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ha¹ pr of haber have, has

ha² abbr = hectar

habeas corpus [L] [Law] habeas corpus

haber¹ v to have (1. to own, possess; 2. [Grammatical function: auxiliary, forming the perfect tenses]);
haber a to have to, be obliged to;
haber (frigido, ration, etc.) see frigido, ration, etc.;
il habe there is, there are;
ille habe 20 annos he is 20 years old
Hence: See verbal form ha

haber² n possessions, belongings; holdings

habile adj skilful, able
Hence: habilitate-habilitar &; inhabile-inhabilitate

habilitar v [Law] to enable, entitle;
habilitar se to qualify oneself (for an office, position, etc.)
Hence: habilitation; rehabilitar-rehabilitation

habilitate n skill, ability

habilitation n habilitation (1. capacitation, enabling; 2. qualifying, qualification)

habitabile adj habitable

habitante n inhabitant

habitar v to live in, inhabit;
habitar un loco to inhabit, live in a place;
habitar in un loco to live, dwell in a place
Hence: habitante; habitabile; habitation; cohabitar-cohabitation

habitat [NL] n habitat

habitation n habitation (1. action of inhabiting; 2. abode, residence)

habito (há-) n I. (suit of) clothes; also: dress; II. habit (1. dress of a religious order; 2. custom);
le habito non face le monacho [Proverb] the cowl does not make the monk
Hence: habitude; habitual; habituar-dishabituar

habitu- see habito

habitual adj habitual

habituar v to habituate, accustom

habitude n habit, habitude

habitué [F] n habitué

[hac] adv here, this way, on this side

hacha (-sha) n ax, axe
Hence: hachetta; hachar-hachamento, hachatoria

hachamento (-sh-) n (act of) chopping, hacking

hachar (-sh-) v to chop, hack; to chop up, hash;
carne hachate [Cookery] chopped meat; also: hash

hachatoria (-sh-) n 1. chopping knife, chopper; 2. meat grinder; 3. chopping board, butcher’s block

hachetta (-sh-) n hatchet

hachich (hashísh) n hashish

haga n hedge;
le Haga the Hague

hairon n heron

hal- v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: halito; exhalar &; inhalar &

halito (há-) n breath; halitus

hall [A] n hall (1. large and stately room; 2. lobby)

hallelujah (-úya) hallelujah, alleluia

hallo! interj hello!

hallucinar v to hallucinate
Hence: hallucination; hallucinatori

hallucination n hallucination

hallucinatori adj hallucinatory

halo n [Meterol.] halo

halto n halt, stop;
facer halto (Mil.) to halt, make a halt;
halto! (Mil.) halt!

hamaca n hammock
Hence: hamacar

hamacar v -;
hamacar se to swing in a hammock

hamate adj hooked, hamate

hamirostre adj [Zool.] hamirostrate

hamo n hook, fishhook; also: [Anat.] hamus
Hence: hamulo; hamate; hamirostre etc.

hamster [G] n [Zool.] hamster

hamulo n [Anat., Zool.] hamulus

hanca n haunch; also: hip, hindquarter, etc.

handicap [A] n [Horse Racing] handicap

hangar [F] n hangar

harakiri [J] n hara-kiri

hardimento n boldness, hardihood

hardir v to be bold
Hence: hardimento; hardite-harditessa; inhardir

hardite 1. pp of hardir; 2. adj bold, daring, hardy

harditessa n boldness, daring, hardihood

harem n harem, seraglio

haringo n herring;
haringo fumate kipper

harmonia (-ía) n harmony
Hence: harmonic-inharmonic, harmonica; harmoniose-disharmoniose, inharmoniose; enharmonic; disharmonia-disharmonic; inharmonia; harmonisar-harmonista, disharmonisar

harmonic adj 1. [Mus.] harmonic (= pertaining to harmonies or harmony); 2. harmonious;
tono harmonic harmonic tone

harmonica n I. harmonics; II. harmonica (1. glass harmonica; 2. instrument of glockenspiel type; 3. mouth organ)

harmoniose adj harmonious

harmonisar v to harmonize (1. [Mus.]; 2. to bring into harmony or agreement; 3. to be in harmony or agreement)

harmonista n harmonist (= one skilled in harmony)

harmonium [NL] n reed organ, harmonium

harnesar v to harness, put a harness on (a horse)

harnese n harness (1. body armor; 2. as in “a horse’s harness”)
Hence: harnesar

harpa n [Mus.] harp
Hence. harpista

harpista n harpist

harpon n harpoon
Hence: harponero; harponar-harponage

harponage (-aje) n (act of) harpooning

harponar v to harpoon

harponero n harpooner

harpyia (-íya) n [Mythol.] Harpy

hasardar v to hazard, risk

hasardate 1. pp of hasardar; 2. adj hazardous, risky

hasardo n hazard (1. risk, peril; 2. chance);
al hasardo at random
Hence: hasardose; hasardar-hasardate

hasardose adj hazardous, risky

hastar v to hasten, hurry

haste n haste, hurry
Hence: hastive; hastar

hastive adj hasty

haurir [haur-/haust-] v to draw, draw out (water, etc.)
Hence: haustorio; exhaurir &

haust- see haurir

haustorio n [Bot.] haustorium

Havana npr Havana;
havana Havana (cigar)
Hence: havanese

havanese adj Havana, from Havana

[haver] v (= haber)

