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da capo [I] [Mus.] da capo

dactylic adj dactylic

dactylo (dác-) n 1. date (= fruit of the date palm); 2. [Pros.] dactyl
Hence: dactylic; dactylographo etc.; dactyloscopia etc.; tetradactyle etc.; pterodactylo etc.

dactylographar v to typewrite, type

dactylographia (-ía) n typewriting, typing

dactylographic adj (pertaining to a) typewriter

dactylographo (-ó-) n 1. typewriter (= typing machine); 2. typist
Hence: dactylographia; dactylographic; dactylographar

dactylologia (-ía) n dactylology

dactyloscopia (-ía) n dactyloscopy, fingerprint identification

daga n dagger
Hence: dagar

dagar v to stab (with a dagger)

Dahl, A. npr [Swedish botanist]
Hence: dahlia

dahlia (dál-) n [Bot.] dahlia

Dalton, John npr [1766-1844; chemist, who was color-blind]
Hence: daltonismo; daltonian

daltonian adj Daltonian; also: color-blind

daltonismo n Daltonism; also: color blindness

dama n 1. lady; 2. [Checkers] king;
dama de honor lady-in-waiting;
joco de damas (game of) checkers;
jocar a damas to play checkers

damascar v to damask (= to weave or adorn with damask ornamentation)

damascen adj Damascene (= of Damascus)

damascenage (-aje) n damascene (work)

damascenar v to damascene

damascenator n damascener

damasceno n 1. Damascene (= inhabitant of Damascus); 2. damson

Damasco npr Damascus;
damasco damask (= damask silk)
Hence: damascen-damascenar-damascenage, damascenator, damasceno; damascar

damnabile adj damnable (= deserving damnation)

damnar v [Theol.] to damn
Hence: damnabile; damnation; condemnar &

damnation n [Theol.] damnation

damnificar v to damage, damnify

damno n harm, damage; injury, loss
Hence: damnose-damnositate; damnar &; damnificar; indemne &

damnose adj harmful, injurious

damnositate n harmfulness, injuriousness

dan adj Danish
Hence: dano-danese; Danmark etc.

danese¹ adj Danish

danese² n 1. Danish (language); 2. Dane (= native of Denmark); 3. (great) Dane

Daniel nprm Daniel

Danmark npr Denmark

dano n 1. Dane (= native of Denmark); 2. (great) Dane

dansa n dance (1. dancing; 2. [Mus.]);
dansa macabre danse macabre, dance of Death

dansar v to dance
Hence: dansa-contradansa; dansator

dansator n dancer

danubian adj Danubian

Danubio npr Danube
Hence: danubian

dar v to give;
dar super to overlook (as in “the window overlooks the garden”)
Hence: dative-dativo; dator; dato; data &; adder &; eder &; perder &; render &

dardane adj Dardanian, Trojan

Dardanellos nprpl Dardanelles

Dardania npr Dardania

Dardano¹ (dár-) npr [Mythol.] Dardanus
Hence: Dardanellos; Dardania; dardane-dardano

dardano² (dár-) n Dardanian, Trojan

darsena (dár-) n dock, wet dock

Darwin, Charles npr [1809-1882; English naturalist, proponent of the theory of evolution bearing his name]
Hence: darwinismo; darwinista; darwinian

darwinian adj Darwinian

darwinismo n Darwinism

darwinista n Darwinist, Darwinian

data n date (“date according to the calendar”)
Hence: datario; dataria; datar-antedatar, postdatar; antedata

datar v to date (= to mark with a date);
datar de to date from

dataria n [Eccl.] datary, dataria

datario n [Eccl.] datary (= head of the datary)

dative adj [Law] dative

dativo n dative

dato n 1. die (= one of a pair of dice); 2. datum;
datos 1. dice; 2. data

dator n giver

dattilo (dá-) n date (= fruit of the date palm)

David nprm David

de prep I. from; also: since; II. of (1. belonging or pertaining to; 2. made of); III. with, by means of;
de (+ inf) to; for;
de nove, de nocte, pensar de, etc. cf. nove, nocte, pensar, etc.
Hence: [deinde] etc.

-de- [occurring in compounds] -de- (= to divide)
Hence: geodesia etc.; geodetic etc.

dea n goddess

dead heat [A] n [Horse Racing] dead heat

deambular v to ambulate; to stroll about, saunter

deambulation n deambulation, stroll

deambulatori adj deambulatory, sauntering

debatter v to debate;
debatter se to struggle
Hence: debatto; debattibile

debattibile adj debatable

debatto n debate

deber¹ v 1. to have to, be supposed to, etc. (must, shall, ought); 2. to owe
Hence: debitor; debite-debito-debitar; debita-indebitar

deber² n 1. duty (= obligation); 2. [School] assignment

debile adj weakly, feeble, debile
Hence: debilitate-debilitar-debilitation

debilitar v to debilitate, weaken, enfeeble

debilitate n debility

debilitation n debilitation

debita (dé-) n debt;
debita de honor debt of honor;
debita flottante floating debt

debitar v to debit

debite (dé-) 1. pp of deber; 2. adj due, owing

debitemente adv duly, properly

debito (dé-) n 1. debit; 2. due (= that which is due legally or morally)

debitor n debtor

début [F] n debut (= first public appearance of an actor, singer, etc.)

débutant [F] n debutant

débutante [F] n debutante

debutar v to make one’s debut

deca- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] dec-, deca- (= ten)
Hence: decade; decalogo etc.; decametro etc.; decapode etc.; decagon etc.; decasyllabe etc.

decade (dé-) n decade (1. period of ten days; 2. division of a book consisting of ten parts)

decadente adj decadent

decadentia n decadence

decader v to decline, decay, become decadent
Hence: decadente-decadentia

decagon adj decagonal, decagon
Hence: decagono

decagono n [Geom.] decagon

decagramma n decagram

decahedro n [Geom.] decahedron

decalitro (-á-) n decaliter

decalogo (-á-) n Decalog(ue)

decametro (-á-) n decameter (1. [Pros.]; 2. [Meas.])

decanato n deanship, deanery

decano n dean (1. head of a cathedral chapter; 2. senior member of a faculty or any other body)
Hence: decanato

decapitar v to behead, decapitate
Hence: decapitation

decapitation n beheading, decapitation

decapode (-á-) adj decapod, decapodous
Hence: decapodo

decapodo (-á-) n [Zool.] decapod;
decapodos Decapoda

decastereo n [Metric System] decastere

decasyllabe (-sí-) adj decasyllabic
Hence: decasyllabo

decasyllabo (-sí-) n decasyllable, decasyllabic

dece adj ten
Hence: decime &; decennio etc.; dece-cinque etc.; duodeco etc.; dece-prime etc.; decigramma etc.; decemviro etc.; decuple etc.; decuplicar etc.

dece-cinque adj fifteen

deceder [-ced-/-cess-] v 1. to depart, withdraw; 2. to die, decease
Hence: decesso; predecessor

dece-duo (-dú-) adj twelve

decembre n December

decemviral adj decemviral

decemvirato n decemvirate

decemviro (-cém-) n [Rom. Antiq.] decemvir
Hence: decemvirato; decemviral

decennio n decade (= period of ten years)

dece-non- see dece-nove

dece-none (-nó-) adj nineteenth;
le dece-none parte, le dece-nono the nineteenth part, the nineteenth

dece-nove adj nineteen
Hence: dece-none; dece-novesime

dece-novesime (-ésime) adj nineteenth

decente adj decent (1. in accordance with propriety or good taste; 2. respectable)
Hence: decentia; indecente-indecentia

decentia n decency

dece-octesime (-ésime) adj eighteenth

dece-octo adj eighteen
Hence: dece-octesime

dece-prime adj eleventh;
le dece-prime parte, le dece-primo the eleventh part, the eleventh

decept- see deciper

deception n deception, deceit

deceptor n deceiver

dece-quarte adj fourteenth

dece-quatro adj fourteen

dece-quinte adj fifteenth

decerner [-cern-/-cret-] v to decree
Hence: decretori; decreto-decretal-decretalista, decretar

dece-secunde adj twelfth;
le dece-secunde parte, le dece-secundo the twelfth part, the twelfth

dece-septe adj seventeen
Hence: dece-septime

dece-septim- see dece-septe

dece-septime (-sép-) adj seventeenth;
le dece-septime parte, le dece-septimo the seventeenth part, the seventeenth

dece-sex adj sixteen

dece-sexte adj sixteenth

decess- see deceder

decesso n death, decease

dece-tertie adj thirteenth

dece-tres (-trés) adj thirteen

dece-un adj eleven

deciar n deciare (= one tenth part of an are)

decider [-cid-/-cis-] v to decide (1. to determine, settle; 2. to cause to reach a decision);
decider se to decide, make up one’s mind;
decider de un cosa to decide, determine something
Hence: decision-indecision; decisive; decise-indecise

decifrabile adj decipherable

deciframento n (act of) deciphering

decifrar v to decipher
Hence: deciframento; decifrabile-indecifrabile; decifrator

decifrator n decipherer

decigramma n decigram

decilitro (-cí-) n deciliter

decim- see dece

decima (dé-) n tithe

decimal adj decimal

decimar v 1. to decimate; 2. to levy tithes on

decimation n 1. decimation; 2. tithing

decimator n 1. decimator; 2. tithe collector, tithe man

decime (dé-) adj tenth;
le decime parte, le decimo the tenth part, tenth
Hence: decimal; decima-decimar-decimation, decimator

decimetro (-cí-) n decimeter

deciper [-cip/-cept-] v to deceive (= to cause to believe the false, or disbelieve the truth)
Hence: deception; deceptor

decis- see decider

decise adj decided (1. firm, resolute; 2. clear, definite)

decision n decision (1. act of deciding; 2. firmness, resolution)

decisive adj decisive (= settling something beyond question)

decistereo n [Metric System] decistere

declamar v to declaim (1. to recite; 2. to speak in an impassioned manner);
declamar contra (un cosa) to declaim against (a thing)
Hence: declamation; declamator; declamatori

declamation n declamation, declaiming

declamator n declaimer, one who recites

declamatori adj declamatory (= or pertaining to rhetorical declaiming)

declarar v to declare (1. to proclaim; 2. “to declare dutiable goods”);
(un epidemia, revolution, etc.) se declarava (an epidemic, a revolution, etc.) broke out
Hence: declaration; declarative; declaratori

declaration n declaration (= formal announcement, strong statement)

declarative adj declarative

declaratori adj [Law] declaratory

declinabile adj declinable (1. rejectable; 2. [Gram.])

declinar v I. to decline (1. to fall, sink; 2. to refuse, reject; 3. [Gram.]); II. [Astron., Magnet.] to deviate (1. to have declination or latitude; 2. to vary from the true magnetic meridian)
Hence: declino; declinabile-indeclinabile; declination; declinator; declinatori; declinometro etc.

declination n I. declination (1. downward bend, slope; 2. [Astron., Magnet.]); II. [Gram.] declension; III. decline (= process of sinking into a lower or inferior position)

declinator n decliner (= one who declines, rejects)

declinatori adj declinatory

declino n decline; also: sinking, wane

declinometro (-ó-) n declinometer

decocer [-coc-/-coct-] v to decoct
Hence: decoction

decoct- see decocer

decoction n decoction (= action of decocting)

decollar v to behead, decollate
Hence: decollation

decollation n beheading, decollation

decomponer [-pon-/-posit-] v to decompose (= to cause to decompose); also: to rot (= to cause to rot or decay)
Hence: decomponibile; decomposition

decomponibile adj decomposable

decomposit- see decomponer

decomposition n decomposition; also: rot, decay

decorar v to decorate (1. to adorn; 2. to confer a medal, ribbon, etc., on)
Hence: decoration; decorative; decorator; decorato

decoration n decoration (1. action of decorating; 2. ornament; 3. medal, cross, ribbon, etc.);
decoration (de theatro) stage setting

decorative adj decorative

decorato n one decorated (as for bravery, etc.)

decorator n decorator

decorose adj decorous

decorticar v to strip the bark from

decortication n barking, decortication

decorum (-có-) n decorum
Hence: decorose-indecorose; decorar &

decrepitar v to crackle, decrepitate
Hence: decrepitation

decrepitation n decrepitation

decrepite (-cré-) adj decrepit
Hence: decrepitude

decrepitude n decrepitude

decrescendo [I] n [Mus.] decrescendo

decrescentia n decrease

decrescer v to decrease;
le riviera decresce the river is falling, going down
Hence: decrescimento; decrescentia

decrescimento n decrease

decret- see decerner

decretal n [Eccl.] decretal

decretalista n [Eccl.] decretist

decretar v to decree

decreto n decree

decretori adj 1. decretory; 2. decisive

-decta n [occurring in compounds] -dect- (= receiver)
Hence: pandectas etc.

