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e conj and;
e ... e as well ... as, both ... and

e- see esser

eau de Cologne [F] n eau de Cologne

ebenisar v to ebonize

ebenista n cabinetmaker, ebonist

ebenisteria (-ía) n cabinetmaking

ebeno (é-) n ebony
Hence: ebenista-ebenisteria; ebenisar

ebore n ivory
Hence: eboree

eboree adj ivory

ebrie adj drunk, drunken
Hence: ebrietate; inebriar

ebrietate n drunkenness, ebriety

ebulliente adj ebullient

ebullientia n ebullience

ebullir v to boil, bubble out

ebullition n ebullition, boiling;
puncto de ebullition boiling point

ecce adv lo!, see!, behold!

ecce homo [L] ecce homo (= behold the man)

eccentric adj eccentric (1. not concentric; 2. odd, whimsical, unconventional);
(districto) eccentric outlying (district)
Hence: eccentricitate

eccentricitate n eccentricity (1. [Mech.]; 2. eccentric condition or behavior, oddity)

ecclesia n church;
Ecclesia Anglican Church of England, Anglican Church
Hence: ecclesiasta-ecclesiastic-ecclesiastico; ecclesiologia etc.

ecclesiasta n ecclesiastic;
Ecclesiasta Ecclesiast (= author of Ecclesiastes)

Ecclesiastes (-ás-) npr [Bib.] Ecclesiastes

ecclesiastic adj ecclesiastic, ecclesiastical

ecclesiastico n ecclesiastic

ecclesiologia (-ía) n ecclesiology

-ech- [occurring in compounds]
Hence: entelechia etc. ...

echelon (-sh-) n [Mil.] echelon
Hence: echelonar

echelonar (-sh-) v to echelon

echino n I. echinus (1. sea urchin; 2. [Arch.]); II. [Zool.] Echinus
Hence: echinoides; echinococco etc.; echinoderme etc.

echinococco n [Zool.] echinococcus

echinoderme adj echinoderm, echinodermic
Hence: echinodermo

echinodermo n echinoderm

echinoides n [Zool.] Echinoidae

echo n echo;
facer echo (a) to echo, echo back
Hence: echoic; echoar; echolalia etc.; echometro etc.; echometria etc.

echoar v to echo

echoic (-óic) adj echoic

echolalia (-ía) n [Psychopathol.] echolalia

echometria (-ía) n echometry
Hence: echometric

echometric adj echometric

echometro (-kó) n echometer

eclect- see eclectic

eclectic adj eclectic
Hence: eclectismo; eclectico; eclecticismo

eclecticismo n eclecticism

eclectico n eclectic

eclectismo n eclecticism

eclipsar v to eclipse;
eclipsar se to disappear, vanish, make oneself scarce

eclipse n eclipse
Hence: eclipsar

ecliptic adj ecliptic, ecliptical
Hence: ecliptica

ecliptica n [Astron.] ecliptic

ecloga (éc-) n eclogue

eco- n [occurring in compounds] eco- (= house, household, habitat)
Hence: ecologo etc.; economo etc.

ecologia (-ía) n ecology

ecologic adj ecologic, ecological

ecologista n ecologist

ecologo (-có-) n ecologist
Hence: ecologia-ecologista, ecologic, synecologia

economato n stewardship

economia (-ía) n economy (1. management of the expenditures of a social group; 2. careful management, thrift);
economias economies, savings;
economia politic political economy, economics;
economia de tempore saving of time

economic adj 1. economic; 2. economical

economisar v to economize

economista n economist (= student of political economy)

economo (-có-) n steward, housekeeper
Hence: economato; economia-economic; economista; economisar

-ecr- see sacre

ecstase (éc-) n ecstasy
Hence: ecstasiar

ecstasiar v to enrapture, entrance;
ecstasiar se to go into ecstasies

ecstatic adj ecstatic

ecto- adv [occurring in compounds] ecto- (= outside, external)
Hence: ectoderma etc.; ectoplasma etc.

ectoderma n [Zool.] ectoderm

-ectomia (-ía) n [occurring in compounds] [Surg.] - ectomy (= excision, removal)
Hence: appendicectomia etc.; tonsillectomia etc.

ectoplasma n [Spiritualism] ectoplasm
Hence: ectoplasmic

ectoplasmic adj ectoplasmic

Ecuador [H] npr Ecuador

ecumenic adj ecumcnical;
concilio ecumenic ecumenical council

eczema [-ma/-mat-] n eczema
Hence: eczematose

eczemat- see eczema

eczematose adj eczematous

edace adj voracious, edacious

edacitate n voracity, edacity

edema [-ma/-mat-] n [Pathol.] edema
Hence: edematose

edemat- see edema

edematose adj edematous, edematose

Eden (é-) npr Eden

eder¹ v to eat
Hence: edibile-edibilitate, inedibile-inedibilitate; edace-edacitate

eder² v 1. to edit; 2. to publish
Hence: edition; editor-editorial; editar; inedite

edi- n [occurring in derivativcs and compounds] edi- (= building, house)
Hence: edificio etc.; edificar etc. ...

edibile adj edible, eatable

edibilitate n edibility

edic- [-dic-/-dict-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: edicto

edict- see edic-

edicto n edict

edificante 1. ppr of edificar; 2. adj edifying

edificar v 1. to build (= to erect a building); 2. to edify
Hence: edificante; edification; edificative; edificator; reedificar-reedification

edification n 1. erection, building (= action of building); 2. edification

edificative adj edifying

edificator n builder (1. one who builds; 2. one who oversees building operations)

edificio n edifice; building, structure

Edipo (é-) npr [Gr. Mythol.] Oedipus;
complexo de Edipo [Psychoanalysis] Oedipus complex

editar v 1. to edit; 2. to publish

edition n 1. (action of) publishing; 2. edition;
edition principe first or original edition

editio princeps [L] editio princeps, first edition

editor n 1. editor (= one who edits); 2. publisher

editorial¹ adj editorial

editorial² n editorial

-edr- see -hedra

Eduardo nprm Edward

educabile adj educable

educar v to educate;
(ben, mal) educate (well-, ill-)bred
Hence: educabile; education-educational, coeducation; educative; educator

education n 1. education; 2. [Husbandry] rearing, raising;
education physic physical education or training;
(systema) de education educational (system)

educational adj educational

educative adj educative (= instructive, educational)

educator n educator, pedagogue

edulcorar v to edulcorate (1. to sweeten (medicine, etc.); 2. [Chem.])

edulcoration n edulcoration (1. (action of) sweetening; 2. [Chem.])

efendi [Tu.] n effendi

effabile adj utterable
Hence: ineffabile-ineffabilitate

effect- see effic-

effective adj effective (1. efficacious, efficient; 2. actual, de facto, as in “effective capital”)

effectivo n [Mil.] effective (= the effective part of an army)

effecto n effect;
in effecto in fact, indeed;
effectos 1. effects, belongings; 2. [Banking] holdings (as stocks, bonds, shares, etc.)

effectuar v to effect, bring about

effectuation n effectuation

effeminar v to effeminate
Hence: effemination; effeminate

effeminate adj effeminate

effemination n effemination

effervescente 1. ppr of effervescer; 2. adj effervescent

effervescentia n effervescence

effervescer v to effervesce
Hence: effervescente-effervescentia

effic- [-fic-/-fect-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: efficace-efficacia, inefficace-inefficacia; efficiente-efficientia, inefficiente-inefficientia, coefficiente; effective-effectivo; effecto-effectuar-effectuation

efficace adj effective, efficacious; efficient

efficacia n efficacy, effectiveness

efficiente adj -;
causa efficiente efficient or moving cause

efficientia n efficiency (1. [Philos.]; 2. [Mech.])

effigiamento n (act of) portraying, portrayal

effigiar v to portray

effigie n effigy;
in effigie in effigy, under the form of a representation
Hence: effigiar-effigiamento

efflorescentia n [Chem.; Pathol.] efflorescence

efflorescer v [Chem.] to effloresce
Hence: efflorescentia

effluente 1. ppr of effluer; 2. adj effluent

effluer v to flow forth
Hence: effluente

effluvio n effluvium; also: [Phys.]

effortiar v -;
effortiar se to make an effort or efforts
Hence: effortio

effortio n 1. effort; 2. [Med.] strain;
facer un effortio to make an effort;
facer tote su effortios to make every effort

effract- see effring-

effraction n breaking in, housebreaking; also: burglary

effractor n burglar, housebreaker

effring- [-fring-/-fract-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: effraction; effractor

effunder [-fund-/-fus-] v to pour out, pour forth, shed, effuse
Hence: effusion

effus- see effunder

effusion n effusion;
effusion de sanguine bloodshed;
con effusion effusively

egee (-gée) adj Aegean;
Mar Egee Aegean sea

Egeo¹ (-géo) npr [Gr. Mythol.] Aegeus
Hence: egee-Egeo²

Egeo² (-géo) npr Aegean, Aegean Sea

-eget- n [occurring in compounds] (= leader)
Hence: cynegetic etc. ...

egide (égide) n aegis (1. [Gr. Antiq.]; 2. shield, protection);
sub le egide de under the aegis of

eglefino n [Ichthyol.] haddock

[ego]¹ pron pers I
(= io)
Hence: ego²-egoismo, egoista-egoistic, egotismo, egotista, egolatria etc., egocentric etc.

ego² n [Philos., Psychol., etc.] ego

egocentric adj egocentric, self-centered

egoismo (-ízmo) n egotism, egoism

egoista (-ísta) n egotist, egoist; attrib. egotistic, egoistic

egoistic (-ístic) adj egoistical

egolatria (-ía) n self-worship

egotismo n egotism (= excessive preoccupation with the ego)

egotista n egotist (= one excessively preoccupied with the ego); attrib. egotistic(al)

egred- [-gred-/-gress-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: egresso

egregie adj egregious

egress- see egred-

egresso n egress, exit

egyptian adj 1. Egyptian; 2. gypsy

egyptiano n I. Egyptian (1. native of Egypt; 2. Egyptian language); II. gypsy (= member of a gypsy tribe); III. Romany (= Gypsy, the gypsy tongue)

egyptie adj 1. Egyptian; 2. gypsy

egyptio n I. Egyptian (1. native of Egypt; 2. language of Egypt); II. gypsy (= member of a gypsy tribe); III. Romany (= Gypsy, the gypsy tongue)

Egypto npr Egypt
Hence: egyptie-egyptio; egyptian-egyptiano; egyptologo etc.

egyptologia (-ía) n Egyptology

egyptologo (-tó-) n Egyptologist, Egyptologue
Hence: egyptologia

eider (éi-) n [Zool.] eider
Hence: eiderdun etc.

eiderdun n eiderdown (1. small soft feathers from the breast of the eider duck; 2. eiderdown quilt)

eido- n [occurring in compounds] eido- (= image, figure)
Hence: kaleidophonio etc. ...