Hawai (-á-i) npr Hawaii;
insulas Hawai Hawaiian Islands
Hence: hawaian

hawaian adj Hawaiian

hebra- see hebreo

hebraic (-áic) adj Hebraic

hebraisar v to Hebraize

hebraismo (-ízmo) n Hebraism (1. Hebrew idiom; 2. Hebrew character, characteristics, institutions, etc.)

hebraista (-ísta) n Hebraist (= student of Hebrew language and culture)

hebree (-ée) adj Hebrew

hebreo¹ (-éo) n Hebrew (= Israelite, Jew)
Hence: hebraismo; hebraista; hebree-hebreo²; hebraic; hebraisar

hebreo² (-éo) n Hebrew (language)

hectar n hectare

hecto- n/adj [occurring in compounds] hecto- (= hundred)
Hence: hectar etc.; hectogramma etc.; hectographo etc.; hectolitro etc.

hectogramma n hectogram

hectographar v to hectograph

hectographic adj hectographic

hectographo (-ó-) n hectograph
Hence: hectographic; hectographar

hectolitro (-ó-) n hectoliter

hedera (hé-) n ivy

-hedra n [occurring in compounds] -hedra (= seat, base)
Hence: ephedra &; dihedre etc.; tetrahedr- etc.; polyhedre etc.; rhombohedro etc.; synedrio etc.

Helena (hé-) nprf Helen

heliac (-íac) adj [Astron.] heliac, heliacal

helianthemo (-ántemo) n [Bot.] helianthemum

heliantho n [Bot.] helianthus, sunflower

helice (hé-) n I. helix (1. spiral line; 2. [Geom.]; 3. [Anat.] rim of the ear); II. [Zool.] Helix (= genus including snails); III. propeller (of ship, airplane etc.)
Hence: helicon; helicoide¹-helicoide²-helicoidal; helicoptero etc.

helicoidal adj helicoidal

helicoide¹ adj helicoid, spiral

helicoide² n [Geom.] helicoid

helicon n [Mus.] helicon (= large circular tuba)

helicoptero (-cóp-) n helicopter

heliocentric adj [Astron.] heliocentric

heliogravure n heliogravure

Helios (hé-) n [Gr. Relig.] Helios (= god of the sun)

heliostatic adj heliostatic

heliostato (-ó-) n heliostat
Hence: heliostatic

heliotrope (-ó-) adj heliotropic (= turning toward the sun)
Hence: heliotropio; heliotropismo

heliotropio n [Bot.] heliotrope

heliotropismo n heliotropism

heliotypia (-ía) n heliotypy

heliotypo (-ó-) n heliotype
Hence: heliotypia

helium (hé-) n [Chem.] helium;
helio- [occurring in derivatives and compounds] heli-, helio- (= sun)
Hence: heliac; ephelide; heliantho etc.; heliotypo etc.; heliocentric etc.; heliotrope etc.

hell- see Hellen

Hellade (hél-) npr Hellas

Hellen n pr [Gr. Mythol.] Hellen [founder of the Greek race];
hellen Hellene (= Greek)
Hence: hellenic; hellenisar-hellenismo-panhellenismo etc.; hellenista-hellenistic, hellenisation; Hellade

hellenic adj Hellenic

hellenisar v to Hellenize (1. to study, use Greek language; 2. to give Greek form or character to)

hellenisation n Hellenization

hellenismo n Hellenism (1. Greek phrase or idiom; 2. Greek civilisation)

hellenista n Hellenist (= student of Greek language)

hellenistic adj Hellenistic, Hellenistical

helminthe n intestinal worm, helminth
Hence: helminthic-helminthico; helminthiasis; anthelminthic-anthelminthico; helminthologo etc.; nemathelminthe etc.; plathelminthe etc.

helminthiasis (-ásis) n [Pathol.] helminthiasis

helminthic adj helminthic (1. pertaining to worms; 2. anthelminthic, vermifuge)

helminthico n helminthic, anthelminthic, vermifuge

helminthologia (-ía) n helminthology

helminthologic adj helminthologic, helminthological

helminthologo (-tó-) n helminthologist
Hence: helminthologia; helminthologic

Helvetia npr [Hist.] Helvetia

helvetic adj Helvetic

helvetie adj Helvetian

helvetio n Helvetian
Hence: Helvetia; helvetic; helvetie

hem- [-ma/-mat-] n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] hem-, hemo-, hemat-, hemato- (= blood)
Hence: hematite; hematic; hematosis; anemia &; hemoglobina etc.; hemophile etc.; hemorrhagia etc.; hemorrhoide etc.; hemostato etc.; hemostatic etc.; leucemia etc.; septicemia etc.; uremia etc.

hemat- see hem-

hematic adj hematic, haematic

hematite n [Mineral.] hematite, haematite

hematosis (-ósis) n [Physiol.] hematosis, haematosis

hemer- n [occurring in compounds] hemer-, hemero- (= day)
Hence: ephemer &; hemerocallide etc.

hemerocallide n [Bot.] Hemerocallis, day lily

hemi- [occurring in compounds] hemi- (= half)
Hence: hemicyclo etc.; hemiplegia etc.; hemistichio etc.; hemiptere etc.

