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[ja] adv already; at once, right away; just now, a moment ago;
non ... ja no longer
(= jam)

jac- [jac-/ject-; -jic-/-ject-] v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: jectar-jectata; abjic- &; adjic- &; conjicer &; dejic- &; ejic- &; injicer &; interjic- &; objic- &; projicer &; rejic- &; subjic- &; trajic- &

jacer v to lie (= to be lying in a certain place)
Hence: jacimento; adjacer &; circumjacer; subjacer &

jach- see jaco

jachetta n jacket, coat;
jachetta de fortia strait jacket

jacimento n [Geol.] layer, deposit, stratum

jaco n coat, jacket
Hence: jachetta

jacobin adj Jacobin (1. as in “Jacobin friar”; 2. [Fr. Hist.])
Hence: jacobinismo; jacobino

jacobinismo n Jacobinism

jacobino n Jacobin (1. Dominican friar; 2. [Fr. Hist.])

jacobita n [Ch. Hist.; Engl. Hist.; etc.] Jacobite

jacobitismo n Jacobitism

Jacobo npr James
Hence: jacobin &; jacobita-jacobitismo

jacular v to throw, cast, hurl; to jaculate
Hence: jaculation; jaculatori; ejacular &

jaculation n jaculation

jaculatori adj ejaculatory (as in “ejaculatory prayer”)

jada n jade (= the stone “jade”)

jalne adj yellow
Hence: jalnessa

jalnessa n 1. yellowness; 2. jaundice

jalousie [F] n Venetian blind

jam adv already, at once, right away; just now, a moment ago; indeed, surely;
non ... jam no longer

jammais (-máis) adv ever, at any time;
non ... jammais never;
jammais! never!

Jano npr [Rom. Mythol.] Janus
Hence: januario

janu- see Jano

januario n January

Japhet (já-) npr [Bib.] Japheth
Hence: japhetic

japhetic adj Japhetic

Japon npr Japan
Hence: japonese-sino-japonese etc.

japonese¹ adj Japanese

japonese² n Japanese (1. Japanese language; 2. native of Japan)

jardin n garden
Hence: jardinero; jardineria; jardiniera; jardinar-jardinage

jardinage (-aje) n (art of) gardening

jardinar v to garden

jardineria (-ía) n gardening (= gardener’s trade or business)

jardinero n gardener

jardiniera n ornamental flower stand, jardiniere

jargon [F] n jargon (1. language regarded as barbarous; 2. technical vocabulary of a special group)
Hence: jargonar

jargonar v to jargon

jarra n (large earthenware) jar

jasmin n jasmine, jessamine

jazz [A] n jazz (music)

ject- see jac-

jectar v to throw

jectata n pier, mole, jetty

Jehovah (-hóva) npr Jehovah

jejun adj empty-stomached
Hence: jejunar-jejuno¹; disjejunar; jejuno²

jejunar v to fast

jejuno¹ n fast, fasting

jejuno² n [Anat.] jejunum

jelose adj jealous;
jelose del (libertate) jealous of one’s (liberty)
Hence: jelosia

jelosia (-ía) n jealousy

jentaculo n breakfast

jentar¹ v to breakfast
Hence: jentaculo

jentar² n breakfast

Jeremia (-ía) npr 1. [Bib.] Jeremiah; 2. Jeremy
Hence: jeremiade

jeremiade (-í-) n jeremiad

Jericho (jé-) npr Jericho

Jerusalem npr Jerusalem

jesu- see Jesus

jesuita¹ (-í-) n Jesuit ([R.C.Ch.]; also: one likened to a Jesuit)
Hence: jesuitismo; jesuitic

jesuita² (-í-) adj Jesuit, Jesuitic; also: jesuitic, crafty

jesuitic (-í-) adj Jesuit, Jesuitic; also: jesuitic, crafty

jesuitismo n Jesuitism; also: jesuitism, Jesuitry

Jesus (-sús) npr Jesus
Hence: jesuita &

-jic- see jac-

jiga n [Dancing, Mus.] jig
Hence: jigar

jigar v [Dancing, Mus.] to jig

[jo] pron I (= io)

