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-n see -in

-na see -ina

nabab n nabob (1. [Indian Admin.]; 2. very wealthy person)

Nabuchodonosor npr [Bib.] Nebuchadnezzar

nacrar v to face with mother-of-pearl

nacrate adj faced with mother-of-pearl

nacre n mother-of-pearl, nacre
Hence: nacrate; nacrar

nadir n nadir

naive (naív) adj naive
Hence: naivitate

naivitate n naiveness, naiveté

nam conj for

nana n (woman) dwarf

nano n dwarf (1. midget; 2. [Mythol.])
Hence: nana

naphtha n naphtha
Hence: naphthalina; naphthol

naphthalina n naphthaline

naphthol n naphthol

narcissismo n narcissism

narcisso n narcissus;
Narcisso [Gr. Mythol.] Narcissus;
narcisso poetic poet’s narcissus;
narcisso silvestre daffodil
Hence: narcissismo

narcose n narcosis
Hence: narcotina; narcotismo; narcotic-narcotico; narcotisar-narcotisation

narcot- see narcose

narcotic adj narcotic

narcotico n narcotic

narcotina n narcotine

narcotisar v to narcotize

narcotisation n narcotization

narcotismo n narcotism

nardin adj nardine (= of or pertaining to nard)

nardo n nard, spikenard
Hence: nardin; spicanardo etc.

nare n nostril

nargile (-lé) n nargileh, narghile

narrar v to narrate
Hence: narration; narrative; narrator; enarrar &

narration n narration; also: narrative

narrative adj narrative

narrator n narrator

nasal¹ adj nasal (1. as in “nasal duct”; 2. [Phonet.]);
(littera) nasal nasal (letter)

nasal² n nasal (1. nose piece of a helmet; 2. [Phonet.])

nasalisar v to nasalize

nasalitate n nasality, nasal quality

nascente 1. ppr of nascer; 2. adj nascent, dawning, etc.

nascentia n birth (= act or fact of being born);
(cec, etc.) de nascentia (blind, etc.) from birth, born (blind, etc.)

nascer [nasc-/nat-] v to be born; also: to originate, arise, come into existence;
facer nascer to give birth to, cause to be
Hence: nascente-nascentia; nascite; native &; nate-natal-natalitate, prenatal, cognate &, innate, neonate etc.; nonnate etc.; renascer-renascente-renascentia

nascite 1. pp of nascer; 2. adj born, nee;
ben nascite wellborn;
mal nascite lowborn

nasica (-íca) n proboscis monkey

nasiforme adj nose-shaped

naso n nose;
naso aquilin aquiline nose;
haber bon naso to have a good nose;
mitter le naso in un cosa to poke one’s nose into something;
conducer un persona per le naso to lead someone by the nose;
non vider multo ultra su naso not to see much beyond one’s nose
Hence: nasal-nasalitate, nasalisar; nasica; nasiforme

nasturtio n [Bot.] nasturtium

nat- see nascer

natal¹ adj native (= connected with one’s birth);
die natal natal day, birthday

Natal² n Christmas

natalitate n birth rate

natante 1. ppr of natar; 2. adj natant

natar v 1. to swim; 2. to float
Hence: natante; natation; natator; natatori; natatorio

natation n swimming, natation

natator n swimmer (= one who swims or can swim)

natatori adj natatory, natatorial;
vesica natatori swimming or air bladder

natatorio n swimming pool; natatorium

nate adj born;
(esser poeta) nate (to be a) born (poet)

nation n nation;
Nationes Unite United Nations
Hence: national-nationalismo, nationalista, nationalitate, nationalisar-nationalisation, disnationalisar-disnationalisation, antinational, conational, international-internationalismo, internationalista, internationalitate, internationalisar-internationalisation

national adj national

nationalisar v to nationalize (= to convert into national property)

nationalisation n nationalization

nationalismo n nationalism

nationalista n nationalist; attrib. nationalistic

nationalitate n nationality

native adj native (1. as in “native wit”; 2. native-born)
Hence: nativismo; nativista; nativitate; nativo

nativismo n nativism (1. prejudice in favor of natives against foreigners; 2. [Philos.])

nativista n nativist (1. a partisan of nativism in the treatment of foreigners; 2. [Philos.])

nativitate n birth; also: [Eccl.] Nativity

nativo n native

natrium (ná-) n sodium, natrium

natrolitho (-ó-) n [Mineral.] natrolite

natron (ná-) n natron
Hence: natrium; natrolitho etc.

