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y (letter ~) n littera y (ypsilon;ipsilon;i grec)

yacht n yacht

  • n yacht A]

yachting (sport) n yachting

yachtsman n devoto del yachting, sportsman nautic

  • n sportsman nautic, devoto del yachting

yackety-yack n confabulation

  • ~ -yack v confabular, garrular, conversar
  • ~ -yack v conversar, confabular, garrular
  • ~ -yack v garrular, conversar, confabular

Yah n Jah, Yah

Yahweh (God's personal name) n Jahveh, Jehovah, Yahweh

yak n yak [Zool]

yam (chinese) n igname

  • (sweet potato) n batata

yank v tirar con violentia

Yankee adj/n yankee ¬A

yap n latrato acute

  • n Yap (Pacific island)
  • v latrar acutemente

yard (courtyard) n corte

  • [measurement] n yard ¬A
  • n indust
  • n virga [Naut]

yardstick (norm) n criterio, norma

  • [official measurement] n baston de metal/ligno definiente un yard

yarn (story) n historia, conto

  • (thread) n filo

yawn (stand open, gape) v hiar

  • (with tiredness, gape from sleepiness) v oscitar
  • n oscitation

yawning (gaping from sleepiness) (action of) n oscitation

  • adj grande
  • n oscitation

yaws (frambesia) [Pathol] n frambesia

ye (old english) pron vos

year n anno

yearbook n annuario

yearly adj annual

yearn v for appeter

yearning n desiro ardente

yeast n levatura

yell n crito

  • v critar

yellow adj/n jalne

  • ~ amber (succin, succinite) n succino

yellow-fever n febre jalne

yellowness n jalnessa

yellow-sea n mar jalne

yelp n latrato de dolor

  • v latrar

Yemen [Geog] n Yemen

yes (just so) adv ita

  • adv si, sic

yesman n sycophante

yesterday adv heri

yet (already, so far) adv jam

  • (but) conj sed, ma
  • (encore!, still) adv ancora
  • (however, nevertheless, notwithstanding) adv tamen, totevia
  • (not ~) adv ancora non, nondum
  • (still, this place, thus far, hitherto, as yet, until now, so far) adv adhuc

yew n taxo

Yiddish (Judaeo-German) adj judeogerman, yiddish

  • (Judaeo-German) n judeogermano, yiddish

yield (cede) v ceder [ced-/cess-]

  • (collapse) v plicar se
  • (return) n rendimento
  • (surrender) vi render se, submitter se
  • ~ to (comply with) v obsequer
  • vt render, ceder

yielding adj complacente, cedente

  • n cedimento
  • ~ silver (argentiferous) adj argentifere

yodel v yodelar, cantar al maniera tirolese

yoga n yoga

yoghurt n yogurt

yogurt n yogurt

yoke (1. frame for coupling draft animals; 2. servitude, bondage; 3. Naut]) n jugo

  • ~ together v conjugar

yokel n persona inculte, rustico

yolk (of an egg) n vitello

  • (yolk-like, yolk-colored) adj vitellin

yolk-colored (yolk, yolk-like) adj vitellin

yolk-like (yolk-colored, yolk) adj vitellin

yonder adj ille

  • adv ibi

York n York

  • n York A]

you (familiar and formal plural) pron vos

  • (familiar singular as object) pron te
  • (familiar singular as subject) pron tu
  • (formal singular) pron vos
  • (indefinite after preposition) pron uno
  • (indefinite as reflexive object) pron se
  • (indefinite as subject) pron on, uno
  • (thee, used as object of verb) pron te
  • [in familiar or informal use] pron pers tu
  • [in polite or formal use] pron pers te
  • [in polite or formal use] pron pers vos
  • ~ all (Amer (familiar plural) pron vos
  • ~ all (Amer (familiar plural) pron vos (omne)

youg-man n juvene

  • ~ -man n juvene homine

young (of animal) n pullo

  • (young persons) n juvenes
  • adj juvene
  • ~ animal n pullo
  • ~ man, youth, lad, boy n garson

younger adj plus juvene

  • ~ , junior adj junior

younger-brother n fratre cadette

younger-sister n soror cadette

youngster n juvene

  • n juvene persona

young-woman n juvene

  • ~ -woman n juvene femina

your (familiar singular) pron tu

  • (formal) pron vostre
  • (indefinite) pron le sue
  • [1. in polite or formal use adj poss vostre

yours (familiar singular) pron le tue, le tues

  • (formal) pron le vostre, le vostres
  • (indefinite) pron le sues
  • [in familiar or informal use pron poss tue

yourself (emphatic pronoun) pron tu ipse, tu mesme

  • (familiar as object) pron te ipse, te mesme
  • (polite as object) pron vos ipse, vos mesme
  • [in familiar or informal use] pron refl tu ipse, tu mesme
  • [in polite or formal use as in: you hurt yourself, to yourself] pron refl vos ipse, vos mesme

yourselves [in all uses as in: you hurt yourselves, to yourselves] pron refl vos ipses, vos mesmes

youse (America) (familiar plural) pron vos

  • ~ guys (America) (familiar plural) pron vos

youth (lad, boy, young man) n garson, juvene

  • (period of life, young) n juventute
  • (young man) adj juvene
  • n juventute

youthful (juvenile) adj juvenil

  • adj juvene

youthfulness (juvenility) n juvenilitate

  • n juventute

youth-hostel n albergo de juventute

yugo-, jugo- (south) occurring in geographical compounds] n yugo-

Yugoslav (1. native of Yugoslavia; 2. Serbo-Croatian language) n yugoslavo

  • adj yugoslave

Yugoslavia [Geog] n Yugoslavia, Republica Federal de Yugoslavia

Yukon [Geog] n Yukon

yule (- tide) n natal, noel

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