jocar v to play (1. to take part in a game; 2. to gamble; 3. [Theat.] to act)

jocator n 1. player (= participant in a game); 2. gambler

jockey [A] n jockey

joco n 1. play, game (as in “the play of children,” “the game of chess,” etc.); 2. playing, gaming, gambling; 3. game (= set of things needed to play a game); 4. [Mech.] play; 5. joke, jest;
joco de parolas play on words
Hence: jocose; joculo-jocular¹, jocular² &; jocar-jocator

jocose adj playful, jocose

jocular¹ adj jocular (as in “a jocular person”)

jocular² v to juggle (= to perform the tricks of a juggler)
Hence: joculeria; joculator

joculator n juggler, prestidigitator

joculeria (-ía) n jugglery (= skill or act of a juggler)

joculo n 1. little joke or jest; 2. toy, plaything

Johanna nprf Joan

Johannes (-há-) nprm John
Hence: johannita; Johanna

johannita n knight of St. John

joiel n jewel;
joieles jewelry
Hence: joielero; joieleria

joieleria (-ía) n jeweler’s shop

joielero n jeweler

Jonas (jó-) npr Jonah, Jonas

jornal n 1. diary, journal; 2. newspaper; also: periodical
Hence: jornalismo; jornalista-jornalistic

jornalismo n journalism (1. profession of a journalist; 2. newspapers and magazines as a group)

jornalista n journalist

jornalistic adj journalistic

jornata n day’s journey

jorno n day (1. “day” as opposed to “night”; 2. period of twenty-four hours)
Hence: jornal &; jornata; ajornar &; sojornar &

Joseph npr Joseph
Hence: Josephina

Josephina npr Josephine

Josue (-é) npr Joshua

Joule, James Prescott npr [1818-1889; physicist after whom the “joule” is named];
lege de Joule Joule’s law;
effecto Joule Joule effect
Hence: joule

joule (jául) n [Phys.] joule

Jove npr Jove (1. [Rom. Mythol.]; 2. [Astron.] Jupiter)
Hence: jovial &; jovedi etc.

jovedi (-dí) n Thursday

jovial adj jovial
Hence: jovialitate

jovialitate n joviality

ju- [occurring in compounds]
Hence: judice etc.

jubilante 1. ppr of jubilar; 2. adj jubilant, exultant

jubilar v to rejoice, jubilate

jubilari adj jubilee, of jubilee;
anno jubilari jubilee year

jubilation n jubilation, rejoicing

jubilator n rejoicer, one who rejoices

jubileo (-éo) n jubilee (1. [Jewish Hist.] year of Jubilee; 2. [R.C.Ch.] as in “extraordinary jubilee”; 3. celebration of the fiftieth anniversay of an event)

jubilo (júbilo) n exultant joy, jubilee
Hence: jubilari; jubilar-jubilante, jubilation, jubilator

Juda npr I. [Bib.] Judah (1. one of the sons of Jacob; 2. the Tribe of Judah; 3. the Kingdom of Judah); II. Judas; specif.: 1. Judas Iscariot; 2. St. Jude; also: Jude;
basio de Juda Judas kiss
Hence: Judea; judee &

juda- see judee

judaic adj Judaic

judaisar v to Judaize

judaismo n Judaism

judaista n Judaist, Judaizer

Judea (-éa) npr Judea

judee (-ée) adj Jewish
Hence: judeo-judaic, judaisar-judaismo, judaista; judeochristian etc.; judeogerman etc.; judeoespaniol etc.

