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o conj or;
o ... o either ... or

oasis (-á-) n oasis

[ob] prep towards; before, in front of; on account of, because of

obediente adj obedient

obedientia n obedience

obedir v to obey;
obedir a (un persona, un lege, etc.) to obey (a person, a law, etc.)
Hence: obediente-obedientia; disobedir-disobediente-disobedientia

obelisco n obelisk

obir v to perish, die
Hence: obito-obituari, obituario

obito (ó-) n 1. death, demise; 2. [Eccl.] anniversary mass, obit

obituari adj obituary

obituario n [R.C.Ch.] register of deaths, obituary

object- see objic-

objectar v to object

objection n objection;
facer un objection, sublevar un objection to make or raise an objection

objectivar v to objectivize, objectify

objectivation n [Philos.] objectivation

objective adj objective

objectivismo n [Philos.] objectivism

objectivitate n objectivity

objectivo n objective (1. aim, end; 2. [Opt.]; also: object glass, lens)

objecto n object (1. a material thing; 2. purpose, end; 3. [Gram.])

objic- [-jic-/-ject-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: objection; objective-objectivismo, objectivitate, objectivo-objectivar-objectivation; objecto-objectar

oblat- see offerer

oblation n oblation (1. [Eccl.]; 2. donation, offering)

oblidabile adj easily forgotten

oblidar v to forget
Hence: oblido; oblidabile-inoblidabile

oblido n 1. oblivion; 2. forgetfulness;
cader in oblido to fall into oblivion

obligante adj obliging

obligar v to oblige (1. to compel; 2. to make indebted by doing a favor);
multo obligate! much obliged!
Hence: obligante; obligation; obligatori; disobligar-disobligante

obligation n obligation (1. moral or legal duty; 2. [Law] bond, contact; 3. [Com., Fin.] bond, debenture; 4. indebtedness for a favor)

obligatori adj obligatory, compulsory, binding

obliquar v to move obliquely, oblique

oblique adj oblique (1. slanting; 2. not straightforward);
caso oblique [Gram.] oblique case;
[Anat.] musculos oblique oblique muscles
Hence: obliquitate; obliquar

obliquitate n obliquity

obliterar v to obliterate; also: [Med.]
Hence: obliteration

obliteration n obliteration; also: [Med.]

oblivion n 1. oblivion; 2. forgetfulness
Hence: obliviose

obliviose adj forgetful;
obliviose de oblivious of, forgetful of

oblonge adj oblong

obnubilar v to overcloud, overcast
Hence: obnubilation

obnubilation n [Med.] obnubilation

oboe (ó-) n oboe
Hence: oboista

oboista n oboist

obra n work (1. purposeful activity; 2. something produced by manual or intellectual work);
poner in obra to put to work or use;
obra de arte work of art
Hence: obrero

obrero n workman

obscen adj obscene
Hence: obscenitate

obscenitate n obscenity

obscur adj dark, obscure, dim;
camera obscur [Photog.] darkroom
Hence: obscuritate; obscurar-obscurante-obscurantismo, obscurantista, obscuration; clarobscuro etc.

obscurante n obscurantist

obscurantismo n obscurantism

obscurantista n obscurantist

obscurar v to darken, obscure, dim; also: to blackout

obscuration n obscuration; also: 1. [Astron.] occultation, eclipse; 2. blackout

obscuritate n darkness, obscurity, dimness

obsecrar v to obsecrate
Hence: obsecration

obsecration n obsecration (1. supplication; 2. [Rhet.])

obseder [-sed-/-sess-] v to obsess
Hence: obsession

obsequer v 1. to comply with, yield to; 2. to defer to
Hence: obsequio-obsequiose-obsequiositate; obsequiar; obsequias

obsequiar v to treat with deference

obsequias npl funeral, obsequies

obsequio n deference

obsequiose adj obsequious

obsequiositate n obsequiousness

observabile adj observable (1. discernible; 2. noteworthy)

observante 1. ppr of observar; 2. adj observant (= strict in observing rules or customs)

observantia n observance (1. act of observing a rule, law, etc.; 2. religious rite or custom)

observar v to observe (1. “to observe a law, rule, etc.”; 2. to watch closely, to study; 3. to remark);
facer observar un cosa a un persona to point something out to someone
Hence: observante-observantia, inobservante-inobservantia; observabile-inobservabile; observation; observator; observatorio

observation n observation (1. observance; 2. act of observing a fact, event, phenomenon, etc.; 3. remark)

observator n observer; attrib. observing, observant

observatorio n observatory (= place or building for scientific observation)

obsess- see obseder

obsession n obsession

obsolescente 1. ppr of obsolescer; 2. adj obsolescent, becoming obsolete

obsolescentia n obsolescence

obsolescer [-solesc-/-solet-] v to be or become obsolescent, obsolesce
Hence: obsolescente-obsolescentia; obsolete

obsolet- see obsolescer

obsolete adj obsolete

obstaculo n obstacle

obstar v to stand in the way of
Hence: obstaculo; nonobstante

obstetric adj obstetric, obstetrical
Hence: obstetricia; obstetrico

obstetrice n midwife
Hence: obstetricia

obstetricia n obstetrics, midwifery

obstetrico n obstetrician

obstinar v -;
obstinar se to grow or be obstinate;
obstinar se a to persist in, be obstinate about
Hence: obstination; obstinate

obstinate adj obstinate

obstination n obstinacy

obstruct- see obstruer

obstruction n obstruction (1. action of obstructing or blocking; 2. [Med.]; 3. [Parl.]);
facer obstruction [Parl.] to filibuster, obstruct

obstructionismo n obstructionism

obstructionista n obstructionist

obstructive adj obstructive

obstruer [-stru-/-struct-] v to obstruct (= to block with obstacles or impediments)
Hence: obstruction-obstructionismo, obstructionista; obstructive

obtemperar v to obey, be obedient;
obtemperar a un persona to obey someone

obtener [-ten-/-tent-] v to obtain (= to get)
Hence: obtenimento; obtenibile; obtention; obtentor

obtenibile adj obtainable

obtenimento n obtainment

obtent- see obtener

obtention n obtention

obtentor n obtainer

obtundente 1. ppr of obtunder; 2. adj blunt, obtundent

obtunder [-tund-/-tus-] v to blunt, dull, obtund
Hence: obtundente; obtuse-obtusitate, obtusangule etc.