Eire [Ir.] npr Eire
Hence: Irlanda etc.

ejacular v to ejaculate, eject
Hence: ejaculation; ejaculator; ejaculatori

ejaculation n ejaculation (= act of ejecting or ejaculating)

ejaculator adj [Physiol.] ejaculatory

ejaculatori adj [Physiol.] ejaculatory

eject- see ejic-

ejection n [Physiol.] dejection (= discharge of excrement)

ejector n [Technol.] ejector (of steam, cartridges, etc.)

ejic- [-jic-/-ject-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: ejection; ejector

[el] pron 1. he; 2. (after prep) him
(= ille)

elaborar v to elaborate
Hence: elaboration

elaboration n elaboration

elastic adj elastic
Hence: elasticitate; elastico

elasticitate n elasticity

elastico n elastic, elastic band, etc.

elect- see eliger

electe adj [Theol.] elect

election n election (1. choice; 2. “election by vote”);
vaso de election [Theol.] chosen vessel

elective adj elective (1. as in “elective office”; 2. having a power of choice);
affinitate elective [Chem.] elective affinity

electivitate n electiveness

electo n (one of the) elect

elector n elector, voter

electoral adj electoral

electorato n I. electorate (1. rank of an elector of the Holy Roman Empire; 2. territory under the rule of an elector of the Holy Roman Empire); II. franchise (= right to vote)

electr- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] electr-, electro-
Hence: electron &; electric &; electrificar-electrification; electrisar-electrisation; electrochimia etc.; electrolyse etc.; electrolytic etc.; electrocutar etc.; electrodo etc.

electric adj electric, electrical
Hence: electricista; electricitate; dynamoelectric etc.

electricista n electrician

electricitate n electricity

electrificar v to electrify (to equip for the use of electricity)

electrification n electrification (= process of equipping for the use of electricity)

electrisar v to electrify (= to charge with electricity)

electrisation n electrification (= charging with electricity)

electrochimia (-ía) n electrochemistry
Hence: electrochimista; eIectrochimic

electrochimic adj electrochemical

electrochimista n electrochemist

electrocutar v to electrocute

electrocution n electrocution

electrodo (-léc-) n electrode

electrodynamica n electrodynamics

electrolysar v to electrolyze

electrolysation n electrolyzation

electrolyse (-ólise) n electrolysis
Hence: electrolysar-electrolysation

electrolytic adj electrolytic

electrolyto (-ó-) n electrolyte
Hence: electrolytic

electromagnete n electromagnet
Hence: electromagnetismo; electromagnetic

electromagnetic adj electromagnetic

electromagnetismo n electromagnetism

electrometria (-ía) n electrometry

electrometric adj electrometric

electrometro (-ó-) n electrometer
Hence: electrometria; electrometric

electromotor n electromotor (= machine that produces an electric current)

electron n [Phys.] electron;
electron de alte velocitate [Atomic Phys.] highspeed electron
Hence: electronic; electronica; cyclotron etc.; magnetron, etc.

electronic adj electronic

electronica n electronics

electroscopia (-ía) n electroscopy

electroscopic adj electroscopic

electroscopio n electroscope
Hence: electroscopia; electroscopic

electrostatic adj electrostatic

electrostatica n electrostatics

electrotherapeutica (-péu-) n electrotherapeutics

electrotherapia (-ía) n electrotherapy, electrotherapeutics

electrotypia (-ía) n electrotypy, electrotyping

electrotypo (-ó) n [Print.] electrotype
Hence: electrotypia

eleemosyna (-mó-) n alms
Hence: eleemosynari

eleemosynari adj eleemosynary, charitable

elegante adj elegant
Hence: elegantia; inelegante-inelegantia

elegantia n elegance

elegia (-ía) n elegy
Hence: elegiac

elegiac (-íac) adj elegiac (l. [Pros.]; 2. mournful, melancholy)

elemental adj elemental

elementari adj elementary (1. pertaining to an element; 2. pertaining to the first principles of an art, a science, etc.)

elemento n element (1. “an element in nature”; 2. a component part);
le quatro elementos the four elements;
in su elemento in one’s element;
elementos elements (= first principles of an art, a science, etc.)
Hence: elemental; elementari

elephante n elephant;
elephante de mar sea elephant, elephant seal
Hence: elephantiasis; elephantin-chryselephantin etc.

elephantiasis (-íasis) n [Pathol.] elephantiasis

elephantin adj elephantine

elevar v I. to elevate (1. to raise, lift up; 2. to raise in rank or station); II. to raise (as in “to raise horses”);
elevar se to rise (up) (as in “a mountain or tree rises up”);
elevar un numero al quadrato to square a number
Hence: elevation; elevator; elevatori; elevate

elevate 1. pp of elevar; 2. adj high, lofty

elevation n elevation (1. act of elevating, raising; 2. high ground, raised place; 3. as in “elevation of style”; 4. [Astron.]; 5. [Arith.]);
elevation del hostia [Eccl.] elevation of the Host

elevator n 1. elevator (= one who or that which elevates); 2. [Anat.] levator

elevatori adj elevatory

elf [A] n elf

Elia (-ía) npr [Bib.] Elijah, Elias

elider [-lid-/-lis-] v to elide
Hence: elision

eliger [-lig-/-lect-] v to elect (1. to choose; 2. “to elect by voting”);
eliger domicilio [Law] to elect domicile
Hence: eligibile-eligibilitate, ineligibile-ineligibilitate; election; elective-electivitate; elector-electorato, electoral; electe-electo; reeliger-reeligibile, reelection

eligibile adj eligible (= fit to be chosen or elected)

eligibilitate n eligibility

eliminar v to eliminate
Hence: elimination; eliminator; eliminatori

elimination n elimination

eliminator n eliminator

eliminatori adj eliminatory

elis- see elider

Elisabeth (-bét) nprf Elizabeth
Hence: elisabethan

elisabethan adj Elizabethan

elision n elision

élite [F] n elite

elixir n elixir;
elixir de longe vita elixir of life

[ella] pron pers 1. she; 2. her (as in “of her,” “with her”)
(= illa)

ellipse n 1. [Math.] ellipse; 2. [Gram.] ellipsis
Hence: ellipsoide

ellipsoide¹ adj ellipsoid, ellipsoidal

ellipsoide² n [Geom.] ellipsoid

elliptic adj elliptic, elliptical (1. [Math.]; 2. [Gram.])

elocut- see eloquer

elocution n elocution

elogio n eulogy;
facer le elogio de un persona to sing someone’s praises, eulogize someone
Hence: elogista-elogistic; elogiose; elogisar

elogiose adj eulogistic

elogisar v to eulogize

elogista n eulogist

elogistic adj eulogistic

elongar v to elongate
Hence: elongation

elongation n elongation (1. act of elongating; 2. [Astron.]; 3. [Med.] partial dislocation of a joint due to violent stretching)

eloquente adj eloquent

eloquentia n eloquence

eloquer [-loqu-/-locut-] v to declaim, speak rhetorically
Hence: eloquente-eloquentia; elocution

elucidar v to elucidate
Hence: elucidation

elucidation n elucidation

eluctabile adj avoidable

eluctar v to struggle out of (a difficulty, etc.)
Hence: eluctabile-ineluctabile

eluder [-lud-/-lus-] v to elude (= to avoid or escape by dexterity)
Hence: eludibile; elusion; elusive

eludibile adj eludible, evadable

elus- see eluder

elusion n elusion

elusive adj elusive

elysie adj Elysian
Hence: elysio

elysio n Elysium

em- see en-

-em- see hem-

emaciar v to emaciate
Hence: emaciation; emaciate

emaciate 1. pp of emaciar; 2. adj emaciate

emaciation n emaciation

émail [F] n enamel
Hence: émailliar

émailli- see émail

émailliar (emalyár) v to enamel

emanar v to emanate
Hence: emanation

emanation n emanation

emancipar v to emancipate (1. [Rom. Law]; 2. to release from slavery or restraint)
Hence: emancipation; emancipator

emancipation n emancipation (1. [Rom. Law]; 2. release from slavery or restraint)

emancipator n emancipator

emarginar v to remove the margin of, trim the margin of
Hence: emarginate

emarginate 1. pp of emarginar; 2. [Bot.] emarginate

emascular v to emasculate, castrate
Hence: emasculation

emasculation n emasculation

embarassar v to embarrass (1. to encumber, hamper; 2. to make self-conscious)
Hence: embarasso-embarassose; disembarassar

embarasso n 1. obstruction, obstacle; 2. embarrassment

embarassose adj 1. cumbersome, entangled; 2. embarrassing

embargo [H] n embargo

emblema [-ma/-mat-] n emblem
Hence: emblematic

emblemat- see emblema

emblematic adj emblematic

embolia (-ía) n [Pathol.] embolism

embryo- see embryon

embryogenese (-gé-) n embryogenesis

embryogenesis (-gé-) n embryogenesis

embryogenetic adj embryogenetic

embryogenia (-ía) n embryogeny
Hence: embryogenic

embryogenic adj embryogenic

embryologia (-ía) n embryology

embryologic adj embryological

embryologo (-ólogo) n embryologist
Hence: embryologia; embryologic

embryon n embryo;
in embryon in embryo
Hence: embryonal; embryonari; embryonic; embryologo etc.; embryogenese etc.; embryogenetic etc.

embryonal adj embryonic, embryonal

embryonari adj embryonic, embryonary

embryonic adj emhryonic

emendamento n amendment (1. improvement, correction; 2. “amendment of a law, bill, etc.”)

emendar v to amend (1. to improve, correct, emend; 2. “to amend a law, bill, etc.”)
Hence: emendamento; emendation

emendation n emendation; also: improvement, correction

emer [em-/empt-;-im-/-empt-] v to buy, purchase
Hence: emption; emptor; dirimer &; eximer &; perimer &; redimer &

emer- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: emerite

emergente 1. ppr of emerger; 2. adj emergent, emerging;
evolution emergente emergent evolution

emergentia n emergence

emerger [-merg-/-mers-] v to emerge
Hence: emergente-emergentia; emersion

emerite (-mé-) adj emeritus

emers- see emerger

emersion n emersion; also: [Astron.]

