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t (letter ~) n littera t (te)

  • ~ overthrow, subvert v subverter
  • ~ overthrow, subvert v subverter -vert-/-vers-]

tab n etiquetta

tabby n catto tigrate

tabernacle (tent) n tabernaculo

  • n tabernaculo

table (1. Furniture]; 2. as in table of contents) n tabula

  • (1. Furniture]; 2. as in table of contents) n tabula (tà-)
  • (all senses) n tabula
  • (clear the ~) v levar le tabula
  • (set the ~) v poner le tabula
  • ~ china and silver n coperto
  • ~ companion n conviva
  • ~ d'hôte n table d'hôte
  • ~ d'hôte n table d'hôte F]
  • ~ linens n pannos del tabula
  • v presentar
  • ~ , slab, plate, board n tabula
  • ~ , slab, plate, board n tabula (tà-)
  • ~ , tables (as in statistic tables) n tabella

tableau n tableau

  • n tableau F]

tablecloth n drappo de tabula

table-d'hote n repasto a precio fixe

tablemat n subplatto

tables, table (as in statistic tables) n tabella

tablespoon v coclear de servir

tablet (small flat piece of medicine, candy) n tabletta

  • (stone) n placa commemorative
  • n comprimito
  • n tabletta

table-tennis n ping-pong, tennis de tabula

  • ~ -tennis n tennis de tabula, ping-pong

taboo adj/n tabu

  • ~ tabu (-ù) adj tabu
  • ~ tabu (-ù) adj tabu (-ù)
  • v declarar tabu, prohiber
  • v prohiber, declarar tabu

tabular tabular adj tabular

tabulate v tabular

tabulation n tabulation

tabulator n tabulator

tachy- (swift) occurring in compouns] adj tachy-

tachygrapher, tachygraphist n tachygrapho

  • ~ , tachygraphist n tachygrapho (-kì-)

tachygraphic, tachygraphical adj tachygraphic

tachygraphy n tachygraphia

  • n tachygraphia (-ìa)

tachymeter [Surv] n tachymetro

  • [Surv] n tachymetro (-kì-)

tachymetry [Surv] n tachymetria

  • [Surv] n tachymetria (-ìa)

tacit adj tacite

  • adj tacite (tà-) (pp of tacer)

taciturn adj taciturne

taciturnity n taciturnitate

tack (nail) n clavo

  • [Nav] n bordada
  • v virar al vento
  • ~ , board (the stretch which a ship makes on one tack in beating to windward) Naut] n bordada

tacking (sewing) n bastitura

  • n Naut]

tackle (rugby) v blocar

  • n apparato
  • v Gen]
  • ~ , rigging [Naut] n manovra

tacky adj collose

tact (as in social tact) n tacto

  • n tacto

tactful (plen) adj de tacto, diplomatic

  • (plen) adj diplomatic, de tacto

tactical adj tactic

tactically adv tacticamente

tactician n tactico

tactics n tactica

  • ~ , tactic n tactica

tactile (pertaining to the sence of touch) adj tactile

  • adj tactile

tactility n tactilitate

tactless adj disproviste de tacto, pauco diplomatic

  • adj pauco diplomatic, disproviste de tacto

tadpole n larva de rana

tae-kwan-do (martial art) n tae-kwan-do

taeniafuge adj tenifuge

  • n tenifuga

taffeta n taffeta

  • n taffeta (-tà)

tag n etiquetta

  • v etiquettar
  • ~ , ticket, label n etiquetta
  • ~ , ticket, label n etiquetta (-ké-)

Tagus n Tago

Tahiti [Geog] n Tahiti

tail n cauda

  • v sequer

tail-end n extremo, fin

  • ~ -end n fin, extremo

tail-feathers n caude de plumas, caude de plumero

  • ~ -feathers n caude de plumero, caude de plumas

tail-off v diminuer pauc a pauc

tailor (make) v confectionar

  • n sartor
  • v adaptar
  • ~ , dressmaker n sartor

tailor-made (made by a tailor) adj facite per sartor

  • ~ -made adj Fig]

tailor's shop n sartoreria

s shop n sartoreria (-ìa)

tailor's-shop n sartoreria

taint n corruption

  • v corrumper
  • ~ , decay n corruption

tainted, infeeted, rotten, decayed adj corrupte

Taiwan [Geog] n le Insula Formosa, Taiwan

  • [Geog] n Taiwan, le Insula Formosa

take (capture) v expugnar, prender

  • (capture) v prender, expugnar
  • (carry) v portar
  • (lead) v conducer
  • (need) v requirer
  • (transport) v transportar
  • ~ a census v censer
  • ~ a census v censer cens-/cens-]
  • ~ an oath, swear v jurar
  • ~ away, withdraw v retirar
  • ~ away, withdraw v subtraher
  • ~ away, withdraw v subtraher -trah-/-tract-]
  • ~ back again, retake v reprender
  • ~ back again, retake v reprender -prend-/-pris-]
  • ~ booty, prey, pillage v predar
  • ~ by assault, storm v expugnar
  • ~ care of, look after v respicer
  • ~ care of, look after v respicer -spic-/-spect-]
  • ~ hold of, catch, seize, take v prender
  • ~ hold of, catch, seize, take v prender prend-/prens-/pris-]
  • ~ in, imburse v imbursar
  • ~ in, shelter v recolliger
  • ~ in, shelter v recolliger -lig-/-lect-]
  • ~ off (shoes, stockings from someone's feet) v discalcear
  • ~ off flesh v discarnar
  • ~ one fifth of v quintar
  • ~ out of the nest v disannidar
  • ~ root v radicar
  • ~ the chill off, warm slightly v tepidar
  • ~ the color out of, fade v distinger
  • v Gen]
  • ~ , lay hold of v sumer
  • ~ , lay hold of v sumer sum-/sumpt-]
  • ~ , take hold of, catch, seize v prender
  • ~ , take hold of, catch, seize v prender prend-/prens-/pris-]

take-after v resimilar

take-away v levar, subtraher

  • ~ -away v subtraher, levar

take-back v reprender

take-care-of v curar

take-charge-of v cargar se de

take-hold-of v prender

take-in (accept) v acceptar, reciper

  • ~ -in (accept) v reciper, acceptar
  • ~ -in (swindle) v dupar
  • ~ -in (understand) v comprender

take-off n partita

  • ~ -off vi partir, quitar le solo
  • ~ -off vi quitar le solo, partir
  • ~ -off vt levar, supprimer
  • ~ -off vt supprimer, levar

take-on v assumer, cargar se de

  • ~ -on v cargar se de, assumer

take-out (extract) v extraher

  • ~ -out (get) v obtener
  • ~ -out (go out with) v sortir con

take-over v acquirer, prender possession de

  • ~ -over v prender possession de, acquirer

take-place v haber loco, occurrer

  • ~ -place v occurrer, haber loco

taker (one who or that which takes, seizes, accepts) n prenditor

take-stock v facer le inventario

take-to (commence action) v dar se a

  • ~ -to (like) v affectionar

take-up v assumer, prender

  • ~ -up v prender, assumer

taking (act or action of) n prension

  • ~ a census (act of) n censimento
  • ~ off (one's or someone's shoes, stockings) (act of) n discalceamento

talc [Mineral] n talco

talcose adj talcose

talcum-powder (pulvere de) n talco

  • ~ -powder (pulvere de) n talco (in pulvere)

tale n conto

  • ~ , story n conto

talent (1. Antiq]; 2. as in talent for acting) n talento

  • n ingenio, talento
  • n talento, ingenio
  • ~ , genius, inborn skill n ingenio

talented adj talentose

talisman n talisman

talismanic adj talismanic

talk (conversation) n conversation

  • (converse) v conversar
  • (lecture) n discurso
  • (speak) v parlar
  • ~ extravagantly (think, act extravagantly) v extravagar
  • ~ , speak v parlar

talkative adj communicative, loquace

  • adj loquace, communicative
  • ~ , communicative adj communicative
  • ~ , multiloquent adj multiloquente
  • ~ , multiloquous adj multiloque
  • ~ , multiloquous adj multiloque (-tì-)

talkativeness n loquacitate

  • ~ , multiloquence n multiloquentia

talker n parlator

  • ~ , speaker n parlator

talk-over v discuter

tall (lofty) adj alte

  • (of stature) adj grande

tallow, suet n stear

  • ~ , suet n stear -ar/-at-]

tally (count) n conto

  • (label) n etiquetta
  • (stick) n talia
  • n computation
  • v corresponder

Talmud n talmud

  • n talmud Heb]

Talmudic adj talmudic

Talmudist n talmudista

talon [Arch] n talon

  • n ungula
  • ~ , stub, counterfoil [Fin] n talon

tamable adj domabile

tambour [Fortif] n tambur

tambourine (Spanish tambourine) n panderetta

  • n tamburino

tame (make tame) v domar

  • adj mansuete
  • v domar, domesticar
  • v domesticar, domar
  • ~ , domesticate v domesticar

tameness n mansuetude

tamer (of wild beasts) n domator

  • n domator

tamper (- with, meddle) v toccar sin autorisation

  • (a witness) v subornar
  • (falsify) v falsificar

tampon [Med] n tampon

  • [Med] n tampon F]
  • [Med] v tamponar
  • n tampon

tamponage [Med] n tamponamento

tan (leather) v tannar

  • (of sun) v bronzar
  • (skins) v tannar
  • n bronzage
  • ~ , tanbark n tanno

tanbark, tan n tanno

tandem adv tandem

-tang (party) occurring in compounds] n -tang

  • ~ -tang (party) occurring in compounds] n -tang Chinese]
  • n sapor piccante

tangency [Math] n tangentia

tangent [Math] adj tangente

  • [Math] n tangente
  • n tangente

tangential [Math] adj tangential

tangerine n mandarina

tangibility (quality of being tangible) n tangibilitate

tangible (capable of being touched) adj tangibile

  • adj tangibile

tangle n confusion, imbroliamento

  • n imbroliamento, confusion
  • v imbroliar (se), intricar (se)
  • v imbroliar, intricar
  • v intricar (se), imbroliar (se)
  • v intricar, imbroliar

tango n tango

  • v dansar le tango

tangy adj de sapor piccante

tank (as in water tank, gasoline tank) n tank

  • (as in water tank, gasoline tank) n tank A]
  • (cistern) n cisterna
  • (for petrol) n reservoir de gasolina
  • [Mil] n tank
  • [Mil] n tank A]
  • n Mil]

tankard n biriera

tanker (ship) n nave cisterna

  • (truck) n camion cisterna

tanner n tannator

tannery n tanneria

  • n tanneria (-ìa)

tannic adj tannic

tannin n tannino

tanning, tannage n tannage

  • ~ , tannage n tannage (-aje)

tansy (Tanacetum balsamita) Bot] n balsamita

tantalic [Chem] adj tantalic

tantalite [Mineral] n tantalite

tantalize v provocar, tormentar

  • v provocar, tormentar (con le supplicios de tantalo)
  • v tormentar (con le supplicios de tantalo), provocar
  • v tormentar, provocar

tantalum [Chem] n tantalium

  • [Chem] n tantalium (-tà-)

Tantalus [Gr. Mythol] n Tantalo

  • [Gr. Mythol] n Tantalo (tàn-)

tantamount (be - to) v. phr equivaler a

  • ~ adj/n equivalente

tantrum n accesso de ira

Tanzania [Geog] n Tanzania

tap (faucet) n valvula

  • (hit) n colpo
  • (hit) v colpar legiermente
  • (resources) v exploitar
  • (telephone) v ascoltar clandestinmente

tape (bind) v guarnir de banda

  • (record) v registrar sur banda magnetic
  • ~ measure, tapeline n metro
  • n banda

tapeline, tape measure n metro

tape-measure n banda metric, metro

  • ~ -measure n metro, banda metric

taper (light) n candela accenditori

  • n eng
  • v affilar se

tape-recorder n magnetophono

tapestry n tapisseria

  • n tapisseria (-ìa)
  • ~ worker n tapissero
  • ~ , rug, carpet n tapete
  • ~ , rug, carpet n tapis
  • ~ , rug, carpet n tapis F]

tapeworm n tenia

taph- (tomb) occurring in compounds] n -tapho-

tapioca n tapioca

tapioca-pudding n pudding de tapioca

tappet n altiavalvulas

tar n catran

  • ~ sprayer n catranator
  • v catranar

tarantula n tarantula

tardigrade [Zool] n tardigrado

  • [Zool] n tardigrado (-ì-)
  • ~ , slowpaced adj tardigrade
  • ~ , slowpaced adj tardigrade (-ì-)

tardiness, slowness n morositate

tardy (1. slow; 2. late) adj tardive

  • adj morose, tarde
  • adj tarde, morose
  • ~ , dilatory, lingering adj morose
  • ~ , slow adj tarde

target (mark) n scopo

  • n Fig]
  • ~ , mark n scopo

tariff (1. Customs]; 2. scale or schedule of prices) n tarifa

  • (list the tariff value of) v tarifar
  • n tarifa

tarmac (at airport) n pista de atterrage

  • (on road) n macadam a catran

tarnish n oxydation

  • v oxydar (se

tarpaulin n tela catranate

tarry adj catranose

  • ~ , linger, delay v morar

tart adj acerbe

  • n torta

tartan n tartan

tartar (all meanings) n tartaro

tartar-sauce n sauce tartare

tartarus n tartaro

tartlet n torteletta

tarworks n catraneria

  • n catraneria (-ìa)

task n carga, labor

  • n labor, carga

task-force n gruppo de fortias

  • ~ -force n gruppo de fortias (pro un operation special)

tassel n flocco

tastable adj gustabile

taste (1. sense of taste; 2. flavor; 3. as in to have a taste for) n gusto

  • (be acquainted with) v cognoscer
  • (eat) v mangiar
  • (flavour) n sapor
  • (perceive by sense of taste) vt gustar
  • (perceive by the sense of taste) v gustar
  • (professionally) v degustar
  • n gusto
  • ~ , sample (wines, tea) v degustar
  • ~ , savor, flavor n sapor

tasteful adj de bon gusto, elegante

  • adj elegante, de bon gusto

tasteless adj insipide

taste-of v haber le gusto de

taster (of wines, tea) n degustator

tasting (of wines, tea) n degustation

  • ~ , gustation n gustation

tasty (having a pleasant taste) adj gustabile

  • adj saporose
  • ~ , savory adj gustose

tattered adj lacerate

tattle n commatrage

  • v commatrar

tattoo (design produced by tattooing) n tatu

  • (design produced by tattooing) n tatu (-tù)
  • (design produced by tattooing) n tatuage
  • (design produced by tattooing) n tatuage (-aje)
  • (design) n tatu
  • (signal of retreat) Mil] n retraite
  • (signal of retreat) Mil] n retraite F]
  • n Mil]
  • v tatuar
  • ~ , do tattooing v tatuar

tattooer n tatuator

tattooing (practice of) n tatu

  • (practice of) n tatu (-tù)
  • (practice of) n tatuage
  • (practice of) n tatuage (-aje)
  • n tatuage

taunt n observation sarcastic

  • v provocar sarcasticamente

tauriform, bull-shaped adj tauriforme

taurine, bull, bull's adj taurin

taurobolium, tauroboly (sacrifice of bulls) n taurobolio

tauromachic adj tauromachic

tauromachy, bullfighting n tauromachia

  • ~ , bullfighting n tauromachia (-ìa)

Taurus n astrol

taut adj tense

tauto- (same) occurring in compounds] n tauto-

tautological adj tautologic

tautology n tautologia

  • n tautologia (-ìa)

tavern keeper, taverner n tavernero

  • n bireria, taverna
  • n taverna
  • n taverna, bireria

taverner, tavern keeper n tavernero

tax (1. to impose a tax on) v taxar

  • (accuse) v accusar
  • (as in income tax) n taxa
  • (impose rate) v taxar
  • (tire) v exhaurir
  • ~ collector n perceptor
  • n imposto, taxa
  • n taxa, imposto
  • ~ , duty, impost n imposto

taxable adj taxabile

taxation [Admin] n taxation

  • n taxation

tax-avoidance phr modos legal de reducer le contributiones fiscal

tax-collector n exactor

  • ~ -collector n perceptor de impostos

tax-evasion n fraude fiscal

tax-fraud n fraude fiscal

tax-free adj exempte de impostos

tax-haven n refugio fiscal

taxi n taxi

  • ~ , taxicab n taxi
  • ~ , taxicab n taxi (-ì)

taxicab, taxi n taxi

  • ~ , taxi n taxi (-ì)

taxidermic, taxidermal adj taxidermic

taxidermist n taxidermista

taxidermy n taxidermia

  • n taxidermia (-ìa)

taxi-driver n guidator de taxi, taxista

  • ~ -driver n taxista, guidator de taxi

taximeter n taximetro

  • n taximetro (-ì-)

taxinomy, taxonomy n taxinomia

  • ~ , taxonomy n taxinomia (-ìa)

taxi-rank-stand n station de taxis

taxis [Surg] n taxis

  • [Surg] n taxis (tà-) Gr]

taxonomic, taxonomical adj taxinomic

taxonomist n taxinomista

taxonomy, taxinomy n taxinomia

  • ~ , taxinomy n taxinomia (-ìa)

tax-payer n contributor

tc supererogate v supererogar

tea (beverage) n the

  • (herbal) n tisana
  • (high ~) n repasto vesperal con the
  • (meal) n repasto de cinque horas
  • (plant) n the
  • n the
  • ~ plant, tea shrub n theiero
  • ~ shrub, tea plant n theiero
  • ~ , tisane (medicinal) n tisana

tea-bag n sacchetto de the

teach v inseniar

  • v inseniar (un cosa a un persona)
  • ~ , give (a class, course) v regentar
  • ~ , instruct v docer
  • ~ , instruct v docer doc-/doct-]
  • ~ , instruct v erudir

teachable adj inseniabile

  • adj maestrabile

teacher (grammar school) n professor

  • (in school) n maestro
  • n Gen]
  • n institutor
  • ~ , instructor n instructor
  • ~ , instructor, preceptor n preceptor
  • ~ , scholar, learned man n doctor

teacher's-college n schola normal

teaching (act or art of) n inseniamento

  • (doctrine) n doctrina
  • (instruction) n inseniamento

tea-cloth n drappo de the

tea-cosy n coperitheiera

teacup n tasslio del the

team [Sports] n equipa

  • n equipa

team-up-with v collaborar con, formar un equipa con

  • ~ -up-with v formar un equipa con, collaborar con

team-work-labor n de equipa, labor facite in collaboration tea-party partita al hora del the