obtus- see obtunder

obtusangule adj [Geom.] obtuse-angled, obtusangular

obtuse adj obtuse (1. blunt, not sharppointed; 2. dull, slow of perception);
angulo obtuse [Geom.] obtuse angle

obtusitate n obtuseness, obtusity

obviar v to obviate;
obviar a to obviate, take precautions against

obvie adj obvious
Hence: obviar

oca n goose

occasion n 1. occasion (as in “on several occasions”); 2. opportunity; 3. ground, reason;
(libro) de occasion secondhand (book);
dar occasion a to give occasion for;
profitar del occasion to profit by the occasion
Hence: occasional, occasionar

occasional adj occasional (as in “occasional cause”)

occasionar v to occasion

occidental¹ adj western, occidental

occidental² n [Interling.] occidental
Hence: occidentalista

occidentalista n [Interling.] occidentalist

occidente n west, occident
Hence: occidental¹-ocidental² &

occider [-cid-/-cis-] v to kill
Hence: occision; occisor

occipital adj occipital

occipite (-cí-) n occiput
Hence: occipital

occis- see occider

occision n (act of) killing

occisor n killer

occluder [-clud-/-clus-] v to occlude (1. to close or obstruct; 2. [Chem.])
Hence: occlusion

occlus- see occluder

occlusion n occlusion

occultar v to occult (= to hide from sight); also: [Astron.]

occultation n occultation (1. concealment; 2. [Astron.])

occulte adj occult
Hence: occultismo; occultista; occultar-occultation

occultismo n occultism

occultista n occultist; attrib. occult, occultist

occupante n occupant (= one who occupies a place);
prime occupante [Law] occupant (= one who holds a title to something by occupancy)

occupantia n occupancy

occupar v to occupy (1. to take possession of; 2. to fill the space or time of; 3. to keep busy or engaged);
occupar se de to be interested in; to busy oneself with
Hence: occupante-occupantia; occupation; occupator; occupate; disoccupar-disoccupation, disoccupate; preoccupar &; reoccupar-reoccupation

occupate 1. pp of occupar; 2. adj busy (= engaged in work)

occupation n occupation (1. act of occupying; 2. that which engages one’s time)

occupator n occupier (1. one who takes possession of a place, a thing, etc.; 2. one who keeps busy or engaged)

occurrentia n occurrence (= happening, event)

occurrer v to occur (= to happen, take place)
Hence: occurrentia

Oceania npr Oceania

oceanian adj Oceanian

oceaniano n Oceanian

oceanic adj oceanic (= of the ocean)

oceanide (-á-) n [Gr. Mythol.] Oceanid

oceano (-cé-) n ocean;
Oceano [Gr. Mythol.] Oceanus
Hence: Oceania-oceanian-oceaniano; oceanide; oceanographo etc.

oceanographia (-ía) n oceanography

oceanographic adj oceanographic

oceanographo (-nó-) n oceanographer
Hence: oceanographia-oceanographic

ochlo- n [occurring in compounds] ochlo- (= mob)
Hence: ochlocrate etc.; ochlocratia etc.; ochlocratic etc.

ochlocrate (-ó-) n ochlocrat

ochlocratia (-ía) n ochlocracy, mob rule

ochlocratic adj ochlocratic

oct- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] octa-, octo- (= eight)
Hence: octano; octopode etc.; octametro etc.; octagon etc.

octagon adj octagonal
Hence: octagono-octagonal

octagonal adj octagonal

octagono n octagon

octahedre adj [Math.] octahedral
Hence: octahedro

octahedro n [Math.] octahedron

octametro (-á-) n octameter

octano n [Chem.] octane

octanta adj eighty

octante n octant (1. [Geom.]; 2. instrument for measuring angles)

octantesime (-ésime) adj eightieth;
le octantesime parte, le octantesimo the eightieth part, the eightieth

octava n octave (1. [Eccl.]; 2. [Pros.]; 3. [Mus.])

octavar v 1. to divide into eighths; 2. to form octaves

octave adj eighth;
le octave parte, le octavo the eighth part, the eighth
Hence: octavar; octavo; octava-octavino

octavino n octave flute, piccolo

octavo n octavo

octesime (-ésime) adj eighth

octetto n octette

octo adj eight
Hence: octante; octetto; octanta-octantesime; octave &; octesime; octogenari; octogesime; octuple etc.; octuplicar etc.; dece-octo etc.

octobre n October

octogenari adj octogenarian

octogesime (-ésime) adj eightieth;
le octogesime parte, le octogesimo the eightieth part, the eightieth

octopode (-ópode) n octopus

octosyllabic adj octosyllabic

octosyllabo (-sí-) n octosyllabic line
Hence: octosyllabic

octu- see octo

octuplar v to octuple (= to multiply by eight)

octuple (óc-) adj octuple, eightfold
Hence: octuplar

octuplicar v to octuple

ocular¹ v to eye, glance at; also: to ogle

ocular² adj ocular;
nervo ocular optic nerve

oculetto n eyelet (= small round hole for the passage of a lace, cord, etc.)

oculista n oculist

oculistic adj ophthalmologic, oculistic

oculistica n ophthalmology

oculo (óc-) n eye;
oculo (de un agulia, martello, etc.) eye (of a needle, hammer, etc.);
oculo (de un planta) eye or bud (of a plant);
aperir le oculos a un persona to open someone’s eyes;
inter quatro oculos in private, between you and me, etc.;
saltar al oculos to be obvious
Hence: oculetto; oculista-oculistic, oculistica; ocular¹; ocular²; adocular-adoculamento; inocular &; binoculo etc.; monoculo etc.

