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Babel npr Babel;
(le) turre de Babel (the) Tower of Babel

babordo n [Naut.] port (= left side of a ship)

baby [A] n baby

Babylon npr Babylon
Hence: Babylonia-babylonian

Babylonia npr Babylonia

babylonian adj Babylonian

baca n berry;
baca de junipero juniper berry

baccalaureato n baccalaureate

baccalaureo n [Acad.] bachelor
Hence: baccalaureato

bacchanal¹ adj bacchanal (1. Bacchic; 2. bacchanalian)

bacchanal² n bacchanal, orgy;
bacchanales Bacchanalia

bacchanalia npl [Rom. Relig.] Bacchanalia

bacchante n bacchante

bacchar v to celebrate the Bacchanalia; also: to take part in a bacchanal or orgy

bacchic adj 1. Bacchic; 2. bacchic, riotous

Baccho npr [Gr. Mythol.] Bacchus
Hence: bacchic; bacchanal; bacchar-bacchante

bacillari adj bacillary

bacillo n bacillus
Hence: bacillari

bacterial adj bacterial

bacterio n bacterium
Hence: bacterial; bacteriotherapia etc.; bacteriologo etc.; nitrobacterio etc.

bacteriologia (-ía) n bacteriology

bacteriologic adj bacteriological

bacteriologo (-ólogo) n bacteriologist
Hence: bacteriologia; bacteriologic

bacteriotherapia (-ía) n bacteriotherapy

bagage (-aje) n baggage, luggage

bagatella n bagatelle, trifle

baia (báya) n [Geog.] bay

Balaam (bá-) npr Balaam

balalaika [R] n balalaika

balamento n bleat

balancia n balance (1. pair of scales; 2. equilibrium; 3. [Com.]);
balancia roman steelyard, Roman balance;
balancia de commercio balance of trade;
esser in balancia to be undecided, waver
Hence: balanciero; balancista; balanciar-balancio, balanciamento, balanciatoria, contrabalanciar; contrabalancia

balanciamento n (action of) balancing

balanciar v I. to balance (1. to weigh the pros and cons of; 2. to bring to equilibrium; 3. to waver, hesitate); II. to swing (= to cause to go to and fro);
balanciar se to swing (= to go to and fro)

balanciatoria n seesaw

balanciero n [Watchmaking] balance, balance-wheel

balancio n [Com.] balance, balance-sheet;
facer un balancio to draw up a balance sheet

balancista n scale tester, scale inspector

balar v to bleat
Hence: balamento

balbutiamento n stammer, stutter; also: babble

balbutiar v to stammer, stutter; also: to babble
Hence: balbutiamento; balbutiator

balbutiator n stammerer, stutterer

balcon n balcony (1. [Arch.]; 2. [Theat.])

balena n 1. whale; 2. whalebone, baleen
Hence: balenero; baleniera

balenero n whaler (1. whale fisher; 2. vessel for whale fishery)

baleniera n whaleboat, whaler

Balkanes (-ká-) nprpl Balkans (1. the Balkan Mountains; 2. the Balkan States)
Hence: balkanic; balkanisar

balkanic adj Balkanic;
Peninsula Balkanic Balkanic Peninsula

balkanisar v to Balkanize

balla n I. ball (1. globular object; 2. cannon ball, bullet, etc.; 3. [Print.]); II. bale; also: bolt (of cloth, paper, etc.)
Hence: ballon; ballotta &; imballar &

ballada n 1. ballad (= poem founded on folk legend); 2. ballade

ballar v to dance
Hence: ballo; ballerina

ballast n ballast; also: [R.R.]

ballerina n ballet dancer, ballerina

ballet [F] n [Theat.] ballet

ballista n [Hist.] ballista, ballist
Hence: ballistic-ballistica; arcoballista etc.

ballistic adj ballistic

ballistica n ballistics

ballo n ball (= formal dance)

ballon n I. balloon (1. [Chem.]; 2. aerostat); II. (large, air-filled) ball

ballotta n ballot (= ball, ticket, paper, etc., used in secret voting)
Hence: ballottar-ballottada

ballottada n [Man.] ballotade

ballottar v 1. to ballot; 2. to toss, toss about

balnear adj bath (= pertaining to baths);
station balnear seaside resort

balneo n bath (1. act of giving or taking a bath; 2. bath water);
balneos baths (= hot or mineral springs)
Hence: balnear; balneotherapia etc.

balneotherapia (-ía) n balneotherapy

balsamic adj 1. balsamic; 2. balmy

balsamifere adj balsamiferous

balsamina n [Bot.] balsamine, garden balsam
Hence: balsaminacee-balsaminaceas

balsaminaceas npl [Bot.] Balsaminaceae

balsaminacee adj [Bot.] balsaminaceous

balsamita n [Bot.] tansy (= Tanacetum balsamita)

balsamo (bál-) n balm, balsam (1. balsamic resin; 2. ointment)
Hence: balsamina &; balsamita; balsamic; balsamifere; imbalsamar &

Balthasar npr [Bib.] Belshazzar, Balthasar, Balthazar

baltic adj Baltic;
Mar Baltic Baltic (Sea);
Statos Baltic Baltic States

Baltico npr Baltic (Sea)

balto n Balt (1. member of ethnic group including Lithuanians and Letts; 2. member of German land-owning class in the Baltic States; also: Baltic baron, etc.)
Hence: baltic-Baltico; balto-slavo etc.

balto-slavic adj Balto-Slavic

balto-slavo n Balto-Slav
Hence: balto-slavic

balustrada n balustrade; also: railing

balustrar v to balustrade

balustro n baluster, banister
Hence: balustrada; balustrar

bambu (-ú) n [Bot.] bamboo

banal adj banal, trite
Hence: banalitate

banalitate n banality, triteness

banana n banana

banca n bank (1. [Fin.]; 2. [Gambling]);
billet de banca bank note
Hence: bancari; banchero; bancar-bancabile; bancarupta etc.

