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paccar v to pack, make a pack of

pacch- see pacco

pacchettar v to pack, wrap, packet

pacchetto n package, parcel, packet

pacco n pack, bundle
Hence: pacchetto-pacchettar, dispacchettar, impacchettar; paccar; impaccar-impaccator

pace n peace;
concluder le pace to conclude peace;
pace armate armed peace
Hence: pacibile; pacific &; pacificar-pacification, pacificator; appaciar &

pachy- adj [occurring in compounds] pachy- (= thick, large)
Hence: pachyderme etc.

pachyderme adj pachydermatous (1. pachydermous, thick-skinned; 2. pertaining to pachyderms)
Hence: pachydermo-pachydermic

pachydermic adj pachydermic, pachydermatous

pachydermo n pachyderm

pacibile adj peaceable (1. liking or keeping peace; 2. peaceful)

pacif- see pacific

pacific adj pacific (1. tending to make peace; 2. loving peace; 3. peaceful)
Hence: pacifismo; pacifista

pacificar v to pacify (1. to reduce a country, etc., to a state of peace; 2. to appease)

pacification n pacification

pacificator n pacifier

pacifismo n pacifism

pacifista n pacifist

pacto n pact; also: covenant, compact, etc.

paddock [A] n [Horse Racing] paddock

paga n pay

pagabile adj payable; due

pagaia (-aya) n paddle (as in “to propel a canoe with a paddle”)
Hence: pagaiar-pagaiator

pagaiar v to paddle (= to propel with a paddle)

pagaiator n paddler

pagamento n payment (1. action of paying; 2. amount paid);
anticipar un pagamento to advance a payment

pagan adj heathen, pagan
Hence: pagano-paganismo, paganisar

paganisar v to paganize

paganismo n paganism, heathenism

pagano n heathen, pagan

pagar v 1. to pay (someone); 2. to pay, settle, discharge (a debt, fine, bill, etc.); 3. to pay for (something)
Hence: paga; pagamento; pagabile-impagabile; pagator; repagar-repagamento; superpagar-superpaga

pagator n payer; also: disbursing official, teller, etc.

pagina (pá-) n page (of a book, etc.)
Hence: paginar-pagination; compaginar

paginar v to number the pages of, to page

pagination n pagination

pais (-ís) n land, country;
Paises Basse Low Countries (= Belgium, Holland, and Luxemburg);
Pais Basse Netherlands, Holland;
vino del pais local wine;
pais natal (native) country
Hence: paisage &; paisano; dispaisar-dispaisate

paisage (-aje) landscape, scenery
Hence: paisagista

paisagista (-jísta) n landscape-painter

paisano n peasant

pajama [Hind.] n pajamas

pala n 1. spade (= tool for digging); 2. shovel, peel, scoop; 3. blade (as in “blade of an oar”)
Hence: palata; paletta

palar v to fence in

palata n spadeful; shovelful

palatal adj [Phonet.] palatal

palatalisar v [Phonet.] to palatalize

palatalisation n [Phonet.] palatalization

palatial adj palatial

palatian adj courtly

palatianismo n courtliness

palatiano n courtier

palatin¹ adj palatal (= pertaining to the palate)

palatin² adj palatine (= of or pertaining to a palace);
conte palatin count palatine
Hence: palatino-palatinato

palatinato n palatinate

palatino n palatine (1. [Germ. Hist.] count palatine; 2. [Polish Hist.])

palatio n palace;
palatio de justitia courthouse
Hence: palatial; palatian-palatiano, palatianismo; palatin &

palato n palate
Hence: palatal-palatalisar-palatalisation; palatin

pale- adj [occurring in compounds] paleo-, pale- (= ancient, early)
Hence: paleographo etc.; paleolitho etc.; paleontologo etc.; paleozoic etc.

palea n straw;
homine de palea straw man
Hence: paleario; paleassa &; paleate; paleose; impalear &

paleario n 1. strawstack; 2. strawyard

paleassa n straw-mattress, palliasse
Hence: paleasso

paleasso n clown

paleate adj straw-colored

paleographia (-ía) n paleography

paleographic adj paleographic, paleographical

paleographo (-ógrapho) n paleographer
Hence: paleographia; paleographic

paleolithic adj [Archeol.] paleolithic

paleolitho (-ó-) n [Archeol.] paleolith
Hence: paleolithic

paleontographia (-ía) n paleontography

paleontologia (-ía) n paleontology

paleontologic adj paleontological

paleontologista n paleontologist

paleontologo (-ólogo) n paleontologist
Hence: paleontologia-paleontologista; paleontologic

paleose adj strawy

paleozoic (-óic) adj Paleozoic
Hence: paleozoica

paleozoica (-óica) n Paleozoic (era)

palestin adj Palestinian

Palestina npr Palestine
Hence: palestin-palestino

palestino n Palestinian

paletot [F] n overcoat, greatcoat

paletta n 1. small spade or shovel; also: pallet; 2. palette

palim- see palin-

palimpsesto n palimpsest

palin adv [occurring in compounds] palin-, palim- (= again)
Hence: palingenese etc.; palingenesis etc.; palinodia etc.; palindromo etc.; palimpsesto etc.

palindromo (-ín-) n palindrome

palingenese (-gé-) n palingenesis

palingenesis (-gé-) n palingenesis

palinodia (-ía) n palinode (1. [Poet.]; 2. recantation)

palinodic adj palinodic

palinodista n palinodist

palissada n palisade (= fence of pales or stakes)
Hence: palissadar

palissadar v to palisade

pall- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: pallide &; pallor

Pallade (pál-) npr Pallas (1. [Gr. Mythol.]; 2. [Astron.])
Hence: Palladio; palladium-palladic

palladic adj palladic

Palladio npr [Gr. Mythol.] Palladium;
palladio palladium, safeguard

palladium (-lá-) n palladium (= the metal “palladium”)

Pallas (pál-) npr Pallas (1. [Gr. Mythol.]; 2. [Astron.])

pallide adj pale
Hence: pallidir

pallidir v to pale, grow pale

pallor n pallor

palma n I. palm (1. “palm of the hand”; 2. palm tree; 3. palm frond); II. webfoot;
palma del martyrio crown of martyrdom
Hence: palmero; palmar; palmate; palmo-palmar

palmar¹ v to measure in spans

palmar² adj [Anat.] palmar

palmate adj palmate (1. [Bot.]; 2. [Zool.] webbed)

palmero n palmer (= pilgrim returning from the Holy Land)

palmo n span (= space from end of thumb to end of little finger when extended)

palo n stake, post
Hence: palar; impalar-impalamento

palpabile adj palpable

palpabilitate n palpability

palpar v to feel (= to examine by touch); also: to palpate
Hence: palpabile-palpabilitate, impalpabile-impalpabilitate; palpation

palpation n (action of) feeling (= action of examining by touch); also: [Med.] palpation

palpebra (pál-) n eyelid;
batter del palpebras wink;
batter le palpebras to wink
Hence: palpebral; palpebrar-palpebration

palpebral adj palpebral

palpebrar v to blink

palpebration n (action of) blinking

palpitante 1. ppr of palpitar; 2. adj throbbing, pulsing, vibrating, etc.

palpitar v to palpitate
Hence: palpitante; palpitation

palpitation n palpitation

palude n swamp, marsh
Hence: paludismo; paludic; paludose; impaludar

paludic adj marsh

paludismo n [Med.] paludism

paludose adj marshy

pampa n pampas

pamphletero n lampooner

pamphleto n lampoon
Hence: pamphletero

Pan¹ npr [Gr. Relig.] Pan
Hence: panic-panico

pan² n bread;
(un) pan (a) loaf (of bread);
pan de sucro sugar loaf
Hence: panetero; paneteria; panetto; paniero; panar; panificar-panification; impanar &

pan- adj [occurring in compounds] pan- (= all)
Hence: pancreas etc.; pandectas etc.; Pandora etc.; panorama etc.; pantelegrapho etc.; panacea etc.; pandemia etc.; pandemonio etc.; panoplia etc.; pantheismo etc.; pantheista etc.; panamerican etc.; pangerman etc.; panhellenismo etc.; panoptic etc.

panac- adj [occurring in derivatives] panac- (= all-healing)
Hence: panacea

panacea (-éa) n panacea

Panama¹ (-má) npr Panama;
Isthmo de Panama Isthmus of Panama;
Canal de Panama Panama Canal
Hence: panama

panama² (-má) n panama (hat)

panamerican adj Pan-American

panar v to bread

pancreas [-as/-at-] (pán-) n pancreas
Hence: pancreatitis; pancreatic; pancreatina

pancreat- see pancreas

pancreatic adj pancreatic

pancreatina n [Chem.] pancreatin

pancreatitis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] pancreatitis

pandectas npl Pandects (= compilation of Roman law made under Emperor Justinian)

pandemia (-ía) n pandemic
Hence: pandemic

pandemic adj pandemic

pandemonio n Pandemonium

Pandora n [Gr. Mythol.] Pandora

panegyric adj panegyrical

panegyrico n panegyric

panegyris (-égiris) n [Gr. Antiq.] panegyris, panegyry (= festive assembly in honor of a god)
Hence: panegyric-panegyrico; panegyrisar-panegyrista

panegyrisar v to panegyrize

panegyrista n panegyrist

paneteria (-ía) n bakery

panetero n 1. [Hist.] pantler; 2. baker

panetto n roll (of bread)

pang- [pang-/pact-;-ping-/-pact-] v [occuring in compounds]
Hence: comping- &; impinger &

pangerman adj Pan-German
Hence: pangermanismo; pangermanista

pangermanismo n Pan-Germanism

pangermanista n Pan-Germanist

panhellenismo n Panhellenism

panic adj panic

panico n panic

paniero n basket

panificar v to make into bread

panification n panification

panna n [Motoring, etc.] breakdown;
panna del motor engine trouble;
panna (de pneu) tire trouble; also: blowout

pannello n 1. cloth (= small piece of material, as rag, handkerchief, kerchief, etc.); 2. panel (= distinct compartment of a surface);
pannello (de naso) handkerchief;
pannello de collo scarf, kerchief

panniculo n [Anat.] panniculus

panno n 1. cloth (= piece of material); 2. diaper (as in “haby’s diapers”)
Hence: panniculo; pannello

panoplia n 1. panoply; 2. display or trophy of arms

panoptic adj panoptic
Hence: panoptico

panoptico n panopticon (1. [Penology]; 2. exhibition of wax figures, etc.; 3. [Optics, etc.]; 4. [Basic English])

panorama n panorama
Hence: panoramic

panoramic adj panoramic

panslavismo n Panslavism

panslavista n Panslavist

Pantagruel n Pantagruel
Hence: pantagruelismo; pantagruelista; pantagruelic

pantagruelic adj Pantagruelian

pantagruelismo n Pantagruelism

pantagruelista n Pantagruelist

pantalon n [Theat.] pantaloon;
pantalones trousers, pantaloons
Hence: pantalonada

pantalonada n buffoonery, pantaloonery

pantelegrapho (-lé-) n [Elec.] pantelegraph, facsimile telegraph

pantheismo (-ízmo) n pantheism

pantheista¹ (-ísta) n pantheist
Hence: pantheistic

pantheista² (-ísta) adj pantheistic

pantheistic (-ístic) adj pantheistic

pantheon n pantheon (1. [Class. Hist.]; 2. the aggregate gods)

panthera n panther

panto- [occurring in compounds] panto- (= all)
Hence: pantographo etc.: pantometro etc.; pantomime etc.

pantofla n (bedroom) slipper

pantographia (-ía) n pantography

pantographic adj pantographic

pantographo (-tó-) n pantograph

pantometro (-tó-) n pantometer

pantomima n pantomime, dumb show

pantomimar v to pantomime

pantomime adj pantomime, pantomimic
Hence: pantomimo; pantomima-pantomimic, pantomimar

pantomimic adj pantomimic, pantomime

pantomimo n pantomime, pantomimist

papa n 1. papa, daddy; 2. Pope
Hence: papato; papessa; papismo; papista; papal; papabile; antipapa; paparchia etc.

papabile adj papable (= qualified for the papacy)

papagai (-ái) n parrot

papal adj papal; also: popish

paparchia (-ía) n paparchy (= papal rule)

papato n papacy (1. office and dignity of the Pope; 2. Pope’s tenure of office)

papaveraceas npl [Bot.] Papaveraceae

papaveracee adj [Bot.] papaveraceous

papavere n poppy
Hence: papaveracee-papaveraceas

papessa n Pope (as in “Pope Joan”)

papilion n butterfly
Hence: papilionacee-papilionaceas; papilional

papilionaceas npl [Bot.] Papilionaceae

papilionacee adj papilionaceous

papilionar v to flutter, flit

papilla n papilla (1. nipple; 2. vascular protuberance of the dermal layer of the skin; 3. [Bot.])
Hence: papillar; papillectomia etc.

papillar adj papillary

papillectomia (-ía) n [Surg.] papillectomy

papireria (-ía) n 1. stationer’s (shop); 2. stationery

papirero n 1. papermaker; 2. stationer

papiro n paper (as in “linen paper”, “writing paper”, etc.);
papiro moneta paper money;
papiro autographic transfer paper;
papiro de tornasol litmus paper;
papiro hygienic toilet paper;
papiro siccante blotting paper, blotter;
papiro de seta tissue paper
Hence: papirero; papireria; papiro-smerilio eto.; secapapiro etc.; cargapapiros etc.

papiro-smerilio n emery paper

papismo n papism

papista n papist

pappa n pap; pulp, mash; paste; etc.

paprika [Hu.] n paprika

papyracee adj papyraceous

papyro n papyrus
Hence: papyracee

par¹ adj 1. equal; 2. [Arith.] even
Hence: paritate; compare &; dispare &; impare &; parisyllabic etc.; parisyllabe etc.

par² n I. [Fin.] par; II. peer (1. equal; 2. nobleman); III. pair (as in “a pair of shoes”);
sin par peerless, unequaled

par- see para-

para- prefixo [par- before vowels and -h-; used chiefly to form technical terms] para-, par- (1. beside, alongside ...; 2. amiss, faulty, wrong; 3. resembling; modification of ...)
Hence: paragrapho etc.; paradoxe etc.; paralogisar etc.; paratyphoide etc.

parabola (-rá-) n 1. parable; 2. [Math.] parabola
Hence: parabolic; paraboloide

parabolic adj parabolic (1. pertaining to parables; 2. [Math.])

paraboloide n paraboloid

parabrisa n windshield

paracadita n parachute
Hence: paracaditista

paracaditista n parachutist

paracolpos n bumper (of a motor vehicle, etc.)

parada n I. parade (1. show, display; 2. [Mil.]); II. parry
Hence: paradar

paradar v to parade, strut about

paradisiac (-íac) adj paradisiacal

paradiso n paradise;
ave del paradiso bird of paradise
Hence: paradisiac

paradoxe adj paradoxical
Hence: paradoxo

paradoxo n paradox

paraffin n [Chem.] paraffin, paraffine

parafulmine n lightning rod

paragraphia (-ía) n [Pathol.] paragraphia

paragrapho (-ágrafo) n paragraph (1. “paragraph in a letter, etc.”; 2. paragraph sign)

parallaxe n parallax

parallel adj parallel
Hence: parallelismo; parallelepipedo etc.; parallelogrammo etc.; parallelo; parallela

parallela n parallel (1. [Geom.]; 2. [Fortif.])

parallelepipedo (-pípedo) n parallelepiped

parallelismo n parallelism

parallelo n parallel (1. [Geog.]; 2. comparison)

parallelogrammo n parallelogram

paralogisar v to paralogize
Hence: paralogismo

paralogismo n paralogism

paralysar v to paralyze

paralyse (-ályse) n paralysis;
paralyse infantil infantile paralysis
Hence: paralysar

paralytic adj paralytic (1. pertaining to paralysis; 2. affected with paralysis)
Hence: paralytico

paralytico n paralytic

paramento n 1. (action of) ornamenting; 2. [Eccl.] frontal

parapherna [L] npl [Rom. Law] parapherna
Hence: paraphernal

paraphernal¹ adj [Rom. Law] paraphernal

paraphernal² n paraphernal (= one of the items collectively called paraphernalia);
paraphernales paraphernalia (1. [Law]; 2. personal belongings, trappings, equipment, etc.)

paraphras- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: paraphrase-paraphrasar-paraphrasator; paraphraste; paraphrastic

paraphrasar v to paraphrase

paraphrasator n paraphraser

paraphrase (-ráphrase) n paraphrase

paraphraste n paraphrast

paraphrastic adj paraphrastic

paraplegia (-ía) n [Pathol.] paraplegia
Hence: paraplegic

paraplegic adj [Pathol.] paraplegic

parapluvia n umbrella

parar v 1. to ward off, parry; 2. to adorn
Hence: paramento; parada &; apparar &; preparar &; reparar &; separar &; paracadita etc.; parasol etc.; paracolpos etc.

parasite adj parasitic, parasitical
Hence: parasito-parasitismo, parasitic, parasiticida etc.: parasitologia etc.

parasitic adj parasitical, parasitic

parasiticida n parasiticide

parasitismo n parasitism

parasito n parasite

parasitologia (-ía) n parasitology

parasol n parasol

paratyphoide¹ adj paratyphoid

paratyphoide² n paratyphoid (fever)

paravento n folding screen

parcar v to park

parcella n particle, (small) portion;
parcella (de terreno) parcel (of land), lot
Hence: parcellari; parcellar-parcellamento

parcellamento n division into (small) portions; also: division into lots

parcellar v to divide into (small) portions; also: to divide into lots

parcellari adj pertaining to (small) portions; also: of or pertaining to lots

parco n park; also: parking space
Hence: parcar

pardonabile adj pardonable

pardonar v to forgive, pardon
Hence: pardono; pardonabile-impardonabile

pardono n pardon, forgiveness;
pardono! sorry!

parental adj parental

parentato n kinship, relationship

parente n relative, relation;
parentes parents
Hence: parentela; parentato; parental; apparentar

parentela n kindred (1. kinship; 2. relatives)

parenthese (-éntese) n 1. parenthesis (= parenthetic phrase, sentence, etc.); 2. [Typog.] parentheses;
in parentheses in parentheses

parenthetic adj parenthetic, parenthetical

parer¹ v to appear (1. to come in sight; 2. to seem)
Hence: apparer &; comparer &; disparer &; transparer &

parer² [par-/part-] v to bear, give birth to
Hence: parente &; parto; parturir &; ovipare etc; sudoripare etc.; vivipare etc.; multipare etc.; unipare etc.; puerpera etc.

paria n pariah (1. one of a low caste in Southern India; 2. social outcast)

parietal adj 1. wall; 2. [Anat., Bot., Zool.] parietal

parietari adj wall (= growing on a wall)

parietaria n [Bot.] (wall) pellitory

pariete n wall (as in “within one’s four walls”); also: [Anat., Bot., etc.]
Hence: parietal; parietari; parietaria

parisyllabe (-sí-) adj parisyllabic
Hence: imparisyllabe-imparisyllabo; parisyllabo

parisyllabic adj parisyllabic

parisyllabo (-sí-) n parisyllabic

paritate n parity, equality

parlamentar v to parley

parlamentari adj parliamentary

parlamentario¹ n member of (a) parliament

parlamentario² n parliamentary (= person sent to parley with the enemy)

parlamentarismo n parliamentarianism

parlamento n parliament
Hence: parlamentari-parlamentarismo, antiparlamentari; parlamentario; parlamentar

parlar v to speak, talk
Hence: parlamento &; parlator-altoparlator etc.; parlatorio

parlator n speaker, talker

parlatorio n parlor (in a convent, etc.)