  • ~ -work-labor n labor facite in collaboration tea-party partita al hora del the, de equipa

teapot n theiera

tear (1. as in to shed tears; 2. as in tears of resin) n lacrima (là-)

  • (1. as in to shed tears; 2. as in tears of resin) n lacrima
  • (rip) n laceration
  • (teardrop) n lacrima
  • ~ apart, rend v diveller
  • ~ apart, rend v diveller -vell-/-vuls-]
  • ~ away, avulse v aveller
  • ~ away, avulse v aveller -vell-/-vuls-]
  • ~ bottle, lachrymatory [Archaeol] n lacrimatorio
  • ~ out v eveller
  • ~ out, pull out, evulse v eveller
  • ~ out, pull out, evulse v eveller -vell-/-vuls-]
  • ~ up v dispeciar
  • v lacerar
  • v lacerar (se)
  • ~ , lacerate, mangle v lacerar

tear-along v currer

tear-apart v diveller

tear-away v aveller

tear-down (demolish) v demolir

  • ~ -down (pull down) v aveller

teardrop n lacrima

tearful adj lacrimose

tear-gas n gas lacrimogene

tear-provoking, lachrymatory adj lacrimogene

tears n lacrimas

tease v tormentar

teasel n cardo

tea-service n cabaret, servicio de the tea-break pausa

  • ~ -service n servicio de the tea-break pausa, cabaret

tea-shop n salon de the

teaspoon v coclear de the

teat n tetta

teatime n hora del the

tea-towel n panno de essugar

tea-tray n tabuliero de the

technical adj technic

technicalism, technicism n technicismo

technicality n detalio technic

  • ~ , technicalness n technicitate

technically adv technicamente

technicalness, technicality n technicitate

technician n technico

technicism, technicalism n technicismo

technics, technology n technica

technique n technica

techno-, techn- (art, craft) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n techn-

technocracy n technocratia

  • n technocratia (-ìa)

technocrat n technocrate

  • n technocrate (-ò-)

technocratic adj technocratic

technological adj technologic

technologically adv technologicamente

technologist n technologo

  • n technologo (-òlogo)

technology n technologia

  • n technologia (-ìa)
  • ~ , technics n technica

tecton- (builder) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n tecton-

tectonic adj tectonic

tectonics n tectonica

teddy-bear n urso de pluche

tedious (involving tedium) adj tediose

  • adj tediose

tediousness, tedium n tedio

tedium, tediousness n tedio

tee n tee

teem v abundar

teenage adj/n adolescente

teenager n adolescente

teens (be in one's ~) v esser adolescente

  • n etate inter 13 e 19 annos

teeny (- weeny) adj ultraminusculissimo

  • adj minusculissimo

teethe [Physiol] v dentar

teething n dentation

  • ~ , dentition n dentation

teething-troubles n difficultates initial

teetotaller n abstinente

telautograph, facsimile telegraph n telautographo

  • ~ , facsimile telegraph n telautographo (-ògrapho)

tele-, tel- (far) occurring in compounds] adv tele-

telecommunications n telecommunicationes

telegram n telegramma

telegraph n telegrapho

  • n telegrapho (-lé-)
  • v telegraphar

telegraphic adj telegraphic

telegraphist n telegraphista

telegraph-pole n palo telegraphic

telegraphy n telegraphia

  • n telegraphia (-ìa)

telemechanics [Elec] n telemechanica

telemeter (instrument for measuring the distance of an object from the observer) n telemetro

  • (instrument for measuring the distance of an object from the observer) n telemetro (-lé-)
  • n telemetro

telemetric adj telemetric

telemetry n telemetria

  • n telemetria (-ìa)

teleo- (perfect, complete) occurring in compounds] adj tele-

  • ~ -, tel- (end, purpose) occurring in compounds] n teleo

teleological adj teleologic

teleologist n teleologista

teleology n teleologia

  • n teleologia (-ìa)

teleost, teleostean [Zool] adj teleostee

  • ~ , teleostean [Zool] n teleosteo

telepathic adj telepathic

telepathy n telepathia

  • n telepathia (-ìa)

telephone connection n connexion telephonic

  • ~ directory n libro telephonic
  • ~ exchange n central telephonic
  • ~ kiosk n cabina telephonic
  • n telephono
  • ~ number n numero telephonic
  • ~ operator n telephonista
  • v telephonar

telephone-book n libro telephonic

telephonic adj telephonic

telephonist n telephonista

telephony n telephonia

  • n telephonia (-ìa)

telephote (1. apparatus for photographing at adistance; 2. apparatus for the transmission of messages by light; 3. apparatus for the electric transmission of photographs) n telephoto

telephotography (1. photography at a distance; 2. electric transmission of photographs) n telephotographia

  • (1. photography at a distance; 2. electric transmission of photographs) n telephotographia (-ìa)

telescope (as in to telescope railroad cars) v telescopar

  • n telescopio

telescopic adj telescopic

televise v televisar

television n television

television-set n televisor

telex n telex

tell (a story) v contar

  • (distinguish) v distinguer
  • (have an effect) v militar
  • (have an effect) v militar (contra;in favor)
  • (know) v saper
  • (order) v dicer
  • (order) v dicer (a un persona de facer un cosa)
  • (say) v dicer, informar
  • (say) v informar, dicer
  • ~ lies, lie v mentir
  • ~ , relate v contar

teller (in bank) n cassero

telling adj efficace

telling-off n reprimenda, reproche

  • ~ -off n reproche, reprimenda

tell-off v reprochar

telltale (mech) n indicator

  • (tale-bearer) n revelator de secretos
  • adj revelatori

telpher (light car suspended from cables) n telephero

  • (light car suspended from cables) n telephero (-lé-)
  • (transport in a telpher) v telepherar
  • adj telephere

telpherage n telepherage

  • n telepherage (-aje)

temerarious adj temerari

temerity n temeritate

temerous, rash adj temere

temper (1. to moderate, regulate; 2. specif.: Metal/Paint]) v temperar

  • (bon/mal) n humor
  • (bon/mal) n humor (bon - ; mal ~)
  • (moderate) v attemperar
  • (steel, glass) v recocer
  • (steel, glass, clay etc.) v recocer

tempera [Paint] n tempera

  • [Paint] n tempera I]

temperament (1. disposition; 2. Mus]) n temperamento

  • (all senses) n temperamento
  • ~ natural, disposition n natural

temperamental adj capriciose

temperamentally adv capriciosemente

temperance (abstinence) n abstinentia de alcohol

  • (self-control) n moderation, temperation
  • (self-control) n temperation, moderation
  • n temperantia

temperate (climate) adj temperate

  • adj moderate, sobrie
  • adj sobrie, moderate
  • adj temperante
  • adj temperante (ppr of temperar)
  • ~ , moderate adj mensurate
  • ~ , moderate adj mensurate (pp of mensurar)
  • ~ , moderate adj mesurate
  • ~ , moderate adj mesurate (pp of mesurar)

temperateness, soberness, sobriety n sobrietate

temperature (have a ~) v haber le febre

  • n temperatura

temperer (one who or that which tempers) n temperator

tempest n tempesta

tempestuous adj tempestuose

template n patrono

temple (as in temple of Diana) n templo

  • (relig) n templo
  • [Anat] n tempora
  • [Anat] n tempora (tém-)
  • ~ , sanctuary [Rom. Antiq] n fano

tempo [Mus] n tempo

  • [Mus] n tempo I]
  • n tempo

temporal (1. not ecclesiastical; 2. not eternal) adj temporal

  • (all senses) adj temporal
  • (of or pertaining to the temples) Anat] adj temporal
  • ~ , temporary adj temporanee

temporality (1. quality of being temporal or temporary; 2 . Eccl]) n temporalitate

temporary adj provisori, temporanee

  • adj temporanee, provisori
  • adj temporari
  • ~ , temporal adj temporanee

temporization n temporisation

temporize v temporisar

temporizer n temporisator

tempt (1. to try, put to the test; 2. to try to allure, incite) v tentar

  • v tentar

temptation n tentation

tempter n tentator

tempting adj attrahente, seductive

  • adj seductive, attrahente

ten adj dece

  • ~ n/adj dece

tenability n tenibilitate

tenable (as in a tenable position) adj tenibile

  • adj tenibile

tenacious (persistent in a state, an action) adj tenace

  • adj persistente, tenace
  • adj tenace, persistente

tenaciousness, tenacity n tenacitate

tenacity n tenacitate

  • ~ , tenaciousness n tenacitate

tenaille [Fortif] n tenalia

tenancy n location, tenentia

  • n tenentia
  • n tenentia, location

tenant farmer n colono

  • n locatario
  • n tenente

tenceforward, from that time, after that, thereupon adv inde

tend (care for) vt curar

  • vi propender, tender
  • vi tender, propender
  • ~ , have an inclination (towards something) v propender
  • ~ , have an inclination (towards something) v propender -pend-/-pens-]

tendency n tendentia

  • ~ to roll n volubilitate

tendentious (subservient to a preconceived purpose) adj tendentiose

  • adj tendentiose

tender (1. soft, not hard or tough; 2. delicate, sensitive; 3. affectionate) adj tenere

  • [R.R]n tender
  • [R.R]n tender A]
  • adj tenere
  • n Commer]
  • v offerer, presentar
  • v offerer, presentar (un offerta)
  • v presentar (un offerta), offerer
  • v presentar, offerer
  • v tender
  • v tender tend-/-tent-/tens-]

tender-hearted adj compatiente

tenderness (1. softness; 2. sensitiveness; 3. affection) n teneressa

  • n teneressa

tending to perturb, perturbative adj perturbative

  • ~ , inclined, favorable adj propense

tendinous [Anat] adj tendinose

tendon [Anat] n chorda

  • [Anat] n tendine
  • [Anat] n tendon
  • n nervo
  • n tendine

Tenebrio, meal worm [Zool] n tenebrion

tenement n casa de appartamentos pro obreros

tenet n dogma, principio

  • n principio, dogma

tenfold, decuple adj decuple

  • ~ , decuple adj decuple (dé-)

tennis n tennis

  • n tennis A]

tennis-court n terreno de tennis

tennis-player n jocator de tennis

tenon n tenon

tenor (1. course or direction; 2. general purport, drift; 3. Mus] (highest adult male voice) n tenor

  • ~ , all senses n tenor

tenorino, falsetto tenor n tenorino

tenpin bowling n joco de dece quillias

tense (1. stretched tight; 2. feeling or evincing nervous tension) adj tense

  • [Gram] n tempore
  • adj tense
  • n tempore

tensile (elastic) adj extensibile

  • (relative to tension) adj de tension

tension n tension

tensor [Anat] n tensor

tent n tenta

tentacle [Zool] n tentaculo

  • n tentaculo

tentative adj tentative

tenterhooks (be ~) v. phr on esser sur le spinas

tenth adj decime

  • adj decime (dé-)
  • n decimo

tent-peg n picchetto de tenta

tenuiroster [Ornith] n tenuirostro

tenuirostral, tenuirostrate [Ornith] adj tenuirostre

tenuirostrate, tenuirostral [Ornith] adj tenuirostre

tenuis [Phonet] n tenue

tenuity, thinness n tenuitate

tenuous adj tenue

  • ~ , thin, slender adj tenue

tenure (in office) n periodo de officlo

  • (of property) n occupation
  • ~ , bureau, commissioner's position, commissary's position n commissariato

tepid adj tepide

  • ~ , lukewarm adj tepide

tepidity n tepiditate

terebinth, turpentine tree n terebintho

terebinthinate, to turpentine v terebinthinar

terebinthine (1. of the turpentine tree; 2. of turpentine) adj terebinthin

  • ~ , turpentine n terebinthina

terebra (1. boring ovipositor of hymenopterous insect; 2. genus to which auger shell belongs) Zool] n terebra

  • (1. boring ovipositor of hymenopterous insect; 2. genus to which auger shell belongs) Zool] n terebra (tér-)

terg- (back) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n terg-

tergiversate (use subterfuges) v tergiversar

tergiversation (shift, subterfuge, evasion) n tergiversation

tergiversator n tergiversator

term (1. limit in space or time; 2. a space of time; 3. expression; 4. term of a contract, termino medie middle term) n termino

  • (1. limit in space or time; 2. a space of time; 3. expression; 4. term of a contract, termino medie middle term) n termino (tér-)
  • (expression, period, boundary) n termino
  • (scholastic: three months) n trimestre
  • (six months) n semestre
  • v qualificar

terminable adj terminabile

terminal (transport) n terminus

  • adj terminal
  • n Elec]
  • ~ , desinential adj desinential
  • ~ , terminus (terminal point of a railway) n terminus
  • ~ , terminus (terminal point of a railway) n terminus L]

terminally adv terminalmente

terminate v terminar

  • v terminar (se)
  • ~ , conclude v clausurar
  • ~ , to bring to an end v terminar

termination (1. action of terminating; 2. Gram] (ending) n termination

  • n termination

terminative adj terminative

terminator (one who or that which terminates) n terminator

terminological adj terminologic

terminology n terminologia

  • n terminologia (-ìa)

terminus (final destination) n terminus

  • ~ , terminal (terminal point of a railway) n terminus
  • ~ , terminal (terminal point of a railway) n terminus L]

termite n formica blanc

terms (be on the best of - with) phr esser in bon terminos con

  • (conditions) n conditiones
  • (relationship) n terminos

ternary adj ternari

terrace (open gallery, portico, colonnade, flat roof) n terrassa

  • n terrassa

terra-cotta n terra cocte

terrage, tithe [Hist] n terrage

  • ~ , tithe [Hist] n terrage (-aje)

terrain (1. Mil]; 2. Geol] (terrane) n terreno

  • n terreno

terranean, terraneous adj terranee

terrapin n tortuca aquatic

terraqueous adj terraquee

terrestrial (1. pertaining to the earth; 2. earthly) adj terrestre

  • adj terrestre
  • ~ , earthly adj terren

terrible adj terribile

terricole, terricolist [Zool/Bot] n terricola

  • ~ , terricolist [Zool/Bot] n terricola (-ì-)

terrier (as in wire-haired terrier) n terrier

  • (dog) n terrier

terrific (extraordinary) adj stupende, tremende

  • (extraordinary) adj tremende, stupende
  • (terrifying) adj terrific
  • adj terrific

terrify v espaventar, terrificar

  • v terrificar
  • v terrificar, espaventar

terrifying adj espaventabile, terrificante

  • adj terrificante, espaventabile

terrigenous adj terrigene

terrine n terrina

territorial adj territorial

territorial-army n militia territorial, reservistas

  • ~ -army n reservistas, militia territorial

territoriality n territorialitate

territorially adv territorialmente

territory n territorial

  • n territorio

terror n terror

  • ~ , panic n affollamento

terrorism n terrorismo

terrorist n terrorista

terrorize v terrorisar

terse (concise) adj concise

  • (rude) adj brusc

tertian (fever) n tertiana

  • [Pathol] adj tertian

tertiary adj tertiari

terylene n terylene

test (check) v verificar

  • (examination) n examine
  • (in school) v examinar
  • (scholastic) n examine scholar
  • (scholastic) n test
  • (trial) n essayo, prova
  • (trial) n prova, essayo
  • (try) v essayar, provar
  • (try) v provar, essayar
  • [Med] n examination medical
  • [Med] n test
  • ~ again, try again v reprobar
  • ~ , examination n test
  • ~ , examination n test A]
  • ~ , shell [Zool] n testa
  • ~ , trial n essayo
  • ~ , trial n essayo (-sà-)
  • ~ , try v probar
  • ~ , try v provar

testa, shell [Bot] n testa

testaceous, testacean [Zool] adj testacee

testament (all senses) n testamento

  • ~ , will [Law] n testamento

testamentary adj testamentari

testate [Law] adj testate

  • [Law] adj testate (pp of testar)

testator [Law] n testator

test-bench n banco de provas

test-case n precedente

tester, prover n probator

testicle [Anat] n testiculo

  • n testiculo

testicular [Anat] adj testicular

testification n testification

testifier n testificator

testify v deponer, testificar

  • v testificar, deponer
  • ~ , bear witness v testificar
  • ~ , witness, bear witness v testimoniar

testifying, witnessing adj testimonial

testify-to v attestar

testimonial n certification, littera de recommendation

  • n littera de recommendation, certification

testimony (give ~) v facer un deposition

  • n deposition
  • ~ , attestation n testimonio

testis [Anat. and Zool] n teste

teston, testoon [Numis] n teston

testoon, teston [Numis] n teston

test-paper (school) n examine minor

  • ~ -paper [Chem] papiro reactive

test-tube n tubo de reaction

testudinal, testudineous, tortoise adj testudinee

testudineous, tortoise, testudinal adj testudinee

tetanic [Med] adj tetanic

tetanus [Med] n tetano

  • [Med] n tetano (té-)
  • n tetano

tete-a-tete n conversation intime

tether n corda

  • v attaccar

tetra- (four) occurring in compounds] adj tetra-

tetradactylous adj tetradactyle

tetragon n tetragono

tetragonal adj tetragon

tetrahedral [Math] adj tetrahedric

tetrahedron [Math] n tetrahedro

tetralogy n tetralogia

  • n tetralogia (-ìa)

tetramerous [Bot/Zool] adj tetramere

tetrameter n tetrametro

  • n tetrametro (-à-)

tetrapod adj tetrapode

  • adj tetrapode (-trà-)

tetrapterous [Biol] adj tetraptere

tetrarch n tetrarcha

tetrarchate n tetrarchato

tetrarchy n tetrarchia

  • n tetrarchia (-ìa)