ode n ode
Hence: parodia &; prosodia &; melodia etc.; palinodia etc.; rhapsodo etc.

odiar v to hate

odio n hate, hatred
Hence: odiose; odiar

odiose adj odious, hateful

-odo see hodo-

odont- n [occurring in compounds] odont- (= tooth)
Hence: odontalgia etc.; odontologo etc.; mastodonte etc.; squalodonte etc.

odontalgia (-ía) n odontalgia

odontalgic adj odontalgic

odontologia (-ía) n odontology

odontologic adj odontologic

odontologo (-ólogo) n odontologist

odor n odor
Hence: odorifere; odorose; odorar-odorante-disodorante; inodor; malodor etc.

odorante 1. ppr of odorar; 2. adj odorous

odorar v to smell (= to emit an odor)

odorifere adj odorous, odoriferous

odorose adj odorous;
piso odorose sweet pea

Odyssea (-éa) n [Gr. Lit.] Odyssey

Odysseus (-ísseus) npr [Gr. Mythol.] Odysseus
Hence: Odyssea

offender [-fend-/-fens-] v 1. to hurt, harm; 2. to offend, insult, be offensive to;
offender se to be offended, take offense;
offender Deo to offend (against) God
Hence: offensive-inoffensive, offensiva-contraoffensiva; offensor; offensa; offenditor

offenditor n offender

offens- see offender

offensa n offense (= act of offending)

offensiva n offensive;
prender le offensiva to take the offensive

offensive adj offensive (1. pertaining to attack; 2. insulting);
armas offensive offensive weapons, weapons of offense

offensor n offender (= one who offends)

offerer [offer-/oblat-/offert-] v to offer (something); also: to bid;
offerer se (a facer un cosa) to offer (to do something);
un bon occasion se offere a good opportunity offers itself
Hence: oblation; offertorio; offerta

offert- see offerer

offerta n offer;
le offerta e le demanda supply and demand

offertorio n [Eccl.] offertory

official¹ adj official

official² n official (as in “government official”)

officiante n officiant, officiator

officiar v to officiate

officiator n officiator

officiero n [Mil., Nav.] officer

officina n 1. workshop; 2. [Pharm.] dispensary
Hence: officinal

officinal adj officinal

officio n I. office (1. position, appointment; 2. function; 3. bureau); II. [Eccl.] Office;
de officio ex officio;
bon officios good offices
Hence: officiero; official-semiofficial; officiose &; officiar-officiante, officiator

officiose adj I. obliging; II. officious (1. as in “some officious friend”; 2. semi-official);
(pressa, jornal, etc.) officiose semi-official or inspired (press, newspaper, etc.);
mendacio officiose white lie
Hence: inofficiose-inofficiositate

-ogia see -logia

-ogo see logo

Ohm, Georg Simon npr [1787-1854; physicist after whom the “ohm” is named];
lege de Ohm Ohm’s law
Hence: ohm-ohmmetro etc.

ohm n [Elec.] ohm

ohmmetro (óm-) n ohmmeter

-oide¹ suffixo adjective [used with nouns] -oid (= like ..., shaped like ...)
Hence: deltoide etc.; negroide etc.

-oide² suffixo substantive [used with nouns] -oid (= something like, or shaped like ...)
Hence: celluloide etc.; globoide etc.

-ol see oleo

oleaceas npl [Bot.] Oleaceae

oleacee adj [Bot.] oleaceous

oleage (-aje) n oiling, lubrication

oleaginose adj oleaginous

olear v to oil, grease

oleastro n [Bot.] oleaster

oleato n [Chem.] oleate

oleic (-léic) adj [Chem.] oleic

oleifere (-ífere) adj oliferous

oleina (-ína) n [Chem.] olein

olente 1. ppr of oler; 2. adj fragrant

olentia n fragrance

oleo n oil;
oleos essential essential oils;
oleos fixe fixed oils;
oleo de ricino castor oil;
pictura a(l) oleo oil painting;
jectar oleo super le foco to add fuel to the fire;
pinger a(l) oleo to paint in oils;
oleo Diesel Diesel oil
Hence: oleastro; oleato; oleria; oleina; oleacee; oleaginose; oleic; oleifere; oleose-oleositate; olear-oleage; oleomargarina etc.; petroleo etc.; quinoleina etc.; ichthyol etc.; lanolina etc.

oleo-margarina n oleomargarine

oleose adj oily, greasy

oleositate n oiliness

oler v to smell (= to emit a smell)
Hence: olente-olentia; redoler &; olfacer etc.

oleria (-ía) n oilery

olfacer [-fac-/-fact-] v to smell (something)
Hence: olfaction; olfactive; olfactori

olfact- see olfacer

olfaction n [Physiol.] olfaction

olfactive adj olfactory (as in “olfactory organ”)

olfactori adj olfactory (as in “olfactory organ”)

oligarch- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: oligarcha; oligarchia-oligarchic

oligarcha n oligarch

oligarchia (-ía) n oligarchy

oligarchic adj oligarchic

oligo- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] oligo-, olig- (= few)
Hence: oligocen etc.; oligochete etc.; oligarcha etc.

oligocen adj [Geol.] Oligocene

oligochete adj [Zool.] oligochaetous
Hence: oligochetos

oligochetos npl [Zool.] Oligochaeta

olim (ó-) adv 1. once, formerly; 2. at a future time, sometime in the future

oliva n olive (1. olive tree; 2. fruit of the olive tree; 3. [Zool.]; 4. the color “olive”)
Hence: oliveto; olivina; olivacee; olivari; olivo

olivacee adj olive-green, olivaceous

olivari adj olive-shaped; also: [Anat.] olivary

oliveto n olive grove

olivina n [Mineral.] olivine

olivo n olive, olive tree

olla n pot, jar, etc.
Hence: ollero; olleria

olla podrida [H] n olla podrida (1. [Cookery]; 2. hodgepodge)

olleria (-ía) n pottery (1. potter’s shop; 2. “pottery ware”)

ollero n potter (= maker of earthenware pots)