Parma npr Parma
Hence: parmesan-parmesano

parmesan adj Parmesan, Parmese

parmesano n 1. Parmese; 2. Parmesan cheese

parnassian adj Parnassian (= pertaining to the Parnassus; also specif.: as in “Parnassian school of poetry”)

Parnasso npr [Geog.; Mythol.; etc.] Parnassus
Hence: parnassian

paroch- adj [occurring in derivatives] paroch- (= neighboring)
Hence: parochia-parochial, parochian-parochiano; parocho-parochetto

parochetto n parrot, parakeet

parochia n parish (= division of a diocese)

parochial adj parochial (= pertaining to a parish)

parochian adj parish, parochial

parochiano n parishioner

parocho (pá-) n parish priest

parodia (-ía) n parody
Hence: parodista; parodiar

parodiar v to parody

parodista n parodist

parola n 1. word; 2. speech (= faculty of speech);
parola de honor word of honor;
homine de parola man of his word;
haber le parola to have the floor;
(enigma de) parolas cruciate crossword puzzle

paronyme (-ó-) adj paronymous
Hence: paronymo

paronymo (-ó-) n paronym

parotide (-ró-) n parotid gland
Hence: parotiditis

parotiditis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] parotitis; also: mumps

paroxysmo n paroxysm;
paroxysmo de (rage) paroxysm of (rage)

paroxytone adj [Phonet.] paroxytone

parquet [F] n parquet

parricida n parricide (= one who kills his father or mother)

parricidio n parricide (= act of killing one’s father or mother)

parsi (-sí) [Persian] n Parsi, Parsee

parsimonia n parsimony, stinginess
Hence: parsimoniose

parsimoniose adj parsimonious, stingy

part- see parer

parte n I. part (1. piece, portion, share; 2. side in an argument, etc.; 3. role); II. region, parts; III. [Mus.] movement (as in “the second movement of a symphony”);
a parte apart, aside;
in parte in part, partially;
del parte de on the part of;
haber parte in to have a part in;
prender parte in to take part in;
de parte a parte through and through;
in nulle parte nowhere
Hence: particula &; partial &; partisano; partir &; appartar &; participe etc.

parterre [F] n parterre (1. [Gardening]; 2. [Theat.])

parthe adj Parthian

partheno- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] partheno-, parthen- (= virgin)
Hence: Parthenon; parthenogenese etc.

parthenogenese (-gé-) n parthenogenesis (1. [Biol.]; 2. [Bot.])

parthenogenesis (-gé-) n parthenogenesis (1. [Biol.]; 2. [Bot.])

Parthenon npr Parthenon

Parthia npr Parthia

partho n Parthian
Hence: Parthia; parthe

partial adj partial (1. not complete or total; 2. biased)
Hence: partialitate; impartial-impartialitate; partialisar

partialisar v to be or render partial

partialitate n partiality (= favorable prejudice)

partibile adj divisible

participante n sharer, participant

participar v to share, partake, participate

participation n participation

participator n participator

participe (-tí-) adj sharing, participant
Hence: participio &: participar-participante, participation, participator

participial adj [Gram.] participial

participio n participle;
participio presente present participle;
participio passate past participle
Hence: participial

particula n particle (1. small portion; also: [Phys.]; 2. [Gram.])
Hence: particular &

particular¹ adj I. particular (1. individual, personal, peculiar; 2. special); II. private;
nihil de particular nothing particular;
in particular in particular, particularly;
(secretario) particular private (secretary)
Hence: particularismo; particularista; particularitate; particularisar-particularisation

particular² n 1. private person, private individual; 2. particular (= individual point, item)

particularisar v to particularize (1. to go into particulars or details; 2. to itemize, mention separately or individually)

particularisation n particularization (= act of going into particulars or details)

particularismo n particularism; (1. [Theol.]; 2. [Pol.])

particularista n particularist (1. [Theol.]; 2. [Pol.])

particularitate n 1. peculiarity; 2. particular

partir v 1. to part, divide; 2. to depart, leave;
a partir de reckoning from, as from
Hence: partibile-impartibile; partition, partitive; partitor; partite-multipartite etc., partito &, partita; compartir &; departir &; impartir &; repartir &; bipartir etc.

partisano n partisan (= strong supporter of a person, party, or cause)

partita n I. party (1. social gathering; 2. small body of troops); II. [Com.] parcel, lot: III. [Bookkeeping] entry; IV. game, match; V. departure (= act of leaving);
partita simplice (duplice) single (double) entry

partitario n partisan (= adherent of a party)

partitarismo n partisanship, partisanism

partite 1. pp of partir; 2. adj divided, partite

partition n 1. partition (= division into parts); 2. [Mus.] score

partitive adj [Gram.] partitive

partito n 1. profit, advantage; 2. resolution, resolve; 3. match (= person to marry); 4. party (“a political or religious party”);
prender un partito to come to a decision, make up one’s mind;
prender le partito de to take the side of
Hence: partitario-partitarismo

partitor n 1. divider, distributor; 2. [Arith.] divisor

parto n birth (= act of giving birth to offspring)

parturiente¹ 1. ppr of parturir; 2. adj parturient (= laboring, in labor)

parturiente² n woman in labor

parturir v to bear (= to give birth to)
Hence: parturiente; parturition

parturition n parturition; also: childbirth

parve adj little, small
Hence: parvitate

parvenu [F] n parvenu

parvitate n littleness, smallness

pascer [pasc-/past-] v to graze, pasture (1. to take or drive to pasture; 2. to browse)
Hence: pastura &; pastor &; repascer-repasto

pascha n 1. Passover; 2. Easter
Hence: paschal

paschal adj paschal (= pertaining to Passover or Easter)

pass- see patir

passabile adj fair(ly good), passable

passada n passage (= act of passing, crossing, etc.)

passage (-aje) n passage (1. act of passing, crossing, etc.; also: [Naut.]; 2. way, path, etc. for passage; also: arcade; 3. fare; 4. as in “a passage from the Bible”);
ave de passage bird of passage
Hence: passager; passagero

passager (-jér) adj passing (= transitory, fleeting)

passagero (-jéro) n passenger

passante n passer-by

passaporto n passport

passar v I. to pass (1. to move or go along; 2. to hand; 3. as in “to pass a law, judgment, etc.”); II. to spend, pass (a certain time); III. to cross (= to move or go across);
passar (per, super, in, etc.) to pass (by, over, into, etc.);
passar (per un cribro) to sift, strain
Hence: passada; passage &; passante; passabile; passate-passato¹, [passato²]; compassar &; repassar; superpassar; transpassar &; ultrapassar; passaporto etc.; passatempore etc.

passate 1. pp of passar; 2. adj past; also: passé;
le (anno) passate last (year)

passatempore n pastime

passato¹ n past; also: [Gram.]

[passato]² adv ago

passe [F] n pass (1. permission or permit to pass; 2. [Fencing] thrust; 3. manipulation of a mesmerist)

passe-partout [F] n passe partout (1. master key, passkey; 2. mount for framing pictures etc.)

passere n sparrow
Hence: passeriforme etc.

passeriforme adj sparrowlike, passeriform

passi- see passion

passibile adj passible;
passibile de [Law] liable to
Hence: passibilitate; impassibile-impassibilitate

passibilitate n passibility, passibleness

passiflor n passionflower

[passim] (pás-) adv here and there, scattered, at random, in different places, passim

passion n passion (= intense emotion);
le passion (de Jesus Christo) the Passion (of Jesus Christ);
passion pro (le musica) passion for (music);
flor de (or del) passion passionflower
Hence: passionario; passional; passionar-passionate; passiflor etc.

passional¹ adj impassioned, passionate

passional² n [Eccl.] passional

passionar v to impassion

passionario n [Eccl.] passionary, passional

passionate 1. pp of passionar; 2. adj passionate

passive adj passive; also: [Gram.]
Hence: passivitate; passivo

passivitate n passivity

passivo n 1. [Com.] liabilities; 2. [Gram.] passive

passo n I. pace (1. step; 2. gait); II. stairstep; III. pass (as in “mountain pass”);
passo de carga double or double-quick time;
passo false faux pas;
facer un passo to take a step;
passo a passo step by step;
a omne passo at every step, at every turn
Hence: passar &

past- see pascer

pasta n 1. dough; 2. paste (as in “tooth paste”);
pastas noodles (= varieties of noodles);
pastas de suppa soup noodles
Hence: pastata; pastisso &; pastose-pastositate; impastar &

pastata n meat pie, fish pie, pasty

pastellista n pastelist

pastello n pastel (1. pastel crayon; 2. drawing in pastel);
al pastello in pastel
Hence: pastellista

Pasteur, Louis npr [1822-1895; French chemist]
Hence: pasteurisar-pasteurisation, pasteurisator

pasteurisar v to pasteurize

pasteurisation n pasteurization

pasteurisator n pasteurizer

pastilla n pastille (1. “pastille of incense, etc.”; 2. lozenge, troche)

pastissar v to make up into pastry

pastisseria (-ía) n 1. pastry shop; 2. pastry

pastissero n pastry cook

pastisso n pasty, meat pie
Hence: pastissar-pastissero, pastisseria

pastor n 1. shepherd; 2. pastor; also: minister, parson, etc.
Hence: pastorato; pastorella; pastoral

pastoral¹ adj pastoral (1. pertaining to shepherds or country life; 2. pertaining to a pastor or pastors);
anello pastoral episcopal ring

pastoral² n pastoral (1. [Lit.] pastoral play, poem, etc.; 2. [Eccl.] pastoral letter)

pastorato n pastorate, pastorship

pastorella n [Lit.] pastoral (poem)

pastose adj pasty, doughy

pastositate n pastiness, doughiness

pastura n pasture (1. land on which cattle are grazed; 2. herbage for cattle)
Hence: pasturar

pasturar v to pasture, graze (= to browse)

pata n paw (of an animal)

patata n potato

patella n 1. frying pan, skillet; 2. [Zool.] Patella, limpet; 3. [Anat.] patella, kneecap
Hence: patellata; patellero; patelliforme etc.

patellata n skilletful

patellero n skillet maker

patelliforme adj patelliform

patentar v 1. to license; 2. to give a patent to; 3. to patent

patentato n patentee

patente¹ adj 1. open; 2. patent, manifest;
littera or litera patente letter patent
Hence: patente²-patentar-patentato

patente² n 1. letter patent; 2. license (to exercise a trade or profession); 3. patent (= “patent on an invention”); 4. bill of health

pater- see patre

paternal adj paternal (1. pertaining to the father; 2. characteristic of a father, fatherly)

paterne adj paternal (1. pertaining to the father; 2. characteristic of a father, fatherly)
Hence: paternitate; paternal

paternitate n paternity, fatherhood

-pathe [occurring in compounds] -path (1. suffering, sufferer; 2. advocate of or person practicing ...pathy)
Hence: psychopathe etc.; allopathe etc.; homeopathe etc.

pathetic adj pathetic

-pathia [occurring in compounds] -pathy (1. disease; 2. system or method of cure)
Hence: cardiopathia etc.; hydropathia etc; organopathia etc; psychopathia etc.; allopathia etc.; telepathia etc.

pathogene (-ó-) adj pathogenic
Hence: pathogenia-pathogenic

pathogenese (-énese) n pathogenesis

pathogenesis (-énesis) n pathogenesis

pathogenetic adj pathogenetic

pathogenia (-ía) n pathogeny

pathogenic adj pathogenic

pathognomia (-ía) n pathognomy

pathognomonic adj [Med.] pathognomonic

pathologia (-ía) n pathology (= study of bodily diseases)

pathologic adj pathological

pathologista n pathologist

pathologo (-tó-) n pathologist
Hence: pathologia-pathologista; pathologic; neuropathologo etc.

pathos (pátos) n I. suffering, affliction, passion; II. pathos (1. power of stirring the feeling of pity, sympathy, etc.; 2. [Theat., Rhet., etc.])
Hence: -pathe &; -pathia &; apath- &; antipath- &; empathia; sympath- &; pathogenese etc.; pathognomia etc.; pathologo etc.; pathogenetic etc.; pathogene etc.

patientar v to have patience, be patient

patiente¹ 1. ppr of patir; 2. adj patient
Hence: patientia-patientar; impatiente-impatientia, impatientar

patiente² n patient

patientia n 1. patience; 2. [Cards] solitaire;
perder (le) patientia to lose patience

patin n skate (as in “to glide along on skates”);
patin de rotas roller-skate
Hence: patinar-patinage, patinator

patina (pá-) n patina (= green rust that covers ancient bronzes, etc.)

patinage (-áje) n (act or art of) skating

patinar v to skate

patinator n skater

patir [pat-/pass-] v to suffer (1. to experience mental or physical pain; 2. to be injured, harmed, impaired)
Hence: patiente &; passibile &; passion &; passive &; compatir &

patois [F] n dialect, patois

patr- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] patr-, patro- (= father)
Hence: patri--patriarcha etc.; patrologia etc.; patronymic etc.

patrastro n stepfather

patre n father (1. as in “father and mother”; 2. title of respect given to a priest);
(John Smith) patre (John Smith) senior;
le sancte patre the Holy Father, the Pope;
patre affin father-in-law
Hence: patrastro; patrino; patrista-patristic, patristico, patristica; patrimonio &; patrono &; patricie &; patria &; paterne &; compatre; granpatre; patrenostre etc.; parricida etc.; parricidio etc.

patrenostre n paternoster (1. Lord’s Prayer, Our Father; 2. any of the large beads of a rosary on which the Lord’s Prayer is said)

patri- n [occurring in compounds] patri- (= clan, phratry)

patria n fatherland, native country
Hence: expatriar &; repatriar &

patriarcha n patriarch (1. [Bib.]; 2. [Eccl.])
Hence: patriarchato; patriarchia; patriarchal

patriarchal adj patriarchal

patriarchato n patriarchate

patriarchia (-ía) n patriarchy

Patricia nprf Patricia

patriciato n [Rom. Hist.] patriciate (= position or dignity of a patrician)

patricie adj [Rom. Hist.] patrician
Hence: patricio-patriciato, Patricia

patricio n [Rom. Hist.] patrician;
Patricio Patrick

patrimonial adj patrimonial

patrimonio n patrimony
Hence: patrimonial

patrino n godfather

patriota n patriot; attrib. patriot, patriotic
Hence: patriotismo; patriotic; compatriota

patriotic adj patriotic (as in “patriotic poetry”)

patriotismo n patriotism

patrista n patrist

patristic adj patristic

patristica n patristics

patristico n patristic, patrist

patrologia (-ía) n patristic study, patristics

patrona n patroness

patronage (-aje) n patronage (as in “patronage of the fine arts”)

patronal adj patronal, patron

patronato n patronate (= duty, position etc. of a patron)

patronessa n patroness

patronisar v to patronize (= to be a patron to or of)

patrono n I. patron (1. as in “patron of the fine arts”; 2. “patron saint”); II. captain (of coasting vessel), patron; III. pattern (= model or guide for something to be made); IV. stencil (as in “stencils for decoration”)
Hence: patronage; patronato; patronessa; patronal; patrona

patronymic adj patronymic
Hence: patronymico

patronymico n patronymic

patrulia n patrol

patruliar v to patrol
Hence: patrulia-patruliator

patruliator n patroller; also: patrolman

pauc adj 1. little (= not much); 2. few (= not many);
un pauc (de) a little;
pauc a pauc little by little;
in pauc shortly, before long
Hence: paucitate; pauco

paucitate n paucity

pauco adv little (= to a small degree)

Paula nprf Paula

[paulatim] (-lá-) adv gradually, by degrees, little by little, a little at a time

paulin adj Pauline

Paulina nprf Pauline

paulinismo n [Theol.] Paulinism

paulista n [R.C.Ch.] Paulist (Father)

Paulo npr Paul
Hence: paulista; paulin-paulinismo, Paulina; Paula

paupere adj poor (= indigent, needy)
Hence: pauperismo; paupertate; depauperar-depauperation

pauperismo n pauperism

paupertate n poverty

pausa n 1. pause (= temporary cessation of activity); 2. [Mus.] rest
Hence: pausar

pausar v to pause (= to make a pause)

pav- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: pavide-impavide; pavor-pavorose

pavage (-aje) n (action of) laying a pavement, paving

pavana n pavan, pavane

pavide adj fearful (= timid)

pavilion n pavilion (1. tent, canopy, etc.; 2. light building; 3. “pavilion or auricle of the ear”)

pavimentar v to pave

pavimentation n (act of) laying a pavement, paving

pavimento n 1. floor (of stones, tiles, etc.); 2. pavement (= artificial surface of streets, sidewalks, etc.)

pavir v to pave
Hence: pavage; pavimento-pavimentar-pavimentation; pavitor

pavitor n paver, pavior

pavon n peacock
Hence: pavonisar

pavonisar v to strut, peacock

pavor n fear

pavorose adj fearful, timid

peccabile adj peccable, liable to sin

peccabilitate n peccability

peccadilio n peccadillo

peccante 1. ppr of peccar; 2. adj peccant

peccar v to sin, commit a sin
Hence: peccante; peccabile-peccabilitate, impeccabile-impeccabilitate; peccator; peccato-peccatilio

peccatilio n peccadillo

peccato n sin

peccator n sinner

pechblende [G] n pitchblende

pecia n piece;
pecia de chacos chessman
Hence: pecietta; dispeciar-dispeciamento

pecietta n small piece

pect- see pectina

pectic adj [Chem.] pectic

pectina n pectin
Hence: pectic

pectinar v to comb (= to clean with a comb); also: to card

pectinator n carder

pectinatura n hairdo

pectine n 1. [Toilet] comb; 2. card (= wire brush for combing out wool, etc.); 3. [Zool.] scallop, pecten
Hence: pectinero; pectineria; pectiniera; pectinar-pectinator, pectinatura; pectinibranchie etc.

pectineria (-ía) n comb factory

pectinero n combmaker

pectinibranchie adj [Zool.] pectinibranch
Hence: pectinibranchios

pectinibranchios npl [Zool.] pectinibranchia

pectiniera n comb case, comb holder

pectoral¹ adj pectoral (= pertaining to the breast)

pectoral² n 1. [Eccl.] pectoral; 2. breastplate (for horses)

pectore n breast (1. chest; 2. bosom);
voce de pectore chest voice
Hence: pectoral; expectorar &; pectore-rubie etc.; sustenepectore etc.