decu- see dece

decuplar v to decuple

decuple (dé-) adj decuple, tenfold
Hence: decuplar

decuplicar v to decuple

decurr- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: decurrente

decurrente adj [Bot.] decurrent

dedicar v to dedicate (1. to set apart for a sacred or solemn purpose; 2. to inscribe, address as a mark of gratitude, esteem, etc.);
dedicar se a to dedicate or devote oneself to
Hence: dedication; dedicatori

dedication n dedication (1. act of dedicating to a sacred or solemn purpose; 2. dedicatory inscription)

dedicatori adj dedicatory (= as in “dedicatory epistle”)

deducer [-duc-/-duct-] v 1. to deduce, infer; 2. to deduct
Hence: deducibile; deductibile; deduction; deductive

deducibile adj deducible

deduct- see deducer

deductibile adj deductible

deduction n deduction (1. inference; 2. subtraction)

deductive adj deductive

de facto [L] [Dipl.] de facto

defaite [F] n defeat (= loss of a contest)
Hence: defaitismo; defaitista

defaitismo n defeatism

defaitista n defeatist

defalcar v to cut off, lop off
Hence: defalcation

defalcation n cutting or lopping off, reduction

defecar v to defecate (1. to purify from scum and sediment; 2. to excrete)
Hence: defecation; defecator

defecation n defecation (1. purification from scum and sediment; 2. excretion)

defecator n [Sugar Manuf.] defecator, purification tank

defect- see defic-

defectibile adj defectible

defectibilitate n defectibility

defection n defection (= desertion, backsliding)

defective adj defective (1. having a defect or defects; 2. [Gram.])

defecto n defect

defectuose adj defective (= having a defect or defects)

defender [-fend-/-fens-] v to defend (1. to guard from attack or harm; 2. [Law])
Hence: defendibile-indefendibile; defensibile-indefensibile; defensive-defensiva; defensor; defensa; defenditor

defendibile adj defensible

defenditor n defender

defenestrar v to throw out of the window

defenestration n defenestration

defens- see defender

defensa n I. defense, defence (1. act of defending or protecting; 2. [Law]); II. [Zool.] tusk

defensibile adj defensible

defensiva n defensive (= position or attitude of defense);
super le defensiva on the defensive

defensive adj defensive;
alliantia defensive defensive alliance;
armas defensive arms of defense (defence)

defensor n 1. defender; 2. [Law] counsel for the defense (defence)

deferente adj 1. [Physiol.] deferent; 2. deferential;
canal deferente [Anat.] vas deferens

deferentia n deference

deferer v to inform against;
deferer a to defer to
Hence: deferente-deferentia

defia (-fía) n challenge

defiantia n defiance

defiar v to defy (1. to challenge to combat or competition; 2. to brave)
Hence: defia; defiantia

defic- [-fic-/-fect-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: deficiente-deficientia; defectibile-defectibilitate, indefectibile-indefectibilitate; defection; defective; defecto-defectuose

deficiente adj deficient

deficientia n deficiency (= quality of being deficient)

deficit (dé-) n deficit
Hence: deficitari

deficitari adj showing a deficit

defilar v [Mil.] to defile, file off

definibile adj definable

definibilitate n definability

definir v to define (= to give a definition of)
Hence: definibile-indefinibile-indefinibilitate; definition; definitive; definitor; definite-indefinite; predefinir-predefinition

definite 1. pp of definir; 2. adj [Gram., Bot., Math., etc.] definite

definition n definition (as in “definition of a word”)

definitive adj definitive (= conclusive, final)

definitor n definer

deflagrar v to blaze up, deflagrate
Hence: deflagration; deflagrator

deflagration n deflagration, conflagration

deflagrator n deflagrator

deflar v to deflate
Hence: deflation

deflation n deflation; also: [Econ.]

deflorar v to deflower (= to deprive of virginity)
Hence: defloration

defloration n defloration

defluente 1. ppr of defluer; 2. adj decurrent, defluent

defluer v to flow down
Hence: defluente

deforestar v to deforest

deformar v to deform (= to spoil the form of)
Hence: deformation

deformation n deformation

deforme adj deformed
Hence: deformitate

deformitate n deformity

defraudar v to defraud;
defraudar de to defraud of
Hence: defraudation; defraudator

defraudation n defraudation

defraudator n defrauder

defunct- see defung-

defuncte adj deceased, defunct

defuncto n deceased, defunct

defung- [-fung-/-funct-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: defuncte-defuncto

degenerar v to degenerate
Hence: degeneration; degenerative; degenerate

degenerate adj degenerate

degeneration n degeneration (1. process of degenerating; 2. degeneracy)

degenerative adj degenerative

deglutir v to swallow (down)
Hence: deglutition

deglutition n (act of) swallowing, deglutition

degradante adj degrading, debasing

degradar v I. to degrade (1. to reduce in rank; 2. to debase); II. [Art] to grade, grade off (color)
Hence: degradante; degradation

degradation n I. degradation (1. reduction in rank; 2. degraded existence); II. shading off, graduation (of colors, etc.)

degustar v to taste, sample (wines, tea, etc.)
Hence: degustation; degustator

degustation n tasting (of wines, tea, etc.)

degustator n taster (of wines, tea, etc.)

dehumanisar v to dehumanize

deicida n deicide (= one who kills a god)

deicidio n deicide (= act of killing a god)

deific (-ífic) adj deific

deificar v to deify

deification n deification

[deinde] (déin-) adv I. thereafter, next; II. afterwards, then (1. following in time; 2. next in order)

deismo (-íz-) n deism

deista (-ís-) n deist

deitate n deity

deject- see dejic-

dejection n [Physiol.] dejection (1. discharge of excrement; 2. excrement);
dejectiones ejecta (of a volcano)

dejic- [-jic-/-ject-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: dejection

de jure [L] [Dipl.] de jure

dele [L] [Print.] dele, omit

delectabile adj delightful, delectable

delectabilitate n delectability

delectar v to delight (= to cause delight to);
delectar se in to delight, take delight, in
Hence: delecto; delectabile-delectabilitate; delectation

delectation n delectation

delecto n delight, joy

delegar v to delegate (1. to send as a delegate; 2. to entrust to the care or management of)
Hence: delegation; delegatori; delegato; subdelegar-subdelegation

delegation n I. delegation (1. action of sending as a delegate; 2. as in “delegation of authority”; 3. group of delegates); II. charge or commission given to a delegate

delegato n delegate

delegatori adj delegate’s; delegated

deler [del-/delet-] v 1. to destroy; 2. to delete
Hence: delibile-indelibile-indelibilitate; deletion

delet- see deler

deletion n 1. destruction; 2. deletion

deliberar v to deliberate;
deliberar super to deliberate upon
Hence: deliberation; deliberative; deliberator; deliberate

deliberate adj deliberate

deliberation n 1. deliberation (= action of deliberating); 2. resolution, decision

deliberative adj deliberative

deliberator n deliberator

delibile adj delible

delicate adj delicate (1. exquisite, fine, delicious, etc.; 2. finely sensitive, easily affected, etc.);
puncto delicate delicate or ticklish point;
sanitate delicate delicate or frail health
Hence: delicatessa; indelicate-indelicatessa

delicatessa n delicacy (1. exquisite fineness of substance, texture, constitution, etc.; 2. sensitiveness, fineness of feeling, etc.)

delicia n joy, pleasure, delight
Hence: deliciose

deliciose adj delicious (1. delightful; 2. pleasing to taste or smell)

delict- see delinquer

delicto n (criminal) offense, misdemeanor;
corpore del delicto [Law] corpus delicti

delimitar v to delimit
Hence: delimitation

delimitation n delimitation

delineamento n delineation (= action of tracing in outline)

delinear v to trace the outline of
Hence: delineation; delineator; delineamento

delineation n delineation (= action of tracing in outline)

delineator n delineator

delinquente¹ adj delinquent (= guilty of a misdeed or offense)

delinquente² n delinquent

delinquentia n delinquency

delinquer [-linqu-/-lict-] v to transgress, commit a wrong
Hence: delinquente-delinquentia; delicto-quasidelicto etc.

deliquescente 1. ppr of deliquescer; 2. adj [Chem.] deliquescent

deliquescentia n [Chem.] deliquescence

deliquescer v [Chem.] to deliquesce
Hence: deliquescente-deliquescentia

delirante 1. ppr of delirar; 2. adj delirious

delirar v to be delirious
Hence: delirio; delirante

delirio n delirium

delirium tremens [NL] delirium tremens

delitesc- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: delitescente-delitescentia

delitescente adj delitescent

delitescentia n delitescence

delivrantia n 1. deliverance (= liberation); 2. [Med.] delivery

delivrar v to deliver (1. to set free; 2. [Med.])
Hence: delivrantia

delphinium (-phí-) n [Bot.] delphinium

delphino n 1. dolphin (= Delphinus delphis); 2. [Fr. Hist.] dauphin

delta n delta (1. fourth letter of the Greek alphabet; 2. [Geog.])
Hence: deltaic; deltoide¹-deltoide²-deltoidee; deltation

deltaic (-áic) adj deltaic

deltation n [Geog.] deltification, deltation

deltoide¹ adj deltoid, delta-shaped

deltoide² n [Anat.] deltoid (muscle)

deltoidee (-ée) adj deltoid (= pertaining to the deltoid muscle)

deluder [-lud-/-lus-] v to delude
Hence: deludimento; delusion; delusori

deludimento n (act of) deluding, delusion

delus- see deluder

delusion n delusion

delusori adj delusory, delusive

demagogeria (-ía) n demagoguery, demagogy

demagogia (-ía) n demagogy

demagogic adj demagogic

demagogismo n demagogism, demagogy

demagogo n demagogue; also: [Hist.]
Hence: demagogia; demagogismo; demagogeria; demagogic

deman adv tomorrow;
deman matino tomorrow morning;
deman vespere tomorrow night

demanda n I. request; II. demand (1. [Law]; 2. [Econ.]);
le offerta e le demanda supply and demand

demandar v to ask; also: to ask for (1. to inquire about; 2. to request)
Hence: demanda; demandator

demandator n demandant, plaintiff

demarcar v to demarcate
Hence: demarcation

demarcation n demarcation

dementar v to dement

demente adj insane, demented
Hence: dementia; dementar

dementia n insanity, dementia, dementedness;
dementia precoce dementia praecox

demer- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: demeritori; demerito-demeritar

demeritar v to merit blame

demerito (-mé-) n demerit

demeritori adj blameworthy

demiurgo n demiurge (1. [Philos.]; 2. [Gr. Antiq.])

-demn- see damno, damnar

demo n [Gr. Antiq.] demos (1. people or commons, especially of a Greek state; 2. deme, township of Attica)
Hence: demotic; endemia &; epidemia &; demagogo etc.; democrate etc.; democratia etc.; demographo etc.; democratic etc.; pandemia etc.

demobilisar v [Mil.] to demobilize

demobilisation n [Mil.] demobilization

democrate (-ó-) n democrat

democratia (-ía) n democracy

democratic adj democratic

demographia (-ía) n demography

demographic adj demographic

demographo (-ó-) n demographer
Hence: demographia; demographic

demolir v to demolish, wreck
Hence: demolition; demolitor

demolition n demolition

demolitor n demolisher

demone n 1. [Gr. Relig.] daemon; 2. demon (= evil spirit)
Hence: demonio-demoniac; demonolatra etc.; demonologia etc.: cacodemone etc.; eudemon- etc.; pandemonio etc.

demoniac (-í-) adj demoniac, demoniacal (1. pertaining to an evil spirit or evil spirits; 2. possessed by an evil spirit)

demonio n demon, evil spirit

demonolatra (-nó-) n demonolater
Hence: demonolatria

demonolatria (-ía) n demonolatry

demonologia (-ía) n demonology

demonomania (-ía) n demonomania

demonstrabile adj demonstrable

demonstrabilitate n demonstrability

demonstrar v to demonstrate (= to show, make evident)
Hence: demonstrabile-demonstrabilitate, indemonstrabile; demonstration; demonstrative; demonstrator

demonstration n demonstration

demonstrative adj demonstrative (1. showing clearly, conclusive; 2. [Gram.])

demonstrator n demonstrator (1. one who shows, makes evident; 2. one who takes part in a public demonstration)

demora n 1. delay; 2. residence (= “place of residence”)

demorar v 1. to remain, stay; 2. to live, reside
Hence: demora

demotic adj [Egypt. Archaeol.] demotic

denaturar v to denature (= to render unfit for eating or drinking)

dendrite n [Mineral.] dendrite

dendritic adj dendritic

dendro- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] dendr-, dendro- (= tree)
Hence: dendrite-dendritic; dendrologia etc.; rhododendro etc.

dendrologia (-ía) n dendrology

denegar v to deny
Hence: denegation

denegation n denial (as in “affirmation or denial”)

denigrar v to defame, denigrate
Hence: denigration; denigrator

denigration n defamation, denigration

denigrator n slanderer, denigrator

Denis [F] nprm Denis, Dennis

denominar v to name, designate, denominate
Hence: denomination; denominative; denominator

denomination n denomination (= characteristic name given to a thing or class of things)

denominative adj denominative (= conferring a denomination or name)

denominator n denominator (1. person or thing that names; 2. [Math.])

denotar v to denote (= to signify by a visible sign)
Hence: denotation; denotative

denotation n denotation, indication

denotative adj denotative

dense adj dense (= close, thick)
Hence: densitate; condensar &

densitate n density (1. closeness, thickness; 2. [Physics])

dental¹ adj dental; also: [Phonet.]