natura n nature (1. “the nature of a being or person”; 2. the material world and its phenomena);
pagar in natura to pay in kind;
de natura by nature
Hence: natural-naturalismo, naturalista-naturalistic, naturalitate, naturalisar &, conatural, innatural, supernatural; denaturar; disnaturar-disnaturante, disnaturation

natural¹ n disposition, temperament

natural² adj natural;
filio natural natural son;
historia natural natural history;
lege natural natural law, law of nature

naturalisar v to naturalize (1. “to naturalize a foreigner”; 2. to acclimatize)
Hence: naturalisation

naturalisation n naturalization

naturalismo n naturalism (1. conformity with nature; 2. [Philos.]; 3. [Lit. or Art])

naturalista n naturalist (1. a student of natural history; 2. an adherent of naturalism in philosophy; 3. a representative of naturalism in art or literature)

naturalistic adj naturalistic (1. as in “naturalistic principles in art”; 2. [Philos.]; 3. of or pertaining to natural history)

naturalitate n naturalness

naturalmente adv naturally (1. in a natural way; 2. by nature; 3. of course)

nau- n [occurring in compounds] nau- (= ship)
Hence: naumachia etc.; naufrage etc.; naufragio etc. ...

naufragar v to suffer shipwreck

naufrage (náu-) adj shipwrecked
Hence: naufrago; naufragar

naufragio n shipwreck

naufrago (náu-) n shipwrecked person

naumachia (-ía) n [Rom. Antiq.] naumachy

nausea n nausea
Hence: nauseabunde; nauseose; nausear

nauseabunde adj nauseating, nauseous

nausear v to nauseate (= to feel nausea)

nauseose adj nauseous, nauseating

nauta n mariner, seaman
Hence: nautic; nautica; nautilo; aeronauta etc.; Argonauta etc.

nautic (náu-) adj nautical

nautica (náu-) n (the art or science of) navigation

nautilo (náu-) n nautilus

naval adj naval

nave n 1. ship; 2. [Arch.] nave;
nave transversal [Arch.] transept
Hence: navetta; naval; navigar &; aeronave etc.

navetta n 1. little boat; 2. incense boat; 3. shuttle

navigabile adj 1. navigable (as in “navigable stream”); 2. seaworthy

navigabilitate n 1. navigability; 2. seaworthiness

navigar v 1. to sail (= to go from one place to another in a ship); 2. to navigate, sail (as in “to navigate or sail the seas”)
Hence: navigabile-navigabilitate, innavigabile-innavigabilitate; navigation-navigational; navigator; circumnavigar-circumnavigation; subnavigar; supernavigar

navigation n navigation (1. [Naut., Aeronaut.] act or practice of navigating; 2. act or science of navigation)

navigational adj navigational

navigator n navigator (= one who sails the seas)

nazar- see Nazareth

nazaren adj Nazarene

nazareno n Nazarene

Nazareth (ná-) npr Nazareth
Hence: nazaren-nazareno

nazi (-ts-) n Nazi
Hence: nazismo; disnazificar-disnazification

nazismo n Nazism

[ne] 1. adv not; 2. conj lest

Neapole npr Naples
Hence: neapolita-neapolitan-neapolitano

neapolita n/adj Neapolitan

neapolitan adj Neapolitan

neapolitano n Neapolitan

nebula (né-) n 1. fog, mist, haze; 2. [Pathol.] nebula
Hence: nebular; nebulose-nebulositate, nebulosa

nebular adj nebular

nebulosa n [Astron.] nebula

nebulose adj nebulous

nebulositate n nebulousness

[nec] conj neither, nor, also not;
nec ... nec ... neither ... nor ...
(= ni)
Hence: necun etc.

necamento n (act of) drowning

necar v to drown (= to deprive of life by immersion)
Hence: necamento

necessaire [F] n kit, case

necessari adj necessary

necesse adj necessary
Hence: necessitate-necessitose, necessitar; necessari

necessitar v 1. to force, compel 2. to necessitate (= to make necessary)

necessitate n necessity (1. fact or quality of being necessary; 2. need, want);
in caso de necessitate in case of necessity or emergency;
facer de necessitate virtute to make a virtue of necessity;
(cosas) de prime necessitate indispensable (things)

necessitose adj needy

nec plus ultra [L] nec plus ultra

necro- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] necro-, necr- (= corpse, dead body)
Hence: necrosis; necrologo etc.; necromante etc.; necropole etc.; necroscopia etc.; necropsia etc.; necroscopic etc.; necrophage etc.