bancabile adj bankable

bancar v [Fin.] to bank

bancari adj bank;
(disconto) bancari bank (discount);
(negotio) bancari banking (business)

bancarupta n bankruptcy;
facer bancarupta to go bankrupt
Hence: bancaruptero

bancaruptero n bankrupt

banch- see banco, banca

banchero n banker

banchettar v 1. to feast, eat lavishly; 2. to banquet

banchettator n banqueter, feaster

banchetto n banquet
Hence: banchettar-banchettator

banco n 1. bench; 2. bank, shoal; 3. counter (in a store)
Hence: banchetto &; banca &

banda¹ n band (1. group of people; 2. [Mus.])
Hence: disbandar &

banda² n band (1. narrow strip of material; 2. bandage)
Hence: bandar-bandage

bandage (-aje) n bandage, dressing

bandar v to bandage;
bandar le oculos a un persona to blindfold a person

bandiera n banner, flag
Hence: bandierola

bandierola n banderole, streamer

banditismo n banditry, banditism

bandito n bandit
Hence: banditismo

baniar v to bathe (= to give a bath to);
baniar se 1. to take a bath; 2. to go in bathing

baniator n bather

banio n bath (1. act of giving or taking a bath; 2. bath water);
banios baths (= hot or mineral springs);
camera de banio bathroom
Hence: baniar-baniator; banio-maria etc.

banio-maria (-ía) n 1. water bath; 2. double boiler

banjo n banjo

bannimento n banishment (1. act of exiling; 2. exile)

bannir v to banish

banno n 1. proclamation, edict; 2. (= ban sentence of outlawry); 3. banishment;
bannos banns
Hence: bannir-bannimento

baptisar v to baptize; also: to christen
Hence: baptismo-baptismal; baptista; baptisterio; baptisator; anabaptisar-anabaptismo, anabaptista; rebaptisar-rebaptismo

baptisator n baptizer

baptismal adj baptismal

baptismo n baptism;
nomine de baptismo baptismal or Christian name

baptista¹ n 1. baptizer; 2. [Theol.] Baptist, Anabaptist;
Sancte Johannes Baptista Saint John the Baptist

baptista² adj [Theol.] Baptist, Anabaptist

baptisterio n baptistery (1. part of a church reserved for baptism; 2. receptacle containing water for the baptismal rite)

bar [A] n bar (= place where liquor is served)

barba n beard;
facer le barba (a un persona) to shave (someone);
Barba Blau Bluebeard
Hence: barbero; barberia; barbate; barbar; disbarbar-disbarbate

barbar v to grow a beard

barbare adj barbarous
Hence: barbaritate; barbarismo; barbarisar; barbaro-barbaric; semibarbare etc.

barbaric adj barbaric

barbarisar v to barbarize

barbarismo n barbarism (1. “barbarism in language”; 2. barbarous social or intellectual condition)

barbaritate n barbarity, barbarousness

barbaro (bá-) n barbarian

barbate adj bearded

barberia (-ía) n barbershop

barbero n barber

barca n boat, bark
Hence: barcata; barchero; disbarcar-disbarcamento, disbarcatorio; imbarcar-imbarcamento, imbarcation, imbarcatorio, disimbarcar-disimbarcation

barcarola [I] n [Mus.] barcarole, barcarolle

barcata n boatload

barch- see barca

barchero n boatman

bardana n burdock

barium (bá-) n barium

baro- n [occurring in compounds] baro- (as in “barometer”)
Hence: barometro etc.; barothermohygrographo etc.; isobare etc.

baroc adj baroque
Hence: baroco

baroco n baroque (period style, etc.)

barogramma n [Meteorol.] barogram

barographo (-ó-) n [Meteorol.] barograph

barologia (-ía) n barology

barometric adj barometric

barometro (-ó-) n barometer
Hence: barometric; barometrographo etc.

barometrographia (-ía) n [Meteorol.] barometrography

barometrographo (-ógrapho) n [Meteorol.] barometrograph, barograph
Hence: barometrographia

baron n baron (= nobleman)
Hence: baronage; baronessa; baronetto; baronia

baronage (-aje) n baronage (1. whole body of barons; 2. dignity or rank of a baron)

baronessa n baroness

baronetto n baronet

baronia (-ía) n barony

barothermohygrographo (-ógrapho) n barothermohygrograph

barra n I. bar (1. as in “bar of iron, bar of wood,” etc.; 2. [Her.]; 3. ridge of horse’s palate; 4. “sand bar”; 5. [Law] place where prisoner stands; 6. [Mus.] bar, bar line); II. [Naut.] tiller
Hence: barriera; barrar-barrage

barraca n 1. hut; 2. barrack (= plain and large building)
Hence: barracon

barracon n barracoon

barrage (-aje) n I. barrier, bar, obstacle; II. barrage (1. dam; 2. [Mil.])

barrar v to bar (= to close to entrance)

barrica (-íca) n barrico, keg
Hence: barricada &

barricada n barricade
Hence: barricadar

barricadar v to barricade

barriera n 1. barrier, obstacle; 2. stockade, fence; 3. tollgate

barril n barrel (1. cask; 2. [Meas.])
Hence: barrilero; imbarrilar

barrilero n cooper

bary- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] bary- (= heavy)
Hence: baryta; barytone etc.

baryta n [Mineral.] baryta

barytone adj [Phonet.] baritone
Hence: barytono

barytono (-ítono) n baritone (1. baritone voice; 2. musical instrument)

basal adj basal (1. basic; 2. [Physiol.])

basaltic adj basaltic

basalto n [Mineral.] basalt
Hence: basaltic

basamento n 1. basement (= lower part of anything); 2. [Arch.] footing (of a column or wall), basement

basar v to base, found;
basar se super to be based on

bascula n 1. [Technol.] bascule (as in “bascule escapement”); 2. platform scale, weighbridge
Hence: basculari; bascular-basculation

bascular v to move or be moving leverwise (over a fixed point)

basculari adj bascule (as in “bascule bridge”)

basculation n [Surg.] basculation

base n I. base (1. bottom, substructure; 2. [Mil.]; 3. [Chem.]); II. basis, foundation;
base de aviation air base
Hence: basal; basic-basicitate, bibasic etc.: basar-basamento; gynobase etc.

baseball [A] n [Sports] baseball

Basel [G] npr Basel, Basle

basiar v to kiss

basic adj basic; also: [Chem.]