hemicyclo n hemicycle

hemiplegia n [Pathol.] hemiplegia
Hence: hemiplegic

hemiplegic adj [Pathol.] hemiplegic

hemiprisma [-ma/-mat-] n [Cryst.] hemiprism
Hence: hemiprismatic

hemiprismat- see hemiprisma

hemiprismatic adj [Cryst.] hemiprismatic

hemiptere adj [Zool.] hemipterous
Hence: hemiptero

hemiptero (-mí-) n [Zool.] hemipteron;
hemipteros [Zool.] Hemiptera

hemispheric adj hemispherical, hemispheric

hemispherio n hemisphere
Hence: hemispheric

hemistichio n hemistich

hemitrope (-í-) adj [Cryst.] hemitrope, hemitropic
Hence: hemitropia

hemitropia (-ía) n [Cryst.] hemitropy

hemoglobina n [Biochem.] hemoglobin, haemoglobin

hemophile adj hemophile, haemophile, hemophilic, haemophilic
Hence: hemophilia; hemophilo

hemophilia (-ía) n hemophilia, haemophilia

hemophilo (-mó-) n hemophile, haemophile, hemophiliac, haemophiliac, bleeder

hemorrhagia (-ía) n hemorrhage, haemorrhage

hemorrhoide n hemorrhoid, haemorrhoid

hemostase (-ó-) n [Med.] hemostasis, hemostasia (= arrest of a hemorrhage)

hemostatic adj hemostatic (= serving to arrest a hemorrhage)

hemostato (-mó-) n [Surg.] hemostat

Henrico nprm Henry

hepatalgia (-ía) n [Med.] hepatalgia
Hence: hepatalgic

hepatalgic adj [Med.] hepatalgic

hepate (hé-) n [Anat.] liver
Hence: hepatitis; hepatic-hepatica; hepatisar-hepatisation; hepatalgia etc.; hepatologia etc.

hepatic adj [Anat.] hepatic;
arteria hepatic hepatic artery

hepatica n [Bot.] hepatica

hepatisar v [Pathol.] to hepatize

hepatisation n [Pathol.] hepatization

hepatitis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] hepatitis

hepatologia (-ía) n hepatology

hepta- adj [occurring in compounds] hepta- (= seven)
Hence: heptametro etc.; heptarchia etc.; heptahedre etc.; heptagon etc.

heptagon adj heptagonal
Hence: heptagono-heptagonal

heptagonal adj heptagonal

heptagono n heptagon

heptahedre adj [Math.] heptahedral
Hence: heptahedro

heptahedro n [Math.] heptahedron

heptametro (-á-) n heptameter

heptarchia (-ía) n heptarchy

heraldic adj heraldic

heraldica n heraldry (= science treating of blazoning, genealogies, etc.)

heraldo n herald
Hence: heraldic; heraldica

herba n 1. herb; 2. grass;
mal herba weed;
in herba in the blade, green
Hence: herbage; herbario; herbacee; herbal; herbose; herborista; herborisar-herborisation, herborisator; disherbar; herbivore etc.

herbacee adj herbaceous (= pertaining to, or having the characteristics of, an herb)

herbage (-aje) n herbage, herbs; also: green food, feed

herbal adj herbal

herbario n herbarium, herbary

herbivore adj [Zool.] herbivorous

herbor- see herba

herborisar v to gather herbs, etc.

herborisation n herborization

herborisator n herborist (= collector of herbs, etc.)

herborista n herborist, herbalist

herbose adj grassy, herbose

herculee adj Herculean, also: herculean

Hercules (hér-) npr [Mythol.] Hercules;
Columnas de Hercules Pillars of Hercules
Hence: herculee

herede n heir
Hence: hereditate-hereditari, hereditario-cohereditario, hereditar-hereditage, cohereditar, dishereditar; exheredar &

hereditage (-aje) n heritage, inheritance

hereditar v to inherit

hereditari adj hereditary

hereditario n heir

hereditate n 1. inheritance; 2. [Biol.] heredity

-herer [-her-/-hes-] v [occurring in compounds]
Hence: adherer &; coherer &; inherer &

heresia (-ía) n heresy
Hence: heresiarcha etc.

heresiarcha n heresiarch

heretic adj heretical, heretic
Hence: heretico

heretico n heretic

heri adv yesterday;
nascite heri born yesterday
Hence: ante-heri etc.

hermaphrodite adj hermaphrodite, hermaphroditic

hermaphroditismo n hermaphroditism

Hermaphrodito npr [Mythol.] Hermaphroditus;
hermaphrodito [Biol.] hermaphrodite
Hence: hermaphroditismo; hermaphrodite

Hermes (hér-) npr [Gr. Relig.] Hermes
Hence: Hermaphrodito etc.

Hermes Trismegisto (hér-) npr Hermes Trismegistus
Hence: hermetic

hermetic adj hermetic (1. as in “hermetic science”; 2. hermetically sealed)

Herode npr Herod
Hence: Herodiade; herodian

Herodiade (-í-) npr Herodias

herodian adj Herodian

heroe (-óe) n hero
Hence: heroina; heroismo; heroic-heroicitate; heroificar

heroic (-óic) adj heroic(al);
(remedio, etc.) heroic [Med.] heroic (remedy, etc.)

heroicitate n heroicness, heroism

heroificar v to heroize (= to raise to the rank of hero)

heroina (-ína) n heroine

heroismo (-ízmo) n heroism

herpete n [Pathol.] herpes
Hence: herpetismo; herpetic; herpetiforme etc.; herpetologia etc.

herpetic adj herpetic;
eruption herpetic herpetic eruption

herpetiforme¹ adj [Pathol.] herpetiform

herpetiforme² adj [Zool.] herpetiform

herpetismo n [Pathol.] herpetism

herpeto- n [occurring in compounds] herpeto- (= reptile)
Hence: herpetiforme etc.; herpetologia etc.