pectorerubie n robin (redbreast)

pecular v to defraud (the public); to embezzle, peculate
Hence: peculator; peculato

peculato n peculation

peculator n peculator

peculiar adj peculiar (1. special, particular; 2. unusual, odd)

peculiaritate n peculiarity (1. distinctive trait; 2. oddness)

peculio n 1. exclusive property; 2. savings, nest egg; 3. [Rom. Law] peculium
Hence: peculiar-peculiaritate

pecunia n money
Hence: pecuniari; pecuniose-impecuniose

pecuniari adj pecuniary;
pena pecuniari fine

pecuniose adj (well-)provided with money, pecunious

ped- n [occurring in compounds] ped-, pedo- (= child)
Hence: -pedia-orthopedia etc.; pedagogo etc. ...

pedage (-aje) n toll
Hence: pedagero

pedagero (-ajéro) n toll collector

pedagogia (-ía) n pedagogy; also: (science of) education

pedagogic adj pedagogic

pedagogica n pedagogy, pedagogics

pedagogo n pedagogue; also: [Rom. Hist.] servant escorting children to school
Hence: pedagogia; pedagogic; podagogica

pedal¹ adj pedal
Hence: pedal²-pedalar

pedal² n pedal

pedalar v to pedal

pedante n pedant
Hence: pedanteria; pedantismo; pedantesc

pedanteria (-ía) n pedantry

pedantesc adj pedantic

pedantismo n pedantry

pede n I. foot (1. foot of man or animal; also of tree, mountain, page, etc.; 2. [Meas.]; 3. [Metrics]); II. leg (of a chair, table, etc.);
a pede on foot;
soldato a pede foot soldier;
al pede del littera literally;
prender pede to gain a footing or foothold;
pede equin clubfoot
Hence: pedage &; pedica; pedicello &; pediculo; pedunculo &; pedon; pedal &: pedestre; expedir &; impedir &; pedestallo etc.; pedicuro etc.; pediluvio etc.; pedomonte etc.; pedometro etc.; millepedes etc.; solipede etc.; velocipede etc.; fissipede etc.; bipede etc.

pedemontan adj piedmont (as in “a piedmont glacier”)

pedemonte n piedmont (= piedmont district);
Pedemonte Piedmont (in Italy)
Hence: pedemontan; pedemontese

pedemontese adj Piedmont, Piedmontese (= pertaining to Piedmont, Italy)

peder v to break wind, let off gas
Hence: pedito

pedestallo n pedestal

pedestre adj pedestrian

-pedia (-ía) [occurring in compounds]

pedica n shackle; also: snare

pedicellate adj [Bot.] pedicellate

pedicello n [Bot.] pedicel
Hence: pedicellate

pedicular adj pedicular, lousy

pediculo¹ (-í-) n louse
Hence: pedicular; pediculose; expedicular

pediculo² n [Bot.] pedicle, pedicel

pediculose adj lousy, pediculous

pedicuro n chiropodist, pedicure

pedigree [A] n pedigree (of animals)

pediluvio n [Med.] pediluvium, foot bath

pedito (pé-) n (action of) breaking wind, letting off gas

pedo- n [occurring in compounds] pedo-, ped- (= soil)
Hence: -epipedo-parallelepipedo etc.; pedologia etc.

pedologia (-ía) n pedology (= scientific study of soils)

pedometro (-ó-) n pedometer

pedon n 1. pedestrian; 2. infantryman; 3. [Chess] pawn

peduncular adj [Bot.] peduncular

pedunculate adj [Bot.] pedunculate

pedunculo n [Bot.] stalk, stem, peduncle
Hence: peduncular; pedunculate

Pegaso (pé-) npr [Gr. Mythol.] Pegasus;
montar super Pegaso to mount one’s Pegasus

-peia (-péya) [occurring in compounds] -peia, -poeia
Hence: epopeia etc.; onomatopeia etc.; pharmacopeia etc.

peignoir [F] n peignoir, dressing gown

Peiping npr Peiping

pejo adv worse;
tanto pejo so much the worse;
de mal in pejo from bad to worse;
ir, sentir se pejo to be, feel, worse

pejor adj worse;
(le) pejor (the) worst
Hence: pejorar-pejorative; impejorar

pejorar v to worsen (= to make worse);
pejorar se to worsen (= to become worse)

pejorative adj pejorative; also: [Philol.]

Peking npr Peking, Pekin
Hence: pekingese

pekingese¹ adj Pekingese

pekingese² n Pekingese (1. native of Peking; 2. Pekingese dialect; 3. Pekingese dog)

pelagian adj [Eccl. Hist.] Pelagian

pelagianismo n [Eccl. Hist.] Pelagianism

pelagiano n [Eccl. Hist.] Pelagian

Pelagio npr Pelagius [British monk of the 4th and 5th centuries]
Hence: pelagian-pelagianismo, semipelagian etc., pelagiano

pelegrinage (-aje) n pilgrimage

pelegrinar v to go on a pilgrimage

pelegrino n pilgrim
Hence: pelegrinar-pelegrinage

pelicano n pelican

pell- [-pell-/puls-] v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: pulso &; pulsar &; compeller &; expeller &: impeller &; propeller &: repeller &

pellagra [I] n [Pathol.] pellagra
Hence: pellagrose

pellagrose adj pellagrous

pellar v 1. to peel; also: to pare, etc.; 2. to skin

-pellar v [occurring in compounds]
Hence: appellar &; interpellar &

pelle n skin; also: hide, pelt, fur, etc.; peel, rind, etc.;
pelle rubie redskin;
vender car su pelle to sell one’s skin dearly;
salvar su pelle to save one’s skin
Hence: pellicia &; pellicula &; pellar; auripelle etc.

pellicia n fur coat, pelisse
Hence: pelliciero; pellicieria

pellicieria n fur store, furrier’s

pelliciero n furrier

pellicula n 1. pellicle; 2. film, camera film
Hence: pellicular

pellicular adj pellicular

Pelope (pé-) npr [Gr. Mythol.] Pelops
Hence: Peloponneso etc.

peloponnesian adj Peloponnesian

peloponnesiano n Peloponnesian

Peloponneso npr Peloponnesus
Hence: peloponnesian-peloponnesiano

peltro n pewter

pelve n [Anat.] pelvis
Hence: pelvic

pelvic adj [Anat.] pelvic

pemmican [A] n pemmican

pena n 1. pain; 2. penalty, punishment; 3. difficulty, trouble;
a pena hardly, scarcely;
anima in pena soul in torment;
dar se pena to take pains;
non valer le pena not to be worth the trouble
Hence: penal-penalitate, penalisar; penose; penar; impun &; [apena] etc.

penal adj penal

penalisar v to penalize

penalitate n 1. penalty; 2. penality

penar v to pain (= to distress, grieve);
penar se to take pains

penates npl 1. [Rom. Relig.] penates; 2. home, fireside;
lares e penates lares and penates

pendant [F] n counterpart, pendant (= one of a pair in symmetric arrangement)

pendente¹ 1. ppr of pender; 2. adj pending, pendent

pendente² n pendant (= something that hangs);
pendente (de aure) earring, eardrop

pender [pend-/pens-] v to hang (= to be suspended)
Hence: pendiculo-perpendiculo &: pendente; pendule &; pensile; appender &; depender &; dispender &; expender &; propender &; suspender &: vilipender etc.

pendiculo n pendicle, pendant

pendula (pén-) n pendule (= timepiece having a pendulum)

pendular adj swinging, pendulous

pendule adj pendant, pendulous
Hence: pendulo-pendular; pendula

pendulo (pén-) n pendulum

penetrabile adj penetrable

penetrabilitate n penetrability

penetrar v to penetrate;
penetrar se de (un facto) to become imbued with (a fact)
Hence: penetrabile-penetrabilitate, impenetrabile-impenetrabilitate; penetration; penetrative; penetrate; compenetrar &

penetrate 1. pp of penetrar; 2. adj (deeply) impressed, affected

penetration n penetration (1. act or process of penetrating; 2. as in “a man of great penetration”)

penetrative adj penetrative

penicilliforme adj penicilliform (= shaped like a hair pencil)

penicillina n [Biochem.] penicillin

penicillium (-cíl-) n [Bot.] Penicillium
Hence: penicillina

penicillo n 1. pencil (= tuft of hair); 2. brush, paintbrush; specif.: (hair) pencil
Hence: penicilliforme etc.

peninsula (-ín-) n peninsula
Hence: peninsular

peninsular adj peninsular

penitente¹ adj penitent
Hence: penitentia-penitentiario, penitentiero, penitentieria, penitential, penitentiari; impenitente-impenitentia

penitente² n [Eccl.] penitent

penitentia n 1. repentance; penitence; 2. penance

penitential¹ adj penitential (= pertaining to ecclesiastical penance)

penitential² n [Eccl.] penitential (book)

penitentiari adj penitentiary (as in “penitentiary measures”)

penitentiario n penitentiary (= reformatory prison)

penitentieria (-ía) n [Eccl.] penitentiaryship

penitentiero n [Eccl.] penitentiary (= confessor in special cases)

Penn, William npr [1644-1718; English Quaker and founder of Pennsylvania]
Hence: Pennsylvania etc.

penna n 1. flight feather; 2. quill, shaft; 3. pen (as in “pen and pencil”);
penna stilographic fountain pen
Hence: pennon; pennate; portapenna etc.; bipenne etc.

pennate adj [Bot., Zool.] feathered, pennate

pennon n pennon

Pennsylvania npr Pennsylvania
Hence: pennsylvanian-pennsylvaniano

pennsylvanian adj Pennsylvanian

pennsylvaniano n Pennsylvanian

penny (pl pence pence; pennies pennies) [A] n [Monet.] penny

penose adj 1. troublesome, difficult; 2. painful

pens- see pender

pensamento n thought (= process or power of thinking)

pensar¹ v to think (1. to reason, ponder, reflect; 2. to believe);
pensar de to think of (= to have an opinion about);
pensar a to think of (= to direct one’s thoughts toward)
Hence: pensamento; pensative; pensator; pensata

pensar² n thought, thinking

pensata n 1. thought (= a thought); 2. pansy (= Viola tricolor)

pensative adj pensive

pensator n thinker

pensile adj hanging, pendant, pensile

pension n 1. pension (= regular payment, stipend, allowance, etc.); 2. payment for board; 3. boardinghouse, pension
Hence: pensionario; pensionar

pensionar v to pension

pensionario n 1. pensioner; 2. boarder (= one who boards in a boardinghouse or private home)

pent- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] pent-, penta- (= five)
Hence: pentaculo; pentecoste &; pentathlo etc.; pentametro etc.; pentateucho etc.; pentamere etc.; pentagon etc; pentarchia etc.; pentatomic etc.

pentaculo n pentacle, five-pointed star

pentagon adj pentagonal
Hence: pentagono-pentagonal

pentagonal adj pentagonal

pentagono n [Geom.] pentagon

pentagramma n pentagram

pentahedre adj [Math.] pentahedral
Hence: pentahedro

pentahedro n [Math.] pentahedron

pentamere adj [Bot., Zool.] pentamerous
Hence: pentameros

pentameros (-tá-) n [Zool.] Pentamera

pentametro (-ámetro) n pentameter

pentarchia (-ía) n pentarchy (= government by five rulers)

pentateucho n pentateuch

pentathlo n [Gr. Antiq.] pentathlon

pentatomic adj [Chem.] pentatomic

pentecostal adj pentccostal

pentecoste n pentecost
Hence: pentecostal

penultima (-núl-) n penult

penultime (-núl-] adj next to last, penultimate
Hence: antepenultime-antepenultima; penultima

penumbra n penumbra, half-shade

penuria n 1. scarcity; 2. penury (= extreme poverty)

Peon npr [Gr. Mythol.] Paeon
Hence: peonia

peonia n peony

pepita n 1. pip, seed, stone, etc.; 2. nugget

pepsia (-ía) n digestion
Hence: apepsia; dyspepsia

pepsina n pepsin

pepsis (pép-) n digestion
Hence: pepsina

peptic adj peptic
Hence: dyspeptic

per prep 1. through (= from one side to the other of); also: during, throughout; 2. by (= by the agency of; through; by means of); also: per
Hence: perque etc.; percentage etc.; percentual etc.; perenne etc.

per- prefixo per- (1. through, throughout; 2. thoroughly, completely; extremely, very; also: extreme, great; 3. away entirely; away from the good)
Hence: perforar etc.; pernoctar etc.; percurrer etc.; perdurar etc.; permaner etc.; pervenir etc.; perfic- etc.; [permulte] etc.; pertinace etc.; pertusse etc.; perfide etc.; perjurar etc.; perverter etc.; perir etc.

perca n [Ichthyol.] perch; also: bass
Hence: percoides; perciforme etc.; percomorphe etc.

percentage (-aje) n percentage

percentual adj percentual; also: percentile

percept- see perciper

perceptibile adj perceptible

perceptibilitate n perceptibility

perception n I. collection, receipt (of taxes, rents, etc.); II. perception (1. process or faculty of perceiving; 2. percept)

perceptive adj perceptive

perceptor n 1. tax collector; 2. perceiver

percha (-sh-) n gutta-percha
Hence: guttapercha etc.

perchlorato n perchlorate

perchloric adj perchloric

perciar v to pierce (= to make a hole in)

perciforme adj [Zool.] perciform (1. resembling a perch; 2. of or pertaining to the Perciformes)

perciper [-cip-/-cept-] v 1. to collect (taxes, rents, etc.): 2. to perceive
Hence: perceptibile-perceptibilitate, imperceptibile-imperceptibilitate; perception; perceptive; perceptor; apperciper &

percoides npl [Zool.] Percoidea

percolar v to percolate (1. to cause to percolate; 2. to pass or flow through a filter)
Hence: percolator

percolator n percolator

percomorphe adj [Zool.] percomorph, percomorphous
Hence: percomorpho

percomorpho n [Zool.] percomorph;
percomorphos [Zool.] Percomorphi

percurrer [-curr-/-curs-] v 1. to run or travel through; also: to cover (a distance); 2. to look over, examine cursorily
Hence: percurso

percurs- see percurrer

percurso n distance covered; route

percuss- see percuter

percussion n percussion (1. stroke, hit, blow; also: shock, impact; 2. [Med.]);
instrumento de percussion percussion instrument;
fusil de percussion percussion gun

percutente 1. ppr of percuter; 2. adj percussive, percussion

percuter [-cut-/-cuss-] v 1. to strike, hit; 2. [Med.] to percuss
Hence: percutente; percussion; repercuter

perder v 1. to ruin, undo; 2. to lose;
perder se to lose one’s way, go astray;
perder (un traino) to miss (a train)
Hence: perdibile-imperdibile; perdition; perdita

perdibile adj losable

perdice n partridge

perdita (pér-) n loss;
perditas [Mil.] casualties, losses

perdition n 1. ruin; 2. [Theol.] perdition

perdurabile adj perdurable

perdurar v to continue, last on, perdure
Hence: perdurabile

peregrin adj peregrine; also: pilgrim; on a pilgrimage
Hence: peregrinar-peregrination; peregrino

peregrinar v to peregrinate; also: to go on a pilgrimage

peregrination n peregrination; also: pilgrimage

peregrino n pilgrim

perempt- see perimer

perempte adj lapsed, expired, invalid

peremptori adj peremptory (1. [Law]; 2. as in “a peremptory tone”)

perenne adj perennial (1. lasting or continuing throughout the year; 2. everlasting, eternal; 3. [Bot.])

perfect- see perfic-

perfecte adj perfect;
tempore perfecte perfect tense

perfectibile adj perfectible

perfectibilitate n perfectibility

perfection n perfection (1. act of perfecting; 2. state of being perfect)

perfectionamento n (act of) perfecting

perfectionar v to perfect

perfective adj perfective

perfecto n [(Gram.] perfect

perfic- [-fic-/-fect-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: perfectibile-perfectibilitate, imperfectibile-imperfectibilitate; perfection-perfectionar-perfectionamento, imperfection; perfective; perfecte-imperfecte-imperfecto, perfecto-plusquamperfecto etc.

perfide (pér-) adj perfidious
Hence: perfidia-perfidiose

perfidia n perfidy

perfidiose adj perfidious

perfoliate adj [Bot.] perfoliate

perforabile adj borable, punchable (= that can be perforated)

perforar v to perforate; to drill or bore (through), to punch
Hence: perforabile-imperforabile; perforation-imperforation; perforator; perforate-imperforate

perforate 1. pp of perforar; 2. adj perforate, perforated

perforation n perforation (1. perforating; 2. perforated hole)

perforator n perforator

performance [A] n [Horse Racing] performance; past performance

perfumar v to perfume
Hence: perfumo; perfumeria; perfumator

perfumator n perfumer

perfumeria (-ía) n perfumery

perfumo n perfume

pergamena n parchment

Pergamo (pér-) npr Pergamum
Hence: pergamena

pergola [I] n pergola

peri- prefixo [used chiefly to form technical terms] peri- (= around, about)
Hence: perimetro etc.; periscopio etc.; periphras- &

perianthio n [Bot.] perianth

peribile adj perishable

pericardio n [Anat.] pericardium
Hence: pericarditis

pericarditis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] pericarditis

periculo (-ículo) n danger, peril
Hence: periculose; impericular

periculose adj dangerous, perilous

perigee (-gé-) adj perigeal, perigean

perigeo (-gé-) n [Astron.] perigee

perimer [-im-/-empt-] v to lapse, expire, become invalid
Hence: peremptori; perempte

perimetro (-í-) n perimeter

periodic adj I. periodic (1. of a period or regular revolution; 2. occurring at regular times); II. [Math.] repetend

periodicitate n periodicity (= quality of being periodical)

periodico n periodical (= periodic publication)

periodo (-rí-) n I. period (1. as in “period of adolescence”; “Elizabethan period”; 2. [Astron.]; 3. [Rhet.]); II. [Math.] repetend
Hence: periodic-periodicitate, periodico

peripheria (-ía) n periphery
Hence: peripheric

peripheric adj peripheral, peripheric

periphras- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: periphrase-periphrasar; periphrastic

periphrasar v to periphrase

periphrase (-í-) n periphrasis

periphrastic adj periphrastic

perir v to perish
Hence: peribile-imperibile; deperir &

periscopic adj periscopic

periscopio n periscope
Hence: periscopic

peristaltic adj [Physiol.] peristaltic

peristole n [Physiol.] peristalsis

periton- see peritoneo

peritoneo (-éo) n [Anat.] peritoneum
Hence: peritonitis

peritonitis (-ítis) n [Med.] peritonitis

perjur adj perjured, forsworn
Hence: perjurio; perjuro

perjurar v -;
perjurar se to perjure oneself
Hence: perjurator

perjurator n perjurer

perjurio n perjury

perjuro n perjurer

perla n pearl;
perla (de vitro) (glass) bead
Hence: perlar

perlar v to pearl (as in “sweat pearling on his brow”)

permanente 1. ppr of permaner; 2. adj permanent, lasting, enduring

permanentia n permanence

permaner v to endure, last, be permanent
Hence: permanente-permanentia

permanganato n [Chem.] permanganate

permanganic adj [Chem.] permanganic

permeabile adj permeable

permeabilitate n permeability

permear v to permeate
Hence: permeabile-permeabilitate, impermeabile-impermeabilitate

permiss- see permitter

permissibile adj permissible

permission n permission

permisso n permit (= written permission)

permitter [-mitt-/-miss-] v to permit, allow
Hence: permissibile; permission; permisso