basicitate n [Chem.] basicity

basilica n basilica (1. [Rom. Hist.]; 2. basilican type of church building)

basio n kiss;
basio de Juda Judas kiss
Hence: basiar

bassar v to lower (= to make lower)

basse adj low (1. not high; 2. base, mean);
in voce basse in a low voice, softly;
marea basse low tide
Hence: bassessa; bassar; abassar-abassamento; basse-relievo etc.; basso¹-contrabasso; basso²

basse-relievo n bas-relief

bassessa n baseness

bassinetto n 1. small basin, (shallow) bowl; 2. [Armory] basinet

bassino n basin (1. wide, shallow bowl; 2. dock; 3. “river basin”)
Hence: bassinetto

basso¹ n I. bottom, lower part (of a thing); II. [Mus.] bass (1. lowest part of a musical score; 2. instrument for the lowest part of a musical score; 3. lowest male voice);
a basso down, downward;
in basso 1. down, below; also: downstairs; 2. down, downward; also: downstairs;
a basso (le traitores)! down with (the traitors)!

basso² adv low (1. in a low position; 2. softly)

basson n [Mus.] bassoon

basta interj enough! stop!

bastante 1. ppr of bastar; 2. adj enough, sufficient; 3. adv enough, sufficiently

bastantia n sufficiency, enough

bastar v to be enough, suffice
Hence: bastante-bastantia

bastarde adj bastard (1. born out of wedlock; 2. spurious; 3. [Print.] as in “bastard type”)

bastardia (-ía) n bastardy (= quality of being a bastard)

bastardo n bastard (= illegitimate child)
Hence: bastarde; bastardia

bastille [F] n [Fortif.] bastille;
Bastille Bastille

bastion n [Fortif.] bastion

basto n packsaddle

baston n 1. stick, staff; 2. cane, walking stick;
baston de marechal field marshal’s baton
Hence: bastonada; bastonar

bastonada n bastinado, bastinade

bastonar v to cudgel; to bastinado

batata n sweet potato, batata

batik [Malay] n batik; also: batiked material
Hence: batikar

batikar v to batik

batista n batiste

batracho- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: batrachomyomachia etc. ...

batrachomyomachia (-ía) n Batrachomyomachy, Batrachomyomachia (= Battle of the Frogs and the Mice)

battalia n battle;
in battalia in battle array;
campo de battalia battlefield
Hence: battaliar; battaliator

battaliar v to battle

battaliator n battler

battalion n battalion

batter v to beat (1. to strike, pound; 2. to flap; 3. to defeat);
batter se to fight;
batter moneta to coin, mint money;
batter (le ferro) to hammer (iron)
Hence: battimento; abatter &; combatter &; debatter &; rebatter

batteria (-ía) n 1. [Mil.] battery; 2. kitchen utensils;
batteria (electric) (electric) battery

battimento n beating (= action of striking, throbbing, fluttering, etc.)

bavare adj Bavarian
Hence: bavaro-Bavaria, bavarese

bavarese adj Bavarian

Bavaria npr Bavaria

bavaro (bá-) n Bavarian

Bayona npr Bayonne
Hence: bayonetta

bayonetta n bayonet

Bayonne npr Bayonne

bazar n bazaar (= Oriental market place; also: as in “charity bazaar”)

beate adj 1. blissful, happy; 2. devout; also: sanctimonious
Hence: beatitude; beatific; beatificar-beatification

beatific adj beatific

beatificar v to beatify

beatification n beatification

beatitude n beatitude

beccafico n [Ornith.] beccafico

beccar v to peck (= to pick with the beak)

beccata n beakful, billful

becco n beak, bill;
becco (de gas) (gas) burner
Hence: beccata; beccar-beccafico etc.

beduin n Bedouin

beefsteak [A] n beefsteak

bel- see belle

belga n Belgian
Hence: Belgica; belge

belge adj Belgian

Belgica npr Belgium

belladonna n [Bot.] deadly nightshade; belladonna

bellar v to war

belle adj beautiful
Hence: beltate; imbellir-imbellimento

belles-lettres [F] npl belles-lettres; also: fiction
Hence: belletrista-belletristic

belletr- see belles-lettres

belletrista n belletrist; also: fiction writer

belletristic adj belletristic; also: fiction, fictional

bellic adj war (= belonging to war)

bellicose adj bellicose

bellicositate n bellicosity

belligerente¹ adj belligerent (= waging war)
Hence: belligerentia

belligerente² n belligerent

belligerentia n belligerency

bello n war
Hence: bellic-bellicose-bellicositate; bellar-rebellar &; belligerente etc.

beltate n beauty (1. loveliness or charm to the sense of sight; 2. beautiful woman)

bemolle n [Mus.] flat

ben¹ adv well;
ben! 1. good!; 2. all right!;
ben que although;
ir ben 1. to go well; 2. to be well, in good health;
sentir se ben to feel well
Hence: benigne &; benefic &; ben-esser etc.; benefacer etc.; benevole etc.; benevolente etc.; benvenite etc.

ben² n 1. good (= that which is good); 2. possession, property, etc.;
ben public public good, commonweal;
benes mobile personal property, movables;
benes immobile real estate, immovables

benedicer [-dic-/-dict-] v to bless (1. to consecrate; 2. to invoke blessings upon)
Hence: benediction; benedicte

benedict- see benedicer

benedicte adj blessed (1. consecrated holy; 2. enjoying happiness or bliss);
aqua benedicte holy water

benedictin adj Benedictine

benedictino n 1. Benedictine (monk); 2. benedictine (liqueur)

benediction n benediction, blessing

Benedicto nprm Benedict
Hence: benedictin-benedictino

benefacer [-fac-/-fact-] v to do good, be beneficent
Hence: benefactor

benefact- see benefacer

benefactor n benefactor

benefic (-éfic) adj beneficial, benefic
Hence: beneficio-beneficiario, beneficiar; beneficente-beneficentia

beneficente adj beneficent

beneficentia n beneficence (= active kindness)

beneficiar v to benefit (someone or something);
beneficiar de to benefit by or from

beneficiario n beneficiary

beneficio n 1. benefit (= advantage, favor); 2. benefice

ben-esser n well-being

benevole adj benevolent

benevolente adj benevolent
Hence: benevolentia

benevolentia n benevolence, good will

benigne adj benign (1. kind, gentle; 2. [Med.]
Hence: benignitate

benignitate n benignity; kindness

benvenite adj welcome

benz- see benzoe

benzina n benzine

benzoato n benzoate

benzoe (-zóe) n benzoin (1. gum benzoin, benjamin; 2. [Bot.])
Hence: benzoato; benzoic; benzoin; benzina-nitrobenzina etc.; benzol

benzoic (-óic) adj benzoic

benzoin (-ín) n benzoin (1. gum benzoin, benjamin; 2. [Bot.]; 3. [Chem.])

