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o (letter ~) n littera o

  • ~ .k adv de accordo, o.k.
  • ~ .k adv o.k., de accordo
  • ~ .k v approbar

oak (Brit, red oak) n robore

  • [Gen] n querco
  • n querco

oar (implement for rowing) n remo

  • n remo
  • v remar

oared, having oars adj remate

oarsman n remator

oasis n oasis

  • n oasis (-à-)

oat, oats n avena

oath (abusive language) n blasphemia

  • (as in to take an oath) n juramento
  • (promise) n juramento
  • (take an ~) v prestar juramento

oatmeal n farina de avena

oats n avena

  • ~ , oat n avena

obedience n obedientia

obedient adj obediente

obedlent adj obediente

obeisance, deep bow n reverentia

obelisk n obelisco

obese adj obese

obeslty n obesitate

obey v obedir

  • v obedir a
  • ~ , be obedient v obtemperar

obit, anniversary mass [Eccl] n obito

  • ~ , anniversary mass [Eccl] n obito (ò-)

obituary adj obituari

  • n obituario
  • ~ , register of deaths [R.C.Ch] n obituario

object (1. a material thing; 2. purpose, end; 3. Gram]) n objecto

  • (aim) n objectivo, scopo
  • (aim) n scopo, objectivo
  • (thing gram) n objecto
  • ~ of value n ricchessa
  • ~ to, reject [Law] v recusar
  • v objectar
  • ~ , aim n scopo

objectify, objectivize v objectivar

objection (raise an ~) v sublevar un objection

  • n objection

objectionable adj disagradabile, reprehensibile, repugnante

  • adj reprehensibile, repugnante, disagradabile
  • adj repugnante, disagradabile, reprehensibile

objectivation [Philos] n objectivation

objective (1. aim, end; 2. Opt]) n objectivo

  • adj objective
  • n objectivo, scopo
  • n scopo, objectivo

objectivism [Philos] n objectivismo

objectivity n objectivitate

objectivize, objectify v objectivar

objector n objectante

obligation (1. moral or legal duty; 2. Lawl bond, contact; 3 . Com/Fin] (bond, debenture; 4. indebtedness for a favor) n obligation

  • n obligation

obligatory adj obligatori

  • ~ , compulsory, binding adj obligatori

oblige (1. to compel; 2. to make indebted by doing a favor) v obligar

  • v obligar

obliged (be - to, have to) v deber, haber a

  • (be - to, have to) v haber a, deber
  • (be grateful to) v esser grate a
  • n obligate

obliging adj obligante

  • adj obligante, officiose
  • adj officiose
  • adj officiose, obligante

oblique (1. slanting; 2. not straightforward) adj oblique

  • adj oblique
  • ~ , move obliquely v obliquar

obliquity n obliquitate

obliterate v obliterar

obliteration n obliteration

oblivion n oblido

  • n oblivion

oblivious adj obliviose

oblong adj oblonge

  • n rectangulo

obnoxious adj/n detestabile, odiose, offensive

  • ~ adj/n odiose, offensive, detestabile
  • ~ adj/n offensive, detestabile, odiose

obnubilation [Med] n obnubilation

oboe n oboe

  • n oboe (ò-)

oboist n oboista

obourate adj inexorabile

obscene adj obscen

obscenity n obscenitate

obscurantism n obscurantismo

obscurantist n obscurante

  • n obscurantista

obscuration n obscuration

obscure adj obscur, tenebrose

  • adj tenebrose, obscur
  • v obscurar
  • ~ , dim, dark adj obscur
  • ~ , dim, darken v obscurar

obscurity n obscuritate

  • ~ , dimness, darkness n obscuritate

obsdlescence n desuetude, obsolescentia

  • n obsolescentia, desuetude

obsecrate v obsecrar

obsecration (1. supplication; 2. Rhet]) n obsecration

obsequious adj obsequiose

obsequiousness n obsequiositate

observable (1. discernible; 2. noteworthy) adj observabile

  • adj observabile

observance (1. act of observing a rule, law; 2. religious rite or custom) n observantia

  • n observantia

observant (strict in observing rules or customs) adj observante

  • (strict in observing rules or customs) adj observante (ppr of observar)
  • adj observante

observation (1. observance; 2. act of observing a fact, event, phenomenon; 3. remark) n observation

  • n observation

observatory (place or building for scientific observation) n observatorio

  • n observatorio

observe (1. to observe a law, rule; 2. to watch closely, to study; 3. to remark) v observar

  • ~ Lent v quaresimar
  • v observar, reguardar
  • v reguardar, observar

observer n observator

obsess v obseder

  • v obseder -sed-/-sess-]

obsessed adj obsedite

obsession n obsession

obsolescence n obsolescentia

obsolescent (become ~) v obsolescer

  • adj obsolescente
  • ~ , becoming obsolete adj obsolescente
  • ~ , becoming obsolete adj obsolescente (ppr of obsolescer)

obsolete adj desuete, obsolete

  • adj obsolete
  • adj obsolete, desuete

obstacle n barriera, obstaculo, embarasso

  • n embarasso, barriera, obstaculo
  • n obstaculo
  • n obstaculo, embarasso, barriera
  • ~ , barrier n barriera
  • ~ , barrier, bar n barrage
  • ~ , barrier, bar n barrage (-aje)
  • ~ , obstruction n embarasso

obstetric adj obstetric

  • ~ , obstetrical adj obstetric

obstetrical adj obstetric

  • ~ , obstetric adj obstetric

obstetrician n obstetrico

obstetrics n obstetricia

  • ~ , midwifery n obstetricia

obstinacy n obstination

obstinate (be ~) v obstinar se

  • adj obstinate

obstreperous adj strepitose, turbulente

  • adj turbulente, strepitose

obstruct (block with obstacles or impediments) v obstruer

  • (block with obstacles or impediments) v obstruer -stru-/-struct-]
  • v incombrar, incommodar, obstruer
  • v incommodar, obstruer, incombrar
  • v obstruer, incombrar, incommodar
  • ~ , block v blocar
  • ~ , hamper, encumber v incombrar

obstruction (1. action of obstructing or blocking; 2. Med]; 3. Parl]) n obstruction

  • n incombramento, obstruction
  • n obstruction, incombramento
  • ~ , obstacle n embarasso

obstructionism n obstructionismo

obstructionist n obstructionista

obstructive adj obstructive

obtain (get) v obtener

  • (get) v obtener -ten-/-tent-]
  • v obtener

obtainable adj obtenibile

  • adj obtenibile, procurabile
  • adj procurabile, obtenibile

obtainer n obtentor

obtainment n obtenimento

obtention n obtention

obtrude v importunar

  • v intruder

obtrusion n intrusion

obtrusive adj importun

  • adj penetrante

obtund, blunt, dull v obtunder

  • ~ , blunt, dull v obtunder -tund-/-tus-]

obtundent, blunt adj obtundente

  • ~ , blunt adj obtundente (ppr of obtunder)

obtusangular (obtuse angled) Geom] adj obtusangule

obtuse (blunt, not sharppointed) adj obtuse

  • (dull, slow of perception) adj obtuse
  • adj inintelligente
  • ~ angled (obtusangular) Geom] adj obtusangule
  • ~ , unintelligent adj inintelligente

obtuseness (obtusity) n obtusitate

  • n inintelligentia
  • n obtusitate
  • ~ , want of intelligence n inintelligentia

obtusity n obtusitate

obverse adj obverso

obviate v obviar

obvious (be ~) v saltar al oculos

  • adj evidente
  • adj obvie

occasion (as in on several occasions) n occasion

  • (cause) n causa
  • (incident) n occasion
  • (motive) n motivo
  • v causar, occasionar
  • v occasionar
  • v occasionar, causar

occasional (as in occasional cause) adj occasional

  • adj infrequente, rar, occasional
  • adj occasional, infrequente, rar
  • adj rar, occasional, infrequente

occasionally adv de tempore in tempore, rarmente

  • adv rarmente, de tempore in tempore

occident n occidente

  • ~ , west n occidente

occidental adj/n occidental

  • n IAL]
  • ~ occidental, western adj occidental

occidentalist [Interling] n occidentalista

occipital adj occipital

occiput n occipite

  • n occipite (-cì-)

occlude (1. to close or obstruct; 2. Chem]) v occluder

  • (1. to close or obstruct; 2. Chem]) v occluder -clud-/-clus-]

occlusion n occlusion

occuation (employ) n empleo

  • n occupation

occult (hide from sight) v occultar

  • adj occulte
  • n occulte
  • v occultar

occultation (1. concealment; 2. Astron]) n occultation

occultism n occultismo

occultist n occultista

occupancy n occupantia

  • n occupantia, occupation
  • n occupation, occupantia

occupant (dweller) n habitante

  • (occupier) n occupante, occupator
  • (occupier) n occupator, occupante
  • (one who occupies a place) n occupante
  • (tenant) n locatario

occupation (1. act of occupying; 2. that which engages one's time) n occupation

occupational adj professional

occupational-hazard n risco professional

occupier (1. one who takes possession of a place, athing; 2. one who keeps busy or engaged) n occupator

occupy (1. to take possession of; 2. to fill the space or time of; 3. to keep busy or engaged) v occupar

  • (of house) v habitar
  • v occupar

occur (happen, take place) v occurrer

  • (it did not - to me) phr le idea non me ha venite
  • v evenir, occurrer
  • v occurrer, evenir

occurrence (happening, event) n occurrentia

  • n evento, occurrentia
  • n occurrentia, evento

ocean n oceano

  • n oceano (-cé-)