emetic adj [Med.] emetic
Hence: emetico

emetico n [Med.] emetic

emigrante n emigrant

emigrar v 1. to emigrate; 2. [Nat. Hist.] to migrate
Hence: emigrante; emigration; emigrato

emigration n I. emigration (1. action of emigrating; 2. emigrants collectively); II. [Nat. Hist.] migration

emigrato n emigrant, émigré

emin- v [occurring in derivatives)
Hence: eminente-eminentia, preeminente-preeminentia, supereminente-supereminentia

eminente adj 1. high, lofty; 2. eminent, outstanding

eminentia n eminence (1. rising ground, height, etc.; 2. distinction of character, abilities, attainments);
Eminentia [Eccl.] Eminence

emiss- see emitter

emissario¹ n outlet, duct, emissary

emissario² n emissary (= agent, envoy)

emission n emission; also: [Com.] issuing, issue;
banca de emission bank of issue

emissor n emitter

emitter [-mitt-/-miss-] v to emit; also: [Com.] to issue
Hence: emission; emissor; emissario¹; emissario²

emmen- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] emmen- (= menses)
Hence: emmenagoge etc. ...

emmenagoge adj [Med.] emmenagogue, emmenagogic
Hence: emmenagogo

emmenagogo n [Med.] emmenagogue

emolliente¹ adj emollient

emolliente² n emollient

emollir v [Med.] to soften, mollify
Hence: emolliente

emolumento n emolument

emot- see emover

emotion n emotion (= agitation of the feelings)
Hence: emotional; emotionar-emotionante

emotional adj emotional (= pertaining to emotions)

emotionante adj moving, touching

emotionar v to move, touch

emotive adj emotive

emotivitate n emotiveness, emotivity

emover [-mov-/-mot-] v to move (= to affect emotionally)
Hence: emotion &; emotive-emotivitate

empathia (-ía) n empathy, Einfühlung

emphase (ém-) n 1. emphasis; 2. bombast

emphatic adj 1. emphatic; 2. bombastic

empir- adj [occurring in derivatives] (= experienced)
Hence: empirismo; empirista; empiric-empirico

empiric adj empiric, empirical

empirico n empiric (= one who follows an empirical method)

empirismo n empiricism (= empirical method or practice)

empirista n empiricist

emplastrar v to plaster (= to apply a medicinal plaster to)

emplastro n salve, plaster
Hence: emplastrar

empleabile adj employable

emplear v to employ (1. to make use of; 2. to take or have in one’s employ)
Hence: empleo; empleabile; empleator; empleato; reemplear

empleato n employee

empleator n employer

empleo (-éo) n I. employment (1. employing; 2. occupation); II. use (= action of using)

empt- see emer

emption n purchase

emptor n buyer, purchaser

empyree adj empyreal
Hence: empyreo

empyreo n empyrean

empyreuma [-ma/-mat-] n empyreuma
Hence: empyreumatic

empyreumat- see empyreuma

empyreumatic adj empyreumatic

emulgente n 1. ppr of emulger; 2. adj [Anat.] emulgent (as in “emulgent vessels”)

emulger [-mulg-/-muls-] v to milk dry
Hence: emulgente; emulsion-emulsionar-emulsionabile; emulsive; emulsor; emulsina

emuls- see emulger

emulsina n [Chem.] emulsin

emulsion n emulsion

emulsionabile adj emulsifiable, emulsible

emulsionar v to emulsify, emulsionize

emulsive adj emulsive

emulsor n emulsifier, emulsor

en- prefixo [em- before -b-, -m-, -p-, -ph-; used chiefly to form technical terms] en-, em- (= in, into)
Hence: encyclic etc.; enharmonic etc.; entelechia etc.

enarrabile adj describable, explainable

enarrar v to narrate, expound, explain
Hence: enarrabile-inenarrabile; enarration

enarration n narration, exposition

-enchyma [occurring in compounds]
Hence: sclerenchyma etc. ...

enclitic adj [Gram.] enclitic
Hence: enclitico

enclitico n enclitic

encyclic adj encyclical
Hence: encyclica

encyclica n [Eccl.] encyclical (letter)

encyclopedia (-ía) n encyclopedia
Hence: encyclopedismo; encyclopedista; encyclopedic

encyclopedic adj encyclopedic

encyclopedismo n 1. encyclopedism; 2. Encyclopedism

encyclopedista n encyclopedist

endemia (-ía) n [Med.] endemic
Hence: endemic

endemic adj [Med.] endemic

endivia n endive

endo- adv [occurring in compounds] endo-, end- (= within)
Hence: endoskeleto etc.; endocardio etc.; endosmose etc.; endogene etc.; endocrin etc.

endocardio n [Anat.] endocardium
Hence: endocarditis

endocarditis (-ítis) n [Path.] endocarditis

endocrin adj [Physiol.] endocrine;
glandulas endocrin endocrine glands
Hence: endocrina-endocrinologo etc.

endocrina n endocrine (gland)

endocrinologia (-ía) n endocrinology

endocrinologo (-nó-) n endocrinologist
Hence: endocrinologia

endogame (-ógame) adj [Anthropol.] endogamous
Hence: endogamia

endogamia (-ía) n [Anthropol.] endogamy

endogene adj endogenous

endorphin n *endorphina

endoskeleto (-ské-) n [Zool.] endoskeleton

endosm- see endosmose

endosmose n endosmosis
Hence: endosmotic

endosmotic adj endosmotic

endosperma n [Bot.] endosperm

Eneas (-né-) npr [Gr. Mythol.] Aeneas
Hence: Eneide

Eneide (-néi-) n [Lat. Lit.] Aeneid

energia (-ía) n energy;
energia atomic atomic energy;
energia electric electric power
Hence: energic

energic adj energetic

enervante adj enervating; unnerving

enervar v to enervate, unnerve
Hence: enervante; enervation; enervate

enervate 1. pp of enervar; 2. adj enervated, enervate

enervation n enervation

enharmonic adj [Mus.] enharmonic

enigma [-ma/-mat-] n enigma; also: riddle; puzzle
Hence: enigmatic; enigmatisar

enigmat- see enigma

enigmatic adj enigmatic

enigmatisar v to enigmatize

-enn- see anno

enoiar v 1. to annoy, vex; 2. to bore;
enoiar se to be bored
Hence: enoio-enoiose

enoio (-nó-) n 1. annoyance, worry, trouble; 2. boredom, ennui

enoiose (-óse) adj boring

enorme adj enormous
Hence: enormitate

enormitate n 1. enormousness; 2. enormity

ensemble [F] n ensemble (1. group of musicians playing together; 2. complete, harmonious costume)

ente n [Philos.] ens
Hence: entitate

-ente¹ suffixo adjective [used with verbs in -er; forming verbal adjectives] -ing, -ent (as in “recurring”, “recurrent”)
Hence: -entia; coherente etc.; excellente etc.

-ente² suffixo substantive [used with verbs in -er] -ent (1. one who or that which is ...ent; 2. one who or that which ...s)
Hence: absorbente etc.; convalescente etc.; miscredente etc.; studente etc.

entelechia (-ía) n [Philos.] entelechy

entente [F] n entente

enteralgia (-ía) n [Pathol.] enteralgia

enteric adj [Anat.] enteric

enteritis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] enteritis

enterocolitis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] enterocolitis

enterologia (-ía) n enterology (= science or study of the intestines)

enteron (én-) n [Anat., Zool.] enteron, alimentary canal
Hence: enteritis; enteric; dysenteria &; enteralgia etc.; enterocolitis etc.; enterologia etc.; enterotomo etc.; lienteria etc.; mesenterio etc.; gastroenteritis etc.

enterotomia (-ía) n [Surg.] enterotomy

enterotomo (-ró) n [Surg.] enterotome

enthusias- [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: enthusiasmo &; enthusiasta &

enthusiasmar v to render enthusiastic

enthusiasmo n enthusiasm
Hence: enthusiasmar

enthusiasta n enthusiast
Hence: enthusiastic

enthusiastic adj enthusiastic, enthusiastical

-entia suffixo substantive [used with verbs in -er] -ence, -ency (= state or quality of or being ...ant)
Hence: adolescentia etc.; incandescentia etc.; omnipotentia etc.

entitate n entity

ento- adv [occurring in compounds] ento-, ent- (= within, inside)
Hence: entozoon etc.

entomo- n [occurring in compounds] entomo- (= insect)
Hence: entomologo etc.

entomologia (-ía) n entomology

entomologic adj entomological

entomologista n entomologist

entomologo (-mó-) n entomologist
Hence: entomologia-entomologista; entomologic

entozoon (-zó-) (pl entozoa) n entozoon

entranias npl entrails

entrar v to enter (= to go or come in);
entrar in to enter (into)
Hence: entrata

entrata n entrance, entry (1. act of entering; 2. door, passage, hall, etc. through which one enters);
al entrata del (hiberno, etc.) at the beginning of (winter, etc.)

entrée [F] n [Cooking] entree

entresol [F] n entresol, mezzanine

enuclear v to enucleate (1. to shell, husk, pod, etc.; 2. [Biol.]; 3. [Surg.]
Hence: enucleation

enucleation n enucleation

enumerar v to enumerate
Hence: enumeration; enumerative; enumerator

enumeration n enumeration

enumerative adj enumerative

enumerator n enumerator

enunciar v to enunciate (= to set forth)
Hence: enunciation; enunciative; enunciato

enunciation n enunciation (= statement)

enunciative adj enunciative

enunciato n formulation (of a problem)

enzyma n enzyme

[eo] adv 1. there; thither; 2. until, up to the time; 3. to that purpose, to that end; 4. therefore; 5. to that degree or extent

eo- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] eo- (= dawn);
Eos npr [Gr. Mythol.] Eos
Hence: eoe; eosina-eosinophile etc.; eoanthropo etc.; eocen etc.

eoanthropo (-tró-) n [Paleontol.] Eoanthropus, Piltdown man

eocen [Geol.] adj Eocene
Hence: eoceno

eoceno n [Geol.] Eocene

eoe (-ó-) adj eoan (1. dawn; 2. oriental)

eohippo n [Paleontol.] Eohippus

eolic adj Aeolian (= of Aeolus)

eolie adj Aeolian (= of Aeolus);
harpa eolie aeolian harp

eolithic adj [Archeol.] eolithic

eolitho (-ó-) n [Archeol.] eolith
Hence: eolithic

Eolo (é-) npr [Mythol.] Aeolus
Hence: eolic; eolie

eos- see eo-

eosina n [Chem.] eosin

eosinophile (-nó-) adj [Biol.] eosinophile, eosinophilic, eosinophilous
Hence: eosinophilo-eosinophilia

eosinophilia (-ía) n [Pathol.] eosinophilia

eosinophilo (-nó-) n [Biol.] eosinophile

eozoic (-zó-) adj [Geol.] Eozoic

eozoon (-zó-) n [Geol.] eozoon
Hence: eozoic

ep- see epi-

epaulette [F] n epaulet, epaulette

ephedra n [Bot.] Ephedra
Hence: ephedrina

ephedrina n [Pharm.] ephedrine

ephelide (-fé-) n freckle

ephemere adj ephemeral
Hence: ephemeride; ephemero

ephemeride (-mé-) n 1. calendar, almanac, etc.; 2. [Astron.] ephemeris;
ephemerides ephemerides

ephemero (-fé-) n [Zool.] ephemeron, ephemerid;
ephemeros [Zool.] Ephemera, Ephemerida

epi- prefixo [ep- before -h- or vowel, used chiefly to form technical terms] epi-, ep- (= on, upon)
Hence: epigee etc.; epitaphio etc.; epizoon etc.; ephelide etc.; ephemere etc.