necrologia (-ía) n necrology

necrologic adj necrological, necrologic

necrologo (-ólogo) n necrology, necrologue
Hence: necrologia; necrologic

necromante n necromancer
Hence: necromantia, necromantic

necromantia (-ía) n necromancy

necromantic adj necromantic

necrophage adj necrophagous

necropole n necropolis, cemetery

necropsia (-ía) n [Med.] necropsy, autopsy

necroscopia (-ía) n [Med.] necroscopy, autopsy

necroscopic adj necroscopic, necroscopical

necrosis (-ósis) n [Pathol.] necrosis

nect-¹ [nect-/nex-] v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: nexo; annecter &; connecter &

nect-² [occurring in compounds] nect- (= swimmer; swimming)
Hence: notonecta etc. ...

nectare n nectar (1. [Gr. Mythol.]; 2. [Bot.])
Hence: nectario; nectarin

nectarin adj nectarean, nectareous

nectario n [Bot.] nectary

[necun] adj none, not any
(= nulle)
Hence: necuno

[necuno] pron nobody, no one, none
(= nemo)

negar v to deny
Hence: negation; negative-negativismo, negativista, negativo, negativa; abnegar &; denegar &; renegar &; subnegar &

negation n 1. negation; 2. [Gram.] negative

negativa n negative (= negative proposition, statement, reply, etc.)

negative adj negative (1. not affirmative; 2. not positive);
responder negativemente to answer negatively, in the negative

negativismo n negativism

negativista n negativist

negativo n [Photog. etc.] negative

neglect- see negliger

neglecte adj neglected

négligé [F] n negligee

negligente 1. ppr of negliger; 2. adj negligent

negligentia n negligence

negliger [-lig-/-lect-] v to neglect;
negliger de facer un cosa to neglect or fail to do something
Hence: negligente-negligentia, neglecte

negotiabile adj [Com.] negotiable

negotiabilitate n negotiability

negotiante n merchant, dealer, etc. (= one engaged in trade)

negotiar v I. to trade (= to be engaged in trade); II. to negotiate (1. to talk over and arrange terms for; 2. to convert into cash)

negotiation n negotiation, negotiating

negotiator n negotiator

negotio n 1. trade, traffic; 2. negotiation, negotiating
Hence: negotiar-negotiante, negotiabile-negotiabilitate, negotiation, negotiator

negrero n slaver (1. slave trader; 2. slave ship)

negro n Negro
Hence: negrero; negroide

negroide adj negroid

negus (né-) n Negus

nemat- n [occurring in compounds] nemato-, nemat- (= thread)
Hence: nemathelminthe etc. ...

nemathelminthe [Zool.] n nemathelminth

Nemesis (né-) npr [Gr. Relig.] Nemesis;
nemesis nemesis, retribution

[nemine] indef pron no one, nobody
(= nemo)

nemo pron no one, nobody

neo- [occurring in compounds] neo- (= new)
Hence: neoplasma etc.; neophyto etc.; neologia etc.; neozelandese etc.; neolatin etc.; neonato etc.; Neapole etc.; misoneismo etc.; misoneista etc.

neolatin adj Neo-Latin
Hence: neolatino

neolatino n Neo-Latin

neolithic adj [Archeol.] neolithic

neolitho (-ó-) n [Archeol.] neolith
Hence: neolithic

neologia (-ía) n neology (= use of new words)
Hence: neologismo; neologista; neologic

neologic adj neological

neologismo n neologism (= new word or expression)

neologista n neologist

neon (né-) n [Chem.] neon

neonato n newborn baby

neophyto (-ó-) n neophyte

neoplasma n [Med.] neoplasm

neoplatonic adj Neoplatonic

neoplatonico n Neoplatonist

neoplatonismo n Neoplatonism

neozelandese 1. adj (of) New Zealand; 2. n New Zealander

nephritic adj nephritic

nephritis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] nephritis

nephro- n (occurring in derivatives and compounds] nephro-, nephr- (= kidney)
Hence: nephritis-nephritic-antinephritic; nephrocele etc.

nephrocele n [Pathol.] nephrocele

nepote n 1. grandchild, grandson; 2. nephew
Hence: nepotismo

nepotismo n nepotism (= favoritism in regard to relatives)

nepta n 1. granddaughter; 2. niece

nepto n 1. grandchild; grandson; 2. nephew
Hence: grannepto; nepta-grannepta

neptunian adj 1. [Rom. Relig.; Astron.] Neptunian; 2. [Geol.] neptunian

neptunismo n [Geol.] Neptunism

neptunista n [Geol.] neptunist

neptunium (-tún-) n [Chem.] neptunium

Neptuno npr Neptune (1. [Rom. Relig.]; 2. [Astron.])
Hence: neptunismo; neptunista; neptunium; neptunian