benzol n benzol

Beotia n Boeotia
Hence: beotie-beotio

beotie adj Boeotian

beotio n 1. Boeotian (1. inhabitant of Boeotia; 2. blockhead, Philistine)

bequadro n [Mus;.] natural (sign)

berillos npl glasses, spectacles

Berlin [G] npr Berlin
Hence: berlinese; berlina

berlina n berlin (= four-wheeled carriage)

berlinese¹ adj Berlin, of Berlin

berlinese² n Berliner

Bern [G] npr Bern
Hence: bernese

bernese adj Bernese

beryllium (-íllium) n [Chem.] beryllium

beryllo n beryl
Hence: beryllium; chrysoberyllo etc.

bestia n beast
Hence: bestial-bestialitate

bestial¹ adj bestial, beastly

bestial² n cattle, livestock

bestialitate n bestiality, beastliness

beta¹ n [Bot.] beet;
beta foliose leaf beet;
beta salvage wild beet;
beta de forrage mangel-wurzel;
beta de sucro sugar beet
Hence: betarapa etc.

beta² n beta (= second letter of the Greek alphabet);
radio beta beta ray;
particula beta beta particle

betarapa n beet (= “common red beet”)

betel (bé-) n [Bot.] betel

beton n concrete;
beton armate iron concrete, reinforced concrete
Hence: betonar

betonar v to construct with concrete, face with concrete

betula n birch

bi- adj [occurring in compounds] bi- (= two, twice)
Hence: bicyclo etc.; binomio etc.; bicarbonato etc.; bicorne etc.; bigame etc.: biennal etc.; bilabial etc.; bifide etc.; bifurcar etc.

bibasic adj [Chem.] dibasic, bibasic

biber¹ v to drink
Hence: bibule; bibibile-imbibibile; bibitor; bibitura; bibita; imbiber-imbibimento, imbibition; biber² &

biber² n drink, drinking
Hence: biberage; abiberar-abiberatorio

biberage (-aje) n beverage, drink; potion

biberon [F] n baby-bottle

bibibile adj drinkable

bibita (bíb-) n drink (1. draught, glassful, etc. of a given beverage; 2. beverage)

bibitor n drinker, drunkard

bibitura n beverage, drink

Biblia n Bible
Hence: biblista; biblic

biblic adj biblical;
societate biblic Bible Socicty

biblio- n [occurring in compounds] biblio- (as in “bibliography,” “bibliomancy”)
Hence: bibliotheca etc.; bibliophile etc.; bibliographo etc.; bibliomantia etc.

bibliographia (-ía) n bibliography (1. description or history of books; 2. bibliographical list)

bibliographic adj bibliographic

bibliographo (-ó-) n bibliographer
Hence: bibliographia; bibliographic

bibliolatra (-ó-) n bibliolater
Hence: bibliolatria

bibliolatria (-ía) n bibliolatry

bibliomane adj bibliomaniac, bibliomaniacal
Hence: bibliomano

bibliomania (-ía) n bibliomania

bibliomano (-ó-) n bibliomaniac, bibliomane

bibliomantia (-ía) n bibliomancy

bibliophile adj bibliophile
Hence: bibliophilo

bibliophilo (-ó-) n bibliophile

bibliotheca n I. library (1. place where a collection of books is kept; 2. collection of books); II. closed bookcase
Hence: bibliothecario

bibliothecario n librarian

biblista n Biblist, Biblicist

bibule adj bibulous, addicted to drink

bicarbonato n bicarbonate

bicarburo n bicarburet, bicarbide

bicario n tumbler, goblet, beaker, etc.

bicentenari adj bicentenary

bicentenario n bicentenary, bicentennial

bichromato n [Chem.] bichromate

bicipital adj bicipital

bicipite¹ (-cí-) adj bicipital
Hence: bicipite²-bicipital

bicipite² (-cí-) n biceps

bicolor adj bicolored, bicolor

bicorne adj bicorn

bicornute adj bicorn, bicornuate

bicuspide (-cús-) adj bicuspid

bicyclar v to cycle, bicycle

bicycletta n bicycle

bicyclic¹ adj bicyclic (= of two cycles, circles, or wheels)

bicyclic² adj bicyclic (= of bicycles)

bicyclista n cyclist, bicyclist

bicyclo n bicycle
Hence: bicycletta; bicyclista; bicyclic²; bicyclar

bidente n bident (= two-pronged instrument)

bidimensional adj bidimensional

biella n [Mach.] connecting rod

biennal adj biennial (1. lasting two years; 2. occurring every two years)

bifide (bí-) adj bifid

bifocal adj bifocal, having two foci

biforme adj biform

bifurcar v to bifurcate
Hence: bifurcation

bifurcation n bifurcation

bigame (bí-) adj bigamous
Hence: bigamia; bigamo

bigamia (-ía) n bigamy

bigamo (bí-) n bigamist

bigot n bigot; attrib.: bigoted
Hence: bigoteria

bigoteria (-ía) n bigotry

bilabial adj [Gram.] bilabial

bilateral adj bilateral

bile n bile (1. [Physiol.]; also: gall; 2. choler, irascibility, ill-humor)
Hence: biliari; biliose-biliositate; biliverdina etc.; atrabile etc.

bili- see bile

biliardo n 1. billiards; 2. billiard table;
balla de biliardo billiard ball;
jocar al biliardo to play billiards

biliari adj [Physiol.] biliary;
calculo biliari gallstone, bilestone, biliary calculus

bilingue adj bilingual
Hence: bilinguismo

bilinguismo n bilingualism

biliose adj bilious (1. [Med.]; 2. choleric, ill-tempered)

biliositate n biliousness

biliverdina n [Biochem.] biliverdin

bill [A] n bill (= proposed law)

billet n 1. note (= short letter); 2. ticket (as in “railroad ticket”); 3.billet (= lodging order);
billet (de banca) (bank) note, bill;
billet a ordine promissory note made out to order
Hence: billetero; billeteria; billetar

billetar v to billet

billeteria (-ía) n ticket-window, box-office

billetero n ticket seller

billion n billion (1. thousand millions; 2. million millions)
Hence: billionesime

billionesime (-ésime) adj billionth;
le billionesime parte, le billionesimo the billionth part, the billionth

bilobate adj bilobate, two-lobed

bimane adj [Zool.] bimanous

bimestral adj bimonthly (= occurring once in two months)

bimestre n period of two months
Hence: bimestral

bimetallismo n bimetallism

bimetallista n bimetallist

bin adj two by two, two at a time
Hence: binari; combinar &; binoculo etc.