Teut-, Teuto- (1. as in Teutonic; 2. Teuton) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n teut-

Teutomania n teutomania

  • n teutomania (-ìa)

Teuton n teutono

  • n teutono (téu-)
  • ~ , Teutonic adj teutone

Teutonic adj teutonic

text n texto

textbook (elementary) n manual

  • (standard work) n libro de texto

textile adj textile

  • ~ adj/n textile

textual adj textual

texture (1. texture of a woven fabric; 2. structure) n textura

  • n textura

thai adj/n thailandese

Thailand [Geog] n Thailandia

thalium (metal) n thalio

thallo- (young shoot) occurring in derivativcs and compounds] n thallo-

thallogen n thallogeno

  • n thallogeno (-ògeno)

thallus [Bot] n thallo

Thames [Geog] n Thames

than conj/prep que

  • ~ , in what manner, how, as adv/conj quam

thank v regratiar

  • v regratiar gratias
  • ~ you very much phr multe gratias

thankful adj grate

  • ~ , grateful adj grate

thankfulness n gratitude

thankless adj ingrate

thanks n gratias

thanksgiving n action de gratias

thank-you phr gratias

thanx (colloq) n gratias

that (one) dem pron cello

  • (relative) pron le qual, que
  • (relative) pron que, le qual
  • (so) adv si, tanto
  • (so) adv tanto, si
  • (who) pron le qual, le quales, qui, que
  • (who) pron le quales, qui, que, le qual
  • (who) pron que, le qual, le quales, qui
  • (who) pron qui, que, le qual, le quales
  • adj ille
  • ~ can be applied or put on adj applicabile
  • ~ can be hardened adj indurabile
  • ~ can be liquidated adj liquidabile
  • ~ can be won or gained adj ganiabile
  • ~ cannot be cut, indivisible adj insecabile
  • ~ conj que
  • ~ degree or extent adv eo
  • ~ dem adj celle
  • ~ dem pron id
  • ~ is a matter of opinion, disputable adj opinabile
  • ~ keeps him standing phr Isto le mantene in pede
  • ~ may be appropriated adj appropriabile
  • ~ pron illo
  • ~ purpose, to that end adv eo
  • ~ , because, why conj quod
  • ~ , these, those, this dem adj esse
  • ~ , these, those, this dem adj isse
  • ~ , this adj/pron ce
  • ~ , this dem adj is
  • ~ , this dem pron esso
  • ~ , this dem pron is
  • ~ , this dem pron isso
  • ~ , those dem adj ille
  • ~ , what rel pron quod
  • ~ , who, whom, which rel pron que
  • ~ , who, whom, which rel pron que (ke;kwe)

thatch (tecto de) n palea

  • v impalear

thatched (con tecto) adj de palea, impaleate

  • (con tecto) adj impaleate, de palea

that-one (he) pron ille

  • ~ -one (it) pron illo
  • ~ -one (she) pron illa

thaumat-, thaumato- (wonder, marvel) occurring in compounds] n thaumat-

thaumaturge n thaumaturgo

thaumaturgic adj thaumaturgic

thaumaturgy n thaumaturgia

  • n thaumaturgia (-ìa)

thaw n disgelo

  • v t/vi disgelar

the (definite article) art le

  • (the ... the ...) adv tanto ... quanto
  • ~ Dipper, Septentrion [Astron] n septentrion
  • ~ former (ille) dem pron cello
  • ~ former ille dem adj ille
  • ~ latter dem adj iste
  • ~ left adv levorso
  • ~ Netherlands, Holland n Hollanda
  • ~ perception of sounds n audientia
  • ~ same (thing) pron idem
  • ~ same (thing) pron idem (ì-)

theater (1. theater building, hall etc.; 2. theatrical art, profession, literature) n theatro

  • ~ , -tre n theatro

theater-goer n frequentator de theatros

theatre, -ter (all senses) n theatro

theatrical adj theatral

theatrically adv theatralmente

theatricalness (character of being theatrical in type, behavior) n theatralitate

theatromania n theatromania -ìa)

theatromaniac n theatromano

  • n theatromano (-ò-)

theca (sheath, capsule, receptacle) Anat/Bot/Zool] n theca

thee (old english) pron te

  • [Relig] te

theft (act of) n furto

  • n furto

theine [Chem] n theina

  • [Chem] n theina (-ìna)

their pron lor

theirs pron le lore, le lores

  • ~ pron le lores, le lore

theism n theismo

  • n theismo (-ìzmo)

theist n theista

  • n theista (-ìsta)

theistic adj theistic

  • adj theistic (-ìstic)

them (after a preposition) pron masc/gen

  • (as in I see them, I write them a letter) pron pers les
  • (as in with them, for them) pron pers illes
  • (things) pron illos
  • (things) pron los
  • ~ pron Fem]
  • ~ pron masc/gen

thematic adj thematic

theme (1. topic, subject; 2. School] (composition; 3. Mus]) n thema

  • (1. topic, subject; 2. School] (composition; 3. Mus]) n thema -ma/-mat-]
  • n thema
  • ~ , stem, base [Gram] n thema
  • ~ , stem, base [Gram] n thema -ma/-mat-]

themselves (object) pron se mesme

  • (subject) pron illes illas illos

then (1. at that time; 2. in that case, consequently) adv alora

  • (1. at that time; 2. in that case, consequently) adv tunc
  • (1. at that time; 2. next; 3. afterwards) adv tum
  • (by ~) adv in iste tempore
  • (in time) adv alora
  • (next) adv postea
  • (therefore) adv ergo
  • (up to ~) adv ante iste momento
  • ~ conj tun
  • ~ conj tunc
  • ~ , consequently, accordingly, therefore adv ergo

thence, from that place, from there adv inde

theo-, the- (as in theology, as in theist) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n theo-

theocracy n theocratia

  • n theocratia (-ìa)

theocrat n theocrate

  • n theocrate (-ò-)

theocratic adj theocratic

theocraticly adv theocraticamente

theodicy n theodicea

  • n theodicea (-éa)

theogonic adj theogonic

theogony n theogonia

  • n theogonia (-ìa)

theologian n theologo

  • n theologo (-òlogo)

theological adj theologic

theologically adv theologicamente

theologize v theologisar

theology n theologia

  • n theologia (-ìa)

theomancy n theomantia

  • n theomantia (-ìa)

theor [Gr. Hist] n theoro

  • [Gr. Hist] n theoro (-òro)

theorem n theorema

  • n theorema -ma/-mat-]

theorematic adj theorematic

theoretical adj theoretic

  • adj theoric

theoretically adv theoricamente

theoretician, theorist n theoretico

theoretics n theoretica

theoria [Gr. Relig] n theoria

  • [Gr. Relig] n theoria (-ìa)

theorist n theorista

  • ~ , theoretician n theoretico

theorize v theorisar

theory n theoria

  • n theoria (-ìa)

theosophical adj theosophe

  • adj theosophe (-òsophe)
  • adj theosophic

theosophist n theosopho

  • n theosopho (-òsopho)

theosophy n theosophia

  • n theosophia (-ìa)

therapeutic adj therapeutic

  • ~ , therapeutical adj therapeutic

therapeutics n therapeutica

  • n therapia
  • n therapia (-ìa)

therapeutist n therapeuta

therapy n therapia

  • n therapia (-ìa)

there adv eo

  • adv ibi
  • adv ibi, illac
  • adv illac
  • adv illac, ibi
  • ~ , in that place adv illic

there-abouts (approximately) adv assi circa, plus o minus

  • ~ -abouts (approximately) adv plus o minus, assi circa
  • ~ -abouts (place) adv in ille vicinitate

there-after adv pois, postea

  • ~ -after adv postea, pois
  • ~ , next adv deinde
  • ~ , next adv deinde (déin-)

there-are v. phr il ha

there-by adv in iste modo, pro isto

  • ~ -by adv pro isto, in iste modo

there-fore adv dunque

  • adv eo
  • ~ -fore adv ergo
  • ~ -fore adv igitur
  • ~ , from that cause adv inde
  • ~ , then, consequently, accordingly adv ergo

there-is v. phr il ha

thereupon adv igitur

  • ~ , tenceforward, from that time, after that adv inde

thermal adj thermal

thermic adj thermic

Thermidor [French Revolutionary Calendar] n thermidor

Thermidorian [Fr. Hist] adj thermidorian

  • [Fr. Hist] n thermidoriano

thermite (as in welding with thermite) n thermite

thermocautery n thermocauterio

thermochemistry n thermochimia

  • n thermochimia (-ìa)

thermodynamic adj thermodynamic

thermodynamics [Sci] thermodynamica

  • n thermodynamica

thermometer n thermometro

  • n thermometro (-ò-)

thermonuclear adj thermonuclear

thermos (- flask) n thermos

  • (bottle) n thermos
  • (bottle) n thermos A]
  • n thermos

thermostat n thermostato

  • n thermostato (-ò-)

thesaurus n thesauro

these (persons) pron istes

  • (things) pron istos
  • adj iste
  • ~ , those, this, that dem adj esse
  • ~ , those, this, that dem adj isse

thesis (1. Pros]; 2. proposition) n these

  • n these

thetic (1. Pros]; 2. dogmatic) adj thetic

theurgic adj theurgic

  • adj theurgic (-ùrgic)

theurgist n theurgista

  • n theurgo
  • n theurgo (-ùrgo)

theurgy, magic, white magic n theurgia

  • ~ , magic, white magic n theurgia (-ìa)

they (people in general) pron on

  • (things) pron illos
  • ~ pron Fem]
  • ~ pron masc/gen
  • ~ pron pers illes
  • ~ pron pers illi

thick (1. as in a thick board, two inches thick; 2. dense) adj spisse

  • (dense) adj dense
  • (dense) adj spisse
  • (not flowing easily) adj crasse
  • (obtuse) adj obtuse, stupide
  • (obtuse) adj stupide, obtuse
  • (of liquids) adj crasse, viscose
  • (of liquids) adj viscose, crasse
  • (of string) adj grosse
  • adj spisse

thicken (make thicker or denser) v spissar

  • v inspissar
  • v inspissar (se)
  • ~ , inspissate v inspissar

thickening n inspissation

  • ~ , inspissation n inspissation

thicket n boscage

  • ~ of thorns n spineto
  • ~ , boscage n boscage
  • ~ , boscage n boscage (-aje)

thick-necked adj laticolle

thickness (1. as in thickness of a board; 2. density) n spissitate

  • (1. as in thickness of a board; 2. density) n spissor
  • (density) n densitate
  • (of liquids) n crassitude
  • (of solids) n spissor

thick-skinned adj insensibile

thicktongued, crassilingual adj crassilingue

thief n fur

thieve v furar

thieving adj dishoneste

  • n furto

thigh n coxa

  • n femore

thigh-bone n femore

thimble n digital

thin (as in thin hair, thin grass etc.) adj rar

  • (lean) adj magre
  • (not dense) adj rar
  • (slender) adj tenue
  • ~ plate n lamella
  • v attenuar
  • ~ , meager, lean adj magre
  • ~ , slender, tenuous adj tenue

thine pron le tue, le tues, tue

  • ~ pron le tues, tue, le tue
  • ~ pron tue, le tue, le tues

thing (for one - ... for another...) phr in prime loco ... del altere parte...

  • ~ done, deed n pragma
  • ~ done, deed n pragma -ma/-mat-]
  • n cosa
  • n cosa, objecto
  • n objecto, cosa
  • ~ or event that is current or present, character of what is current or present n actualitate
  • ~ , affair, matter n re

things n effectos

think (1. to reason, ponder, reflect; 2. to believe) v pensar

  • (believe) v creder
  • (reflect) v pensar
  • ~ highly of, esteem v considerar
  • ~ of, ponder v meditar
  • ~ out, excogitate v excogitar
  • ~ , imagine, suppose v putar

thinker n pensator

thinking v pensar

  • ~ , thought n pensar

think-of (hold an opinion about) v pensar de

  • ~ -of (think about) v pensar a

think-out v excogitar

think-over v considerar

thinness (leanness) n magressa

  • (slenderness) n tenuitate
  • ~ Hcnce: emaciar, leanness n macie
  • ~ , leanness n magressa
  • ~ , tenuity n tenuitate

thin-skinned adj susceptibile, troppo sensibile

  • ~ -skinned adj troppo sensibile, susceptibile

third (fraction) n tertio

  • [Mus] n tertia
  • adj tertie
  • n mus

third-class adj de tertie classe

third-dimension n tertie dimension

third-dimensional n de tertie dimension

third-party adj tertie persona

third-person n tertie persona

third-rate adj de basse categoria

thirst n sete

  • v haber sete
  • v haber sete (de)

thirsty (be ~) v. phr haber sete

  • adj assetate

thirteen adj dece-tres

  • adj dece-tres (-trés)
  • adj tredece
  • adj tredece (tré-)
  • ~ adj/n dece-tres

thirteenth adj dece-tertie

  • n dece-tertio

thirtieth adj trentesime

  • adj trentesime (-ésime)
  • n trentesimo

thirty adj trenta

  • ~ adj/n trenta

this (iste) adj este

  • (thing, idea) dem pron hoc
  • (this thing, reason, or idea) pron esto
  • adj iste
  • ~ dem adj iste
  • ~ hic dem adj hic
  • ~ place, thus far, hitherto, as yet, until now, so far, yet, still adv adhuc
  • ~ pron isto
  • ~ way, on this side, here adv hac
  • ~ , that adj/pron ce
  • ~ , that dem adj is
  • ~ , that dem pron esso
  • ~ , that dem pron is
  • ~ , that dem pron isso
  • ~ , that, these, those dem adj esse
  • ~ , that, these, those dem adj isse

thistle n cardo

thither, ulterior, situated beyond adj ulterior

Thomism [Philos] n thomismo

Thomist thomista n thomista

thong n corregia

Thor [Norse Mythol] n Thor

thoracic adj thoracic

thorax n thorace

thoric [Chem] adj thoric

thorite [Mineral] n thorite

thorium [Chem] n thorium

  • [Chem] n thorium (tò-)

thorn [Bot] n aculeo

  • n spina
  • ~ , prickle [Bot] n acantha
  • ~ , spine n spina
  • ~ , thornbush n spino

thornbush n spino

  • ~ , thorn n spino

thorniness n spinositate

thorny (1. full of thorns; 2. as in a thorny question) adj spinose

  • adj spinose

thorough adj minutiose

  • ~ , detailed adj minutiose

thoroughfare n passage, via public

  • n via public, passage

thoroughgoing adj complete, radical

  • adj radical, complete

thoroughly adv a fundo

thoroughness n minutiositate

those (illes) dem pron celles

  • (persons) pron illes
  • (things) pron illos
  • ~ pron ille
  • ~ , that dem adj ille
  • ~ , this, that, these dem adj esse
  • ~ , this, that, these dem adj isse

those-who (illes) pron qui

thou (old english) pron tu

  • ~ pron Relig]

though (as ~) conj como si

  • adv ben que

thought (a thought) n pensata

  • (idea) n idea, pensata
  • (idea) n pensata, idea
  • (on second ~) conj. phr post reflexion
  • (process or power of thinking) n pensamento
  • (thinking) n pensamento
  • ~ , thinking n pensar

thoughtful (careful) adj prudente

  • (kind) adj considerate
  • (meditative) adj pensative

thoughtfulness n consideration, sollicitude

  • n sollicitude, consideration

thoughtless (rash) adj imprudente

  • (selfish) adj inconsiderate

thoughtlessness n imprudentia, irreflexion

  • n irreflexion, imprudentia
  • ~ , want of reflection n irreflexion

thousand adj/n mille

thousandth adj millesime

  • adj millesime (-ésime)
  • n millesime parte

thrash v batter, fustigar

  • v fustigar, batter
  • ~ , beat, cudgel v fustigar
  • ~ , flail, shell, thresh v disgranar

thrashing n fustigation

  • ~ , beating (act of) n fustigation

thrash-out v debatter, discuter a fundo

  • ~ -out v discuter a fundo, debatter

thread (a needle) v infilar

  • (filament) n filo
  • (news-) n. phr ?
  • (of screw) n filetto
  • n filo
  • v infilar
  • v infilar (un agulia)

threadbare adj consumite

  • adj consumite (usque al filos)

threat n menacia

  • ~ , menace n menacia

threaten v menaciar

  • ~ , menace v menaciar

threatening adj menaciante

three adj tres

  • ~ adj/n tres

three-cornered adj triangular

  • ~ -cornered adj tricorne

three-dimensional adj tridimensional

  • ~ , tridimensional adj tridimensional

threefold adj/adv triple

  • ~ , triple adj trin
  • ~ , triplex, triple adj triplice
  • ~ , triplex, triple adj triplice (trì-)

three-fourths adj tres quartos

three-lobed, trilobate adj trilobate

three-oared trireme, trireme adj trireme

three-quarters adj tres quartos

three-score (three times twenty) adj sexanta, tres vices vinti

  • ~ -score (three times twenty) adj tres vices vinti, sexanta

threesome (group of three) n trio

three-wheeler (car) n automobile a tres rotas

  • ~ -wheeler (tricycle) n tricyclo

thresh (grain) v mallear

  • v tribular
  • ~ , thrash, flail, shell v disgranar

thresher (1. one who threshes; 2. threshing machine) n disgranator

  • ~ , threshing machine n tribulo
  • ~ , threshing machine n tribulo (trì-)