[neque] conj (= nec)

nerval adj neural

nervation n nervation, nervature

nervatura n nervature, nervation

nervin adj [Med.] nervine (= having the quality of acting on the nerves)

nervo n I. tendon; II. nerve (1. as in “a man of nerve”; 2. [Anat.]);
nervo de bove cowhide, horsewhip
Hence: nervation; nervatura; nervura; nerval; nervose-nervosismo, nervositate; nervin, enervar &; innervar &

nervose adj nervous (1. muscular; 2. pertaining to the nerves; 3. highly strung, irritable);
(stilo) nervose vigorous (style)

nervosismo n [Med.] nervous diathesis; nervousness

nervositate n nervousness

nervura n [Bot., Entom.] nerve, nervure

nescie adj ignorant, stupid
Hence: nescietate

nescietate n ignorance, stupidity, foolishness

neso- n [occurring in compounds] neso- (= island)
Hence: Dodecaneso etc.; Peloponneso etc.; Indonesia etc.; Micronesia etc.; Polynesia etc. ...

-neta [occurring in compounds]
Hence: argyroneta etc.

nettar v 1. to clean, cleanse;
nettar a sic to dry-clean

nette adj 1. neat (= clear, pure, etc.); 2. net;
precio nette net price;
peso nette net weight
Hence: nettitate; nettar

nettitate n neatness, cleanness, cleanliness, etc.

neuralgia (-ía) n neuralgia
Hence: neuralgic

neuralgic adj neuralgic

neurasthenia (-ía) n neurasthenia
Hence: neurasthenic-neurasthenico

neurasthenic adj neurasthenic

neurasthenico n neurasthenic

neuritis (-ítis) n [Med.] neuritis

neurologia (-ía) n neurology

neurologic adj neurological

neurologista n neurologist

neurologo (-ólogo) n neurologist
Hence: neurologia-neurologista; neurologic

neuroma n [Med.] neuroma

neuron (neu-) n [Anat.] neuron;
neuro- neuro-, neur- (= nerve)
Hence: neuritis; neuroma; neurosis-esthesioneurosis etc.; neurotic; neuralgia etc.; neurologo etc.

neuropathologia (-ía) n neurology

neuropathologic adj neurological

neuropathologo (-ólogo) n neuropath, neurologist
Hence: neuropathologia; neuropathologic

neurosis (-ósis) n neurosis

neurotic adj neurotic

neutral¹ adj neutral (= not taking either side in a dispute, war, etc.)
Hence: neutralitate; neutralisar-neutralisation

neutral² n neutral

neutralisar v to neutralize; also: [Pol.]

neutralisation n neutralization

neutralitate n neutrality (1. state of not taking either side in a dispute, war, etc.; 2. [Chem.]);
neutralitate armate armed neutrality

neutre adj I. neuter (1. [Biol.]; 2. [Gram.]); II. neutral (1. not taking either side in a dispute, war, etc.; 2. [Chem.]; 3. [Elec.] neither positive nor negative);
ape neutre neuter or worker bee;
verbo neutre neuter or intransitive verb
Hence: neutral &; neutron

[neutro] indef pron neither

neutron (-ón) n [Phys.] neutron;
neutron retardate [Atomic Phys.] delayed neutron;
captura del neutron absorption or capture of neutrons

nevo n [Pathol.] nevus, naevus; also: mole, birthmark, etc.
Hence: nevoide

nevoide adj [Pathol.] nevoid, naevoid

New York [A] npr New York

nex- see nect-

nexo n nexus, connection

[ni] 1. adv not; 2. conj that not
Hence: nisi etc.

ni conj neither, nor, also not;
ni ... ni neither ... nor

nichar (-sh-) v to niche, put in a niche

niche [F] n niche
Hence: nichar

nickel n nickel (1. the metal “nickel”; 2. a nickel coin)
Hence: nickelifere; nickelar-nickelage, nickelatura

nickelage (-aje) n nickel-plating

nickelar v to nickel-plate

nickelatura n nickel-plate (ware)

nickelifere adj nickeliferous

Nicolaus (-láus) nprm Nicholas;
Sancte Nicolaus Saint Nicholas; also: Santa Claus