dental² n [Phonet.] dental

dentar v 1. to tooth, indent; 2. [Physiol.] to teethe

dentari adj dental (= pertaining to the teeth or to dentistry)

dentate adj toothed (1. [Zool., Bot.] dentate; 2. [Mech.] cogged)

dentation n 1. dentation (= state of being dentate); 2. teething, dentition

dentatura n set of teeth, denture

dente n tooth;
dente incisive incisor;
dente molar molar;
dente de lacte milk tooth;
dente (de un pectine, de un serra, etc.) tooth (of a comb, a saw, etc.);
armate al dentes armed to the teeth;
monstrar le dentes to show one’s teeth;
dente de leon [Bot.] dandelion
Hence: dentatura; dentella; denticulo &; dentina; dentista-dentisteria; dental-labiodental etc.; dentari; dentate; dentar-dentation; indentar &; redente; dentifricio etc.; dentirostre etc.; bidente etc.; mundadentes etc.

dentella n lace (as in “Brussels lace”);
dentellas lace (as in “Brussels lace”)

denticulate adj denticulate

denticulo n [Arch.] denticle, dentil
Hence: denticulate

dentifricio n dentifrice

dentina n dentine, ivory

dentirostre adj [Zool.] dentirostral (= having a toothed bill)
Hence: dentirostros

dentirostros npl [Zool.] Dentirostres

dentista n dentist

dentisteria (-ía) n dentistry

denudar v to bare, denude
Hence: denudation

denudation n denudation

denunciar v 1. to proclaim, publish solemnly; 2. to denounce, inform against;
denunciar un tractato to denounce a treaty
Hence: denunciation; denunciative; denunciator

denunciation n 1. proclamation, official notice; 2. denunciation (= act of informing against)

denunciative adj denunciative

denunciator n denouncer

deo n god;
Deo God
Hence: deismo; deista; deitate; deific; deificar-deification; adeo; deicida etc.: deicidio etc.; semideo etc.; dea-semidea etc.

departimental adj departmental

departimento n department (= administrative division)

departir v to divide into parts
Hence: departimento-departimental

depauperar v to impoverish

depauperation n impoverishment

depeche [F] n dispatch, message; also: telegram

dependente adj dependent, depending;
dependente de dependent on, depending on

dependentia n dependence, dependency;
dependentia de dependence on

depender v to depend;
depender de to depend on, be dependent on
Hence: dependente-dependentia, independente-independentia

deperimento n wasting away

deperir v to waste away
Hence: deperimento

depict- see depinger

depiction n depiction

depilar v to remove the hair from, depilate

depilation n depilation

depilatori adj depilatory

depilatorio n depilatory

depinger [-ping-/-pict-] v to depict
Hence: depiction

depler v to deplete
Hence: depletion; depletive

depletion n [Med.] depletion

depletive adj [Med.] depletive

deplorabile adj deplorable

deplorar v to deplore
Hence: deplorabile; deploration

deploration n lamentation, deploration

[depois] (-póis) adv afterwards, later;
depois que since (from the time that)
(= depost)

deponente n [Gram.] deponent

deponer [-pon-/-posit-] v I. to depose (1. to remove from a position of dignity; 2. to depone, testify); II. to deposit (1. to lay down; 2. to put in a place for safekeeping);
deponer un summa super un cosa to bet a sum on something
Hence: deponente; deposition; deposito &

depopular v to depopulate
Hence: depopulation

depopulation n depopulation

deportar v to deport (= to exile)
Hence: deportation

deportation n deportation (= banishment)

deposit- see deponer

depositar v to deposit (1. to put in a place for safekeeping; 2. to lay down as sediment)

depositario n depositary (= one who receives a deposit)

deposition n deposition (1. removal from position of dignity; 2. testimony);
le Deposition del cruce [Art] the Deposition from the Cross

deposito (-pó-) n I. deposition (= depositing for safekeeping); II. deposit (1. thing deposited for safekeeping; 2. depository, depot; 3. sediment);
in deposito in trust;
deposito de munition ammunition dump
Hence: depositario; depositar

depost I. adv afterwards, later;
depost que since (= from the time that);
II. prep after, since

depravar v to deprave, make depraved
Hence: depravation; depravator; depravate

depravate 1. pp of depravar; 2. adj corrupt, depraved

depravation n depravity, depravation

depravator n depraver

deprecar v to deprecate (= to seek to avert by prayer)
Hence: deprecation; deprecative; deprecator; deprecatori

deprecation n deprecation (= prayer that an evil may be prevented)

deprecative adj deprecative, deprecatory

deprecator n deprecator

deprecatori adj deprecatory, deprecative

depreciar v to depreciate (= to lessen the value of)
Hence: depreciation; depreciator

depreciation n depreciation (= lessening in value)

depreciator n depreciator

depredar v to plunder, pillage, depredate
Hence: depredation; depredator

depredation n depredation

depredator n plunderer, depredator

depress- see deprimer

depresse adj depressed (= gloomy, in low spirits)

depression n depression (1. act of pressing down; 2. gloominess, low spirits)

depressive adj 1. bearing down (= tending to press or force down); 2. (morally) depressing

depressor n [Anat.] depressor, depressor muscle

deprimer [-prim-/-press-] v to depress (1. to press down; 2. to make sad or gloomy)
Hence: depression; depressive; depressor; depresse

de profundis [L] de profundis, out of the depths (of sorrow and desolation)

depurar v to cleanse, clear, depurate
Hence: depuration; depurative-depurativo

depuration n cleansing, clearing, depuration

depurative adj [Med.] depurative

depurativo n [Med] blood-cleanser, depurative

deputar v to depute, deputize
Hence: deputation; deputato

deputation n I. deputation (1. appointment as a deputy; 2. group of deputies); II. deputyship

deputato n deputy

-der see dar

derailamento (-rél-) n derailment (= act of leaving the tracks)

derailar (-rél-) v to derail, leave the tracks

deramar v -;
deramar se to branch off

Derby [A] npr [Geog.] Derby;
derby [Horse Racing] Derby

derecta n right hand;
a/al derecta (to the) right

derecte adj right (1. conformable to justice, according with duty; 2. not left)
Hence: derecto; derecta

derecto n I. right (1. what is right; 2. as in “right to life, liberty, etc.”); II. duty, custom, fee, etc.; III. law (= body of laws);
derecto de autor copyright;
derectos de autor royalties;
de derecto by right(s);
derecto del gentes law of nations;
derecto international international law;
derecto criminal criminal law;
derecto civil civil law;
derecto costumari common law (= customary law)

derelict- see derelinquer

derelicte adj abandoned, derelict

derelinquer [-linqu-/-lict-] v to forsake, abandon
Hence: derelicte

derider [-rid-/-ris-] v to deride
Hence: derision; derisori

deris- see derider

derision n derision

derisori adj derisive, derisory

derivabile adj derivable

derivar v I. to divert the course of; II. to derive (1. to obtain (from a source); 2. to be derived)
Hence: derivabile; derivation; derivative-derivativo

derivation n I. diversion of a water-course; II. derivation (1. [Med.]; 2. [Gram.]); III. [Elec.] shunt

derivative adj derivative (1. [Med.]; 2. derived)

derivativo n [Med.] derivative

derma [-ma/-mat-] n [Anat., Zool.] derma
Hence: dermatitis; dermatoide; hypodermatic; dermatologo etc.; echinoderme etc.; pachyderme etc.; blastoderma etc.; taxidermia etc.; ectoderma etc.

dermat- see derma

dermatitis (-ítis) n [Med.] dermatitis

dermatoide n dermatoid

dermatologia (-ía) n dermatology

dermatologo (-tó-) n dermatologist
Hence: dermatologia

derogar v -;
derogar al lege to depart from the law;
derogar a un principio to waive a principle;
derogar a su dignitate to derogate from one’s dignity
Hence: derogation; derogatori

derogation n derogation (1. act of limiting the application of a law, rule, etc.; 2. disparagement, depreciation)

derogatori adj derogatory (as in “derogatory remark”);
clausula derogatori [Law] derogatory clause

deroutar v [Mil.] to rout

deroute [F] n [Mil.] rout
Hence: deroutar

dervich (-sh) n dervish

descendente n descendant

descendentia n 1. descent, descendance (“descent from a particular ancestor”); 2. descendants

descender [-scend-/-scens-] v to descend
Hence: descendente-descendentia; descension; descendita; condescender &; redescender

descendita (-cén-) n descent (= action of descending)

descens- see descender

descension n descent (= action of descending)

describer [-scrib-/-script-] v to describe (1. “to describe a view, a person, etc.”; 2. “to describe a curve”)
Hence: descriptibile-indescriptibile; description; descriptor; descriptive

descript- see describer

descriptibile adj describable

description n description

descriptive adj descriptive;
geometria descriptive descriptive geometry

descriptor n describer

[desde] prep since, from

deserer [-ser-/-sert-] v to desert, abandon
Hence: desertion; desertor; deserte-desertar, deserto-desertic

desert- see deserer

desertar v to desert

deserte adj desert (as in “desert region”)

desertic adj desert (as in “desert region”)

desertion n desertion

deserto n desert;
predicar in le deserto to preach in the wilderness, talk to deaf ears

desertor n deserter

déshabillé [F] n dishabille, deshabille

desiccar v to dry up, desiccate
Hence: desiccation; desiccative

desiccation n desiccation

desiccative adj desiccative

desiderabile adj desirable

desiderar v to desire, wish, wish for;
lassar (multo) a desiderar to leave (much) to be desired, leave room for improvement
Hence: desiderose; desiderio; desiderabile-indesiderabile; desiderative

desiderative adj 1. desirous; 2. [Gram.] desiderative

desideratum (pl desiderata) [L] n desideratum

desiderio n desire, wish

desiderose adj desirous;
desiderose de desirous of

designar v 1. to designate; 2. to draw, sketch; 3. to design, intend
Hence: designo; designation; designative; designator

designation n designation

designative adj designative

designator n sketcher, drawer

designo n I. design (= scheme, plan); II. drawing (1. art of drawing or sketching; 2. as in “a drawing hanging on the wall)

desin- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: desinentia-desinential

desinentia n [Gram.] ending, desinence

desinential adj terminal, desinential

desirabile adj desirable

desirar v to desire, wish, wish for;
lassar (multo) a desirar to leave (much) to be desired, leave room for improvement
Hence: desiro-desirose; desirabile-indesirabile

desiro n desire, wish

desirose adj desirous;
desirose de desirous of

desistentia n desistance

desister v to desist;
desister de to desist from
Hence: desistentia

desolar v to desolate (1. to devastate; 2. to afflict, distress)
Hence: desolation; desolator; desolate

desolate 1. pp of desolar; 2. adj desolate, distressed

desolation n desolation (1. devastation; 2. dreary barrenness; 3. affliction)

desolator n desolater

despect- see despicer

despectar v to spite, mortify, treat (someone) with spite

despecto n resentment, spite, despite; also: grudge;
in despecto de in spite of, despite

despectose adj spiteful; despiteful

desperantia n despair, hopelessness

desperar v 1. to despair; 2. to drive to despair
Hence: despero; desperantia; desperation; desperate

desperate adj 1. in despair; 2. desperate

desperation n desperation, desperateness

despero n 1. despair; 2. desperation

despicer [-spic-/-spect-] v to despise
Hence: despecto-despectose, despectar

despoliamento n despoliation, spoliation

despoliar v to despoil, spoliate
Hence: despoliamento

despota (dés-) n despot
Hence: despotismo; despotic; despotisar

despotic adj despotic

despotisar v to despotize, tyrannize

despotismo n despotism

dessert [F] n dessert

destinar v to destine (= to set apart for a particular purpose or use);
destinate a destined or intended for
Hence: destino; destination; destinatario; predestinar-predestination

destinatario n addressee

destination n destination (1. action of destining; 2. place of destination)

destino n destiny (= one’s lot or fortune)

destituer [-stitu-/-stitut-] v 1. to render destitute; 2. to displace, discharge, dismiss (from office)
Hence: destitution; destitute

destitut- see destituer

destitute adj destitute (1. deprived, lacking; 2. in great need or want)

destitution n 1. destitution (= state of being destitute); 2. discharge, dismissal (from office)

destruct- see destruer

destructibile adj destructible

destructibilitate n destructibility

destruction n destruction

destructive adj destructive

destructor n destroyer (= one who or that which destroys)

destruer [-stru-/-struct-] v to destroy
Hence: destructibile-destructibilitate, indestructibile-indestructibilitate; destruction; destructive; destructor

desuete adj disused; also: obsolete, deadletter, etc.
Hence: desuetude

desuetude n desuetude

detaliar v to detail (= to tell in detail)
Hence: detalio

detalio n 1. detail (= individual item, particular); 2. [Com.] retail;
in detalio in detail, fully;
vender al detalio to retail, sell at retail

detect- see deteger

detective [A] n detective

detector n [Elec., Radio] detector

deteger [-teg-/-tect-] v to detect, uncover
Hence: detector

detener [-ten-/-tent-] v 1. to hold (= to have, own); 2. to detain (= to keep in custody, confine)
Hence: detenimento; detention; detentor

detenimento n detention, imprisonment, confinement

detent- see detener

detention n 1. holding, possession (of a thing); 2. detention, imprisonment, confinement;
detention preventive preliminary detention

detentor n 1. holder (of rights, titles, etc.); 2. detainer (= one who detains)

deter- [-ter-/-trit-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: detrimento-detrimentose; detrito

deteriorar v to impair (= to cause to deteriorate);
deteriorar se to deteriorate
Hence: deterioration

deterioration n deterioration

determinabile adj determinable

determinabilitate n determinability

determinante n [Math.] determinant

determinar v to determine (1. to be the deciding factor in settling the form, function, etc. of; 2. to fix precisely);
determinar se a facer un cosa to determine on doing or to do something
Hence: determinismo-indeterminismo; determinista-indeterminista; determinante; determinabile-determinabilitate; determination-indetermination; determinative; determinator; determinate-indeterminate; predeterminar-predetermination

determinate I. pp of determinar; II. adj 1. determined (= resolute); 2. definite (= clear)

determination n determination (1. act of fixing precisely; 2. fixed intention, resolution; 3. resoluteness);
prender un determination to resolve, make up one’s mind

determinative adj determinative

determinator n determiner

determinismo n determinism

determinista n determinist

detestabile adj detestable

detestar v to detest
Hence: detestabile; detestation

detestation n detestation

detonar v to detonate (= to explode)
Hence: detonation; detonator

detonation n detonation

detonator n detonator

detr- see deter-

[detra] 1. adv behind, back, backwards; 2. prep behind

detract- see detraher

detraction n detraction

detractor n detractor

detraher [-trah-/-tract-] v to detract, detract from
Hence: detraction, detractor

detrimento n detriment;
al detrimento de to the detriment of

detrimentose adj detrimental

detrit- see deter-

detrito n detritus

deus ex machina [L] deus ex machina

deut- see deuter-

deuter- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] deuter-, deutero- (= second)
Hence: deuterium; deuteron; Deuteronomio etc.: deuton; deutoxydo etc.