Oceania n Oceania

Oceanian adj oceanian

  • n oceaniano

oceanic (of the ocean) adj oceanic

Oceanid [Gr. Mythol] n oceanide

  • [Gr. Mythol] n oceanide (-à-)

oceanographer n oceanographo

  • n oceanographo (-nò-)

oceanographic adj oceanographic

oceanography n oceanographia

  • n oceanographia (-ìa)

ochlo- (mob) occurring in compounds] n ochlo-

ochlocracy, mob rule n ochlocratia

  • ~ , mob rule n ochlocratia (-ìa)

ochlocrat n ochlocrate

  • n ochlocrate (-ò-)

ochlocratic adj ochlocratic

o'clock (at three - in the afternoon, 3:00 p.m) phr a tres horas del postmeridie

clock n hora, horas

clock n horas, hora

octa-, octo- (eight) occurring in derivatives and compounds] adj oct-

octagon n octagono

octagonal adj octagon

  • adj octagon(al)
  • adj octagonal

octahedral [Math] adj octahedre

octahedron [Math] n octahedro

octameter n octametro

  • n octametro (-à-)

octane [Chem] n octano

  • n octano

octant (1. Geom]; 2. instrument for measuring angles) n octante

octave (1. Eccl]; 2. Pros]; 3. Mus]) n octava

  • ~ flute, piccolo n octavino
  • n octava

octavo n octavo

octette n octetto

october n octobre

  • n octobre

octogenarian adj octogenari

octopus n octopode

  • n octopode (-òpode)

octosyllabic line n octosyllabo

  • ~ line n octosyllabo (-sì-)

octosyllahic adj octosyllabic

octuple (multiply by eight) v octuplar

  • v octuplicar
  • ~ , eightfold adj octuple
  • ~ , eightfold adj octuple (òc-)

ocular adj ocular

oculist n oculista

oculistic, ophthalmologic adj oculistic

odd (occasional) adj occasional

  • (strange) adj bizarre
  • (unconventional) adj eccentric, original
  • (unconventional) adj original, eccentric
  • (uneven) adj impare
  • ~ , queer, bizarre adj bizarre
  • ~ , strange, absurd adj extravagante
  • ~ , strange, absurd adj extravagante (ppr of extravagar)
  • ~ , uneven [Arith] adj impare

oddity (eccentricity) n eccentricitate

  • (person) n original
  • (strangeness) n bizarria

oddments n articulos varie

oddness (strangeness) n bizarria

  • (unevenness) n imparitate
  • [Arith] n imparitate
  • ~ , strangeness, absurdity n extravagantia

odds (be at - with) v non esser de accordo con

  • (betting) n avantage
  • (chances) n probabilitate
  • (fight against the ~) v luctar contra le fortias superior
  • (lay - of 3 to 1) v facer un sponsion de 3 contra 1
  • (superiority) n fortias superior
  • (the - are that) phr il es multo probabile que
  • (variance) n discordia

odds-and-ends n miscellania, residuos, varie cosas

  • ~ -and-ends n residuos, varie cosas, miscellania
  • ~ -and-ends n varie cosas, miscellania, residuos

ode n ode

odious adj odiose

  • ~ , hateful adj odiose

odometer n hodometro

  • ~ , hodometer n hodometro
  • ~ , hodometer n hodometro (-ò-)

odometric, hodometric adj hodometric

odometry, hodometry n hodometria

  • ~ , hodometry n hodometria (-ìa)

odont- (tooth) occurring in compounds] n odont-

odontalgia n odontalgia

  • n odontalgia (-ìa)

odontalgic adj odontalgic

odontologic adj odontologic

odontologist n odontologo

  • n odontologo (-òlogo)

odontology n odontologia

  • n odontologia (-ìa)

odor n odor

  • ~ , odour n odor

odoriferous, odorous adj odorifere

odorless adj inodor

  • ~ , inodorous adj inodor

odorous adj odorante

  • adj odorante (ppr of odorar)
  • adj odorante, odorose
  • adj odorose
  • adj odorose, odorante
  • ~ , odoriferous adj odorifere

Odysseus [Gr. Mythol] n Odysseus

  • [Gr. Mythol] n Odysseus (-ìsseus)

Odyssey [Gr. Lit] n Odyssea

  • [Gr. Lit] n Odyssea (-éa)

oedipus (- complex) n complexo de edipo

  • [Gr. Mythol] n Edipo
  • [Gr. Mythol] n Edipo (é-)
  • n edipo

oesophageal, esophageal adj esophagee

  • ~ , esophageal adj esophagee (-ée)

oesophagus n esophago

  • ~ , esophagus [Anat] n esophago
  • ~ , esophagus [Anat] n esophago (-sò-)

of (1. belonging or pertaining to; 2. made of) prep de

  • ~ all forms, omniform adj omniforme
  • ~ an earl or count, comital adj contal
  • ~ Berlin, Berlin adj berlinese
  • ~ Brussels adj bruxellese
  • ~ Constantinople adj constantinopolitan
  • ~ equal sides, equilateral adj equilateral
  • ~ equal sides, equilateral adj equilatere
  • ~ equal weight, equiponderant adj equiponderante
  • ~ ferns, fern adj filical
  • ~ fire, producing fire, fiery adj pyric
  • ~ genius, inspired adj genial
  • ~ good cheer, cheerful adj hilare
  • ~ jubilee, jubilee adj jubilari
  • ~ London, London adj londonese
  • ~ noble lineage, high-born adj generose
  • prep de
  • ~ the concordat adj concordatari
  • ~ the full moon, plenilunar, plenilunary adj plenilunar
  • ~ the hip, hip adj coxal
  • ~ the Solomon Islands, of the Solomon Islanders adj salomonian
  • ~ the world, society adj mundan
  • ~ tomorrow, tomorrow's adj crastine
  • ~ Trajan, Trajan's adj trajan
  • v aunt, boast v vantar
  • v enezia adj venete
  • v enezia adj venete (vé-)
  • v enice, Venetian adj venetian
  • ~ whatever kind, any, whatever adj qualcunque
  • ~ wine, wine adj vinari
  • ~ , on, concerning, regarding, about prep re

of-a-sunday adv le dominica

of-color adj de color

of-course adv naturalmente

off (be well ~) v esser ric

  • (cancelled) adj cancellate
  • (from) prep de
  • (near) prep apud
  • (not near) adj lontan
  • (unlikely) adj improbabile
  • adv lontano, via
  • adv via, lontano

offal n restos

off-and-on v de tempore in tempore

off-color, off-colour adj indisposite

offence (act of offending) n offensa

  • (crime) n delicto
  • (giving ~) adj scandalose
  • (scandal) n scandalo
  • (take ~) v piccar se

offend (as in if thy right eye offend thee) v scandalisar

  • (cause to stumble) v scandalisar
  • (disoblige) v disobligar
  • (hurt) v offender
  • ~ , insult, be offensive to v offender
  • ~ , insult, be offensive to v offender -fend-/-fens-]

offended (be ~) v offender se

  • adj piccate

offender (criminal) n delinquente

  • (hardened ~) n recidivista
  • (one who offends) n offensor
  • (transgressor) n offenditor
  • n offenditor

offense (act of offending) n offensa

  • n offence
  • ~ , misdemeanor (criminal) n delicto
  • ~ , scandalous example n scandalo
  • ~ , scandalous example n scandalo (scàn-)

offensive (1. pertaining to attack; 2. insulting) adj offensive

  • (be ~) v injuriar, insultar
  • (be ~) v insultar, injuriar
  • (insulting) adj offensive
  • (sickening) adj nauseabunde
  • (take the ~) v prender le offensiva
  • (unpleasant) adj disagradabile
  • n offensiva
  • ~ , scandalous adj malsonante

offer (something) v offerer

  • (something) v offerer offer-/oblat-/offert-]
  • n offerta
  • v offerer

offering n oblation

  • ~ of incense [Eccl] n incensation

offertory [Eccl] n offertorio

off-hand (brusque) adj brusc

  • ~ -hand (impromptu) adj improvisate

off-handedness n bruscheria

office (1. position, appointment; 2. function; 3. bureau) n officio

  • (as in office to let) n bureau
  • (as in office to let) n bureau F]
  • (assume responsibility, take ~) v entrar in functiones
  • (function) n officio
  • (place) n bureau, officio
  • (place) n officio, bureau
  • [Eccl] n officio
  • [Pol] ministerio
  • v Pol]
  • ~ , bureau n cancelleria
  • ~ , bureau n cancelleria (-ìa)
  • ~ , function n ministerio

office-hours n horas de bureau

officer (official) n functionario

  • [Mil/Nav] n officiero

office-worker n commisso

official (employee) n empleato

  • (functionary) n official, functionario
  • adj official
  • ~ guilty of extortion n concussionario
  • ~ notice, proclamation n denunciation

officialdom n bureaucratia

officially adv officialmente

officiant (officiator) n officiante

officiate v officiar

officiator (officiant) n officiante

  • n officiator

officinal adj officinal

officious (1. as in some officious friend; 2. semi-official) adj officiose

offing (in the ~) adv al largo

off-licence n boteca de biberages alcoholic

off-peak adv de horas non puncta, de nocte

off-print adj extracto, tirage a parte

off-putting adj dissuadente, disagradabile

off-season adv foras de saison

offset adj/n offset

  • v compensar

off-shoot n nove ramo

off-shore (island) adv pauco remote del terra

  • ~ -shore (wind) adj del terra
  • ~ -shore adv al largo

off-side (sport) adv foras de joco

offspring n genitura

  • ~ -spring n prole
  • ~ , progeny n prole

off-stage adv foras de scena

off-with-his-head phr amputar le capite

off-with-you phr via!, parti!, marcha!

often (how -?) adv quante vices?