epic adj epic, epical;
(un) poema epic (an) epic

epicen adj [Gram.] epicene

epicuree (-ée) adj Epicurean; also: epicurean

epicureismo (-ízmo) n 1. [Philos.] Epicureanism; 2. epicurism

epicureo (-éo) n 1. Epicurean; 2. epicure, epicurean

epicurismo n 1. [Philos.] Epicureanism; 2. epicurism

Epicuro npr [Gr. Philos.] Epicurus
Hence: epicurismo; epicuree-epicureismo, epicureo

epidemia (-ía) n epidemic
Hence: epidemic

epidemic adj epidemic, epidemical

epidermis (-dér-) n [Anat., Bot.] epidermis

epigee (-gé-) adj [Bot.] epigeous (= growing upon the ground)

epiglottis (-gló-) n [Anat.] epiglottis

epigono (-pí-) n epigone (= one of a succeeding and less distinguished generation);
Epigonos [Gr. Myth.] Epigoni

epigramma [-ma/-mat-] n epigram
Hence: epigrammatic

epigrammat- see epigramma

epigrammatic adj epigrammatic

epilepsia (-ía) n epilepsy

epileptic adj epileptic (= having to do with epilepsy)
Hence: epileptico

epileptico n epileptic

epilogar v to epilogize

epilogo (-pí-) n epilogue
Hence: epilogar

-epipedo (-í-) n [occurring in compounds] -epiped (= plane surface)

epiphyto (-íphyto) n [Bot.] epiphyte

episcopal¹ adj episcopal;
ecclesia episcopal Episcopal Church

episcopal² n [Theol.] Episcopalian

episcopato n episcopate (1. office, territory, tenure, etc. of a bishop; 2. body of bishops)

episcopo (-pís-) n bishop
Hence: episcopato; episcopal; archiepiscopo etc.

episodic adj episodic, episodical

episodio n episode
Hence: episodic

epispastic adj [Med.] epispastic

epistola (-pís-) n 1. letter, epistle; 2. [Eccl.] Epistle
Hence: epistolari; epistolero; epistolographo etc.

epistolari adj epistolary

epistolero n letter writer

epistolographia (-ía) n epistolography

epistolographic adj epistolographic

epistolographo (-ló-) n epistolographer
Hence: epistolographia; epistolographic

epitaphio n epitaph

epithetic adj epithetic

epitheto (-íteto) n [Gram.] epithet
Hence: epithetic

epizoon (-zó-) (pl epizoa) n [Zool.] epizoon

epocha (é-) n epoch;
epocha glacial Ice Age;
facer epocha to be epoch-making
Hence: epochal

epochal adj epochal

epodo n epode

eponyme (-ó-) adj eponymous
Hence: eponymia; eponymo

eponymia (-ía) n eponymy

eponymo (-ó-) n eponym, eponymus

epopeia (-péya) n epic, epic poem

epos (é-) n epic, epic poem
Hence: epic; epopeia etc.

-epte see apte

equabile adj equable

equal adj 1. equal; 2. equable, even
Hence: equalitate; equalar-equalator; equalisar; inequal-inequalitate

equalar v 1. to equalize; 2. to equal (= to be equal to);
equalar se a un persona to consider oneself equal to someone

equalator n equalizer, equaller

equalisar v to equalize

equalitate n 1. equality; 2. equability, evenness

equalmente adv 1. equally; 2. likewise, also

equanime (equá-) adj even-tempered
Hence: equanimitate

equanimitate n equanimity

equar v to equate
Hence: equabile-inequabile; equation; equator &; adequar &

equation n equation (1. [Math.]; 2. [Astron.])

equator¹ n equator
Hence: equatorial

Equator² npr Ecuador

equatorial adj equatorial

eque adj equitable; fair, right
Hence: equitate; equal &; equar &; inique &; equilatere etc.; equivoc etc.; equidistante etc.; equinoctio etc.; equivaler etc.

-equer see sequer

equestre adj equestrian;
statua equestre equestrian statue

equidifferente adj equidifferent

equidistante adj equidistant
Hence: equidistantia

equidistantia n equidistance

equilateral adj equilateral, of equal sides

equilatere adj equilateral, of equal sides
Hence: equilateral

equilibrar v to balance (= to equilibrate);
(ben) equilibrate (well-)balanced

equilibre adj balanced, in equilibrium
Hence: equilibrio; equilibrar-equilibrista-equilibristic, disequilibrar-disequilibrate

equilibrio n equilibrium, balance;
equilibrio europee balance of power in Europe;
perder le equilibrio to lose one’s balance;
mantener le equilibrio to keep one’s balance

equilibrista n equilibrist

equilibristic adj equilibristic

equin adj equine;
pede equin clubfoot

equinoctial adj equinoctial (= pertaining to either equinox);
linea equinoctial equinoctial line, celestial equator

equinoctio n equinox;
precession del equinoctios precession of the equinoxes
Hence: equinoctial

equipa n [Sports] team

equipage (-aje) n 1. [Mil.] (field) equipment; 2. equipage, carriage (with or without horses); 3. [Naut.] crew

equipamento n equipment (1. action of equipping; 2. outfit)

equipar v to equip
Hence: equipa; equipage; equipamento

equiponderante adj of equal weight, equiponderant

equiponderantia n equality of weight, equiponderance

equiponderar v to equiponderate, counterbalance
Hence: equiponderante-equiponderantia

equitar v to ride on horseback
Hence: equitation

equitate n equity, fairness

equitation n equitation;
schola de equitation riding school

equite (é-) n [Rom. Hist.] eques;
equites [Rom. Hist.] equites
Hence: equitar &

equivalente¹ 1. ppr of equivaler; 2. adj equivalent

equivalente² n equivalent

equivalentia n equivalence

equivaler v to be equivalent (to), to be equal in value (to)
Hence: equivalente-equivalentia

equivoc adj equivocal (1. ambiguous; 2. questionable, suspicious)
Hence: equivocar-equivocation; equivoco

equivocar v to equivocate

equivocation n equivocation

equivoco (-í-) n ambiguity (= equivocal expression)

equo n horse (equus caballus)
Hence: equite &; equestre; equin

era¹ n era;
(le) era christian (the) Christian Era

[era]² past of esser was, were
(= esseva)

eradicar v to eradicate
Hence: eradication; eradicative; eradicator

eradication n eradication

eradicative adj eradicative

eradicator n eradicator

-ercer v [occurring in compounds]
Hence: coercer &; exercer &

erect- see eriger

erecte adj erect

erectile adj erectile

erectilitate n erectility

erection n 1. erection (of a building, statue, etc.; 2. establishment, foundation (of an office, etc.))

erector n erector (1. as in “erector of a cathedral, a kingdom, etc.”; 2. [Anat.])

eremita n hermit
Hence: eremitage; eremiteria; eremitic

eremitage (-aje) n hermitage (= secluded place, abode, etc.)

eremiteria (-ía) n hermitage (= hermit’s abode)

eremitic adj hermit’s (as in “a hermit’s life”)

erg n [Phys.] erg

[erga] prep 1. towards; 2. against; 3. in respect to

ergo adv consequently, accordingly, therefore, then

-eria (-ería) suffixo substantive [used with nouns] 1. -ery, -shop, -store (= place where ... is made, worked, kept, or sold); 2. -ery, -eering, -smithing, -work (= art, craft, trade, or practice of working with ...; also: the product of such work); 3. -ery, -age, -ism (= behavior of a ... or like that of a ...)
Hence: joieleria etc.; lacteria etc.; pastisseria etc.; drapperia etc.; diaboleria etc.; galanteria etc.

erica n Erica; heather, heath
Hence: ericaceas

ericaceas npl Ericaceae

ericiar v to bristle (= to set on end);
ericiar se to bristle (= to stand on end);
ericiate de bristling with

ericio n hedgehog
Hence: ericiar

eriger [-rig-/-rect-] v 1. to erect (= to build, set up); 2. to establish, set up;
eriger se in to pose as, set up for
Hence: erectile-erectilitate; erection; erector; erecte

-ero suffixo substantive [used with nouns] -er, -eer, -man (= one who works with or deals in ... or ...s)
Hence: -eria; branchero etc.; barbero etc.; ferrero etc; joielero etc.; speciero etc.

eroder [-rod-/-ros-] v to erode
Hence: erosion; erosive

erogar v to lay out, spend
Hence: supererogar &

Eros (é-) npr Eros
Hence: erotismo; erotic-eroticismo; erotomania etc.

eros- see eroder

erosion n erosion

erosive adj erosive

erot- see Eros

erotic adj erotic

eroticismo n eroticism

erotismo n [Psychiatry] erotism

erotomania (-ía) n [Pathol.] erotomania

errante adj errant (= traveling in quest of adventure);
cavallero errante knight errant

errar¹ v 1. to wander, roam; 2. to err
Hence: erronee; error; erratic; aberrar &; circumerrar

errar² v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: errante

erratic adj erratic;
rocca erratic erratic block or boulder

erratum (pl errata) [NL] n erratum

erronee adj erroneous

error n error;
error de (grammatica, etc.) mistake in (grammar, etc.);
error typographic typographical error, misprint;
committer un error to make a mistake;
esser in error to be mistaken, at fault;
salvo error o omission errors and omissions excepted

erubescente 1. ppr of erubescer; 2. adj erubescent

erubescentia n erubescence

erubescer v to redden, grow red
Hence: erubescente-erubescentia

eruca n [Entom.] caterpillar; also: caterpillar chain, caterpillar tread;
tractor a erucas caterpillar tractor

eructar v to belch; also: to vomit forth
Hence: eructation

eructation n belching, eructation

erudir v to teach, instruct
Hence: erudition; erudite-erudito

erudite adj erudite

erudition n erudition

erudito n scholar, learned person

erumper [-rump-/-rupt-] v 1. to burst, sunder; 2. to break out, burst forth, erupt
Hence: eruption; eruptive-eruptivitate

erupt- see erumper

eruption n eruption

eruptive adj eruptive

eruptivitate n eruptivity

erysipela (-sí-) n [Pathol.] erysipelas

es pr of esser is, am, are

Esau (-áu) nprm Esau

-esc suffixo adjective [used with nouns] -esque (1. like, similar to, or characteristic of a ...; 2. [used with names of persons, nations, and peoples] in the manner or style of ... or the ...s)
Hence: gigantesc etc.; picaresc etc.; dantesc etc.; raphaelesc etc.; arabesc etc.