Nicot, Jean npr [1530-1600; French diplomat]
Hence: nicotiana; nicotina-nicotinismo, nicotinic

nicotiana n [Bot.] Nicotiana

nicotina n nicotine

nicotinic adj nicotinic;
acido nicotinic nicotinic acid

nicotinismo n [Pathol.] nicotinism

nidata n brood (of nestlings)

nidificar v to build a nest

nidification n nest-building

nido n nest (of a bird, mouse, etc.);
nido de brigantes robbers’ den;
facer un nido to build a nest
Hence: nidata; nidificar-nidification; annidar-disannidar

nigrar v to blacken, make black

nigre adj black;
Mar Nigre Black Sea
Hence: nigritia; nigrar; denigrar &

nigritia n blackness

nihil, nil (ní-) n nothing;
pro nihil for nothing, without cost
Hence: nihilismo; nihilista; annihilar &

nihilismo n nihilism

nihilista n nihilist

nimie adj too much, too many

nimis (ní-) adv too, too much
Hence: nimie

Ninive (ní-) npr Nineveh
Hence: ninivita

ninivita n Ninevite

Nipon [J] n Nippon

nirvana [Skr.] n nirvana

[nisi] conj if not, unless

nit- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: nitide &; nitor

nitide adj 1. bright, shining; 2. clear, pure, neat, etc.
Hence: nitiditate

nitiditate n 1. brightness, luminousness; 2. clearness, pureness, neatness, etc.

nitor n brightness, clarity

nitrato n nitrate;
nitrato de Chile sodium nitrate, Chile saltpeter

nitric adj nitric

nitrido n nitride

nitrificar v to nitrify

nitrification n nitrification

nitrito n nitrite

nitro n saltpeter, niter
Hence: nitrato-oxalonitrato etc.; nitrido; nitrito; nitric; nitrose; nitrificar-nitrification; nitroglycerina etc.; nitrogeno etc.

nitrobacterio n nitrobacterium

nitrobenzina n nitrobenzene, nitrobenzol

nitrocellulosa n nitrocellulose

nitrogeno (-ó-) n nitrogen

nitroglycerina n nitroglycerin

nitrose adj nitrous (1. of niter; 2. [Chem.] containing nitrogen);
acido nitrose nitrous acid

nivar v to snow (= to be snowing)

nivate adj snow-covered

nive n snow
Hence: nivate; nivee; nivose-nivositate, nivoso; nivar

nivee adj snowy, snow-white

nivellamento n leveling (1. surveying; 2. making level)

nivellar v to level (1. [Surv.]; 2. to make level or even)

nivellator n leveler (= one who or that which levels)

nivello n level (1. instrument for establishing a level surface; 2. degree of elevation of a plane);
nivello de aqua [Mech.] water level;
passage a nivello [R.R.] level or grade crossing;
esser al nivello de to be on a level with
Hence: nivellar-nivellamento, nivellator

nivose adj snowy (1. as in “snowy weather”; 2. snow-white)

nivositate n snowiness

nivoso n [Fr. Hist.] Nivôse

-nneso see neso-

no adv no;
no! no!

nobile¹ adj noble (1. “noble in rank, title or birth”; 2. “noble in character”)
Hence: nobilitate; ignobile &; innobilir-innobilimento; nobile²-nobiliari

nobile² n nobleman, noblewoman, noble

nobiliari adj nobiliary

nobilitate n nobility (1. “nobility of birth, rank, mind, character, etc.”; 2. body of nobles in a country)

noblesse oblige [F] noblesse oblige

nocente adj harmful

nocer v to harm, hurt;
nocer a (un persona, un cosa) to be harmful, hurtful, to (a person, a thing)
Hence: nocente-imnocente &; nocive; nocue-innocue-innocuitate

nocive adj harmful, hurtful

noctambule adj noctambulous; somnambulistic
Hence: noctambulismo

noctambulismo n somnambulism, noctambulism

noctata n night, whole night, night’s time

nocte n night;
de nocte by night;
bon nocte! good night!
asylo de nocte flophouse, night shelter;
iste nocte tonight
Hence: noctata; noctula; nocturne-nocturno; annoctar; pernoctar-pernoctation; noctambule etc.; medienocte etc.; equinoctio etc.

noctivage (-tí-) adj noctivagous, noctivagant

noctula n [Zool.] noctule

nocturne adj nocturnal

nocturno n 1. [Eccl.] nocturn; 2. [Mus.] nocturne

nocue adj noxious, hurtful

nodar v to knot

nodo n I. knot (1. “knot in a rope, cord, etc.”; 2. [Naut.]; 3. node; 4. crux, nodus); II. bow (knot); also: loop; III. [Astron.] node; IV. knuckle;
nodo gordian Gordian knot
Hence: nodulo &; nodose-nodositate, disnodose; nodar-disnodar; internodio

nodose adj knotty, gnarled

nodositate n nodosity (1. knottiness; 2. knotty swelling or protuberance)

nodular adj nodular

nodulo n nodule
Hence: nodular

Noe (-é) npr Noah

[noi] pron we, us
(= nos)

nolens volens [L] nolens volens, willy-nilly

[nolente] 1. adj unwilling; 2. adv unwillingly, against one’s will

noli me tangere [L] noli me tangere

-nom-¹ [occurring in derivatives and compounds] -nom- (1. distributing, apportioning; 2. ruling, managing; 3. dwelling)
Hence: autonome &; astronomo etc.; economo etc.; agronomo etc.; taxinomia etc.; gastronome etc.