  • adv sovente, frequentemente
  • ~ , frequently adv frequentemente
  • ~ , frequently adv saepe
  • ~ , frequently adv saepe (sài-)
  • ~ , repeatedly, frequently adv sovente

ogle v ocular

ogre (in fairy tales) n ogro

  • (unpleasant person) n monstro, persona inabbordabile
  • (unpleasant person) n persona inabbordabile, monstro

oh interj oh, ho, ah, o

ohm [Elec] n ohm

  • n ohm

ohmmeter n ohmmetro

oil (paint in ~) v pinger a oleo

  • (petroleum) n petroleo
  • n Gen]
  • n oleo
  • v ingrassar, olear, lubricar
  • v lubricar, ingrassar, olear
  • v olear, lubricar, ingrassar
  • ~ , grease v olear
  • ~ , petroleum (rock) n petroleo

oil-can (container) n a petroleo, bidon a oleo

  • ~ -can (container) n bidon a oleo, a petroleo
  • ~ -can (with nozzle) n oleato

oilery n oleria

  • n oleria (-ìa)

oil-field n jacimento petrolifere

oiliness n oleositate

oiling, lubrication n oleage

  • ~ , lubrication n oleage (-aje)

oilman (one who deals in petroleum) n petrolero

oil-paintin n pictura a oleo

oil-skin n tela cerate

oil-stove n furno a petroleo

oil-well n puteo petrolifere

oily adj oleose

  • ~ , greasy adj oleose

ointment n uncto, unguento

  • n unguento, uncto
  • ~ , salve n unguento
  • ~ , unguent n uncto

old (1. not young; 2. not new) adj vetere

  • (1. not young; 2. not new) adj vetule
  • (how - are you?) phr que etate ha vos?
  • (I am 20 years ~) phr io ha vinti annos
  • (long-established) adj ancian
  • (not young, not new) adj vetere, vetule
  • (not young, not new) adj vetule, vetere
  • ~ age n senectute
  • ~ age n vetulessa
  • ~ age n vetustate
  • ~ man n vetulo
  • ~ man n vetulo (vé-)
  • ~ stuff, trash n antiqualia
  • ~ woman n vetula
  • ~ woman n vetula (vé-)
  • ~ , ancient adj ancian

old-age n senectute, vetulessa

  • ~ -age n vetulessa, senectute

old-age-pension n pension de vetulessa

older adj senior

  • ~ senior, senior adj senior

old-fashidned adj antiquate

old-fashioned, antiquated adj antiquate

oldness n vetulessa

  • ~ , antiquity n ancianitate

old-testament n scripturas hebree, vetere testamento

  • ~ -testament n vetere testamento, scripturas hebree

oleaceous [Bot] adj oleacee

oleaginous adj oleaginose

oleaster [Bot] n oleastro

oleate [Chem] n oleato

oleic [Chem] adj oleic

  • [Chem] adj oleic (-léic)

olein [Chem] n oleina

  • [Chem] n oleina (-ìna)

oleomargarine n oleo-margarina

olfaction [Physiol] n olfaction

olfactory (as in olfactory organ) adj olfactive

  • (as in olfactory organ) adj olfactori

oliferous adj oleifere

  • adj oleifere (-ìfere)

oligarch n oligarcha

oligarchic adj oligarchic

oligarchy n oligarchia

  • n oligarchia (-ìa)

oligo-, olig- (few) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n oligo-

Oligocene [Geol] adj oligocen

oligochaetous [Zool] adj oligochete

olivaceous, olive-green adj olivacee

olive (1. olive tree; 2. fruit of the olive tree; 3. Zool]; 4. the color olive) n oliva

  • adj color de oliva, verde de oliva
  • adj verde de oliva, color de oliva
  • ~ grove n oliveto
  • n oliva
  • ~ tree, olive n olivo
  • ~ , olive tree n olivo

olive-green, olivaceous adj olivacee

olive-oil n oleo de oliva

olive-shaped adj olivari

olla podrida (1. Cookery]; 2. hodgepodge) n olla podrida

  • ~ podrida (1. Cookery]; 2. hodgepodge) n olla podrida H]

Olympia (region where the ancient Olympian games were held) n Olympia

Olympiad n olympiad, olympiada, olympiade

  • n olympiada, olympiade, olympiad
  • n olympiade
  • n olympiade (-pì-)
  • n olympiade, olympiad, olympiada

Olympian (1. pertaining to Mount Olympus; 2. pertaining to the Olympian gods; 3. pertaining to Olympia) adj olympie

olympic adj olympic

  • adj olympic

olympic-games n jocos olympic

Olympics (Olympiad) n olympiada

Oman [Geog] n Oman

omega (last letter of the Greek alphabet) (ò-) n omega

omelet (-te) n omelette

  • n omelette FF]

omen n augurio, presagio

  • n presagio, augurio
  • v augurar, presagiar
  • v presagiar, augurar
  • ~ , presage n presagio

ominous adj de mal augurio, sinistre

  • adj sinistre, de mal augurio

ominously adv sinistremente

omission n omission

omit v omitter

  • v omitter -mitt-/-miss-]
  • v omitter, preterir
  • v preterir, omitter
  • ~ , pass over v preterir

omnibus (bus) n autobus

  • [Hist] omnibus
  • ~ , bus n omnibus
  • ~ , bus n omnibus (òm-)

omnifarious, omnimodous adj omnimode

  • ~ , omnimodous adj omnimode (-ì-)

omniform, of all forms adj omniforme

omnimodous, omnifarious adj omnimode

  • ~ , omnifarious adj omnimode (-ì-)

omni-potence n omnipotentia

  • ~ , almightiness n omnipotentia

omni-potent adj omnipotente

  • ~ , almighty adj omnipotente

omni-presence n omnipresentia

omni-present adj omnipresente

omniscience n omniscientia

  • ~ -science n omniscientia

omniscient adj omnisciente

  • ~ -scient adj omnisciente

omnivident, all-seeing adj omnividente

omnivorous adj omnivore

  • ~ -vorous, omni-vourous adj omnivore

omoplate, shoulder blade n omoplate

on (and so ~) phr et cetera

  • (from now ~) adv a partir de ora
  • (go ~) v continuar
  • (onward) adv avante
  • (tease) v dupar
  • (wear, have ~) v portar
  • (what's -?) phr que representa on?
  • ~ account of, by reason of, because of prep propter
  • ~ account of, by reason of, because of prep propter (pròp-)
  • prep super, sur
  • prep sur, super
  • ~ the contrary prep contra
  • ~ the farther side of (across, over, beyond) prep trans
  • ~ the farther side of, beyond, across, over prep trans
  • ~ the inside, in, inwardly, internally adv intro
  • ~ the left hand adv levorso
  • ~ the other side, beyond, farther adv ultra
  • ~ the outside, without adv extra
  • ~ the point of death adj agonisante
  • ~ the point of death adj agonisante (ppr of agonisar)
  • ~ the right of prep dextra
  • ~ this side (of) prep cis
  • ~ this side, here, this way adv hac
  • ~ your feet! phr altia te!, in pede!
  • ~ your feet! phr in pede!, altia te!
  • ~ , concerning, regarding, about, of prep re
  • ~ , upon prep super
  • ~ , upon prep super (sù-)
  • ~ , upon prep sur

once (at ~) adv immediatemente, jam, simul

  • (at ~) adv jam, simul, immediatemente
  • (at ~) adv simul, immediatemente, jam
  • (at one time) adv a un vice, tote juncte
  • (at one time) adv tote juncte, a un vice
  • (at the same time) adv simul
  • (formerly) adv olim
  • (suddenly, all at ~) adv subitemente
  • adv semel
  • ~ , formerly adv olim
  • ~ , formerly adv olim (ò-)

once-again adv ancora un vice

once-and-for-all adv un vice pro sempre

once-more adv ancora un vice, plus un vice

  • ~ -more adv plus un vice, ancora un vice

once-or-twice n alicun vices

once-that adv un vice que

on-coming adj approchante

on-condition n that a condition que

on-demand adv a demanda

ondogamy [Anthropol] n endogamia

  • [Anthropol] n endogamia (-ìa)

one (numeral) n un

  • (on) impers pron homo
  • (that ~) pron ille
  • (this ~) pron iste
  • adj un
  • ~ another, each other pron un-altere
  • ~ by one adv le un le altere, un a un, un per un
  • ~ by one adv un a un, un per un, le un le altere
  • ~ by one adv un per un, le un le altere, un a un
  • ~ decorated (as for bravery) n decorato
  • ~ if by land and two if by sea phr un si per terra e duo si per mar
  • ~ indef pron on
  • ~ indef pron uno
  • ~ living in concubinage, paramour n concubino
  • ~ of the bronchia [Anat] n bronchio
  • ~ of the Ros or Rus n russo
  • ~ of the Veneti n veneto
  • ~ of the Veneti n veneto (vé-)
  • ~ or that which crosses, crosser n cruciator
  • ~ pron on
  • ~ who appreciates, esteems highly n appreciator
  • ~ who does sums n summator
  • ~ who hits, strikes n colpator
  • ~ who inserts wedges, wedger n cuneator
  • ~ who invites, inviter n invitator
  • ~ who knocks down n abattitor
  • ~ who milks, milker n mulgitor
  • ~ who recites, declaimer n declamator
  • ~ who recompenses, recompenser n recompensator
  • ~ who rejoices, rejoicer n jubilator
  • ~ who repeats something said or done previously n repetitor
  • ~ who separates, separater n separator
  • ~ who shows n monstrator
  • ~ who stays awake n vigilator

