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l abbr = litro

la¹ n 1. [Mus.] la; 2. [Mus.] (the note) A

[la]² adv there (= illac)

la³ pron pers her (as in “I see her”, “I write her a letter”)

laber [lab-/laps-] v to fall, droop, slide down
Hence: labile; lapso; collaber &; prolaber &

labial¹ adj labial also: [Gram.]

labial² n [Gram.] labial

labialisar v to labialize

labiate adj labiate; also: [Bot.]

labiates npl [Bot.] labiates

labile adj labile, unstable

labio n [Anat.] lip;
le labio de un plaga the lip of a wound
Hence: labial-labialisar, bilabial etc.; labiate; labiodental etc.

-labio [occurring in compounds] -labe, -labium
Hence: astrolabio etc.; mesolabio etc.

labiodental adj [Phonet.] labiodental

labor n work; also: toil, labor, etc.
Hence: laboriose-laboriositate; laborar-laborator, laboratorio-laboratorial, collaborar &; elaborar &

laborar v to work; also: to labor, toil, etc.;
laborar (le ferro, etc.) to work (iron, etc.);
laborar (le terra, le campo, etc.) to work or till (the land, soil, etc.);
laborar (le pasta, etc.) to work or knead (dough, etc.)

laborator n 1. worker, workman, etc.; 2. farmer, farm worker, farm hand, etc.

laboratorial adj laboratory;
scientia laboratorial laboratory science

laboratorio n laboratory

laboriose adj laborious (1. hard-working, industrious; 2. requiring hard work, toilsome)

laboriositate n laboriousness (1. diligence; 2. toilsomeness)

Labrador npr Labrador
Hence: labradorite

labradorite n [Mineral.] labradorite

labyrinthic adj labyrinthine, labyrinthic

labyrintho n labyrinth (1. maze; 2. [Anat.])
Hence: labyrinthic

lacai (-ái) n lackey, footman, valet

lacca n 1. lac (= dark-red resinous incrustation produced by the puncture of the Coccus lacca); 2. lake (= pigment obtained from lac); 3. lacquer
Hence: laccar; phytolacca etc.

laccar v to lacquer

Lacedemone n Lacedaemon (1. [Gr. Mythol.]; 2. Sparta)
Hence: lacedemonie-lacedemonio

lacedemonie adj lacedaemonian

lacedemonio n Lacedaemonian

lacerar v to tear (to pieces), lacerate, mangle
Hence: laceration

laceration n laceration

lacerta n lizard

laco n lake (= large body of water surrounded by land)
Hence: lacustre

Laconia npr Laconia

laconic adj 1. Laconian; 2. laconic

laconismo n laconism

lacono n Laconian
Hence: Laconia; laconismo; laconic

lacrima (lá-) n tear (1. as in “to shed tears”; 2. as in “tears of resin”)
Hence: lacrimal; lacrimose; lacrimar-lacrimabile, lacrimation, lacrimatori, lacrimatorio; lacrimogene etc.

lacrimabile adj worthy of tears, lamentable

lacrimal adj lachrymal;
glandula lacrimal lachrymal gland;
sacco lacrimal lachrymal sac

lacrimar v to weep, shed tears

lacrimation n lachrymation

lacrimatori adj lachrymatory

lacrimatorio n [Archaeol.] tear bottle, lachrymatory

lacrimogene adj tear-provoking, lachrymatory;
gas lacrimogene tear gas

lacrimose adj lachrymose

lactar v to suckle, nurse

lactari adj 1. giving milk, milch; 2. lactary

lactation n lactation (1. action of suckling; 2. secretion of milk)

lactato n [Chem.] lactate

lacte n 1. milk; 2. milt (of fish);
dente de lacte milk tooth;
(fratre, soror) de lacte foster (brother, sister);
vitello de lacte sucking calf;
lacte de butyro buttermilk
Hence: lactari; lactera; lactero; lacteria; lactato; lactuca &; lactee; lactic; lactifere; lactoso; lactar-lactation, allactar &; lactescer-lactescente-lactescentia; dislactar

lactee adj milky;
dieta lactee milk diet;
venas lactee [Anat.] lacteal vessels, lacteals;
via lactee Milky Way

lactera n milkmaid

lacteria (-ía) n dairy (I. place where milk and cream are kept and made into butter and cheese; 2. store that sells milk and milk products)

lactero n milkman

lactescente 1. ppr of lactescer; 2. adj lactescent (= having a milky look)

lactescentia n lactescence

lactescer v to become milky, lactesce

lactic adj lactic (I. pertaining to milk; 2. [Chem.])

lactifere adj lactiferous

lactoso n [Chem.] lactose

lactuca n lettuce
Hence: lactucario

lactucario n lactucarium (= mild narcotic substance extracted from lettuce)

lacuna n lacuna
Hence: lacunose

lacunose adj lacunose

lacustre adj lacustrine

Lady [A] n Lady

laguna n lagoon

laic (láic) adj lay, laic, laical
Hence: laico; laicisar-laicisation

laicisar v to laicize

laicisation n laicization

laico n layman, laic

-lalia (-ía) n [occurring in compounds] -lalia (= talking; babbling)
Hence: echolalia etc.

lama n lama;
Grande Lama, Dalai Lama Grand Lama, Dalai Lama

lambda n lambda (= 11th letter of the Greek alphabet)
Hence: lambdacismo

lambdacismo n lambdacism

lambente 1. ppr of lamber; 2. adj lambent

lamber v to lick, lap; also: to lap up
Hence: lambente

lamella n thin plate; also: [Bot., Zool.] lamella
Hence: lamellibranchio etc. ...

lamellibranchio n [Zool.] lamellibranch;
lamellibranchios [Zool.] Lamellibranchia

lamentabile adj 1. lamentable (to be pitied); 2. mournful, doleful

lamentar v to lament (1. to wail; 2. to bewail)

lamentation n lamentation

lamentator n lamenter

lamento n lament, lamentation
Hence: lamentose; lamentar-lamentabile, lamentation, lamentator

lamentose adj 1. plaintive; querulous; 2. lamentable

lamina (lá-) n I. lamina (I. thin plate, foil; 2. [Bot.] the blade or flat expanded portion of a leaf); II. blade (of knife, etc.)
Hence: laminar-lamination, laminatorio

laminar v to laminate (I. to beat or roll into thin plates; 2. to split into layers or leaves; 3. to overlay with plates of metal)

lamination n lamination

laminatorio n rolling mill, flatting mill

lampa n lamp;
lampa de arco arc-light;
lampa de incandescentia incandescent lamp;
lampa de tasca flashlight, flashlamp
Hence: lampion; lampista-lampisteria

lampada (lá-) n lamp
Hence: lampadario; lampadero

lampadario n lampadary; candelabrum

lampadero n lampmaker

lampion n 1. lampion; 2. Chinese lantern

lampista n 1. lampmaker or lamp seller; 2. lamplighter, lampman

lampisteria (-ía) n lamp shop

lampreda n [Ichthyol.] lamprey

lampyride (-pí-) n glowworm

lana n wool;
lana de ligno excelsior
Hence: lanero; laneria; lanugine &; lanifere; lanose-lanositate; lanolina etc.