herpetologia¹ (-ía) n herpetology (= study of herpes)

herpetologia² (-ía) n herpetology (= study of reptiles)

hesitante 1. ppr of hesitar; 2. adj hesitant, hesitating

hesitar v to hesitate
Hence: hesitante; hesitation

hesitation n hesitation

heter- adj [occurring in compounds] hetero-, heter- (= other, different)
Hence: heteratomic etc.; heterodyne etc.; heterogame etc.; heterogenee etc.; heterosexual etc.

heteratomic adj [Chem.] heteratomic

heteroclite (-ó-) adj heteroclite (1. [Gram.]; 2. irregular, anomalous)
Hence: heteroclito

heteroclito (-ó-) n heteroclite (1. [Gram.]; 2. irregular, anomalous thing or person)

heterodoxe adj heterodox
Hence: heterodoxia

heterodoxia (-ía) n heterodoxy

heterodyne (-ó-) adj [Radio] heterodyne

heterogame (-ó-) adj heterogamous
Hence: hetorogamia

heterogamia (-ía) n heterogamy

heterogene adj heterogeneous, heterogene

heterogenee adj heterogeneous
Hence: heterogeneitate

heterogeneitate n heterogeneity

heteroptere adj [Entom.] heteropterous
Hence: heteropteros

heteropteros (-róp-) npl [Entom.] Heteroptera

heterosexual adj heterosexual

hex- n/adj [occurring in compounds] hex-, hexa- (= six)
Hence: hexachordo etc.; hexachordio etc.; hexagon etc.; hexametre etc.; hexapode etc.

hexachordio n hexachord (= variety of musical instrument having six strings)

hexachordo n [Medieval Mus.] hexachord

hexagon adj hexagonal
Hence: hexagono-hexagonal

hexagonal adj hexagonal

hexagono (-á-) n hexagon

hexahedre adj [Math.] hexahedral
Hence: hexahedro

hexahedro n [Math.] hexahedron

hexametre (-ámetre) adj hexameter, hexametric
Hence: hexametro

hexametro (-ámetro) n hexameter

hexapode (-ápode) adj hexapod
Hence: hexapodo

hexapodo (-ápodo) n hexapod

hiar v 1. to stand open, gape, yawn; 2. to leave a hiatus
Hence: hiato

hiato n hiatus (1. lacuna; 2. [Gram., Pros.])

-hib- v [occurring in compounds]
Hence: exhibir &; inhibir &; prohibir &

hibernal adj hibernal, winter

hibernar v to winter, pass the winter; to hibernate

hibernation n hibernation

hiberno n winter;
tempore de hiberno wintry weather
Hence: hibernal; hibernar-hibernation

[hic]¹ dem adj this
(= iste)

hic² adv here;
de hic a (un hora, etc.) (an hour etc.) from now;
usque (a) hic 1. to here; 2. up to now, hitherto;
hic juncte herewith

hidalgo [H] n hidalgo

hier- adj [occurring in compounds] hier-, hiero- (= sacred, holy)
Hence: hierarcha etc.; hierodulo etc.; hierologia etc.; hieroglyphic etc.; hierophanta etc.

hierarcha n hierarch
Hence: hierarchia; hierarchic

hierarchia (-ía) n hierarchy

hierarchic adj hierarchic

hieratic adj hieratic

hierodulo (-úlo) n [Gr. Relig.] hierodule

hieroglyphic adj hieroglyphic
Hence: hieroglyphico

hieroglyphico n hieroglyphic, hieroglyph

hierologia (-ía) n hierology

hieromantia (-ía) n hieromancy

hierophanta n hierophant

high life [A] high life, high society

hilare adj of good cheer, cheerful
Hence: hilaritate; exhilarar &

hilaritate n (good) cheer, cheerfulness, hilarity

[hinc] adv hence, henceforth (1. from this place; 2. from this time; 3. from this reason)

hindu (-ú) [Persian] adj/n Hindu, Hindoo
Hence: hinduismo

hinduismo n Hinduism

Hindustan [Persian] npr Hindustan

hindustani [Hind.] n Hindustani

hinnimento n neighing, whinnying

hinnir v to neigh, whinny
Hence: hinnimento

hinterland [G] n hinterland

hippiatria (-ía) n hippiatry (= study, work, etc. of a horse doctor)

hippiatric adj hippiatric

hippiatro n hippiatrist (= horse doctor)
Hence: hippiatria; hippiatric

hippic adj hippic (= of horses, horsemanship, etc.)

hippo- n roccurring in derivatives and compounds] hipp-, hippo- (= horse)
Hence: hippic; hippiatro etc.; hippodromo etc.; hippogrypho etc.; hippopotamo etc.; hippophage etc.; eohippo etc.

hippocampo n hippocampus, sea horse (1. Mythol.; 2. [Zool.] )

hippocentauro n hippocentaur (= horse centaur, as opposed to fish centaur)