one-after-the-other adv le un post le altere

one-another adv le un, le unes

  • ~ -another adv le unes, le un

one-colored, unicolorous adj unicolor

one-horned adj unicorne

oneiro- (dream) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n oneiro-

oneiromancy n oneiromantia

  • n oneiromantia (-ìa)

oneness, singleness n unicitate

onerous adj onerose

  • ~ , burdensome adj onerose

onerousness n onerositate

oneself pron se

one-sided adj unilateral

one-way adj senso unic

one-way-street n via a senso unic

on-fire adv in flammas

on-foot adv a pede

onion n cepa

  • n cibolla

on-line (connected) adv connectite, in-linea

  • ~ -line (connected) adv in-linea, connectite

on-loan adv in presto

on-looker n spectator

only adj sol, unic

  • adj unic, sol
  • adv solmente, solo
  • adv solo, solmente
  • ~ conj ma
  • ~ , merely adv solmente
  • ~ , sole adj unic

only-just adv a pena

on-monday adv le lunedi

-onom-, onomato- (name) occurring in compounds] n onom-

  • ~ -onom-, onomato- (name) occurring in compounds] n onom- -ma-/-mat-]

onomatology n onomatologia

  • n onomatologia (-ìa)

onomatopoeia [Philol] n onomatopeia

  • [Philol] n onomatopeia (-péya)

onomatopoetic adj onomatopeic

  • adj onomatopeic (-péic)

on-page-two adv al pagina duo

on-set n initio

ons-laught n assalto, attacco

  • ~ -laught n attacco, assalto

Ontario [Geog] n Ontario

on-the-cheap adv a bon mercato

on-the-right adv al dextera, al dextra

  • ~ -the-right adv al dextra, al dextera

on-the-right-of adv dextra

on-the-thirteenth adv le dece-tres

on-the-train adv in le traino

on-time adv a tempore

onto prep on

ontogenesis, ontogeny n ontogenese

  • ~ , ontogeny n ontogenese (-gé-)
  • ~ , ontogeny n ontogenesis
  • ~ , ontogeny n ontogenesis (-gé-)

ontogenetic adj ontogenetic

ontogenist n ontogenista

ontogeny (1. science of ontogeny; 2. ontogenesis) n ontogenia

  • (1. science of ontogeny; 2. ontogenesis) n ontogenia (-ìa)

ontologic, ontological adj ontologic

ontologist n ontologista

  • n ontologo
  • n ontologo (-òlogo)

ontology n ontologia

  • n ontologia (-ìa)

onus (the - lies on) phr il incumbe a

  • n carga, responsabilitate
  • n responsabilitate, carga

onward adv avante

-onym- (name) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n -onym-

onyx n onyche

  • n onyche (ò-)

ooze v exsudar, guttar

  • v guttar, exsudar

opacity n opacitate

opal n opalo

  • n opalo (ò-)

opalesce v opalescer

opalescence n opalescentia

opalescent adj opalescente

opaline adj opalin

opaque (not translucent) adj opac

  • (of people) adj obtuse
  • (of things) adj opac

open (1. to unclose; 2. to begin) v aperir

  • (1. to unclose; 2. to begin) v aperir -per-/-pert-]
  • (frank) adj franc
  • (free) adj libere
  • (in the ~) phr a celo aperte
  • (not closed) adj aperte
  • (not closed, limited or hidden) adj aperte
  • (opposite of close) v aperir
  • (opposite of close) v aperir (se)
  • (start) v inaugurar
  • (start) v inaugurar (se)
  • (unfold) v displicar
  • (wide ~) phr toto aperte
  • adj patente
  • ~ again, reopen v reaperir
  • ~ again, reopen v reaperir -per-/-pert-]
  • ~ country n campania
  • ~ defiance n affrontamento
  • ~ to attack, pregnable adj prendibile
  • ~ to entreaty adj implorabile
  • ~ , unfold (something) v displicar

open-ended adj sin limites

opener n aperitor

open-handed adj generose, liberal

  • ~ -handed adj liberal, generose
  • ~ , liberal adj large

open-hearted adj franc

opening (1. action of opening; 2. aperture; 3. beginning) n apertura

  • (gap) n apertura
  • (of an exhibition, etc) n inauguration
  • adj inaugural, prime
  • adj prime, inaugural
  • ~ , preliminary (as in the opening pages) adj liminar

openly, publicly, in one's presence adv coram

  • ~ , publicly, in one's presence adv coram (cò-)

open-minded adj impartial

open-mouthed adj a bucca aperte

opera (light ~) n opera comic

  • n opera
  • n opera (òp-)

operable (1. practicable; 2. Med]) adj operabile

opera-glasses n binoculo

opera-house n opera, theatro del opera

  • ~ -house n theatro del opera, opera

operant, operative adj operante

  • ~ , operative adj operante (ppr of operar)

operate (1. to work, function; 2. Mil]) v operar

  • (a machine) v manovrar
  • (function) v functionar
  • (put and keep in operation) v manovrar
  • (work) vt operar
  • [Med] vi operar
  • ~ upon [Surg] v operar

operatic adj de opera

operating adj functionante, operante

  • adj operante, functionante

operating-room, the O.R n sala de operation

operating-theater, - theatre n sala de operation

operation (1. action, activity; 2. Mil]; 3. Surg]) n operation

  • (act of putting and keeping in operation) n manovra
  • (be in ~) v functionar
  • (come into ~) v devenir effective, mitter se in practica
  • (come into ~) v mitter se in practica, devenir effective
  • (functioning, in ~) adj/n in operation, laborante
  • (functioning, in ~) adj/n laborante, in operation
  • (put into ~) v mitter in practica
  • [Med] n operation

operative (a person) n obrero

  • (become ~) v prender effecto
  • (practical) adj operative
  • [Med] adj operatori
  • [Surg] adj operatori
  • adj operative
  • ~ , operant adj operante
  • ~ , operant adj operante (ppr of operar)

operator (telephone) n telephonista

  • (telephonist) n telephonista
  • (worker) n operator
  • n operator

operetta n operetta

operose, hard-working adj operose

oph-, ophi-, ophio- (snake) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n oph-

ophiolater, snake worshiper n ophiolatra

  • ~ , snake worshiper n ophiolatra (-òlatra)

ophiolatry, snake worship n ophiolatria

  • ~ , snake worship n ophiolatria (-ìa)

ophthalmia, ophthalmitis n ophthalmia

  • ~ , ophthalmitis n ophthalmia (-ìa)

ophthalmic adj ophthalmic

ophthalmo-, ophthalm- (eye) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n ophthalmo-

ophthalmologic, oculistic adj oculistic

ophthalmological adj ophthalmologic

ophthalmologist n ophthalmologista

  • ~ , eye specialist n ophthalmologo
  • ~ , eye specialist n ophthalmologo (-òlogo)

ophthalmology n oculistica

  • n ophthalmologia
  • n ophthalmologia (-ìa)

ophthalmoscope n ophthalmoscopio

ophthalmoscopic adj ophthalmoscopic

opiate adj opiate

  • n opiato

opine (1. to hold as an opinion; 2. to express as an opinion) v opinar

opinion (be of the ~) v esser de opinion

  • (express an ~) v emitter un opinion
  • (form an - about) v formar se un opinion super
  • (have a good - of) v haber bon opinion de
  • (IMHO, in my humble ~) phr in mi humile opinion
  • (in my ~) phr in mi opinion
  • (public ~) phr opinion public
  • n aviso, opinion
  • n opinion
  • n opinion, aviso
  • ~ , judgment n ariso

opinionated adj opiniose

opium n opio, opium

  • n opium
  • n opium (òpium)
  • n opium, opio

opium-addict n opiomano

oplnionated adj opinionose

opossum n opossum

  • n opossum A]

opponent n adversario, antagonista, opponente

  • n antagonista, opponente, adversario
  • n opponente
  • n opponente, adversario, antagonista

opportune adj opportun

opportuneness n opportunitate

opportunism n opportunismo

opportunist n opportunista

opportunity (at the earliest ~) phr al prime occasion

  • (chance) n occasion
  • (if the - arises) phr si le occasion se presenta
  • (opportuneness) n opportunitate
  • (seize the ~) v sasir le occasion
  • n occasion
  • n opportunitate

oppose (be against) v opponer se a

  • (set up against) v opponer
  • (set up against) v opponer -pon-/-posit-]
  • v adversar
  • ~ , run counter to, thwart v contrariar
  • ~ , set over against v contraponer
  • ~ , set over against v contraponer -pon-/-posit-]

opposed adj hostil, opponite, opposte

  • adj opponite, opposte, hostil
  • adj opposte, hostil, opponite

opposing adj opponente

  • ~ , antagonistic adj opponente
  • ~ , antagonistic adj opponente (ppr of opponer)

opposite (in the - direction) phr in senso inverse

  • (placed opposite) adj adverse
  • (placed or lying over against something) adj opposite
  • (placed or lying over against something) adj opposite (-pò-)
  • (the - sex) n. phr le altere sexo
  • adj inverse, opposite
  • adj opposite, inverse
  • adv contra
  • n opposito
  • n opposito (-pò-)
  • n opposito prep contra
  • ~ , contrary, antipode n antipode
  • ~ , contrary, antipode n antipode (-ì-)
  • ~ , face to face, vis-à-vis adv vis-à-vis
  • ~ , face to face, vis-à-vis adv vis-à-vis F]
  • ~ , facing prep contra

opposition (1. as in the opposition of fact and fiction; 2. as in to meet with opposition) n opposition