[permulte] adj very much, very many
Hence: permulto

[permulto] adv very much

permutabile adj permutable

permutabilitate n permutability

permutar v to exchange, interchange, permute
Hence: permutabile-permutabilitate, impermutabile-impermutabilitate; permutation; permutator

permutation n 1. exchange, interchange; 2. [Math.] permutation

permutator n permuter

pernicie n destruction, ruin
Hence: perniciose

perniciose adj pernicious

pernoctar v to spend the night, stay overnight; to pernoctate

pernoctation n pernoctation

perorar v to perorate (1. to speak at length; 2. to sum up or conclude a speech)
Hence: peroration

peroration n peroration

peroxydar v to peroxidize

peroxydo (-óx-) n peroxide
Hence: peroxydar

perpendicular adj perpendicular

perpendicularitate n perpendicularity

perpendiculo n perpendicular, plumb line
Hence: perpendicular-perpendicularitate

perpetrar v to perpetrate
Hence: perpetration; perpetrator

perpetration n perpetration

perpetrator n perpetrator

perpetuar v to perpetuate

perpetuation n perpetuation

perpetuator n perpetuator

perpetue adj perpetual;
nive perpetue perpetual snow
Hence: perpetuitate; perpetuar-perpetuation, perpetuator

perpetuitate n perpetuity (= perpetual duration)

perplexe adj perplexed, bewildered
Hence: perplexitate

perplexitate n perplexity, bewilderment

perque adv/conj 1. why (= for what reason); 2. because

perquirer [-quir-/-quisit-] v to seek, search, look for (diligently)
Hence: perquisition; perquisitor

perquisit- see perquirer

perquisition n search (as in “search warrant”)

perquisitor n searcher

perrucca n wig, periwig
Hence: perrucchero

perrucch- see perrucca

perrucchero n wigmaker, hairdresser, coiffeur, barber, etc.

persa n Persian
Hence: persic-persico &; Persia-persian-persiano, persiana; Persepole etc.; perse

perscrutar v to scruitinize closely, examine carefully, etc.
Hence: perscrutation

perscrutation n close scrutiny, careful examination

perse adj Persian

persecut- see persequer

persecution n 1. pursuit (= action of following after or chasing); 2. persecution;
mania de persecution persecution mania

persecutor n persecutor

perseide (-séi-) n [Astron.] Perseid

Perseo npr Perseus (1. [Gr. Mythol.]; 2. [Astron.])
Hence: perseide

Persepole npr Persepolis

persequer [-sequ-/-secut-] v 1. to pursue (= to follow after, chase); 2. to persecute
Hence: persecution; persecutor

perseverante 1. ppr of perserverar; 2. adj persistent

perseverantia n persistence, persistency, perseverance

perseverar v to persist, persevere
Hence: perseverante-perseverantia

Persia npr Persia

persian adj Persian, Persic

persiana n shutter, blind

persiano n Persian

persic adj Persian, Persic;
le Golfo Persic [Geogr.] the Persian Gulf

persica n peach (= fruit of the peach tree)

persicaria n [Bot.] persicaria

persich- see persico

persichiero n peach tree

persico n peach tree
Hence: persicaria; persica-persichiero

persistente adj persistent (= inclined to persist, tenacious)

persistentia n persistence, persistency

persister v to persist (= to endure, continue to exist);
persister in (un error, un resolution, etc.) to persist in (an error, a resolution, etc.)
Hence: persistente-persistentia

persona n person; also: character (as in “character in a play”);
in persona in person;
persona juridic juridical person
Hence: personage; personal-personalitate, personalisar, impersonal, unipersonal etc.; personate; personificar-personification

personage (-aje) n personage (1. person of note; 2. character in a work of fiction or a play)

personal¹ adj personal

personal² n personnel

personalisar v to personalize, personify

personalitate n personality;
personalitates personalities, personal remarks

personate adj [Bot.] personate

personificar v to personify

personification n personification

perspect- see perspicer

perspectiva n perspective (1. “the art of perspective”; 2. vista, view, prospect)

perspective adj perspective

perspicace adj perspicacious
Hence: perspicacitate

perspicacitate n perspicacity

perspicer [-spic-/-spect-] v 1. to look through; 2. to look at, examine
Hence: perspective-perspectiva

perspicue adj perspicuous
Hence: perspicuitate

perspicuitate n perspicuity

persuader [-suad-/-suas-] v to persuade
Hence: persuasibile; persuasion; persuasive; persuasor

persuas- see persuader

persuasibile adj persuadable

persuasion n persuasion (1. act of persuading; 2. state of being persuaded)

persuasive adj persuasive

persuasor n persuader

pertica (pér-) n pole, long staff

pertinace adj pertinacious
Hence: pertinacitate

pertinacitate n pertinacity, pertinaciousness

pertinente adj pertinent

pertinentia n pertinence

pertiner v -;
pertiner a to belong to (= to be the property of); also: to pertain to
Hence: pertinente-pertinentia, impertinente-impertinentia; appertiner-appertinente-appertinentia

perturbabile adj perturbable

perturbar v 1. to disturb (= to break up a state of order, calm and quiet); 2. to perturb
Hence: perturbabile-imperturbabile-imperturbabilitate; perturbation; perturbative; perturbator

perturbation n I. disturbance, disorder; II. perturbation (1. perturbed condition; 2.[Astron.])

perturbative adj 1. disturbing; 2. tending to perturb, perturbative

perturbator n 1. disturber; 2. perturber

pertussal adj [Med.] pertussal

pertusse n [Med.] whooping cough, pertussis
Hence: pertussal

Peru (-rú) npr Peru
Hence: peruan-peruano

peruan adj Peruvian

peruano n Peruvian

Peruvia [NL] npr Peru
Hence: peruvian-peruviano

peruvian adj Peruvian

peruviano n Peruvian

pervenir v to arrive, succeed in arriving (at a place, etc.)

pervers- see perverter

perverse adj perverse, perverted (= willfully wicked, vicious)

perversion n perversion (1. act of perverting, state of being perverted; 2. [Psychopathol.])

perversitate n perverseness

perverter [-vert-/-vers-] v to pervert (1. to divert from proper use or function; 2. to lead astray, corrupt)
Hence: pervertimento; perversion; perverse-perversitate; pervertitor

pervertimento n (act of) perverting or corrupting; perversion

pervertitor n perverter

pervie adj passable, pervious
Hence: impervie

pesante 1. ppr of pesar; 2. adj heavy;
aqua pesante heavy water

pesar v to weigh (1. to ascertain the weight of; 2. to have a certain weight);
pesar su parolas to weigh one’s words

pesator n weigher (= one who weighs, ascertains the weight of something)

peseta [H] n [Monet.] peseta

peso n I. weight (1. heaviness; 2. amount determined by weighing; 3. piece of metal, etc. used in weighing); II. [Monet.] peso;
peso atomic atomic weight;
peso specific specific weight;
peso morte dead weight;
peso nette net weight;
peso brute gross weight;
a peso by weight;
(personas) de peso (people) of weight
Hence: contrapeso; pesar-pesante, pesator, contrapesar

pessime (pés-) adj worst
Hence: pessimismo; pessimista

pessimismo n pessimism

pessimista n pessimist

pessulo (pés-) n bolt (for door, etc.)

peste n 1. (bubonic) plague, pestilence; 2. pest (= troublesome or destructive person);
peste bubonic bubonic plague
Hence: pestilente &; pestifere; appestar

pestifere adj pestiferous

pestilente adj pestilent
Hence: pestilentia-pestilential

pestilentia n pestilence, plague

pestilential adj pestilential

petalismo n [Gr. Antiq.] petalism

petalo (pé-) n petal
Hence: petalismo; petaloide; apetale; dipetale etc.

petaloide adj petaloid

petardo n 1. [Mil.] petard; 2. (fire)cracker

peter v 1. to demand, claim, exact; 2. to ask for, request, beg
Hence: petition-petitionero, petitionar; petitori; appetar &; competer &; impet- &; repeter &: centripete etc.

petiolar adj [Bot.] petiolar

petiolate adj petiolate, petiolated

petiolo (-tí-) n [Bot.] petiole, leafstalk
Hence: petiolar; petiolate

petition n petition (= formal request);
petition de principio [Logic] petitio principii, begging the question, petition of the principle;
presentar un petition a (un persona) to petition (someone)

petitionar v to petition (= to make a petition)

petitionero n petitioner

petitori adj [Law] petitory

petra n stone (1. rock; 2. [Med.] calculus);
petra de tocca touchstone;
petra pumice pumice stone;
petra angular cornerstone;
petra philosophal philospher’s stone;
petra de altar altar stone;
petra infernal [Med.] silver nitrate
Hence: petrario; petreria; petrific; petrose; petrificar-petrification; petrographo etc.; petroleo etc.; salpetra etc.

-petrar v [occurring in compounds]
Hence: impetrar &; perpetrar &

Petrarca npr Petrarch
Hence: petrarchista

petrarchista n Petrarchist

petrario n [Hist.] pedrero

petreria (-ía) n quarry, stone pit

petrific adj petrifying, petrifactive

petrificar v to petrify

petrification n petrifaction, petrification

Petro npr Peter

petrographia (-ía) n petrography

petrographic adj petrographic

petrographo (-ógrapho) n petrographer
Hence: petrographia; petrographic

petrol- see petroleo

petroleo n 1. (rock) oil, petroleum; 2. kerosene
Hence: petrolero; petroleria; petrolifere

petroleria (-ía) n petroleum refinery

petrolero n oilman (= one who deals in petroleum)

petrolifere adj petroliferous

petrose adj stony (1. full of stones; 2. of the nature of stone)

petrosilio n parsley

petunia n [Bot.] petunia

pfennig (pl pfennige) [G] n [Monet.] pfennig

Phaethon npr [Gr. Mythol.] Phaethon

phaeton n phaeton (= light four-wheeled carriage)

phag- v [occurring in compounds] phago- (= eating)
Hence: phagocyto etc.; anthropophage etc.; rhizophage etc.; esophago etc.

phagocyto (-ócito) n [Biol., Physiol., etc.] phagocyte
Hence: phagocytosis

phagocytosis (-ósis) n phagocytosis

phaner- adj [occurring in compounds] phaner-, phanero- (= visible)
Hence: phanerogame etc.

phanerogame (-ó-) adj [Bot.] phanerogamous
Hence: phanerogamo

phanerogamo n [Bot.] phanerogam

-phanta [occurring in compounds]
Hence: hierophanta etc.

phantasia (-ía) n I. fantasy, phantasy (1. power of imagining, fancy; 2. phantasm, fancy; 3. whim, caprice); II. fantasia (1. [Mus.] fantasy; 2. [Equit.]);
haber le phantasia de (facer) un cosa to have a fancy (to do something);
articulos de phantasia fancy goods

phantasma n phantasm (1. illusion, phantom; 2. appearance, ghost, specter)

phantasta n fantast, visionary
Hence: phantastic

phantastic adj fantastic, fantastical

pharaon n 1. Pharaoh; 2. faro
Hence: pharaonic

pharaonic adj Pharaonic

pharisa- see phariseo

pharisaic (-áic) adj 1. [Jewish Hist.] Pharisaic; 2. pharisaical, pharisaic, hypocritical

pharisaismo (-aísmo) n 1. [Jewish Hist.] Pharisaism; 2. pharisaism, phariseeism (= pharisaical attitude, hypocrisy)

phariseo (-éo) n 1. [Jewish Hist.] Pharisee; 2. pharisee, hypocrite
Hence: pharisaismo; pharisaic

pharmaceuta n pharmacist
Hence: pharmaceutic; pharmaceutica

pharmaceutic adj pharmaceutic, pharmaceutical

pharmaceutica n pharmaceutics

pharmacia (-ía) n pharmacy (= shop of a pharmacist)

pharmacista n pharmacist

pharmaco (fár-) n medicine, drug, remedy
Hence: pharmacia-pharmacista; pharmacologo etc.; pharmacopeia etc.

pharmacologia (-ía) n pharmacology

pharmacologic adj pharmacologic, pharmacological

pharmacologista n pharmacologist

pharmacologo (-ólogo) n pharmacologist
Hence: pharmacologia-pharmacologista; pharmacologic

pharmacopeia (-péya) n pharmacopoeia (= book describing drugs, chemicals, etc.)

pharo n 1. lighthouse, pharos; 2. headlight (as in “headlight of an automobile”)

Pharos (fá-) npr [Hist.] Pharos

phase n phase; also: [Astron., Biol., Phys., etc.]

-phasia (-ía) [occurring in compounds] -phasia
Hence: aphasia-aphasic-aphasico; dysphasia

-phem- n [occurring in compounds] -phem- (1. voice; 2. report, rumor)
Hence: eupheme etc.

phen- [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: phenol; phenylo-phenylamino etc.; phenic

phenic- adj [occurring in compounds] phenic-, phoenic-, phenico-, phoenico- (= red)
Hence: phenicoptero etc.

phenic adj carbolic;
acido phenic carbolic acid, phenol

phenice n phoenix, phenix

Phenicia n Phoenicia
Hence: phenicie-phenicio

phenicie adj Phoenician

phenicio n Phoenician

phenicoptero (-cóp-) n [Ornith.] phenicopter

phenol n [Chem.] phenol

phenomenal adj phenomenal (1. as in “the phenomenal world”; 2. extraordinary, remarkable)

phenomeno (-nómeno) n phenomenon (1. observable fact or event; 2. something extraordinary or remarkable)
Hence: phenomenal; phenomenologia etc.

phenomenologia (-ía) n phenomenology

phenylamino n [Chem.] phenylamine

phenylo n [Chem.] phenyl

Philadelphia npr Philadelphia

philanthrope adj philanthropic
Hence: philanthropia; philanthropismo; philanthropo-philanthropic

philanthropia (-ía) n philanthropy

philanthropic adj philanthropic

philanthropismo n philanthropism

philanthropo n philanthropist

philatelia (-ía) n philately
Hence: philatelista; philatelic

philatelic adj philatelic

philatelista n philatelist

-phile adj [occurring in compounds] -phile (as in “bibliophile”, loving books)
Hence: anglophile etc.; bibliophile etc.; hemophile etc.; spermophilo etc.; philo--philanthropo etc., philharmonia etc., philosopho etc., Philadelphia etc.

philharmonia (-ía) n 1. love of harmony, love of music; 2. philharmonic society
Hence: philharmonic

philharmonic adj philharmonic

philipp- see Philippi

philippense adj/n Philippian;
Epistola al Philippenses [Bib.] Epistle to the Philippians

Philippi npr [Antiq.] Philippi
Hence: philippense

Philippicas nprpl [Gr. Lit.; Rom. Lit.] Philippics;
philippica philippic

philippin adj Philippine, Filipino;
Insulas Philippin Philippine Islands, Philippines

Philippinas nprpl Philippines, Philippine Islands

philippino n Filipino

Philippo npr Philip
Hence: Philippicas; philippin-philippino, Philippinas

Philistea (-éa) npr Philistia

philistee (-ée) adj Philistine (1. [Hist.]; 2. uncultured, conventional)

philisteo (-éo) n Philistine (1. [Hist.]; 2. Philister, nonstudent; 3. crude, uncultured, conventional person)
Hence: philistee-philisteria, Philistea

philisteria (-ía) n Philistinism

philo- [occurring in compounds] philo-, phil- (as in “philosopher”, “philharmonic”, etc.)

philologia (-ía) n philology

philologic adj philological

philologo (-ólogo) n philologist
Hence: philologia; philologic

philosophar v to philosophize

philosophia (-ía) n philosophy

philosophic adj philosophic, philosophical

philosophismo n philosophism

philosopho (-ósofo) n philosopher
Hence: philosophia; philosophismo; philosophic; philosophar

phleb- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] phleb-, phlebo- (= vein)
Hence: phlebitis; phlebotomo etc.; phlebotomia etc.

phlebitis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] phlebitis

phlebotomia (-ía) n [Med.] phlebotomy

phlebotomo (-bó-) n [Med.] phlebotome

phleg- [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: Phlegethonte; phlegma &; phlegmon

Phlegethonte npr [Gr. Mythol.] Phlegethon

phlegma [-ma/-mat-] n phlegm (1. mucus; 2. sluggish temperament)
Hence: phlegmatic

phlegmat- see phlegma

phlegmatic adj phlegmatic

phlegmon n [Pathol.] phlegmon

phlox n phlox

-phobe adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] -phobe, -phobic (as in “Anglophobe, Anglophobic”).
Hence: phobia-claustrophobia etc.; phobic; agoraphobe etc.; anglophobe etc.

phobia (-ía) n [Pathol.] phobia

phobic adj [Pathol.] phobic

phoca n [Zool.] seal

phon- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] phono-, phon- (= voice; sound)
Hence: phonic-phonica; aphone-aphonia-aphonic; symphone &; antiphona &; phonographo etc.; phonologo etc.; cacophone etc.; euphone etc.; polyphone etc.; saxophono etc.; xylophono etc.; megaphono etc.; microphono etc.; telephono etc.; kaleidophonic etc.

phonema n phoneme, phone

phonet- see phonetic

phonetic adj phonetic
Hence: phonetismo; phonetista; phonetica

phonetica n phonetics

phonetismo n phonetism

phonetista n phonetician, phonetist

phonic adj phonic; acoustic

phonica n phonics; acoustics

phonographia (-ía) n phonography

phonographic adj phonographic

phonographo (-ógrafo) n phonograph
Hence: phonographia; phonographic

phonolithic adj phonolitic

phonolitho (-nó-) n phonolite, clinkstone
Hence: phonolithic

phonologia (-ía) n phonology

phonologic adj phonological

phonologo (-ólogo) n phonologist
Hence: phonologia; phonologic

phonometria (-ía) n phonometry

phonometro (-nó-) n phonometer
Hence: phonometria

-phore adj [occurring in compounds] -phore, -phorous (= carrying; carrier, bearer)
Hence: acanthophore etc.; rheophoro etc.