binari adj binary

binoculo n binoculars; also: opera glasses

binomie adj [Alg.] binomial
Hence: binomio

binomio n [Alg.] binomial

bio- n [occurring in compounds] bio- (as in “biology”
Hence: biologo etc.; biochimia etc.; biogenetic etc; aerobie etc.; amphibie etc.; cenobio etc.; microbio etc.

biochimia (-ía) n biochemistry
Hence: biochimista; biochimic

biochimic adj biochemical

biochimista n biochemist

biogenese (-gé-) n biogenesis (1. genesis of organisms; 2. “theory of biogenesis”)
Hence: abiogenese

biogenesis (-gé-) n biogenesis (1. genesis of organisms; 2. “theory of biogenesis”)
Hence: abiogenesis

biogenetic adj biogenetic
Hence: abiogenetic

biographia (-ía) n biography

biographic adj biographic

biographo (-ó-) n biographer
Hence: biographia-autobiographia; biographic-autobiographic

biologia (-ía) n biology

biologic adj biological

biologista n biologist

biologo (-ó-) n biologist
Hence: biologia-biologista; biologic

bioxydo (-óx-) n dioxide

bipartibile adj bipartible

bipartir v to divide into two parts
Hence: bipartibile; bipartition; bipartite

bipartite adj bipartite (= having two parts)

bipartition n bipartition

bipede¹ (bí-) adj biped

bipede² (bí-) n biped

bipenne n [Hist.] (two-edged) battle-axe

biplano n biplane

bipolar adj bipolar

bira n beer;
bira clar light beer;
bira obscur dark beer
Hence: birero; bireria

bireme¹ adj bireme, two-oared

bireme² n bireme

bireria (-ía) n saloon, beerhouse

birero n (beer) brewer

bis 1. adv twice; 2. interj encore
Hence: bisavo etc.; bistorta etc.

bisava n great-grandmother

bisavo n great-grandfather

biscuit n biscuit (1. cracker, cooky, etc.; 2. [Pottery] bisque)
Hence: biscuitero; biscuiteria

biscuiteria (-ía) n biscuit bakery

biscuitero n biscuit baker

bisexual adj bisexual

bismuth (bíz-) n [Chem.] bismuth

bison n bison (1. European aurochs; 2. American buffalo)

bisonte n bison (1. European aurochs; 2. American buffalo)

bistorta n [Bot.] bistort, snakeweed

bisyllabe (-sí-) adj dissyllabic, disyllabic
Hence: bisyllabo

bisyllabo (-sí-) n dissyllable, disyllable

bituminage (-aje) n bituminization (= process of covering with bitumen)

bituminar v to bituminize, cover with bitumen

bitumine n bitumen
Hence: bituminose; bituminar-bituminage; bituminisar-bituminisation

bituminisar v to bituminize, cover with bitumen

bituminisation n bituminization (= process of covering with bitumen)

bituminose adj bituminous;
carbon bituminose bituminous coal, soft coal

bivac n bivouac
Hence: bivacar

bivacar v to bivouac

bivalve adj [Bot., Zool.] bivalve
Hence: bivalvo

bivalvo n [Zool.] bivalve

bizarre adj odd, queer, bizarre
Hence: bizarria

bizarria (-ía) strangeness, oddness, oddity

bizonal adj bizonal

blanc adj white;
papiro blanc blank paper;
carta blanc carte blanche;
verso blanc blank verse
Hence: blanchir-blanchimento; blanco

blanch- see blanc

blanchimento n 1. (act of) whitening, blanching; 2. [Metal.] (act of) blanching; 3. (act of) bleaching

blanchir v 1. to whiten, blanch (= to make white); 2. [Metal.] to blanch; 3. to bleach

blanco n I. white; II. blank (= blank space);
blanco del oculos white of the eyes;
blanco de ovo white of an egg;
in blanco (in) blank

blande adj 1. soft, mild, bland; 2. flattering (as in “flattering words”)
Hence: blandir &; ablandar

blandimento n flattery

blandir v to flatter;
blandir se 1. to flatter oneself; 2. to delude oneself
Hence: blandimento; blanditor

blanditor n flatterer

blasmabile adj blameworthy

blasmar v to blame (= to find fault with, find blameworthy)
Hence: blasmo; blasmabile

blasmo n blame (= expression of disapproval)

blason n 1. coat of arms, blazon; 2. (science or art of) heraldry

blasphemar v to blaspheme; also: to swear (= to use abusive language)

blasphemator n blasphemer

blaspheme adj blasphemous
Hence: blasphemia; blasphemar-blasphemator

blasphemia n blasphemy; also: oath (= abusive language)

blasto- n [occurring in compounds] blasto-, blast- (= bud, sprout; specif.: germ, embryo)
Hence: blastoderma etc.; gymnoblaste etc.

blastoderma n [Embryol.] blastoderm

blatta n cockroach

blau adj blue

blesamento n stammering; also: lisping

blesar v to stammer; also: to lisp

blese adj stammering, speaking indistinctly; also: lisping;
esser blese to stammer, speak indistinctly; also: to lisp
Hence: blesitate; blesar-blesamento

blesitate n stammering; also: lisping

blocada n [Mil.] blockade

blocar v 1. to block, obstruct; 2. [Mil.] to blockade

blockhaus n blockhouse (= building designed to protect an outlying strategical point)

bloco n 1. block (= solid mass of wood, stone, etc.); also: log; 2. [Pol.] bloc; 3. pad (as in “writing pad”);
in bloco in block;
bloco erratic [Geol.] erratic block or boulder
Hence: blocar-blocada, disblocar

blonda nf blonde

blonde adj blond
Hence: blondessa; blonda

blondessa n blondness

bluff [A] n bluff (= act of bluffing)
Hence: bluffar-bluffator

bluffar v to bluff (= to deceive by false appearances)

bluffator n bluffer

blusa n blouse (1. “workman’s blouse”; 2. “woman’s blouse”)

boa n boa (1. [Zool.]; 2. scarf of fur or feathers);
boa constrictor boa constrictor

bobina n bobbin, spool, reel;
bobina de induction induction coil
Hence: bobinar-bobinage, bobinatorio

bobinage (-áje) n (act of) winding, spooling, coiling, etc.