lancea n lance, spear
Hence: lancero; lancetta &; lanceola &; lancear &

lanceaflammas n [Mil.] flame thrower

lanceamento n I. (action of) hurling, flinging; II. (action of) launching (1. setting afloat; 2. starting off, setting in operation)

lancear v I. to hurl, fling; II. to launch (1. to set afloat; 2. to start, set going)
Hence: lanceamento; lanceaflammas etc.

lanceola (-cé-) n [Bot.] lanceolate leaf, petal, etc.
Hence: lanceolate

lanceolate adj [Bot.] lanceolate

lancero n lancer

lancetta n lancet
Hence: lancettar-lancettada

lancettada n [Surg.] (action or result of) lancing

lancettar v [Surg.] to lance

lancha (-sh-) n launch (as in “steam launch”)

-land- n [occurring in geographical compounds] -land
Hence: Irlanda etc.; Islanda etc.; Finlandia etc.; Groenlandia etc.

landa n moor (= moorland);
Landas Landes

Landau npr Landau;
landau landau

laneria (-ía) n 1. manufacture of wool; 2. woolen goods

lanero n woolen draper

languer v to languish (= to become or continue to be languid);
languer in prision to languish in prison
Hence: languimento; languor-languorose; languide

languide adj languid

languimento n languishment

languor n languor (= state of bodily or mental weariness)

languorose adj languorous

lanifere adj wool-bearing, laniferous

lanolina n lanolin

lanose adj wooly

lanositate n wooliness

lanterna n lantern (1. as in “railroad lantern”; 2. [Arch.]);
lanterna magic magic lantern

lanugine n down (= downy hairs)
Hence: lanuginose

lanuginose adj downy, lanuginous

lapidar v to stone, lapidate (1. to hurl stones at (someone); 2. to put to death by stoning)

lapidari adj lapidary

lapidario n lapidary

lapidation n stoning, lapidation

lapidator n stoner, lapidator

lapide (lá-) n stone
Hence: lapidari; lapidario; lapidee; lapidific; lapidose; lapidar-lapidation, lapidator, dilapidar &; lapidesc-lapidescente-lapidescentia; lapidificar-lapidification; lapidicole etc.

lapidee adj stone, stony, lapideous

lapidesc- v [occurring in derivatives]

lapidescente adj lapidescent

lapidescentia n lapidescence

lapidicole adj [Zool.] lapidicolous

lapidific adj lapidific

lapidificar v to petrify, lapidify

lapidification n lapidification, petrifaction, petrification

lapidose adj stony, lapidous

lapillo [I] n [Geol.] lapillo, lapillus;
lapilli lapilli

lapislazuli (-láz-) n lapis lazuli

laps- see laber

lapso n lapse (1. as in “lapse of time”; 2. slip)

lapsus [L] n slip (= error)

lapsus calami [L] lapsus calami, slip of the pen

lapsus linguae [L] lapsus linguae, slip of the tongue

lardacee adj lardaceous

lardar v to lard (1. [Cookery]; 2. to interlard)

lardo n 1. lard; 2. bacon
Hence: lardacee; lardose; lardar-interlardar-interlardamento

lardose adj lardy

large adj 1. broad, wide; 2. liberal, openhanded;
conscientia large accommodating conscience, elastic conscience
Hence: largessa; largor; allargar-allargamento; largo

largessa n 1. breadth, width; 2. liberality, generosity

larghetto [I] n [Mus.] larghetto

largo n 1. wideness, expanse, etc.; also: high sea; 2. [Mus.] largo

largor n breadth, width

larice (lá-) n larch

laro n [Ornith.] seagull, gull, mew

larva n larva (1. [Rom. Mythol.]; 2. [Zool.; specif.: Entom.])
Hence: larval; larvate

larval adj larval

larvate adj [Med.] larvate

larynge n larynx
Hence: laryngitis; laryngee; laryngoscopio etc.; otorhinolaryngologia etc.

laryngee adj laryngeal

laryngitis (-ítis) n laryngitis

laryngoscopia (-ía) n laryngoscopia

laryngoscopio n laryngoscope
Hence: laryngoscopia

lascive adj lascivious
Hence: lascivitate

lascivitate n lasciviousness

lassar v I. to leave (I. to allow to remain in some place or state; 2. to commit, entrust, hand over); II. to let (= to allow to, permit to);
lassar facer laissez faire, laisser faire

lasse adj tired, weary
Hence: lassitude

lassitude n lassitude, weariness

lasso [A] n lasso

late adj broad, wide
Hence: latitude &; dilatar &; latifundio etc.; laticolle etc.

latente 1. ppr of later; 2. adj latent;
energia latente latent energy

latentia n latency

later v to lie hidden, be hidden
Hence: latente-latentia; delitesc- &

lateral adj lateral;
nave lateral aisle (= wing or lateral division of a church)

latere n side;
de tote lateres on all sides;
al latere aside;
al latere de beside
Hence: lateral-multilateral etc.; unilateral etc., collateral; equilatere etc.; quadrilatere etc.

laticlavo n [Rom. Antiq.] laticlave

laticolle adj thick-necked

latifundio n latifundium

latin adj Latin;
vela latin lateen (sail);
union latin Latin (Monetary) Union;
quartiero latin Latin quarter
Hence: latinitate; latino-latinismo, latinista, latinisar-latinisation; neolatin etc.

latinisar v to Latinize (= to make Latin or Latinlike)

latinisation n Latinization

latinismo n Latinism

latinista n Latinist

latinitate n Latinity

latino n Latin (1. [Rom. Hist.] native or inhabitent of Latium; 2. member of one of the Latin races; 3. Latin language);
latino sin flexion Latino sine Flexione

latino sine flexione [LsF] n Latino sine Flexione

Latio npr Latium
Hence: latin &

latitude n I. breadth, width; II. latitude (1. freedom from narrow restrictions; 2. [Geol.])
Hence: latitudinal; latitudinari; latitudinario

latitudin- see latitude

latitudinal adj latitudinal

latitudinari adj latitudinarian

latitudinario n Latitudinarian

laton n brass (= alloy of copper and zinc)
Hence: latonero; latoneria

latoneria (-ía) n brassworks

latonero n brassworker, brazier

latr- v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: latria; -latra-bibliolatra etc., idolatra etc.