Olympia¹ npr Olympia (= region where the ancient Olympian games were held)

Olympia² nprf Olympia

olympiade (-pí-) n Olympiad

olympic adj Olympic;
jocos olympic Olympian games; Olympic games

olympie adj Olympian (1. pertaining to Mount Olympus; 2. pertaining to the Olympian gods; 3. pertaining to Olympia)

Olympo npr [Geog.; Gr. Mythol.] Olympus
Hence: olympic; olympie-olympiade, Olympia¹, 0lympia²

-omal- see homal-

omega (ó-) n omega (= last letter of the Greek alphabet);
alpha e omega alpha and omega

omelette [F] n omelet

omiss- see omitter

omission n omission

omitter [-mitt-/-miss-] v to omit
Hence: omission

omne adj I. all (1. as in “all the cheese”; 2. as in “all the books”); II. every, each;
de omne mano from every hand;
de omne latere from every side;
in omne caso in any case;
omne cosa everything
Hence: omnimode etc.; omnisciente etc.; omnivore etc.

omnes (óm-) pron all

omnibus (óm-) n bus, omnibus;
traino omnibus omnibus train, local (train)
Hence: autobus etc.

omniforme adj omniform, of all forms

omnimode (-í-) adj omnimodous, omnifarious

omnipotente adj almighty, omnipotent;
le Omnipotente the Almighty
Hence: omnipotentia

omnipotentia n omnipotence, almightiness

omnisciente adj omniscient
Hence: omniscientia

omniscientia n omniscience

omnividente adj all-seeing, omnivident

omnivore adj omnivorous

omoplate n shoulder blade, omoplate

[on] indef pron one
(= uno)

oncle n uncle
Hence: granoncle

oneiro- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] oneiro- (= dream)
Hence: oneiromantia etc. ...

oneiromantia (-ía) n oneiromancy

onerar v to load; to burden with

onerari adj burden, freight (= of or pertaining to burden, freight, etc.)

onere n load, burden; also: freight, weight
Hence: onerari; onerose-onerositate; onerar; exonerar &

onerose adj onerous, burdensome

onerositate n onerousness

onom- [-ma-/-mat-] n [occurring in compounds] -onom-, onomato- (= name)
Hence: onomatologia etc.; onomatomania etc.

onomat- see onom-

onomatologia (-ía) n onomatology

onomatomania (-ía) [Psychiatry] onomatomania

onomatopeia (-péya) n [Philol.] onomatopoeia
Hence: onomatopeic

onomatopeic (-péic) adj onomatopoetic

onto- [occurring in compounds] onto- (= being)
Hence: ontologo etc.; ontogenia etc.; ontogenetic etc.; paleontologo etc.

ontogenese (-gé-) n ontogenesis, ontogeny

ontogenesis (-gé-) n ontogenesis, ontogeny

ontogenetic adj ontogenetic

ontogenia (-ía) n ontogeny (1. “science of ontogeny”; 2. ontogenesis)
Hence: ontogenista

ontogenista n ontogenist

ontologia (-ía) n ontology

ontologic adj ontologic, ontological

ontologista n ontologist

ontologo (-ólogo) n ontologist
Hence: ontologia-ontologista; ontologic

onyche (ó-) n onyx

-onym- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] -onym- (= name)
Hence: -onymia-metonymia &, toponymia etc.; -onymic &; anonyme &; antonyme &; eponyme &; paronyme &; synonyme &; homonyme etc.; pseudonyme etc.

-onymia (-ía) [occurring in compounds]

-onymic [occurring in compounds] -onymic
Hence: patronymic etc.

op-¹ n [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: opulente &; inope &

op-² [op-/-opt] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: option-optional, adoption; adoptive; optar-optative, adoptar &, cooptar &

opac adj opaque (= not translucent)
Hence: opacitate

opacitate n opacity

opalescente adj opalescent

opalescentia n opalescence

opalescer v to opalesce

opalin adj opaline

opalo (ó-) n opal;
opalo de foco fire opal
Hence: opalin; opalescer-opalescente-opalescentia

-ope [occurring in derivatives and compounds] -ope (= -eyed, -sighted)
Hence: myope etc.; -opia-presbyopia etc.; diplopia etc.; nyctalopia etc.; prosopo-

opera (óp-) n 1. work (as in “hard work”); 2. opera; also: opera house
Hence: operetta; operose; operar-operante, operabile, operation, operative, operator, operatori, cooperar &, exoperar &

operabile adj operable (1. practicable; 2. [Med.])

operante 1. ppr of operar; 2. adj operant, operative

operar v I. to effect, work; II. to operate (1. to work, function; 2. [Mil.]); III. [Surg.] to operate upon;
operar miraculos to work miracles

operation n operation (1. action, activity; 2. [Mil.]; 3. [Surg.]);
sala de operation operating room

operative adj operative

operator n operator; specif. operating surgeon

operatori adj [Surg.] operative

operetta n operetta

operose adj operose, hard-working

oph- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] oph-, ophi-, ophio- (= snake)
Hence: ophiolatra etc. ...

ophiolatra (-ólatra) n ophiolater, snake worshiper
Hence: ophiolatria

ophiolatria (-ía) n ophiolatry, snake worship

ophthalmia (-ía) n ophthalmia, ophthalmitis

ophthalmic adj ophthalmic; also: ocular

ophthalmo- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] ophthalmo-, ophthalm- (= eye)
Hence: ophthalmia-sclerophthalmia; ophthalmic; ophthalmologo etc.; ophthalmoscopio etc.