threshing floor n aira

  • ~ machine, thresher n tribulo
  • ~ machine, thresher n tribulo (trì-)
  • ~ , flailing, shelling (act of) n disgranamento

threshold n limine

thrice adj tres vices

thrift n economia, sparnio

  • n sparnio, economia

thriftless adj prodige

thrifty adj frugal

thrill (feeling) n emotion excitante

  • [Med] n fremito
  • v emotionar, facer fremer
  • v facer fremer, emotionar

thriller n romance de spionage, romance policiari

  • n romance policiari, romance de spionage

thrilling adj emotionante, sensational

  • adj sensational, emotionante

thrive v florer, prosperar

  • v prosperar, florer

thriving adj florescente, prospere

  • adj prospere, florescente

throat (have a sore ~) v. phr haber mal de gorga

  • n gorga
  • n jugulo
  • ~ , gullet n gurgite
  • ~ , gullet n gurgite (gùr-)
  • ~ , gullet n gutture
  • ~ , gullet, gorge n gorga

throb (beat) v palpitar, pulsar

  • (beat) v pulsar, palpitar
  • (beating) n palpitation, pulsation
  • (beating) n pulsation, palpitation
  • (of motor) n vibration
  • (of motor) v vibrar

throbbing (beating) adj palpitante, pulsative

  • (beating) adj pulsative, palpitante
  • (beating) n palpitation, pulsation
  • (beating) n palpitation, pulsation (of motor)
  • (beating) n pulsation (of motor), palpitation
  • (beating) n pulsation, palpitation
  • (of motor) adj vibrante
  • ~ , pulsing, vibrating adj palpitante
  • ~ , pulsing, vibrating adj palpitante (ppr of palpitar)

thrombosis n thrombosis

throne n throno

throng n multitude, turba

  • n turba, multitude
  • v affluer
  • v affluer (a un loco)
  • ~ , crowd n pressa
  • ~ , crowd n turba
  • ~ , crowd, flock (a place) v affluer
  • ~ , crowd, flock (a place) v affluer -flu-/-flux-]

throttle n regulator

  • v strangular

through (- and ~) adv de parte a parte

  • (from one side to the other of) prep per
  • prep a transverso de, per
  • prep per, a transverso de
  • prep tra
  • ~ , from side to side prep traverso

throughbred adj/n de pur sanguine, de racia

  • ~ adj/n de racia, de pur sanguine

throughout adv in omne parte

  • prep in omne parte del, per
  • prep per, in omne parte del

through-train n traino directe

throughway n autostrata

throw again v rejectar

  • ~ into a fever, make feverish v infebrar
  • ~ into disorder, confuse, disturb v turbar
  • n tiro
  • ~ out of balance, unbalance v disequilibrar
  • ~ out of the window v defenestrar
  • v jectar
  • v jectar, lancear
  • v lancear, jectar
  • v itriol at v vitriolar
  • ~ , cast, hurl v jacular

throw-away v jectar via

throw-back v rejectar

throw-down v jectar a terra, jectar in basso

  • ~ -down v jectar in basso, jectar a terra

throwing into a fever (action of) n infebramento

throw-off (become free from) v liberar se de, quitar se de

  • ~ -off (become free from) v quitar se de, liberar se de
  • ~ -off (issue) v emitter

throw-out v expeller

throw-over v abandonar

throw-up (abandon) v abandonar

  • ~ -up (toss in the air) v jectar in aere
  • ~ -up (vomit) v vomitar

thrush (bird) n turdo

  • [Med] n aphtha
  • n turdo

thrust (mil) n attacco

  • (push) n pulsata
  • ~ away v abstruder
  • ~ away v abstruder -trud-/-trus-]
  • ~ in, drive in v figer
  • ~ in, drive in v figer fig-/fix-]
  • v impeller
  • v pulsar

thrust-back v repulsar

thrust-forward v pulsar in avante

thrust-in v figer

  • ~ -in v intruder

thrust-out v extender

thud n ruito surde

  • v facer un ruito surde

thug (fig) n bruto

  • (hist) n strangulator

thumb n pollice

  • n pollice (pòl-)

thumb-a-lift v facer le autostop

thumbtack n cimice

  • ~ -tack n cimice
  • n cimice (cìmice)

thump (blow) n colpo

  • (sound) n ruito surde
  • vi batter pesantemente
  • vt colpar
  • ~ , beat, cudgel v massar

thumping adj enorme

  • n battimento pesante

thunder and lighten v fulminar

  • ~ bolt, lightning n fulmine
  • n tonitro
  • n tonitro (tò-)
  • v tonar

thunder-and-lightning v fulminar

thunderbolt n fulmine

thunder-cloud n nubilo

thunderstorm n tempesta de tonitro

thunderstruck (struck by lightning) adj siderate

  • adj Fig]

thurifer [Eccl] n incensator

thursday n jovedi

  • n jovedi
  • n jovedi (-dì)

thus adv assi, si

  • adv si, assi
  • ~ far, hitherto, as yet, until now, so far, yet, still, this place adv adhuc
  • ~ , so adv assi
  • ~ , so adv assi (-sì)
  • ~ , so adv ita
  • ~ , so adv si
  • ~ , so adv sic

thwart v contrariar

  • ~ , oppose, run counter to v contrariar

thy pron le... tue, tu

  • ~ pron tu, le... tue

thyme [Bot] n thymo

  • n thymo

thymelaeaceous [Bot] adj thymelaeacee

thymic adj thymic

thymol [Chem] n thymol

thymus [Anat] n thymo

thyreo-, thyro- (1. shield; 2. thyroid) occurring in compounds] n thyreo-

thyreoid, thyroid [Anat] adj thyreoide

thyreotomy, thyrotomy [Surg] n thyreotomia

  • ~ , thyrotomy [Surg] n thyreotomia (-ìa)

thyroid [Anat] adj thyroide

  • [Anat] n glandula thyroide
  • ~ , thyreoid [Anat] adj thyreoide

thyrotomy [Surg] n thyrotomia

  • [Surg] n thyrotomia (-ìa)
  • ~ , thyreotomy [Surg] n thyreotomia
  • ~ , thyreotomy [Surg] n thyreotomia (-ìa)

thyself pron te

ti, si [Mus] n si

tiara n tiara

Tiber [Geog] n Tiber

  • n Tibere, Tibre
  • n Tibre, Tibere

Tiberias [Geog] n Tiberiades

Tibet [Geog] n Tibet

  • n Tibet

tibetan adj tibetan

  • adj tibetan
  • n tibetano
  • n tibetano

tibia n tibia

tibial [Anat] adj tibial

tic n tic

  • ~ , twitching [Med] n tic
  • ~ , twitching [Med] n tic F]

tick (buy on ~) v comprar a credito

  • (insect) n ricino
  • (just a ~) phr un momento
  • (o.k. mark) n marca de approbation
  • (of clock) n tic-tac
  • (tic, nervous ~) n convulsion parve
  • vi facer tic-tac
  • vt poner un marca contra

ticked (- off, upset) adj disturbate

  • (marked) adj marcate
  • (scolded) adj reprochate

ticket (as in railroad, theater, ticket) n ticket

  • (as in railroad, theater, ticket) n ticket A]
  • (lodging order) n billet
  • (pol) n lista electoral
  • (rr) n billet, billette, billetto
  • (rr) n billette, billetto, billet
  • (rr) n billetto, billet, billette
  • (tag) n etiquetta
  • ~ seller n billetero
  • ~ , label, tag n etiquetta
  • ~ , label, tag n etiquetta (-ké-)

ticket-collector n controllator de billetes

ticket-holder n tenitor de billet

ticket-office n billeteria

ticket-window, box-office n billeteria

  • ~ -window, box-office n billeteria (-ìa)

ticking n tela de matras

ticking-off n reproche

tickle v titillar

tickling n titillation

ticklish (easily tickled) adj sensibile a titillation

  • (of situation) adj delicate

tick-off (scold) v reprochar

tick-over v tornar al maxime lentor

tidal adj de marea

tide (high ~) n marea alte

  • (low ~) n marea basse
  • n marea
  • n marea (-éa)

tidiness n bon ordine, character methodic

  • n character methodic, bon ordine

tidy (of person) adj methodic

  • (orderly) adj in ordine
  • v poner in ordine

tie (bond) n ligamine

  • (clothing) n cravata
  • (rr) n transversa
  • (votes) n paritate
  • [Mus] n ligatura
  • vi esser par
  • vt attaccar, ligar
  • vt ligar, attaccar
  • ~ , bond n ligamine

tie-down v immobilisar

tie-on v attaccar con corda

tier n etage, grado

  • n grado, etage

tierce (1. Fencing]; 2. Eccl]) n tertia

tie-up (bind) v ligar

  • ~ -up (fig) v immobilisar
  • ~ -up (moor) v amarrar

tiff n querela

tiger n tigre

tight (close fitting) adj stricte

  • (closed) adj hermeticamente
  • (firmly) adv ben, forte
  • (firmly) adv forte, ben
  • (fitting closely) adj stricte
  • (of nut) adj fixe
  • (taut) adj tense

tighten (by compression) v serrar

  • (by tension) v tender
  • (screw) v stringer

tightening n serramento, strictessa

  • n strictessa, serramento
  • ~ , fastening (action of) n serramento
  • ~ , stricture, binding tightly (act of) n strictura

tight-fisted adj avar

tightness n strictessa

  • n strictessa, tension
  • n tension, strictessa

tightrope n corda tense

  • ~ walker, funambulist n funambulo
  • ~ walker, funambulist n funambulo (-àm-)

tightrope-walker n funambulo

tights n tricot

  • ~ , sweater (knitted garment) n tricot
  • ~ , sweater (knitted garment) n tricot F]

tigress n tigressa

tigrine adj tigrate

tilde n tilde

  • n tilde H]

tile n tegula

  • n tegula (té-)
  • v tegular

tiler n tegulero

tilery n teguleria

  • n teguleria (-ìa)

Tiliaceae [Bot] n tiliaceas

tiliaceous [Bot] adj tiliacee

till n cassa

  • prep usque
  • v cultivar, laborar
  • v laborar, cultivar
  • ~ , cashbox (also: place, office, establishment, etc. where money is kept, received or paid, as cashier's desk, savings bank, sick fund, etc.) n cassa
  • ~ , cultivate v coler
  • ~ , cultivate v coler col-/cult-]

tilled, cultivated adj culte

tiller (of the soil) n cultivator, laborator

  • (of the soil) n laborator, cultivator
  • [Naut] n barra
  • [Nav] barra

tilt n inclination

  • v inclinar
  • v inclinar (se)

timbal, kettledrum n timbal

timbale [Cookery] n timbal

timber n ligno

timberyard n deposito de ligno

timbre (sound quality) n timbre

  • n timbro

time (1. duration) n tempore

  • (age) n epocha, periodo
  • (age) n periodo, epocha
  • (as in three times) n vece
  • (as in three times) n vice
  • (as in to time a horse) v chronometrar
  • (from - to ~) adv de tempore in tempore
  • (in ~) adv a tempore
  • (set or calculate the time) v calcular le hora, fixar le hora
  • (set or calculate the time) v fixar le hora, calcular le hora
  • (sports) v chronometrar
  • (three -s) adj. phr tres vices
  • (waste ~) v. phr perder le tempore
  • n tempore
  • ~ of office of a legislative body n legislatura

time-bomb n bomba a horologieria

time-exposure n posa

timekeeper n chronometrista

  • ~ -keeper n chronometrista

timeless adj eterne

time-limit n limitation de tempore

timely adj opportun

timepiece (1. clock; 2. watch) n horologio

time-saving adj. phr que economisa tempore

time-sheet n folio de presentia

timetable n horario

  • ~ -table n horario

timid adj pavorose, timide

  • adj timide
  • adj timide, pavorose
  • ~ , fearful adj pavorose

timidity n timiditate

timing (calculating length of time) n calculo de tempore

  • (sport) n chronometrage

timorous, fearful adj timorose

Timothy n Timotheo

timpani n timbales

tin (can) n cassa de latta

  • (can) n latta
  • (metal) n stanno
  • (plate with tin) v stannar
  • n stanno
  • ~ plater n stannator
  • v stannar

tinctorial adj tinctori

  • adj tinctorial

tincture n tinctura

tinder (kindling) n esca

  • (kindling) n fomite
  • n esca
  • n fomite
  • n fomite (fò-)

tinea, ringworm, athlete's foot [Pathol] n tinea

tinfoil n folio de stanno

tinge (fig) n nuance

  • (shade) n tinta
  • v tintar
  • ~ , tint v tintar

tingle n formicamento

  • v formicar
  • v vibrar

tingling n formicamento

  • n prurito

tinker (- with) v reparar inexpertemente

tinkerer n caldierero

  • n hobbyista
  • n reparator

tinkle n tintinno

  • v tintinnar
  • ~ , jingle, clink v tintinnar

tinkling n tintinnamento

  • ~ , jingling, clinking (action of) n tintinnamento

tinning, tin-plating n stannatura

tin-opener n aperilattas

tinplate n latta

tin-plating, tinning n stannatura

tinsel n auripelle

  • ~ , foil n auripelle

tinsmith n stannero

tint n tincto, tinta

  • n tinta, tincto
  • v tintar
  • ~ , dye, hue n tincto
  • ~ , shade, hue n tinta
  • ~ , tinge v tintar

tiny adj minuscule

  • ~ , minute adj minuscule
  • ~ , very small adj minime
  • ~ , very small adj minime (mì-)

tip (end) n extremitate, puncta

  • (end) n puncta, extremitate
  • (for rubbish) n deposito
  • (gratuity) n gratification, pourboire
  • (gratuity) n pourboire, gratification
  • (hint) n aviso
  • (incline) vt inclinar
  • (pour) v effunder
  • (predict) v prognosticar
  • (reward) v gratificar
  • vi inclinar se
  • ~ , pourboire n pourboire
  • ~ , pourboire n pourboire F]

tip-off v advertir

tip-over v inverter tip-off advertimento clandestin

tipster n prognosticator

  • n prognosticator (de cursas)

tipsy adj inebriate

tiptoe (on ~) adv sur le puncta del pedes

tirade n tirada

tiration [Chem] n titration

tire (pneumatic) n pneu

  • (pneumatic) n pneumatico
  • ~ , tyre (pneumatic) adj pneumatico
  • ~ , tyre n banda
  • ~ , tyre v fatigar
  • ~ , tyre v fatigar (se)

tired adj fatigate

  • adj fatigate (pp of fatigar)
  • adj fatigate, lasse
  • adj lasse, fatigate
  • ~ , weary adj lasse

tire-gauge n manometro

tireless adj infatigabile

tiresome adj enoiose, moleste

  • adj moleste, enoiose

tire-trouble n panna de pneu

tiring adj fatigante

  • ~ , fatiguing adj fatigante

tisane, tea (medicinal) n tisana

tissue (biol) n texito

  • (fabrication) n texito
  • [Biol] n texito
  • [Med] n histo

tissue-paper n papiro de seta

Titan [Gr. Mythol] n Titan

titanic [Chem/Mineral] adj titanic

  • adj titanic
  • adj titanic

titaniferous adj titanifere

titanite [Mineral] n titanite

titanium [Chem] n titanium

  • [Chem] n titanium (-tà-)

titanomachia, war of the Titans n titanomachia

  • ~ , war of the Titans n titanomachia (-ìa)

titbit n morsello saporose

tit-for-tat (give ~) v render le par

tithe collector, tithe man n decimator

  • ~ man, tithe collector n decimator
  • n decima
  • n decima (dé-)
  • ~ , terrage [Hist] n terrage
  • ~ , terrage [Hist] n terrage (-aje)

tithing n decimation

  • v pagar le decima

titillate v titillar

titillation n titillation

title (1. title of nobility, honor, rank; 2. recognized claim or right; 3 . title of a book, song) n titulo (tì-)