-nom-² see also nomine

nomade¹ (nó-) adj nomad, nomadic
Hence: nomadismo

nomade² (nó-) n nomad

nomadismo n nomadism

nomen- see nomine

nomenclar v to compile the nomenclature of
Hence: nomenclator; nomenclatura

nomenclator n nomenclator (1. [Rom. Antiq.]; 2. one concerned with the nomenclature of a subject)

nomenclatura n nomenclature (= system of names used in classifications)

nomic adj nomic (= customary, conventional);
orthographia nomic nomic spelling

nominal adj nominal (1. pertaining to a name or names; 2. existing in name only; 3. [Gram.] pertaining to a noun or nouns);
appello nominal roll call;
votar per appello nominal to vote by roll call;
valor nominal nominal value, face value

nominalismo n [Philos.] nominalism

nominalista n [Philos.] nominalist

nominar v 1. to name, call; 2. to nominate (= to appoint)

nomination n nomination, appointment

nominative adj nominative (1. bearing the name of a person; 2. [Gram.]);
titulos nominative nominative shares

nominativo n [Gram.] nominative

nominator n nominator (= one who nominates)

nomine n 1. name; 2. noun;
in nomine de in the name of, on behalf of
Hence: nominal-nominalismo, nominalista, nominar-innominabile, nomination, nominative-nominativo, nominator, innominate, si-nominate etc., denominar &, renominar &; prenomine; pronomine &; supernomine &; nomenclar etc.; plurinominal etc.; multinomie etc.; binomie etc.

nomo- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] nomo- (= law)
Hence: nomic; antinomia-antinomic; antinomio-antinomismo; nomocratia etc.; nomologia etc.: Deuteronomio etc.; metronomo etc.

nomocratia (-ía) n nomocracy

nomologia (-ía) n nomology

non adv 1. not; 2. no;
non! no!;
si non 1. if not; 2. except, unless it be
Hence: nonne etc. [nonnulle] etc.; [sinon] etc.; non-me-oblida etc.

non- prefixo [used with nouns and adjectives] non- (1. not ...; 2. lack of ...; failure to ... )
Hence: nonsenso etc.; nonobstante etc.; nonconformista etc.

nonagenari adj nonagenarian

nonas npl nones (1. [Rom. Antiq.]; 2. [Eccl.])

nonchalance [F] n nonchalance

nonchalant [F] adj nonchalant

nonconformista n nonconformist

nonconformitate n nonconformity

nondum (nón-) adv not yet

none adj ninth;
le none parte, le nono the ninth part, the ninth

non-euclidian adj [Math.] non-Euclidean

non-me-oblida n [Bot.] forget-me-not

nonnate adj unborn

[nonne?] interr part is it not?;
il es ver, nonne? it is true, isn’t it?, isn’t that so?

[nonnulle] adj some, several
Hence: nonnullo

[nonnullo] pron some, several

nonobstante 1. prep despite, in spite of; 2. adv nevertheless

non plus ultra [L] non plus ultra

nonsenso n nonsense

nonu- see nove²

nonuplar v to multiply by nine

nonuple (nú-) adj ninefold
Hence: nonuplar

nord n north;
(ir) al nord (to go) north;
(vento) del nord north (wind);
polo nord North Pole
Hence: nordic; nord-est etc.

nord-est n northeast

nordic adj Nordic

nord-west n northwest

norma n norm
Hence: normal-normalitate, normalisar, anormal-anormalitate; normar-normative; enorme &

normal¹ adj normal (1. at right angles, perpendicular; 2. conforming to a norm);
schola normal teacher’s college, normal school

normal² n [Geom.] normal

normalisar v to normalize

normalitate n normality, normalcy

Normandia (-ía) npr Normandy

normanne adj Norman;
Insulas Normanne Channel Islands, Norman Isles

normanno n I. [Hist.] Northman, Norseman; II. Norman (1. Norse invaders of France, Italy, etc.; 2. inhabitant of Normandy)
Hence: normanne

normar v to make conformable to a norm, normalize

normative adj normative

Norvega npr Norway
Hence: norvegian-norvegiano

norvegian adj Norwegian

norvegiano n Norwegian (1. native or inhabitant of Norway; 2. Norwegian language)

nos pron I. pers 1. we; 2. us; II. refl ourselves

nosc- [nosc-/not-;-gnosc-/-gnit-] v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: cognoscer &; notion &; notori &; note-notitia, notificar &

nostalgia (-ía) n nostalgia, homesickness
Hence: nostalgic

nostalgic adj nostalgic; also: homesick

nosto- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] nosto-, nost- (= return home)
Hence: nostalgia etc.