-latra [occurring in compounds] -later (= worshipper)

latrar v to bark, bay
Hence: latrato

latrato n bark, barking (of a dog, etc.)

latria (-ía) n [Theol.] latria

latrina n latrine

latta n sheet metal;
(cassa de) latta (tin) can, tin (can)

Latvia npr Latvia

laudabile adj praiseworthy, laudable

laudabilitate n praiseworthiness, laudability

laudanina n [Chem.] laudanine

laudano (láu-) n laudanum (= tincture of opium)
Hence: laudanina

laudar v to praise, laud

laudation n praise, lauding, laudation

laudative adj laudatory, laudative

laudator n lauder

laudatori adj laudatory

laude n praise;
laudes [Eccl.] lauds, laudes
Hence: laudar-laudabile-laudabilitate, laudation, laudative, laudator, laudatori

lauraceas n [Bot.] Lauraceae

lauracee adj lauraceous

laurea n laurel crown

laureate adj crowned with laurel, laureate;
poeta laureate poet laureate

lauree adj laurel

laureto n laurel grove

lauric adj [Chem.] lauric

lauriero n laurel (tree or shrub);
lauriero rosa rose laurel, oleander

lauro n laurel, bay-tree, bay-laurel; also: laurel (as in “to earn one’s laurels)
Hence: laureto; lauracee-lauraceas; lauriero; lauree-laurea-laureate; lauric

lava n lava
Hence: lavic

lavabile adj washable

lavabo n lavabo (1. [R.C.Ch.]; 2. washstand)

lavage (-aje) n (act of) washing; also: [Med.] lavage

lavamanos (-má-) n washstand

lavamento n 1. (act of) washing, cleansing; 2. (act of) purifying, purification

lavanda n wash, (act of) washing
Hence: lavandera; lavanderia

lavandera n laundress

lavanderia (-ía) n laundry (= establishment where clothes and other articles are washed and ironed)

lavandula n [Bot.] lavender

lavar v 1. to wash, cleanse; 2. to make pure, purify
Hence: lavage; lavamento; lavanda &; lavabile; lavator; lavatura; lavamanos etc.

lavator n washer (= one who or that which washes)

lavatorio n washhouse, washroom; also: lavatory

lavatura n 1. wash, (act of) washing; 2. dishwater

lavic adj lavic, lavatic

lawn tennis [A] n lawn tennis

laxar v 1. to loosen, slacken (something); also: [Med.] to purge, lax; 2. to release, let go, set free, etc.

laxative adj [Med.] laxative

laxativo n laxative

laxe adj loose (= not tight, taut, firm, etc.); also: lax
Hence: laxitate; laxar-laxative-laxativo, relaxar &

laxitate n laxity, laxness

lazaretto n 1. leprosarium, leprosery; 2. lazaretto (= building or vessel used for detention in quarentine)

lazarista n [R.C.Ch.] Lazarist, Vincentian

Lazaro (lá-) npr Lazarus
Hence: lazaretto; lazarista

lazuli (lá-) n (lapis) lazuli
Hence: lazulite; lapislazuli etc.

lazulite n lazulite; also: lapis lazuli

le¹ def art the;
(un dollar) le (libra) (one dollar) a (pound)

le² pron pers 1. him (as in “I see him”, “I write him a letter”); 2. it (as in “I like it”, “I’ll give it another thought”)

leccamento n (action of) licking

leccar v to lick (as in “to lick one’s fingers” )
Hence: leccamento

lect- see leger

lectiera n I. litter (1. vehicle carried on men’s shoulders or by animals; 2. stretcher; 3. straw, hay, etc. used as bedding for animals); II. [R.R.; Naut.] berth

lection n I. reading (= the form in which something is written in a manuscript or book); II. lesson (1. [Eccl.]; 2. something taught or learned)

lecto n bed (1. [Furniture]; 2. “the bed of a river”; 3. [Geol.]);
ir al lecto to go to bed;
guardar le lecto to be confined to bed;
(filio) del prime (secunde etc.) lecto (son) of the first (second, etc.) bed or marriage;
facer le lecto to make the bed;
lecto (de ferro, etc.) bedstead;
lecto de reposo couch
Hence: lectiera; allectar &; coperilecto etc.

lector n 1. reader (= one who reads books, etc.); 2. [R.C.Ch.] lector

lectura n reading (1. act of reading; 2. ability to read; 3. as in “that book makes pleasant reading”)

leder [led-/les-;-lid-/-lis-] v to wound, injure
Hence: lesion; lese-illese; collider &; elider &

legal adj legal;
medicina legal forensic medicine

legalisar v to legalize (= to make legal, render legally valid)

legalisation n legalization

legalitate n legality, lawfulness

legar v 1. to delegate, send as an envoy; 2. to bequeath
Hence: legation; legato¹; legato²-legatario; allegar &; delegar &; relegar &

legatario n legatee

legation n legation (1. office, position, dignity, etc., of a legate or of an envoy; 2. diplomatic representative of a country together with his staff; 3. premises occupied by a legation)

legato¹ n I. legate (1. [Rom. Hist.]; 2. [R.C.Ch.]); II. envoy

legato² n legacy; also: bequest

lege n law;
homine de lege man of law, lawyer;
lege martial martial law;
lege de talion law of retaliation;
in le nomine del lege in the name of the law
Hence: legista; legal-legalitate, legalisar-legalisation, illegal-illegalitate; legitime &; legifere &; legisfer- etc.

legenda n legend (1. myth, fable; 2. inscription, caption);
Legenda auree Golden Legend, Legenda Aurea
Hence: legendari

legendari adj legendary

leger¹ [-leg-/-lect-] v to gather, pick
Hence: colliger &; dilig- &; eliger &; seliger &; sacrilege etc.; sortilegio etc.; spicilegio etc.; privilegio etc.