  • (1. title of nobility, honor, rank; 2. recognized claim or right; 3 . title of a book, song) n titulo
  • (all meanings) n titulo
  • ~ page n frontispicio
  • v titular

title-deed n titulo de proprietate

title-page n pagina de titulo, frontispicio

titrate [Chcm] v titrar

titter n riso dissimulate, riso nervose

  • v rider dissimulatemente, rider nervosemente

tittle-tattle n commatrage

  • ~ -tattle v commatrar

titular (held by virtue of a title titular) adj titular

to (a point in space or time, a goal) prep a

  • (forward) adv in avante
  • (go - and fro) v. phr ir e venir
  • (implying goal) prep a
  • (implying purpose) prep pro
  • (towards) prep verso
  • ~ barrack, quarter in barracks v casernar
  • ~ be condemned, condemnable adj condemnabile
  • ~ be feared, fearful adj timibile
  • ~ be impregnated (1. capable of being fecundated; 2. permeable) (apt or liable) adj impregnabile
  • ~ be liquidated, go into liquidation v liquidar
  • ~ become adolescent, grow up v adolescer
  • ~ bring to an end, terminate v terminar
  • ~ bring to completion, bring to a close v ultimar
  • ~ burden with, load v onerar
  • ~ circuit, go, walk round v circuir
  • ~ circuit, go, walk round v circuir (-ìr)
  • ~ heal, cure v sanar
  • ~ hum, drone buzz (make a low, continuous sound) v susurrar
  • ~ indebt, involve in debt v indebitar
  • ~ intuit, perceive by intuition v intuer
  • ~ lavish, be prodigal of v prodigar
  • ~ look ahead, look forward v prospicer
  • ~ look ahead, look forward v prospicer -spic-/-spect-]
  • ~ make affected, to stylize, fill with mannerism v manierar
  • ~ make complete, complement v complementar
  • ~ make milder or more pleasing, soften v adulciar
  • ~ page, number the pages of v paginar
  • prep ad
  • prep Gen]
  • ~ reassure, tranquillize v tranquillisar
  • ~ relapse, fall back or down again v recader
  • ~ seriate, arrange in series v seriar
  • ~ stylize, fill with mannerism, to make affected v manierar
  • ~ such a degree, so, as adv tam
  • ~ supply for, substitute (someone) v suppler
  • ~ take dinner, dine v dinar
  • ~ that end, that purpose adv eo
  • ~ the end that, just as, as, how, in order that adv ut
  • ~ throw up, regurgitate v regurgitar
  • ~ title, endow with a title of rank adj titular
  • ~ tread, crush, trample (grapes) v fullar
  • ~ treat with a syringe, syringe v syringar
  • ~ turpentine, terebinthinate v terebinthinar
  • ~ , up to (a point in space or time) (all the way) prep usque

toad n bufon

toadstool n fungo

toady (flatterer) n sycophante

toast (1. as in to toast bread; 2. to propose a toast to) v toastar

  • (1. toasted bread; 2. as in to drink a toast) n toast
  • (1. toasted bread; 2. as in to drink a toast) n toast A]
  • (both senses) n toast
  • (both senses) v tostar
  • v tostar

toaster (both senses) n tostator

  • (one who or that which toasts) n tostator

tobacco (1. tobacco plant; 2. as in smoking tobacco) n tabaco

  • n tabaco

tobacconist n tabachero

tobacconist's n tabacheria

s, cigar store n tabacheria

s, cigar store n tabacheria (-ìa)

toboggan n toboggan

  • n toboggan A]
  • v ir in toboggan

toccata [Mus] n toccata

today adv hodie

  • ~ adv/n hodie

today's adv de hodie, hodierne

s adv hodierne, de hodie

toddle v ambular a passos breve e incerte

toddler n infante qui comencia ambular

toddy n toddy

  • n toddy A]

toe n digito de pede

toehead adj blonde

toenail n ungula del pede

toe-the-line v conformar se

  • ~ -the-line v conformar se (al regulas)

toffee n caramello al butyro

toga [Rom. Antiq] n toga

  • n toga

togaed (having a toga) adj togate

together adv conjunctemente, insimul

  • adv insimul, conjunctemente
  • ~ insimul (-sì-) adv insimul
  • ~ insimul (-sì-) adv insimul (-sì-)
  • ~ , at once, at the same time adv simul
  • ~ , at once, at the same time adv simul (sì-)
  • ~ , conjointly, conjunctly, jointly adv conjunctemente

Togo [Geog] n Togo

toil n labor, travalio

  • n travalio, labor
  • v travaliar
  • ~ , labor n travalio
  • ~ , labor v travaliar

toilet (dressing) n toilette

  • (dressing, grooming) n toilette
  • (dressing, grooming) n toilette F]
  • (lavatory) n w.c., water closet
  • (lavatory) n water closet, w.c.
  • ~ soap (scented) n saponetta
  • ~ , water closet n water-closet
  • ~ , water closet n water-closet A]

toilet-paper n papiro hygienic

toilet-roll n rolo de papiro hygienic

toilette (attire) n toilette

  • (attire) n toilette F]

toilet-water n aqua de toilette

Tokay n Tokai

  • n Tokai Hu]

toke v fumar marijuana

Tokelau [Geog] n Tokelau

token (metal or plastic) n dischetto

  • (subway, underground rail) n jecton, jeton
  • (subway, underground rail) n jeton, jecton
  • adj symbolic
  • n indicio, signo
  • n signo, indicio
  • ~ , indication, mark n indicio

Tokyo n Tokio

tolerability n tolerabilitate

tolerable (that can be endured) adj tolerabile

  • adj suffribile, tolerabile
  • adj tolerabile, suffribile
  • ~ , sufferable, bearable adj suffribile

tolerance n tolerantia

  • ~ , toleration n tolerantia

tolerant adj tolerante

tolerate v tolerar

  • ~ , endure v tolerar

toleration n toleration

  • ~ , tolerance n tolerantia

tolerator n tolerator

toll colletor n pedagero

  • ~ colletor n pedagero (-ajéro)
  • n pedage
  • n pedage (-aje)
  • v sonar

toll-bar n barriera de pedage

toll-bridge n ponte de pedage

toll-collector n pedagero

tollgate n barriera

tomahawk n tomahawk

  • n tomahawk A]

tomato n tomate

  • ~ paste n pasta de tomate
  • ~ plant n tomatiero

tomb n tumba

  • ~ , grave n tumba
  • ~ , tombal adj tumbal

tombal, tomb adj tumbal

tombola n tombola

  • n tombola I]

tombstone n petra tumbal

tomcat n catto

tomfodlery n stupiditates

tommy-gun n pistola mitraliatrice

tomorrow adv cras

  • adv deman
  • ~ adv/n deman

tomorrow-night adv deman vespere

tomorrow's, of tomorrow adj crastine

tomtom n tamtam

-tomy (cutting) occurring in compounds] n -tomia

  • ~ -tomy (cutting) occurring in compounds] n -tomia (-ìa)

ton (1. Weight]; 2. Naut]) n tonna

  • ~ , tonne n tonna

tonal adj tonal

tonality [Mus] n tonalitate

tone (1. sound, sound quality; 2. Paint]; 3. Physiol]) n tono

  • ~ arm, pickup [Elec] n pick-up
  • ~ arm, pickup [Elec] n pick-up A]
  • n tono

tone-arm n pick-up

tone-down v attenuar

toneless adj monotone

tone-with v harmonisar con

Tonga [Geog] n Tonga

tongs n tenalia

  • ~ , pincers, nippers, vise, clamp n tenalia

tongue (both senses) n lingua

  • [Anat] n lingua
  • ~ , language n lingua

tongue-tied adj confuse, incapace parlar

  • ~ -tied adj incapace parlar, confuse

tongue-twister n parola o phrase difficile a parlar

tonic (1. Med]; 2. pertaining to the stress of a syllable; 3. Mus]) adj tonic

  • adj fortificante, tonic
  • adj tonic, fortificante
  • n tonico
  • ~ , fortifier n fortificante

tonicity [Physiol] n tonicitate

tonic-water n aqua tonic

tonight adv/n iste nocte, iste vespere

  • ~ adv/n iste vespere, iste nocte

tonnage (cubical content of a vessel in tons) n tonnage

  • (cubical content of a vessel in tons) n tonnage (-aje)
  • n tonnage

tonne, ton n tonna

tonsil [Anat] n tonsilla

  • n amygdala, tonsilla
  • n tonsilla, amygdala

tonsillar adj tonsillar

tonsillectomy [Surg] n tonsillectomia

  • [Surg] n tonsillectomia (-ìa)
  • n tonsillotomia
  • n tonsillotomia (-ìa)

tonsillitis [Pathol] n tonsillitis

  • [Pathol] n tonsillitis (-ìtis)
  • n tonsillitis

tonsure [Eccl] n tonsura

  • v tonsurar

too (also) adv anque, tamben

  • (also) adv tamben, anque
  • (excessively) adv troppo
  • ~ fond of the bottle, winebibbing adj vinolente
  • ~ many adj nimie, troppe, troppo de
  • ~ many adj troppe, troppo de, nimie
  • ~ many adj troppo de, nimie, troppe
  • ~ many, too much adj nimie
  • ~ much adj troppe
  • ~ much adv nimis
  • ~ much adv troppo
  • ~ much, too adv nimis
  • ~ much, too adv nimis (nì-)
  • ~ much, too adv tro
  • ~ much, too many adj nimie
  • ~ , also adv alsi
  • ~ , also adv alsi (-ì)
  • ~ , also adv anque
  • ~ , also adv anque (anke)
  • ~ , too much adv nimis
  • ~ , too much adv nimis (nì-)
  • ~ , too much adv tro

tool n instrumento, utensile

  • n utensile, instrumento
  • ~ , utensil n utensile

tool-box n cassa de utensiles

toot (of car horn) n colpo de klaxon

  • n Naut]
  • v dar un colpo de klaxon, sonar
  • v sonar, dar un colpo de klaxon

tooth n dente

  • ~ , indent v dentar
  • ~ , indent v indentar

toothache n dolor de dentes

toothbrush n brossa de dentes

toothed (1. Zool/Bot] (dentate; 2. Mech] (cogged) adj dentate

  • adj dentate

toothless adj sin dentes

toothpaste n dentifricio

toothpick n mundadentes

  • n mundadentes (-dén-)

top (a list) v esser prime de

  • (add to) v coronar
  • (as in to spin a top) n turbine
  • (beat) v exceder
  • (chief) adj principal
  • (first) adj prime
  • (greatest) adj maxime
  • (highest) adj le plus alte
  • (of page) n capite
  • (on bottle) n capsula
  • (order) n prime position
  • (peak) n culmine, summitate
  • (peak) n summitate, culmine
  • (surface) n superficie
  • (toy) n turbine
  • (uppermost) adj superior, supreme
  • (uppermost) adj supreme, superior
  • [Gen] n alto, parte superior
  • [Gen] n parte superior, alto
  • ~ , summit n summitate
  • ~ , upper part n alto

topaz n topazo

topcoat n supertoto

top-copy adj/n original

top-deck adj/n imperial

top-gear n quarte velocitate

top-hat n cappello cylindro

top-heavy adj mal equilibrate, pauco stabile

  • ~ -heavy adj pauco stabile, mal equilibrate

topic n thema

  • n topico

topical (1. local) adj topic

  • adj topic
  • ~ or local application or remedy n topico

topically adv topicamente

topinambou, Jerusalem artichoke n tupinambà

  • ~ , Jerusalem artichoke n tupinambà Tupi]

topmost, highest adj summe

topo-, top- (place) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n topo-

topographer n topographo

  • n topographo (-òqrapho)

topographical adj topographic

topography (1. art or practice of topography; 2. topographical features of an area) n topographia (-ìa)

  • (1. art or practice of topography; 2. topographical features of an area) n topographia
  • n topographia

toponymy n toponymia

  • n toponymia (-ìa)

topple vi cader, collaber, perder equilibrio

  • vi collaber, perder equilibrio, cader
  • vi perder equilibrio, cader, collaber
  • vt facer cader

topsy-turvy adv in disordine

top-up v plenar

torch (flame) n torcha

  • [Elect] n lampa de tasca
  • ~ , brand n face
  • ~ , brand n facula
  • ~ , brand n facula (fàcula)
  • ~ , flambeau n torcha
  • ~ , flambeau n torcha (-sha)

toreador n toreador

  • n toreador H]

torment (cause torment) v tormentar

  • n tormento
  • n travalio
  • v tormentar
  • v travaliar
  • ~ , afflict v remorder
  • ~ , afflict v remorder -mord-/-mors-]
  • ~ , anguish n tormento
  • ~ , cruciation, torture n cruciation
  • ~ , torture n cruciamento
  • ~ , torture v cruciar

tormentil [Bot] n tormentilla

tormenting, torturing adj tormentose

tormentor n tormentator

  • n travaliator
  • ~ , tormenter n tormentator

tornado n tornado

torpedineer n torpedinero

torpedo (1. Mil] (as in submarine torpedo, aerial torpedo; 2. open car with torpedo body) n torpedo

  • (1. Zool] (electric ray; 2. Mil] (as in submarine torpedo, aerial torpedo; 3. Open car with torpedo body) n torpedine
  • n torpedine, torpedo
  • n torpedo, torpedine
  • v torpedar
  • v torpedar, torpedinar
  • v torpedinar
  • v torpedinar, torpedar

torpedo-boat n torpedinero

torpid adj torpide

torpidity n torpiditate

torpor n torpor

torque (turning force) n momento de fortia

torrefaction n torrefaction

torrefy (scorch, parch) v torrefacer

  • (scorch, parch) v torrefacer -fac-/-fact-]

torrent adj torrente

  • adj torrente (ppr ol torrer)
  • n torrente

torrential adj torrential

torrentially adv torrentialmente

torrid adj torride

torsion (act of turning or twisting) n torsion

  • n torsion

torso n torso

  • n torso I]

tortoise [Zool] n testudine

  • n tortuca
  • ~ , testudinal, testudineous adj testudinee
  • ~ , turtle n tortuca

tortoiseshell n scalia de tortuca

tortuosity (quality of being tortuous) n tortuositate

tortuous adj serpentin, tortuose

  • adj tortuose
  • adj tortuose, serpentin

torture (as in to put to torture) n tormento

  • (fig) n tormento
  • (fig) v tormentar
  • (physical) n tortura
  • (physically) v torturar
  • n tortura
  • ~ stake n cruce de tormento, palo de tortura, stauro
  • ~ stake n palo de tortura, stauro, cruce de tormento
  • ~ stake n stauro, cruce de tormento, palo de tortura
  • v suppliciar
  • ~ , put to torture v tormentar
  • ~ , put to torture v torturar
  • ~ , torment n cruciamento
  • ~ , torment v cruciar
  • ~ , torment, cruciation n cruciation

torturer n cruciator

  • n tormentator

torturing, tormenting adj tormentose

tory adj conservatori

  • n conservator, tory
  • n tory
  • n tory A]
  • n tory, conservator

toss vi agitar se

  • vt ballottar, jectar
  • vt jectar, ballottar
  • ~ , toss about v ballottar

toss-up n cosa dubitose

  • ~ -up v agitar, ballottar, jectar
  • ~ -up v ballottar, jectar, agitar
  • ~ -up v jectar, agitar, ballottar

tot (child) n parve infante

  • (of whisky) n bicarietto
  • (total up) v additionar, totalisar
  • (total up) v totalisar, additionar

total adj Fig]

  • adj total
  • n total
  • v amontar a, esser in toto
  • v esser in toto, amontar a
  • ~ , aggregate, inclusive etc. adj global

totalitarian adj totalitari

  • n totalitario

totalitarianism n totalitarismo

totality n totalitate

  • n universalitate

totalization n totalisation

totalizator (totalizer) n totalisator

totalize (ascertain the total of) v totalisar

totally adv totalmente

total-up v additionar, totalisar, summar in toto

  • ~ -up v summar in toto, additionar, totalisar
  • ~ -up v totalisar, summar in toto, additionar

tote (betting) n totalisator

  • (carry) v portar

totem n totem

  • n totem (tò-)

totemic adj totemic

totemism n totemismo

totem-pole n palo totemic

totter v titubar

  • ~ , stagger v titubar

tottering, staggering (act of) n titubation

tot-up v additionar, totalisar

  • ~ -up v totalisar, additionar

touch (1. as in to touch a person on the arm; 2. to affect emotionally) v toccar

  • (act of touching) n tocco
  • (action of touching) n tocca
  • (emotionally) v emotionar, emover
  • (emotionally) v emover, emotionar
  • (get in - with) v. phr mitter se in contacto con
  • (sense of touch) n tacto, toccar
  • (sense of touch) n toccar, tacto
  • [Gen] vt toccar
  • ~ again v retoccar
  • ~ up, rework, retouch v retoccar
  • v tanger
  • v tanger tang-/tact-;-ting-/-tact-]
  • vi toccar se
  • ~ , be in contact with v continger
  • ~ , be in contact with v continger -ting-/-tact-]
  • ~ , feel v tastar
  • ~ , move v emotionar

touchable adj toccabile

touch-and-go adj toccante morte

toucher (one who or that which touches) n toccator

touching (act of) n tacto

  • adj emotionante, toccante
  • adj toccante, emotionante
  • ~ up, retouching (act of) n retocco
  • ~ , moving adj emotionante
  • ~ , pathetic adj toccante
  • ~ , pathetic adj toccante (ppr of toccar)

touch-up v retoccar

touchy adj susceptibile

tough adj dur, foite, resistente

  • adj foite, resistente, dur
  • adj resistente, dur, foite
  • n bandito, duro
  • n duro, bandito

toughen v indurar

toughness n duressa, soliditate

  • n soliditate, duressa

tour n tour

  • v viagiar per, visitar
  • v viagiar per, visitar (como tourista)
  • v visitar (como tourista), viagiar per
  • v visitar, viagiar per
  • ~ , trip, excursion n tour
  • ~ , trip, excursion n tour F]

tourism n tourismo

  • n tourismo (turìzino)

tourist adj touristic

  • n tourista
  • n tourista (turìsta)
  • ~ , touring adj touristic
  • ~ , touring adj touristic (turìstic)

tourmaline n tourmalina

tournament n torneo

  • ~ , tourney n torneo
  • ~ , tourney n torneo (-éo)

tourney v tornear

  • ~ , tournament n torneo
  • ~ , tournament n torneo (-éo)

tourniquet n tournique

  • ~ ; 2. turnstile [Med] n tourniquet
  • ~ ; 2. turnstile [Med] n tourniquet F]

tousle, dishevel v discapillar

tousled adj discapillate

tout (for custom) v sollicitar

  • (of tickets) n revenditor
  • (racing) n informator
  • (solicit) n sollicitator

tow (action) n remulco

  • (fibre) n stoppa
  • n stoppa
  • v remulcar
  • ~ , towy adj stoppose

toward, -s prep verso

  • ~ , towards prep verso

towards prep erga

  • prep ob
  • ~ , toward prep verso

towboat n remulcator

towel n toalia

  • n toalia (-àlia)

towel-rail n portatoalia

tower (watch ~) n guarita, turre de guarda

  • (watch ~) n turre de guarda, guarita
  • n turre
  • ~ over v dominar
  • v elevar se

towering (of rage) adj violente

  • (rising above) adj dominante, imponente
  • (rising above) adj imponente, dominante

tower-shaped adj turriforme

towing n remulcage

town clerk n secretario municipal

  • ~ district n municipio
  • ~ hall n palatio municipal
  • n burgo
  • n citate, urbe
  • n urbe, citate
  • ~ or city council, municipality n municipalilate
  • ~ or city ha l n municipalilate
  • ~ planning, city planning n urbanismo
  • ~ , city n urbe