esca n 1. bait; lure; 2. tinder
Hence: escar

escaldar v to scald (= to burn accidentally or treat with boiling water, steam, etc.)
Hence: escaldatura

escaldatura n scald (1. scalding; 2. burn)

escamotar v [Conjuring] to whisk away, make disappear

escampar v to bolt, scamper (away)

escappada n escapade (= prankish adventure)

escappamento n 1. escape (= act of escaping); 2. [Clockmaking] escapement; 3. exhaust (of an engine)

escappar v to escape (= to get away, out, etc., as by flight, through a leak, etc.)
Hence: escappada; escappamento; escappatoria; escappata

escappata n escape (= act of escaping)

escappatoria n way out (of a difficulty)

escar v to bait (1. to furnish with bait; 2. to lure, entice)

eschat- adj [occurring in compounds] eschato- (= last)
Hence: eschatologo

eschatologia (-ía) n eschatology

eschatologic adj eschatological

eschatologo (-tó-) n eschatologist
Hence: eschatologia; eschatologic

eschimo (és-) n Eskimo

Eschylo (és-) npr Aeschylus

esclusa n 1. sluice, floodgate; 2. lock (of a canal, river, etc.)

escolamento n drainage (= process of draining, gradual flowing off)

escolar v to drain (= to cause to flow off slowly)
Hence: escolamento

escorta n escort (1. [Army, Navy]; 2. person or persons accompanying another for protection or as a matter of politeness)
Hence: escortar

escortar v to escort

escudo [P] n [Monet.] escudo

Esculapio npr [Gr. Mythol.] Aesculapius;
esculapio Aesculapian, physician

-ese suffixo substantive e adjective [used with names of places] -ese (I. [forming adjectives] 1. pertaining to ...; 2. native to, citizen of, or inhabiting ...; II. [forming nouns] 1. native, citizen, or inhabitant of ...; 2. language of ...)
Hence: anglese etc.; francese etc.; groenlandese etc.

esmeraldin adj emerald, emerald-green

esmeraldo n emerald;
le Insula de Esmeraldo the Emerald Isle
Hence: esmeraldin

eso- adv [occurring in compounds] eso- (= within, inside)
Hence: esophago etc.

esophagee (-ée) adj esophageal, oesophageal

esophago (-só-) n [Anat.] esophagus, oesophagus
Hence: esophagee

esopic adj Aesopian, Aesopic

Esopo npr [Gr. Lit.] Aesop
Hence: esopic

esoter- adj [occurring in derivatives] esoter- (= inner)
Hence: esoterismo; esoteric

esoteric adj esoteric

esoterismo n esoterism, esotericism

Espania npr Spain
Hence: espaniol-judeoespaniol etc.

espaniol¹ adj Spanish

espaniol² n 1. Spaniard; 2. Spanish (language); 3. spaniel

espaventaaves n scarecrow

espaventabile adj frightful (= dreadful, horrible, etc.)

espaventar v to frighten (= to fill with fright);
espaventar se to become frightened
Hence: espavento; espaventabile; espaventaaves etc.

espavento n fright

esperantismo n Esperantism

esperantista n [Interling.] Esperantist

esperanto [Esp.] n [Interling.] Esperanto
Hence: esperantismo; esperantista

esplanada n esplanade

esquadra n 1. square (as in “T square”); 2. squad; 3. [Navy] squadron

esquadrar v to square (= to form with right angles and straight lines)
Hence: esquadra-esquadron

esquadron n [Mil.] squadron

[esque] (éske) interr part -;
esque ille habe le libro? has he the book?

-essa¹ suffixo substantive [used with nouns] -ess (= female ..., wife of a ...)
Hence: abbatessa etc.; contessa etc.; duchessa etc.; tigressa etc.

-essa² suffixo substantive [used with adjectives] -ess, -ness (= state or quality of being ...)
Hence: delicatessa etc.; politessa etc.; prodessa etc.; ricchessa etc.

essamage (-aje) n 1. swarming; 2. swarming time

essamar v to swarm

essamatura n swarming

essame n swarm
Hence: essamar-essamage, essamatura

essayabile adj assayable

essayage (-aje) n trying on, fitting (of clothes)

essayar v I. to try (1. to test, essay; also: to try on garment, etc.; 2. to attempt, essay); II. to assay (“to assay an ore, a metal etc.”)

essayator n 1. assayer; 2. [Tail. etc.] fitter

essayista n essayist

essayo (-sá-) n 1. trial, test; 2. assay (= assayal); 3. attempt, essay; 4. essay (“literary essay”)
Hence: essayista; essayar-essayage, essayabile, essayator

[esse] dem adj this, that, these, those
Hence: esso

essentia n essence (1. absolute being; 2. intrinsic nature; 3. extract obtained by distillation)
Hence: essential-essentialitate; quintessentia etc.

essential¹ adj essential;
oleos essential essential oils

essential² n essential

essentialitate n essentiality

esser¹ v to be (1. to exist; 2. [grammatical functions]: a) copula; b) auxiliary forming the passive voice)
Hence: essentia &; absente &; presente &; ente &: [esque] etc.; esser²-ben-esser etc.; see verbal forms es, [so], [son], [somos], [sia], [era], [ser] &

esser² n being (1. existence; 2. person, organized entity, etc.);
le Esser Supreme the Supreme Being, God

[esso] dem pron this, that;
pro esso for this reason, for that reason, therefore

essugar v to dry, wipe, mop up, etc.

est n east;
(ir) al est (to go) east;
(vento) del est east (wind), easterly or eastern (wind)
Hence: Estfalia etc.; nord-est etc.

est- see estate

establimento n establishment (1. act of establishing, founding, or setting up; 2. institution, organization, business, etc.)

establir v to establish (1. to make firm or stable; 2. to found, set up; 3. as in “to establish someone in business”);
establir se to establish oneself, settle
Hence: establimento; establitor; preestablir; restablir-restablimento

establitor n establisher

estate n summer
Hence: estive-estivar-estivante

[este] adj this
(= iste)
Hence: esto

Estfalia npr Eastphalia

esthe- [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: esthesia &; esthetic-anesthetic-anesthetico, cinesthetic etc.; esthetica; estheta

esthesia (-ía) n esthesia
Hence: anesthesia-anesthesiar; esthesiologia etc.; cinesthesia etc.; pseudesthesia etc.

esthesiologia (-ía) n esthesiology

esthesiometro (-ó-) n esthesiometer

esthesioneurosis (-ósis) n esthesioneurosis

estheta n aesthete, esthete

esthetic adj aesthetic, esthetic

esthetica n aesthetics, esthetics

estima n 1. esteem; 2. [Naut.] reckoning

estimabile adj estimable

estimar v 1. to estimate (= to calculate approximately); 2. to esteem, hold in esteem
Hence: estima; estimabile-inestimabile; estimation; disestimar-disestima

estimation n estimation (1. act of estimating; 2. esteem)

estivante n summer resident

estivar v to summer

estive adj summer, estival

[esto] pron this (= this thing, reason, or idea)
(= isto)

Estonia npr Estonia
Hence: estonian-estoniano

estonian adj Estonian

estoniano n Estonian

estrade [F] n dais, platform, estrade

estraniamento n estrangement, alienation

estraniar v to estrange, alienate

estranie adj 1. foreign (as in “foreign countries”); also: alien; 2. strange (= queer, unfamiliar);
corpore estranie [Med.] foreign body;
estranie a foreign to
Hence: estraniero; estranitate; estraniar-estraniamento

estraniero n 1. foreigner, stranger; also: alien; 2. foreign parts, foreign lands;
al estraniero abroad

estranitate n strangeness

estuario n estuary

estufa n 1. sweating room; 2. hothouse; 3. stove (“stove for heating a room”)
Hence: estufar

estufar v to (let) simmer; to stew

esturdimento n daze

esturdir v to stun, daze
Hence: esturdimento; esturdite

esturdite 1. pp of esturdir; 2. adj harebrained

[et] conj 1. and; 2. also;
et ... et ... both ... and ...
(= e)
Hence: etsi etc.

-et- see etate; -itate

etage [F] n floor, story

etate n age (1. lapse of time; 2. period in life);
que etate habe vos? how old are you?;
etate de auro golden age
Hence: coetanee

-etate see -itate

et cetera, etc. (-cé-) and so on, and so forth, etc.

eternal adj eternal

eterne adj eternal
Hence: eternitate; eternal; eternisar; coeterne-coeternitate; sempiterne etc.

eternisar v to eternize (1. to make eternal; also: to immortalize; 2. to prolong indefinitely)

eternitate n eternity

eth- see ethere

ethano n [Chem.] ethane

ethere n ether (1. upper air, clear sky; 2. [Phys.]; 3. [Chem.])
Hence: etheree; etherificar-etherification; etherisar-etherisation; ethano; ethylo &

etheree adj ethereal

etherificar v to etherify

etherification n etherification

etherisar v to etherize (1. to mix or compound with ether; 2. to anesthetize with ether)

etherisation n etherization

ethic adj ethical (= treating of moral questions or of moral science)

ethica n ethics (= the science of morals)

ethico n ethicist, moralist

ethiope (-tí-) adj/n Ethiopian
Hence: Ethiopia-ethiopic

Ethiopia npr Ethiopia

ethiopic adj Ethiopic

ethn- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: ethnic; ethnographo etc.; ethnopsychologia etc.

ethnic adj ethnic (1. [Ch. Hist.] pagan; 2. ethnological)

ethnogenia (-ía) n ethnogeny

ethnographia (-ía) n ethnography

ethnographic adj ethnographic

ethnographo (-nó-) n ethnographer
Hence: ethnographia; ethnographic

ethnologia (-ía) n ethnology

ethnologic adj ethnological

ethnologista n ethnologist

ethnologo (-nó-) n ethnologist
Hence: ethnologia-ethnologista; ethnologic

ethnopsychologia (-ía) n ethnopsychology

ethologia (-ía) n [Sociol.] ethology

ethopeia (-péya) n [Rhet.] ethopoeia

ethos (é-) n [Philos., Rhet., etc.] ethos
Hence: ethic; ethico; ethica; ethologia etc.; ethopeia etc.; cacoethe etc.

ethylamino n [Chem.] ethylamine

ethyleno n [Chem.] ethylene

ethylic adj [Chem.] ethylic;
alcohol ethylic ethyl alcohol

ethylo n [Chem.] ethyl
Hence: ethyleno; ethylic; ethylamino etc.

etiam (é-) also, likewise, too; even, even yet; yet;
non solmente ... sed etiam ... not only ... but also ...

etiquetta (-ké-) n 1. label, tag, ticket; 2. etiquette
Hence: etiquettar

etiquettar (-ke-) v to label (= to put a label on)

Etna npr Etna, Aetna

-eto suffixo substantive [used with names of trees] -etum, grove (= grove of ... trees)
Hence: pineto etc.