phosph- see phosphoro

phosphatate adj phosphated

phosphatic adj phosphatic

phosphato n [Chem.] phosphate

phospheno n phosphene

phosphina n [Chem.] phosphine

phosphito n phosphite

phosphorescente adj phosphorescent

phosphorescentia n phosphorescence

phosphorescer v to phosphoresce
Hence: phosphorescente-phosphorescentia

phosphoric adj phosphoric

phosphorite n [Mineral.] phosphorite

phosphoro (fós-) n phosphorus
Hence: phosphorite; phosphoric-hypophosphoric, pyrophosphoric etc.; phosphorose-hypophosphorose; phosphorescer &; phosphato-phosphatate, phosphatic, hypophosphato, arseniophosphato etc., glycerophosphato etc.; phosphina; phosphito-hypophosphito

phosphorose adj [Chem.] phosphorous;
acido phosphorose phosphorous acid

phot- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] phot-, photo- (= light)
Hence: photon; photic; photica; photometro etc.; photographo etc.; photochimia etc.; photolithographia etc.; photosynthese etc.; photoelectric etc.; photogene etc.; telephoto etc.

photic adj photic, light

photica n photics (= science of light)

photo n photo, snapshot
Hence: photomontage etc.

photochimia (-ía) n photochemistry

photochromia (-ía) n color photography, photochromy

photoelectric adj [Phys.] photoelectric

photogene adj photogenous, photogenic (= generating light)
Hence: photogenic

photogenic adj photogenic (as in “photogenic face”)

photographar v to photograph

photographia (-ía) n 1. photography; 2. photograph

photographic adj photographic

photographo (-ógrafo) n photographer
Hence: photographia-astrophotographia etc., chromophotographia etc., microphotographia etc., telephotographia etc.; photographic; photographar

photogravure n photogravure

photolithographia (-ía) n 1. photolithography; 2. photolithograph
Hence: photolithographiar

photolithographiar v to photolithograph

photometro (-ómetro) n photometer

photomontage (-aje) n photomontage

photon n [Phys.] photon

photosphera n photosphere; also: [Astron.]

photostatic adj photostatic

photostato (-óstato) n photostat (1. photostating camera; 2. photostatic copy)
Hence: photostatic

photosynthese (-sín-) n photosynthesis

photosynthetic adj photosynthetic

phototherapia (-ía) n phototherapy
Hence: phototherapic

phototherapic adj phototherapeutic

phototypia (-ía) n phototypy, phototyping

phototypic adj phototypic

phototypo (-ótipo) n [Print.] phototype
Hence: phototypia; phototypic; phototypographia etc.

phototypographia (-ía) n phototypography
Hence: phototypographic

phototypographic adj phototypographic

phras- v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: phrase-phrasar, phraseologia etc.; antiphras- &; metaphras- &; paraphras- &; periphras- &: holophras- etc.

phrasar v [Mus.] to phrase

phrase n I. phrase (1. [Gram.]; 2. [Mus.]); II. [Gram.] sentence

phraseologia (-ía) n phraseology
Hence: phraseologic

phraseologic adj phraseological (= pertaining to phraseology)

phren- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] phren-, phreno (= midriff, diaphragm; mind)
Hence: phrenesia; phrenitis &; phrenic; phrenographo etc: phrenologo etc.; phrenopathia etc.; schizophrenia etc.

phrenesia (-ía) n frenzy

phrenet- see phrenitis

phrenetic adj frantic, frenzied, phrenetic

phrenetico n phrenetic, madman

phrenic adj [Anat.] phrenic

phrenitis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] phrenitis
Hence: phrenetic-phrenetico

phrenographo (-nó-) n phrenograph (= instrument recording the movements of the diaphragm)

phrenologia (-ía) n phrenology

phrenologic adj phrenological

phrenologista n phrenologist

phrenologo (-ólogo) n phrenologist
Hence: phrenologia-phrenologista; phrenologic

phrenopathia (-ía) n phrenopathy
Hence: phrenopathic

phrenopathic adj phrenopathic

Phrygia npr Phrygia
Hence: phrygie-phrygio

phrygie adj Phrygian;
bonetto phrygie Phrygian cap

phrygio n Phrygian

-phthong- n [occurring in compounds] -phthong (= voice; sound)
Hence: diphthonge etc.; triphthongo etc.

phyllo- n [occurring in compounds] phyllo-, -phyll, -phyllum (= leaf)
Hence: chlorophyllo etc. ...

phylo n 1. [Biol.] phylon (= tribe or race); 2. [Biol.] phylum
Hence: phylogenese etc.; phylogenia etc.; phylogenetic etc.

phylogenese (-gé-) n phylogeny, phylogenesis

phylo-genesis (-gé-) n phylogeny, phylogenesis

phylogenetic adj phylogenetic

phylogenia (-ía) n phylogeny (1. “science of phylogeny”; 2. phylogenesis)
Hence: phylogenista

phylogenista n phylogenist

physic adj physical;
astronomia physic physical astronomy;
geographia physic physical geography

physica n physics

physico n 1. physique; 2. physicist

physicochimia (-ía) n physicochemistry
Hence: physicochimic

physicochimic adj physicochemical

physiocrate (-ó-) n physiocrat

physiocratia (-ía) n physiocracy

physiocratic adj physiocratic

physiognomia¹ (-ía) n physiognomy (1. art of determining character from features of the face; 2. face)
Hence: physiognomista; physiognomic

physiognomia² see also: physiognomonia

physiognomic adj physiognomic (1. as in “physiognomic studies”; 2. as in “physiognomic expression)

physiognomista n physiognomist

physiognomonia (-ía) n physiognomy (= physiognomics)
Hence: physiognomonic; physiognomia &

physiognomonic adj physiognomonic

physiographia (-ía) n physiography

physiologia (-ía) n physiology

physiologic adj physiologic, physiological

physiologista n physlologist

physiologo (-ólogo) n physiologist
Hence: physiologia-physiologista, psychophysiologia etc.; physiologic

physiotherapia (-ía) n physiotherapy

physis (fí-) n nature, inborn quality (of a person or thing); physis
Hence: physic-physicochimia etc., geophysic etc., psychophysic etc.; physica-metaphysica, metaphysic, metaphysico; physico; physiotherapia etc.; physiognomonia etc.; physiologo etc.; monophysita etc.

phyto- [occurring in compounds] phyto-, phyt- (= grown; growth, plant)
Hence: epiphyto; phytographia etc.; phytolacca etc.; zoophyto etc.; neophyto etc.; saprophyto etc.

phytographia (-ía) n descriptive botany, phytography

phytolacca n pokeweed

pi n pi (1. “the Greek letter pi”; 2. [Math.])

pianino n upright piano

pianissimo (-íssimo) adv/adj [Mus.] pianissimo

pianista n pianist

piano¹ [I] adv/adj [Mus.] piano
Hence: pianissimo; piano² &

piano² n [Mus.] piano, pianoforte
Hence: pianino; pianista; pianola; pianoforte etc.

pianoforte n [Mus.] pianoforte, piano

pianola n pianola

piastra n [Monet.] piaster, piastre

pica n magpie

picaresc adj picaresque

picaro [H] n pícaro
Hence: picaresc

picca¹ n 1. [Arms] pike; 2. [Card Games] spade

picca² n pique (as in “a fit of pique”)

piccante I. ppr of piccar; II. adj 1. biting (as in “biting sarcasm”); 2. piquant

piccar v I. to sting, bite, smart; II. to pique (1. to arouse, stir up; 2. to offend);
piccar se to take offense;
le vino se picca the wine turns acid or sour;
piccar se de to pride oneself on, pique oneself on or upon;
piccar (super le inimico) [Aeronaut.] to dive (down on the enemy)
Hence: picca²; piccante

picco n 1. pick, pickax; 2. (mountain) peak

pice n pitch (= residuum of wood tar, coal tar, etc.)
Hence: piciose; piciar

piciar v to pitch (= to cover over or smear with pitch)

piciose adj pitchy

pickles [A] npl pickles

pickpocket [A] n pickpocket

pick-up [A] n [Elec.] pickup, tone arm

picnic [A] n picnic

pico n woodpecker

pict- see pinger

pictor n painter
Hence: pictoressa; pictoresc

pictoresc adj picturesque

pictoressa n paintress, woman painter

pictura n painting (1. art of painting; 2. picture)

pictural adj pictorial, pictural

picturar v to paint, picture

pie adj pious, devoted
Hence: pietate-pietismo, pietista, pietose-impietose; expiar &; impie-impietate

pièce [F] n piece (1. play, dramatic work; 2. “piece of music”)

pietate n 1. [Relig.] piety; 2. affectionate devotion; 3. pity (= compassion);
haber pietate de to pity or have pity on;
facer pietate a un persona to arouse someone’s pity or compasssion

pietismo n Pietism

pietista n Pietist

pietose adj 1. compassionate; 2. piteous; pitiful

pigmentar v to color or imbue with pigment

pigmentari adj pigmentary

pigmentation n pigmentation

pigmento n pigment
Hence: pigmentari; pigmentar-pigmentation; auripigmento etc.

pignorar v to pawn, put in pawn

pignore n pledge, pawn, security;
prestator super pignore pawnbroker

pigre adj lazy
Hence: pigritia; pigressa

pigressa n laziness

pigritia n laziness

pila n I. pier (of a bridge); II. pile (1. heap, stack; 2. [Elec.; Atomic Phys., etc.]);
pila sic [Elec.] dry pile or cell;
pila primari (secundari) [Atomic Phys.] primary (secondary) reactor
Hence: pilar¹; pilastro; pilar²-compilar &

pilar¹ n pillar

pilar² v to pile, heap up

pilar³ v to remove the hair from, depilate

pilastro n pilaster

Pilato, Pontio npr Pontius Pilate

pilav [Tu.] n pilaf, pilau, pilaw

pilaw [Pers.] n pilau, pilaw, pilaf

piliage (-aje) n pillage

piliar v to pillage, plunder
Hence: piliage; piliator

piliator n pillager, plunderer

pilo n I. hair (1. a single hair; 2. the hair of a person, animal, etc.); II. nap, pile (of cloth, velvet, etc.); III. down (as in “down on fruit”);
montar a pilo to ride bareback
Hence: pilose-pilositate; pilar³; depilar-depilation, depilatori, depilatorio; horripilar etc.

pilori (-í) n pillory

pilose adj hairy, pilose

pilositate n hairiness, pilosity

pilota n [Naut., etc.] pilot
Hence: pilotar-pilotage

pilotage (-aje) n piloting, pilotage

pilotar v to pilot

pilula (pí-) n pill, pilule
Hence: pilular

pilular adj pilular

pimentar v to season with pimento

pimento n pimento (1. pimiento; 2. allspice)
Hence: pimentar

pinaceas npl [Bot.] Pinaceae

pinacee adj pinaceous

pinastro n pinaster, cluster pine, sea pine

pincel n brush, painthrush; specif.: (artist’s) pencil (= quill of camel’s hair, fitch, sable, etc.)
Hence: pincelar

pincelar v to paint (= to use a paintbrush)

pince-nez [F] n pince-nez

pincette [F] n tweezers, small pincers

pincion n [Zool.] finch

pinea n pine cone

pineal adj pineal;
glandula pineal pineal gland

pinee adj pine, piny

pineto n pine grove, pinetum

-ping- see pang-

pinger [ping-/pict-] v to paint
Hence: pictor &; pictura-pictural, picturar; depinger

ping-pong [A] n ping-pong

pinguin n penguin

pinion n pine nut, piñon

pinna n fin
Hence: pinnaculo; pinnion; pinnula; pinnate

pinnaculo n [Arch.] pinnacle

pinnate adj [Bot.] pinnate

pinnion n pinion (= cogwheel)

pinnula n [Surv.] pinnule, sightvane

pino n pine (1. pine tree; 2. pine wood)
Hence: pinastro; pineto; pinacee-pinaceas; pinee-pinea-pineal

pinta n pint

pintada [P] n guinea fowl, guinea hen, pintado

pionero n [Mil.] pioneer

pipa n I. fife; II. pipe (1. tube; 2. [Meas.]; 3. “tobacco pipe”)
Hence: pipata; pipetta; pipar

pipar¹ v to peep, cheep, chirp
Hence: pipator

pipar² v to (play the) fife

pipata n pipeful

pipator n peeper, cheeper

piperaceas npl [Bot.] Piperaceae

piperacee adj [Bot.] piperaceous

piperar v to pepper, season with pepper

piperate 1. pp of piperar; 2. adj peppery

pipere n pepper
Hence: piperacee-piperaceas; piperiera; piperina; piperar; piperate

piperiera n pepper shaker

piperina n [Chem.] piperine

pipetta n pipette

pipion n dove, pigeon

piqué [F] n piqué (= ribbed cotton fabric)

pira n pear (= fruit of the pear tree)
Hence: piriero

-pirar see spirar

pirata n pirate (= one who commits piracy)
Hence: pirateria; piratar

piratar v to pirate, commit piracy

pirateria n piracy

piriero n pear tree

pirouettar v to pirouette

pirouette [F] n [Dancing] pirouette
Hence: pirouettar

pisca n 1. fishing; 2. catch, haul (of fishes);
le pisca miraculose [Eccl.] the miraculous draught of fishes

piscar v to fish (to catch or try to catch fish, etc.);
piscar in aqua turbide to fish in troubled waters

piscaria n fishing ground, piscary

piscator n fisherman;
anello del piscator [Eccl.] Fisherman’s ring

piscatori adj piscatory, piscatorial

pisce n fish;
pisce de mar salt-water fish;
pisce aurate goldfish;
pisce volante flying fish;
ni carne ni pisce neither fish nor fowl;
como un pisce foras del aqua like a fish out of water;
mute como un pisce as mute as a fish;
Pisces [Astron.] Pisces, Fishes
Hence: piscaria; piscina; piscose; piscar-pisca, pischeria, piscator, piscatori; piscicultura etc.; pisciforme etc.; piscivore etc.

pisch- see pisce

pischeria (-ía) n 1. fishing ground; 2. fishmarket

piscicultura n pisciculture

pisciforme adj pisciform

piscina n 1. [Eccl.] piscina; 2. fishpond; 3. swimming pool

piscivore adj piscivorous

piscose adj abounding in fish

pisiforme adj pisiform (1. pea-shaped; 2. [Anat., Zool.])

piso n pea;
piso odorose sweet pea
Hence: pisiforme etc.

pista n 1. tracks, trail (of an animal); 2. racecourse, race track

pistacia n pistachio (tree)
Hence: pistacio-pistaciero

pistaciero n pistachio (tree)

pistacio n pistachio (nut)

pistillar adj [Bot.] pistillar, pistillary

pistillifere adj [Bot.] pistilliferous

pistillo n 1. pestle; 2. [Bot.] pistil
Hence: pistillar; pistillifere

pistola n 1. pistol; 2. pistole

piston n piston (1. [Mach.]; 2. [Mus.]);
corneta a piston [Mus.] cornet

pitancia n small allowance, pittance

pizzicato [I] adj/adv/n pizzicato

placa n plaque (= disk of metal, etc.); also: badge
Hence: plachetta; placar

placabile adj placable

placabilitate n placableness, placability

placar¹ v to placate, appease
Hence: placabile-placabilitate, implacabile-implacabilitate; placation; placator; placatori

placar² v to plate, overlay (with plates of metal)

placard [F] n poster, placard
Hence: placardar

placardar v to post (a bill, placard, etc.)

placation n placation

placator n placater

placatori adj placatory, conciliatory

placente 1. ppr of placer; 2. adj pleasant

placer v to please;
placer a un persona to please somebody;
si il vos place (if you) please
Hence: placide &; placente; complacer &; displacer-displacente-displacentia

placer¹ n pleasure

placer² [A] n [Mining] placer

plach- see placa

plachetta n plaquette (= small decorated plaque)

placia n place (1. square; 2. position, office);
placia de armas drill ground;
placia (forte) fortress, fortified town
Hence: placiar-placiamento; displaciar &; implaciar &; misplaciar

placiamento n placement (1. action of placing, setting; 2. action of securing a position for someone);
bureau de placiamento employment office, placement bureau

placiar v to place (1. to put, set; 2. to secure a position or place for)

placide adj placid
Hence: placiditate

placiditate n placidity

plaga n 1. wound; sore; 2. plague (= affliction, calamity);
poner le digito super le plaga to put one’s finger on the sore spot
Hence: plagar

plagar v 1. to wound; 2. to plague

plagia (-aja) n beach

plagiar v to plagiarize

plagiario n plagiarist

plagiato n something plagiarized; also: plagiarism

plagio n plagiarism; also: case of plagiarism
Hence: plagiario; plagiar-plagiato

plaid [A] n plaid

plan adj 1. flat, level, plane; 2. plain (= clear, easy to understand)
Hence: planar²-plana¹, planator; applanar &; explanar &; planimetro etc.; planispherio etc.; plano² &; plana²

plana¹ n plane (= tool for smoothing, planishing, etc.)

plana² n plain

planar¹ v to plan (1. to represent by map, diagram, etc.; 2. to think out plans for)

planar² v 1. to smooth, plane; 2. to planish

planar³ v 1. to hover; 2. [Aeronaut.] to glide
Hence: planator; aeroplano etc.

planator¹ n 1. planer (= one who or that which planes or smoothes); 2. planisher (of metals)

planator² n [Aeronaut.] glider

planca n 1. plank, board; 2. shelf (as in “book shelf”)
Hence: planchetta

planch- see planca

planchetta n small plank, small board

planct- see planger

plancto n lamentation, lament, plaint

plancton (plánc-) n [Zool.] plankton

planeta n planet
Hence: planetari; planetario; planetoide

planetari adj planetary;
systema planetari planetary system

planetario n planetarium

planetoide n planetoid

planger [plang-/planct-] v -;
planger se de to complain of or about
Hence: plancto

planimetria (-ía) n planimetry

planimetro (-í-) n planimeter
Hence: planimetria

planispheric adj planispheric, planispherical, planispheral

planispherio n planisphere
Hence: planispheric

plano¹ n plan (1. of a house, garden, town, etc.; 2. scheme; also: project, design)
Hence: planar¹

plano² n plane (= flat or level surface);
plano (inclinate) [Geom.] (inclined) plane;
prime plano foreground
Hence: planar³ &; biplano etc.; monoplano etc.

planta n 1. plant (= vegetable organism); 2. sole (of foot)
Hence: plantagine &; planton; plantula; plantar¹; plantar²-plantation, plantator, displantar, implantar &, replantar-replantabile, supplantar &, transplantar &; plantigrade etc.

plantaginaceas npl [Bot.] Plantaginaceae

plantaginacee adj [Bot.] plantaginaceous

plantagine n [Bot.] plantain
Hence: plantaginacee-plantaginaceas

plantar¹ adj [Anat.] plantar, sole

plantar² v to plant

plantation n 1. (art of) planting; 2. plantation

plantator n planter (1. one who plants; 2. owner of a plantation)

plantigrade (-í-) adj [Zool.] plantigrade
Hence: plantigrado

plantigrado (-í-) n plantigrade

planton n 1. [Hort.] set, shoot, cutting; 2. [Mil.] orderly

plantula n [Bot.] plantule; plantlet

plasma [-ma/-mat-] n plasm, plasma (1. [Mineral.]; 2. [Physiol.]);
plasma del sanguine blood plasma
Hence: cytoplasma etc.; neoplasma etc.; protoplasma etc.; ectoplasma etc.

plast- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] plast- (= moulded, formed)
Hence: -plastia &; plastic-plasticitate, organoplastic etc., plastico, plastica; chloroplasto etc.