town-planning n urbanismo

townsman n municipe

  • n municipe (-nì-)

towpath n cammino de traction

towrope n cablo de remulco

towy, tow adj stoppose

toxic adj toxic

  • ~ , poisonous adj toxic

toxication, poisoning n intoxication

toxicological adj toxicologic

toxicologist n toxicologo

  • n toxicologo (-cò-)

toxicology n toxicologia

toxin [Biochem] n toxina

toy adj de joco, pro infantes

  • adj pro infantes, de joco
  • n joculo
  • ~ , plaything n joculo

toyshop n joculeria

toy-with v divertir se con, jocar con

  • ~ -with v jocar con, divertir se con

trabecula [Anat/Zool] n trabecula

trace (1. to follow the trail of, track; 2. to draw in outline) v traciar

  • (outline) v delinear, traciar
  • (outline) v traciar, delinear
  • (track down) v sequer le pista, traciar
  • (track down) v traciar, sequer le pista
  • n tracia, vestigio
  • n vestigio, tracia
  • ~ the outline of v delinear
  • v indust
  • ~ , make a tracing v calcar

traced design, tracing n calco

tracer (one who or that which traces) n traciator

  • ~ , tracing point n calcator

trachea, windpipe n trachea

  • ~ , windpipe n trachea (-éa)

tracheal adj tracheal

tracheitis [Med] n tracheitis

  • [Med] n tracheitis (-ìtis)

tracheotomy n tracheotomia

  • n tracheotomia (-ìa)

tracing n calco

  • ~ point, tracer n calcator
  • ~ , traced design n calco

tracing-paper n papiro de calco

track (of tank) n eruca

  • (on disc) n banda
  • (path) n cammino, sentiero
  • (path) n sentiero, cammino
  • (trail) n tracia
  • n Gen]
  • n Rr]
  • v traciar
  • ~ , trail n tracia

track-down v trovar

trackless adj impenetrabile

tracks, trail (of an animal) n pista

tracksuit n supertoto athletic

tract (1. stretch of territory; 2. period of time; 3. Liturgy]) n tracto

  • (digestive ~) n via digestive
  • n tracto

tractability n tractabilitate

tractable (easy to deal with or to control) adj tractabile

  • adj tractabile

traction (pulling, draft) n traction

  • n traction

tractor (automotive vehicle used for hauling) n tractor

  • n tractor

tractor-driver n tractorista

trade (be engaged in trade) v negotiar

  • (business) n commercio
  • (job) n mestiero
  • (traffic) n traffico
  • adj commercial
  • ~ in contraband v contrabandar
  • ~ in morocco (leather) n marocchineria
  • ~ in morocco (leather) n marocchineria (-erìa)
  • v commerciar
  • v commerciar (in)
  • ~ , commerce, traffic n traffico
  • ~ , commerce, traffic n traffico (trà-)
  • ~ , deal (do business) v commerciar
  • ~ , deal (do business) v mercar
  • ~ , traffic n mercantia
  • ~ , traffic n negotio

trade-dispute n conflicto industrial

trade-in v offerer (un cosa

trademark n marca de fabrica

trader n commerciante

tradesman n fornitor

tradesman's-entrance n entrata de servicio

trade-union n syndicato

  • ~ -union n syndicato (obrer)
  • ~ -union n trade-union
  • ~ -union n trade-union A]

tradeunionism n syndicalismo

  • ~ -unionism n trade-unionismo

tradeunionist n syndicalista

  • ~ -unionist n syndicalista
  • ~ -unionist n trade-unionista

trade-wind n vento alisee

trading n commercio

trading-stamp n coupon de disconto

tradition n tradition

traditional adj traditional

traditionalism n traditionalismo

traditionalist n traditionalista

traditionally adv traditionalmente

traffic (air, rail) n movimentos

  • (as in road traffic) n circulation
  • (bad sense) n traffico
  • (road) n circulation
  • (trade) n commercio
  • v trafficar
  • ~ , trade n mercantia
  • ~ , trade n negotio
  • ~ , trade, commerce n traffico
  • ~ , trade, commerce n traffico (trà-)

trafficator n indicator de direction

traffic-circle n cruciata giratori

traffic-indicator n indicator de direction

traffic-island n refugio

traffic-jam n imbottiliamento/paralyse de circulation

trafficker n trafficator

traffic-lights n signales luminose

tragacanth n tragacantha

tragedian (1. actor in a tragedy; 2. author of tragedies) n tragedo

  • n tragediano

tragedy n tragedia

tragic adj tragic

  • ~ , tragical (1. of a tragedy; 2. calamitous) adj tragic

tragical, tragic (1. of a tragedy; 2. calamitous) adj tragic

tragicomedy n tragicomedia

tragicomic adj tragicomic

trail n pista, tracia

  • n tracia, pista
  • vi sequer lentemente
  • vt sequer le pista de
  • ~ , track n tracia
  • ~ , tracks (of an animal) n pista

trailer n remulco

train (1. train of a gown; 2. suite, retinue; 3. cortege, procession) n traino

  • (a gun) v punctar
  • (animals) v maestrar
  • (as in train of a gown) n cauda
  • (drill) v trainar
  • (exercise, drill) v trainar
  • (gown) n cauda
  • (of thought) n filo
  • (teach) v formar, instruer
  • (teach) v instruer, formar
  • [R.R] n convoyo
  • [R.R] n convoyo (-vò-)
  • n Fig]
  • n Rr]
  • vi exercitar se
  • vt Gen]
  • ~ , exercise, drill v exercitar
  • ~ , instruct v maestrar

trainbearer (one who holds up the train of a robe or gown) n caudatario

trained adj diplomate, specialisate

  • adj specialisate, diplomate

trainee n practicante

trainer (sport) n instructor, trainer

  • (sport) n trainer, instructor
  • (tamer) n domator
  • n trainator

training (drill, practice) n exercitation

  • (professional) n formation
  • ~ , exercise, drill n exercitation
  • ~ , instruction n maestramento

trait (1. lineament of the face, feature; 2. distinctive characteristic) n tracto

  • n tracto

traitor n traitor

Trajan [Rom. Hist] n Trajano

Trajan's, of Trajan adj trajan

trajectory n trajectoria

tram n tram, tramway

  • n tramway, tram
  • ~ , streetcar n tram
  • ~ , streetcar n tram A]

tramcar, trolley, streetcar (car) n tramway

  • ~ , trolley, streetcar (car) n tramway A]

tram-driver n guidator de tram

tramp (man) n vagabundo

  • (tread) n passos pesante
  • (walk) n excursion a pede
  • v camminar
  • ~ , journey, walk along v camminar

trample, - on v fullar, calcar

  • ~ , to tread, crush (grapes) v fullar
  • ~ , trample on v calcar, fullar
  • ~ , tread v calcar

trampoline n trampolino

tramp-steamer n nave de servicio autonome

tram-route n linea de tramvia

tramsship, transfer v transbordar

tram-track n via ferree

  • ~ -track n via ferree (de tramvia)

tramway (track for streetcars) n tramway

  • (track for streetcars) n tramway A]
  • n tramvia

trance n trance

tranquil adj tranquille

  • ~ , calm adj tranquille

tranquillity n tranquillitate

tranquillize v tranquillisar

  • ~ , to reassure v tranquillisar

tranquillizer adj tranquillisante

transact v transiger

  • v transiger -ig-/-act]

transactioal adj transactional

transaction n transaction

transactions (of a learned society) n memorias

transactor n transactor

transalpine (native of a country beyond the Alps) n transalpino

  • [Geog] adj transalpin

transatlantic adj transatlantic

transcend v transcender

  • ~ , exceed v transcender

transcendency n transcendentia

transcendent adj transcendente

  • adj transcendente (ppr of transcender)

transcendental [Philos] adj transcendental

  • adj transcendental
  • ~ philosphy, transcendentalism n transcendentalismo

transcendentalism, transcendental philosphy n transcendentalismo

transcendentalist n transcendentalista

transcendentally adv transcendentalmente

transcribe (1. to make a written copy of; 2. Mus]) v transcriber -scrib-/-script-]

  • (1. to make a written copy of; 2. Mus]) v transcriber
  • v transcriber

transcriber n transcriptor

transcript n transcripto

  • ~ , copy n transcripto

transcription (1. act of copying; 2. Mus]) n transcription

  • n transcription

transept n nave transversal

transfer (1. removal; 2. Law]) n transferimento

  • (1. to move, shift; 2. Law] (transfer property) v transferer
  • (1. to move, shift; 2. Law] (transfer property) v transferer -fer-/-lat-]
  • (passengers) n transbordo
  • (passengers) v transbordar
  • (property) n cession
  • (property) v ceder
  • n Gen]
  • v Gen]
  • ~ , convey v traducer
  • ~ , convey v traducer -duc-/-duct-]
  • ~ , tramsship v transbordar
  • ~ , transference n transferentia
  • ~ , transshipment n transbordo

transferable (property) adj cessibile

  • adj Gen]
  • adj transferibile
  • ~ , assignable adj cessibile

transference n transferentia

  • ~ , transfer n transferentia

transfer-rate n commun

transfiguration n transfiguration

transfigure (change the form or appearance of) v transfigurar

  • v transfigurar

transfix v transfiger

  • v transfiger -fig-/-fix-]

transfixion n transfixion

transform v transformar

  • ~ , metamorphose (cause to change form) v metamorphosar

transformable adj transformabile

transformation n transformation

transformative adj transformative

transformer (1. one who tranforms something; 2. Elec]) n transformator

  • n transformator

transformism n transformismo

transformist n transformista

transfusion n transfusion

transgress vt infringer, transgressar

  • vt transgressar, infringer
  • ~ , commit a wrong v delinquer
  • ~ , commit a wrong v delinquer -linqu-/-lict-]
  • ~ , trespass (against) v transgreder
  • ~ , trespass (against) v transgreder -gred-/-gress-]
  • ~ , trespass (against) v transgressar

transgression n transgression

transgressive adj transgressive

transgressor n transgressor

transient adj fugace, transiente

  • adj transiente, fugace
  • ~ , passing adj transiente
  • ~ , transitory adj transitori
  • ~ , transitory, fleeting adj fugace

transistor n transistor

transit n transito

  • n transito (tràn-)

transition n transition

transitional adj de transition

transitive [Gram] adj transitive

  • adj transitive

transitoriness n fugacitate

transitory adj transitori

  • ~ , fleeting, transient adj fugace
  • ~ , transient adj transitori

Trans-Jordan [Geog] n Trans-Jordania

translatable adj traducibile

translate (1. to transfer, remove; 2. as in to translate a book) v translatar

  • (a language) v traducer
  • (as in to translate into French) v traducer
  • (as in to translate into French) v traducer -duc-/-duct-]
  • (interpret) v interpretar
  • (move) v translatar

translation (1. act of translating from one language into another; 2. version resulting from translation) n traduction

  • (1. transference, removal; 2. as in translation of a book) n translation
  • (movement) n translation
  • (of language) n traduction
  • (result) n version

translator (one who translates from one language into another) n traductor

  • n traductor

translucence, translucency n transluciditate

translucency, translucence n transluciditate

translucent (partly transparent) adj translucide

  • n translucide

transmissibility n transmissibilitate

transmissible adj transmissibile

transmission (1. transmittal, passing on; 2. transmission gear) n transmission

  • n transmission

transmit (pass on) v transmitter

  • (physics) v conducer
  • ~ , pass on v transmitter
  • ~ , pass on v transmitter -mitt-/-miss ]

transmitter (1. person or thing that transmits something; 2. Teleph]) n transmissor

  • (radio) n radiodiffusor
  • (tv) n emissor, telediffusor
  • (tv) n telediffusor, emissor
  • [Gen] transmissor
  • [Radio] n radiodiffusor

transmontane adj transmontan

transmutability n transmutabilitate

transmutable adj transmutabile

transmutation n transmutation

transmute v converter, transmutar

  • v transmutar
  • v transmutar, converter

transom n transversa

transparency (state) n transparentia

  • n Photog]
  • n transparentia
  • ~ , diapositive, transparent positive [Photog] n diapositiva

transparent adj transparente

  • ~ positive, transparency, diapositive [Photog] n diapositiva

transpire (1. to emit, breathe forth; 2. to become known, leak out) v transpirar

transplant n transplantation

  • v transplantar

transplantation n transplantation

transport (1. to convey; 2. to enrapture) v transportar

  • (1. transportation, conveyance; 2. transport-ship; 3 . rapture) n transporto
  • ~ charges (postage, freightage, etc) n porto
  • n transporto
  • v transportar
  • ~ , transportation n transportation

transportable adj transportabile

transportation n transportation

  • ~ , transport n transportation

transport-charges n porto

transporter (one who transports) n transportator

transpose (1. to transfer; 2. to interchange the position of; 3. Mus]) v transponer

  • (1. to transfer; 2. to interchange the position of; 3. Mus]) v transponer -pon-/-posit-]
  • v transponer

transposer (one who or that which transposes) n transpositor

transposition (1. act of transposing; 2. interchange of position; 3. Mus]) n transposition

transpositive [Gram] adj transpositive

transship n transbordar

transshipment, transfer n transbordo

transubstantiate [Theol] v transsubstantiar

transubstantiation [Theol] n transsubstantiation

transudation n transsudation

transude v transsudar

Transvaal n Transvaal

transvase, decant v transvasar

transversal transversal adj transversal

transverse, lying across or athwart adj transverse

Transylvania n Transsilvania

Transylvanian adj transsilvan

  • n transsilvano

trap door, hatch n trappa

  • n trappa
  • v trappar
  • ~ , catch in a trap v trappar

trapdoor n trappa

trapez- (table) occurring in derivatives] n trapez-

trapeze [Gymnastics] n trapezio

  • n trapezio

trapeziform adj trapeziforme

trapezium [Geom] n trapezio

trapezoid [Geom] n trapezoide

trapper (one who traps animals) n trappator

trappings n apparato, paraphernales, ornamentos

  • n ornamentos, apparato, paraphernales
  • n paraphernales, ornamentos, apparato

trash (refuse) n immunditias

  • (worthless goods) n antiqualia, cosas sin valor
  • (worthless goods) n cosas sin valor, antiqualia
  • ~ , old stuff n antiqualia

trashy adj sin valor

trauma n trauma

traumatic adj traumatic

travel (cover) v percurrer

  • (go) v ir, vader
  • (go) v vader, ir
  • (move) v mover se
  • ~ agency n agentia de viages
  • ~ from place to place v itinerar
  • n viages
  • v Gen]
  • v Phys]
  • v viagiar
  • v viagiar (-jàr)

traveler n viagiator

  • n viagiator (-ja-)

traveler's check (traveller's cheque) n cheque de viagiator

traveling (for travel) adj de viages

  • (mobile) adj ambulante
  • ~ bag n portamantello
  • ~ bag, valise n valise
  • ~ bag, valise n valise F]
  • n viages

traveling-expenses n dispensas de viage

traverse [Fortif] n transversa

  • ~ , cross (1. to pass across or through; 2. to thwart) v transversar

travesty n parodia

  • v parodiar

trawl n draga

  • v dragar

trawler n nave de pisca

  • n nave de pisca (con draga)

tray n tabuliero

  • n tabuliero (de servicio)

treacherous (dangerous) adj periculose

  • (disloyal) adj perfide

treachery n perfidia, traition

  • n traition, perfidia

treacle n melassa

tread (of tyre) n banda de rolamento

  • (step) n passo
  • (trample) vt calcar
  • vi camminar, mitter le pede
  • vi mitter le pede, camminar
  • ~ , trample v calcar

treadle n pedal

treason n traition

  • ~ , betrayal n traition

treasonable adj traitor

treasure n thesauro

  • n tresor
  • v guardar como un tresor

treasurer n cassero, tresorero

  • n thesaurero
  • n tresorero
  • n tresorero, cassero

treasury (1. treasure house; 2. treasury department, exchequer) n thesaureria (-ìa)

  • (1. treasure house; 2. treasury department, exchequer) n tresoreria (-ìa)
  • (1. treasure house; 2. treasury department, exchequer) n tresoreria
  • (1. treasure house; 2. treasury department, exchequer) n thesaureria
  • (repository for a treasure or treasures) n thesauro
  • n fisco, tresoreria
  • n tresoreria, fisco
  • ~ , fisc, exchequer n fisco

treat (1. to deal with, handle, subject to a treatment; 2. to entertain) v tractar