  • (competition) n concurrentia
  • (confrontation) n opposition
  • (resistance) n resistentia

oppress v opprimer

  • v opprimer -prim-/-press-]

oppression n oppression

oppressive (as in oppressive legislation) adj oppressive

  • (of weather) adj suffocante
  • (overwhelming) adj oppressive

oppressor n oppressor

-ops-, opsio-, -opsis (1. sight, seeing; 2. viewing, examination; 3. appearance, look) occurring m compounds] n ops-

opt out v optar pro non participar

  • v optar

optative adj optative

optic adj optic

optical adj optic

optical-illusion n illusion optic

optician n optico

optics n optica

optimal adj optime

optimally adv optimemente

optimism n optimismo

optimist n optimista

optimistic adj optimista

optimum n optimo

  • n optimo (òp-)

option (1. action of choosing; 2. power or liberty of choosing; 3. Commer]) n option

  • n option

optional adj facultative

  • adj facultative, optional
  • adj optional
  • adj optional, facultative

optionally adv optionalmente

optometer n optometro

  • n optometro (-òmetro)

optometrist n optometrista

optometry (study of the eye) n optometria

  • n optometria
  • n optometria (-ìa)

opulence (wealth) n opulentia

  • n opulentia

opulent (wealthy) adj opulente

  • adj opulente

opus n labor, labores, operas

  • n labores, operas, labor
  • n operas, labor, labores
  • n opus
  • n opus (pl opera) L]

opuscule n opusculo

or (a mile - so) phr circa un millia

  • (collat) conj aut
  • ~ conj o
  • ~ else conj alteremente, si non
  • ~ else conj si non, alteremente
  • ~ -, tho-, orth- (1. straight; 2. right) occurring in compounds] adj orth-

oracle n oraculo

oracular adj oracular

oral (1. verbal; 2. as in oral cavity) adj oral

  • adj oral
  • n examine oral

orally adv oralmente

-orama (view) occurring in compounds] n -orama

orange (fruit of the orange tree) n orange

  • (fruit of the orange tree) n orange F]
  • ~ adj/n orange
  • ~ greenhouse, orangery n orangeria
  • ~ greenhouse, orangery n orangeria (-jerìa)
  • ~ tree n orangiero
  • ~ tree n orangiero (-jero)

orangeade n orangiada

  • n orangiada (-jada)

orangery, orange greenhouse n orangeria

  • ~ , orange greenhouse n orangeria (-jerìa)

orangutang, orangoutang n orangutan

oration n oration

orator n orator

  • ~ , public speaker n orator

Oratorian [Eccl] n oratorian

oratorical adj oratori

oratorio [Mus] n oratorio

  • n oratorio

oratory (1. room or building for private worship; 2. as in Oratory of St. Philip Neri) n oratorio

  • (art of an orator) n oratoria
  • (art) n oratoria
  • (place) n oratorio

orb (sphere, globe) n orbe

  • n orbe

orbit (1. eye socket; 2. curved course of planet, comet) n orbita

  • (1. eye socket; 2. curved course of planet, comet) n orbita (òr-)
  • n orbita

orbital (1. Astron]; 2. Anat]) n orbital

  • [Anat] adj orbitari
  • adj orbital

orbitele [Zool] n orbitelo

orbitelous [Zool] adj orbitel

orchard n jardin de fructos, verdiero

  • n verdiero
  • n verdiero, jardin de fructos

orchestra (1. Gr. Antiq]; 2. orchestra pit; 3. band of players; 4. orchestra circle) n orchestra

  • n orchestra

orchestral adj orchestral

orchestrate v orchestrar

orchestrater, orchestrator n orchestrator

orchestration n orchestration

orchestrion [Mus] n orchestrion

orchid n orchidea

orchidaceous adj orchidee

orchidology n orchidologia

  • n orchidologia (-ìa)

orchis [Bot] n orchis

  • [Bot] n orchis (ò-)

orchitis [Pathol] n orchitis

  • [Pathol] n orchitis (-ìtis)

ordain [Eccl] v ordinar

  • v ordinar, statuer
  • v statuer, ordinar
  • ~ , decree v statuer
  • ~ , decree v statuer statu-/statut-;-stitu-/-stitut-]

ordeal (hard time) n prova sever

  • n Hist]

order (1. arrangement, disposition; 2. Arch]; 3. orderliness; 4. category, group; 5. Biol]; 6. organized body of persons; 7. insignia, badge; 8. command) n ordine

  • (1. to command; 2. to prescribe) v ordinar
  • (command) v mandar
  • (command, control, request) v commandar
  • (have a person follow an order or instruction) v mandar
  • (in - that) phr a fin que
  • (in - to) phr pro
  • (in ~) phr in ordine, ordinate
  • (in ~) phr ordinate, in ordine
  • (keep in ~) v mantener in ordine
  • (law and ~) n ordine public
  • (made to ~) phr fabricate sur commanda
  • (money) n mandato
  • (out of ~) phr in reparation, non functiona
  • (out of ~) phr non functiona, in reparation
  • (put in ~) v ordinar, poner in ordine
  • (put in ~) v poner in ordine, ordinar
  • (put out of ~) v disordinar
  • (series) n succession
  • n Commer]
  • n Gen]
  • n Mil]
  • v Gen]
  • ~ , arrangement n ordinantia
  • ~ , command n mandato
  • ~ , disposition, arrangement n positura

orderliness n bon ordine, disciplina

  • n disciplina, bon ordine

orderly (in hospital) n adjutante de hospital

  • (mil) n ordinantia, planton
  • (mil) n planton, ordinantia
  • (of behaviour) adj formal
  • (regular) adj methodic, ordinate
  • (regular) adj ordinate, methodic
  • [Mil] n ordinantia
  • [Mil] n planton

order-of-the-day n ordine del die.

ordinal adj ordinal

ordinally adv in ordine, ordinalmente

  • adv ordinalmente, in ordine

ordinance, decree n ordinantia

  • ~ , regulation, bylaw n statuto

ordinand [Eccl] n ordinando

ordinant [Eccl] n ordinante

ordinarily adv normalmente, ordinarimente

  • adv ordinarimente, normalmente

Ordinary (1. Eccl] (as in the Ordinary of the Mass; 2 . diocesan bishop) n ordinario

  • (1. usual, regular; 2. commonplace, of little merit) adj ordinari
  • (meal served at a fixed price) n ordinario
  • (out of the ~) adj exceptional
  • adj ordinari, usual
  • adj usual, ordinari
  • n ordinario

ordinary-seaman n marinero simple

ordinate ordinate (pp of ordinar) Math] n ordinata

ordination (1. action of decreeing; 2. Eccl]) n ordination

  • n eccles

ordinator n ordinator

ordnance n artilleria

ordnance-survey n servicio cartographic

ordnance-survey-map n mappa del stato major

ore (as in iron ore) n mineral

  • (iron ~) n ferro mineral
  • n mineral

organ (1. means, instrument, agency; 2. pipe organ; 3. organ of an animal or plant body) n organo

  • (1. means, instrument, agency; 2. pipe organ; 3. organ of an animal or plant body) n organo (òr-)
  • (all senses) n organo

organdy, organdie n organdi

  • ~ , organdie n organdi (-ì)

organic (as in organic structure) adj organisate

  • (as in organic structure) adj organisate (pp of organisar)
  • adj organic
  • adj organic, organisate
  • adj organisate, organic

organism n organismo

organist n organista

organizable adj organisabile

organization n arrangiamento, organisation

  • n organisation
  • n organisation, arrangiamento

organize (a union) v syndicar

  • (arrange) v arrangiar, organisar
  • (arrange) v organisar, arrangiar
  • (of trade union) v syndicar
  • v organisar

organizer n organisator

organogenesis, organogeny n organogenese

  • ~ , organogeny n organogenese (-gé-)
  • ~ , organogeny n organogenesis
  • ~ , organogeny n organogenesis (-gé-)

organogenetic adj organogenetic

organogenic adj organogenic

organogeny, organogenesis n organogenia

  • ~ , organogenesis n organogenia (-ìa)

organopathy n organopathia

  • n organopathia (-ìa)

organoplastic [Biol] adj organoplastic

organoscopy n organoscopia

  • n organoscopia (-ìa)

organotherapy n organotherapia

  • n organotherapia (-ìa)

orgasm n orgasmo

orgiast n orgiasta

orgiastic adj orgiastic

orgy (revelry) n bacchanal, orgia

  • (revelry) n orgia, bacchanal
  • n Fig]
  • n orgia
  • ~ , bacchanal n bacchanal