-plastia (-ía) [occurring in compounds] -plasty (= moulding, formation)
Hence: galvanoplastia etc.; osteoplastia etc.; rhinoplastia etc.

plastic adj plastic; also: [Technol.] plastics;
operation plastic plastic operation;
artes plastic plastic arts

plastica n plastic art

plasticitate n plasticity

plastico n plastic, plastics (as in “plastic or plastics is a widely used material”);
plasticos plastics (as in “plastics are widely used materials”)

plastron [F] n plastron (1. protection for the breast of a fencer; 2. starched shirt front)

plat- see platy-

platanaceas npl [Bot.] Platanaceae

platanacee adj [Bot.] platanaceous

plataneto n grove of plane trees

platano (plá-) n [Bot.] plane (tree)
Hence: plataneto; platanacee-platanaceas

plateau [F] n plateau

platessa n flatfish, plaice; flounder

plathelminthe n [Zool.] flatworm, planarian, platyhelminth;
plathelminthes Platyhelminthes

platinar v to platinize

platinatura n platinization

platinifere adj platiniferous

platino n platinum
Hence: platinifere; platinoide; platinar-platinatura; platinotypia etc.

platinoide¹ adj platinoid

platinoide² n platinoid

platinotypia (-ía) n [Photog.] platinotype

platitude [F] n platitude

Platon npr [Gr. Philos.] Plato
Hence: platonismo-neoplatonismo etc.; platonic-neoplatonic etc.; platonico-neoplatonico etc.; platonisar

platonic adj Platonic;
amor platonic Platonic love

platonico n Platonist, Platonic

platonisar v to Platonize

platonismo n Platonism

platta n plate (= sheet of metal); also: [Photog.]

platte adj flat, level
Hence: applattar; platteforma etc.; platto; platta

platteforma n platform (1. as in “gun platform, streetcar platform, etc.”; 2. [Pol.])

platto n 1. plate, dish, platter; also: saucer, etc.; 2. dish (= food prepared in a particular way); 3. course (= part of a meal served at one time)

platy- adj [occurring in compounds] platy-, plat- (= flat)
Hence: phthelminthe etc.; platycephale etc.

platycephale adj [Med., Anthropol.] flatheaded, platycephalic, platycephalous
Hence: platycephalia

platycephalia (-ía) n [Med., Anthropol.] platycephaly, flat-headedness

platypode (-ípode) adj 1. [Med.] flatfooted; 2. [Zool.] platypodous
Hence: platypodia

platypodia (-ía) n [Med.] flatfoot, platypodia

platyrrhin adj [Zool., Anthropol.] platyrrhine
Hence: platyrrhinos

platyrrhinos npl [Zool.] Platyrrhina, platyrrhine monkeys

platyure adj [Zool.] flat-tailed, platurous

plauder [plaud-/plaus-] v to applaud
Hence: plausibile &; applauder &

plaus- see plauder

plausibile adj plausible (= reasonable, acceptable)
Hence: plausibilitate

plausibilitate n plausibility, plausibleness

-ple adj [occurring in compounds]
Hence: multiple etc.; centuple etc.; duple etc.; simple etc.; triple etc.

plebe n plebs (1. [Rom. Hist.]; 2. common people, populace)
Hence: plebeie-plebeismo, plebeitate, plebeisar, plebeio; plebiscito etc.

plebeie (-bé-) adj plebeian (1. [Rom. Hist.]; 2. common, vulgar)

plebeio (-bé-) n plebeian (1. [Rom. Hist.]; 2. member of the populace)

plebeisar v to plebeianize, render plebeian

plebeismo (-ízmo) n plebeianism (1. plebeian character; 2. plebeian style or expression)

plebeitate n plebeianism (= plebeian character)

plebiscitari adj plebiscitary

plebiscito n plebiscite
Hence: plebiscitari

plect- [plect-/plex-] v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: plexo; perplexe &; complect- &

plectro n pick, plectrum

pleg- n [occurring in compounds] pleg-, plego- (1. blow, stroke; 2. [Med.] stroke (of paralysis, etc.))
Hence: hemiplegia etc.

pleiade (-í-] n Pleiad (1. one of the Pleiades; 2. [Lit.]);
pleiades [Astron.] Pleiades

pleist- [occurring in compounds]
Hence: pleistocen etc.

pleistocen adj [Geol.] Pleistocene
Hence: pleistoceno

pleistoceno n [Geol.] Pleistocene

plen adj full;
a plen manos by handfuls
Hence: plenitude; plenari; plenar-replenar &, terrapleno etc.; plenipotentia etc.; plenilunio etc.; plenilunar etc.

plenar v to fill (= to make full)

plenari adj plenary

plenilunar adj of the full moon, plenilunar, plenilunary

plenilunio n full moon, plenilune

plenipotentia n full power, plenipotence
Hence: plenipotentiari; plenipotentiario

plenipotentiari adj plenipotentiary

plenipotentiario n plenipotentiary (= plenipotentiary envoy or ambassador)

plenitude n plenitude (1. fullness; 2. abundance)

pleonas- v [occurring in derivatives] pleonas- (= to be superfluous)
Hence: pleonasmo; pleonasto; pleonastic

pleonasmo n pleonasm

pleonastic adj pleonastic

pleonasto n [Mineral.] pleonaste, ceylonite

-pler v [occurring in compounds]
Hence: compler &; depler &; expler &; impler &; repler &; suppler &

plesi- adj [occurring in compounds] plesio-, plesi- (= near, close)
Hence: plesiosauro etc. ...

plesiosauro n [Paleontol.] plesiosaurus, plesiosaur

pleura n [Anat.] pleura
Hence: pleuritis-pleuritic; pleural; pleuropneumonia etc.

pleural adj pleural

pleuritic adj pleuritic

pleuritis (-ítis) n [Med.] pleurisy

pleuropneumonia (-ía) n [Med.] pleuropneumonia

plex- see plect-

plexo n plexus

pli- adj [occurring in compounds] pli-, plio- (= more)
Hence: pliocen etc. ...

plica n 1. fold, pleat; 2. [Pathol.] plica, Polish plait

plicante 1. ppr of plicar; 2. adj pliant, pliable

plicar v 1. to fold, pleat; 2. to bend (= to cause to bend);
plicar se to bend, yield
Hence: plica; plicante; plicatura; applicar &; complicar &; displicar &; explicar &; implicar &; replicar &

plicatura n plication, plicature

-plice adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: duplice etc.; multiplice etc.; simplice etc.; quadruplicar etc.

pliocen adj [Geol.] Pliocene
Hence: plioceno

plioceno n [Geol.] Pliocene

plorar v to cry, weep
Hence: deplorar &; implorar &

[plu] adv (= plus)
Hence: plutosto etc.

pluche [F] n plush

pluma n feather;
peso pluma [Sports] featherweight
Hence: plumage; plumula; plumose; plumar; implumar; displumar

plumage (-aje) n plumage

plumar v to pluck (poultry)

plumbagine n black lead, graphite

plumbar v I. to plumb (1. to weight with lead; 2. to test by a plumb line); II. [Dent.] to fill (a tooth)

plumbee adj plumbeous, lead

plumberia (-ía) n 1. plumbing; 2. plumber’s shop

plumbero n plumber

plumbic adj plumbic; also: [Chem.]

plumbifere adj plumbiferous

plumbo n lead (1. the metal “lead”; 2. bullets, shot);
a plumbo plumb, vertical
Hence: plumbagine; plumbero; plumberia; plumbee; plumbic; plumbifere; plumbar

plumose adj feathered, feathery, plumose

plumpudding [A] n plum pudding

plumula n plumule (1. [Bot.]; 2. little feather)

plural¹ adj plural (1. more than one; pertaining to more than one; 2. [Gram.]);
numero plural [Gram.] plural number

plural² n [Gram.] plural
Hence: pluralismo; pluralista; pluralitate; pluralisar

pluralisar v to pluralize

pluralismo n [Philos.] pluralism

pluralista n [Philos.] pluralist

pluralitate n plurality (1. state of being plural; 2. majority; 3. [Elections])

plure adj several
Hence: plural &; [plurime]-[plurimo]; plurinomial etc.

plures (plú-) pron several

plurilocular adj [Bot., Zool.] plurilocular

[plurime] (plú-) adj 1. much; 2. many

[plurimo] (plú-) adv 1. much, exceedingly; 2. for the most part, commonly, usually

plurinominal adj plurinominal

plus 1. more; 2. plus;
plus belle (que) more beautiful (than);
plus grande (que) greater, bigger (than);
plus de (vinti annos) more than, over, above (twenty years);
le plus belle the most beautiful;
le plus grande the greatest, biggest;
(le) plus (the) most (as in “what pleased me (the) most”);
de plus furthermore, besides;
de plus in plus more and more;
in plus furthermore, in addition, also;
(tres) plus (quatro) (three) plus (four);
al plus at (the) best;
plus o minus more or less;
non ... plus no more, not any more (1. nothing more; 2. no longer);
plus (de) (moneta, etc.) more (money, etc.)
Hence: plus-valor etc.; plusquamperfecto etc.

plusquamperfecto n pluperfect

plusvalor n [Econ.] surplus value

pluto- n [occurring in compounds] pluto- (= wealth);
Pluto [Gr. Mythol.] Plutus
Hence: plutologo etc.; plutonomia etc.; plutocrate etc.; plutocratic etc.

plutocrate (-ó-) n plutocrat

plutocratia (-ía) n plutocracy

plutocratic adj plutocratic

plutologia (-ía) n plutology

plutologic adj plutological

plutologo (-ólogo) n plutologist
Hence: plutologia; plutologic

Pluton npr [Class. Mythol.; Astron.] Pluto
Hence: plutonismo; plutonista; plutonic; plutonie-plutonium

plutonic adj [Geol.] plutonic

plutonie adj Plutonian

plutonismo n [Geol.] plutonism

plutonista n [Geol.] plutonist, plutonian

plutonium (-tó-) n [Chem.] plutonium

plutonomia (-ía) n plutonomy

plutonomic n plutonomic

[plutosto] adv (= plus tosto)

pluver v to rain
Hence: pluvia-pluviero, pluvial, pluviose, pluviometro etc., parapluvia etc.; impluv--impluvio

pluvia n rain;
tempore de pluvia rainy weather

pluvial¹ adj rainy, pluvial;
aqua pluvial rain water

pluvial² n pluvial (= long ecclesiastic cloak)

pluviero n [Ornith.] plover

pluviometro (-ómetro) n pluviometer

pluviose adj rainy, pluvious;
tempore pluviose rainy weather;
station pluviose rainy season

pneu n (pneumatic) tire

pneuma [-ma/-mat-] n 1. wind, breath; 2. spirit, soul; 3. [Medieval Mus.] neume
Hence: pneumatic-pneumatico; pneumatica; pneumatometro etc.; pneumatologia etc.

pneumat- see pneuma

pneumatic adj pneumatic (1. as in “pneumatic tire”; 2. spiritual)

pneumatica n pneumatics

pneumatico n (pneumatic) tire

pneumatologia (-ía) n pneumatology (= doctrine of spirits or spiritual beings)
Hence: pneumatologic

pneumatologic adj pneumatological

pneumatometro (-ómetro) n pneumatometer

pneumo- see pneumono-

pneumonia (-ía) n pneumonia

pneumonic adj pneumonic

pneumono- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] pneumono- (= lung)
Hence: pneumonia-bronchopneumonia etc.; pneumonic; pneumonotherapia etc.; pneumorrhagia etc.; pmeumothorace etc.

pneumonotherapia (-ía) n pneumonotherapy

pneumorrhagia (-ía) n pneumorrhagia

pneumothorace n pneumothorax

[poc] adj 1. little (not much); 2. few (not many)
(= pauc)
Hence: poco¹; poco²

[poco]¹ pron -;
un poco (de) a little;
poco a poco little by little;
in poco shortly, before long
(= pauc)

[poco]² adv little (= to a small degree)
(= pauco)

pod- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] pod- (= foot)
Hence: podio-lycopodio etc., pseudopodio etc.; podagra etc.; podometro etc.; antipode &; arthropode etc.; cephalopodo etc.; myriapode etc.

podagra n [Pathol.] podagra

podical adj podical

podice (pó-) n podex, buttocks
Hence: podical

podio n [Rom. Hist.] podium;
-podio -podium, -pod (= little foot)

podometro (-ómetro) n podometer, pedometer

poema n poem

poesia (-ía) n poetry

poeta n poet
Hence: poetastro; poetessa; poetic; poetica; poetisar

poetastro n versifier, poetaster

poetessa n poetess

poetic adj poetic; poetical;
licentia poetic poetic license;
arte poetic poetics

poetica n poetics

poetisar v 1. to versify; 2. to poetize (as in “to poetize the lives of the poor”)

pogrom [R] n pogrom

poilu [F] n poilu

pointer [A] n [Dogs] pointer

[pois] 1. adv afterwards, thereafter; 2. conj for;
pois que as, since, because

poker [A] n [Cards] poker

-pol- [occurring in compounds] -pol- (= to sell)
Hence: monopolio etc. ...

polac adj Polish
Hence: polaco

polaco n Pole

polar adj polar

polarimetro (-rí-) n polarimeter

polarisar v to polarize

polarisation n polarization

polarisator n polarizer

polariscopio n polariscope

polaritate n polarity

-pole n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] -polis (= city)
Hence: -polita &; acropole etc.; metropole etc.; Constantinopole etc.; necropole etc.; Neapole etc.; Tripole etc.

polea (-éa) n pulley

polem- n [occurring in derivatives] polem- (= war)
Hence: polemic; polemica; polemisar-polemista

polemic adj polemic, polemical

polemica n 1. polemic (= controversial argument); 2. polemics

polemisar v to dispute (aggressively)

polemista n controversialist, polemicist

policia (-ía) n police (1. the whole system of internal regulation of a state or community; 2. police force);
agente de policia policeman, police officer
Hence: policiero; policiari; policiar

policiar v to police (= to maintain law and order in)

policiari adj police (as in “police regulations”)

policiero n policeman

polimento n polish (1. act of polishing; 2. smoothness, luster)

polir v to polish (1. to make smooth and shiny; 2. to refine)
Hence: polimento; politor; politura; polite &; dispolir

-polis n [occurring in compounds]
Hence: Indianapolis etc.

polissa n policy (as in “insurance policy”);
polissa de cargamento bill of lading

-polita n [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: politic-impolitic; politico; politica-geopolitica etc.; cosmopolita etc.

Politburo [R] n Politburo

polite I. pp of polir; II. adj polite (1. refined, elegant; 2. civil, courteous)
Hence: politessa; impolite-impolitessa

politessa n politeness

politic adj 1. political; 2. politic;
le corpore politic the body politic;
economia politic political economy

politica n 1. politics; 2. policy (= planned course of action)

politico n politician

politor n polisher (1. one who polishes; 2. polishing tool)

politura n 1. (act of) polishing; 2. gloss, luster

polka [Polish] n polka

polkar v to polka

pollice (pól-) n 1. thumb; also: [Anat., Zool.] pollex; 2. [Meas.] inch

polline n [Bot.] pollen
Hence: pollinosis; pollinic; pollinifere; pollinisar-pollinisation

pollinic adj [Bot.] pollinic;
tubo pollinic pollen tube

pollinifere adj polliniferous

pollinisar v [Bot.] to pollinate, pollinize

pollinisation n [Bot.] pollinization

pollinosis (-ósis) n [Med.] pollinosis, hay fever

polluer [-lu-/-lut-] v to pollute (1. to soil, make filthy; 2. to make unclean morally, ceremonially, etc.)
Hence: pollution

pollut- see polluer

pollution n pollution; also: [Med.]

Pollux (pól-) npr Pollux (1. [Gr. Mythol.]; 2. [Astron.])

polo¹ n pole (as in “North Pole”, “magnetic pole,” etc.);
polo nord North Pole;
polo sud South Pole
Hence: polar-polaritate, polarisar-polarisation, polarisator, dispolarisar-dispolarisation, polarimetro etc., bipolar etc.; circumpolar

polo² [Balti] n [Sports] polo

polon- see Polonia

polonaise [F] n polonaise (1. [Clothing]; 2. [Dancing]; 3. [Mus.])

polonese¹ adj Polish

polonese² n 1. Pole; 2. Polish (language)

Polonia npr Poland
Hence: polonium; polonese

polonium (-ló-) n [Chem.] polonium

poltergeist [G] n poltergeist

poltron n poltroon
Hence: poltroneria

poltroneria (-ía) n poltroonery

poly- adj [occurring in compounds] poly- (= many, much, several)
Hence: polysynthese etc.; Polynesia etc.; polytheismo etc.; polytheista etc.; polytechnic etc.; polygon etc.; polyphone etc.; polyandre etc.; polygame etc.; polysyllabe etc.; polynomie etc.

polyandre adj polyandrous
Hence: polyandria

polyandria (-ía) n polyandry (1. Anthropol.]; 2. [Bot.])

polyatomic adj [Chem.] polyatomic

polychete adj [Zool.] polychaetous
Hence: polychetos

polychetos npl [Zool.] Polychaeta

polychromatic adj polychromatic

polychrome adj polychrome

polygame (-lí-) adj polygamous; also: [Bot.]
Hence: polygamia-polygamic; polygamo

polygamia (-ía) n polygamy

polygamic adj polygamic

polygamo (-lí-) n polygamist

polyglotte adj polyglot
Hence: polyglotto

polyglotto n polyglot

polygon adj polygonal
Hence: polygono-polygonal

polygonal adj polygonal

polygono n polygon

polyhedre adj [Math.] polyhedral
Hence: polyhedro

polyhedro n [Math.] polyhedron

polymere adj [Chem.] polymeric, polymerous
Hence: polymeria; polymerisar-polymerisation; polymero

polymeria (-ía) n [Chem.] polymerism, polymerization

polymerisar v [Chem.] to polymerize

polymerisation n [Chem.] polymerization, polymerism

polymero (-ímero) n [Chem.] polymer

Polynesia npr Polynesia
Hence: polynesian-polynesiano

polynesian adj Polynesian

polynesiano n Polynesian

polynomie adj [Alg.] polynomial
Hence: polynomio

polynomio n [Alg.] polynomial

polyphone adj polyphonic; also: [Mus., Phonet.]
Hence: polyphonia; polyphonic

polyphonia (-ía) n polyphony; also: [Mus., Phonet.]

polyphonic adj polyphonic; also: [Mus., Phonet.]

polypo (pó-) n polyp, polypus (1. [Zool.]; 2. [Med.])
Hence: machopolypo etc.

polysyllabe (-sí-) adj polysyllabic
Hence: polysyllabo

polysyllabo (-sí-) n polysyllable

polysynthese (-íntese) n polysynthesis

polysynthetic adj polysynthetic; also: [Philol.]