  • (pleasure) n placer
  • (refreshment) n regalo
  • (socially) v pagar a biber, regalar
  • (socially) v regalar, pagar a biber
  • [Gen] v tractar
  • [Med] v curar
  • [Med] v medicar
  • ~ again v retractar
  • ~ of v tractar de
  • ~ with deference v obsequiar
  • ~ with medicaments v medicamentar
  • ~ with spite, spite, mortify v despectar
  • ~ , refreshment n regalo

treatise n tractato

treatment (preferential ~) phr tractamento preferential

  • [Med] n cura
  • [Med] n therapia
  • [Med] n tractamento medical
  • n tractamento

treaty n tractato

  • ~ , agreement n tractato

treble clef n clave de sol

  • n ad triple
  • n soprano
  • v triplar
  • ~ , triple adj triple
  • ~ , triple v triplar

trebling, tripling (action of) n triplamento

tree [Bot] n arbore

  • ~ bark n cortice de arbore
  • ~ house n casa in arbore
  • n arbore
  • ~ sap n succo de arbore
  • ~ trunk n trunco del arbore
  • ~ , arboreal adj arboree

trefoil [Arch] n trifolio

  • ~ , clover [Bot] n trifolio

trek (fig) n viage longe e penose

  • (migration) n migration
  • v facer un viage longe e penose

trellis n spalier

  • ~ , espalier n spalier

tremble (shake, shiver) v tremer

  • n tremor
  • v tremer, tremular
  • v tremular
  • v tremular, tremer
  • ~ with fear, trepidate v trepidar
  • ~ , quiver, shiver v fremer
  • ~ , shake v trepidar

trembler n tremulator

trembling adj tremente

  • n tremulamento
  • ~ poplar, aspen n tremulo
  • ~ poplar, aspen n tremulo (tré-)
  • ~ , fearful, trepid adj trepide
  • ~ , shaking n tremulamento
  • ~ , shaking, tremor n tremor

tremendous (1. terrifying; 2. extraordinary) adj tremende

  • adj tremende

tremolo [Mus] n tremolo

  • [Mus] n tremolo I]

tremor n fremito, tremor

  • n tremor, fremito
  • ~ , agitation, commotion (violent physical or mental disturbance) n commotion
  • ~ , quiver, shiver n fremito
  • ~ , quiver, shiver n fremito (fré-)
  • ~ , trembling, shaking n tremor

tremulant, tremulent adj tremulante

  • ~ , tremulent adj tremulante (ppr of tremular)

tremulent, tremulant adj tremulante

  • ~ , tremulant adj tremulante (ppr of tremular)

tremulous, quivering adj tremule

trench [Mil] n trenchea

  • [Mil] n trenchea (-éa)
  • n trenchea
  • ~ , moat, fosse, ditch n fossato

trench-coat n impermeabile militar

trend n direction, tendentia

  • n tendentia, direction

trendy adj de moda

Trent n Trento

Trentine adj trentin

trepannation (hole in the head) n trepannation

trepanne v trepannar

trepid, trembling, fearful adj trepide

trepidation (1. tremor, shaking; 2. trembling with fear) n trepidation

  • ~ , agitation n trepiditate

trespass (sin) n peccato

  • (transgression) v intrusion
  • n transpasso
  • v transgressar
  • v transpassar
  • ~ , transgress (against) v transgreder
  • ~ , transgress (against) v transgreder -gred-/-gress-]
  • ~ , transgress (against) v transgressar

trespasser n intruso

trespass-upon v abusar de

tress, braid, plait n tressa

trestle n cavalletto

triad (1. trio, trinity, three; 2. specif.: Mus/Geom]) n triade

  • (1. trio, trinity, three; 2. specif.: Mus/Geom]) n triade (trì-)

triadic adj triadic

trial (as in trial for theft) n judicio

  • (test) n prova, tentativa
  • (test) n tentativa, prova
  • [Jur] n judicio
  • ~ , test n essayo
  • ~ , test n essayo (-sà-)

trial-by-jury n judicio per juratos

triangle (all senses) n triangulo

  • n triangulo
  • n triangulo (-àngulo)

triangular adj triangular

  • adj triangule
  • ~ triangular adj triangular

triangulation n triangulation

Trias [Geol] n trias

Triassic [Geol] adj triassic

tribal adj tribal

tribe (1. Anc. Hist]; 2. as in Indian tribes; 3. as in the cat tribe) n tribo

  • n tribo

tribesman n membro de tribo

tribulate v tribular

tribulation n tribulation

tribunal (1. seat of a judge; 2. court or forum of justice) n tribunal

  • n judicio
  • n tribunal

tribunate, tribuneship n tribunato

tribune (1. Rom. Hist]; 2. defender of the people) n tribuno

  • ~ , rostrum, platform n tribuna

tribuneship, tribunate n tribunato

tribunitial, tribunitian adj tribunitie

tribunitian, tribunitial adj tribunitie

tributary (1. as in tributary nations; 2. as in tributary stream) adj tributari

  • adj affluente, tributari
  • adj tributari, affluente
  • n affluente

tribute (1. enforced payment imposed by a conqueror; 2 . as in a tribute to the dead) n tributo

  • n tributo

trichina [Zool] n trichina

trichinosis [Pathol] n trichinosis

  • [Pathol] n trichinosis (-òsis)

trichinous adj trichinose

trichloride n trichlorido

  • n trichlorido (-clòr-)

tricipite (-cì-) (of the triceps) Anat] adj tricipite

  • (-cì-) (of the triceps) Anat] adj tricipite (-cì-)

trick (hoax) v mystificar

  • (ruse) n artificio
  • (swindle) n fraude
  • v dupar
  • ~ , artifice n artificio
  • ~ , stratagem n maneo
  • ~ , stratagem n maneo (-éo)

trickery (cleverness) n astutia

  • (fraud) n fraude

trickle n stillation

  • v manar
  • ~ , flow v manar

trickster n dupator, fraudator

  • n fraudator, dupator

tricky (person) adj astute

  • (situation) adj delicate, difficile
  • (situation) adj difficile, delicate

tricolor n tricolor

  • ~ , tricolored adj tricolor

tricolored, tricolor adj tricolor

tricorn n tricorno

tricot (1. knitted material; 2. soft ribbed fabric) n tricot

  • (1. knitted material; 2. soft ribbed fabric) n tricot F]

tricycle n tricyclo

trident (1. three-pronged fish spear; 2. Mythol]) n tridente

tridimensional, threedimensional adj tridimensional

triennial adj triennal

  • adj trienne
  • n triennal

triennium n triennio

Trieste n Trieste

trifacial, trigeminal [Anat] adj trifacial

trifid adj trifide

  • adj trifide (trì-)

trifle (small article) n bagatella, trica

  • (small article) n trica, bagatella
  • (sweet) n coperite de gelea con fructos, coronate de crema, dessert de biscuites imbibite de vino
  • (sweet) n coronate de crema, dessert de biscuites imbibite de vino, coperite de gelea con fructos
  • (sweet) n dessert de biscuites imbibite de vino, coperite de gelea con fructos, coronate de crema
  • n trica
  • ~ , bagatelle n bagatella

trifle-with n jocar con

trifling n insignificante, sin importantia

  • n sin importantia, insignificante
  • ~ , slightness n legieressa
  • ~ , slightness n legieressa (-jer-)
  • ~ , unimportant, slight adj tenue

trifoliate [Bot] adj trifoliate

triform adj triforme

trigeminal, trifacial [Anat] adj trifacial

trigeminous, born three at one birth adj trigemine

  • ~ , born three at one birth adj trigemine (-gé-)

trigger [Firearms] n can

  • n can

trigger-happy adj disposite a tirar a omne cosa

trigonometry n trigonometria

trilateral, three-sided adj trilatere

trilingual adj trilingue

trill n trillo

  • v trillar
  • ~ , shake [Mus] n trillo

trillion (1. unit with 12 zeros annexed; 2. unit with 18 zeros annexed) n trillion

  • ~ adj/n trillion

trillionth adj trillionesime

  • adj trillionesime (-ésime)

trilobate, three-lobed adj trilobate

trilobite [Paleontol] n trilobite

trilogy n trilogia

  • n trilogia (-ìa)

trim (balance) v equilibrar

  • (form) n stato
  • (garnish) v guarnir
  • (hair, grass) v tonder
  • (in ~) phr in forma
  • (of hair) n tonditura
  • (prune) v putar
  • adj elegante, in bon stato
  • adj in bon stato, elegante
  • ~ the margin of, remove the margin of v emarginar
  • ~ , decorate, garnish v guarnir
  • ~ , prune, lop (trees or vines) v putar

trimerous [Bot/Zool] adj trimere

trimeter n trimetro

  • n trimetro (trì-)

trimming (garnish) n guarnition tonditura

  • ~ , decorating, garnishing (action of) n guarnimento
  • ~ , garniture n garnition
  • ~ , garniture n guarnitura

trimmings n accessorios

Trinidad n Trinidad

  • n Trinidad H]

Trinidad-and-Tobago [Geog] n Trinidad e Tobago

Trinitarian (1. Theol]; 2. member of the Order of the Holy Trinity) n trinitario

trinity n trinitate

trinket n parve ornamento

trinomial [Alg] adj trinomie

  • [Alg] n trinomio

trio n trio

trioxide n trioxydo

  • n trioxydo (-ò-)

trip (excursion) n excursion, tour

  • (excursion) n tour, excursion
  • (run) n cursa, percurso
  • (run) n percurso, cursa
  • (taxi) n cursa
  • vi facer un passo false
  • vt facer cader
  • ~ , excursion, tour n tour
  • ~ , excursion, tour n tour F]
  • ~ , journey n viage
  • ~ , journey n viage (-aje)

tripartite (divided into three parts) adj tripartite

tripartition n tripartition

tripe [Cookery] n tripa

  • n Cul]
  • n Fig]

triphthong (union of three vowels pronounced in one syllable) n triphthongo

triplane n triplano

triple adj triple

  • v triplar, triplicar
  • v triplicar, triplar
  • ~ , threefold adj trin
  • ~ , threefold, triplex adj triplice
  • ~ , threefold, triplex adj triplice (trì-)
  • ~ , treble adj triple
  • ~ , treble v triplar

triplet (combination of three) n tripletto

  • n trigemino
  • n trigemino (-gé-)

triplex, triple, threefold adj triplice

  • ~ , triple, threefold adj triplice (trì-)

triplicate (one of three copies of a document) n triplicato

  • adv triplicato
  • v triplicar

triplication n triplication

triplicity n triplicitate

tripling, trebling (action of) n triplamento

tripod n tripede

  • n tripede (trì-)

Tripoli (city of Tripoli) n Tripole

Tripolitan adj tripolitan

  • n tripolitano

trireme, three-oared trireme adj trireme

trisect v trisecar

  • v trisecar -sec-/-sect-]

trisection n trisection

trismus, lockjaw n trismo

trisyllabic adj trisyllabe

  • adj trisyllabe (-sì-)

trisyllabo n trisyllabo

  • n trisyllabo (-sì-)

trite adj banal

  • ~ , banal adj banal

triteness n banalitate

  • n trivialitate
  • ~ , banality n banalitate

Triton [Gr. Mythol] n Triton

triturable adj triturabile

triturate v triturar

trituration (action of triturating) n tritura

  • n trituration

triumph (1. Rom Antiq]; 2. exultation of success;3. as in triumph of knowledge) n triumpho

  • (1. Rom. Antiq]; 2. to exult; 3. to obtain victory) v triumphar
  • n triumpho
  • v triumphar

triumphal adj triumphal

triumphally adv triumphalmente

triumphant adj triumphante

  • adj triumphante (ppr of triumphar)

triumpher n triumphator

triumvir [Rom. Antiq] n triumviro

  • [Rom. Antiq] n triumviro (-ùm-)

triumviral adj triumviral

triumvirate n triumvirato

triune adj trin

trivial (ordinary) adj banal

  • (trifling) adj insignificante

triviality n banalitate, insignificantia

  • n insignificantia, banalitate

trivium [Hist] n trivio

trochaic [Pros] adj trochaic

trochee [Pros] n trocheo

  • [Pros] n trocheo (-éo)

troika n troika

  • n troika (tròi-) R]

Trojan (inhabitant of Troy) n troiano

  • adj troian
  • ~ , Dardanian n dardano
  • ~ , Dardanian n dardano (dàr-)

trolley (revolving wheel which makes contact with the overhead wire and transmits power to the trolley car) n trolley A]

  • (revolving wheel which makes contact with the overhead wire and transmits power to the trolley car) n trolley
  • n trolley
  • ~ , streetcar, tramcar (car) n tramway
  • ~ , streetcar, tramcar (car) n tramway A]

trolley-bus n trolleybus

trolley-car n tram

trombone n trombon

trombonist n trombonista

troop (1. body of people; 2. Mil]) n truppa

trope [Rhet] n tropo

trophic (pertaining to nutrition) adj trophic

trophy n tropheo

  • n tropheo (-éo)

tropic n tropico

  • ~ , tropical adj tropic

tropical adj tropic(al)

  • adj tropical

tropic-of-cancer v tropico del cancere

tropic-of-capricorn n tropico del capricorno

tropism [Biol] n tropismo

tropological adj tropologic

tropology n tropologia

  • n tropologia (-ìa)

trot n trotto

  • v trottar

trotter (horse which trots) n trottator

troubadour (medieval lyric poet of a school flourishing in Provence and the south of France) n trobador

  • n trobador
  • n troubadour
  • n troubadour F]
  • n trovator

trouble (bother) n enoio, molestia

  • (bother) n molestia, enoio
  • (difficulty) n difficultate, pena
  • (difficulty) n pena, difficultate
  • (distress) n affliction
  • (upset) v disturbar
  • n indust
  • vi incommodar se
  • vt incommodar
  • ~ , annoyance n molestia
  • ~ , annoyance, worry n enoio
  • ~ , annoyance, worry n enoio (-nò-)
  • ~ , difficulty n pena

troubleshooter n investigator de conflictos industrial

troublesome adj enoiose, moleste

  • adj moleste, enoiose
  • ~ , difficult adj penose
  • ~ , irksome, annoying adj moleste

trough (drinking) n abiberatorio

  • (feeding) n mangiatoria
  • (tub) n alveo, cupa
  • (tub) n cupa, alveo
  • n Fig]
  • ~ , tub n alveo

trounce (punish) v castigar

  • (sport) v vincer facilmente

troup (group) n banda, gruppo

  • (group) n gruppo, banda
  • n Mil]
  • v camminar in gruppo
  • ~ , gather, assemble v attruppar

troupe [Theat] n truppa

  • n truppa
  • v attruppar

troups n soldatos, truppas

  • n truppas, soldatos

trousers n pantalones

trousseau n trousseau

  • n trousseau F]

trout n tructa

trouvère n trovero

trowel (brick or plastering) n trulla

  • n trulla

Troy [Gr. Hist] n Troia

  • [Gr. Hist] n Troia (tròia)

Troyes n Troyes

  • n Troyes F]

truant (play ~) v absentar se sin justification

  • n scholar absente
  • n scholar absente (sin justification)

truce n armistitio, tregua

  • n tregua, armistitio

truck (as in automobile truck) n camion

  • (as in automobile truck) n camion F]
  • (lorry) n carro
  • (road transport) n camion
  • (rr) n wagon
  • (rr) n wagon (de merces)

truck-driver (lorry-driver) n camionero, camionista

  • ~ -driver (lorry-driver) n camionista, camionero

trucking n camionage

truculent adj truculente

trudge v camminar penosemente

  • (faithful) adj fidel
  • (real, not wrong) adj ver
  • (truthful) adj ver
  • ~ , straighten v disfalsar

truffle bed n trufiera

  • n trufa
  • ~ , relating to truffles adj trufari

truism n axioma, truismo

  • n truismo, axioma

truly adv in veritate, vermente

  • adv vermente, in veritate
  • ~ , really adv vermente
  • ~ , really, indeed, even adv vere
  • ~ , really, indeed, even adv vero

trump (cards) n triumpho

trumpery n sin valor

trumpet (1. to blow a trumpet; 2. to noise abroad) v trompettar

  • n trompetta
  • v trompettar
  • ~ , horn n trompa
  • ~ , small horn n cornetta

trumpeter n trompettero

trump-up v fabricar

truncate v truncar

  • ~ , lop off v truncar
  • ~ , truncated adj truncate
  • ~ , truncated adj truncate (pp of truncar)

truncated, truncate adj truncate

  • ~ , truncate adj truncate (pp of truncar)

truncation n truncamento

  • n truncation

truncheon n baston de agente de policia

trundle vi rolar pesantemente e con ruito

  • vt facer rolar

trunk (1. tree trunk; 2. Anat]; 3. Arch] (shaft of a column) n trunco

  • (box) n coffro
  • (elephant's) n trompa
  • (of an elephant) n trompa
  • (of tree) n trunco
  • (stock) n stirpe
  • (traveling box or chest) n coffro

trunk-call n appello

  • ~ -call n appello telephonic

truss (tech) n armatura de traves

  • n cinctura herniari

trust (belief) n confidentia, fide

  • (belief) n fide, confidentia
  • (charge) n carga, responsabilitate
  • (charge) n responsabilitate, carga
  • (fin) n cartel
  • (fin) n trust
  • v fider se
  • v fider se (a un persona)
  • ~ , cartel n trust
  • ~ , cartel n trust A]

trustee (administrator of a trust fund) Law] n curator

  • (in bankruptcy) n syndico
  • [Jur] curator, fideicommissario
  • [Jur] fideicommissario, curator
  • [Law] n syndico
  • [Law] n syndico (sìn-)

trusteeship (function of the administrator of a trust fund) Law] n curatela

trustful, confiding adj confidente

trustworthiness (of figures) n credibilitate, exactitude

  • (of figures) n exactitude, credibilitate
  • [Gen] fidelitate

trustworthy adj de confidentia, digne de fide

  • adj digne de fide, de confidentia

trusty adj fidel

truth n veritate

truthful adj honeste, veridic

  • adj veridic, honeste
  • ~ , veridical adj veridic
  • ~ , veridical adj veridic (-rì-)

truthfulness n veracitate

  • ~ , veracity n veridicitate

try (1. to test, essay) v essayar

  • (test) v provar, tentar
  • (test) v tentar, provar
  • [Jur] v judicar
  • ~ again, test again v reprobar
  • n essayo, tentativa
  • n tentativa, essayo
  • ~ , attempt v tentar
  • ~ , put to the test v experir
  • ~ , put to the test v experir -per-/-pert-]
  • ~ , test v probar
  • ~ , test v provar

trying adj difficile, moleste

  • adj moleste, difficile
  • ~ on, fitting (of clothes) n essayage
  • ~ on, fitting (of clothes) n essayage (-aje)

trying-on n essayage

try-on v essayar

tsar n tsar

tsetse (- fly) n musca tsetse

T-square n esquadra

tub n alveo, cupa

  • n cupa, alveo
  • ~ , trough n alveo

tuba (1. Rom. Antiq]) Mus] n tuba

  • n tuba

tubby adj corpulente, rotunde

  • adj rotunde, corpulente

tube (1. pipe; 2. Radio]) n tubo

  • (pipe) n tubo
  • (rr) n metro
  • (small) n cannella
  • (valve) n tubo, valvula
  • (valve) n valvula, tubo
  • ~ , furnish with tubes v tubar

tuber [Bot/Pathol] n tubere

  • n tubere

Tuberaceae [Bot] n tuberaceas

tuberaceous adj tuberacee

tubercle n tuberculo

tubercular adj tubercular

  • ~ , tuberculous adj tuberculose

tubercularize v tubercularisar

tuberculate adj tuberculate

tuberculin n tuberculina

tuberculosis n tuberculosis

  • n tuberculosis (-òsis)

tuberculous, tubercular adj tuberculose

tuberose [Bot] n tuberosa

tuberosity n tuberositate

tuberous adj tuberose

tubicole [Zool] n tubicola

  • [Zool] n tubicola (-ì-)

tubing n tubos

tubular adj tubular

  • ~ , tubulated adj tubulate

tubulated, tubular adj tubulate

tubulation n tubulation

tubulature, tubulure [Chcm] n tubulatura

tubule, small tube n tubulo

tubulous (containing tubes) adj tubulose

tubulure, tubulature [Chcm] n tubulatura

tuck (pleat) v plicar

  • (put) v mitter
  • n plica

tuck-box n bonboniera, cassa de provisiones

  • ~ -box n cassa de provisiones, bonboniera

tuck-in (eat) v mangiar

  • ~ -in (insert) v insertar, mitter in
  • ~ -in (insert) v mitter in, insertar

tuck-shop n bonboneria (de schola), confecteria (de schola)