deuterium (-té-) n [Phys., Chem.] deuterium, heavy hydrogen

deuteron n [Phys., Chem.] deuteron

Deuteronomio n [Bib.] Deuteronomy

deuton n [Phys., Chem.] deuton

deutoxydo (-tó-) n [Chem.] deutoxide

devalutar v to devaluate

devalutation n devaluation

devastar v to devastate
Hence: devastation; devastator

devastation n devastation (= act of devastating)

devastator n devastator

devenir v to become (= to come to be)

deviar v to deviate (as in “his statement deviates from the truth”)

deviation n 1. deviation; 2. detour, roundabout way;
deviation del bussola deviation of the compass

devie adj devious
Hence: deviar-deviation

devisa n device (1. [Her.]; 2. motto);
devisa (estranier) (foreign) bill of exchange

devolut- see devolver

devolution n devolution (as in “the devolution of the crown”)

devolutive adj causing to devolve or transfer by devolution

devolver [-volv-/-volut-] v to devolve (= to transfer)
Hence: devolution; devolutive

devorante 1. ppr of devorar; 2. adj ravenous

devorar v to devour;
devorar le via to eat up the miles
Hence: devorante; devorator

devorator n devourer

devot- see devov-

devotar v to devote (= to dedicate, consecrate)

devote adj 1. devout; 2. devotional;
devote a devoted to

devotion n devotion (1. [Relig.]; 2. “devotion to a person, cause, etc.”);
devotiones devotions

devoto n devout person, devotee; also: votary

devov- [-vov-/-vot-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: devotion-indevotion; devote-indevote, devoto; devotar

dextera, dextra (déx-) n right hand

dextere, dextre adj 1. right (= not left); 2. dexterous
Hence: dexteritate; ambidextere; dextrina; dexteromane etc.; dextrogyr etc.; dextera

dexteritate n dexterity

dexteromane, dextromane adj righthanded (= using the right hand more easily and readily than the left)

[dextra] prep on the right of

dextrina n dextrin

dextrogyr adj dextrogyrous

di-¹ [occurring in compounds] di- (= twice)
Hence: digamma etc.; dilemma etc.; dimetro etc.; dimorphe etc.; diphthonge etc.

di-² see also dia-; Zeus

dia- prefixo [di- before vowels, used chiefly to form technical terms] dia-, di- (1. through; 2. away, apart)
Hence: diametro etc.; diastase etc.; diapositiva etc.; diacaustic etc.; diagno- etc.; diorama etc.

diabete n diabetes
Hence: diabetic-diabetico

diabetic adj diabetic

diabetico n diabetic

diaboleria (-ía) n deviltry, devilry (= devilish mischief)

diabolessa n she-devil

diabolic adj diabolic, diabolical, devilish

diabolo (-á-) n 1. devil (= spirit of evil); 2. [Game] diabolo;
povre diabolo poor devil;
advocato del diabolo devil’s advocate
Hence: diaboleria; diabolessa; diabolic; indiabolar-indiabolate

diacaustic adj [Math.] diacaustic

diaconal adj diaconal

diaconato n diaconate

diaconessa n deaconess (1. [Early Chr. Ch.]; 2. member of a Protestant sisterhood devoted to works of charity and religion)

diacono (-á-) n deacon (= member of the order of clergy immediately below that of priest)
Hence: diaconato; diaconessa; diaconal; archidiacono etc.

diadema n diadem

diagno- [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: diagnose; diagnostic &

diagnose n diagnosis (1. [Med.]; 2. [Biol.])

diagnostic adj diagnostic
Hence: diagnosticar; diagnostico

diagnosticar v to diagnose

diagnostico n diagnostics, diagnosis

diagonal¹ adj diagonal

diagonal² n diagonal

diagramma [-ma/-mat-] n diagram
Hence: diagrammatic

diagrammat- see diagramma

diagrammatic adj diagrammatic

dialectal adj dialectal

dialectic adj dialectic, dialectical
Hence: dialectico; dialectica

dialectica n dialectics, dialectic

dialectico n dialectician

dialecto n dialect (as in “Scottish dialect”)
Hence: dialectal; dialectic &

dialogar v to dialogue

dialogic adj in form of a dialogue, dialogic

dialogisar v to dialogize

dialogismo n dialogism

dialogista n dialogist

dialogo (-á-) n dialogue, dialog
Hence: dialogismo; dialogista; dialogic; dialogar; dialogisar

diamante n diamond

diametral adj diametrical, diametric

diametric adj diametric

diametro (-á-) n diameter
Hence: diametral; diametric-isodiametric etc.; semidiametro etc.

Diana¹ npr [Rom. Relig.] Diana

diana² n reveille

diantho n [Bot.] pink; also: carnation

diapason (-pá) n 1. range (as in “range of a singing voice”; “range of an instrument”); 2. tuning fork

diaphane adj diaphanous
Hence: diaphaneitate; semidiaphane etc.

diaphaneitate n diaphaneity

diaphragma [-ma/-mat-] diaphragm (1. midriff; 2. [Photog., Phys.; etc.])
Hence: diaphragmatic

diaphragmat- see diaphragma

diaphragmatic adj diaphragmatic

diapositiva n [Photog.] transparent positive, transparency, diapositive

diario n diary

diarrhea (-éa) n diarrhea
Hence: diarrheic

diarrheic (-éic) adj diarrheal, diarrheic

diaspora (-ás-) n Diaspora, Dispersion

diastase (diás-) n 1. diastasis; 2. [Chem.] diastase

diastole n [Physiol.] diastole
Hence: diastolic

diastolic adj [Physiol.] diastolic

diathermia (-ía) n [Med.] diathermy
Hence: diathermic

diathermic adj [Med.] diathermic

diatonic adj [Mus.] diatonic;
scala diatonic, gamma diatonic diatonic scale

dica n 1. dike (= embankment built to prevent inundations); 2. dam, weir

-dicar v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: abdicar &; dedicar &; predicar &

-dice n [occurring in compounds]
Hence: indice &; judice etc.; vindice etc.

dicer [dic-/dict-] v to say; also: to tell;
dicer le missa to say mass;
dicer le bon ventura to tell fortunes;
pro si dicer so to say;
voler dicer 1. to mean, signify; 2. to mean (to say)
Hence: indicibile; diction &; dicto &; dictar &; contradicer &; disdicer &; edic- &; indicer &; interdicer &; predicer &; benedicer etc.; juridic etc.

dict- see dicer

dictamine n dictate, dictamen

dictar v to dictate (1. as in “to dictate a letter”; 2. to prescribe authoritatively)
Hence: dictamine; dictator-dictatorial; dictatura; dictato

dictato n dictation (as in “take down dictation”)

dictator n dictator

dictatorial adj dictatorial (= pertaining to a dictator)

dictatura n dictatorship

diction n diction (1. choice of words to express ideas; 2. enunciation, elocution)
Hence: dictionario; jurisdiction etc.

dictionario n dictionary

dicto n saying (as in “an old saying”)
Hence: verdicto etc.

didact- see didasc-

didactic adj didactic

didactica n didactics

didasc- v [occurring in derivatives and compounds] didasc-, didact- (= to teach someone or something)
Hence: didascalia-didascalic; didactic; didactica; autodidacte-autodidacto-autodidactic

didascalia (-ía) n [Antiq.] stage directions

didascalic adj didascalic, didactic

Didon npr [Gr. Mythol.] Dido

die n day (1. “day” as opposed to “night”; also: daylight; 2. period of twenty-four hours);
de die in die from day to day;
die utile [Law] lawful day;
die feriate holiday;
un die one day, sometime;
le die sequente the next day, the following day
Hence: diario; diurne; quotidian etc.; mediedie etc.; lunedi etc.; martedi etc.

diese (dí-) [Mus.] sharp

Diesel, Rudolf npr [1858-1913; inventor of Diesel motor]
Hence: diesel

diesel n Diesel engine or motor, Diesel;
motor Diesel Diesel engine, Diesel motor;
oleo Diesel Diesel oil

dies irae [L] dies irae, day of wrath

dieta¹ n [Med.] diet;
dieta lactee milk diet;
dieta absolute starvation diet;
esser a dieta to be on a diet;
poner a dieta to put on a diet
Hence: dietetic; dietetica; dietar

dieta² n [Hist., Pol.] diet

dietar v to diet

dietetic adj dietetic

dietetica n dietetics

diffamar v to defame
Hence: diffamation; diffamatori

diffamation n defamation

diffamatori adj defamatory

differente adj different

differentia n difference;
il non face differentia it makes no difference

differential¹ adj differential;
calculo differential differential calculus

differential² n differential (1. [Math.]; 2. “differential of an automobile etc.”)

differentiar v to differentiate (1. to distinguish; 2. [Math.])

differentiation n [Math.] differentiation

differer [-fer-/-lat-] v 1. to defer, delay; 2. to differ (= be different)
Hence: differente-differentia-differential, differentiar-differentiation, indifferente &, equidifferente etc.; dilatori

difficile adj difficult
Hence: difficultate

difficul- see difficile

difficultate n difficulty

diffidente adj distrustful

diffidentia n distrust

diffider v to be distrustful;
diffider de un persona to distrust, mistrust someone
Hence: diffidente-diffidentia

diffract- see diffranger

diffractar v to diffract

diffraction n diffraction

diffranger [-frang-/-fract-] v to diffract
Hence: diffraction; diffractar

diffunder [-fund-/-fus-] v to diffuse (= to spread widely); also: = radiodiffunder
Hence: diffusibile-diffusibilitate; diffusion; diffusive; diffuse; radiodiffunder etc.

diffus- see diffunder

diffuse adj diffuse (1. spread out, diffused; 2. verbose, not concise)

diffusibile adj diffusible

diffusibilitate n diffusibility

diffusion n diffusion (1. dispersion, wide distribution; 2. diffuseness, wordiness; 3. [Phys.] intermingling of fluids); also: = radiodiffusion

diffusive adj diffusive

digamma n digamma

digerer [-ger-/-gest-] v to digest (1. “to digest food”; 2. to absorb mentally; 3. [Chem.]);
non poter digerer un cosa to be unable to stomach or swallow something
Hence: digestibile-digestibilitate, indigestibile-indigestibilitate; digestion-indigestion; digestive; digestor; digeste-indigeste, digesto

digest- see digerer

digeste adj digested

digestibile adj digestible

digestibilitate n digestibility

digestion n digestion (1. Physiol.]; 2. [Chem.]);
de facile, difficile, digestion easy, hard, of digestion

digestive adj digestive (1. pertaining to digestion; 2. helping digestion);
apparato digestive digestive apparatus

digesto n [Law] digest, Pandects

digestor n [Physiol; Chem.] digester

digital¹ adj digital

digital² n 1. thimble; 2. [Bot.] digitalis, foxglove
Hence: digitalina

digitalina n [Chem.] digitalin

digitate adj digitate (= having fingers or digits; also: [Bot.])

digitiforme adj digitiform, finger-shaped

digitigrade (-tí-) adj [Zool.] digitigrade
Hence: digitigrado

digitigrado (-tí-) n digitigrade

digito (-dí-) n digit (1. finger; toe; 2. [Arith.]);
(digito) indice forefinger, index finger;
digito medie middle finger;
(digito) anular ring finger;
(digito) auricular little finger
Hence: digital¹-interdigital, cubitodigital etc.; digital² &; digitate; digitiforme etc.; digitigrade etc.; prestidigitar etc.

dignar v to deign

digne adj 1. worthy, deserving; 2. dignified (= showing or expressing dignity);
digne de (laude) worthy (of praise), (praise)worthy
Hence: dignitate-dignitario; dignar-disdignar &; dignificar; indigne-indignitate, indignar &; condigne

dignificar v to dignify, make worthy

dignitario n dignitary

dignitate n dignity (1. intrinsic worth, stateliness; 2. high office, rank, or title)

digreder [-gred-/-gress-] v to digress (= to deviate from the main subject)
Hence: digression; digressive

digress- see digreder

digression n digression (1. deviation from the subject in discourse or writing; 2. [Astron.]);
perder se in un digression or in digressiones to lose oneself in a digression or in digressions

digressive adj digressive

dihedre adj [Math.] dihedral
Hence: dihedro

dihedro n [Math.] dihedron

dilapidar v to squander, dilapidate
Hence: dilapidation; dilapidator

dilapidation n squandering, waste

dilapidator n squanderer, wastrel, spendthrift

dilat- see differer

dilatabile adj dilatable

dilatabilitate n dilatability

dilatar v to dilate (= to make larger or wider)
Hence: dilatabile-dilatabilitate; dilatation; dilatator

dilatation n dilatation, dilation

dilatator n dilator (1. one who or that which dilates; 2. [Surg.])