polytechnic adj polytechnic
Hence: polytechnico

polytechnico n polytechnic (school)

polytheismo (-teízmo) n polytheism

polytheista (-teísta) n polytheist

pomacee adj pomaceous (= bearing pomes or pomelike fruits)

pomada n pomade
Hence: pomadar

pomadar v to pomade

pomeran adj Pomeranian
Hence: Pomerania; pomerano

Pomerania npr Pomerania

pomerano n Pomeranian (= inhabitant of Pomerania)

pomicultor n pomiculturist

pomicultura n pomiculture

pomifere adj pomiferous

pomiforme adj pomiform

pomo n 1. pome; also: apple; 2. pommel (as in “pommel of a sword”);
pomo de Adam Adam’s apple;
pomo de discordia apple of discord
Hence: pomada &; Pomona; pomacee; pomifere; pomicultura etc.; pomiforme etc.; pomologia etc.

pomologia (-ía) n pomology
Hence: pomologic; pomologista

pomologic adj pomological

pomologista n pomologist

Pomona npr [Rom. Relig.] Pomona

pompa n pomp, splendor
Hence: pompose

pompelmus (-mús) n grapefruit (1. fruit of the grapefruit tree; 2. grapefruit tree)

pompon [F] n pompon

pompose adj stately, grand

poncho [H] n poncho

ponder- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: ponderal; ponderose-ponderositate; ponderar-ponderabile-ponderabilitate, imponderabile-imponderabilitate, ponderation, preponderar &, equiponderar etc.

ponderabile adj ponderable

ponderabilitate n ponderability

ponderal adj pertaining to weight, ponderal

ponderar v to ponder (= to weigh in one’s mind)

ponderation n (act of) pondering

ponderose adj weighty, heavy, ponderous

ponderositate n weightiness, heaviness, ponderosity

poneminas (-mí-) n mine layer

poner [pon-/posit-/post-] v to put, place, lay, etc.;
poner se a (facer) to begin to (do), to start (doing);
le sol se pone the sun sets;
poner del sol sunset
Hence: position; positive &; positura; posticie; postura &; posto-postar¹; posta &; anteponer &; apponer &; componer &; contraponer &; deponer &; disponer &; exponer &; imponer &; interponer &; juxtaponer &; opponer &; postponer &; preponer &; proponer &; superponer &; supponer &; transponer &; poneminas etc.

pontar v to bridge, build a bridge over

ponte n I. bridge (1. “bridge over a river, etc.”; 2. [Dent.]; 3. “bridge of a musical instrument”); II. [Naut.] deck;
ponte del asinos [Math.] asses’ bridge, pons asinorum;
jectar un ponte to throw a bridge;
capite del ponte [Mil.] bridgehead;
ponte levatori drawbridge
Hence: pontero; ponton &; pontar

pontero n bridgekeeper

pontifical¹ adj pontifical

pontifical² n [R.C.Ch.] pontifical (= book containing the offices, or forms for rites, etc.)

pontificar v to pontificate (1. to officiate as a pontiff; 2. to act, speak, with pomposity)

pontificato n pontificate

pontifice (-ífice) n pontiff
Hence: pontificato; pontifical; pontificar

ponton n pontoon
Hence: pontonero

pontonero n pontonier

pony [A] n pony (as in “Shetland pony”)

pope n [Orthodox Ch.] pope, papa, papas

poplo n poplar;
poplo blanc white poplar;
poplo nigre black poplar;
poplo pyramidal Lombardy poplar;
poplo tremule trembling poplar, aspen

populaceo n populace

popular¹ adj popular (1. people’s; 2. favored by the people)

popular² v to people, populate; also: to stock (with animals or plants)

popularisar v to popularize

popularisation n popularization

popularitate n popularity

population n population

populator n populator

populo (pó-) n people (1. race, nation; 2. “common people”);
populo minute, populo basse lower classes
Hence: populaceo; popular¹-popularitate, impopular-impopularitate, popularisar-popularisation; populose; popular²-population, populator; depopular &; dispopular &

populose adj populous

[por] prep for (1. not against; 2. in place of, in exchange or return for;
por (+ inf) in order to;
partir por (Paris) to leave or set out for (Paris)
(= pro)
Hence: porque etc.

porca n sow (= female pig)

porcellana n 1. porcelain, china; 2. porcelain shell, cowrie
Hence: porcellanite; porcellanari; porcellanero

porcellanari adj porcelain (= of or made of porcelain)

porcellanero n porcelain maker or dealer

porcellanite n [Mineral.] porcelanite

porch- see porco

porcheria (-ía) n 1. pork shop; 2. mess, dirty business; also: dirty language or joke, etc.

porchero n swineherd

porchiera n pigsty

porcin adj porcine (1. of swine; 2. swinish)

porco n 1. pig, hog; 2. pork;
porcos swine;
porco de India guinea pig
Hence: porchero; porcheria; porchiera; porcin; porcospino etc.; porca

porcospino n porcupine

porifere adj [Zool.] poriferous

poriferos (-íferos) npl [Zool.] Porifera

porn- n [occurring in compounds] porno- (= harlot)
Hence: pornographo etc.; pornocratia etc.

pornocratia (-ía) n pornocracy

pornographia (-ía) n pornography

pornographic adj pornographic

pornographo (-ógrapho) n pornographer
Hence: pornographia; pornographic

poro n pore (as in “the pores of the sweat glands”)
Hence: porose-porositate; porifere-poriferos

porose adj porous

porositate n porosity (= state of being porous)

porphyric adj porphyritic

porphyro (pór-) n porphyry
Hence: porphyric; porphyroide

porphyroide n [Petrography] porphyroid

[porque] conj/adv 1. why (= for what reason); 2. because
(= proque)

porracee adj porraceous

porro n leek
Hence: porracee

porta n 1. doorway, gateway; 2. door, gate
Hence: portero; portiera; portico; portal

portaaeroplanos (-plános) n (aircraft) carrier

portabile adj portable

portal n portal

portafolio n 1. pocketbook, wallet; 2. portfolio (= case for documents, prints, etc.); also: brief case

portamantello n 1. traveling bag; 2. (coat) hanger

portamoneta n purse (= bag, receptacle, etc., for money)

portapenna n penholder

portar v to bear, carry
Hence: porto &; portabile; portator; portata; apportar; comportar &; deportar &; exportar &; importar &; reportar &; supportar &; transportar &; portamoneta etc.; portaaeroplanos etc.

portata n litter (as in “the litter of a sow”)

portator n 1. [R.R.] porter; 2. bearer, carrier;
titulo al portator bearer bond;
pagabile al portator payable to bearer;
portator de germines or bacillos (germ) carrier

portavoce n speaking trumpet, megaphone

portender [-tend-/-tent-] v to portend
Hence: portento-portentose

portent- see portender

portento n portent, prodigy, marvel

portentose adj portentous, monstrous, prodigious

portero n doorman; also: porter, doorkeeper, janitor

portico n portico

portiera n portiere

portion n portion (1. part of a whole; 2. share)
Hence: apportionar &; proportion &

porto¹ n I. bearing (1. carrying; 2. deportment, carriage; II. transport charges (= postage, freightage, etc.);
franc de porto postpaid, transport charges prepaid, etc.

porto² n port, harbor;
porto aeree airport;
porto franc free port
Hence: aeroporto etc.; passaporto etc.

portrait [F] n portrait
Hence: portraitista; portraitar

portraitar (-tretar) v to portray

portraitista (-tretísta) n portrait painter, portraitist

portug- see Portugal

Portugal npr Portugal
Hence: portugese

portugese¹ adj Portuguese

portugese² n Portuguese (1. native of Portugal; 2. Portuguese language)

-portun [occurring in compounds]
Hence: importun &; opportun &

posa n I. pose (1. attitude of the body, etc.; 2. mental attitude); II. “affected pose”
Hence: posar-posator, reposar &

posar v to pose (= to assume a studied attitude)

posator n poser, poseur

posit- see poner

position n position (= location)

positiva n [Photog.] positive

positive adj positive (1. as in “positive law”; 2. real, actual; 3. [specif: Alg., Elec., etc..] not negative);
philosophia positive positive philosophy;
grado positive [Gram.] positive degree, positive;
currente positive [Elec.] positive current;
prova positive [Photog.] positive;
lege positive positive law
Hence: positivismo; positivista; positivitate; positivo; positiva-diapositiva

positivismo n [Philos.] positivism

positivista n [Philos.] positivist

positivitate n positiveness, postivity

positivo n [Gram.] positive (degree)

positon n [Atomic Phys.] positon, positron

positron n [Atomic Phys.] positron, positon

positura n 1. arrangement, order, disposition; 2. posture, pose

posseder [-sed-/-sess] v to possess (1. to hold, own; 2. as in “a demon possesses him”);
posseder (un lingua) to be master of (a language)
Hence: possession; possessive; possessor; possessori; possedite; disposseder &

possedite 1. pp of posseder; 2. adj possessed (“possessed by a demon”)

possess- see posseder

possession n possession (1. ownership; 2. property; also: [Pol.]; 3. “demonic possession”);
esser in possession de to be in possession of;
haber in su possession to have in one’s possession;
prender possession de to take possession of;
entrar in possession de to enter into possession of;
possessiones possessions, belongings; also: [Pol.]

possessive adj possessive (1. as in “possessive rights”; 2. [Gram.]

possessor n possessor; also: owner, holder

possessori adj possessory

possibile adj possible;
facer le possibile to do one’s utmost
Hence: possibilitate; impossibile-impossibilitate

possibilitate n possibility

post I. adv 1. behind, back, backwards; 2. afterwards, after; II. prep behind; after;
post que since, because
Hence: posterna; postea etc.; postquam etc.

post-¹ prefixo [used with nouns, adjectives, and verbs; also in combination with adjectival suffixes] post- (= behind, after, in time, location, or order)
Hence: postglacial etc.; postdatar etc.; postponer etc.

post-² see poner

posta n I. post (1. relay; 2. mail, postal service); II. post office;
posta restante general delivery;
posta aeree air mail
Hence: postilion; postal; postar²

postal adj postal;
cassa postal mailbox, letter box

postar¹ v to post (= to assign to a post)

postar² v to post, mail

postcommunion n [Eccl.] Postcommunion

postdatar v to date forward, postdate

postdiluvian adj postdiluvian

postea adv afterwards, thereafter

postere adj coming after, following
Hence: posteritate; posterior &; prepostere-preposterar

posterior¹ adj posterior (1. back, rear; 2. later)
Hence: posterioritate

posterior² n posterior, buttock

posterioritate n posteriority

posteriormente adv subsequently, later

posteritate n posterity

posterna n [Fortif.] Postern

postglacial adj postglacial

posticie adj false, sham

postilion n postilion

postliminio n [Internat. Law] postliminium, postliminy

postmeridian adj postmeridian

postmeridie n afternoon;
al tres horas del postmeridie at three o’clock in the afternoon

posto n post (1. place, station; 2. position, employment);
posto avantiate outpost

postponer [-pon-/-posit-] v to postpone
Hence: postponimento; postposition; postpositive

postponimento n postponement

postposit- see postponer

postposition n postposition

postpositive adj [Gram.] postpositive

postquam (póst-) conj after, as soon as

postscrib- [-scrib /-script-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: postscripto

postscript- see postscrib-

postscripto n postscript

postume (pós-) adj posthumous

postura n posture, pose
Hence: posturar

posturar v to posture, pose

potabile adj drinkable;
aqua potabile drinking water;
auro potabile potable gold

potabilitate n potability

potamo- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] potam-, potamo-, -potamus (= river)
Hence: hippopotamo etc.; Mesopotamia etc.

potar v to drink
Hence: potabile-potabilitate

potassa n potash (1. potassium carbonate; 2. caustic potash);
potassa caustic caustic potash
Hence: potassic; potassium-potassic

potassic adj potassic

potassium (-tás-) n potassium

potentato n potentate

potente 1. ppr of poter; 2. adj powerful, potent, mighty
Hence: potentato; potentia-potentilla, potential-potentialitate, plenipotentia etc.; impotente-impotentia; prepotente-prepotentia; armipotente etc.; omnipotente etc.

potentia n power (1. ability to do or act; 2. [Pol.]);
le grande potentias the Great Powers

potential¹ adj potential

potential² n potential, potential function

potentialitate n potentiality

potentilla n [Bot.] potentilla, cinquefoil

poter¹ v 1. to be able to (= can); 2. to be allowed to (= may); 3. to be possible (= may, can)
Hence: potente &

poter² n power (= ability to do or act)

potestate n power, might

potion n [Med.] potion

potius (pótius) adv rather (1. more truly or accurately; 2. sooner, preferably)

potpourri [F] n potpourri (= musical or literary medley)

pourboire [F] n pourboire, tip

povre adj poor (1. indigent, needy; 2. unfortunate);
povre (orator, etc.) poor (speaker, etc.)
Hence: povressa; povretto; impovrir-impovrimento

povressa n poverty (= quality of being poor)

povretto n poor creature

practic (prác-) adj practical (1. not theoretical; 2. as in “a practical individual”; 3. adapted for a required purpose)
Hence: practicar-practicante, practicabile-practicabilitate, impracticabile-impracticabilitate; practica

practica (prác-) n practice (= actual application of knowledge);
mitter in practica to put into practice

practicabile adj practicable;
via practicabile practicable or passable road;
porta practicabile practicable door

practicabilitate n practicability; also: feasibility

practicante n trainee; also: intern; student nurse; etc.

practicar v to practice

Praga npr Prague

pragma [-ma/-mat-] n deed, thing done; business, affair
Hence: pragmatismo; pragmatista; pragmatic; pragmatica

pragmat- see pragma

pragmatic adj pragmatic (1. pertaining to practical affairs; 2. relative to philosophical pragmatism);
sanction pragmatic pragmatic sanction

pragmatica n pragmatic sanction, pragmatic

pragmatismo n pragmatism (1. pragmatic character; 2. [Philos.])

pragmatista n pragmatist (1. pragmatical person; 2. adherent of philosophical pragmatism)

prairie [F] n prairie

prander v to lunch, dine, to have lunch or dinner (= to take the midday meal)
Hence: prandio

prandio n lunch, dinner (= midday meal)

prateria (-ía) n prairie

praticultor n cultivator of meadow land, meadower

praticultura n cultivation of meadows

prato n meadow
Hence: prateria; praticultura etc.

prave adj crooked; perverse
Hence: pravitate; depravar &

pravitate n depravity, pravity

[pre] adv/prep 1. before, in front (of); 2. in comparison with; 3. because of

pre- prefixo [used with nouns, adjectives, verbs; also in combination with adjectival suffixes] pre- (= before in time, position, rank)
Hence: prehistoria, etc.; prematur, etc.; predisponer, etc.; prebronchial, etc.

preambular v to preamble (= to make a preamble to)

preambulo (-ám-) n preamble

precar v to pray; also: to beg, entreat

precari adj precarious (1. as in “precarious privileges”; 2. as in “a precarious situation”)
Hence: precarietate

precaria n prayer

precarietate n precariousness

precaution n precaution;
con precaution cautiously, warily

prece n prayer, request, entreaty
Hence: precari &; precaria; precar-deprecar &, imprecar &

precedente n precedent

precedentia n precedence;
haber (dar) precedentia to take (give) precedence

preceder [-ced-/-cess-] v to precede
Hence: precedente-precedentia; precession

precept- see precip-

preceptive adj preceptive

precepto n precept

preceptor n 1. teacher, instructor, preceptor; 2. tutor, private teacher

precess- see preceder

precession n precession;
precession del equinoctios precession of the equinoxes

preciar v 1. to price (= to fix the price of); 2. to prize (= to value highly)

precider [-cid-/-cis-] v to cut off, remove
Hence: precision-imprecision; precise-precisar; imprecise

precio n 1. value, price; 2. prize (= reward, trophy, premium, etc.)
Hence: preciose-preciositate; preciar-minuspreciar etc.; appreciar &; depreciar &

preciose adj precious (1. valuable; 2. affected, over-refined)

preciositate n 1. preciousness, great value; 2. preciosity, affectation

precip- [-cip-/-cept-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: preceptive; preceptor; precepto

precipitante n [Chem.] precipitant

precipitar v to precipitate (1. to hurl down; 2. to hasten, cause to be quick; 3. [Chem.])

precipitate 1. pp of precipitar; 2. adj precipitate (= very hasty)

precipitation n precipitation (1. hurling down; 2. falling headlong; 3. excessive haste; 4. [Chem.])

precipitato n [Chem.] precipitate

precipite (-cípite) adj precipitate, falling headlong
Hence: precipitar-precipitante, precipitation, precipitate-precipitato; precipitio; precipitose

precipitio n precipice; also: cliff

precipitose adj precipitous (= very steep)

precis- see precider

precisar v to state precisely

precise adj precise

precision n precision

precitate adj aforementioned, aforesaid

precoce adj precocious; also: premature, etc.;
fructo precoce carly fruit
Hence: precocitate

precocitate n precociousness, precocity

precognition n precognition

precognoscer [-gnosc-/-gnit-] v to foreknow

preconception n preconception

preconciper [-cip-/-cept-] v to preconceive

precurr- [-curr-/-curs-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: precursor

precurs- see precurr-

precursor n precursor, forerunner, harbinger

preda n prey;
ave de preda bird of prey
Hence: predar-predator; depredar &

predar v 1. to prey, pillage, take booty; 2. to plunder, rob, depredate

predator n plunderer, pillager; also: predator

predecessor n predecessor

predefinir v to predefine

predefinition n predefinition

predestinar v to predestine

predestination n predestination

predeterminar v to predetermine (1. to determine beforehand; 2. [Theol.])

predetermination n predetermination (1. act of predetermining; 2. [Theol.])