  • ~ -shop n bonboneria, confecteria
  • ~ -shop n confecteria (de schola), bonboneria (de schola)
  • ~ -shop n confecteria, bonboneria

tuck-up (in bed) v installar commodemente

  • ~ -up (insert) v duplar, insertar, replicar
  • ~ -up (insert) v insertar, replicar, duplar
  • ~ -up (insert) v replicar, duplar, insertar

Tuesday n martedi

  • n martedi (-dì)

tuft (of grass, feathers) n tuffo

  • (of wool) n flocco
  • ~ of hair (on lower lip) n musca

tufted, crested adj cristate

tug (boat) n remulcator

  • (pull) n tirada
  • (pull) n tirada (subite)
  • v tirar

tug-of-war n lucta al corda

tuition n inseniamento

  • ~ , instruction, education n inseniamento

tulip n tulipan

  • ~ tree n tulipaniero

tumble n cadita

  • ~ out v sortir in disordine
  • v cader

tumbledown (ruinous) adj ruinose

tumbler n bicario

  • ~ , goblet, beaker n bicario

tumefaction n tumefaction

tumefy (cause to swell) v tumefacer

  • (cause to swell) v tumefacer -fac-/-fact-]

tumescence n tumescentia

tumescent adj tumescente

  • adj tumescente (ppr of tumescer)

tumid (1. swollen, distended; 2. pompous, inflated) adj tumide

tumidity n tumiditate

tummy n stomacho, ventre

  • n ventre, stomacho

tumor [Pathol] n tumor

  • ~ , tumour n tumor

tumorous adj tumorose

tumular adj tumulari

tumult n tumulto

tumultuary adj tumultuari

tumultuous adj tumultuose

tumulus, barrow n tumulo

tun, barrel v intonnar

  • ~ , cask n tonna
  • ~ , cask n tonnello

tuna, tunny [Ichthyol] n thunno

  • ~ , tunny n thunno

tunable adj accordabile

tund, pound, bruise v tunder

  • ~ , pound, bruise v tunder tund-/-tus-]

tundra n tundra

  • n tundra R]

tune (in ~) phr de accordo

  • (mech) v regular
  • (out of ~) phr mal accordate
  • (radio) v syntonisar
  • [Mus] v accordar
  • n melodia
  • v accordar

tuneful adj melodiose

tuneless adj discordante, inharmoniose

  • adj inharmoniose, discordante

tuner (of pianos) n accordator

  • (radio) n syntonisator
  • [Mus] accordator

tungstate [Chem] n tungstato

tungsten n tungsten, wolfram

  • n wolfram, tungsten
  • ~ , wolfram [Chem] n tungsten
  • ~ , wolfram [Chem] n tungsten Swedish]

tungstic [Chem] adj tungstic

tungstite [Mineral] n tungstite

tungstosilicate n tungstosilicato

tunic n tunica

tuning (radio) n syntonisation

  • [Mus] accordatura
  • ~ fork n diapason
  • ~ fork n diapason (-pà)
  • n accordatura

tuning-fork n diapason

tunnel n tunnel

  • n tunnel A]
  • v construer un tunnel

tunny fishermen or dealer n thunnero

  • ~ , tuna n thunno

turban n turban

turbid adj turbide

turbidity, turbidness n turbiditate

turbidness, turbidity n turbiditate

turbinate [Bot] adj turbinate

turbine n turbina

turbo [Zool] n turbine

turbocompressor n turbocompressor

turbodynamo n turbodynamo

  • n turbodynamo (-dì-)

turbogenerator n turbogenerator

turbot [Ichthyol] n rhombo

  • n rhombo

turbulence n turbulentia

  • ~ , turbulency n turbulentia

turbulency, turbulence n turbulentia

turbulent adj turbulente

Turco [Mil] n turco

tureen n suppiera

  • n suppiera, terrina
  • n terrina, suppiera

turf (peat) n turfa

  • (racing) n turf
  • [Horse Racing] n turf
  • [Horse Racing] n turf A]
  • ~ , peat n turfa

turf-accountant n book-maker

turgescence, turgescency n turgescentia

turgescency, turgescence n turgescentia

turgescent adj turgescente

  • adj turgescente (ppr of turgescer)

turgid adj turgide

turgidity, turgidness n turgiditate

turgidness, turgidity n turgiditate

turgor n turgor

Turin [Geog] n Turin

  • n Turin

Turk (native of Turkey) n turco

  • n turco

turkey (bird) n gallo de india

  • [Geog] n Turchia
  • n Turchia

turkish (lang) n turco

  • (language) n turco
  • adj turc
  • adj turc
  • n turco

turkish-bath n banio turc

Turks-and-Caicos, - Islands [Geog] n Turcos e Caicos

turmoil n confusion, tumulto

  • n tumulto, confusion

turn (1. as in the turn of a wheel; 2. as in to be someone's turn) n torno

  • (1. to turn on a lathe; 2. to change or reverse position of) v tornar
  • (a good ~) n. phr un favor, un servicio
  • (a good ~) n. phr un servicio, un favor
  • (as in my turn) n vice
  • (bend) n curva
  • (change of direction) n cambio de direction
  • (invert) v inverter
  • (invert) v inverter (se)
  • (motoring) n virage
  • (of wheel) n revolution, torno
  • (of wheel) n torno, revolution
  • (page) v tornar
  • (someone's) n torno, vice
  • (someone's) n vice, torno
  • (transfer) v transferer
  • [Nav] n virage
  • ~ a crank, crank v manivellar
  • ~ aside, cause to deviate v disviar
  • ~ away, avert v averter
  • ~ away, avert v averter -vert-/-vers-]
  • ~ inside out, evert v everter
  • ~ inside out, evert v everter -vert-/-vers-]
  • ~ into wine (cause to) v vinificar
  • ~ left v virar/girar al leva/sinistra
  • ~ or direct across v transverter
  • ~ or direct across v transverter -vert-/-vers-]
  • ~ or transform into a marsh v impaludar
  • ~ or twist again or back v retorquer
  • ~ or twist again or back v retorquer -torqu-/-tort-/-tors-]
  • ~ right v virar/girar al dextra
  • ~ round, reverse, turn v reverter
  • ~ round, reverse, turn v reverter -vert-/-vers-]
  • ~ round, roll v volver
  • ~ round, roll v volver volv-/volut-/volt-]
  • ~ round, turn v verter
  • ~ round, turn v verter vert-/-vers-]
  • v girar, rotar, tornar, virar
  • v rotar, tornar, virar, girar
  • v tornar, virar, girar, rotar
  • v virar, girar, rotar, tornar
  • ~ , circle (circular course) n gyro
  • ~ , revolve, rotate v rotar
  • ~ , turn round v verter
  • ~ , turn round v verter vert-/-vers-]
  • ~ , turn round, reverse v reverter
  • ~ , turn round, reverse v reverter -vert-/-vers-]

turn-aside v disviar, diverter

  • ~ -aside v diverter, disviar

turn-away v averter

turn-back (an offer) v refusar

  • ~ -back (gas) v bassar
  • ~ -back v retornar, retorquer
  • ~ -back v retorquer, retornar

turncoat n renegato

turn-down (an offer) v refusar

  • ~ -down (bedclothes) v replicar

turnely (a turner's work shop) n torneria

  • (a turner's work shop) n torneria (-ìa)

turner (one who turns objects on a lathe) n tornator

turning (in road) n cruciata, furca

  • (in road) n furca, cruciata
  • (rotation) n giration, rotation
  • (rotation) n rotation, giration
  • ~ or turning round (act of) n version

turning-point n momento critic, puncto decisive

  • ~ -point n puncto decisive, momento critic

turn-inside out v everter, extroverter

  • ~ -inside out v extroverter, everter

turnip (Brassica rapa) n rapa

  • n rapa

turn-off (tap) v clauder

  • ~ -off [Elect] extinguer

turn-on (tap) v aperir

  • ~ -on [Elect] accender

turn-out (empty) v vacuar

  • ~ -out (for a meeting) v exir, producer se
  • ~ -out (for a meeting) v producer se, exir
  • ~ -out (gas) v clauder, extinguer
  • ~ -out (gas) v extinguer, clauder
  • ~ -out (produce) v fabricar, producer
  • ~ -out (produce) v producer, fabricar
  • ~ -out (result) v evenir, resultar
  • ~ -out (result) v resultar, evenir

turn-over (consider) v revolver

  • ~ -over n volumine de venditas

turnpike n autostrata

turn-round v reverter

turnsole (1. Bot] (heliotrope, sunflower; 2. purple dye obtained from the Chrozophora tinctoria) n tornasol

turnstile n tourniquet

turntable (gramophone) n grammophono

  • (gramophone) n placa giratori
  • (rr) n placa giratori

turn-towards v diriger se verso

turn-up (fig) vi arrivar

  • ~ -up (fig) vi occurrer
  • ~ -up (trousers) n reverso
  • ~ -up vt reverter

turpentine n terebinthina

  • ~ tree, terebinth n terebintho
  • ~ , terebinthine n terebinthina

turquoise adj/n turchese

  • n turchese

turret n turretta

turtle n tortuca

  • ~ , tortoise n tortuca

Tuscan (1. native of Tuscany; 2. Tuscan dialect) n toscano

  • (of Tuscany) adj toscan

Tuscany n Toscana

tusk [Zool] n defensa

  • n defensa

tussle n lucta

  • v luctar, venir al manos
  • v venir al manos, luctar

tutelage, guardianship [Law] n tutela

tutelary (as in tutelary deity) adj tutelari

tutor (book) n manual

  • (exercise guardianship) v tutorar
  • (exercise guardianship, tutelage over) v tutorar
  • (private teacher) n preceptor
  • (univ) n tutor
  • ~ , coach n repetitor
  • ~ , guardian [Law] n tutor
  • ~ , private teacher n preceptor

tutoress, guardian [Law] n tutrice

tutorial n parve classe special

tutorship, guardianship [Law] n tutoria

  • ~ , guardianship [Law] n tutoria (-ìa)

Tuvalu [Geog] n Tuvalu

tuxedo n smoking

  • ~ , dinner jacket or coat n smoking
  • ~ , dinner jacket or coat n smoking A]

twaddle n nonsenso

twang (vibrate) v vibrar

  • n sono nasal
  • v parlar con voce nasal

tweak v pinciar, tirar

  • v tirar, pinciar

tweed n tweed

tweet v pipar

tweezers n pincette

  • ~ , small pincers n pincette
  • ~ , small pincers n pincette F]

twelfth adj dece-secunde

  • adj duodecime
  • adj duodecime (-dé-)
  • n dece-secundo

twelve adj dece-duo

  • adj dece-duo (-dù-)
  • adj duodece
  • adj duodece (-ò-)
  • n dece-duo

twentieth (part) n vigesimo

  • (part) n vigesimo (-gé-)
  • adj vigesime
  • adj vigesime (-gé-)
  • adj vintesime
  • adj vintesime (-ésime)
  • n vintesimo

twenty adj viginti

  • adj vinti
  • n vinti

twenty-nine n vinti-novem

twice adj bis, duo vices

  • adj duo vices, bis
  • ~ ; 2. interj encore adv bis

twiddle v girar, jocar con

  • v jocar con, girar

twig n rametto

  • v comprender

twilight n crepusculo

  • ~ , dusk, crepuscule n crepusculo

twin adj gemine

  • n gemino
  • n gemino (gé-)

twine n corda

  • v involver
  • v involver (se)

twin-engine adj/n bimotor, con duo motores

  • ~ -engine adj/n con duo motores, bimotor

twinge v dolor subite e acute

twinkle n scintilla

  • v scintillar

twirl (facer) v tornear

  • (pirouette) n pirouette
  • (twist) n giration rapide

twist (1. as in to twist threads into yarn; 2. to wrench, contort; 3. as in to twist a passage) v torquer

  • (1. as in to twist threads into yarn; 2. to wrench, contort; 3. as in to twist a passage) v torquer torqu-/tort-/tors-]
  • ~ inwards v intorquer
  • ~ inwards v intorquer -torqu-/-tors-]
  • n torto
  • v torquer
  • v torquer (se)

twist-back v retorquer

twisted adj torte

  • ~ , crooked adj torte

twister n fraudator

twisting adj a contorsion.

  • n contorsion, torquimento
  • n torquimento, contorsion
  • ~ , contortion n contortion
  • ~ , wringing (act of) n torquimento

twitch n tic

  • v mover se nervosemente

twitching, tic [Med] n tic

  • ~ , tic [Med] n tic F]

twitter n pipar

  • v critar, emitter critos
  • v emitter critos, critar

two adj duo

  • ~ at a time, two by two adj bin
  • ~ by two, two at a time adj bin
  • n duo

two-by-two adv bin

two-edged adj a duple talia

two-faced adj false, hypocrita

  • ~ -faced adj hypocrita, false

twofold adj duple, duplice, gemine

  • adj duplice, gemine, duple
  • adj gemine, duple, duplice
  • ~ , double adj duple
  • ~ , double adj duplice
  • ~ , double adj duplice (dù-)
  • ~ -fold, double adj gemine

two-lobed, bilobate adj bilobate

two-oared, bireme adj bireme

two-stroke (motor) adj a duo tempores

two-way adj reciproc

two-way-traffic n circulation in ambe sensos

tycoon (magnate) n magnate

  • (shogun) n taikun
  • (shogun) n taikun J]

tympan [Print] n tympano

  • [Print] n tympano (tìm-)

tympanic (1. Anat/Zool]; 2. Arch]) adj tympanic

tympanum (1. Anat]; 2. Arch]) n tympano

  • (1. Anat]; 2. Arch]) n tympano (tìm-)
  • n tympano

type (character, printing) n ?

  • (sort) n genere, typo
  • (sort) n typo, genere
  • n typo
  • v dactylographar, scriber a machina, typar
  • v scriber a machina, typar, dactylographar
  • v typar, dactylographar, scriber a machina
  • ~ , kind, sort n genere
  • ~ , typewrite v dactylographar

type-setter n cassista, compositor

  • ~ -setter n compositor, cassista
  • ~ , compositor n cassista
  • ~ , compositor n compositor

typewrite, type v dactylographar

typewriter (pertaining to a) adj dactytographic

  • (typing machine) n dactylographo
  • (typing machine) n dactylographo (-ò-)
  • n dactylographo, machina a/de scriber
  • n machina a/de scriber, dactylographo

typewriting n dactylographia

  • ~ , typing n dactylographia
  • ~ , typing n dactylographia (-ìa)

typhoid (- fever) n febre typhoide

  • (fever) Med] n typhoide
  • adj typhoide

typhoon n typhon

typhus n typho

typic, typical adj typic

typical adj typic

  • ~ , typic adj typic

typically adv typicamente

typify v esser le typo de, representar

  • v representar, esser le typo de

typing, typewriting n dactylographia

  • ~ , typewriting n dactylographia (-ìa)

typist n dactylographo

  • n dactylographo (-ò-)

typographer n typographo

  • n typographo (-ògrapho)

typographical adj typographic

typographically adv typographicamente

typography n typographia

  • ~ , printing n typographia
  • ~ , printing n typographia (-ìa)

typometer [Print] n typometro

  • [Print] n typometro (-òmetro)

typometry n typometria

  • n typometria (-ìa)

tyrannic adj tyrannic

tyrannical adj tyrannic

tyrannicide (act of killing a tyrant) n tyrannicidio

  • (one who kills a tyrant) n tyrannicida

tyrannize v despotisar, tyrannisar

  • v tyrannisar
  • v tyrannisar, despotisar
  • ~ , despotize v despotisar

tyranny n tyrannia

  • n tyrannia (-ìa)

tyrant (1. despot; 2. Ornith]) n tyranno

  • n tyranno

tyre (air-filled) n pneu(matico)

  • (solid) n banda
  • ~ , tire (pneumatic) adj pneumatico
  • ~ , tire n banda
  • ~ , tire v fatigar
  • ~ , tire v fatigar (se)

tyro n comenciante

Tyrrhenia n Tyrrhenia

Tyrrhenian adj tyrrhen

  • ~ , Etruscan n tyrrheno

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