leger² [leg-/-lect-] v to read (as in “to read a book, letter, etc.”)
Hence: legenda &; legibile-legibilitate, illegibile-illegibilitate; lection; lector; lectura; releger

legibile adj legible; readable

legibilitate n legibility; readibility

legier (-jér) adj 1. light (= of little weight); 2. slight, trifling; 3. superficial, shallow; 4. nimble, agile, fleet
Hence: legieressa

legieressa (-jer-) n 1. lightness (= state of being not heavy); 2. slightness, trifling; 3. superficiality, shallowness; 4. nimbleness, agility, fleetness

legiferar v to legislate

legifere adj lawmaking
Hence: legifero; legiferar

legifero (-í-) n lawmaker

legion n legion (1. [Mil.]; 2. very large number);
legion de honor Legion of Honor;
legion estranier Foreign Legion
Hence: legionari; legionario

legionari adj legionary

legionario n legionary; also: legionnaire

legis- see lege

legisfer- [-fer-/-lat-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: legislation; legislative; legislator; legislatura

legislat- see legisfer-

legislation n legislation (1. making of laws; 2. laws made)

legislative adj legislative (as in “legislative body”)

legislator n legislator

legislatura n 1. legislature (= legislative body); 2. time of office of a legislative body

legista n jurist

legitimar v to legitimate (1. as in “to legitimate a child”; 2. to justify)

legitimation n 1. legitimation; 2. identification (= submission of credentials)

legitime (-gí-) adj legitimate (1. lawfully begotten; 2. lawful, accordant with law)
Hence: legitimismo; legitimista; legitimitate; legitimar-legitimation; illegitime-iilegitimitate

legitimismo n legitimism

legitimista n legitimist

legitimitate n legitimacy

legum- see legumine

legumina n [Chem.] legumin

legumine n 1. legume; pulse; 2. potherb
Hence: legumina; leguminose-leguminosas; leguminiforme etc.

leguminiforme adj leguminiform

leguminosas npl [Bot.] Leguminosae

leguminose adj leguminous

Lemano npr Lake Leman, Lake of Geneva

lemma n [Logic, Math.] lemma
Hence: dilemma etc.

Lenin, Nikolai (lé-, -ái) npr [1870-1924; Russian statesman]
Hence: leninismo; leninista; Leningrad etc.

Leningrad npr Leningrad

leninismo n Leninism

leninista n Leninist

lentar v to slow down, reduce speed

lente¹ n 1. lentil; 2. [Opt.] lens
Hence: lenticula-lenticular; lenticella; lentigine &; lentiforme etc.

lente² adj 1. slow (= moving at slow speed); 2. viscid
Hence: lentor; lentar; relentar &

lenticella n [Bot.] lenticel

lenticula n lentil

lenticular adj lenticular

lentiforme adj lentiform

lentigine n freckle
Hence: lentiginose

lentiginose adj freckled

lentor n 1. slowness; 2. viscidity

leon n lion;
Leon [Astron.] Lion, Leo;
parte del leon lion’s share
Hence: leoniera; leonin

Leonidas (-ó-) npr Leonidas

leoniera n lion’s den

leonin adj lion, leonine

leont- n [occurring in compounds]
Hence: leontiase; chameleonte etc.

leontiase (-í-) n [Pathol.] leontiasis

leopardo n [Zool.] leopard

lepid- n [occurring in compounds] lepid-, lepido- (= scale)
Hence: lepidodendro etc.; lepidoptere etc.

lepidodendro n [Paleontol.] lepidodendron

lepidolitho (-ólito) n [Mineral.] lepidolite

lepidoptere adj [Entom.] lepidopterous
Hence: lepidopteros

lepidopteros (-dóp-) npl [Entom.] Lepidoptera

lepidosirena n [Zool.] lepidosiren

lepisma n 1. [Entom.] silverfish; 2. [Entom.] Lepisma

leporario n greyhound

lepore n hare
Hence: leporide; leporario; leporin

leporide (-pó-) n leporide

leporin adj hare, leporine;
labio leporin harelip

lepra n leprosy
Hence: leprose-leproso

leprose adj leprous

leproso n leper

les pron pers them (as in “I see them”, “I write them a letter”)

les- see leder

lese adj injured, hurt

lesion n lesion; also: [Law, Med.]

lethargia (-ía) n lethargy

lethargic adj lethargic

lethargo n lethargy
Hence: lethargia; lethargic

lette adj Lettish; also: Latvian

letto n 1. Lett; also: Latvian; 2. Lettish (language)
Hence: letton-Lettonia; lette

letton¹ adj Lettish; also: Latvian

letton² n 1. Lett; also: Latvian; 2. Lettish (language)

Lettonia npr Latvia

leuc- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] leuk-, leuco- (= white)
Hence: leucocyto etc.; leucemia etc. ...

leucemia (-ía) n leukemia, leuchaemia
Hence: leucemic

leucemic adj leukemic, leuchaemic

leucocyto (-ó-) n [Anat.] leucocyte

levamento n 1. (act of) raising, lifting (up); 2. (act of) removing, carrying or taking away

levante n east (= direction of sunrise);
Levante East, Levant
Hence: levantin-levantino

levantin adj Levantine

levantino n Levantine

levar v 1. to raise, lift (up); 2. to remove, carry or take away;
levar se to rise; also: to get or stand up;
levar le campo to break camp;
levar le ancora to weigh anchor;
levar (impostos, truppas) to levy (taxes, troups);
levar del sol sunrise

levata n [Mil.] levy

levator n he who or that which raises or removes; also: lever

levatura n 1. (action of) raising; 2. leaven; also: yeast

leve¹ adj light (= of little weight); also: frivolous, trifling
Hence: levitate-levitar-levitation; levar-levamento, levante &, levator, levatura, levata, elevar &, relevar &, sublevar &; alleviar &

leve² adj left (= not right)
Hence: levulosa; levogyr etc.

levistico (-vís-) n [Bot.] lovage; also: Levisticum

levitar v to levitate

levitate n lightness (= state of being not heavy); also: levity

levitation n levitation

levogyr adj [Phys., Chem., etc.] levogyrate, levogyre, levogyrous

[levorso] adv 1. on the left hand; 2. to the left

levulosa n [Chem.] levulose

lexical adj lexical

lexico (lé-) n lexicon
Hence: lexical; lexicographo etc.

lexicographia (-ía) n lexicography

lexicographic adj lexicographical

lexicographo (-ó-) n lexicographer
Hence: lexicographia; lexicographic

[li]¹ def art the
(= le¹)

[li]² pron him
(= le²)

li- adj [occurring in compounds] li-, lio-, leio- (= smooth)
Hence: lienteria etc.

liaison [F] n liaison (1. “liaison between man and woman”; 2. [Phonet.])