orient (peculiar luster of a pearl) n oriente

  • ~ adj/n oriente
  • v orientar
  • v orientar (se)
  • ~ , orientate v orientar

oriental adj/n oriental

  • ~ , eastern adj oriental
  • ~ , Eastern adj oriental

orientalism n orientalismo

orientalist n orientalista

orientality n orientalitate

orientalize (make oriental) v orientalisar

orientate v orientar

  • v orientar (se)
  • ~ , orient v orientar

orientation n orientation

orifice n orificio

origin n origine

  • n origine, provenientia
  • n provenientia, origine

original (1. earliest, primary; 2. original in character, style) adj original

  • ~ adj/n original

originality n originalitate

originally adv originalmente

originary (1. aboriginal, native; 2. original) adj originari

originate (give origin to) v originar

  • v initiar, nascer, originar
  • v nascer, originar, initiar
  • v originar, initiar, nascer

originate-from v originar de

origination n creatior, origination

  • n origination, creatior

originator n autor, originator, creator

  • n creator, autor, originator
  • n originator
  • n originator, creator, autor

oriole (any bird of the genus Oriolus) n oriolo

orison, prayer n oration

orle [Her/Arch] n orlo

Orleanist [Hist] n orleanista

Orleans (1. Geog]) 2. as in House of Orleans) n Orleans

ornament n imbellimento, ornamento

  • n ornamento, imbellimento
  • v ornamentar
  • v ornamentar, ornar imbellir
  • v ornar imbellir, ornamentar
  • ~ , adornment n ornamento

ornamental adj ornamental

  • ~ flower stand, jardiniere n jardiniera

ornamentalist, ornamentist n ornamentista

ornamentally adv ornamentalmente

ornamentation (act of ornamenting) n ornamentation

  • n imbellimento, ornamentation
  • n ornamentation, imbellimento

ornamenting (action of) n paramento

ornamentist, ornamentalist n ornamentista

ornate (1. elaborately adorned; 2. as in ornate style) adj ornate

  • adj ornate
  • ~ , elegant adj culte

orniment [Chem] n auripigmento

ornitho-, ornith- (bird) occurring in compounds] n ornith-

ornithogalum, star-of-Bethlehem [Bot] n ornithogalo

  • ~ , star-of-Bethlehem [Bot] n ornithogalo (-tò-)

ornithological adj ornithologic

ornithologist n ornithologista

  • n ornithologista, ornithologo
  • n ornithologo
  • n ornithologo (-tò-)
  • n ornithologo, ornithologista

ornithology n ornithologia

  • n ornithologia (-ìa)

ornithomancy n ornithomantia

  • n ornithomantia (-ìa)

Ornithorhyncus, duckbill, platypus [Zool] n ornithorhynco

ornithrohynchous (having the beak of a bird) Zool] adj ornithorhynche

orphan n orphano

  • n orphano (òr-)
  • ~ , asylum, orphanage n orphanato

orphanage n orphanato

  • ~ , orphan, asylum n orphanato

orphaned adj orphanate, orphano

  • adj orphano, orphanate

Orpheus [Gr. Mythol] n Orpheo

Orphic adj orphic

orthoclase [Mineral] n orthoclase

  • [Mineral] n orthoclase (-òclase)

Orthodox (member of the Orthodox Church) n orthodoxo

  • (orthodox person) n orthodoxo
  • adj orthodoxe
  • n orthodoxo

orthodoxy n orthodoxia

  • n orthodoxia (-ìa)

orthographic (as in orthographic projection) adj orthographic

orthographical (spelling) adj orthographic

orthography (1. spelling according to accepted usage; 2. orthographic projection) n orthographia

  • (1. spelling according to accepted usage; 2. orthographic projection) n orthographia (-ìa)
  • n orthographia

orthological adj orthologic

orthology n orthologia

  • n orthologia (-ìa)

orthopedic, orthopedical [Med] adj orthopedic

  • ~ , -thopae- adj orthopedic

orthopedics, -thopae- n orthopedia

orthopedist [Med] n orthopedista

  • ~ , -thopae- n orthopedista

orthopedy, orthopedics [Med] n orthopedia

  • ~ , orthopedics [Med] n orthopedia (-ìa)

orthopterous [Entom] adj orthoptere

-orus (guardian) occurring in compounds] n oro-

oscillate v fluctuar, oscillar

  • v oscillar
  • v oscillar, fluctuar

oscillation n fluctuation, oscillation

  • n oscillation
  • n oscillation, fluctuation

oscillator n oscillator

oscillatory adj oscillatori

oscilloscope n oscilloscopio

oscillum (mask of Bacchus hung on trees) n oscillo

osculate [Geom] v oscular

osculation (1. kissing; 2. Geom]) n osculation

osculatory [Eccl] n osculatorio

  • adj osculatori

oscule [Zool] n osculo

  • [Zool] n osculo (òs-)

Osman, Othman, Ottoman [Hist] n Ottoman

Osmanli (1. Ottoman Turk; 2. Ottoman Turkish) n osmanli

  • (1. Ottoman Turk; 2. Ottoman Turkish) n osmanli (-lì) Tu]

osmic [Chem] adj osmic

osmium [Chem] n osmium

osmology n osmologia

  • n osmologia (-ìa)

osmosis n osmose

osmotic adj osmotic

osprey n ossifraga

  • n ossifraga (-ì-)

ossature, framework [Arch] n ossatura

ossein [Biochem] n osseina

  • [Biochem] n osseina (-ìna)

osseous, bony adj ossee

  • ~ , bony adj ossose

ossicle [Anat] n ossiculo

ossification n ossification

ossify [Physiol] v ossificar

  • v ossificar
  • v ossificar (se)

ossuary n ossario

  • n ossuario

osteitis [Pathol] n osteitis

  • [Pathol] n osteitis (-ìtis)

ostensible adj ostensibile, pretense

  • adj pretense, ostensibile

ostensive, ostensible adj ostensibile

ostensorium [Eccl] n ostensorio

ostentation n ostentation

  • ~ , pomp, display n fasto

ostentatious adj fastose

  • adj fastose, ostentatiose
  • adj ostentatiose
  • adj ostentatiose, fastose
  • ~ person n ostentator

osteo-, oste- (bone) occurring in compounds] n osteo-

osteolite n osteolitho

  • n osteolitho (-òlito)

osteologic adj osteologic

osteologist n osteologo

  • n osteologo (-òlogo)

osteology n osteologia

  • n osteologia (-ìa)

osteopath n osteopathico

osteoplastic adj osteoplastic

osteoplasty n osteoplastia

  • n osteoplastia (-ìa)

osteotomy n osteotomia

  • n osteotomia (-ìa)

ostracism n ostracismo

ostracize v ostracisar

ostracoderm [Paleontol/Zool] n ostracodermo

ostracon n ostracon

  • n ostracon (òs-)

ostreaceous adj ostreacee

ostreicultural, oystergrowing adj ostreicola

  • ~ , oystergrowing adj ostreicola (-ì-)

ostreiculture, oyster culture n ostreicultura

ostrich n avestruthio

  • n struthio

ot-, oto- (ear) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n ot-

other (1. additional; 2. different) adj altere

  • (each ~) adj le un, le unes
  • (each ~) adj le unes, le un
  • (every - month) adv omne duo menses
  • (on the - hand) phr de altere parte
  • (see things - than what they are) phr vider le cosas alteremente que illos lo son
  • adj alie
  • adj cetere
  • adj cetere (cé-)
  • ~ adj/pron altere
  • adv alteremente

otherwise (in another manner) adv alias

  • (in another manner) adv alias (àl-)
  • adv alias, alteremente
  • adv alteremente, alias
  • ~ , in other respects adv cetero
  • ~ , in other respects adv cetero (cé-)

Othman, Ottoman, Osman [Hist] n Ottoman

otiose, idle (1. not occupied; 2. useless futile) adj otiose

otologist, aurist (ear specialist) n aurista

otorhinolaryngologic [Med] adj otorhinolaryngologic

otorhinolaryngologist [Med] n otorhinolaryngologista

otorhinolaryngology (study of ear, nose, and larynx) Med] n otorhinolaryngologia

  • (study of ear, nose, and larynx) Med] n otorhinolaryngologia (-ìa)

otter n flutra

ottoman (flat overstuffed couch) n ottomana

  • adj ottoman
  • n ottomano
  • ~ , Osman, Othman [Hist] n Ottoman

ouch interj eheu

ought (anything) n alique, qualcosa

  • (anything) n qualcosa, alique
  • v deberea ...