Etruria npr Etruria

etrusc adj Etruscan
Hence: etrusco

etrusco n Etruscan (1. native of Etruria; 2. Etruscan language)

[etsi] conj 1. even if; 2. and yet; 3. though, although

-etta suffixo substantive [used mostly with nouns in -a] -ette (= little, small, minor)
Hence: hachetta etc.; cigarretta etc.; operetta etc.; furchetta etc.

-ette suffixo adjective -ish (= somewhat ..., pretty ...)
Hence: -etto; -etta; bellette etc.

-etto suffixo substantive [used with nouns] -et, -ette (= small, little, minor)
Hence: clarinetto etc.; panetto etc.; capretto etc

etui [F] n case (for eyeglasses, cigars, etc.), etui

etymo (é-) n etymon
Hence: etymologo etc.

etymologia (-ía) n etymology (1. origin or derivation of a word; 2. branch of philology concerned with etymologies)

etymologic adj etymologic, etymological

etymologisar v to etymologize

etymologista n etymologist

etymologo (-mó-) n etymologist
Hence: etymologia-etymologista, etymologic, etymologisar

eu- adj/adv [occurring in compounds] eu- (1. good, fine; 2. well; also: easy, easily, etc.)
Hence: eurhythmia etc.; euphone etc.; eupheme etc.; eudemon- etc.

eucharistia (-ía) n [Eccl.] Eucharist
Hence: eucharistic

eucharistic adj Eucharistic

Euclide npr Euclid [circa 300 B.C., Greek geometrician]
Hence: euclidian-non-euclidian

euclidian adj Euclidean

eudemon- adj [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: eudemonia; eudemonismo

eudemonia (-ía) n eudaemonia

eudemonismo n eudaemonism

eugenic adj eugenic
Hence: eugenica

eugenica n eugenics

eunucho n eunuch

eupheme- adj [occurring in derivatives] euphemious, euphemous
Hence: euphemia; euphemismo; euphemistic; euphemic

euphemia (-ía) n euphemism

euphemic adj euphemistic

euphemismo n [Rhet.] euphemism

euphemistic adj euphemistic

euphone adj euphonious, euphonic
Hence: euphonia-euphonic

euphonia (-ía) n euphony

euphonic adj euphonic, euphonious

Euphrate npr Euphrates

Eur- see Europa

Eurasia npr Eurasia
Hence: eurasiatic

eurasiatic adj Eurasiatic, Eurasian

eureka! [Gr] eureka!

eurhythmia (-ía) n eurhythmy
Hence: eurhythmic

eurhythmic adj eurhythmic

Europa npr 1. [Mythol.] Europa; 2. Europe
Hence: europium; europee-europeisar, indoeuropeo; Eurasia etc.

europee (-pée) adj European

europeisar v to Europeanize

europeo (-péo) n European

europium (-ró-) n [Chem.] europium

Eva nprf Eve

evacuante 1. ppr of evacuar; 2. adj/n [Med.] evacuant

evacuar v to evacuate; also: [Med.]
Hence: evacuante; evacuation; evacuative

evacuation n evacuation; also: [Med.]

evacuative adj [Med.] evacuant, evacuative

evader [-vad-/-vas-] v 1. to get away, escape; 2. to evade (= to practice evasion)
Hence: evasion; evasive

evaginar v to evaginate
Hence: evagination

evagination n evagination

evalutar v to evaluate; also: to estimate, assess, etc.
Hence: evalutation

evalutation n evaluation

evanescente 1. ppr of evanescer; 2. adj vanishing, evanescent

evanescentia n evanescence

evanescer v to vanish
Hence: evanescimento; evanescente-evanescentia

evanescimento n vanishment

evangelic adj evangelic, evangelical (1. of the Gospels; 2. as in “evangelical denomination”)

Evangelina nprf Evangeline

evangelio n gospel

evangelisar v to evangelize

evangelisation n evangelization

evangelisator n evangelizer

evangelismo n evangelism

evangelista n Evangelist; also: evangelist

evangelo (-áng-) n evangelist, evangel
Hence: Evangelina; evangelio; evangelic; evangelisar-evangelismo, evangelista, evangelisation, evangelisator

evaporabile adj evaporable, vaporizable

evaporar v to evaporate (1. to vaporize; 2. to be vaporized)
Hence: evaporabile; evaporation; evaporative; evaporatori

evaporation n evaporation

evaporative adj evaporative

evaporatori adj evaporating (as in “evaporating process, apparatus, etc.”)

evas- see evader

evasion n 1. escape, getaway; 2. evasion

evasive adj evasive

evect- see eveher

evection n [Astron.] evection

eveher [-veh-/-vect-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: evection

evelia n awakening

eveliar v to wake up (= to arouse from sleep);
eveliar se to wake up (= to come out of sleep)
Hence: evelia; eveliator

eveliator n awakener

eveller [-vell-/-vuls-] v to evulse, tear out, pull out
Hence: evulsion

evenir [-ven-/-vent-] v to happen, come to pass
Hence: evento-eventual-eventualitate

event- see evenir

evento n event (= occurrence of some importance)

eventrar v to disembowel
Hence: eventration

eventration n 1. (act of) disemboweling; 2. [Pathol.] ventral hernia

eventual adj contingent, possible

eventualitate n 1. possibility, contingency; 2. eventuality

evers- see everter

eversion n 1. eversion (= act of everting); 2. destruction, ruin

everter [-vert-/-vers-] v to evert, turn inside out
Hence: eversion

evict- see evincer

eviction n [Law] eviction (1. recovery by legal process; 2. dispossession)

evidente adj evident
Hence: evidentia

evidentia n evidence (= quality or condition of being evident);
poner in evidentia to make evident

evincer [-vinc-/-vict-] v [Law] to evict (1. recover by legal process; 2. to dispossess)
Hence: eviction

evitabile adj evitable

evitar v to avoid, shun
Hence: evitabile-inevitabile; evitation

evitation n (act of) avoiding, shunning

evo n age (= long period of time)
Hence: medievo etc.; longeve etc.

evocabile adj evocable

evocar v to evoke, call forth;
evocar a un tribunal superior to remove to a higher tribunal
Hence: evocabile; evocation; evocatori

evocation n evocation

evocatori adj evocatory

evolut- see evolver

evolution n evolution (1. development; 2. [Biol.]; 3. [Mil., Naut.])

evolutionismo n evolutionism

evolutionista n evolutionist

evolutive adj evolutive

evolver [-volv-/-volut-] v I. to evolve, develop (1. to undergo an evolution or development; 2. to cause to evolve or develop); II. [Mil., Naut.] to evolute;
evolver un film (photographic) to develop a film
Hence: evolution-evolutionismo, evolutionista; evolutive

evuls- see eveller

evulsion n evulsion

ex prep out of, from

ex- prefixo [used with nouns] ex- (= former)
Hence: ex-presidente etc.; ex-marito etc.; ex-communista etc.

exacerbar v to exacerbate (= to increase the smart or bitterness of)
Hence: exacerbation

exacerbation n exacerbation (= state of being exacerbated)

exact- see exiger

exacte adj exact, accurate; also: punctual;
scientias exacte exact sciences
Hence: exactitude; inexacte-inexactitude

exaction n exaction (= action of exacting)

exactitude n 1. exactitude, accuracy; 2. punctuality

exactor n tax-collector; exactor; extorter

exaggerar v to exaggerate
Hence: exaggeration; exaggerative; exaggerator

exaggeration n exaggeration

exaggerative adj exaggerative

exaggerator n exaggerator

exaltar v to exalt (1. to raise in rank, honor, power, etc.; 2. to extol);
exaltar se to grow excited, grow enthusiastic
Hence: exaltation; exaltate

exaltate adj overexcited

exaltation n exaltation (1. act of raising to a superior rank or position; 2. act of praising, extoling; 3. overexcitement, rapture, etc.

examinabile adj examinable

examinante n examiner

examinar v to examine

examinator n examiner

examine n examination (1. investigation; 2. test);
examine de conscientia self-examination;
libere examine free inquiry
Hence: examinar-examinante, examinabile, examinator

exarch- v [occurring in derivatives] exarch-
Hence: exarcho-exarchato

exarchato n exarchate

exarcho n exarch (1. [Rom. Hist.]; 2. [Gr. Orth. Ch.])

exasperar v 1. to aggravate, make worse (a disease, pain, etc.); 2. to exasperate
Hence: exasperation

exasperation n 1. aggravation (of disease, pain, etc.); 2. exasperation

excambiabile adj exchangeable

excambiar v to exchange
Hence: excambio; excambiabile; excambiator

excambiator n exchanger;
excambiator thermic [Atomic Phys.] heat exchanger

excambio n exchange (= action of exchanging);
libere excambio free trade

ex cathedra [L] ex cathedra

excavar v to excavate (= to hollow out, dig)

excavation n excavation (= action or result of hollowing out)

excavator n excavator (1. one who excavates; 2. machine for digging out earth)

exceder [-ced-/-cess-] v to exceed
Hence: excessive; excesso

excellente 1. ppr of exceller; 2. adj excellent

excellentia n excellence, excellency;
per excellentia par excellence;
Vostre Excellentia Your Excellency

exceller [-cell-/-cels-] v to excel;
exceller in to excel in
Hence: excellente-excellentia; excelse

excels- see excell-

excelse adj elevated, sublime, lofty

except- see excip-

exceptar v to except (= to leave out, take out)

excepte prep except, excepting

exception n exception;
exception (peremptori, dilatori, etc.) [Law] (peremptory, dilatory, etc.) exception

exceptional adj exceptional

excern- [-cern-/-cret-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: excretion; excretori; excretar

excess- see exceder

excessive adj excessive

excesso n excess (1. fact of exceeding in amount or degree; 2. amount by which one thing exceeds another; 3. as in “to commit excesses”)

excider [-cid-/-cis-] v to cut out or off, excide
Hence: excision; excisar

excip- [-cip-/-cept-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: excipiente; exception-exceptional; excepte; exceptar

excipiente n [Pharm.] excipient

excis- see excider

excisar v [Surg.] to excise

excision n [Surg.] excision

excitabile adj excitable

excitabilitate n excitability

excitamento n excitation (= action of exciting)

excitante n excitant, stimulant

excitar v to excite
Hence: excitamento; excitante; excitabile-excitabilitate, inexcitabile; excitation; excitative; excitator; superexcitar-superexcitation

excitation n I. excitation (1. action of exciting; 2. [Elec.]); II. excitement (= state of being excited)

excitative adj exciting, stimulating

excitator n 1. exciter; 2. [Elec.] discharger

exclamar v to exclaim
Hence: exclamation; exclamative

exclamation n exclamation

exclamative adj exclamatory

exclaramento n (act of) lighting up

exclarar v to light up
Hence: exclaramento

excluder [-clud-/-clus-] v to exclude
Hence: exclusion; exclusive-exclusivismo, exclusivista, exclusivitate

exclus- see excluder

exclusion n exclusion;
al exclusion de to the exclusion of

exclusive adj exclusive (1. as in “exclusive right, exclusive terms”; 2. as in “an exclusive club”)

exclusivismo n exclusiveness, exclusivism

exclusivista n exclusivist

exclusivitate n exclusiveness (of rights, terms, etc.)