bobinar v to wind, spool, coil, etc.

bobinatorio n winding frame

bobsleigh [A] n bobsled, bobsleigh

boheme adj Bohemian (= of Bohemia)
Hence: bohemo-Bohemia, bohemic

Bohemia npr Bohemia; bohemia Bohemia (= way of life of social Bohemians)

bohemic adj Bohemian (1. of Bohemia or its inhabitants; 2. of social Bohemians)

bohemo n I. Bohemian (1. native or inhabitant of Bohemia; 2. as in “social Bohemian”); II. gypsy

boia n [Naut.] buoy (= floating object moored to the bottom)
Hence: boiada; boiage; boiar-boiante

boiada n buoyage (= system of buoys)

boiage (-aje) n buoyage (= act of providing with buoys)

boiante adj buoyant, floating

boiar v to buoy, keep afloat

bolchev- see bolchevico

bolchevico (bolshevíco) n bolshevik, bolshevist
Hence: bolchevismo; bolchevista; bolchevisar-bolchevisation

bolchevisar (-sh-) v to bolshevize

bolchevisation (-sh-) n bolshevization

bolchevismo (-sh-) n bolshevism

bolchevista (-sh-) n bolshevist, bolshevik; attrib.: bolshevist, bolshevistic

boliv- see Bolivar, Simon

Bolivar, Simon (-lí-) npr [1783-1830; Venezuelan patriot, “liberator of South America”]
Hence: Bolivia-bolivian-boliviano

Bolivia npr Bolivia

bolivian adj Bolivian

boliviano n Bolivian

bolla n ball, globe;
joco de bollas game of bowls;
jocar al bollas to play bowls, to bowl
Hence: bolletta; bollar

bollar v to bowl

bolletta n 1. pellet; 2. meatball; 3. bullet

bomba n bomb, bombshell;
bomba atomic atomic bomb
Hence: bombarda &; bombar-bombator

bombar v to bomb, bombard, shell

bombarda n I. bombard (1. [Hist.] type of cannon; 2. bombard vessel); II. [Mus.] bombardon (= brass reed stop on the organ)
Hence: bombardero; bombardon; bombardar-bombardamento, bombardator

bombardamento n bombardment

bombardar v to bombard

bombardator n bombarder

bombardero n [Hist.] bombardier

bombardon n [Mus.] bombardon (= bass tuba)

bombator n bomber (= one who or that which bombs)

bombides npl [Zool.] Bombidae

bombo n 1. booming, humming buzzing; 2. [Zool.] Bombus; also: bumblebee
Hence: bombides

bon adj good;
bon! good! fine! all right!
Hence: bonitate; bonificar-bonification; abonar; bono

bona fide [L] bona fide, in good faith

bonbon n candy
Hence: bonboniera

bonboniera n candy box

bonetteria (-ía) n cap seller’s (store)

bonettero n capmaker, cap seller

bonetto n cap (= man’s cap)
Hence: bonettero; bonetteria

bonhomia (-ía) n good-heartedness, good nature

bonhomo n good-natured man, good fellow, etc.
Hence: bonhomia

bonificar v to ameliorate

bonification n amelioration

bonitate n goodness;
haber le bonitate de to have the kindness, be good enough, to

bonnette [F] n [Naut.] bonnet

bono n 1. good (as in “the good and the beautiful”); 2. certificate (representing money value); also: coupon, bond, etc.

bonus [NL] n bonus

book-maker [A] n [Horse racing] book-maker

boomerang [A] n boomerang

Booz (bó-oz) nprm Boaz

bor- see borax; borace

borace n [Chem.] borax
Hence: boro-borato, boric

borato n [Chem.] borate

borax (bó-) n [Chem.] borax
Hence: boro-borato, boric

bordada n 1. [Naut.] broadside (= simultaneous discharge of a broadside); 2. [Naut.] board, tack (= the stretch which a ship makes on one tack in beating to windward)

bordar v to border (= to provide with a border or edging)

bordatura n border (= strip on the edge of anything for strength or ornament)

bordello n brothel

bordo n 1. [Naut.] board (= side of a ship); 2. border, edge;
a bordo on board (of), aboard;
a bordo de on board (of), aboard
Hence: bordada; bordar-bordatura; abbordar &; disbordar &; transbordar &; babordo etc.

boric adj boracic, boric;
acido boric boric acid

boro n [Chem.] boron

borra n padding, stuffing, etc. (= material with which something is padded or stuffed)
Hence: borrar

borrar v to stuff, pad

borusse adj (Old) Prussian, Borussian

Borussia n Borussia, Prussia

borusso n (Old) Prussian, Borussian (1. member of the Old Prussian people; 2. Old Prussian language)
Hence: Borussia; borusse

boscage (-aje) n thicket, boscage

bosch- see bosco

boschetto n grove

bosco n wood (= wooded place)
Hence: boscage; boschetto; imboscar &

Bosporo (bós-) npr Bosporus

botan- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: botanista; botanic; botanica; botanisar; botanologia etc.

botanic adj botanical;
jardin botanic botanical garden

botanica n botany

botanisar v to botanize

botanista n botanist

botanologia (-ía) n botany

boteca n shop, store
Hence: botechero

botech- see boteca

botechero n shopkeeper, storekeeper

botta n boot, high boot
Hence: bottina-bottinero

botte n barrel, cask, butt
Hence: bottilia-imbottiliar

bottilia n bottle

bottina n half boot, high shoe

bottinero n shoemaker

bouillon [F] n bouillon

bouquet [F] n bouquet (1. nosegay; 2. perfume exhaled from wine)

bove n 1. ox (= castrated male bovine quadruped); 2. beef (meat from a cow or steer);
oculo de bove 1. bull’s eye (small circular window); 2. ox-eye daisy
Hence: bovello; bovero; boveria; bovin

bovello n steer

boveria (-ía) n cowshed

bovero n 1. cowherd; 2. cattleman

bovin adj bovine

boxa n boxing (= act of fighting with the fists)

boxar v to box (= to fight with the fists)
Hence: boxa; boxator

boxator n boxer, pugilist

boycott n boycott, boycotting
Hence: boycottar-boycottage

Boycott, Charles Cunningham npr [estate agent in Ireland, the original victim of boycotting in 1880]
Hence: boycottar-boycottage

boycottage (-aje) n boycott, boycotting

boycottar v to boycott

boy scout [A] n boy scout

bracas npl breeches

brachial adj brachial

brachio n [Anat.] arm
Hence: brachial; brachiopode etc.

brachiopode (-ópode) adj [Zool.] brachiopod
Hence: brachiopodo

brachiopodo (-ópodo) n [Zool.] brachiopod

brachycephale adj [Anthropometry] brachycephalic

bracial¹ adj arm, arm- (= pertaining to or done with the arm)

bracial² n brassard (= badge worn on one’s arm)

bracialetto n bracelet

braciar v [Naut.] to brace

braciata n armful

bracio n 1. [Anat.] arm; 2. brace (= rope attached to yard for trimming sail);
bracio de mar arm of the sea;
bracio de un chaise, balancia, etc. arm of a chair, balance, etc.
Hence: braciata; bracial-bracialetto; braciar; imbraciar &; antebracio etc.