dilatori adj dilatory (= tending to delay)

dilect- see dilig-

dilection n affection, love

dilemma n dilemma

dilettante [I] n lover of the arts, amateur, dilettante
Hence: dilettantismo

dilettantismo n dilettantism

dilig- [-lig-/-lect-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: diligente-diligentia; dilection-predilection

diligente adj diligent

diligentia n diligence (1. assiduity; 2. public stage coach)

diluer [-lu-/-lut-] v to dilute (as in “to dilute wine”)
Hence: dilution; diluvio &

dilut- see diluer

dilution n dilution

diluv- see diluer

diluvial adj diluvial, diluvian

diluvian adj diluvian, diluvial

diluviar v to rain heavily, pour

diluvio n 1. deluge; 2. [Geol.] diluvium
Hence: diluvial; diluvian-antediluvian, postdiluvian; diluviar

dimens- see dimetir

dimension n dimension (1. as in “the three dimensions”; 2. size, magnitude, extent);
dimensiones critic [Phys.] critical size
Hence: dimensional-bidimensional etc.

dimensional adj dimensional

dimere adj [Bot., Zool.] dimerous

dimetir [-met-/-mens-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: dimension &

dimetro (dí-) n dimeter

diminuendo n [Mus.] diminuendo

diminuer v to diminish, lessen;
diminuer le precio to reduce the price;
diminuer de valor to diminish in value;
columna diminuite diminished, tapering column
Hence: diminuendo; diminution; diminutive-diminutivo

diminution n diminution

diminutive adj [Gram.] diminutive

diminutivo n [Gram.] diminutive

dimiss- see dimitter

dimission n 1. dismissal; 2. demission, resignation

dimitter [-mitt-/-miss-] v to dismiss, discharge
Hence: dimission

dimorphe adj dimorphic
Hence: dimorphismo

dimorphismo n dimorphism (1. [Biol., Bot., etc.]; 2. [Cryst.])

din- adj [occurring in compounds] dino-, din- (= fearful, terrible)
Hence: dinosauro etc. ...

dinar¹ v to dine, to take dinner
Hence: dinator

dinar² n dinner, dining

dinator n diner (= one who dines)

dinosauro n [Paleontol.] dinosaur

diocesan adj diocesan

diocesano n diocesan

diocese n diocese (1. [Rom. Hist.]; 2. [Eccl.])
Hence: diocesan-diocesano

dionysia [L] npl [Gr. Relig.] Dionysia
Hence: dionysiac

dionysiac (-íac) adj Dionysiac

Dionysio npr [Anc. Hist.] Dionysius

Dionyso npr [Gr. Relig.] Dionysus, Dionysos

diorama n diorama

Dioscuros npl [Mythol.] Dioscuri, Dioscuroi, Castor and Pollux

dipetale adj [Bot.] dipetalous

diphtheria (-ía) n diphtheria
Hence: diphtheric

diphtheric adj diphtheritic, diphtheric

diphthongar v to diphthongize

diphthonge adj diphthongal, diphthonged
Hence: diphthongo-diphthongar

diphthongo n diphthong (= union of two vowels pronounced in one syllable)

diplo- adj [occurring in compounds] diplo- (= twofold, double)
Hence: diplopia etc. ...

diploma [-ma/-mat-] n diploma
Hence: diplomatic; diplomatica; diplomar-diplomate

diplomar v to grant a diploma to

diplomat- see diploma

diplomate¹ adj certified (= having been granted a diploma, license, etc.)

diplomate² n diplomat, diplomatist
Hence: diplomatia; diplomatic-diplomatico

diplomatia (-ía) n diplomacy

diplomatic¹ adj diplomatic (= pertaining to the science of diplomatics or diplomas)

diplomatic² adj diplomatic (1. belonging to diplomacy; 2. characterized by diplomacy);
corpore diplomatic diplomatic corps

diplomatica n diplomatics (= science of diplomatics or of diplomas)

diplomatico n diplomat, diplomatist

diplopia (-ía) n diplopia
Hence: diplopic

diplopic adj diplopic

dips- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] dips- (= thirst)
Hence: dipsomania etc. ...

dipsomane adj dipsomaniacal
Hence: dipsomano

dipsomania (-ía) n dipsomania

dipsomano (-só-) n dipsomaniac

diptere adj 1. [Arch.] dipteral; 2. [Entom.] dipterous
Hence: dipteros

dipteros (díp-) npl [Entom.] Diptera

direct- see diriger

directe adj 1. straight (= in a line); 2. direct (= without deviation or interruption);
(ir, ambular, etc.) directe (to go, walk, etc.) straight

direction n direction (1. action of directing; 2. as in “to move in a certain direction”)

directiva n directive

directive adj directive

director n director; also: manager, principal, editor-in-chief, etc.;
director de orchestra [Mus.] conductor

directorato n directorate (= function of a director)

directori adj directory

directorial adj directorial (1. pertaining to a director; 2. pertaining to a directorate, or to the French Directory)

directorio n 1. directorate, board of directors; 2. [Fr. Hist.] Directory

directrice n 1. directress, also: head-mistress, etc.; 2. [Geom.] directrix

directura n uprightness, rectitude, straightforwardness

diriger [-rig-/-rect-] v to direct (1. to guide, control, manage; 2. to cause to turn in a particular direction);
diriger se verso (un loco) to turn towards (a place);
diriger (un orchestra) to conduct (an orchestra);
diriger (un littera) a (un persona) to direct (a letter) to (someone)
Hence: dirigibile; direction; directive-directiva; director-directorato, directorial; directori; directorio-directorial; directrice; directura; directe-indirecte

dirigibile¹ adj dirigible

dirigibile² n dirigible

dirimente adj 1. ppr of dirimer; 2. annuling, nullifying, diriment;
impedimento dirimente [Law] diriment impediment

dirimer v to annul, invalidate
Hence: dirimente

dis- prefixo dis-, de-, un- (1. [expressing separation, deprivation, division, and the like]; 2. [expressing the negative, contrary, opposite])
Hence: disaffection etc.; disillusion etc.; discontinue etc.; discontente etc.; dissone etc.; disapprobar etc.; disarmar etc.; disinfectar etc.; disrumper etc.

disabusar v to disabuse

disaccopular v to separate (a couple)

disaccordar v to disaccord, disagree

disaccordo n 1. disaccord, disagreement; 2. [Mus.] discord

disaccostumar v to disaccustom

disaffection n disaffection

disaffectionar v to disaffect

disaggregar v to disaggregate

disaggregation n disaggregation

disagradabile adj disagreeable, unpleasant

disagradar v -;
disagradar a to displease

disancorar v to weigh anchor

disanimar v to dishearten, dispirit

disanimate 1. pp of disanimar; 2. adj discouraged, dispirited

disannidar v to take out of the nest

disapprender v to forget, unlearn

disapprobar v to disapprove, disapprove of

disapprobation n disapproval, disapprobation

disapprobator n disapprover

disappunctamento n disappointment (= state of being disappointed)

disappunctar v to disappoint (= to fail to realize the expectations of)
Hence: disappunctamento

disaquamento n draining

disaquar v to drain, dry, etc.

disargentar v to desilver, remove the silver from

disarmamento n disarmament

disarmar v to disarm (1. to deprive of weapons; 2. to reduce the size of the army, navy, etc.)

disarticular v to disarticulate

disarticulation n disarticulation

disassimilar v [Physiol.] to cause disassimilation
Hence: disassimilation

disassimilation n [Physiol.] disassimilation

disassociar v dissociate, disassociate

disastro n disaster
Hence: disastrose

disastrose adj disastrous

disaurar v to ungild

disavantage (-aje) n disadvantage

disavantagiose (-jo-) adj disadvantageous, unfavorable

disbandamento n disbanding; disbandment

disbandar v to disband;
disbandar se to disband, break ranks
Hence: disbandamento

disbarbar v to shave

disbarbate adj beardless

disbarcamento n debarkation, disembarkation;
testa de disbarcamento beachhead;
ponte de disbarcamento gangplank

disbarcar v to disembark (1. to put ashore from a ship; 2. to go ashore from a ship)

disbarcatorio n wharf, landing pier; also: gangplank

disblocar v to raise the blockade of

disbordamento n overflow, inundation (= flowing over the banks, the brim, etc.)

disbordar v to overflow (= to flow over the brim, banks, etc.)
Hence: disbordamento

disbridar v 1. to unbridle; 2. [Surg.] to debride

disbuccamento n (action of) debouching, issuing forth

disbuccar v to debouch, issue forth
Hence: disbuccamento

disbuclar v to uncurl (= to cause to uncurl)

disbursamento n disbursament

disbursar v to disburse, pay out
Hence: disbursamento

disbuttonar v to unbutton (a coat, etc.)

disbutyrar v to skim (milk)

discalceamento n (act of) taking off (one’s or someone’s) shoes, stockings, etc.

discalcear v 1. to take off (shoes, stockings, etc. from someone’s feet); 2. to uncover, expose the foot or roots (of a tree, tooth, etc.);
discalcear se to take off one’s shoes, stockings, etc.

discalceate 1. pp of discalcear; 2. adj barefooted

discalceator n bootjack

discamminar v to lead astray

discampamento n decampment

discampar v to decamp (1. to break up a camp; 2. to depart quickly)
Hence: discampamento

discantar v [Mus.] to descant (= to sing a descant or counterpoint above the plain song)

discanto n [Mus.] descant (1. counterpoint above the plain song; 2. upper part in part music)
Hence: discantar

discapillar v to tousle, dishevel

discapillate adj disheveled

discarbonatar v to decarbonize, decarbonate

discarburar v to decarbonize

discarburation n decarbonization

discardinar v to unhinge

discarga n I. (act of) unloading, unlading; also: dumping; II. discharge (1. firing off a fire-arm; 2. “electric discharge”; 3. [Arch.]); III. unburdening, relief, etc.

discargamento n unloading, unlading

discargar v I. to unload, unlade; also: to dump; II. to discharge (1. to fire, fire off; to rid of an electric charge); III. to unburden, relieve, etc.;
discargar un persona de (un obligation, etc.) to discharge, release, exonerate someone from (an obligation, etc.)

discargator n unloader; also: longshoreman

discargatorio n 1. unloading place, wharf; 2. dump, dumping place

discarnar v to take off flesh; also: to make thin

discarnate 1. pp of discarnar; 2. adj fleshless; also: lean, gaunt

discassage (-aje) n (action of) unpacking or unboxing

discassamento n 1. (action of) unpacking or unboxing; 2. (action of) paying out (cash)

discassar v 1. to unpack, unbox; 2. to pay out (cash)

discentralisar v to decentralize

discentralisation n decentralization

discerner [-cern-/-cret-] v to discern
Hence: discernimento; discernibile-indiscernibile; discretion-discretional, discretionari, indiscretion; discretive; discrete-indiscrete; discernitor

discernibile adj discernible

discernimento n discernment

discernitor n discerner

discinct- see discinger

discincte adj ungirded, ungirt

discinger [-cing-/-cinct-] v to ungirdle
Hence: discincte

disciplina n discipline (1. as in “school discipline”, “military discipline”, etc.; 2. branch of instruction; 3. [Eccl.] scourge)
Hence: disciplinari; disciplinar

disciplinar v to discipline (1. to subject to discipline; 2. [Eccl.] to scourge)

disciplinari adj disciplinary

discipulo (-cí-) n disciple

disclavar v to unnail, remove the nails from

disco n 1. disk; 2. discus; 3. (phonograph) record

discollar v to unglue

discolorar v to discolor (= to deprive of color or coloring)

discompletar v to render incomplete

disconcertamento n disconcertment; also: bafflement

disconcertar v to disconcert (1. to spoil, upset; 2. to embarrass greatly; also: to baffle)
Hence: disconcertate; disconcertamento

disconcertate 1. pp of disconcertar; 2. adj disconcerted; also: baffled

disconsolate adj disconsolate, unconsoled

discontabile adj discountable

discontaminar v decontaminate

discontamination n decontamination;
discontamination de plutonium [Atomic Phys.] decontamination of plutonium

discontar v to discount (1. [Com.]; 2. to deduct, leave out of account)
Hence: disconto; discontabile; discontator

discontator n discounter

discontentamento n discontentment, discontent

discontentar v to discontent; to dissatisfy

discontente adj discontent, discontented

discontento n discontent

discontinuar v to discontinue (= to cause to cease)

discontinuation n discontinuation

discontinue adj discontinuous

discontinuitate n discontinuity

disconto n [(Com.] discount;
banca de disconto discount bank;
disconto bancari bank discount

disconvenientia n disparity, disproportion

disconvenir v to disagree, be in disagreement;
disconvenir a to be unsuited to, unsuitable for

discoperir [-per-/-pert-] v 1. to uncover; 2. to discover;
discoperir se to uncover (= to take off one’s hat)
Hence: discoperta; discoperitor