judeo n Jew

judeochristian adj Judeochristian

judeoespaniol adj/n Judaeo-Spanish, Ladino

judeogerman adj Judaeo-German, Yiddish
Hence: judeogermano

judeogermano n Judaeo-German, Yiddish

judicamento n judgment (1. action of judging; 2. sentence)

judicar v to judge

judicative adj judicative

judicator n judger

judicatori adj judicatory

judicatura n judicature (1. function of a judge; 2. judges collectively)

judice (jú-) n judge
Hence: judicio-judicial, judiciari, judiciose, prejudicio &; judicar-judicamento, judicative, judicator, judicatori, judicatura, adjudicar &, prejudicar

judicial adj [Law] judicial

judiciari adj [Law] judicial; judiciary

judicio n I. judgment (1. sentence; 2. opinion; 3. faculty of judging); II. tribunal; III. trial (as in “trial for theft”);
die del judicio doomsday, Day of Judgment;
judicio ultime Last Judgment;
in judicio on trial; for trial;
judicio per juratos trial by jury

judiciose adj judicious

jugo n yoke (1. frame for coupling draft animals; 2. servitude, bondage; 3. [Naut.])
Hence: jugulo &; conjugar &; subjugar &

jugular¹ adj [Anat.] jugular

jugular² v to cut the throat of (someone), jugulate

jugulo n 1. collarbone; 2. throat; also: [Zool.] jugulum
Hence: jugular¹; jugular²

jujube [F] n jujube

jujutsu (jú-) [J] n jujitsu, jiujitsu

Julia nprf Julia

julian adj Julian;
calendario julian Julian calendar

Juliano nprm Julian

Julietta nprf Juliet

Julio nprm Julius;
julio July
Hence: julian-Juliano; Julia-Julietta

junct- see junger

juncte adj joined, joint, attached;
hic juncte herewith, hereto (attached)

junction n junction (1. action of joining, coming together; 2. place where things join)

junctura n juncture (1. action of joining together; 2. joint, articulation)

junger [jung-/junct-] v to join (= to bring or put together)
Hence: junction; junctura; juncte; adjunger &; conjunger &; disjunger &; subjunger &

jungla n jungle

junio n June

junior adj junior, younger

junipero (-ní-) n juniper

junker [G] n Junker

Jupiter (jú-) npr Jupiter (1. [Rom. Mythol.]; 2. [Astron.])

juramento n oath (as in “to take an oath”);
prestar juramento to take an oath

jurar v to swear, take an oath
Hence: juramento; juratori; jurato; abjurar &; adjurar &; conjurar &; perjurar &

jurato n juryman, juror;
juratos [Law] jury

juratori adj [Law] juratory

jure n right, law (as in “divine right or law”)
Hence: jurista; jurar &; injuria &; perjur &; juridic etc.; jurisdiction etc.; jurisconsulto etc.; jurisprudente etc.

juridic (-rí-) adj juridical;
persona juridic juridical person

jurisconsulto n jurist, jurisconsult

jurisdiction n jurisdiction
Hence: jurisdictional

jurisdictional adj jurisdictional

jurisprudente adj jurisprudent
Hence: jurisprudentia-jurisprudential

jurisprudentia n jurisprudence

jurisprudential adj jurisprudential

jurista n jurist

jury [A] n jury

juste adj 1. just (= equitable, fair); 2. exact, accurate
Hence: justitia &; justessa; justificar &; adjustar &; injuste; justo

justessa n exactness, accuracy

justificabile adj justifiable

justificar v to justify (1. to show the justice or rightness of; 2. [Print.])
Hence: justificabile-injustificabile; justification; justificative; justificator; justificate-injustificate

justificate 1. pp of justificar; 2. adj justified, justifiable

justification n justification

justificative adj justificative, justificatory

justificator n justifier

justitia n justice (1. quality of being just; 2. exercise of authority in maintenance of right);
facer justitia a un persona to do someone justice
Hence: injustitia

justo adv just, exactly;
justo nunc, justo ora just now, right now

jute [A] n jute

juvar [juv-/jut-] v to aid, help
Hence: adjuvar &

juvene adj young
Hence: juventute; juvenil-juvenilitate; rejuvenescer &

juvenil adj juvenile, youthful

juvenilitate n juvenility, youthfulness

juventute n youth; also: boyhood, girlhood

juxta 1. adv near, near by; 2. prep near, near to, next to, etc.

juxtaponer [-pon-/-posit-] v to juxtapose
Hence: juxtaposition

juxtaposit- see juxtaponer

juxtaposition n juxtaposition

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