libanese adj/n Lebanese

Libano (lí-) npr Lebanon (1. Lebanon Mountains; 2. state of Lebanon);
cedro del Libano cedar of Lebanon
Hence: libanese; Antilibano

libellar v to libel

libellista n libeler, libelist

libello n libel (1. [Law]; 2. lampoon, satire)
Hence: libellista; libellar

liberal¹ adj liberal (1. generous; 2. broadminded; 3. [Pol.]);
artes liberal liberal arts;
education liberal liberal education
Hence: liberalismo; liberalitate; liberalisar-liberalisation; illiberal-illiberalitate

liberal² n liberal

liberalisar v to liberalize (= to make liberal)

liberalisation n liberalization

liberalismo n liberalism

liberalitate n liberality (1. generosity; 2. broadmindedness)

liberar v to free, liberate; also: to release;
liberar de to free or deliver from

liberation n liberation

liberator n liberator

libere adj free (= enjoying liberty; not compelled, hampered, restricted, etc.)
Hence: libertate-libertari-libertarismo, libertario, liberticida etc.; liberal &; liberar-liberation, liberator

libertari adj libertarian

libertario n libertarian

libertarismo n libertarianism

libertate n liberty (= condition of being free, freedom);
poner in libertate to set free;
libertate de action liberty of action;
libertate de conscientia freedom or liberty of conscience;
libertate del pressa freedom or liberty of the press;
animales in libertate animals in freedom;
libertate civil civil liberty;
libertate del mares freedom of the seas;
prender le libertate de (facer un cosa) to take the liberty of (doing something);
prender se libertates con un persona to take liberties with someone

liberticida n liberticide (= one who detroys liberty)

libertin adj libertine
Hence: libertino-libertinage

libertinage (-aje) n libertinage

libertino n libertine (1. [Rom. Hist.] son of a freedman; 2. freethinker; 3. licentious man)

liberto n [Rom. Hist.] freedman
Hence: libertin &

libra n pound;
libra sterling pound (= twenty British shillings);
Libra [Astron.] Libra, Balance
Hence: libral, equilibre etc.

libral adj libral (1. pertaining to the pound; 2. pertaining to Libra)

libreria (-ía) n 1. library; 2. bookstore

librero n bookseller

librettista n librettist

libretto n [Mus.] libretto
Hence: librettista

libriforme adj [Bot.] libriform (= of the nature of liber)

libro n 1. [Bot.] liber, bast; 2. book;
tenitor de libros bookkeeper;
tener le libros [Accounting] to keep books;
libro de cocina cookbook
Hence: librero; libreria; libretto &; libriforme etc.

Libya npr Libya
Hence: libyan-libyano; libyc

libyan adj Libyan

libyano n Libyan

libyc (lí-) adj Libyan

lic- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: licentia &; licite-illicite

licentia n licence (1. permission, leave; also: as in “licence to bear firearms”; 2. abuse of liberty; 3. [Eur. Univ.] licentiate, licentiate’s degree);
licentia poetic poetic licence
Hence: licentiato; licentiose; licentiar-licentiamento

licentiamento n 1. licentiation, conferring the licentiate; 2. disbandment (of troops, etc.)

licentiar v 1. to license (= to give licence to); 2. to confer the degree of licentiate upon; 3. to disband (troops, etc.); also: to dismiss, discharge

licentiato n licentiate

licentiose adj licentious;
conducta licentiose licentious conduct

licet [L] licet

lichen n lichen (1. [Bot.]; 2. [Pathol.])
Hence: lichenoide; lichenose

lichenoide adj lichenoid

lichenose adj lichenous

licite (lí-) adj licit, lawful

lictor n [Rom. Antiq.] lictor

-lider see leder

lied [G] n [Mus.] lied;
lieder npl lieder

lienteria (-ía) n [Pathol.] lientery
Hence: lienteric

lienteric adj lienteric

lift [A] n elevator, lift

liga n league (= association of persons, countries, etc.)

ligamento n [Anat.] ligament

ligamentose adj ligamentous

ligamine n tie, bond

ligar v to bind (1. to tie; 2. as in “to bind books” )
Hence: liga; ligamento-ligamentose; ligamine; ligatura; alligar &; disligar &; obligar &; religar

ligatura n I. binding (1. act of binding; 2. bookbinding, binding of a book); II. splice, whipping, etc.; III. ligature (1. [Surg.]; 2. [Print.] combination of two letters; 3. [Mus.] tie, slur)

lignicole adj lignicole, lignicolous

lignificar v to lignify

lignification n lignification

ligniforme adj ligniform

lignina n [Chem.] lignin

lignite n [Mineral.] lignite, brown coal

ligno n wood (as in “made of wood”); also: timber, lumber;
ligno contraplicate plywood
Hence: lignina; lignite; lignose-pyrolignose etc.; lignificar-lignification; lignicole etc.; ligniforme etc.

lignose adj ligneous, woody

ligure n/adj Ligurian
Hence: Liguria; ligustico; ligustro

Liguria npr Liguria

ligus- see ligure

ligustico n [Bot.] lovage

ligustro n [Bot.] privet

lilac n [Bot.] lilac; also: attrib. lilac, lilaccolored

liliaceas n [Bot.] Liliaceae

liliacee adj liliaceous, lilylike

lilio n lily;
lilio de aqua water lily
Hence: liliacee-liliaceas

lima¹ n lime (= fruit of the lime)

lima² n file (as in “wood file, metal file, nail file, etc.”)
Hence: limar-limator, limatura

limace n snail; also: slug
Hence: limaciforme etc.

limaciforme adj snail-shaped, limaciform

limar v to file (= to smooth with a file)

limator n filer (= one who smoothes with a file)

limatura n 1. filing (= smoothing with a file); 2. filings, file dust

limi- see limite

liminar adj 1. liminal (= pertaining to the threshold); also: [Psychol.]; 2. opening (as in “the opening pages”), preliminary

limine n threshold
Hence: liminar; postliminio; preliminar; subliminal; eliminar &

limitabile adj limitable

limitar¹ adj limitary, limiting

limitar² v to limit

limitate 1. pp of limitar; 2. adj limited, restricted

limitation n limitation

limitative adj limitative

limite (lí-) n limit, boundary
Hence: limitar¹; limitar²-limitabile-illimitabile, limitation, limitative, limitate-illimitate, delimitar &; limitrophe etc.

limitrophe (-mí-) adj limitrophe;
limitrophe de adjacent to

limon n lemon (= fruit of the lemon tree)
Hence: limonada-limonadero; limoniero

limonada n lemonade

limonadero n lemonade vendor

limoniero n lemon tree

limousine [F] n [Motoring] sedan;
limousine pullman limousine

limpide adj limpid
Hence: limpiditate

limpiditate n limpidity, limpidness

linea n line (1. cord, rope; 2. fish or fishing line; 3. linear mark, arrangement, etc.);
le linea [Geog.] the line (= the Equator);
(truppas) del linea (troups) of the line;
in linea in line (= in alignment);
in linea directe [Geneal.] in direct line;
linea de aqua [Naut.] water-mark;
linea de battalia battle line;
linea de conducta line of conduct;
linea de demarcation line of demarcation;
linea de tiro line of fire;
linea telegraphic telegraph line;
linea de omnibus bus line;
linea aeree air line, air connection;
leger inter le lineas to read between the lines
Hence: lineage; lineetta, lineal; linear¹; interlinea-interlinear¹, interlinear²-interlineation; linear²-lineamento; alinear &; delinear &; sublinear; rectilinee etc.; linotypo etc.