nostre adj poss our; pron poss ours

not- see nosc-

nota n I. note (1. as in “to take notes of a lecture”; 2. annotation; also: footnote; 3. [Dipl.]; 4. [Mus.]); II. [School] mark, grade; III. bill, account;
nota (de banca) banknote;
de nota of note;
prender nota de to make a note of
Hence: notario &; notar &

notabile adj notable

notabilitate n notability (1. quality of being notable; 2. prominent person, notable)

notacanthe adj [Zool.] notacanthous, spiny-backed
Hence: notacantho

notacantho n Notacanthus

notal adj [Zool.] notal, dorsal

notar v 1. to note (= to write down a note or notes of); 2. to notice, note
Hence: notation; notabile-notabilitate; annotar &; denotar &

notarial adj notarial

notariato n profession of a notary

notario n notary
Hence: notarial; notariato; protonotario etc.

notation n notation; special: [Mus.; Chem.]

note adj known

notificar v to notify
Hence: notification; notificator

notification n notification

notificator n notifier

notion n notion (= concept, idea);
notiones smattering, general idea
Hence: notional

notional adj notional, conceptual

notitia n notice (1. observation, cognizance, etc.; 2. information or communication imparting knowledge)

noto n [Zool.] notum, back; specif.: back of the thorax of an insect
Hence: notal; notacanthe etc.; notochordo etc.; notonecta etc.; gymnoto etc.

notochordo n [Zool.] notochord

notonecta n [Zool.] Notonecta, back swimmer

notori adj notorious (= publicly or commonly known)
Hence: notorietate

notorietate n notoriety (= character of what is publicly or commonly known)

nova n piece of news;
novas news

noval adj [Agr.] newly broken

novanta adj ninety

novantesime (-ésime) adj ninetieth;
le novantesime parte, le novantesimo the ninetieth part, the ninetieth

novar v [Law] to novate

novation n [Law] novation

novator n innovator

nove¹ adj new (1. not existing before; 2. not yet used or worn);
de nove again, anew, afresh;
le nove mundo the New World;
le Nove Testamento the New Testament
Hence: noval; novicio &; novitate; novelle &; novar-novation, novator, innovar &; renovar &; novilunio etc.; Nove York etc.; nova

nove² adj nine
Hence: novena; novanta-novantesime; novesime; none-nonagenari, nonuple etc., nonas; dece-nove etc.

Nove Guinea (ginéa) npr New Guinea

novella n 1. novelette, short story; 2. [Rom. Law] novel
Hence: novellista

novelle adj new, novel
Hence: novellitate; novella &

novellista n novelette writer, short-story writer

novellitate n newness, novelty

novembre n November

novena n [Eccl.] novena

Nove Orleans npr New Orleans

novesime (-ésime) adj ninth

Nove York npr New York

Nove Zelanda npr New Zealand

novial [Nov.] n Novial
Hence: novialista

novialista n Novialist

noviciato n novitiate

novicio n novice (1. [Eccl.]; 2. beginner); attrib. inexperienced, new
Hence: noviciato

novilunio n new moon (“phase or period of new moon”)

novitate n 1. newness, novelty; 2. novelty (= new or novel thing)

nuance [F] n nuance, shade

nub- [nub-/nupt-] v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: nubile &; nuptias &; connubio &

nube n cloud;
esser in le nubes to be in the clouds
Hence: nubilo &; nubifere

Nubia npr Nubia
Hence: nubie-nubio

nubie adj Nubian

nubifere adj cloud-bringing, nubiferous

nubile adj nubile, marriageable
Hence: nubilitate

nubilitate n nubility

nubilo (nú-) n storm cloud
Hence: nubilose; obnubilar &

nubilose adj cloudy (= covered with clouds)

nubio n Nubian

nuce n [Bot.] nut; specif.: walnut
Hence: nuciforme etc.; rumpenuces etc.