ounce n uncia

our pron nostre

ours pron le nostre, le nostres

  • ~ pron le nostres, le nostre

ourselves (emphatic pron) pron ipse, mesme

  • (emphatic pron) pron mesme, ipse
  • (object pron) pron nos

oust v evincer, expeller

  • v expeller, evincer

out (hand ~) v distribuer

  • (look - !) interj attention!
  • (made - of) phr fabricate de
  • (one - of three) phr un super tres
  • (put - a fire, extinguish) v extincter le foco
  • (sports) interj out!
  • adj foras
  • adv foras go - sortir
  • ~ of doors, outside, out adv for
  • ~ of doors, outside, out adv foras (fòr-), foris (fòr-)
  • ~ of doors, outside, out adv foras, foris
  • ~ of doors, outside, out adv foris (fòr-), foras (fòr-)
  • ~ of doors, outside, out adv foris, foras
  • ~ of it phr foras de su mente
  • ~ of, from prep ex
  • ~ , out of doors, outside adv for
  • ~ , out of doors, outside adv foras (fòr-), foris (fòr-)
  • ~ , out of doors, outside adv foras, foris
  • ~ , out of doors, outside adv foris (fòr-), foras (fòr-)
  • ~ , out of doors, outside adv foris, foras

out-and-out adj complete

out-bid v offerer plus

out-board adv exterior, foras de bordo

  • ~ -board adv foras de bordo, exterior

out-break (eruption) n eruption

  • ~ -break (of crime) n serie
  • ~ -break (of disease) n epidemia, prime manifestation
  • ~ -break (of disease) n prime manifestation, epidemia

out-burst n eruption, explosion

  • ~ -burst n explosion, eruption

out-cast (outlaw) n bannito, proscripto

  • ~ -cast (outlaw) n proscripto, bannito
  • ~ -cast (social) n paria
  • ~ -cast adj bannite, expulsate, proscripte
  • ~ -cast adj expulsate, proscripte, bannite
  • ~ -cast adj proscripte, bannite, expulsate

out-class v esser superior, exceller

  • ~ -class v exceller, esser superior

out-come n consequentia, successo

  • n successo
  • ~ -come n successo, consequentia

outcrop [Geol] n affloramento

  • [Geol] v afflorar

out-cry n clamor, protesto, crito de indignation

  • ~ -cry n crito de indignation, clamor, protesto
  • ~ -cry n protesto, crito de indignation, clamor

outdistance v distantiar

out-do v superar, superpassar

  • ~ -do v superpassar, superar

out-door adj al aere libere, exterior

  • ~ -door adj exterior, al aere libere

out-doors adv al aere libere

outer adj exterior, externe

  • adj externe, exterior

out-fit (clothes) n trousseau

  • ~ -fit (tools) n equipamento

out-fitter n fornitor, negotiante, (in articulos de vestimento)

  • ~ -fitter n negotiante, (in articulos de vestimento), fornitor

out-going (of mail) adj de partita

  • ~ -going (of person) adj cessante, sortiente
  • ~ -going (of person) adj sortiente, cessante
  • ~ -going (of temperament) adj extrovertite

out-grow v devenir troppo grande pro

out-house n edificio accessori

outing (go on an ~) v facer un excursion

  • n excursion

outlandish (odd) adj bizarre

  • (remote) adj remote

outlast v superviver a

outlaw n proscripto

  • v proscriber
  • ~ , exile n proscripto

outlay n dispensa

  • ~ , expenditure (of money) n dispensa

outlet (duct) n emissario, escappamento

  • (duct) n escappamento, emissario
  • n Elec]
  • ~ , duct, emissary n emissario

outline (profile) n contorno, profilo, silhouette

  • (profile) n profilo, silhouette, contorno
  • (profile) n silhouette, contorno, profilo
  • (profile) v contornar, traciar
  • (profile) v traciar, contornar
  • (sketch) n schizzo
  • (sketch) v schizzar
  • (to trace the outline or contour of) v contornar

outlive v superviver a

outlook n aspecto, perspectiva, prospecto, vista

  • n perspectiva, prospecto, vista, aspecto
  • n prospecto, vista, aspecto, perspectiva
  • n vista, aspecto, perspectiva, prospecto

outlying adj eccentric, remote

  • adj remote, eccentric

outmaneuvre, -noeuv- v superar in strategia

outmatch v superar

outmoded adj antiquate, obsolete

  • adj obsolete, antiquate

outnumber v esser plus numerose que

out-of (by means of, through) adv per

  • ~ -of adv/adj ex, foras de
  • ~ -of adv/adj foras de, ex

out-of-bounds adv foras del limites

out-of-danger adv foras de periculo

out-of-date (lapsed) adj perimite

  • ~ -of-date (old) adj antiquate
  • ~ -of-date (old) adj antiquate, obsolete
  • ~ -of-date (old) adj obsolete, antiquate

out-of-fashion adj foras de moda

out-of-his-mind phr foras de su mente

out-of-kindness adv per benevolentia

out-of-luck adv foras de sorte

out-of-money adv curte de moneta

out-of-order (broken) adj in reparation

  • ~ -of-order (untidy) adj disordinate

out-of-print adj exhaurite

out-of-respect adv per respecto

out-of-sorts adj indisposite

out-of-stock adj exhaurite

out-of-the-drdinary adv foras del commun

out-of-the-house adj ex casa

out-of-the-question adj impossibile

out-of-the-way (over) adj terminate

  • ~ -of-the-way (remote) adj remote
  • ~ -of-the-way interj foras!, via!
  • ~ -of-the-way interj via!, foras!

out-of-work adj disoccupate.

outpatient n patiente externe

outpost n avantiata, posto avantiate

  • n posto avantiate, avantiata
  • ~ , advance guard [Mil] n avantiata

output (of machine) n rendimento

  • (of worker) n production

outrage n ultrage

  • n ultrage (-aje)
  • v ultragiar
  • v ultragiar (-ajàr)

outrageous adj excessive, exorbitante, ultragiose

  • adj exorbitante, ultragiose, excessive
  • adj ultragiose
  • adj ultragiose (-jose)
  • adj ultragiose, excessive, exorbitante

outright adj franc

  • adv completemente

outrun v distantiar, ultrapassar

  • v ultrapassar, distantiar

outset (at the ~) adv al maximo

  • n initio, principio
  • n principio, initio

out-side adj exterior, externe

  • ~ -side adj externe, exterior
  • ~ -side adv extra, foras
  • ~ -side adv foras, extra
  • ~ market, free market [Fin] n coulisse
  • ~ market, free market [Fin] n coulisse F]
  • ~ -side n exterior
  • ~ -side prep extra
  • ~ , exterior n exterior
  • ~ , out, out of doors adv for
  • ~ , out, out of doors adv foras (fòr-), foris (fòr-)
  • ~ , out, out of doors adv foras, foris
  • ~ , out, out of doors adv foris (fòr-), foras (fòr-)
  • ~ , out, out of doors adv foris, foras

outsider (horse) n outsider

  • (stranger) n estraniero
  • [Horse Racing] n outsider
  • [Horse Racing] n outsider A]

outsides adv foras de partita

outsize adv foras de mesura

outskirts n peripheria, suburbio

  • n suburbio, peripheria

outspoken adj franc

outspokenness n franchitia

outstanding (due) adj debite

  • (eminent) adj eminente
  • ~ , eminent adj eminente

outstay v fatigar le amicabilitate de, restar troppo longo

  • v restar troppo longo, fatigar le amicabilitate de

outstretched adj extendite

outstrip v distantiar, ultrapassar

  • v ultrapassar, distantiar

outward adj exterior, externe

  • adj externe, exterior

outwardly adv al exterior, apparentemente

  • adv apparentemente, al exterior

outwards adv verso le exterior

outwear (last longer) v durar plus longe

  • (use up) v usar completemente

outweigh (be heavier) v pesar plus que

  • v Fig]

outwit v circumvenir, contrariar, frustrar

  • v contrariar, frustrar, circumvenir
  • v frustrar, circumvenir, contrariar

outworn (out-of-date) adj antiquate, obsolete

  • (out-of-date) adj obsolete, antiquate
  • (used up) adj usate

oval adj/n oval

  • ~ oval adj oval

ovarian adj ovarian

ovariotomy n ovariotomia

  • n ovariotomia (-ìa)

ovary [Anat] n ovario

  • n ovario

ovate adj ovate

ovation (1. Rom. Antiq]; 2. as in to receive an ovation) n ovation

  • n ovation

oven (cooker) n apparato de cocer

  • n furno

ovenbird [Ornith] n furnero

ovenful (of bread) n furnata

over (above) prep super, supra

  • (above) prep supra, super
  • (across) adv trans
  • (all - again) adv de nove
  • (bend ~) v replicar
  • (climb ~) v transgreder
  • (during) adv durante
  • (everywhere) adv ubique
  • (fall ~) v laber
  • (finished, all ~) adj/adv finite
  • (hand ~) v transferer
  • (in excess) adv de plus
  • (knock ~) v abatter
  • (on top) adv super
  • adj finite
  • ~ and over adv vice post vice
  • ~ and over again adv reiteratemente
  • ~ here adv per hic
  • ~ one's head phr plus que on pote comprender
  • ~ there adv per illac.
  • ~ , on the farther side of, beyond, across prep trans

overall adj general, global

  • adj global, general
  • adv generalmente
  • n supertoto

overalls n supertoto

overbalance v perder le equilibrio

overbearing adj imperiose

  • ~ , arrogant adj superbe

overboard adv in aqua, in mar, super le bordo

  • adv in mar, super le bordo, in aqua
  • adv super le bordo, in aqua, in mar

overburden v supercargar

  • ~ , overload v supercargar

overcast adj obnubilate

  • ~ , overcloud v obnubilar

overcharge n pretio excessive

  • v demandar troppo, supercargar
  • v supercargar, demandar troppo

overcloud, overcast v obnubilar

overcoat n paletot, supertoto

  • n supertoto, paletot
  • n surtout
  • n surtout F]
  • ~ , greatcoat n paletot
  • ~ , greatcoat n paletot F]
  • ~ , surtout n supertoto

overcome v superar, vincer

  • v vincer, superar
  • ~ , vanquish v vincer
  • ~ , vanquish v vincer vinc-/-vict-]
  • ~ , vanquish, surmount v superar