lineage (-aje) n ancestry (= one’s ancestors viewed as a group)

lineal adj lineal (= pertaining to lines)

lineamento n lineament (as in “the lineaments of a face”)

linear¹ adj linear

linear² v to line (= to mark with a line or lines)

lineetta (-ne-étta) n short line; dash

lingoto n 1. ingot; 2. [Typog.] slug

lingua n 1. [Anat.] tongue; 2. language, tongue;
lingua materne mother tongue;
lingua matre parent language;
lingua de terra tongue of land;
lingua franc lingua franca
Hence: linguage; linguetta; linguista-linguistic, linguistica; lingual-interlingual, sublingual; interlingua-interlinguistic, interlinguista-interlinguistica; crassilingue etc.; bilingue etc.

linguage (-aje) n language, speech;
linguage familiar colloquial language;
linguage per signos sign language

lingual adj lingual

linguetta n languet, languette

linguista n linguist

linguistic adj linguistic

linguistica n linguistics

linimento n liniment

linir v to besmear; also: anoint
Hence: linimento

lino n flax (1. [Bot.]; 2. fibres of the flax plant);
(panno de) lino linen (cloth)

lino- see linea

linoleum (-nó-) n linoleum

linotypia (-ía) n linotype, linotyping

linotypista n linotypist

linotypo n linotype
Hence: linotypia; linotypista

linqu- [linqu-/lict-] v [occurring in compounds]
Hence: delinquer &; relinquer &

liqu- v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: liquide &; liquor &; liquescer &; liquefacer etc.

liquefacer [-fac-/-fact-] v to liquefy
Hence: liquefactibile; liquefaction; liquefactive

liquefact- see liquefacer

liquefactibile adj liquefiable

liquefaction n liquefaction

liquefactive adj liquefactive

liquescer v to become liquid, liquesce
Hence: deliquescer &

liquida (lí-) n [Phonet.] liquid

liquidabile adj 1. liquefiable; 2. that can be liquidated

liquidar v I. to liquefy; II. to liquidate (1. [Com.] to sell out; also: to clear; 2. to kill off ruthlessly); III. to go into liquidation, to be liquidated

liquidation n 1. liquefaction; 2. liquidation; 3. (clearance) sale

liquidator n 1. liquefier; 2. liquidator

liquide adj liquid (1. fluid; 2. [Phonet.])
Hence: liquiditate; liquidar-liquidabile, liquidation, liquidator; liquido; liquida

liquiditate n liquidity

liquido n liquid (= fluid)

liquiritia n licorice, glycyrrhiza (1. [Bot.]; 2. [Pharm.])

liquor n 1. liquid; 2. liquor (= alcoholic drink); also: liqueur
Hence: liquorista; liquorose

liquorista n 1. distiller (= one who distills alcoholic liquors); 2. liquor dealer

liquorose adj spirituous (as in “spirituous liquors”)

lira (pl lire) [I] n [Monet.] lira

lis n -;
flor de lis [Her.] fleur-de-lis

Lisbona npr Lisbon

lisiamento n (action of) smoothing, polishing

lisiar v to smooth, polish (= to make even)

lisiator n (one who smoothes, etc.) smoother, polisher

lisie adj smooth (= having an even surface); also: sleek, glossy
Hence: lisiar-lisiamento, lisiator

lista n 1. selvage, list; 2. strip (of cloth, etc.); 3. stripe (of color); 4. list (“list of names, figures, words, etc.”);
lista civil Civil List
Hence: listar

listar v to list (= to enter in a list)

-lit- see later

litania (-ía) n litany

lite n 1. quarrel, dispute; 2. lawsuit
Hence: litigar etc.

litera see littera

lithargyro (-tár-) n [Chem.] litharge

lithic adj lithic (1. of stone; 2. [Med.])

lithium (lít-) n [Chem.] lithium

litho- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] litho-, lith- (= stone)
Hence: lithic; lithium; lithoide; lithargyro etc.; lithographo etc.; lithosphera etc.; aerolitho etc.; neolitho etc.; monolitho etc.

lithographia (-ía) n 1. lithography; 2. lithograph; 3. lithographic printing office

lithographiar v to lithograph

lithographic adj lithographic

lithographo (-ó-) n lithographer
Hence: lithographia-lithographiar, photolithographia etc; lithographic

lithoide adj lithoid, stonelike

lithosphera n lithosphere

litigante n litigant

litigar v to litigate (1. to be engaged in a lawsuit; 2. to dispute, contest)
Hence: litigio-litigiose; litigante; litigation

litigation n litigation

litigio n dispute, quarrel; also: litigation

litigiose adj litigious (1. quarrelsome; 2. disputable, debatable)

litoral¹ adj coast, littoral

litoral² n coast, littoral

litore n coast
Hence: litoral, litorina

litorina n [Zool.] Litorina; periwinkle

litro n liter
Hence: centilitro etc.; hectolitro etc.

littera, litera (lí-) n letter (1. “letter of the alphabet”; 2. epistle);
al littera, al pede del littera to the letter, literally;
littera de credito letter of credit;
litteras letters (= literature, learning);
homine de litteras man of letters;
le belle litteras humanities;
cassa de litteras letter box, mailbox
Hence: litteral; litterari; litterate-illiterate; litteratura; alliterar &; obliterar &; cargalitteras etc.

litteral, literal adj literal (1. as in “literal notation of numbers”; 2. as in “literal translation”)

litterari, literari adj literary;
proprietate litterari literary property

litterate, literate adj lettered (= versed in letters, educated, etc.)

litteratura, literatura n literature (= literary productions collectively)

lituan adj Lithuanian
Hence: Lituania; lituano

Lituania npr Lithuania

lituano n Lithuanian (1. inhabitant of Lithuania; 2. Lithuanian language)

liturgia (-ía) n [Eccl.] liturgy
Hence: liturgista; liturgic

liturgic adj liturgical, liturgic

liturgista n liturgist (= authority on liturgies)

liv- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: livide-lividitate; livor

livide adj livid (1. having a dull-bluish color; 2. black-and-blue)

lividitate n lividness, lividity

Livonia npr Livonia
Hence: livonie-livonio

livonie adj Livonian

livonio n Livonian

livor n 1. lividness; 2. [Pathol.] livor

livrar v to deliver (1. to surrender; 2. as in “to deliver goods, messages, etc.”)
Hence: livration; livrator; delivrar &

livration n delivery (1. surrender; 2. as in “delivery of goods, messages, etc.”)

livrator n delivery man

livrea (-éa) n livery (= uniform worn by the servants of a household, etc.)