ophthalmologia (-ía) n ophthalmology

ophthalmologic adj ophthalmological

ophthalmologista n ophthalmologist

ophthalmologo (-ólogo) n ophthalmologist, eye specialist
Hence: ophthalmologia-ophthalmologista; ophthalmologic

ophthalmoscopic adj ophthalmoscopic

ophthalmoscopio n ophthalmoscope
Hence: ophthalmoscopic

-opia (-ía) [occurring in compounds]

opiate adj opiate

opiato n opiate

opinabile adj that is a matter of opinion, disputable

opinar v opine (1. to hold as an opinion; 2. to express as an opinion)
Hence: opinion-opiniose; opinabile; inopinate; preopinar-preopinante

opinion n opinion;
esser de opinion que to be of (the) opinion that;
emitter un opinion to put forward, express, an opinion;
haber bon (mal) opinion de un persona to have a good (bad) opinion, think well (ill), of someone;
formar se un opinion super to form an opinion on

opiniose adj opinionated

opium (ópium) n opium
Hence: opiate-opiato

-opl- see hoplo-

opossum [A] n opossum

opponente¹ 1. ppr of opponer; 2. adj opposing, antagonistic

opponente² n opponent

opponer [-pon-/-posit-] v to oppose (= to set up against);
opponer se a to oppose (= to be against)
Hence: opponente; opposition; opposite-opposito

opportun adj opportune
Hence: opportunismo; opportunista; opportunitate; inopportun; inopportunitate

opportunismo n opportunism

opportunista n opportunist

opportunitate n 1. opportuneness; 2. opportunity

opposit- see opponer

opposite (-pó-) adj opposite (= placed or lying over against something)

opposition n opposition (1. as in “the opposition of fact and fiction”; 2. as in “to meet with opposition”)

opposito (-pó-) n opposite

oppress- see opprimer

oppression n oppression

oppressive adj oppressive (as in “oppressive legislation”)

oppressor n oppressor

opprimer [-prim-/-press-] v to oppress
Hence: oppression; oppressive; oppressor

ops- n [occurring m compounds] -ops-, opsio-, -opsis (1. sight, seeing; 2. viewing, examination; 3. appearance, look)
Hence: achromatopsia etc.; necropsia etc.; caryopse etc.

opt- see op-

optar v to choose, make a choice;
optar pro to decide in favor of, to declare for; also: to opt for

optative adj optative

optic adj 1. optic; 2. optical;
nervo optic optic nerve;
illusion optic optical illusion
Hence: panoptic etc.; optico; optica

optica n optics

optico n optician

optime (óp-) adj very best
Hence: optimismo; optimista; optimo

optimismo n optimism

optimista n optimist; attrib. optimistic

optimo (óp-) n optimum

option n option (1. action of choosing; 2. power or liberty of choosing; 3. [Com.])

optional adj optional

opto- [occurring in compounds] opto-, opt- (= sight)
Hence: optometro etc.

optometria (-ía) n optometry

optometrista n optometrist

optometro (-ómetro) n optometer
Hence: optometria-optometrista

-optro- [occurring in compounds] -optro-, -optr- (as in “catoptromancy”, “catoptric”)
Hence: catoptro-

opulente adj opulent (= wealthy)
Hence: opulentia

opulentia n opulence (= wealth)

opus (pl opera) [L] n opus
Hence: opusculo

opusculo n opuscule

-or suffixo substantive [used with the second stem of verbs in -er and -ir] -or, -er (= one who or that which ...s)
Hence: receptor etc.; oppressor etc.; distributor etc; motor etc.; inventor etc.

ora adv now (= at the present time);
ora ... ora now ... then

oracular adj oracular

oraculo oracle
Hence: oracular

oral adj oral (1. verbal; 2. as in “oral cavity”)

-orama n [occurring in compounds] -orama (= view)
Hence: diorama; cosmorama etc.; georama etc.; panorama etc.

orange [F] n orange (= fruit of the orange tree); attrib.: orange (as in “of orange color”)
Hence: orangiada; orangiero; orangeria

orangeria (-jería) n orangery, orange greenhouse

orangiada (-jada) n orangeade

orangiero (-jero) n orange tree

orar v 1. to harangue, make a speech; orate; 2. to pray
Hence: oraculo &; oration; orator; oratori-oratoria; oratorio-oratorian; adorar &; exorar &; perorar &

oration n 1. oration; 2. prayer, orison;
oration funebre funeral oration, funeral sermon;
le partes del oration the parts of speech

orator n orator, public speaker

oratori adj oratorical

oratoria n oratory (= art of an orator)

oratorian n [Eccl.] Oratorian

oratorio¹ n oratory (1. room or building for private worship; 2. as in “Oratory of St. Philip Neri”)

oratorio² n [Mus.] oratorio

orbe n orb (= sphere, globe)
Hence: orbita &; orbicular; orbitel etc.

orbicular adj round, spherical, circular etc.; also: [Anat.] orbicular

orbita (ór-) n orbit (1. eye socket; 2. curved course of planet, comet, etc.)
Hence: orbital; orbitari; exorbitar &

orbital n orbital (1. [Astron.]; 2. [Anat.])

orbitari adj [Anat.] orbital

orbitel adj [Zool.] orbitelous
Hence: orbitelo

orbitelo n [Zool.] orbitele;
orbitelos [Zool.] Orbitelariae

orchestra n orchestra (1. [Gr. Antiq.]; 2. orchestra pit; 3. band of players; 4. orchestra circle)
Hence: orchestrion; orchestral; orchestrar-orchestration, orchestrator

orchestral adj orchestral

orchestrar v to orchestrate

orchestration n orchestration

orchestrator n orchestrater, orchestrator

orchestrion n [Mus.] orchestrion

orchid- see orchis

orchidea n orchid

orchidee adj orchidaceous

orchidologia (-ía) n orchidology

orchis (ó-) n [Bot.] orchis;
orch- orch-, orcho- (= testicle)
Hence: orchitis; orchotomia etc.; orchidee-orchidea; orchidologia etc.