overconfident adj presumptuose, troppo confidente

  • adj troppo confidente, presumptuose

overcrowded adj congerite, troppo reimplite

  • adj troppo reimplite, congerite

overdo (overcook) v ultra cocer

  • (pull too hard) v ultra tirar
  • v ultrar

overdose (-) v dosar de troppo, ingerer

  • (-) v dosar de troppo, ingerer (imbuer)
  • (-) v ingerer (imbuer), dosar de troppo
  • (-) v ingerer, dosar de troppo
  • n dose troppo forte

overdraft n conto a discoperto, credito sin copertura

  • n credito sin copertura, conto a discoperto

overdraw v traher a discoperto

overdrawn adj trahite a discoperto

overdue (payment) adj arretrate

  • (transport) adj retardate

overeat v mangiar troppo

overelaborate adj troppo complicate

  • v complicar troppo

overestimate n valutation excessive

  • v valutar excessivemente

overexcite v superexcitar

overexcited adj exaltate

  • adj exaltate, superexcitate
  • adj superexcitate, exaltate

overexcitement n exaltation, superexcitation

  • n superexcitation
  • n superexcitation, exaltation

overexertion n abuso de su fortias

overfamiliar adj troppo intime

overfed adj superalimentate

overfeed v superalimentar

overfeeding n superalimentation

overfill v reimpler troppo

overflight n supervolo, un volo super

  • n un volo super, supervolo

overflow (flow over the brim, banks) v disbordar

  • n disbordamento
  • v disbordar, inundar
  • v inundar, disbordar
  • ~ , inundation (flowing over the banks, the brim) n disbordamento

overfly v supervolar, volar super

  • v volar super, supervolar

overgrown adj coperite, incombrate

  • adj incombrate, coperite

overhang n ultraprojectato essite saliente

  • n ultraprojectato essite saliente (super)
  • v esser saliente (super), esser ultraprojectato
  • v esser saliente, esser ultraprojectato
  • v esser ultraprojectato, esser saliente
  • v esser ultraprojectato, esser saliente (super)

overhaul n examine detaliate, inspection general

  • n inspection general, examine detaliate
  • v examinar in detalio, refacer
  • v refacer, examinar in detalio

overhead adj aeree

  • adv in supra

overhead-projector n projector in supra

overheads n costos general

overhear v audir per casualitate, surprender

  • v surprender, audir per casualitate

overheard adj audite per casualitate

overheat v calefacer troppo

overheating n supercalefaction

overindulge (child) v guastar

  • (taste) v facer abuso de excessive

overjoyed adj multo felice, transportate de gaudio

  • adj transportate de gaudio, multo felice

overland adj super terra, terrestre

  • adj terrestre, super terra

overlap (cover partially) v imbricar

  • (partial cover) n imbrication
  • n Fig]
  • v Fig]

overlav with stucco, stucco v stuccar

overlay n copertura

  • v coperir
  • ~ , plate (with plates of metal) v placar

overleaf adj al verso

overleap n supersalto

  • v supersaltar

overload n supercarga

  • v supercargar
  • ~ , overburden v supercargar

overlook (have prospect of) v dar super

  • (ignore) v clauder le oculos a, passar super
  • (ignore) v passar super, clauder le oculos a

overlying adj superponite

overnight adj/adv durante le nocte, pro un nocte

  • ~ adj/adv pro un nocte, durante le nocte

overpay v superpagar

overpayment n superpaga

overpopulated adj excessivemente populate, superpopulate

  • adj superpopulate, excessivemente populate

overpower v dominar, subjugar

  • v subjugar, dominar

overpowering adj abattente, irresistibile

  • adj irresistibile, abattente

overproduction n superproduction

overrate v exaggerar, valutar excessivemente

  • v valutar excessivemente, exaggerar

overreach v uitrapassar

overreaction n reaction excessive

override (be more important) v haber plus de importantia

  • (go beyond) v passar super, ultrapassar
  • (go beyond) v ultrapassar, passar super

overriding adj importantissime

overripe adj troppo matur

overrule v annullar, decider contra

  • v decider contra, annullar

overrun (exceed) v exceder

  • (invade) v invader
  • adj infestate

overscrupulous adj timorate

overseas adj de ultramar

  • adv ultramar

oversee v surveliar

overseer n surveliante

overshadow v adumbrar, eclipsar

  • v eclipsar, adumbrar
  • ~ , adumbrate v adumbrar

overshadowing, adumbration n adumbration

overshoe n superscarpa

  • ~ , galosh n galocha
  • ~ , galosh n galocha (-sha)

overshoot v ultrapassar

oversight (omission) n inadvertentia

  • (surveillance) n surveliantia

oversimplification n explication troppo simple, simplification excessive

  • n simplification excessive, explication troppo simple
  • ~ , simplism n simplismo

oversize adj excessivemente grande

oversleep v dormir troppo longe

overspend v expender troppo

overstate v exaggerar

overstatement n exaggeration

overstrain n tension excessive

  • v supercargar

overt adj evidente, patente

  • adj patente, evidente

overtake (of vehicles) v passar

  • (surprise) v surprender

overtax v abusar, exceder

  • v exceder, abusar

overthrow (dethrone) v disthronar

  • (overcome) v subverter, superar
  • (overcome) v superar, subverter
  • n subversion

overtime n horas extraordinari

overtone [Mus] harmonico

  • n Fig]

overture (1. proposal, offer; 2. Mus]) n overtura

  • n overtura

overturn v inverter

  • v inverter (se)

overvalue v excessivemente evalutar

overvalued adj excessivemente evalutate

overweight adj troppo pesante

  • n excesso de peso

overwhelm (of waves) v inundar subito, submerger

  • (of waves) v submerger, inundar subito
  • v Fig]

overwhelming (irresistible) adj invincibile

  • (of argument) adj convincente

overwork n excesso de labor

  • vi troppo laborar
  • vt supercargar

overwrought adj multo agitate, superexcitate

  • adj superexcitate, multo agitate

ovibos, musk ox [Zool] n ovibos

  • ~ , musk ox [Zool] n ovibos (ò-)

oviduct [Anat] n oviducto

ovine adj ovin

oviparity n oviparitate

oviparous adj ovipare

ovoid adj ovoide

ovoviviparous [Zool] adj ovovivipare

ovular ovular [Bot/Physiol] adj ovular

ovulate v ovular

ovulation [Biol] n ovulation

ovule [Bot/Physiol] n ovulo

ovum [Biol] n ovo

  • n ovo

ow interj eheu

owe v deber

owing adj debite

  • ~ , due adj debite
  • ~ , due adj debite (dé-) (pp of deber)

owing-to conj a causa de, gratias a

  • ~ -to conj gratias a, a causa de

owl n uluco

  • n uluco (ù-)

own (admit) v admitter

  • (possess) v posseder
  • adj proprie

owner n possessor, proprietario

  • n proprietario, possessor
  • ~ , proprietor n proprietario

ownership n possession, proprietate

  • n proprietate
  • n proprietate, possession
  • ~ , dominion, dominium (absolute) n dominio

own-up v confessar

ox (castrated male bovine quadruped) n bove

  • n bove

oxalamide, oxamide [Chem] n oxalamido

  • ~ , oxamide [Chem] n oxalamido (-là-)
  • ~ , oxamide [Chem] n oxamido
  • ~ , oxamide [Chem] n oxamido (-à-)

oxalate [Chem] n oxalato

oxalic [Chem] adj oxalic

Oxalidaceae [Bot] n oxalidaceas

oxalidaceous [Bot] adj oxalidacee

Oxalis [Bot] n oxalide

  • [Bot] n oxalide (-àl-)
  • ~ , wood sorrel n oxalide
  • ~ , wood sorrel n oxalide (-àl-)

oxalite [Mineral] n oxalite

oxalonitrate [Chem] n oxaloitrato

oxamide, oxalamide [Chem] n oxalamido

  • ~ , oxalamide [Chem] n oxalamido (-là-)
  • ~ , oxalamide [Chem] n oxamido
  • ~ , oxalamide [Chem] n oxamido (-à-)

oxen n boves

oxidate, oxidize v oxydar

oxidation n oxydation

oxide n oxydo

  • n oxydo (òx-)

oxidizable adj oxydabile

oxidization n oxydation

oxidize v oxydar

  • ~ , oxidate v oxydar

oxtail n cauda de bove

oxy- (as in oxytone) Chem] occurring in derivatives and compounds] adj oxy-

oxyacetylene adj/n oxyacetylenic

oxygen n oxygeno

  • n oxygeno (-ìgeno)

oxygenate v oxygenar

oxygenation n oxygenation

oxysulphide [Chem] n oxysulfido

  • [Chem] n oxysulfido (-sùl-)

oxytone [Phonet] adj oxytone

oyster bed n ostreiera

  • ~ bed n ostreiera (-yéra)
  • ~ culture, ostreiculture n ostreicultura
  • ~ grower, oyster-culturist n ostreicultor
  • n ostrea

oyster-bed n ostreiera

oyster-culturist, oyster grower n ostreicultor

oystergrowing, ostreicultural adj ostreicola

  • ~ , ostreicultural adj ostreicola (-ì-)

oysterman n ostrero

ozena [Pathol] n ozena

ozocerite [Mineral] n ozocerite

ozone n ozono

ozonize v ozonisar

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