Hippocrate (-ó-) npr Hippocrates
Hence: hippocratismo; hippocratic

hippocratic adj Hippocratic (= of Hippocrates);
juramento hippocratic Hippocratic oath

hippocratismo n Hippocratism

hippodromo (-pó) n hippodrome (= course for horse races)

hippogrypho n [Mythol.] hippogriff, hippogryph

hippolitho (-ó-) n [Pathol.] hippolith

hippologia (-ía) n hippology

hippologo (-pó-) n hippologist
Hence: hippologia

hippophage (-pó-) adj hippophageous (= eating horse meat)
Hence: hippophagia; hippophago

hippophagia (-ía) n hippophagy

hippophago (-pó-) n hippophagist

hippopotamo (-pótamo) n hippopotamus

hirpicar v [Agr.] to harrow

hirpice (hírpice) n harrow
Hence: hirpicar

hirsute adj hirsute

hirundine n [Ornith.] swallow

hispan adj Spanish

Hispania npr Spain

hispanic adj Hispanic

hispanismo n Hispanicism (= Spanish idiom)

hispanista n Hispanist (= student of Spanish language and culture)

hispano¹ n Spaniard
Hence: Hispania; hispan-hispanismo, hispanista, hispanoamerican etc., hispanomauresc etc., hispano²; hispanic

hispano² n Spanish (language)

hispanoamerican adj Spanish American, Hispano-American; also: Spanish-American (1. pertaining to Spanish America; 2. pertaining to Spain and America)
Hence: hispanoamericano

hispanoamericano n Spanish American

hispanomauresc adj [Art, Arch., etc.] Hispano-Moresque (= pertaining to the period of Moorish rule in Spain)

hissar v to hoist

histo- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] histo-, hist- (= web; tissue)
Hence: histoide; histographo etc.; histologo etc; histogene etc.; histonomia etc.

histogene adj histogenous

histogenia (-ía) n histogeny

histographia (-ía) n histography

histographo (-ógrapho) n histographer

histoide adj [Med.] histoid

histologia (-ía) n histology

histologic adj histological

histologista n histologist

histologo (-tó-) n histologist
Hence: histologia-histologista; histologic

histonomia (-ía) n histonomy

historia n 1. history; 2. story;
historia natural natural history
Hence: historietta; historic-historicitate; historico; historiar; prehistoria-prehistoric; historiographo etc.

historiar v 1. to relate as a story; to chronicle; 2. to illustrate, illuminate (with scenes from history or legend)

historic adj historical, historic

historicitate n historicity

historico n historian

historietta n anecdote

historiographia (-ía) n historiography

historiographic adj historiographic

historiographo (-ó-) n historiographer
Hence: historiographia; historiographic

hl abbr = hectolitro

[hoc] dem pron 1. this (thing, idea); 2. it (as in hoc pluve it is raining; hoc es that is (to say))

hodie adv today

hodo- n [occurring in compounds]; hodo-, -od- (= way, path)
Hence: anodo &; cathodo &; exodo &: methodo &; synodo &; hodographo etc.; electrodo etc.

hodographo (-dó-) n hodograph

hodometria (-ía) n odometry, hodometry
Hence: hodometric

hodometric adj odometric, hodometric

hodometro (-ó-) n odometer, hodometer

hoi polloi [Gr.] hoi polloi, the common herd

hol- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] hol-, holo- (= whole, entire)
Hence: holismo; holarctic etc.; holographe etc.

holarctic adj holarctic (= entirely or exclusively arctic)

holismo n [Philos.] holism

holla! interj holla!

Hollanda npr Holland, the Netherlands;
hollanda [Textiles] Holland (cambric)
Hence: hollandese

hollandese¹ adj Dutch (= of Holland, of the Netherlands)

hollandese² n 1. Dutchman, Hollander; 2. Dutch (Language)

holographe (-ló-) adj holograph, holographic
Hence: holographo

holographo (-ló-) n holograph

holophras- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: holophrase; holophrastic

holophrase (-ló-) n holophrasis

holophrastic adj holophrastic

hom-¹ adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] homo-, hom- (= same)
Hence: homal- &; home- &; homographo etc; homocentric etc.; homonyme etc.; homologe etc.; homogene etc.; homogenee etc.

hom-² see also homine

homage (-aje) n homage (1. [Feudal Law]; 2. dutiful respect or honor shown);
render homage a to pay homage to;
homage de (un autor, etc.) with the compliments of (an author, etc.)

homal- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] homal-, homalo-; homol-, homolo- (= even, regular)
Hence: homaloide; anomale-anomalia; homalographia etc.

homalographia (-ía) n [Anat.] homalography
Hence: homalographic

homalographic adj homalographic, homolographic

homaloide adj [Math.] homaloidal, flat, even

homarides npl [Zool.] Homaridae

homaro (hó-) n lobster
Hence: homarides

home [A] n home (as in “my home is my castle”)

home- adj [occurring in compounds] homeo- (= like, similar)
Hence: homeopathe etc.

homeomere adj homoeomerous (1. consisting of similar parts; 2. [Bot.])

homeopatho (-ópato) n homeopath

homeopathia (-ía) n homeopathy
Hence: homeopathic

homeopathic adj homeopathic

homeric adj Homeric;
riso homeric Homeric laughter

homeride n Homerid

Homero nprm Homer
Hence: homeride; homeric

home rule [A] n home rule

homicida n homicide (= manslayer); attrib. homicidal, murderous;
ferro homicida murderous weapon
Hence: homicidal

homicidal adj homicidal

homicidio n homicide (= act of killing a human being)

hominal adj hominal, pertaining to man

homine n man (1. human being; 2. adult male person);
homine de stato statesman
Hence: hominal; superhomine; hominiforme etc.; homicida etc.; homicidio etc.; gentilhomine etc.