Brahma npr [Hindu Relig.] Brahma

brahman n Brahman, Brahmin
Hence: brahmanismo; brahmanic

brahmanic adj Brahmanic

brahmanismo n Brahmanism

brahmin n Brahmin, Brahman

branca n branch

branchia n [Zool.] gill, branchia
Hence: branchial; branchiate; branchiopodo etc.; pectinibranchie etc.; lamellibranchio etc.

branchial adj branchial

branchiate adj [Zool.] branchiate

branchiopodo (-ópodo) n [Zool.] branchiopod

brandimento n (action of) brandishing

brandir v to brandish
Hence: brandimento

brandy [A] n brandy

brasa n live coals; embers
Hence: brasiero; brasar

brasar v to braise

brasiero n brazier

brasil¹ n brazilwood
Hence: brasiletto; brasilina; Brasil &

Brasil² npr Brazil;
nuce de Brasil Brazil nut
Hence: brasilian-brasiliano

brasiletto n [Bot.] brasiletto

brasilian adj Brasilian

brasiliano n Brazilian

brasilina n [Chem.] brazilin

bravada n bravado

bravar v to brave

brave adj 1. brave, courageous; 2. exellent, fine
Hence: bravura; bravar-bravada; bravo-braveria

braveria (-ía) n bravery, courage

bravo n bravo (= hired assassin)

bravo! [I] interj bravo!

bravura n bravery (= quality of being brave);
aria de bravura [Mus.] bravura

brecha (-sh-) n [Mil.] breach;
facer un brecha in to breach

breve¹ adj brief, short
Hence: breviario; brevitate; abbreviar &; breve²-breveto &; semibreve etc.

breve² n 1. [Eccl.] brief; 2. [Mus.] breve

brevetar v 1. to grant letters patent to (someone); 2. to patent (an invention)

breveto n patent (1. letters patent; 2. “inventor’s patent”)
Hence: brevetar

breviario n breviary

brevitate n brevity (1. shortness of time; 2. conciseness, briefness)

bric-à-brac [F] n bric-a-brac

bricca n brick (as in “to pave with bricks”)

brida n bridle; also: [Anat.] frenum, bridle
Hence: bridar-disbridar

bridar v to bridle, put a bridle on

bridge [A] n [Cards] bridge

brigada n [Mil.] brigade
Hence: brigadero

brigadero n [Mil.] brigadier

brigantage (-aje) n brigandage, brigandism

brigante n bandit, brigand
Hence: brigantage; brigantesc

brigantesc adj brigandish

brillantar v 1. to give brilliance to, cause to be (or appear) brilliant; 2. to cut (or shape, etc.) as a brilliant

brillante¹ I. ppr of brillar; II. adj brillant (1. shining brightly; 2. splendid, distinguished)

brillante² n brilliant (= diamond cut to parkle brightly)

brillantia n brilliance, brilliancy (1. great brightness, radiance; 2. splendor, magnificence)

brillantina n brilliantine (= oily hair dressing)

brillar v to shine (1. to send out or reflect light; 2. to be eminent, conspicuous);
brillar per su absentia to be conspicuous by one’s absence
Hence: brillante-brillantia, brillantina, brillantar

brio [I] n brio;
con brio con brio

briquette [F] n briquette, briquet

brisa n breeze (= light wind)
Hence: parabrisa etc.

bristol (brís-) n Bristol board

Britannia npr 1. Britain; 2. Brittany

britannic adj British

britanno n Briton
Hence: Britannia-Grande Britannia etc.; britannic

britone n 1. Briton; 2. Breton

broca n 1. [Locksmithing] broach; 2. raised thread in brocaded design
Hence: brocar-brocato-brocatello

brocar v to brocade

brocatello n brocatel

brocato n brocade

broccoli (bróc-) n broccoli

brochar (-sh-) v [Bookbinding] to stitch

broche [F] n brooch

brochure [F] n pamphlet, brochure; also: paper-bound booklet

brodar v to embroider (1. to ornament with embroidery; 2. to do emhroidery; 3. to add imaginary details to)
Hence: broderia; brodator

brodator n embroiderer

broderia (-ía) n embroidery (1. action or art of embroidering; 2. embroidered material)

bromato n [Chem.] bromate

bromic adj [Chem.] bromic

bromo n [Chem.] bromine
Hence: bromato; bromuro; bromic

bromuro n [Chem.] bromide

bronchial adj bronchial

bronchio n [Anat.] one of the bronchia;
bronchios [Anat.] bronchia
Hence: bronchiolo; bronchitis; bronchial

bronchiolo (-í-) n [Anat.] bronchiole

bronchitis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] bronchitis

broncho n [Anat.] bronchus;
bronchos [Anat.] bronchi
Hence: bronchio &; bronchopneumonia etc; bronchotomia etc.; bronchotomo etc.; bronchoscopio etc.