discoperitor n discoverer

discopert- see discoperir

discoperta n discovery

discoragiamento (-aja-) n discouragement

discoragiar (-ajar) v to discourage, dishearten

discorcar v to uncork

discordante 1. ppr of discordar; 2. adj discordant, disagreeing

discordantia n discordance (1. disagreement; 2. discord)

discordar v to disagree

discorde adj discordant
Hence: discordia; discordar-discordo, discordante-discordantia

discordia n discord;
le pomo de(l) discordia the apple of discord

discordo n disagreement, discord

discornar v to dehorn

discoronar v to uncrown, dethrone

discortese adj discourteous

discortesia (-ía) n discourtesy

discreditar v to discredit (= to injure the credit of)

discredito (-cré-) n discredit (= loss of good name or standing);
cader in discredito to fall into discredit

discrepante 1. ppr of discrepar; 2. adj discrepant

discrepantia n discrepancy

discrepar v to be discrepant, be at variance
Hence: discrepante-discrepantia

discrescer v to decrease

discret- see discerner

discrete adj 1. discrete (= consisting of distinct parts); 2. discreet

discretion n discretion (= quality of being discreet);
etate del discretion age or years of discretion;
a discretion at discretion

discretional adj discretionary, discretional

discretionari adj discretionary

discretive adj discriminative, distinguishing

discriminar v to discriminate (= to perceive or note the difference in or between)
Hence: discrimination

discrimination n discrimination (= act or faculty of perceiving or noting differences and distinctions)

disculpar v to free from blame, exculpate;
disculpar (de) exonerate (from)

discurrer [-curr-/-curs-] v to discourse (= to speak formally)
Hence: discursive; discurso

discurs- see discurrer

discursive adj discursive (1. proceeding by reasoning, not intuitive; 2. rambling)

discurso n discourse (1. formal speech; 2. treatise);
pronunciar un discurso to deliver a speech;
le partes del discurso the parts of speech

discuss- see discuter

discussion n discussion

discuter [-cut-/-cuss-] v to discuss
Hence: discutibile-indiscutible; discussion

discutibile adj debatable

disdicer v to deny, contradict;
disdicer se to retract, recant
Hence: disdicimento

disdicimento n retraction, withdrawal (from a contract or agreement)

disdignar v to disdain, scorn
Hence: disdigno; disdignose

disdigno n disdain, scorn

disdignose adj disdainful

disduplamento n (action of) undoubling, unfolding

disduplar v to undouble, unfold

disembarassar v to disentangle, disembarrass;
disembarassar se de to get rid of

disequilibrar v to unbalance, throw out of balance

disequilibrate 1. pp of disequilibrar; 2. adj unbalanced (= unsteady, unstable)

disestima n disesteem

disestimar v to disesteem

disfacer [-fac-/-fact-] v I. to undo (1. to unfasten; 2. to destroy); II. to defeat;
disfacer se de to get rid of
Hence: disfacte; disfacta

disfact- see disfacer

disfacta n undoing; also: defeat

disfacte adj discomposed (as in “discomposed features”)

disfalsar v to true, straighten

disfavor n disfavor

disfavorabile adj unfavorable

disfavorar v to disfavor

disferrar v to unshoe (a horse);
un cavallo disferra se a horse loses a shoe

disfigurar v to disfigure
Hence: disfiguration

disfiguration n disfigurement, disfiguration

disfloramento n defloration

disflorar v to deflower (1. to strip of flowers; 2. to deprive of virginity)
Hence: disfloramento

disfoliar v to defoliate (= to strip, deprive, of leaves)

disfoliation n defoliation (= act of depriving of leaves)

disfoliator n defoliator

disfrenar v to unbridle (a horse, etc.); also: to unleash

disfructar v to pick fruit

disgelar v to unfreeze (1. to cause to thaw or melt; 2. to thaw, become melted)
Hence: disgelo

disgelo n thaw

disgorgamento n disgorgement

disgorgar v to disgorge
Hence: disgorgamento

disgranamento n (act of) threshing, flailing, shelling, etc.

disgranar v to thresh, thrash, flail, shell, etc.
Hence: disgranamento; disgranator

disgranator n I. thresher (1. one who threshes; 2. threshing machine); II. sheller (= one who or that which shells)

disgrassiar v to remove the fat from (the carcass of an animal, etc.)

disgratia n I. disgrace (1. disfavor; 2. public dishonor); II. misfortune; III. lack of grace; also: ungraciousness; awkwardness;
cader in disgratia to fall into disgrace
Hence: disgratiose; disgratiar

disgratiar v to disgrace (1. to dismiss from favor; 2. to reflect dishonor upon)

disgratiose adj lacking grace; also: ungracious, awkward

disgregar v to disintegrate; also: [Chem.] to disgregate
Hence: disgregation

disgregation n disintegration; also: [Chem.] disgregation

disguisamento n disguise

disguisar v to disguise (= to change the dress and appearance of so as to conceal identity)
Hence: disguisamento

disgustar v to disgust
Hence: disgusto-disgustose

disgusto n disgust

disgustose adj disgusting

dishabituar v to disaccustom, make (someone) lose a habit;
dishabituar se to lose, overcome a habit

disharmonia (-ía) n disharmony

disharmonic adj disharmonic

disharmoniose adj unharmonious, disharmonious

disharmonisar v to disharmonize

disherbar v to weed (= to clear of weeds)

dishereditar v to disinherit

dishonestate n 1. dishonesty; 2. impropriety, indecency

dishoneste adj 1. dishonest; 2. improper, immodest

dishonestitate n 1. dishonesty; 2. impropriety, indecency

dishonor n dishonor (1. loss of honor, disgrace; 2. cause or source of disgrace)

dishonorabile adj dishonorable

dishonorante adj dishonoring, dishonorable

dishonorar v to dishonor, disgrace;
dishonorar un puera to dishonor a girl

dishydrator v to dehydrate

disillusion n disillusion

disillusionamento n disillusionment

disillusionar v to disillusion

disimballar v to unpack

disimbarcar v to disembark

disimbarcation n debarkation, disembarkation

disincantamento n disenchantment

disincantar v to disenchant (1. to free from a spell; 2. to disillusion)

disincantator n disenchanter; attrib. disenchanting

disincarcerar v to release from prison or confinement

disincarceration n release from prison or confinement

disincassamento n unpacking, unboxing

disincassar v to unpack, unbox

disinfamar v to free from stigma

disinfectante¹ adj disinfectant

disinfectante² n disinfectant

disinfectar v to disinfect

disinfectator n disinfector

disinfection n disinfection

disinflammar v to remove the inflammation from

disinflar v 1. to reduce the swelling of; 2. to become less swollen; 3. to deflate

disingranar v to disengage, ungear

disinraucamento n (action of) freeing from hoarseness

disinraucar v to free from hoarseness

disintegrar v to disintegrate (= to cause disintegration)

disintegration n disintegration

disinteressar v 1. to make uninterested or indifferent; 2. to buy out, indemnify;
disinteressar se de to lose one’s interest in, become indifferent to

disinteressate adj 1. disinterested; 2. uninterested (= not having an interest in a thing)

disinteresse n 1. disinterestedness; 2. uninterestedness (= state of not having an interest in a thing)

disinveloppar v to unwrap

disinvolt- see disinvolver

disinvolte adj easy, unconstrained, free in speech or manner

disinvoltura n ease, unconstraint, freedom in speech or manner

disinvolver [-volv-/-volt-] v to disentangle
Hence: disinvolte-disinvoltura

disjejunar v to break the fast, stop fasting

disjunct- see disjunger

disjunction n disjunction

disjunctive adj disjunctive (1. tending to disjoin; involving disjunction; 2. [Gram.])

disjunger [-jung-/-junct-] v to disjoin
Hence: disjunction; disjunctive

dislactar v to wean

disligamento n (act of) unbinding

disligar v to unbind
Hence: disligamento

dislocar v 1. to displace, shift from its place; 2. to dislocate, put out of joint
Hence: dislocation

dislocation n dislocation (1. displacement of a bone at a joint; 2. [Geol.])

disloyal adj disloyal

disloyalitate n disloyalty

dismacular v to remove the stains from, clean

dismaculator n cleaner (1. professional cleaner; 2. spot remover, cleaning fluid)

dismaculatura n cleaning, removal of spots

dismanicar v to remove the handle of

dismantellamento n dismantling, dismantlement (as in “the dismantling or dismantlement of a fortress, vessel, etc.”)

dismantellar v to dismantle (= to strip of equipment, fortifications, rigging, etc.)
Hence: dismantellamento

dismarcar v to remove markers or identification marks from

dismascar v to unmask (= to strip of a mask)

dismembramento n dismemberment

dismembrar v to dismember
Hence: dismembramento

dismensurate adj beyond measure, immeasurable

dismentir v 1. to give the lie to; 2. to deny, disown; also: to belie

dismesurate adj beyond measure, immeasurable

dismilitarisar v demilitarize

dismilitarisation n demilitarization

dismobilar v to strip of furniture

dismonetisar v to demonetize

dismonetisation n demonetization

dismontabile adj dismountable (= that can be taken apart or dismounted)

dismontage (-aje) n [Mech.] (action of) dismounting; also: dismantling

dismontar v to dismount (1. to alight, alight from; 2. to unhorse; 3. [Mech.] to take down from a mounted or assembled condition)
Hence: dismontage; dismontabile

dismoralisar v to demoralize (= to destroy the morals or morale of)
Hence: dismoralisation; dismoralisator

dismoralisation n demoralization (= act of demoralizing or state of being demoralized)

dismoralisator n demoralizer

disnationalisar v to denationalize

disnationalisation n denationalization

disnaturante adj/n denaturant

disnaturar v to denature (= to alter the nature of)

disnaturation n denaturation

disnazificar v denazify

disnazification n denazification

disnodar v to unknot; untie

disnodose adj smooth, knotless, without gnarls

disobediente 1. ppr of disobedir; 2. adj disobedient

disobedientia n disobedience

disobedir v to disobey;
disobedir a (un persona) to disobey (somebody)

disobligante v disobliging

disobligar v to disoblige (= to offend)

disoccupar v to vacate, evacuate, empty;
disoccupar se to give up work

disoccupate adj unoccupied, idle

disoccupation n idleness

disodorante adj deodorant

disordinar v to disorder (= to destroy the order of)

disordinate 1. pp of disordinar; 2. adj disorderly (= in disorder)

disordine n disorder (1. lack of order; 2. public disturbance);
in disordine in disorder, disorderly

disorganisar v to disorganize

disorganisation n disorganization

disorganisator n disorganizer

disorientar v to disorientate; to cause to lose one’s bearings;
disorientar se to lose one’s bearings

disorientation n disorientation

disossar v to bone (= to remove bones from)

disoxydar v to deoxidize

disoxydation n deoxidization

dispacchettar v to unpack, unwrap

dispaisar v to displace (someone) from his country;
dispaisar se to emigrate

dispaisate adj displaced (as in “displaced persons”)

disparate adj disparate

dispare adj unlike, dissimilar
Hence: disparitate; disparate

disparer v to disappear
Hence: disparition

disparitate n disparity

disparition n disappearance

dispeciamento n (act of) breaking into pieces, fracturing

dispeciar v to break into pieces, fracture

dispender [-pend-/-pens-] v 1. to spend, expend (= to give out in payment); 2. to squander, waste
Hence: dispendio-dispendiose; dispensa¹-dispensero; dispensar-dispensa²-dispensario, dispensabile-indispensabile-indispensabilitate, dispensation, dispensative, dispensator; dispenditor

dispendio n great expense

dispendiose adj expensive, costly

dispenditor n spender, spendthrift

dispens- see dispender

dispensa¹ n 1. expenditure, outlay (of money); 2. pantry

dispensa² n dispensation, exemption

dispensabile adj dispensable (1. capable of being dispensed with; 2. [Eccl.] admitting of release, dispensation, etc.)

dispensar v to dispense (1. to give out; 2. to release, exempt)

dispensario n dispensary (= place where medicines are dispensed)

dispensation n dispensation (1. act of dispensing or giving out; 2. exemption)

dispensative adj dispensatory, dispensative

dispensator n dispenser (= one who dispenses, deals out)

dispensero n butler, steward

disperger [-sperg-/-spers-] v to disperse (= to cause to disperse or scatter)
Hence: dispersion; dispersive; dispersar

dispers- see disperger

dispersar v to disperse, scatter

dispersion n dispersal, dispersion

dispersive adj dispersive

displacente adj unpleasant

displacentia n displeasure

displacer¹ v to displease;
displacer a un persona to displease somebody

displacer² n displeasure

displaciamento n displacement (1. action of displacing; 2. [Naut.])