hominiforme adj hominiform, anthropoid

[homo] impers pron one (= on)

homocentric adj homocentric

homochrome adj homochromous, homochrome

homogame (-mó-) adj homogamous
Hence: homogamia

homogamia (-ía) n homogamy; specif.: [Bot.]

homogene adj homogeneous, homogene

homogenee adj homogeneous
Hence: homogeneitate

homogeneitate n homogeneity

homographo (-mó-) n [Gram.] homograph

homologe (-mó-) adj homologous; specif.: [Geom., Chem., Biol., etc.]
Hence: homologia

homologia (-ía) n homology

homomorphe adj homomorphous
Hence: homomorphia; homomorphismo

homomorphia (-ía) n homomorphy

homomorphismo n homomorphism

homonyme (-mó-) adj homonymous (= having the quality of a homonym or homonyms)
Hence: homonymia; homonymo

homonymia (-ía) n homonymy

homonymo (-ó-) n homonym, homophone

homophone (-mó-) adj homophonous (1. [Mus.]; 2. [Gram.])
Hence: homophono

homophono (-mó-) n [Gram.] homophone

homoptere adj [Entom.] homopterous
Hence: homopteros

homopteros (-mó-) npl [Entom.] Homoptera

homosexual¹ adj homosexual
Hence: homosexualitate

homosexual² n homosexual

homosexualitate n homosexuality

honestate n 1. honesty (= uprightness, truthfulness, etc.); 2. propriety, decency, modesty

honeste adj 1. honest (= upright, truthful, etc.); 2. proper, decent, modest
Hence: honestate; honestitate; dishoneste-dishonestate, dishonestitate; inhoneste

honestitate n 1. honesty (uprightness, truthfulness, etc.); 2. propriety, decency, modesty

honor n honor;
homine de honor man of honor;
dama de honor lady-in-waiting;
puncto de honor point of honor;
facer se honor de to be proud of, pride oneself on;
in honor de in honor of;
facer honor a 1. to do honor to; also: to do justice to (a dinner, etc.); 2. [Com.] to honor (a check, etc.);
facer le honores (del domo) to do the honors (of the house)
Hence: honorari; honorario; honorific; honorar-honorabile-honorabilitate, dishonorabile, dishonor-dishonorar-dishonorante

honorabile adj honorable;
mention honorabile honorable mention;
le honorabile X. the Honorable X.

honorabilitate n honorableness

honorar v to honor (1. to respect greatly; 2. to confer an honor upon; 3. [Com.]);
honorar se de to be proud of, pride oneself on

honorari adj honorary

honorario n fee, honorarium

honorific adj honorific

honoris causa [L] honoris causa

hoplita n [Gr. Antiq.] hoplite

hoplo- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] hoplo-, hopl- (= weapon)
Hence: hoplita; panoplia etc.

hora n hour;
que hora what time;
un hora one o’clock;
(duo) horas (two) o’clock;
horas canonic canonical hours;
libro de horas book of hours;
de bon hora early
Hence: horari; horario; horoscopo etc.; ampere-hora etc.; watt-hora etc.

horari adj 1. [Astron.] horary; 2. hourly

horario n timetable

hordeacee adj [Bot.] hordeaceous

hordeina (-ína) n [Chem.] hordein

hordeo n barley
Hence: hordeina; hordeacee

horizontal adj horizontal

horizonte n horizon
Hence: horizontal

-horn n [occurring in compounds] -horn
Hence: saxhorn etc.

horologieria (-ía) n 1. watchmaking, clockmaking; 2. watchmaker’s, clockmaker’s store

horologiero n watchmaker, clockmaker

horologio n timepiece (1. clock; 2. watch);
horologio-bracialetto wrist watch
Hence: horologiero; horologieria

horoscopo (-ró-) n horoscope

horr- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: horrific &; horride-horriditate; horrende; horror; horribile-horribilitate; abhorrer &; horripilar etc.; horrisone etc.

horrende adj frightful, horrendous

horribile adj horrible

horribilitate n horribleness

horride adj horrid

horriditate n horridness

horrific adj horrific
Hence: horrificar

horrificar v to horrify

horripilante 1. ppr of horripilar; 2. adj hair-raising

horripilar v to make one’s hair stand on end, give one goose flesh
Hence: horripilante; horripilation

horripilation n goose flesh, horripilation

horrisone adj horrisonant, horrible-sounding

horror n horror

hors-d’oeuvre [F] n hors d’oeuvre

hort- v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: hortative; exhortar &

hortative adj hortative

Hortense nprf Hortense
Hence: hortensia

hortensia n hydrangea

horticultor n horticulturist

horticultura n horticulture

horto n garden
Hence: horticultura etc.

hospicio n hospice (1. as in “the hospice of St. Bernard”; 2. home for the poor or sick)

hospital¹ adj hospitable

hospital² n hospital;
nave hospital hospital ship
Hence: hospitalari; hospitalero

hospitalari adj hospital (as in “hospital train”)

hospitalero n Hospitaler;
cavalleros hospitaleros Knights Hospitalers

hospitalitate n hospitality

hospite (hós-) n 1. host, hostess (= one who entertains a guest or guests); also: innkeeper, landlord, etc.; 2. guest (at a hotel, boardinghouse, etc.)
Hence: hospital¹-hospitalitate, inhospital-inhospitalitate, hospital² &

