio, assassinato
  • ~ , assassinate v assassinar
  • ~ , murdering, assassinating n assassinamento

murderer n assassino, homicida

  • n homicida, assassino
  • ~ , assassin n assassinator
  • ~ , assassin n assassino

murderess n assassina, homicida

  • n homicida, assassina

murdering, assassinating, murder n assassinamento

murderous adj Fig]

  • adj homicidal

muriate, chloride n muriato

muriated (impregnated with chloride) adj muriate

muriatic adj muriatic

Muridae [Zool] n murides

  • [Zool] n murides (mùr-)

murmur n murmure

  • v murmurar
  • v murmurear
  • ~ , buzz, hum, rustle n susurro
  • ~ , hum n rumor
  • ~ , roar v fremer
  • ~ , roar, roaring n fremito
  • ~ , roar, roaring n fremito (fré-)

murmurer n murmurator

  • ~ , whisperer, hummer n susurrator

murmuring (action of) n murmuration

  • ~ , rustling, susurrant, whispering adj susurrante

murmurous (filled with, or making, murmurs) adj murmurose

muscat (1. muscat grape; 2. muscatel wine) n muscato

muscatel (1. muscat grape; 2. muscatel wine) n muscatello

muscle n musculo

  • n musculo (mùs-)

muscled, muscular adj musculate

muscology, bryology (science af mosses) n muscologia

  • ~ , bryology (science af mosses) n muscologia (-ìa)

muscovite n moscovita

  • n moscovita

Muscovy n Moscovia

muscular (as in muscular energy) adj muscular

  • (as in muscular man) adj muculose
  • adj muscular
  • ~ system, musculature n musculatura
  • ~ , muscled adj musculate

muscularity n musculositate

musculature, muscular system n musculatura

musculin [Biochem] n musculina

muse n musa

  • v meditar, reflecter
  • v reflecter, meditar
  • ~ , Muse n musa
  • ~ , muse n musa

museum n museo

  • n museo (-éo)

mushroom n champignon

  • v propagar se como fungos

music n musica

musical (as in musical arrangement) adj musical

  • (of or pertaining to music) adj music
  • adj music, musical
  • adj musical, music
  • n operetta

musically adv musicalmente

musician n musicante

  • n musicante, musico
  • n musico
  • n musico, musicante

musicologist n musicologo

  • n musicologo (-cò-)

musicology n musicologia

  • n musicologia (-ìa)

musicomania n musicomania

  • n musicomania (-ìa)

musicomaniac n musicomano

  • n musicomano (-cò-)

musk (1. musk deer; 2. musk substance or perfume) n musco

  • ~ ox, ovibos [Zool] n ovibos
  • ~ ox, ovibos [Zool] n ovibos (ò-)

musket, rifle n muschetto

musketeer n muschettero

muslim adj islamic, moslem

  • adj moslem, islamic
  • n islamita, moslem, musulman
  • n moslem, musulman, islamita
  • n musulman, islamita, moslem

muslin n musselina

mussel n musculo

must (have to) v deber

  • (new wine, sweet cider) n musto
  • n musto
  • v debe
  • v debe (+ inf. v.)

mustang n mustang

  • n mustang A]

mustard (- seed) n semine de mustarda

  • ~ jar, mustard pot n mustardiera
  • ~ maker, mustard seller n mustardero
  • n mustarda
  • ~ pot, mustard jar n mustardiera
  • ~ seller, mustard maker n mustardero

muster (gather) v congregar

  • (gather) v congregar (se)
  • (review) v facer le appello de, passar in revista
  • (review) v passar in revista, facer le appello de
  • n appello, revista
  • n revista, appello

mustiness n mucor

musty adj mucide

  • ~ , moldy adj mucide

mutability n mutabilitate

mutable, changeable adj mutabile

mutation (1. change; 2. Biol]) n mutation

  • n mutation

mute (person) n muto

  • adj mute
  • n mus
  • ~ , dumb, silent adj mute
  • ~ , muffle v assurdar
  • ~ , sordine [Mus] n surdina

muteness, dumbness, mutism n mutismo

mutilate v mutilar

mutilated, maimed adj mutile

mutilation n mutilation

mutilator n mutilator

mutineer n motinero

mutinous adj motinose

mutiny (cause to ~) v motinar

  • n motin
  • v motinar se

mutism, muteness, dumbness n mutismo

mutter n murmur(e)ar

  • ~ , mumble, grumble, whisper v susurrar

muttering n murmuration, murmure

  • n murmure, murmuration

mutton n ove

mutual adj mutual, mutue

  • adj mutue, mutual
  • ~ promise to abide by the decision of an arbiter n compromisso
  • ~ , reciprocal adj mutual
  • ~ , reciprocal adj mutue

mutuality, reciprocity n mutualitate

mutually adv mutualmente

muzhik n muzhik

  • n muzhik R]

muzzle (as in a dog wearing a muzzle) n musello

  • (for dog) n musello
  • (halter) n capistro
  • (of gun) n bucca
  • (snout) n muso
  • v musellar
  • ~ , halter (for animals) n capistro
  • ~ , snout n muso

my- (shut the eyes, blink) occurring in compounds] v my-

  • ~ poss pron mi

Myanmar (Burma) n Burma, Myanmar

  • (Burma) n Myanmar, Burma
  • [Geog] n Myanmar

myopia n myopia

  • ~ , short-sightedness, near-sightedness n myopia
  • ~ , short-sightedness, near-sightedness n myopia (-ìa)

myopic adj myope

  • ~ , short-sighted, near-sighted adj myope

myosotis, forget-me-not [Bot] n myosotis

  • ~ , forget-me-not [Bot] n myosotis (-sò-)

myria-, myri- (1. countless; 2. ten thousand) occurring in derivatives and compounds] adj myri-

myriad (1. ten thousand; 2. indefinitely large number) n myriade

  • (1. ten thousand; 2. indefinitely large number) n myriade (-ìade)
  • n myriade

myriagram n myriagramma

myriameter n myriametro

  • n myriametro (-à-)

myriapod adj myriapode

  • adj myriapode (-à-)
  • n myriapodo
  • n myriapodo (-à-)

myrrh (gum resin produced by the myrrh tree) n myrrha

  • n myrrha

myrrhic adj myrrhic

myrtaceous adj myrtacee

myrtiform adj myrtiforme

myrtle n myrto

myself (emphatic) pron me ipse

  • (object) pron me

mystagogue n initiator

  • n mystagogo

mystagogy n mystagogia

  • n mystagogia (-ìa)

mysterious adj mysteriose

  • ~ , secret adj arcan

mystery (1. as in the Eleusinian mysteries; 2. Eccl]; 3. secret, obscure fact or force, motive; 4 mystery play) n mysterio

  • n mysterio
  • ~ , secret n arcano

mystes (an initiate in the mysteries) Gr Relig] n mysta

mystic adj mystic

  • n mystico
  • ~ , mystical adj mystic

mystical theology, mysticism n mystica

  • ~ , mystic adj mystic

mysticalness n mysticitate

mysticism n mysticismo

  • ~ , mystical theology n mystica

mystification, hoax n mystification

mystifier, hoaxer n mystificator

mystify v mystificar

  • ~ , hoax v mystificar

myth n mytho

mythical adj mythic

mythically adv mythicamente

mythography n mythographia

  • n mythographia (-ìa)

mythological adj mythologic

mythologically adv mythologicamente

mythologist n mythologista

  • n mythologo
  • n mythologo (-tò-)

mythology n mythologia

  • n mythologia (-ìa)

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