displaciar v to displace (1. to shift something from its place; 2. to remove someone from a position or office)
Hence: displaciamento

displantar v to root up, uproot

displicamento n deployment, deploy

displicar v 1. to unfold, open (something); also: to unfurl (a flag, etc.); 2. to deploy (troops, etc.);
displicar se to unfold (as in “buds unfold in the sun”);
displicar zelo to display zeal
Hence: displicamento

displumar v to pluck (poultry)

dispolarisar v to depolarize

dispolarisation n depolarization

dispolir v to remove the polish from

disponer [-pon-/-posit-] v to dispose (1. to arrange; 2. to fit, prepare; 3. to determine the course of events);
disponer de 1. to dispose of, have at one’s disposal; 2. [Law] to dispone, alienate;
homine propone e Deo dispone [Proverb] man proposes but God disposes
Hence: disponibile-disponibilitate; disposition; dispositor; dispositive; disposite; indisponer &; predisponer &

disponibile adj available, disposable

disponibilitate n availability

dispopulamento n depopulation (= act of depopulating)

dispopular v to depopulate
Hence: dispopulamento

disposit- see disponer

disposite (-pó-) adj disposed, inclined;
disposite a facer un cosa disposed to do something

disposition n I. disposition (1. arrangement; 2. disposal; 3. as in “a natural disposition for music”); II. state or frame of mind; also: inclination, mood, etc.

dispositive adj dispositive (= pertaining to the disposal or disposition of something)

dispositor n disposer (= one who disposes)

disposseder [-sed-/-sess-] v to dispossess
Hence: dispossession

dispossess- see disposseder

dispossession n dispossession

disproportion n lack of proportion, disproportion

disproportionar v to disproportion

disproportionate 1. pp of disproportionar; 2. adj disproportionate

disprovider v to deprive of what is necessary

disproviste adj destitute (= not possessing the necessities of life);
disproviste de destitute of, devoid of

dispulverar v to dust (= to free from powder, dust, etc.)

disputa n dispute

disputabile adj disputable

disputante n disputant

disputar v to dispute (1. to discuss, argue; 2. to contend for)
Hence: disputa; disputante; disputabile-indisputabile; disputation; disputative; disputator

disputation n disputation

disputative adj disputatious

disputator n disputer

disqualificar v to disqualify

disqualification n disqualification

disquir- [-quir-/-quisit-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: disquisition

disquisit- see disquir-

disquisition n disquisition

disrangiamento (-ja-) n disarrangement, derangement

disrangiar (-jar) v to disarrange, disorder, derange
Hence: disrangiamento

disrationabile adj unreasonable, irrational (= not conformable to reason)

disregulamento n 1. disorder, disordered state; 2. dissoluteness, profligacy

disregular v to upset, put out of order;
disregular se to engage in dissipation
Hence: disregulamento

disrumper [-rump-/-rupt-] v to disrupt, disrump
Hence: disruption; disruptive; disruptor

disrupt- see disrumper

disruption n disruption

disruptive adj disruptive

disruptor n disrupter

dissecar [-sec-/-sect-] v to dissect
Hence: dissection; dissector

dissect- see dissecar

dissection n dissection

dissector n dissector

dissellar v to unsaddle

disseminar v to disseminate
Hence: dissemination; disseminator

dissemination n dissemination

disseminator n disseminator

dissens- see dissentir

dissension n dissension

dissentimento n dissent

dissentir [-sent-/-sens-] v to dissent;
dissentir de to dissent from
Hence: dissentimento; dissension

disserer [-ser-/-sert-] v to discuss, dissertate
Hence: dissertar-dissertation, dissertator

disserrar v 1. to unlock; 2. to (cause to) loosen or slacken

dissert- see disserer

dissertar v to discuss, dissertate

dissertation n dissertation

dissertator n dissertator

disservicio n disservice

disservir v to render a disservice

dissidente¹ adj dissident

dissidente² n dissident, dissentient, dissenter

dissidentia n dissent, dissidence

dissider v to dissent, hold a dissident view
Hence: dissidente-dissidentia

dissigillar v to unseal

dissimilantia n dissimilarity

dissimilar¹ adj dissimilar

dissimilar² v to render dissimilar
Hence: dissimilantia; dissimilation

dissimilation n [Phonet.] dissimilation

dissimile adj dissimilar
Hence: dissimilitude; dissimilar

dissimilitude n dissimilitude, dissimilarity

dissimular v to dissemble, dissimulate
Hence: dissimulation; dissimulator; dissimulate

dissimulate 1. pp of dissimular; 2. adj dissimulative

dissimulation n dissimulation

dissimulator n dissimulator

dissipabile adj capable of being dissipated, dissipable

dissipar v to dissipate (1. to scatter, disperse; 2. to waste, squander)
Hence: dissipabile; dissipation; dissipator; dissipate

dissipate 1. pp of dissipar; 2. adj dissipated, unrestrained

dissipation n dissipation (1. scattering, dispersion; 2. waste, squandering; 3. dissipated living)

dissipator n dissipator, dissipater

dissociabile adj dissociable, separable

dissociabilitate n dissociability

dissociar v dissociate (= to cause to dissociate)
Hence: dissociabile-dissociabilitate; dissociation

dissociation n dissociation

dissoldar v to unsolder

dissolu- see dissolver

dissolubile adj dissoluble

dissolubilitate n dissolubility

dissolut- see dissolver

dissolute adj dissolute

dissolution n 1. dissolution; 2. dissoluteness

dissolutive adj dissolutive

dissolvente¹ 1. ppr of dissolver; 2. adj dissolvent, solvent

dissolvente² n dissolvent, solvent

dissolver [-solv-/-solut-] v to dissolve (= to cause to dissolve)
Hence: dissolvente; dissolubile-dissolubilitate, indissolubile-indissolubilitate; dissolution; dissolutive; dissolute

dissonante 1. ppr of dissonar; 2. adj dissonant

dissonantia n dissonance

dissonar v [Mus.] to be dissonant
Hence: dissonante-dissonantia

dissone adj dissonant

dissuader [-suad-/-suas-] v to dissuade
Hence: dissuasion; dissuasive; dissuasor

dissuas- see dissuader

dissuasion n dissuasion

dissuasive adj dissuasive

dissuasor n dissuader

distaccabile adj detachable

distaccamento n detachment (1. act of unfastening and separating; 2. [Mil.])

distaccar v I. to detach (1. to unfasten and separate; 2. [Mil.]); II. [Paint.] to make stand out
Hence: distaccamento; distaccabile

distante adj distant

distantia n distance;
a distantia at a distance;
tener un persona a distantia to keep someone at a distance

distantiar v to outdistance

distar v to be distant
Hence: distante-distantia-distantiar, equidistante etc.

distemperar v 1. to distemper, derange; 2. [Metal.] to anneal, soften

distemperate 1. pp of distemperar; 2. adj intemperate (as in “intemperate speech”)

distender [-tend-/-tens-] v to distend (= to dilate by stretching)
Hence: distension

distens- see distender

distension n distention, distension

disthronamento n dethronement

disthronar v to dethrone

disticho (dí-) n [Pros.] distich; also: couplet

distillabile adj distillable

distillar v to distill (1. to fall or give out in drops; 2. to subject to the process of distillation)
Hence: distillabile; distilleria; distillation; distillator; distillatori

distillation n distillation

distillator n distiller

distillatori adj distillatory

distilleria (-ía) n distillery

distinct- see distinguer

distincte adj distinct (1. different; 2. clearly perceptible)
Hence: indistincte

distinction n distinction (1. act of distinguishing; 2. condition of being distinguished or outstanding among others)

distinctive adj distinctive

distinger v to take the color out of, fade

distinguer [-stingu-/-stinct-] v to distinguish;
distinguer se to distinguish oneself
Hence: distinguibile-indistinguibile; distinction-indistinction; distinctive; distincte &; distinguitor; distinguite

distinguibile adj distinguishable

distinguite 1. pp of distinguer; 2. adj distinguished (= possessing distinction)

distinguitor n distinguisher

distorquer [-torqu-/-tort-] v 1. to distort; 2. to untwist
Hence: distortion

distort- see distorquer

distortion n I. distortion (1. action of distorting; 2. contortion); II. (act of) untwisting

distract- see distraher

distracte adj absent-minded

distraction n 1. absent-mindedness; 2. distraction, amusement

distractive adj distractive

distraher [-trah-/-tract-] v to divert (1. to distract; 2. to entertain, amuse)
Hence: distraction; distractive; distracte

distribuer [-tribu-/-tribut-] v to distribute (1. to allot to each as his share; 2. to allocate to distinct places; 3. [Print.])
Hence: distribution; distributive; distributor

distribut- see distribuer

distribution n distribution (1. apportionment, allotment; 2. allocation to distinct places; 3. [Print.])

distributive adj distributive (1. serving to distribute; 2. [Gram.])

distributor n distributor, distributer

districto n [Admin.] district

disturbar v to disturb (= to break up a state of order, calm and quiet)
Hence: disturbator

disturbator n disturber

disunion n disunion (1. rupture of union, severance; 2. disunity)

disunir v to disunite

disunitate n disunity

disusar v to disuse

disuso n disuse

disvainar v to unsheathe, draw (a sword, etc.)

disvelar v to unveil

disveloppamental adj developmental

disveloppamento n 1. development; 2. [Photog.] (act of) developing

disveloppar v to develop; also: [Photog.]
Hence: disveloppamento-disveloppamental; disveloppator

disveloppator n [Photog.] developer

disvestir v to undress (a person)

disviar v to turn aside, cause to deviate;
disviar se to go astray, lose one’s way

disyllabe (-sí-) adj dissyllabic, disyllabic
Hence: disyllabo

disyllabo (-sí-) n dissyllable, disyllable

ditto ditto;
signo de ditto ditto marks

diurne adj I. diurnal (1. daily; 2. relating to daytime); II. lasting one day

divagar v 1. to wander about, ramble; 2. to divagate, digress
Hence: divagation

divagation n 1. (act of) wandering about, rambling; 2. divagation, digression

divan n divan

dive adj divine
Hence: divo-divin &

diveller [-vell-/-vuls-] v to tear apart, rend
Hence: divulsion

divergente 1. ppr of diverger; 2. adj divergent

divergentia n divergence, divergency

diverger v to diverge
Hence: divergente-divergentia

divers- see diverter

diverse adj diverse

diversificar v to diversify (= to make diverse)

diversion n diversion (1. entertainment, pastime; 2. [Mil.])

diversitate n diversity

diverter [-vert-/-vers-] v to divert (1. to turn aside; 2. to amuse, entertain)
Hence: divertimento; diversion; diverse-diversitate; diversificar

divertimento n diversion, amusement

dividendo n dividend (1. [Arith.]; 2. [Com.])

divider [-vid-/-vis-] v to divide (1. to separate into parts; 2. [Arith.])
Hence: dividendo; divisibile-divisibilitate, indivisibile-indivisibilitate; division-divisional, indivision; divisive; divisor; indivise; individuo &; subdivider-subdivisibile, subdivision

divin adj divine
Hence: divinitate; divinisar-divinisation; divino &

divinar v to divine, guess

divination n divination

divinator n diviner

divinatori adj divinatory

divinisar v to deify

divinisation n deification

divinitate n divinity (= divine nature or being)

divino n soothsayer; guesser
Hence: divinar-divination, divinator, divinatori

divis- see divider

divisibile adj divisible

divisibilitate n divisibility

division n division (1. act of dividing; 2. [special: Arith., Mil., Biol., etc.]);
division del labor division of labor

divisional adj divisional

divisive adj divisive (= indicating division)

divisor n [Arith.] divisor;
(maxime) commun divisor (greatest) common divisor

divo n deity

divorciar v to divorce

divorcio n divorce
Hence: divorciar

divulgar v to divulge, divulgate
Hence: divulgation; divulgator

divulgation n divulgement, divulgation

divulgator n divulger

divuls- see diveller

divulsion n divulsion

dl abbr = decilitro

dm abbr = decimetro;
dm² = decimetro quadrate;
dm³ = decimetro cubic

do n 1. [Mus.] do; 2. [Mus.] (the note) C

doana n I. (1. customs administration or system; 2. duty); II. customhouse
Hence: doanero

doanero n customhouse officer

docer [doc-/doct-] v to teach, instruct
Hence: docile &; doctor &; doctrina &; docte

docile adj docile
Hence: docilitate; indocile-indocilitate

docilitate n docility

doct- see docer

docte adj learned

doctor n I. teacher, scholar, learned man; II. doctor (1. as in “doctor of philosophy”; 2. doctor of medicine, physician);
doctor del Ecclesia Doctor of the Church
Hence: doctorato; doctoressa; doctoral; doctorar-doctorando

doctoral adj doctoral

doctorando n candidate for the doctor’s degree

doctorar v to confer the degree of Doctor upon

doctorato n doctorate

doctoressa n woman doctor

doctrina n doctrine
Hence: doctrinal; doctrinari-doctrinarismo; doctrinario

doctrinal adj doctrinal (as in “doctrinal observation or clauses”)

doctrinari adj doctrinary, doctrinaire

doctrinario n doctrinaire

doctrinarismo n doctrinalism, doctrinism, doctrinairism

documental adj documentary

documentar v to document

documentari adj documentary

documentation n documentation

documento n document
Hence: documental; documentari; documentar-documentation

dodeca- adj [occurring in compounds] dodeca-, dodec- (= twelve)
Hence: dodecahedro etc.; Dodecaneso etc.; dodecagon etc.; dodecapetale etc.; dodecasyllabe etc.