hostage, ostage (-aje) n hostage

hoste n army, host
Hence: hostil &

hostil adj hostile
Hence: hostilitate

hostilitate n hostility

hotel [F] n hotel

hotelier [F] n hotelkeeper

huguenot n Huguenot; attrib. Huguenot, Huguenotic
Hence: huguenotismo

huguenotismo n Huguenotism

hum- n [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: humile &; exhumar &; inhumar &

human adj 1. human; 2. humane;
litteras human humane letters, humanities
Hence: humanismo; humanista-humanistic; humanitate-humanitari-humanitarismo, humanitario; humanisar-humanisation, dehumanisar; inhuman-inhumanitate; subhuman; superhuman

humanisar v to humanize

humanisation n humanization

humanismo n humanism

humanista n humanist

humanistic adj humanistic

humanitari adj humanitarian

humanitario n humanitarian

humanitarismo n humanitarianism

humanitate n humanity (1. human nature; 2. mankind; 3. humaneness);
humanitates humanities

humectar v to moisten, dampen; also: to wet
Hence: humectation

humectation n 1. (act of) moistening or wetting; 2. moistness

humer v to be moist or wet
Hence: humectar &; humide &; humor &

humeral adj humeral; [Eccl.]
(velo) humeral humeral veil

humero (hú-) n 1. shoulder (as in “to carry on one’s shoulders”); 2. [Anat.] humerus
Hence: humeral

humide adj damp, wet; also: humid
Hence: humiditate; humidificar

humidificar v to humidify

humiditate n dampness; also: humidity

humile adj humble (1. showing humility; 2. as in “of humble origin”)
Hence: humilitate; humiliar-humiliation, humiliator

humili- see humile

humiliar v to humble; 2. to humiliate

humiliation n humiliation

humiliator n humbler, humiliator

humilitate n humility

humor n humor (1. animal fluid; 2. mental disposition, temperament; 3. as in “sense of humor”);
humor aquose [Anat.] aqueous humor;
humor vitree [Anat.] vitreous humor;
esser de bon (mal) humor to be in a good (bad) humor;
le quatro humores the four humors
Hence: humorismo; humorista-humoristic; humoral; humorose

humoral adj [Med.] humoral

humorismo n humorism (1. sense of humor; 2. [Med.] humoralism)

humorista n humorist (1. humorous author; 2. [Med.] humoralist)

humoristic adj humorous

humorose adj 1. humorous, humoristic; 2. [Med.] humoral

humus [L] n [Agr.] humus

hungare adj Hungarian

Hungaria n Hungary

hungaro¹ (húng-) n Hungarian (= native of Hungary)
Hence: Hungaria; hungare-hungaro²

hungaro² (húng-) n Hungarian (language)

hunnic adj Hunnic

Hunno n Hun
Hence: hunnic

huracan n hurricane

hurrah [A] n hurrah

hussar n [Mil] hussar

hyacinthin adj hyacinthine

hyacintho n hyacinth (1. [Bot.]; 2. [Mineral.]; also: jacinth);
Hyacintho [Gr. Mythol.] Hyacinthus
Hence: hyacinthin

hybrida (hí-) n hybrid; attrib. hybrid
Hence: hybridismo; hybridar-hybridation

hybridar v to hybridize, cross

hybridation n hybridization, crossbreeding

hybridismo n hybridism

hydr- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] hydr-, hydro- (= water)
Hence: hydrato-hydratar-hydration, dishydratar, chlorhydrato etc.; hydrido; hydric-chlorhydric etc.; hydrante; anhydre-anhydrido, anhydrite; hydracido etc.; hydrangea etc.; hydropisia; hydrogeno etc.; hydrophobia etc.; hydrotherapia etc.; hydraulic etc.; hydroelectric etc.; hydrocephale etc.; hydrolyse etc.; hydrolytic etc.; hydroaeroplano etc.; Hydra

Hydra npr Hydra (1. [Gr. Mythol.]; 2. [Astron.]);
hydra [Zool.] hydra

hydracido (-á-) n [Chem.] hydracid

hydrangea (-gé-) n hydrangea

hydrante n hydrant

hydratar v to hydrate

hydratation n hydration

hydrato n hydrate;
hydrato de carbon carbohydrate

hydraulic adj hydraulic
Hence: hydraulica

hydraulica n hydraulics

hydric adj hydric

hydrido n hydride

hydroaeroplano n seaplane, hydroplane

hydrocele (-cé-) n [Med.] hydrocele

hydrocephale adj [Med.] hydrocephalous, hydrocephalic
Hence: hydrocephalia; hydrocephalo

hydrocephalia (-ía) n [Med.] hydrocephalus, hydrocephaly

hydrocephalo (-cé-) n [Med.] hydrocephalus

hydrocyanic adj [Chem.] hydrocyanic

hydrodynamic adj hydrodynamic
Hence: hydrodynamica

hydrodynamica n hydrodynamics

hydroelectric adj hydroelectric

hydrogenar v to hydrogenate

hydrogeno (-ó-) n hydrogen
Hence: hydrogenar

hydrographia (-ía) n hydrography

hydrographic adj hydrographical

hydrographo (-ó-) n hydrographer
Hence: hydrographia; hydrographic

hydrolyse (-ó- n hydrolysis

hydrolytic adj hydrolytic

hydrometer (-ó-) n hydrometer

hydropathia (-ía) n hydropathy
Hence: hydropathic

hydropathic adj hydropathic

hydrophobia (-ía) n [Pathol.] hydrophobia

hydropisia (-ía) n dropsy

hydroplano n hydroplane (= gliding motorboat)

hydrostatic adj hydrostatic
Hence: hydrostatica

hydrostatica n hydrostatics

hydrotherapeutic (-péu-) adj hydrotherapeutic

hydrotherapia (-ía) n hydrotherapy, hydrotherapeutics

hydroxydo (-ó-) n hydroxide

hyena n [Zool.] hyena

hygiene (-éne) n hygiene
Hence: hygienista; hygienic-inhygienic

hygienic adj hygienic

hygienista n hygienist

hygr- adj [occurring in compounds] hygr-, hygro (= wet)
Hence: hygrographo etc.