excogitar v to think out, excogitate
Hence: excogitation

excogitation n devising, contrivance, excogitation

excommunicar v to excommunicate
Hence: excommunication

excommunication n excommunication;
excommunication major, minor greater, lesser excommunication, major, minor excommunication

ex-communista n ex-communist, former communist

excoriar v to bark, graze, excoriate
Hence: excoriation

excoriation n excoriation (= abrasion of the skin)

excremental adj excremental

excrementicie adj excrementitious

excremento n excrement
Hence: excremental; excrementicie; excrementose

excrementose adj excremental

excrescentia n excrescence (= abnormal or disfiguring outgrowth)

excrescer v to grow out or forth
Hence: excrescentia

excret- see excern-

excretar v to excrete

excretion n excretion

excretori adj excretory

excurr- [-curr-/-curs-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: excursion-excursionista

excurs- see excurr-

excursion n I. excursion (1. pleasure trip; 2. digression); II. [Mil.] sally, raid

excursionista n excursionist

excusa n excuse;
facer excusas to make excuses;
facer (su) excusas to make apologies, apologize

excusabile adj excusable

excusar v to excuse (= to clear of blame);
excusar se to excuse oneself, apologize
Hence: excusa; excusabile-inexcusabile; excusation; excusatori

excusation n excuse, excusing

excusatori adj apologetic (= making excuse or apology)

execrabile adj execrable

execrar v to execrate (1. to imprecate evil upon; 2. to abhor, detest)
Hence: execrabile; execration; execrator; execratori

execration n execration (1. imprecation, malediction; 2. abhorrence, detestation)

execrator n execrator

execratori adj execratory

execut- see exequer

executabile adj executable, practicable

executar v to execute (1. to carry out; 2. to put to death according to law)

execution n execution (1. act of carrying out; 2. act of putting to death according to law)

executive adj executive

executor n executor (= one who carries out);
executor testamentari executor (= person appointed to execute a will)

executori adj executory (as in “executory decree, law, etc.”);
judicio executori enforceable judgment

exegese n exegesis

exegeta n exegetist

exegetic adj exegetic
Hence: exegetica

exegetica n exegetics

exemplar¹ adj exemplary (1. being a good model or pattern; 2. serving as a warning to others)

exemplar² n 1. model, exemplar; 2. copy (specimen of a book, etc.)

exemplificar v to exemplify (= to show by example)

exemplification n exemplification (= act of showing by example)

exempli gratia, e. g. [L] exempli gratia, e.g., for example

exemplo n example (1. sample, specimen; 2. model, pattern; 3. instance serving to illustrate a rule or precept);
facer un exemplo de un persona to make an example of someone;
per exemplo for example, for instance;
sin exemplo unparalleled, without example;
dar un exemplo to set an example
Hence: exemplar; exemplificar-exemplification

exempt- see eximer

exemptar v to exempt

exempte adj exempt

exemption n exemption

exequer [-equ-/-ecut-] v to execute, carry out
Hence: exequias; execution-electrocution etc.: excecutive; executor; executori: executar-executabile-inexecutabile, electrocutar etc.

exequias npl funeral rites, exequies

exercer v to practice, carry on
Hence: exercitio; exercitar &

exercitar v to train, exercise, drill
Hence: exercitation

exercitation n 1. training, exercise, drill; 2. practice (as in “the practice of a profession”)

exercitio n I. exercise (1. as in “the exercise of virtues”; 2. as in “an exercise in grammar”); II. practice (as in “the practice of a profession”); III. [Mil.] drill

exfoliation n 1. fall of leaves; 2. exfoliation (= process of coming off in layers or scales, peeling off)

exhalar v to exhale (as in “to exhale odor”)
Hence: exhalation

exhalation n exhalation (1. exhaling, giving off as vapor, etc.; 2. that which is exhaled)

exhauribile adj exhaustible

exhaurir [-haur-/haust-] v to exhaust (1. to drain, use up, consume, etc.; 2. as in “to exhaust a subject”);
exhaurir se to exhaust oneself
Hence: exhauribile-inexhauribile; exhaustibile-inexhaustibile; exhaustion; exhauste-inexhauste

exhaust- see exhaurir

exhauste adj exhausted (= consumed, used up)

exhaustibile adj exhaustible

exhaustion n exhaustion (= action of draining, using up, consuming, etc.)

exheredar v to disinherit
Hence: exheredation

exheredation n disinheritance

exhibir v to exhibit
Hence: exhibition-exhibitionista, exhibitionismo; exhibitor; exbibitori

exhibition n exhibition; also: exhibit

exhibitionismo n exhibitionism (= tendency towards self-advertisement)

exhibitionista n exhibitionist (= ostentatious person)

exhibitor n exhibitor

exhibitori adj exhibitory

exhilarante 1. ppr of exhilarar; 2. adj exhilarant, exhilarating

exhilarar v to exhilarate
Hence: exhilarante; exhilaration

exhilaration n exhilaration

exhortar v to exhort
Hence: exhortation; exhortative; exhortator; exhortatori

exhortation n exhortation

exhortative adj exhortative

exhortator n exhorter

exhortatori adj exhortatory

exhumar v to exhume
Hence: exhumation

exhumation n exhumation

exigente adj exigent, exacting

exigentia n 1. demand; 2. exigency, requirement

exiger [-ig-/-act-] v to exact
Hence: exigente-exigentia; exigue &; exigibile-inexigibile; exaction; exactor; exacte &

exigibile adj claimable, exigible

exigue adj exiguous; scanty, scant
Hence: exiguitate

exiguitate n exiguity, scantiness

exiliar v to exile

exiliato n exile (= exiled person)

exilio n exile (= banishment)
Hence: exiliar-exiliato

eximer [-im-/-empt-] v to exempt
Hence: exemption; exempte-exemptar

exir v to go or come out
Hence: exito

existente adj existent, existing

existentia n existence

existential adj existential

existentialismo n existentialism

existentialista n existentialist

exister v to exist
Hence: existente-existentia-existential-existentialismo, existentialista, inexistente-inexistentia; preexister-preexistente-preexistentia

exito (éx-) n exit, way out

ex-libris n bookplate, ex libris

ex-marito n ex-husband, former husband

ex-ministro n [Pol.] ex-minister, former minister

exo- adv [occurring in derivatives and compounds] exo-, ex- (= without, outside)
Hence: exotic-esoticismo; exoskeleto etc.; exosmose etc.; exogame etc.

exodic adj exodic; also: [Physiol.] efferent

exodista n exodist (= one taking part in an exodus)

exodo (éx-) n exodus;
Exodo Exodus
Hence: exodista; exodic

exogame (-ógame) adj [Anthropol.] exogamous
Hence: exogamia

exogamia (-ía) n [Anthropol.] exogamy

exogene adj exogenous

exonerar v to exonerate (= to free from a burden, duty, obligation, etc.)
Hence: exoneration

exoneration n exoneration

exoperante n striker (= worker on strike)

exoperar v to strike, be on strike
Hence: exopero; exoperante

exopero (-ó-) n strike (as in “be on strike”)

exorabile adj easily moved, exorable

exorar v to move by entreaty
Hence: exorabile-inexorabile-inexorabilitate

exorbitante adj excessive; also: exorbitant

exorbitantia n excessiveness; also: exorbitance

exorbitar v to be excessive or exorbitant
Hence: exorbitante-exorbitantia

exorcisar v to exorcise
Hence: exorcismo; exorcista

exorcismo n exorcism

exorcista n exorcist

exordial adj exordial

exordio n exordium

exordir v to begin (a discourse)
Hence: exordio-exordial

exoskeleto (-ské-) n [Zool.] exoskeleton

exosm- see exosmose

exosmose n exosmosis
Hence: exosmotic

exosmotic adj exosmotic

exotic adj exotic

exoticismo n exoticism

expander [-pand-/-pans-] v to expand (= to cause to spread out, stretch out or unfold)
Hence: expansibile-expansibilitate; expansion; expansive

expans- see expander

expansibile adj expansible

expansibilitate n expansibility

expansion n 1. expansion; 2. expansiveness

expansive adj expansive (1. [Sci.]; 2. showing one’s feelings freely)

expatriar v to expatriate (= to make an exile of);
expatriar se to expatriate, emigrate
Hence: expatriation

expatriation n expatriation (1. banishment from one’s fatherland; 2. emigration)

expectante 1. ppr of expectar; 2. adj expectant

expectar v to expect (= to look for mentally)
Hence: expectante; expectation; espectative

expectation n expectation (1. state of expecting; 2. [Med.]