nuciforme adj nut-shaped

nucleal adj nucleal, nuclear

nuclear v to nucleate

nucleari adj nuclear;
chimia nucleari nuclear chemistry;
energia nucleari nuclear energy;
fission nucleari nuclear fission;
physica nucleari nuclear physics;
reaction nucleari nuclear reaction;
structura nucleari nuclear structure

nucleina n [Chem.] nuclein

nucleo n nucleus (1. core, focus; 2. [special: Astron., Biol., Atomic Phys., etc.]); also: kernel
Hence: nucleina; nucleolo; nucleal; nucleari; nuclear; enuclear &

nucleolo (-clé-) n [Biol.] nucleolus

nude adj bare, naked, nude
Hence: nudismo; nudista; nuditate; denudar &; seminude etc.

nudismo n nudism

nudista n nudist

nuditate n nakedness, nudity

nulle adj I. not any, no; II. null (1. worthless; 2. as in “null and void”)
Hence: nullitate; nullificar-nullification; annullar &; [nonnulle] etc.

nullemente adv in no way, not at all

nullificar v to nullify

nullification n nullification

nullitate n nullity; also: nonentity

[num] interr part -;
num ille habe le libro? has he the book?

numerabile adj numerable

numeral¹ adj numeral (= designating number)

numeral² n numeral

numerar v 1. to count; 2. to number

numerario n currency (= money in actual use in a country)

numeration n numeration (1. enumeration; 2. [Arith.])

numerator n 1. [Arith.] numerator; 2. numberer (= one who or that which numbers)

numeric adj numerical

numero (nú-) n I. number (1. [Math.]; 2. indicator designating a thing or person in a series; 3. [Gram.]); II. [Poet., Mus.] numbers;
numero integre whole number, integer
Hence: numeral; numerario; supernumerari; numeric; numerose-numerositate; numerar-numerabile-innumerabile-innumerabilitate, numeration, numerator, enumerar &

numerose adj numerous (1. in great numbers; 2. [Poet., Mus.] harmonious, rhythmical)

numerositate n numerosity, numerousness; also: [Poet., Mus.]

numida (nú) n Numidian
Hence: Numidia-numidian

Numidia npr Numidia

numidian adj Numidian

numisma [-ma/-mat-] n money, coin
Hence: numismatic; numismatico; numismatica

numismatic adj numismatic

numismatica n numismatics

numismatico n numismatist

nunc adv now (= at the present time);
nunc ... nunc now ... then

nunciatura n nunciature

nuncio n 1. messenger; 2. nuncio
Hence: internuncio; nunciatura; annunciar &; denunciar &; enunciar &; pronunciar &; renunciar &

nunquam (núnquam) adv never

[nuper] (nú-) adv newly, lately, recently

nupt- see nub-

nuptial adj nuptial, wedding

nuptias npl wedding, nuptials
Hence: nuptial

nursery [A] n nursery (= room set apart for children)

nusquam (nús-) adv nowhere; not ... anywhere

nutar v 1. to nod; 2. [Bot., etc.] to nutate
Hence: nutation

nutation n nutation (1. act of nodding; 2. [Astron., Bot., etc.])

nutrice n (wet) nurse

nutriente 1. ppr of nutrir; 2. adj nourishing, nutrient

nutrimento n nourishment (= sustenance, food)

nutrir v I. to nurse (= to give milk to (a baby)); II. to nourish (1. to sustain with food; 2. as in “to nourish a hope”);
nutrir se de to subsist on
Hence: nutrimento; nutriente; nutrition; nutritive; nutritor

nutrition n nutrition (= process of absorbing and assimilating nourishment)

nutritive adj nutritious, nutritive

nutritor n nourisher

nyct- n [occurring in compounds] nycto-, nycti-, nyct- (= night)
Hence: nyctalopia etc.; nycticorace etc.; nyctophobia etc.

nyctalopia (-ía) n [Pathol.] nyctalopia
Hence: nyctalopic

nyctalopic adj nyctalopic

nycticorace (-córace) n [Zool.] Nycticorax

nyctophobia (-ía) n nyctophobia

nylon [A] n nylon

nympha n nymph (1. [Mythol.]; 2. [Zool.])
Hence: nymphal; nymphee-nymphea; nymphomania etc.; nymphomane etc.

nymphal adj nymphal (1. [Mythol.]); 2. [Zool.])

nymphea (-éa) n [Bot.] Nymphaea

nymphee (-ée) adj [Mythol.] nymphean, nymphal

nymphomana (-ó-) n nymphomaniac

nymphomane adj nymphomaniac
Hence: nymphomana

nymphomania (-ía) n nymphomania

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