hygrographo (-ó-) n hygrograph
Hence: barothermohygrographo etc.

hygrometro (-ó-) n hygrometer

hygroscopic adj hygroscopic

hygroscopio n hygroscope
Hence: hygroscopic

Hymene npr [Mythol.] Hymen;
hymene hymen (1. marriage; 2. [Anat.])
Hence: Hymeneo; hymenio; hymenoptere etc.

Hymeneo (-éo) npr [Mythol.] Hymen;
hymeneo marriage, wedding

hymenio n [Bot.] hymenium

hymenoptere adj [Entom.] hymenopterous
Hence: hymenopteros

hymenopteros (-nóp-) npl [Entom.] Hymenoptera

hymnario n hymnal, hymnary

hymno n hymn;
hymno national national anthem
Hence: hymnario; hymnographo etc.

hymnographia (-ía) n hymnography

hymnographo (-ó-) n hymnographer
Hence: hymnographia

hymnologia (-ía) n hymnology

hymnologic adj hymnologic

hymnologo (-nó-) n hymnologist
Hence: hymnologic

hyper- prefixo [used chiefly to form technical terms] hyper- (= over; beyond; too much)
Hence: hypercritic

hyperbola (-pér-) n 1. [Rhet.] hyperbole; 2. [Math.] hyperbola
Hence: hyperbolic; hyperboloide

hyperbolic adj [Rhet. Math.] hyperbolic

hyperboloide n hyperboloid

hypercritic adj hypercritical

hypercritica n hypercriticism

hypercritico n hypercritic

hypertension n hypertension

hypertrophia (-ía) n hypertrophy
Hence: hypertrophic; hypertrophiar

hypertrophiar v to hypertrophy (= to affect with hypertrophy)

hypertrophic adj hypertrophic

hypnagogic adj hypnagogic (1. inducing sleep; 2. pertaining to the transition between waking consciousness and sleep)

hypno- n [occurring in compounds] hypno-, hypn- (= sleep)
Hence: hypnagogic etc.; hypnologo etc; hypnophobia etc.; hypnotherapia etc.

hypnologia (-ía) n hypnology

hypnologic adj hypnologic, hypnological

hypnologo (-nó-) n hypnologist
Hence: hypnologia-hypnologic

hypnophobia (-ía) n [Pathol.] hypnophobia

hypnose n hypnosis (= hypnotic state)

hypnot- see hypnotic

hypnotherapia (-ía) n hypnotherapy

hypnotic adj hypnotic (1. soporific; 2. pertaining to hypnotism)
Hence: hypnotismo; hypnotista; hypnotisar-hypnotisation, hypnotisator; hypnotico

hypnotico n hypnotic (= soporific drug)

hypnotisar v to hyptnotize

hypnotisation n hypnotization

hypnotisator n hypnotizer

hypnotismo n hypnotism

hypnotista n hypnotist

hypo- prefixo [used chiefly to form technical terms] hypo- (1. below, beneath, under; 2. to a lower degree; somewhat)
Hence: hyposulfato etc.; hyposcenio etc.; hypostase etc.; hypophosphoric etc.; hypodermatic etc.; hypogee etc.

hypochlorito n hypochlorite

hypochlorose adj hypochlorous

hypochondria (-ía) n [Med.] hypochondria

hypochondriac (-íac) adj hypochondriac (1. pertaining to the hypochondrium; 2. pertaining to hypochondria)

hypochondriaco (-íaco) n hypochondriac (= one suffering with hypochondria)

hypochondrio n [Anat.] hypochondrium

hypocrisia (-ía) n hypocrisy

hypocrita (-ó-) n hypocrite; attrib. hypocritical;
esser hypocrita to be a hypocrite, be hypocritical

hypodermatic adj hypodermic (as in “hypodermic injection”)

hypogee (-gée) adj hypogeous, hypogeal, subterranean; specif.: [Bot., Zool.]

hypogeo (-géo) n [Anc. Arch.] hypogeum (= underground chamber)

hypophosphato n hypophosphate

hypophosphito n hypophosphite

hypophosphoric adj hypophosphoric

hypophosphorose adj hypophosphorous

hyposcenio n [Antiq.] hyposcenium

hypostase (-pó-) n [Theol.; Med.] hypostasis

hypostatic adj [Theol.; Med.] hypostatic

hyposulfato n [Chem.] hyposulphate

hyposulfito n hyposulphite

hyposulfurose adj hyposulphurous

hypotenusa n [Geom.] hypotenuse

hypotheca n mortgage
Hence: hypothecari; hypothecar

hypothecar v to mortgage

hypothecari adj hypothecary

hypothese (-ótese) n hypothesis

hypothetic adj hypothetical, hypothetic

hysteria (-ía) n hysteria
Hence: hysteric-hysterico, hysterica

hysteric adj hysterical, hysteric

hysterica nf hysteric

hysterico nm hysteric

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