lo pron pers it (as in “I like it,” “I’ll give it another thought”)

lobate adj lobed, lobate

lobo n lobe
Hence: lobulo-lobular-sublobular, lobulate; lobate-bilobate etc., multilobate etc.; multilobe etc.; trilobite etc.

lobular adj lobular

lobulate adj lobulate

lobulo n lobule; also: lobe (of the ear)

local¹ adj local;
color local local color

local² n premises, quarters, etc.

localisar v to localize

localisation n localization

localitate n locality, spot

locar v 1. to place, set (in a particular place), locate; 2. to let, rent
Hence: location; locative-locativo; locator; locatario; collocar &; dislocar &; sublocar &

locatario n renter; also: lessee, tenant

location n 1. location (= act of locating or placing; 2. letting out (for hire), leasing; 3. rent (= amount paid in rent);
contracto de location lease; also: [Law] contract of location

locative adj 1. pertaining to tenancy; also: rent, rental, etc.; 2. [Gram.] locative

locativo n [Gram.] locative

locator n lessor

lock-out [A] n lockout

loco n place (1. locality; 2. position in a series, an order, etc.);
in loco de in lieu of, instead of;
haber loco to take place;
loco commun commonplace, platitude;
dar loco a to give grounds for; give rise to
Hence: local-localitate, localisar-localisation; locar &; locotenente etc.; locomotion etc.; locomotor etc.; locomotive etc.

locomobile¹ adj locomobile
Hence: locomobilitate

locomobile² n locomobile (= moveable steam engine)

locomobilitate n locomotivity

locomotion n locomotion

locomotiva n locomotive

locomotive adj locomotive
Hence: locomotiva

locomotor adj locomotor

locotenente n lieutenant (1. vicegerent; 2. [Mil.])
Hence: sublocotenente

locusta n [Entom.] grasshopper (= member of the family Acridiidae exclusive of locusts)
Hence: locustides

locustides (-cús-) npl [Zool.] Locustidae

locut- see loquer

locution n locution

logarithmic adj logarithmic

logarithmo n logarithm
Hence: logarithmic

loge [F] n [Theat.] box, loge

loggia [I] n [Arch.] loggia

logia (loja) n I. lodge (1. meeting place of a branch of the Masonic order; 2. branch of the Masonic order); II. [Arch.] loggia: III. [Theat.] box

-logia (-ía) n [occurring in compounds] -logy (1. gathering or collection of; as in “anthology”; 2. saying, expression; as in “tautology”; 3. science or doctrine of; as in “climatology”)
Hence: anthologia etc.; tautologia etc.; climatologia etc.; neologia etc.; trilogia etc.; otorhinolaryngologia etc.

logic adj logical
Hence: logico; logica; illogic

logica n logic

logico n logician

-logo n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] 1. -logue, -loger, -logist (as in “Assyriologue, astrologer, biologist”); 2. -logue (as in “monologue”)
Hence: -logia &; anthropologo etc.; monologo etc.; mineralogo etc.

logomache (-gó-) adj logomachic
Hence: logomachia-logomachic; logomacho

logomacho (-gó-) n logomachist, logomach

logomachia (-ía) n logomachy

logomachic adj logomachic

logos [Gr.] n 1. logos; 2. Logos
Hence: logic &; apologo; analoge &; paralogisar &; syllogisar &; logarithmo etc.; logomache etc.; decalogo etc.; philologo etc.; homologe etc.; martyrologio etc.

London [A] npr London
Hence: londonese

londonese adj London, of London

longa n [Man.] longe (= long rope used to guide a horse in training)

longanime (-gá-) adj long-suffering, forbearing, longanimous
Hence: longanimitate

longanimitate n long-suffering, forbearance, longanimity

longe¹ adj long;
al longe in the long run
Hence: longitude &; allongar &; elongar &; prolongar &; oblonge; longamine etc.; longeve etc.; longa

longe² adv far (= not near); away, far away;
de longe afar, from a distance

longemente adv long, for a long time

longeve adj long-lived, longevous
Hence: longevitate

longevitate n longevity

longitude n 1. length; 2. longitude
Hence: longitudinal

longitudin- see longitude

longitudinal adj longitudinal

[lontan] adj distant, far-off

loqu- [loqu-/locut-] v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: loquace &; grandiloquente etc.; locution; alloquer &; circumloquer &; colloquer &; eloquer &; interloquer &; ventriloque etc.; multiloque etc.; somniloquio etc.; soliloquio etc.

loquace adj loquacious
Hence: loquacitate

loquacitate n loquacity

lor adj poss their
Hence: lore

Lord [A] n Lord (= member of the House of Lords);
Camera del Lords House of Lords;
Lord Mayor [A] Lord Mayor

lore pron poss theirs

lorgnette [F] n lorgnette

lot n lot (= share, portion, allotment)

lotion n [Pharm.] lotion

loto n lotus (1. [Gr. Legend]; 2. [Bot.] African water lily)
Hence: lotophage etc.

lotophage (-tó-) adj lotophagous, lotuseating
Hence: lotophago

lotophago (-tó-) n lotus-eater

lotteria [I] n lottery

lotto [I] n lotto

Louis [F] nprm Louis
Hence: Louisiana

Louisiana npr Louisiana

loyal adj loyal
Hence: loyalista; loyalitate; disloyal-disloyalitate

loyalista n loyalist

loyalitate n loyalty

lubr- see lubric

lubric (lú-) adj 1. slippery, lubricous; 2. lewd
Hence: lubricitate; lubricar-lubricante, lubricator; lubrificar-lubrificante, lubrification

lubricante n lubricant

lubricar v to lubricate

lubricative adj lubricative

lubricator n lubricator (= one who or that which lubricates”)

lubricitate n lubricity (1. slipperiness; 2. lewdness)

lubrificante n lubricant

lubrificar v to lubricate

lubrification n lubrication

Luca npr Luke

lucente 1. ppr of lucer; 2. adj shining, shiny, bright

lucentia n lucency

lucer v to shine; to glitter
Hence: lucide &; lucente-lucentia; relucer; translucer &

lucerna n [Bot.] alfalfa, lucerne

lucidar v to make clear or lucid

lucide adj 1. bright, shining; 2. lucid, clear;
intervallo lucide [Psychiatry] lucid interval
Hence: luciditate; lucidar; elucidar &

luciditate n lucidity

lucrar v to gain, earn as profit

lucrative adj lucrative

lucro n profit, gain, lucre
Hence: lucrose; lucrar-lucrative

lucrose adj lucrative, profitable

lucta n 1. wrestling; 2. struggle, fight;
le lucta pro le existentia the struggle for existence;
le lucta del classes the class struggle

luctar v 1. to wrestle; 2. to struggle, fight
Hence: lucta; luctator; eluctar &; reluctar &

luctator n 1. wrestler; 2. fighter, (one) fighting

lucto n mourning;
portar lucto (pro), esser in lucto (pro) to be in mourning (for)

luctuose adj mournful

-luder [-lud-/-lus-] v [occurring in compounds]
Hence: alluder &; colluder &; deluder &; eluder &; illuder &; preluder &; interludio

ludificar v to ridicule, make game of

ludion n [Phys.] Cartesian devil

ludo n play, show; (public) games
Hence: ludion; ludificar

Ludovico nprm Louis

-luer [-lu-/-lut-] v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: abluer &; allu- &; diluer &; maniluvio etc.