orchitis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] orchitis

orchotomia (-ía) n [Surg.] orchotomy

ordimento n 1. [Weaving] (action of) warping; 2. beginning

ordinal adj ordinal

ordinando n [Eccl.] ordinand

ordinante n [Eccl.] ordinant

ordinantia n 1. order, arrangement; 2. ordinance, decree; 3. [Mil.] orderly

ordinar v I. to put in order, arrange; II. to order (1. to command; 2. to prescribe); III. [Eccl.] to ordain

ordinari adj ordinary (1. usual, regular; 2. commonplace, of little merit)
Hence: extraordinari; ordinario

ordinario n I. Ordinary (1. [Eccl.] as in “the Ordinary of the Mass”; 2. diocesan bishop); II. ordinary (= meal served at a fixed price)

ordinata n [Math.] ordinate

ordinate 1. pp of ordinar; 2. adj orderly, well-ordered

ordination n I. arrangement (= action of setting in order); II. ordination (1. action of decreeing; 2. [Eccl.])

ordinator n ordinator

ordine n order (1. arrangement, disposition; 2. [Arch.]; 3. orderliness; 4. category, group; 5. [Biol.]; 6. organized body of persons; 7. insignia, badge, etc.; 8. command);
de prime ordine first-class, first-rate;
(poner) in ordine (to put) in order;
ordine del die order of the day (1. agenda; 2. [Mil.]);
passar al ordine del die to pass to the order of the day
Hence: ordinal; ordinari &; ordinar-ordinando, ordinante, ordinantia, ordination, ordinator, ordinate-ordinata, coordinar &, disordinar-disordinate, preordinar-preordination, reordinar-reordination, subordinar-subordination-insubordination, subordinate-insubordinate, subordinato; contraordine; disordine

ordir v 1. [Weaving] to warp (= to prepare the warp); 2. to plot, intrigue; 3. to begin
Hence: ordimento; orditor; orditorio; orditura; exordir &; primordio etc.

orditor n 1. [Weaving] warper; 2. plotter, intriguer

orditorio n [Weaving] warp beam

orditura n [Weaving] (action of) warping

ore n mouth
Hence: oral; orificio etc.

organdi (-í) n organdy, organdie

organic adj organic;
chimia organic organic chemistry

organisabile adj organizable

organisar v to organize
Hence: organisabile; organisation; organisator; organisate; disorganisar-disorganisation, disorganisator; reorganisar-reorganisation, reorganisator

organisate 1. pp of organisar; 2. adj organic (as in “organic structure”)

organisation n organization

organisator n organizer

organismo n organism

organista n organist

organo (ór-) n organ (1. means, instrument, agency; 2. “pipe organ”; 3. “organ of an animal or plant body”);
organo a cylindro barrel organ
Hence: organismo; organista; organic-inorganic; organisar &; organoscopia etc.; organogenese etc.; organogenetic etc.

organogenese (-gé-) n organogenesis, organogeny

organogenesis (-gé-) n organogenesis, organogeny

organogenetic adj organogenetic

organogenia (-ía) n organogeny, organogenesis
Hence: organogenic

organogenic adj organogenic

organopathia (-ía) n organopathy

organoplastic adj [Biol.] organoplastic

organoscopia (-ía) n organoscopy

organotherapia (-ía) n organotherapy

orgia n orgy
Hence: orgiasta-orgiastic

orgiasta n orgiast

orgiastic adj orgiastic

orgolio n pride; also: haughtiness
Hence: orgoliose; inorgoliar

orgoliose adj proud; also: haughty

-ori suffixo adjective [used with the second stem of verb in -er and -ir] -ory (= pertaining to, or serving for, the action of
Hence: -orio; satisfactori etc.; delusori etc.; sensori etc.

oriental¹ adj 1. eastern, oriental; 2. Oriental, Eastern;
perla etc. oriental orient or oriental pearl, etc.

oriental² n Oriental

orientalisar v to orientalize (= to make oriental)

orientalismo n orientalism

orientalista n orientalist

orientalitate n orientality

orientar v to orient, orientate;
orientar se to orient oneself
Hence: orientation; disorientar-disorientation; reorientar-reorientation

orientation n orientation

oriente n 1. east; 2. orient (= peculiar luster of a pearl);
Oriente Orient, East;
Oriente Extreme Far East
Hence: oriental-orientalismo, orientalista, orientalitate, orientalisar; orientar &

orificio n orifice

original¹ adj original (1. earliest, primary; 2. “original in character, style, etc.”);
le peccato original original sin

original² n original (1. “original of a translation, imitation, reproduction, etc.”; 2. odd or excentric person)

originalitate n originality

originar v to originate (= to give origin to)

originari adj originary (1. aboriginal, native; 2. original)

originator n originator

origine n origin;
le origines de un cosa the beginnings of a thing;
traher su origine de to take its origin from, to originate from
Hence: original-originalitate; originari; originar-originator; aborigines

-orio suffixo substantive [used with the second stem of verbs in -er and -ir] -ory, -orium (= place where is done)
Hence: refectorio etc.; sensorio etc.

oriolo n oriole (= any bird of the genus Oriolus)

orlar v [Sewing] to hem

orlean- see Orleans

orleanista n [Hist.] Orleanist

Orleans npr Orleans (1. [Geog.]); 2. as in “House of Orleans”)
Hence: orleanista; Nove Orleans etc.