dodecagon adj dodecagonal
Hence: dodecagono-dodecagonal

dodecagonal adj dodecagonal

dodecagono n dodecagon

dodecahedr- [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: dodecahedro-dodecahedric

dodecahedric adj dodecahedral

dodecahedro n [Math.] dodecahedron

Dodecaneso npr Dodecanese Islands

dodecapetale adj [Bot.] dodecapetalous

dodecasyllabe (-sílabe) adj dodecasyllabic
Hence: dodecasyllabo

dodecasyllabo (-sílabo) n [Pros.] dodecasyllable

dogma [-ma/-mat-] n dogma
Hence: dogmatic; dogmatica; dogmatisar-dogmatismo, dogmatista, dogmatisation, dogmatisator

dogmat- see dogma

dogmatic adj dogmatic, dogmatical

dogmatica n dogmatics

dogmatisar v to dogmatize

dogmatisation n dogmatization

dogmatisator n dogmatizer

dogmatismo n dogmatism

dogmatista n dogmatist

doler v to hurt, be aching;
(le capite me) dole (my head) aches;
doler se de to be sorry for
Hence: dolo; indolente &; dolor-dolorose; indoler; condoler &

dolich- adj [occurring in compounds] dolicho-, dolich- (= long)
Hence: dolichocephale etc. ...

dolichocephale adj [Anthropometry] dolichocephalic

dollar [A] n [Monet.] dollar

dolo n grief, sorrow

dolor n pain (1. ache; 2. grief);
dolor de dentes toothache

dolorose adj 1. painful (= causing pain); 2. sorrowful, dolorous

domabile adj tamable

domar v to tame (= to make tame)
Hence: domabile-indomabile-indomabilitate; domator; indomate

domator n tamer (of wild beasts)

domestic (-més-) adj domestic (= of or belonging to the household, home, family);
animal domestic domestic animal;
aves domestic poultry
Hence: domesticitate; domesticar-domestication, domesticator; domestico

domesticar v to domesticate, tame

domestication n domestication

domesticator n domesticator

domesticitate n 1. domesticity; 2. (state of) dependence

domestico (-més-) n domestic

domiciliar v to domicile, domiciliate (= to establish or set up at a given residence)

domiciliari adj domiciliary

domicilio n domicile;
franc a domicilio delivery free, carriage paid
Hence: domiciliari; domiciliar

domina n mistress (“mistress of a household, etc.”)

dominante¹ adj dominant (1. controlling, most influential; 2. rising high above its surroundings)

dominante² n [Mus.] dominant

dominantia n dominance

dominar v to dominate (1. to exercise control over; 2. to rise high above)
Hence: dominante¹-dominantia, dominante²-subdominante; domination; dominator; predominar &

domination n domination

dominator n dominator

dominial adj pertaining to a domain, domainal; dominial

dominica n Sunday;
Dominica del Palmas Palm Sunday

dominical adj dominical

dominican adj Dominican (1. pertaining to St. Dominic, or to the order of preaching friars founded by him; 2. pertaining to the Dominican Republic);
Republica Dominican Dominican Republic

dominicano n Dominican (1. Dominican friar; 2. native or citizen of the Dominican Republic)

Dominico (-mí-) nprm Dominic
Hence: dominican-dominicano

dominio n 1. (absolute) ownership, dominion, dominium; 2. dominion (= rule control, supreme authority; 3. domain;
dominio eminente [Law] eminent domain;
dominio public [Law] public domain;
dominio de energias [Atomic Phys.] energy range
Hence: dominial; condominio

domino (dó-) n I. master (lord, owner, etc.); II. domino (1. long, loose robe worn at masquerades; 2. [Games] “domino piece”; also: (game of) dominoes)
Hence: dominio &; Dominico &; dominica-dominical; dominar &; domina

domo¹ n house;
domo de Deo house of God;
a domo home, homewards; at home;
in domo de at the house of
Hence: domicilio &; domino &; domestic &; majordomo etc.

domo² n dome (= cupola)

donar v to give, donate

donation n donation

donativo n donation, donative

donator n donor, donator

donatorio n [Law] donatory

[donec] (dó-) conj 1. while, as long as; 2. until, up to the time that

donjon n dungeon, donjon

donna n donna, dame

dono n gift (1. present; 2. natural ability)
Hence: donar-donation, donativo, donator, donatorio, pardonar &

Don Quixote (kishóte, kihóte) npr Don Quixote
Hence: quixoteria; quixotismo; quixotic

dormir v to sleep
Hence: dormitive-dormitivo; dormitorio; addormir-addormite

dormitive adj soporific (= causing sleep)

dormitivo n sleeping pill or potion, soporific

dormitorio n dormitory (= sleeping room)

doro- n [occurring in compounds] doro-, -dor (= gift)
Hence: Dorothea etc.; Pandora etc.; thermidor etc.; fructidor etc.

Dorothea (-éa) nprf Dorothy

dorsal adj dorsal

dorso n back (1. “back of a person or animal”; 2. as in “the back of the hand”; 3. “back of a chair or couch”)
Hence: dorsal; adorsar; indorsar &; extradorso; intradorso

dosage (-aje) n dosing, dosage

dosar v 1. to divide into doses; 2. to proportion (the constituents of a compound); 3. to dose (= to give out in doses)

dose n dose
Hence: dosar-dosage

dossier [F] n dossier

dotal adj dotal

dotar v 1. to dower (= to give a dowry to); 2. to endow

dotation n endowment, dotation

dote n dowry
Hence: dotal; dotar-dotation

dova n stave (of a cask)

dox- n [occurring in compounds] dox-, -dox- (1. opinion; as in “heterodox”; 2. glory; as in “doxology”)
Hence: paradoxe &; doxologia etc.; heterodoxe etc.; orthodoxe etc.

doxologia (-ía) n doxology

dozena n dozen

drachma n 1. drachma; 2. [Weights] dram

dracon¹ n 1. dragon (1. [Mythol.]; 2. [Zool.] lizard of the genus Draco; 3. [Bot.])

Dracon² npr [Gr. Hist.] Draco
Hence: draconian

draconian adj Draconian;
lege(s) draconian Draconian law(s)

draga n [Technol.] dredge (1. dredger; 2. dragnet)
Hence: dragar-dragaminas etc.

dragaminas (-mí-) n mine sweeper

dragar v [Technol.] to dredge

drama [-ma/-mat-] n drama
Hence: dramatic; dramatisar; dramaturgo etc.; melodrama etc.

dramat- see drama

dramatic adj dramatic

dramatisar v to dramatize

dramaturgia (-ía) n dramaturgy

dramaturgo n dramatist, playwright
Hence: dramaturgia

drappar v to drape, hang with a drapery

drapperia (-ía) n drapery (1. business of selling cloth; 2. clothing or hangings arranged in graceful folds)

drappero n draper (= dealer in cloth)

drappo n cloth (= fabric, material)
Hence: drappero; drapperia; drappar

drastic adj drastic

dreadnought [A] n dreadnought

droga n drug
Hence: drogeria; drogista; drogar

drogar v to drug (= to administer a drug or drugs to)

drogeria (-ía) n drugstore

drogista n druggist

dromedario n dromedary

-dromo n [occurring in compounds] -drome (1. running; 2. racecourse)
Hence: aerodromo etc.; autodromo etc.; hippodromo etc.; velodromo etc.; palindromo etc.

druida (drú-) n druid
Hence: druidessa; druidismo; druidic

druidessa n druidess

druidic (-íd-) adj druidic, druidical

druidismo n druidism

dual adj dual

dualismo n dualism

dualista n dualist

dualistic adj dualistic

dualitate n duality

dubita (dú-) n doubt;
esser in dubita to be in doubt;
sin dubita without doubt, doubtless;
foris de dubita beyond doubt;
poner (un cosa) in dubita to cast doubt on (something)

dubitabile adj doubtful, questionable

dubitar v to doubt, be in doubt;
dubitar de (un cosa) to doubt (something)
Hence: dubita-dubitose; dubitabile-indubitabile; dubitation; dubitative; dubitator; indubitate

dubitation n doubt (1. as in “in doubt”, “without doubt”; 2. [Rhet.] dubitatio)

dubitative adj dubitative

dubitator n doubter

dubitose adj dubious, doubtful (1. in doubt; 2. causing doubt)

ducal adj ducal

ducato n I. dukedom (1. duchy; 2. title or rank of a duke); II. ducat
Hence: ducaton

ducaton n ducatoon

duce n duke
Hence: ducato &; duchessa; ducal; archiduce etc.

ducer [duc-/duct-] v to conduct (1. to lead, guide; 2. to direct, manage)
Hence: ductile &; ducto &; abducer &; adducer &; conducer &; deducer &; inducer &; introducer &; producer &; reducer &; seducer &; traducer &

duch- see duce

ducha (-sh-) n 1. douche (= jet of water for therapeutic purposes); 2. shower, shower bath
Hence: duchar

duchar (-sh-) v 1. to douche (= to give a douche); 2. to give a shower, a shower bath

duchessa n duchess

duct- see ducer

ductile adj ductile
Hence: ductilitate

ductilitate n ductility

ducto n [Anat.] duct
Hence: aqueducto etc.; oviducto etc.; viaducto etc.

duellar v to duel

duellista n duelist

duello n duel
Hence: duellista; duellar

duettista n duettist

duetto n duet

dulce adj sweet (1. “sweet to the taste”; 2. pleasant, soft, gentle, etc.);
aqua dulce fresh water;
(metallo) dulce soft, malleable (metal)
Hence: dulcor-edulcorar-edulcoration; adulciar-adulciamento; dulcificar-dulcification

dulci- see dulce

dulcificar v to dulcify

dulcification n dulcification

dulcor n sweetness (1. “sweetness to the taste”; 2. quality of being pleasant, soft, mild, gentle, etc.)

dulo- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] dul- (= slave)
Hence: hierodulo etc. ...

dum conj 1. while, as long as; 2. until; 3. provided that, if only
Hence: [interdum] etc.

duma [R] n duma

dumdum [A] n dumdum (bullet)

dumping [A] n [Com.] dumping

-dun [Icel.] n [occurring in compounds] -down
Hence: eiderdun etc.

duna n dune, down

Dunkerque [F] npr Dunkirk

Dunkirken (dún-) npr Dunkirk

[dunque] conj therefore

duo¹ adj two;
divider in duo to divide in two; also: to halve;
le duo the two;
tote (le) duo both
Hence: dual-dualismo, dualista-dualistic, dualitate; duo²-duetto-duettista; duodece etc.; deceduo etc.; duple etc.; duplice etc.; duumviro etc.

duo² n duet

duode- see duodece

duodece (-ó-) adj twelve
Hence: duodecime-duodecimal; duodeno-duodenal, duodenitis

duodecim- see duodece

duodecimal adj duodecimal

duodecime (-dé-) adj twelfth

duodenal adj duodenal

duodenitis (-ítis) n duodenitis

duodeno n [Anat.] duodenum

dupar v to dupe

dupator n duper

dupe n dupe
Hence: dupar-dupator

duplamento n (action of) doubling

duplar v to double (1. to make double; 2. [Naut.] to sail round)

duple adj double, twofold;
partita duple [Bookkeeping] double entry;
duple v (the letter) w
Hence: dupletto; duplar-duplamento, disduplar-disduplamento, reduplar-reduplamento; semiduple etc.

dupletto n doublet (1. identical piece; also: [Philol., Jewelry, etc.]; 2. combination of two)

duplicar v to double, make double

duplication n duplication

duplicative adj duplicative

duplicato n duplicate

duplicator n duplicator

duplicatura n duplicature; also: [Anat.]

duplice (dú-) adj double, twofold
Hence: duplicitate; duplicar-duplication, duplicative, duplicator, duplicatura, duplicato, reduplicar-reduplication, reduplicative

duplicitate n 1. doubleness, duplexity; 2. duplicity, double-dealing

dur adj hard (= not soft); also: harsh
Hence: duressa; durar &

durabile adj durable, lasting

durabilitate n durability

durante prep during;
durante que while, whilst

durar v to last, endure
Hence: durante; durabile-durabilitate; duration; indurar &; perdurar &

duration n duration (1. continuance in time; 2. period of time during which a thing lasts)

duressa n hardness; also: harshness, duress

duumviral adj duumviral

duumvirato n duumvirate

duumviro (-úm-) n [Rom. Antiq.] duumvir
Hence: duumvirato; duumviral

dyn- see dynam-

dyna n [Phys.] dyne

dynam- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: dynamismo; dynamista; dynamite &; dynamic-aerodynamic etc.; isodynamic etc.; dynamica-electrodynamica etc; adyname &; dynamometro etc.; dynamoelectric etc.; heterodyne etc.

dynamic adj dynamic, dynamical

dynamica n [Phys.] dynamics

dynamismo n [Philos.] dynamism

dynamista n dynamist

dynamitar v to dynamite

dynamite n dynamite
Hence: dynamitero; dynamitic; dynamitar

dynamitero n dynamiter

dynamitic adj dynamite, dynamitic

dynamo (dí-) n [Elec.] dynamo
Hence: turbodynamo etc.

dynamoelectric adj dynamoelectric;
machina dynamoelectric dynamoclectric machine, dynamo

dynamometro (-mó-) n dynamometer

dynasta n dynast
Hence: dynastia; dynastic

dynastia (-ía) n dynasty

dynastic adj dynastic

dys- prefixo [used chiefly to form technical terms] dys- (1. bad, badly; 2. difficult, with difficulty; 3. disordered)
Hence: dysenteria etc.; dyspepsia etc.; dyspeptic etc.

dysenteria (-ía) n [Pathol.] dysentery
Hence: dysenteric

dysenteric adj dysenteric

dyspepsia (-ía) n [Pathol.] dyspepsia

dyspeptic adj dyspeptic

dysphasia (-ía) n [Med.] dysphasia

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