luger [lug-/-luct-] v to mourn
Hence: lugubre; lucto-luctuose

lugubre (lú-) adj mournful, lugubrious

lumbagine n lumbago

lumbar adj [Anat.] lumbar;
regiones lumbar lumbar regions

lumbo n loin;
lumbo de bove sirloin
Hence: lumbagine; lumbar

lumbrical adj lumbrical

lumbrico (-íco) n earthworm
Hence: lumbrical

luminar n luminary

lumine n light
Hence: luminose-luminositate; luminar; luminescer-luminescente-luminescentia; illuminar &

luminescente adj luminescent

luminescentia n luminescence

luminescer v to luminesce

luminose adj luminous;
unda luminose light wave;
idea luminose bright, brilliant idea

luminositate n luminosity

luna n 1. [Astron.] moon; 2. caprice, whim;
luna de melle honeymoon;
haber lunas to have moods
Hence: lunar-sublunar, plenilunar etc., semilunar etc.; lunate; lunatic; lunation; interlunio; novilunio etc.; lunedi etc.

lunar adj lunar, moon

lunate adj lunate, lunated

lunatic adj 1. lunatic; 2. whimsical, capricious

lunation n [Astron.] lunation

lunch [A] n lunch
Hence: lunchar

lunchar (-tch-) v to lunch

lunedi (-dí) n Monday

lunetta n lunette (1. [Arch.]; 2. [Fortif.]; 3. [Eccl.]; 4. hole in a guillotine for the victim’s neck; 5. watch crystal flattened in the center)

lunula n lunule; also: moon (of a fingernail)

lunulate adj lunulate, lunulated

lupin adj wolfish, lupine

lupino n [Bot.] lupine

lupo n wolf;
lupo de mar 1. [Zool.] sea wolf, wolf fish; 2. sea dog (= experienced sailor);
lupo cervari lynx
Hence: lupulo &; lupin-lupino

lupulin adj lupuline, lupulinous

lupulino n lupulin

lupulo n [Bot.] hop
Hence: lupulin-lupulino

lupus [L] n [Pathol.] lupus

lusitan adj Lusitanian
Hence: Lusitania; lusitano

Lusitania npr Lusitania

lusitano n Lusitanian

lustrage (-aje) n (act of) glossing, lustering

lustral adj lustral

lustrar¹ v to purify, lustrate

lustrar² v to polish, give luster to
Hence: lustrage; illustrar¹ &; lustro²-lustrina, lustrose; lustrascarpas etc.

lustra-scarpas (-scár-) n bootblack, shoeblack

lustration n lustration

lustrina n 1. lustring; 2. lustrine, luster

lustro¹ n lustrum (1. [Rom. Antiq.] lustration, ceremonial purification; 2. period of five years)
Hence: lustral; lustrar-lustration

lustro² n luster (1. sheen, gloss; 2. chandelier)

lustrose adj lustrous, shining

lut n [Mus.] lute
Hence: lutista

Luther, Martin npr [1483-1546; German church reformer]
Hence: lutheran-lutheranismo, lutherano; lutheric

lutheran adj Lutheran

lutheranismo n lutheranism

lutherano n Lutheran

lutheric adj Lutheran

lutista n lute player, lutist

-luv- see luer

luxar v to luxate, dislocate
Hence: luxation

luxation n luxation, dislocation

luxo n luxury; also: luxuriousness
Hence: luxuose; luxuria &

luxu- see luxo

luxuose adj luxurious (= characteristic of, or characterized by, luxury); also: de luxe

luxuria n luxuriance (1. rankness; 2. lust, lustfulness)
Hence: luxuriose; luxuriar-luxuriante

luxuriante 1. ppr of luxuriar; 2. adj luxuriant (1. rank; 2. wanton, licentious)

luxuriar v to luxuriate (1. to grow rank; 2. to be wanton)

luxuriose adj 1. luxuriant, rank; also: luxurious; 2. lustful, wanton; licentious

lycanthropia (-ía) n lycanthropy (1. [Pathol.]; 2. [Folklore])

lycanthropic adj lycanthropic

lycanthropo n lycanthropo (1. one affected with lycanthropy; 2. werewolf)
Hence: lycanthropia; lycanthropic

lyco- n [occurring in compounds] lyco-, lyc- (= wolf)
Hence: lycanthropo etc.; lycopodio etc.

lycopodio n [Bot.] lycopod, Lycopodium

lympha n 1. [Physiol.] lymph; 2. sap (= juice circulating in plant tissue)
Hence: lymphoma-lymphomatosis; lymphatic-lymphatismo; lymphocyto etc.

lymphatic adj lymphatic (1. carrying lymph; 2. as in “lymphatic temperament”);
glandula lymphatic lymphatic gland;
vaso lymphatic lymphatic duct

lymphatismo n lymphatism (1. lymphatic temperament; 2. [Pathol.])

lymphocyto (-ó-) n [Anat.] lymphocyte

lymphoma [-ma/-mat-] n [Pathol.] lymphoma

lymphomatosis (-ósis) n [Pathol.] lymphomatosis

Lynch npr [probably Captain William Lynch, 1742-1820, Virginia planter];
lege de Lynch Lynch law
Hence: lynchar-lynchamento, lynchator

lynchamento (-tch-) n (act of) lynching

lynchar (-tch-) v to lynch

lynchator (-tch-) n lyncher

lyra n I. lyre (1. [Mus.]; 2. [Astron.]); II. lyrebird
Hence: lyrismo; lyric; lyrica; lyrico

lyric adj lyric; also: lyrical

lyrica n lyric poetry

lyrico n lyric poet

lyrismo n lyricism

lyse n I. (act of) loosing, dissolving; II. lysis (1. [Med.]; 2. [Biochem.])
Hence: electrolyse etc.; hydrolyse etc.; proteolyse etc.

lytic adj 1. loosing, able to loosen; 2. lytic (= pertaining to lysis or a lysin)
Hence: electrolytic etc.; hydrolytic etc.; proteolytic etc.

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