orlo n 1. brink, edge, brim, rim, border, etc.; 2. [Sewing] hem; 3. [Her., Arch.] orle
Hence: orlar

ornamental adj ornamental

ornamentar v to ornament

ornamentation n ornamentation (= act of ornamenting)

ornamentista n ornamentist, ornamentalist

ornamento n ornament, adornment
Hence: ornamentista; ornamental; ornamentar-ornamentation

ornar v to adorn;
ornar de to adorn with
Hence: ornamento &; ornate; adornar &; subornar &

ornate adj ornate (1. elaborately adorned; 2. as in “ornate style”)

ornith- n [occurring in compounds] ornitho-, ornith- (= bird)
Hence: ornithologo etc.; ornithogalo etc.; ornithomantia etc.; ornithorhynche etc.; ornithophilo etc.

ornithogalo (-tó-) n [Bot.] ornithogalum, star-of-Bethlehem

ornithologia (-ía) n ornithology

ornithologic adj ornithological

ornithologista n ornithologist

ornithologo (-tó-) n ornithologist
Hence: ornithologia-ornithologista; ornithologic

ornithomantia (-ía) n ornithomancy

ornithophile adj bird-loving
Hence: ornithophilo

ornithophilo (-tó-) n bird lover

ornithorhynche adj [Zool.] ornithorhynchous (= having the beak of a bird)
Hence: ornithorhyncho

ornithorhyncho n [Zool.] Ornithorhynchus, duckbill, platypus

oro- n [occurring in compounds] -orus (= guardian)
Hence: pyloro etc.

orph- see Orpheo

orphanato n orphanage, orphan, asylum

orphano (ór-) n orphan; attrib. orphan, orphaned
Hence: orphanato

Orpheo npr [Gr. Mythol.] Orpheus
Hence: orphic

orphic adj Orphic

-ors- see verter

orth- adj [occurring in compounds] ortho-, orth- (1. straight; 2. right)
Hence: orthologia etc.; orthodoxe etc.

orthoclase (-óclase) n [Mineral.] orthoclase

orthodoxe adj orthodox;
Ecclesia orthodoxe Orthodox Church
Hence: orthodoxia; orthodoxo

orthodoxia (-ía) n orthodoxy

orthodoxo n 1. orthodox (= orthodox person); 2. Orthodox (= member of the Orthodox Church)

orthographia (-ía) n orthography (1. spelling according to accepted usage; 2. orthographic projection)
Hence: orthographic; orthographiar

orthographiar v to spell (in writing)

orthographic adj 1. spelling (as in “spelling mistake”); 2. orthographic (as in “orthographic projection”)

orthologia (-ía) n orthology
Hence: orthologic

orthologic adj orthological

orthopedia (-ía) n [Med.] orthopedy, orthopedics
Hence: orthopedista; orthopedic

orthopedic adj [Med.] orthopedic, orthopedical

orthopedista n [Med.] orthopedist

orthoptere adj [Entom.] orthopterous
Hence: orthopteros

orthopteros (-tóp-) npl [Entom.] Orthoptera

osar v to dare
Hence: osate

osate 1. pp of osar; 2. adj daring

oscillar v to oscillate

oscillation n oscillation; also: [Fin.] fluctuation

oscillatori adj oscillatory

oscillo n oscillum (= mask of Bacchus hung on trees)
Hence: oscillar-oscillation, oscillatori

oscitar v to yawn or gape (from sleepiness)
Hence: oscitation

oscitation n (action of) yawning or gaping (from sleepiness)

oscular v 1. to kiss, give a kiss to; 2. [Geom.] to osculate

osculation n osculation (1. kissing; 2. [Geom.])

osculatori adj osculatory

osculatorio n [Eccl.] osculatory

osculo (ós-) n 1. [Zool.] oscule; 2. kiss
Hence: oscular-osculation, osculatori, osculatorio

-ose suffixo adjective [used with nouns; note: -ion + -ose = -iose] -ose, -ous (1. having, full of, rich in ...; 2. characterized by ...)
Hence: ambitiose etc.; coragiose etc.; infectiose etc.; jocose etc.; judiciose etc.; religiose etc.; zelose etc.

-osis (-ósis) suffixo substantive [used mainly with nouns] [Med.] -osis (= abnormal or diseased condition, state, or process of the ..., caused by ... or ...s, characterized by ..., etc.)
Hence: hypnosis etc.; neurosis etc.; tuberculosis etc.

osm-¹ [occurring in derivatives and compounds] osm-, osmo- (= smell, odor)
Hence: osmium &; osmologia etc.

osm-² see osmose

osmanli (-lí) [Tu.] n Osmanli (1. Ottoman Turk; 2. Ottoman Turkish)

osmic adj [Chem.] osmic

osmium n [Chem.] osmium
Hence: osmic

osmologia (-ía) n osmology

osmose n osmosis
Hence: osmotic; endosmose etc.; exosmose etc.

osmotic adj osmotic

ossario n ossuary

ossatura n 1. frame, skeleton (of man or animal); 2. [Arch.] framework, ossature

ossee adj osseous, bony

osseina (-ína) n [Biochem.] ossein

ossiculo n [Anat.] ossicle

ossificar v [Physiol.] to ossify

ossification n ossification

ossifraga (-í-) n osprey

osso n bone (“bone of the higher vertebrate animals”)
Hence: ossatura; ossiculo; ossario; ossuario; ossee-osseina, interossee; ossose; ossute; ossificar-ossification; disossar; ossifraga etc.

ossose adj osseous, bony

ossuario n ossuary

ossute adj big-boned, bony

ostage, hostage (-aje) n hostage

osteitis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] osteitis

ostender [-tend-/-tent-/-tens-] v to show
Hence: ostentar &; ostensibile; ostensorio

ostens- see ostender

ostensibile adj ostensive, ostensible

ostensorio n [Eccl.] ostensorium

ostent- see ostender

ostentar v to show off, display
Hence: ostentation-ostentatiose; ostentator

ostentation n ostentation

ostentatiose adj ostentatious

ostentator n ostentatious person

osteo- n [occurring in compounds] osteo-, oste- (= bone)
Hence: osteitis; osteolitho etc.; osteologo etc.; osteoplastia etc.; osteotomia etc.; teleostee etc.