expectative adj expectative

expectorante¹ 1. ppr of expectorar; 2. adj [Med.] expectorant

expectorante² n [Med.] expectorant

expectorar v to expectorate
Hence: expectorante, expectoration

expectoration n expectoration

expedicular v to delouse

expediente¹ 1. ppr of expedir; 2. adj expedient, suitable, fit

expediente² n expedient

expedir v 1. to expedite; 2. to dispatch, despatch, send off
Hence: expediente; expedition; expeditive; expeditor; reexpedir-reexpedition

expedition n I. (action of) expediting; II. sending (of parcels, goods, etc.); III. expedition (1. promptness; 2. as in “an expedition to the North Pole”)

expeditive adj expeditious

expeditor n expeditor; also: sender, shipper

expeller [-pell-/-puls-] v to expel; also: to deport (as in “to deport an undesirable alien”)
Hence: expulsion; expulsive

expender [-pend-/-pens-] v to spend, expend (= to give out in payment)
Hence: expensa

expens- see expender

expensa n expense

experientia n experience (as in “teaching experience, etc.”)
Hence: inexperientia

experimental adj experimental;
scientia experimental experimental science

experimentar v to experiment

experimentate adj experienced

experimentation n experimentation

experimentator n experimenter

experimento n experiment
Hence: experimental; experimentar-experimentation, experimentator, experimentate-inexperimentate

experir [-per-/-pert-] v to try, put to the test
Hence: experimento &; experientia &; experte &

expert- see experir

experte adj expert
Hence: inexperte; experto

experto n expert

expiabile adj expiable

expiar v to expiate
Hence: expiabile-inexpiabile; expiation; expiator; expiatori; inexpiate

expiation n expiation

expiator n expiator

expiatori adj expiatory;
capro expiatori scapegoat

expirar v to expire (1. to breathe out; 2. to die)
Hence: expiration

expiration n expiration (1. breathing out; 2. termination, end)

explanar v 1. to level, smooth out; 2. to explain (= to expound, interpret)
Hence: explanation; explanator

explanation n 1. (action of) leveling, smoothing out; 2. explanation (= interpretation, expounding)

explanator 1. leveler; 2. explainer

expler v to fill, fill up
Hence: expletive

expletive adj expletive

explicabile adj explainable, explicable

explicar v to explain
Hence: explicabile-inexplicabile-inexplicabilitate; explication; explicative; explicator; explicite; inexplicate

explication n explanation

explicative adj explanatory

explicator n explainer, commentator

explicite (-plí-) adj explicit (= clearly expressed)

exploder [-plod-/-plos-] v to explode (= to go off, or to fly in pieces, with a loud report)
Hence: explosion; explosive-explosivo; exploditor

exploditor n exploder (= device for firing an explosive charge)

exploitabile adj exploitable

exploitar v to exploit (1. as in “to exploit a mine”; 2. to utilize for selfish purposes)
Hence: exploitabile; exploitation; exploitator

exploitation n exploitation

exploitator n exploiter

explorabile adj explorable

explorar v to explore (1. as in “to explore new countries”; 2. to investigate, examine; 3. [Surg.])
Hence: explorabile-inexplorabile; exploration; explorator; exploratori; inexplorate

exploration n exploration (1. as in “exploration of new countries”; 2. investigation; 3. [Surg.])

explorator n explorer

exploratori adj exploratory

explos- see exploder

explosion n explosion (1. blast; 2. sudden outbreak of emotion);
facer explosion to explode (= to go off, or to fly in pieces, with a loud report)

explosive adj explosive (1. tending to explode; 2. [Phonet.])

explosivo n explosive (= explosive substance)

exponente adj [Alg.] exponent
Hence: exponential

exponential adj [Math.] exponential

exponer [-pon-/-posit-] v I. to expose (1. to show openly, display; 2. to lay open (to danger, etc.)); II. to expound
Hence: exponente &; exposition; expositive; expositor

exportabile adj exportable

exportar v to export
Hence: exportabile; exportation; exportator; reexportar-reexportation

exportation n 1. exportation, export, exporting; 2. exports

exportator n exporter

exposit- see exponer

exposition n I. exposition (1. exhibition; 2. detailed explanation); II. exposure (1. laying open to view, action, influence, etc; 2. [Photog.]; 3. position in relation to sun, wind etc.)

expositive adj expository, expositive

expositor n 1. expositor, expounder, exponent; 2. exhibitor

ex-presidente n ex-president

express- see exprimer

expresse adj express (1. definite, explicit; 2. as in “express letter”);
traino expresse express train

expression n expression (1. action of pressing or squeezing out; 2. act or fact of giving expression to; 3. significant word or phrase)

expressionismo n expressionism

expressionista n expressionist

expressive adj expressive

expresso¹ n 1. express messenger; 2. express train

expresso² adv purposely

exprimer [-prim-/-press-] v 1. to press out, squeeze out; 2. to express
Hence: exprimibile-inexprimibile; expression-expressionismo, expressionista; expressive-inexpressive; expresse-expresso¹, expresso²

exprimibile adj expressible, utterable

expropriar v to expropriate, dispossess
Hence: expropriation; expropriator

expropriation n expropriation, dispossession

expropriator n expropriator, dispossessor

expugnabile adj stormable, pregnable

expugnar v to take by assault, storm
Hence: expugnabile-inexpugnabile

expulicar v to clean of fleas

expulicatorio n delousing station

expuls- see expeller

expulsion n expulsion; also: deportation (as in “deportation of an undesirable alien”)

expulsive adj expulsive

expunct- see expunger

expunction n expunction

expunger [-pung-/-punct-] v to expunge
Hence: expunction

expurgar v to expurgate
Hence: expurgation

expurgation n expurgation

exquir- [-quir-/ quisit-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: exquisite-exquisitessa

exquisit- see exquir-

exquisite adj exquisite

exquisitessa n exquisiteness

exsangue adj exsanguine

exsiccar v to dry up, exsiccate (= to make quite dry)
Hence: exsiccation; exsiccative

exsiccation n exsiccation

exsiccative adj exsiccative

exspuer v to spit out

exspuition n spitting out, expectoration

exsuction n exsuction

exsudar v to exude (1. as in “sweat exudes from the pores”; 2. to cause to exude)
Hence: exsudation; exsudato

exsudation n exudation

exsudato n exudation, sweat

exsug- [-sug-/-suct-] v [occurring in derivatives]

extemporanee adj extemporaneous, extempore

extender [-tend-/-tens-] v I. to extend (1. to stretch out; 2. to increase in size or scope); II. to spread, spread out;
extender le mano to hold out one’s hand
Hence: extendibile; extensibile-extensibilitate, inextensibile; extension-inextension; extensive; extensor; extense

extendibile adj extendible, extensible

extens- see extender

extense adj extensive (= having extension)

extensibile adj extensible

extensibilitate n extensibility

extension n I. extension (1. stretching out; 2. increase in size or scope; 3. [Logic]); II. extent (= space or degree to which anything is extended); also: range

extensive adj extensive (as in “extensive agriculture”)

extensor n 1. extender (one who or that which extends); 2. [Anat.] extensor

extenuar v to emaciate, weaken, extenuate;
extenuar se to wear oneself out
Hence: extenuation

extenuation n emaciation, exhaustion

exter- see extra

extere adj foreign (as in “foreign countries”)
Hence: exterior &; extreme &; extero

exterior¹ adj exterior; also: outside, outer, etc.
Hence: exterioritate; exteriorisar-exteriorisation

exterior² n outside, exterior

exteriorisar v to externalize, make manifest

exteriorisation n externalization

exterioritate n exteriority

exterminar v to exterminate
Hence: extermination; exterminator

extermination n extermination

exterminator n exterminator

externe adj external; also: outside, outer, etc.;
angulo externe [Geom.] exterior angle;
discipulo externe day-pupil;
pro uso externe [Pharm.] for external application, for external use

extero (éx-) n foreign countries;
al extero abroad (as in “to go abroad; to live abroad”), in foreign parts

exterritorial adj exterritorial, extraterritorial

exterritorialitate n exterritoriality, extraterritoriality

extinct- see extinguer

extincte adj extinct (as in “an extinct animal”)

extinction n extinction

extinctive adj extinctive

extinctor n (fire) extinguisher

extinguer [-stingu-/-stinct-] v to extinguish;
extinguer un debita to extinguish or pay off a debt
Hence: extinguibile-inextinguibile; extinction; extinctive; extinctor; extincte

extinguibile adj extinguishable

extirpabile adj eradicable, extirpable

extirpar v to extirpate (1. as in “to extirpate noxious plants”; 2. as in “to extirpate a social evil”)
Hence: extirpabile-inextirpabile; extirpation; etirpator

extirpation n extirpation

extirpator n extirpator

extorquer [-torqu-/-tort-] v to extort; also: to get by blackmail
Hence: extortion

extort- see extorquer

extortion n extortion; also: blackmail, blackmailing

extr- see extere

extra I. adv 1. without, on the outside; 2. besides, in addition, extra; II. prep 1. outside of, without, beyond; 2. excepting, except; 3. besides, in addition to
Hence: extranee; externe

extra- prefixo extra- (1. outside ..., outside the scope of ...; 2. highly, unusually, very ...)
Hence: extradorso etc.; extramural etc.; extraordinari etc.; extravasar etc.; extravagar etc.; extrafin etc.

extract- see extraher

extraction n extraction (1. act of extracting; 2. descent, origin);
de basse extraction of low extraction

extracto n extract (1. extracted substance; 2. excerpt)

extractor n extractor; specif.: [Surg., Gun.]

extrader v to extradite
Hence: extradition

extradition n extradition

extradorso n [Arch.] extrados

extrafin adj superfine

extraher [-trah-/-tract-] v to extract
Hence: extraction; extractor; extracto

extramural adj extramural

extranee adj extraneous

extraordinari adj extraordinary (1. beyond the common order; 2. exceeding the common degree)

extraterritorial adj extraterritorial, exterritorial

extraterritorialitate n extraterritoriality, exterritoriality

extravagante 1. ppr of extravagar; 2. adj odd, strange, absurd; extravagant

extravagantia n oddness, strangeness, absurdity; extravagance

extravagar v to talk (think, act, etc.) extravagantly
Hence: extravagante-extravagantia

extravasar v [Anat.] to extravasate
Hence: extravasation

extravasation n [Anat.] extravasation

extreme adj extreme;
extreme unction last Sacrament, extreme unction
Hence: extremismo; extremista; extremitate; extremo

extremismo n extremism

extremista n extremist

extremitate n extremity (1. very end; 2. extreme degree; 3. extreme action);
extremitates extremities, hands and feet

extremo n extreme;
extremos [Math.] extremes;
ir de un extremo al altere to go from one extreme to the other;
le extremos se tocca extremes meet

extrinsec (-trín-) adj extrinsic (= not inherent or essential)

extrovers- see extroverter

extroversion n extroversion (1. [Med.] condition of being turned inside out; 2. [Psychol.])

extroverter [-vert-/-vers-] v to extrovert (1. to turn outwards; to turn inside out; 2. [Psychol.])
Hence: extroversion; extrovertite-estrovertito

extrovertite 1. pp of extroverter; 2. [Psychol.] extroverted, outgoing

extrovertito n [Psychol.] extrovert

exuberante I. ppr of exuberar; II. adj exuberant (1. growing luxuriantly; 2. overflowing, effusive)

exuberantia n exuberance (1. luxuriance; 2. effusiveness; overflowing spirits)

exuberar v 1. to be abundant, abound; 2. to be exuberant, exuberate
Hence: exuberante-exuberantia

exultante 1. ppr of exultar; 2. adj exultant

exultar v to exult
Hence: exultante; exultation

exultation n exultation

Ezekiel nprm Ezekiel

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