bronchopneumonia (-ía) n [Pathol.] bronchopneumonia

bronchotomia (-ía) n [Surg.] bronchotomy

bronchotomo (-ótomo) n [Surg.] bronchotome

bronzage (-aje) n (act of) bronzing

bronzar v to bronze (= to give the color of bronze to)

bronzator n bronze worker

bronzo n bronze
Hence: bronzar-bronzage, bronzator

brossa n brush (1. brushwood, thicket; 2. implement for brushing);
brossa de dentes toothbrush
Hence: brossero; brosseria; brossar

brossar v to brush (= to clean with a brush)

brosseria (-ía) n brushmaking

brossero n brushmaker

brougham [A] n Brougham (carriage)

bruma n fog, mist, brume
Hence: brumal; brumario; brumose

brumal adj wintry, brumal

brumario n [Fr. Hist.] Brumaire

brumose adj foggy, misty, brumous

brun adj brown
Hence: brunette-brunetta; brunir &; imbrunir

brunetta n brunette

brunette adj brunette

brunimento n burnishing, burnishment

brunir v to burnish
Hence: brunimento; brunitor; brunitorio; brunitura

brunitor n burnisher

brunitorio n burnisher (= tool used in burnishing)

brunitura n burnish

brusc adj brusque (= blunt, rude)
Hence: bruscheria; bruscar

bruscar v to be brusque or rude to

brusch- see brusc

bruscheria (-ía) n brusqueness, brusquerie, bluntness

Brussel npr Brussels;
caule de Brussel Brussels sprouts

brutal adj brutal

brutalisar v to brutalize

brutalitate n brutality

brute adj 1. brute; also: brutish; 2. [Com.] gross;
bestia brute brute beast;
fortia brute brute force
Hence: brutal-brutalitate, brutalisar; imbrutir-imbrutimento, imbrutiente; bruto

bruto n brute

Bruxelles [F] npr Brussels
Hence: bruxellese

bruxellese 1. adj of Brussels; 2. n inhabitant of Brussels

bucca n mouth;
bucca de foco piece of ordnance;
bucca (de armas de foco) muzzle (of firearms)
Hence: buccata; buccal; abuccar &; disbuccar &; imbuccar &

buccal adj [Anat.] buccal

buccata n mouthful

bucla n curl (= curled lock of hair)
Hence: bucletta; buclar; disbuclar

buclar v to curl (= to cause to curl)

bucletta n little curl (= little curled lock of hair)

Buddha npr Buddha
Hence: buddhismo; buddhista-buddhistic; buddhic

buddhic adj Buddhistic, Buddhist

buddhismo n Buddhism

buddhista n/adj Buddhist

buddhistic adj Buddhistic

budget [A] n budget
Hence: budgetari; budgetar

budgetar (budjetar) v to budget, include in the budget

budgetari (-dj-) adj budgetary

bufalo (bú-) n buffalo

buffet [F] n 1. buffet, sideboard; 2. [R.R.] refreshment room
Hence: buffetero

buffetero n [R.R.] refreshment-room manager

buffon n buffoon
Hence: buffoneria; buffonar

buffonar v to play or act the buffoon

buffoneria (-ía) n buffoonery

bufon n toad

bulbar adj bulbar

bulbicultor n bulbgrower

bulbicultura n bulbgrowing

bulbiforme adj bulbiform, bulb-shaped

bulbillo n [Bot.] bulbil, bulblet

bulbo n bulb (1. [Bot.]; 2. [Anat.] a rounded enlargement at one end of a hair, tooth, etc.);
bulbo del oculo bulb of the eye, eyeball
Hence: bulbillo; bulbar; bulbose; bulbicultura etc.; bulbiforme etc.

bulbose adj bulbous

bulgare adj Bulgarian

Bulgaria npr Bulgaria

bulgaro (búl-) n bulgarian
Hence: Bulgaria; bulgare

bulla n 1. [Eccl.] bull; 2. bubble; 3. [Med.] blister
Hence: bullose; bullir &

bull-dog [A] n bulldog

bulletin n bulletin (= official report);
bulletin meteorologic weather report
Hence: bulletinero

bulletinero n writer of bulletins

bulliente adj boiling

bullir v to boil, be boiling
Hence: bulliente; ebullir-ebulliente-ebullientia, ebullition; subbullir-subbullimento

bullose adj 1. blistery; 2. bubbly

bureau [F] n 1. bureau, desk, writing table; 2. office (as in “office to let”)
Hence: bureaucrate etc.; bureaucratia etc.; bureaucratic etc.

bureaucrate (burócrate) n bureaucrat

bureaucratia (burocratía) n bureaucracy (= undue influence of administrative bureaus)

bureaucratic adj bureaucratic

burgese n person of the middle class, bourgeois
Hence: burgesia

burgesia (-ía) n middle class, bourgeoisie

burgo n town
Hence: burgese &; burgomaestro etc.; Teutoburgo etc.

burgomaestro n 1. burgomaster; 2. mayor

Burgundia npr Burgundy;
vino de Burgundia Burgundy (wine)

burgundie adj Burgundian

burgundio n Burgundian
Hence: Burgundia; burgundion; burgundie

burgundion n Burgundian

burla n joke, jest
Hence: burlesc; burlar-burlator

burlar v to joke, jest

burlator n joker, jester

burlesc adj droll, comical; also: burlesque (as in “burlesque poem”)

burnus [Ar.] n burnoose

bursa n 1. purse (“change purse”); 2. scholarship, burse; 3. stock market, stock exchange;
bursa de pastor [Bot.] shepherd’s purse
Hence: bursero; disbursar &; imbursar &

busardo n buzzard (= Buteo buteo)

bursero n purse maker

-bus see omnibus

bussola (bú-) n compass (= instrument showing magnetic meridian);
perder le bussola to lose one’s head

busto n bust (1. upper front part of the body; 2. [Art])

butinar v to collect booty

butino n booty
Hence: butinar

button n 1. [Bot.] bud; 2. pimple, pustule; 3. button; 4. knob (as in “door knob”);
button de foco cauterizing iron;
button de auro [Bot.] buttercup
Hence: buttonero; buttoneria; buttoniera; buttonar-disbuttonar

buttonar v to button (= to fasten with a button or buttons)

buttoneria (-ía) n 1. button manufacture or trade; 2. button factory

buttonero n button manufacturer or dealer

buttoniera n buttonhole

butyrar v to butter

butyrari adj butter

butyrato n [Chem.] butyrate

butyreria (-ía) n 1. butter industry; 2. butter dairy

butyrero n butterman

butyric adj [Chem.] butyric

butyrina n [Chem.] butyrine

butyro (bú-) n butter
Hence: butyrato; butyrero; butyreria; butyrina; butyrari; butyric; butyrose; butyrar; disbutyrar

butyrose adj 1. buttery; 2. butyrous

buxo n 1. box, box tree; 2. boxwood (= wood of the box tree)

byzantin adj Byzantin

byzantino n Byzantine

Byzantio npr Byzantium
Hence: byzantin-byzantino

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