osteolitho (-ólito) n osteolite

osteologia (-ía) n osteology

osteologic adj osteologic

osteologo (-ólogo) n osteologist
Hence: osteologia; osteologic

osteoplastia (-ía) n osteoplasty
Hence: osteoplastic

osteoplastic adj osteoplastic

osteotomia (-ía) n osteotomy

ostiero n usher; also: [Eccl.] ostiary

ostio n 1. door; 2. entrance
Hence: ostiero

ostracisar v ostracize

ostracismo n ostracism

ostracodermo n [Paleontol., Zool.] ostracoderm

ostracodes npl [Zool.] Ostracoda

ostracon (ós-) n ostracon
Hence: ostracodes; ostracisar-ostracismo; ostracodermo etc.

ostrea n oyster
Hence: ostreacee; ostrero; ostreiera; ostreicola etc.; ostreicultor etc.; ostreicultura etc.

ostreacee adj ostreaceous

ostreicola (-í-) adj ostreicultural, oystergrowing

ostreicultor n oyster-culturist, oyster grower

ostreicultura n ostreiculture, oyster culture

ostreiera (-yéra) n oyster bed

ostrero n oysterman

ot- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] ot-, oto- (= ear)
Hence: parotide &; otorhinolaryngologia etc. ...

otiar v to be idle, be at leisure

-otic suffixo adjective [used mainly with nouns] [Med.] -otic (= pertaining to ...osis)
Hence: hypnotic etc.; narcotic etc.; neurotic etc.

otio n leisure
Hence: otiose-otiositate; otiar

otiose adj idle, otiose (1. not occupied; 2. useless, futile)

otiositate n idleness (= state of being idle or unoccupied)

-oto see noto

otorhinolaryngologia (-ía) n [Med.] otorhinolaryngology (= study of ear, nose, and larynx)
Hence: otorhinolaryngologista; otorhinolaryngologic

otorhinolaryngologic adj [Med.] otorhinolaryngologic

otorhinolaryngologista n [Med.] otorhinolaryngologist

Ottoman¹ npr [Hist.] Ottoman, Osman, Othman
Hence: ottoman-ottomano, ottomana

ottoman² adj Ottoman;
Imperio Ottoman Ottoman Empire

ottomana n ottoman (= flat overstuffed couch)

ottomano n Ottoman

out! [A] interj [Sports] out!

outsider [A] n [Horse Racing] outsider

oval¹ adj oval

oval² n oval

ovante 1. ppr of ovar; 2. adj exulting

ovar v to exult; [Rom. Antiq.] to celebrate an ovation
Hence: ovante; ovation

ovarian adj ovarian

ovario n [Anat.] ovary

ovariotomia (-ía) n ovariotomy

ovate adj ovate

ovation n ovation (1. [Rom. Antiq.]; 2. as in “to receive an ovation”)

ove n 1. sheep; also: ewe; 2. mutton
Hence: oviario; ovin; ovibos etc.

overtura n overture (1. proposal, offer; 2. [Mus.])

ovi- see ove

oviario n sheepfold

ovibos (ó-) n [Zool.] musk ox, ovibos

oviducto n [Anat.] oviduct

ovin adj ovine

ovipare adj oviparous
Hence: oviparitate

oviparitate n oviparity

ovo n 1. egg; 2. [Biol.] ovum
Hence: ovario-ovarian, ovariotomia etc.; ovulo-ovular¹, ovular²-ovulation; oval; ovate; ovoide; oviducto etc.; ovipare etc.; ovovivipare etc.

ovoide adj ovoid

ovovivipare adj [Zool.] ovoviviparous

ovular¹ adj [Bot., Physiol.] ovular

ovular² v [Biol.] to ovulate

ovulation n [Biol.] ovulation

ovulo n [Bot., Physiol.] ovule

ox- see oxalide; oxy-

oxal- see oxalide

oxalamido (-lá-) n [Chem.] oxalamide, oxamide

oxalato n [Chem.] oxalate

oxalic adj [Chem.] oxalic

oxalidaceas npl [Bot.] Oxalidaceae

oxalidacee adj [Bot.] oxalidaceous

oxalide (-ál-) n 1. [Bot.] Oxalis; 2. oxalis, wood sorrel
Hence: oxalidacee-oxalidaceas; oxalato; oxalite; oxalic; oxalamido etc.; oxalonitrato etc.; oxamido etc.

oxalite n [Mineral.] oxalite

oxalonitrato n [Chem.] oxalonitrate

oxamido (-á-) n [Chem.] oxamide, oxalamide

oxy- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] 1. oxy- (as in “oxytone”); 2. [Chem.] oxy-, ox- (as in “oxygen”, “oxide”)
Hence: oxydo &; oxalide &; oxycocco etc.; oxysulfido etc.; oxytone etc.; oxygeno etc.

oxycocco n cranberry

oxydabile adj oxidizable

oxydar v to oxidize, oxidate

oxydation n oxidation

oxydo (óx-) n oxide
Hence: oxydar-oxydabile-inoxydabile, oxydation; disoxydar-disoxydation; peroxydo &; hydroxydo etc.; protoxydo etc.; bioxydo etc.

oxygenar v to oxygenate

oxygenation n oxygenation

oxygeno (-ígeno) n oxygen
Hence: oxygenar-oxygenation

oxysulfido (-súl-) n [Chem.] oxysulphide

oxytone adj [Phonet.] oxytone
Hence: paroxytone-proparoxytone

oz- [occurring in derivatives] oz- (= smell, smelling)
Hence: ozena; ozono &; ozocerite etc.

ozena n [Pathol.] ozena

ozocerite n [Mineral.] ozocerite

ozonisar v to ozonize

ozono n ozone
Hence: ozonisar

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