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kaiser [G] n kaiser

kal- adj [occurring in compounds] kal- (= beautiful)
Hence: kaleidoscopio etc.

kaleidophonio n kaleidophone

kaleidoscopic adj kaleidoscopic

kaleidoscopio n kaleidoscope
Hence: kaleidoscopic

kalium (ká-) n potassium, kalium

kanguru (-rú) n kangaroo

kaolin n kaolin
Hence: kaolinic; kaolinisar

kaolinic n kaolinic

kaolinisar v [Geol.] to kaolinize

kapok (ká-) n kapok

karma [Skr.] n karma

kasher [Heb.] adj kosher
Hence: kasherar

kasherar v to kosher, kasher (= to make or pronounce kosher)

kayak (ká-) n kayak

kepi [F] n kepi

kerosen n kerosene, paraffin oil

kg abbr = kilogramma

khaki [Hind.] n khaki

khedive [F] n khedive

kilo n kilo, kilogram

kilo- [occurring in compounds] kilo- (= thousand)
Hence: kilocyclo etc.; kilogramma etc.; kilometro etc.; kilowatt etc.

kilocyclo n [Elec.] kilocycle

kilogram- see kilogramma

kilogramma n kilogram

kilogrammetro (-grám-) n [Mech.] kilogrammeter

kilolitro (-ó-) n kiloliter

kilometric adj kilometric

kilometro (-ó) n kilometer
Hence: kilometric

kilowatt n kilowatt

kimono n kimono

kiosque [F] n kiosk; also: newsstand

kirschwasser [G] n kirschwasser

kl abbr = kilolitro

klepto- n [occurring in compounds] klepto- (= thief)
Hence: kleptomano etc.; kleptomania etc.

kleptomania (-ía) n kleptomania

kleptomano (-ó-) n kleptomaniac

km abbr = kilometro;
km² = kilometro quadrate

knut [R] n knout

Koblenz [G] npr Coblenz

kodak [A] n kodak, small camera

Kominform [R] npr Cominform

Komintern [R] npr Comintern

kopeka n [Monet.] kopeck

Koran n Koran

kremlin n kremlin (= citadel of a Russian city);
Kremlin Kremlin

krypton (kríp-) n [Chem.] krypton

kümmel [G] n kümmel

kuo- (kwo) [Chinese] n/adj [occurring in compounds] kuo- (= country, nation; national, nationalist)
Hence: Kuomintang etc.; Manchukuo etc.

Kuomintang (-táng) npr Kuomintang

Kyrie eleison [Gr.] Kyrie eleison

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