predica (pré-) n sermon, preachment

predicamento n [Philos.] category, predicament

predicante n preacher

predicar v 1. to announce, proclaim; 2. to preach
Hence: predica; predicamento; predicante; predication; predicator; predicato

predication n (act or art of) preaching

predicato n [Logic; Gram.] predicate

predicator n preacher

predicer [-dic-/-dict-] v to predict
Hence: prediction; predictor

predict- see predicer

prediction n prediction

predictor n predictor

predilection n predilection

predisponer [-pon-/-posit-] v to predispose (as in “debility predisposes the body to disease”)
Hence: predisposition

predisposit- see predisponer

predisposition n predisposition

predominante adj predominant

predominantia n predominance

predominar v to predominate
Hence: predominante-predominantia; predomination

predomination n predomination

preeminente adj pre-eminent

preeminentia n pre-eminence

preestablir v to preestablish

preexistente adj preexistent

preexistentia n preexistence

preexister v to preexist

prefaciar v to preface

prefacio n preface (1. [R.C.Ch.]; 2. introduction, foreword)
Hence: prefaciar

prefect- see prefic-

prefecto n prefect

prefectoral adj prefectoral, prefectorial

prefectura n 1. prefectship; 2. prefecture

preferentia n preference;
dar le preferentia a to give preference to

preferential adj preferential

preferentialismo n preferentialism

preferentialista n preferentialist

preferer v to prefer
Hence: preferentia-preferential-preferentialismo, preferentialista; preferibile-preferibilitate

preferibile adj preferable

preferibilitate n preferability

prefic- [-fic-/-fect-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: prefectoral; prefectura-subprefectura; prefecto-subprefecto

prefiger [-fig-/-fix-] v to prefix (= to put or fix before)
Hence: prefixo-prefixar

prefigurar v to prefigure, foreshadow
Hence: prefiguration

prefiguration n prefiguration (1. action of prefiguring; 2. prototype)

prefinir v to set a time limit for

prefix- see prefiger

prefixar v 1. to fix beforehand; 2. to prefix (= to put or fix before)

prefixo n [Gram.] prefix

prefloration n [Bot.] prefloration

prefoliation n [Bot.] prefoliation, praefoliation, vernation

preglacial adj preglacial

pregnante 1. ppr of pregnar; 2. adj pregnant (1. with child or young; 2. filled with meaning, significant)

pregnantia n pregnancy (1. state of being with child or young; 2. state of being filled with meaning)

pregnar v to make pregnant, impregnate
Hence: pregnante-pregnantia; impregnar &

prehend- [-hend-/-hens-] v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: prehensile; prehension; apprehender &; comprehender &; reprehender &

prehens- see prehend-

prehensile adj prehensile

prehension n prehension

prehistoria n prehistory

prehistoric adj prehistoric

prejudicar v 1. to prejudge; 2. to prejudice (= to affect injuriously)

prejudicial adj prejudicial

prejudiciar v to prejudice

prejudicio n prejudice; (= preconceived judgment; also: prejudgment);
sin prejudicio de without prejudice of
Hence: prejudicial; prejudiciar

prelatia (-ía) n prelacy

prelatic adj prelatic

prelato n prelate
Hence: prelatia; prelatura; prelatic

prelatura n prelacy

preliminar¹ adj preliminary

preliminar² n preliminary;
preliminares preliminaries

preluder v to prelude
Hence: preludio-preludiar

preludiar v [Mus.] to prelude

preludio n prelude

prematur adj premature

prematuritate n prematurity, prematureness

premeditar v to premeditate

premeditate 1. pp of premeditar; 2. adj premeditated

premeditation n premeditation

premer [prem-/press-; -prim-/-press-] v to press (= to exert pressure upon)
Hence: pression; pressar-pressa; comprimer &; deprimer &; exprimer &; imprimer &; opprimer &; reprimer &; supprimer &

premiar v to award a prize to, reward

première [F] n [Theat.; Mus.; etc.] première (= first performance)

premio n 1. reward, prize; 2. [Ins.] premium
Hence: premiar

premiss- see premitter

premissa n [Logic] premise

premitter [-mitt-/-miss-] v to premise; also: [Logic]
Hence: premissa

premoner v to forewarn, admonish beforehand
Hence: premonition; premonitori

premonition n premonition

premonitori adj premonitory

premunir v to fortify in advance;
premunir se to take precautions

prenatal adj prenatal

prender [prend-/prens-/pris-] v to take hold of, catch, seize, take
Hence: prendibile-imprendibile-imprendibilitate; prension; prisa; prenditor; apprender &; comprender &; interprender &; reprender &; surprender &

prendibile adj pregnable, open to attack

prenditor n taker (= one who or that which takes, seizes, accepts)

prenomine n first name

prens- see prender

prension n (act or action of) taking

preoccupar v I. to prejudice, bias; II. to preoccupy (1. to take possession of before others; 2. to take up all the attention of);
preoccupar se de to be preoccupied with
Hence: preoccupation; preoccupate

preoccupate 1. pp of preoccupar; 2. adj preoccupied, absorbed, engrossed;
preoccupate de preoccupied with

preoccupation n I. prejudice, bias; II. preoccupation (1. preoccupancy; 2. engrossment, absorption)

preopinante n previous speaker

preopinar v to express one’s opinion first

preordinar v to preordain

preordination n preordination

preparar v to prepare (= to make ready);
preparar a to prepare or make ready for
Hence: preparation; preparative-preparativo; preparator; preparatori

preparation n preparation (1. act of preparing; 2. [Chem.; Pharm., etc.]);
in preparation in preparation

preparative adj preparatory

preparativo n preparation (= preparatory step, measure, etc.);
preparativos de guerra preparations for war

preparator n preparer

preparatori adj preparatory

preponderante adj preponderant

preponderantia n preponderance

preponderar v to be preponderant, preponderate
Hence: preponderante-preponderantia

preponer [-pon-/-posi-] v to prepose, place before or in front
Hence: preposition; prepositive

preposit- see preponer

preposition n 1. (act of) preposing; 2. [Gram.] preposition

prepositive adj [Gram.] prepositive

preposterar v to reverse, put hind side foremost

prepostere adj hind side foremost

prepotente adj prepotent (= very powerful)

prepotentia n prepotency

prerog- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: prerogativa

prerogativa n prerogative

presage adj foreseeing, prophetic
Hence: presagir-presagio

presagio n 1. presage, omen; 2. presentiment

presagir v to presage (1. to feel a presentiment of, foretell; 2. to forebode, foreshadow)

presby- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] presby- (= old)
Hence: presbyte &; presbytero &; presbyopia etc.

presbyopia (-ía) n [Med.] farsightedness, presbyopia, presbytia
Hence: presbyopic

presbyopic adj [Med.] farsighted, presbyoptic

presbyte¹ (préz-) adj [Med.] farsighted, long-sighted, presbyopic
Hence: presbytia; presbytismo

presbyte² (préz-) n presbyope, presbyopic

presbyteral adj presbyterial, presbyteral

presbyterato n presbyterate

presbyterian adj Presbyterian

presbyterianismo n Presbyterianism

presbyteriano n Presbyterian

presbyterio n presbytery (1. part of the church surrounding the altar; 2. parsonage, parochial residence)

presbytero (-bí-) n priest; presbyter
Hence: presbyterato; presbyterio; presbyteral; presbyterian-presbyterianismo, presbyteriano; archipresbytero etc.

presbytia n [Med.] farsightedness, presbytia, presbyopia

presbytismo n [Med.] farsightedness, presbyopia, presbytia, presbytism

presciente adj prescient
Hence: prescientia

prescientia n prescience

prescir v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: presciente &

prescriber [-scrib-/-script-] v to prescribe (1. to lay down as a rule or direction; 2. [Med.]; 3. [Law] to assert a prescriptive right or claim)
Hence: prescriptibile-imprescriptibile-imprescriptibilitate; prescription

prescript- see prescriber

prescriptibile adj prescriptible

prescription n prescription (1. [Med.]; 2. [Law])

presentabile adj presentable

presentar v to present;
presentar le armas to present arms;
presentar (un persona a un altere) to introduce (one person to another)
Hence: presentabile; presentation; presentator; representar &

presentation n presentation;
littera de presentation letter of introduction

presentator n presenter

presente¹ adj present;
le tempore presente the present tense;
per le presentes [Law] by these presents
Hence: presentia-presential; presentar &

presente² n present (1. the time being; 2. [Gram.]; 3. gift);
al presente at present;
pro le presente for the present

presentia n presence (1. being present; 2. demeanor);
presentia de spirito presence of mind

presential adj presential

presentimento n presentiment

presentir v to have a presentiment
Hence: presentimento

[presertim] (-sér-) adv especially, particularly, chiefly

preservar v to preserve (= to maintain in safety)
Hence: preservation; preservative; preservator

preservation n preservation

preservative adj preservative

preservator n preserver

preside (pré-) n 1. [Rom. Hist.] protector, defender; 2. president, presiding officer, etc.
Hence: presidio &

presidente n (one who presides) chairman, president, presiding judge, etc.

presidentia n presidency (= function, office or term of president); also: chairmanship, etc.

presidential adj presidential, chairman’s, etc.

presider v to preside (= to act as chairman, president, etc.)
Hence: presidente-presidentia, presidential, expresidente, vicepresidente-vicepresidentia

presidial adj presidial

presidio n garrison, fort; also: presidio
Hence: presidial

press- see premer

pressa n I. crowd, throng; II. hurry; III. press (1. as in “coining press, wine press” etc.; 2. printing press; 3. [Journal.])

pressar v to press (= to exert pressure upon)

pression n pressure (1. as in “air pressure”; 2. constraint);
pression arterial blood pressure;
pression atmospheric air pressure, atmospheric pressure

presso adv/prep near, close;
a presso de at the home (court, etc.) of

prestabilir v to preestablish

prestar v to lend;
prestar attention to pay attention;
prestar juramento to take an oath;
prestar se a to lend oneself to;
facer se prestar to borrow
Hence: presto²; prestimonio; prestation; prestator

prestation n 1. [Law] prestation; 2. (action of) lending

prestator n lender

preste adj 1. agile, nimble, quick; 2. ready
Hence: prestessa; prestar &; apprestar &; prestidigitar etc.

prestessa n agility, nimbleness, quickness

prestidigitar v to prestidigitate
Hence: prestidigitation; prestidigitator

prestidigitation n prestidigitation

prestidigitator n prestidigitator

prestigiar v to delude by jugglery

prestigiator n juggler, conjurer, prestigiator

prestigio n 1. illusion, conjuring trick; 2. fascination, magic spell; 3. prestige, glamor
Hence: prestigiose; prestigiar-prestigiator

prestigiose adj 1. prestigious, illusory; 2. fascinating, impressive

prestimonio n [R.C.Ch.] prestimony

presto¹ adv presto, quickly, quick as a wink
Hence: preste &

presto² n loan

prestre n priest;
Prestre Johannes Prester John
Hence: prestressa; archiprestre etc.

prestressa n priestess

presumer [-sum-/-sumpt-] v to presume (1. to assume, surmise; 2. to be presumptuous)
Hence: presumibile; presumption; presumptive; presumptuose

presumibile adj presumable

presumpt- see presumer

presumption n presumption (1. conjecture; 2. presumptuousness; 3. [Law])

presumptive adj presumptive

presumptuose adj presumptuous

presupponer [-pon-/-posit-] v to presuppose (1. to assume beforehand; 2. to require as necessary preliminary)
Hence: presupposition

presupposit- see presupponer

presupposition n presupposition

pretendente n 1. pretender (to a throne); 2. suitor, wooer

pretender [-tend-/-tent-/-tens-] v to maintain, affirm;
pretender a to claim, lay claim to
Hence: pretendente; pretention-pretentiose; pretension; pretense

pretens- see pretender

pretense adj alleged

pretension n pretension (1. claim; 2. pretentiousness)

pretent- see pretender

pretention n pretension (1. claim; 2. pretentiousness)

pretentiose adj 1. making pretensions or laying claims; 2. pretentious, presumptuous, conceited

preter (pré-) I. adv past, beyond; II. prep 1. past, along(side of), beyond; 2. except, excepting; 3. in addition to
Hence: [preterea] etc.

[preterea] (-tér-) adv 1. besides, moreover; 2. henceforth, hereafter

preterir v 1. to pass by; 2. to pass over, omit
Hence: preterition; preterite-preterito

preterite (-tér-) adj past (1. belonging to former days; 2. [Gram.] preterit)

preterition n [Rhet.] preterition

preterito (-tér) n [Gram.] past, preterit

pretermiss- see pretermitter

pretermission n pretermission

pretermitter [-mitt-/-miss-] v to pretermit
Hence: pretermission

pretex- [-tex-/-text-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: pretexto-pretextar

pretext- see pretex-

pretextar v to allege as a pretext

pretexto n pretext

prevalente 1. ppr of prevaler; 2. adj prevalent, predominant

prevalentia n prevalence, predominance

prevaler v to prevail, predominate
Hence: prevalente-prevalentia

prevaricar v to prevaricate
Hence: prevarication; prevaricator

prevarication n prevarication

prevaricator n prevaricator

prevenir [-ven-/-vent-] v 1. to forestall; 2. to forewarn, warn, caution
Hence: prevention; preventive

prevent- see prevenir

prevention n 1. prevention; 2. bias, prejudice

preventive adj preventive;
medicina preventive preventive medicine;
prision preventive, detention preventive preliminary detention

previdente 1. ppr of previder; 2. adj foreseeing (= having foresight)

previdentia n foresight (= faculty of foreseeing)

previder [-vid-/-vis-/-vist-] v to foresee
Hence: previdente-previdentia, imprevidente-imprevidentia; previsibile-imprevisibile; prevision; previste-impreviste

previe adj previous

previs- see previder

previsibile adj foreseeable

prevision n prevision, foresight

previst- see previder

previste adj foreseen

pridem (prí-) adv long ago

prima n prime (1. [Eccl.]; 2. [Fencing])

prima donna [I] n prima donna

primar v to be first, hold the first place

primari adj 1. first; 2. primary;
instruction primari primary or elementary instruction;
schola primari elementary school;
de primari importantia of primary importance;
terrenos primari [Geol.] primary, primitive formations or rocks

primarimente adv 1. primarily, chiefly; 2. first, in the first place, first of all

primate n primate (1. chief archbishop; 2. [Zool.]);
primates [Zool.] primates
Hence: primatia-primatial

primatia (-ía) n primacy (1. pre-eminence; 2. office or dignity of a primate)

primatial adj primatial

primavera n 1. spring (time); 2. cowslip, primrose
Hence: primaveral

primaveral adj spring

prime adj first, prime;
numero prime prime number;
materias prime raw materials;
a prime vista at first sight;
de prime ordine first rate, first class;
in prime loco first, in the first place;
prime ministro Prime Minister;
de prime mano first hand
Hence: primitia; primula &; primari; primate &; primitive &; primar; primogenitura etc.; primogenite etc.; primavera etc.; primordio etc., principe etc.; dece-prime etc.; prima

-primer see premer

primitia n first fruit

primitive adj primitive; also: primeval
Hence: primitivismo; primitivo

primitivismo n primitivism

primitivo n primitive

primogenite (-gé-) adj first-born

primogenitura n primogeniture

primordial adj primordial

primordio n beginning, origins
Hence: primordial

primula n cowslip, primrose
Hence: primulacee-primulaceas

primulaceas n [Bot.] Primulaceae

primulacee adj primulaceous

primus inter pares [L] primus inter pares, first among equals

prin- see prime

prince n prince (1. title given to a member of a ruling family; 2. title of nobility)
Hence: princessa

princessa n princess

principal¹ adj principal, chief, main;
proposition principal main clause

principal² n principal (1. superior, head (of a firm, etc.); 2. capital sum invested or lent)

principalitate n principalness

principato n 1. sovereignty, reign, princedom; 2. principality (= territory of a reigning prince)

principe (prín-) n (the) first (in rank, dignity, merit, etc.)
Hence: principato; principesc; principio; principal-principalitate

principesc adj princely

principio n 1. beginning; 2. principle;
in le principio in the beginning;
del principio from the outset or start;
in principio in principle, as a rule

prior¹ adj prior
Hence: prioritate; prior²-priorato, prioral, subprior, priora-subpriora

prior² n prior (1. “prior of a monastery”; 2. [Hist.] magistrate of city of Florence)

priora n prioress

prioral adj prioral

priorato n priorate, priorship

prioritate n priority (1. quality of being antecedent in time; 2. precedence, superiority in rank, position, etc.);
derecto de prioritate priority right

pris- see prender

prisa n 1. (action of seizing, taking hold of, etc.) hold, grasp; 2. [Chem.] solidification, setting; 3. [Naut.] prize;
prisa (de tabaco) pinch (of snuff);
prisa de currente [Elec.] outlet

prision n prison;
mitter in prision to put in prison
Hence: prisionero; imprisionar-imprisionamento

prisionero n prisoner

prisma [-ma/-mat-] n prism
Hence: prismatic; hemiprisma etc.

prismat- see prisma

prismatic adj prismatic

priv- adj [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: privar-privation, privative, private-privata; privilegio etc.

privar v to deprive

privata n privy, latrine

private 1. pp of privar; 2. adj private;
in privato in private;
schola private private school

privation n privation (1. deprivation; 2. destitution, need)

privative adj privative (1. having the quality of depriving; 2. [Gram.])

privilegiar v to privilege, grant a privilege

privilegio n privilege
Hence: privilegiar

pro prep for (1. not against; 2. in place of, in exchange or return for);
pro (+ inf) in order to;
partir pro (Paris) to leave or set out for (Paris)
Hence: proque etc.

pro- prefixo pro- (1. forward, forth; 2. before in time or place; 3. deputy, agent of ; 3. in favor of, on the side of )
Hence: producer etc.; proponer etc.; proconsule etc.; prosemita etc.

proa n [Naut.] prow, bow

proba n I. proof (1. evidence sufficient to establish a fact; 2. test, trial; 3. [Print., Phot, etc.]); II. [Theat.] rehearsal;
poner a proba put to the proof;
a proba de bomba bombproof;
proba prime galley proof;
proba general [Theat.] dress rehearsal;
leger le probas to proofread;
lectura del probas proofreading;
lector del probas proofreader

probabile adj 1. provable; 2. probable
Hence: probabilismo; probabilista; probabilitate; improbabile-improbabilitate

probabilismo n [Theol.] probabilism

probabilista n [Theol.] probabilist

probabilitate n probability;
calculo de probabilitate theory of probability

probante 1. ppr of probar; 2. adj conclusive; evidential, probative

probar v 1. to prove (= to establish as true); 2. to test, try; also: to prove (as in “to prove gold”); 3. [Theat.] to rehearse
Hence: proba; probante; probabile &; probation; probative; probator; approbar &; reprobar &

probation n probation (= period of trial)

probative adj probative (= serving to test or demonstrate)

probator n tester, prover

probe adj upright, honest
Hence: probitate; probar &; improbe-improbitate

probitate n integrity, uprightness, probity

problema [-ma/-mat-] n problem;
resolver un problema to solve a problem
Hence: problematic

problemat- see problema

problematic adj problematic, problematical

proceder [-ced-/-cess-] v to proceed (1. to go forward, go forth; also: to go on, continue; 2. [Law])
Hence: procedura; procession-processional; processo-processar

procedura n [Law] procedure

process- see proceder

processar v to process (1. [Law] to sue; 2. to treat by a special process)

procession n procession (1. as in “to march in procession”; 2. [Theol.])

processional¹ adj processional

processional² n [Eccl.] processional (hymn)

processo n I. process (1. method, “process applied”; 2. course, “process undergone”; 3. [Anat.]); II. lawsuit;
processo verbal [Law] procès-verbal (= official statement, report, etc.)

proclamar v to proclaim
Hence: proclamation; proclamator

proclamation n proclamation

proclamator n proclaimer

proconsulato n [Rom. Hist.] proconsulate

proconsule n [Rom. Hist.] proconsul

procrastinar v to procrastinate
Hence: procrastination, procrastinator

procrastination n procrastination

procrastinator n procrastinator

procrear v to procreate, beget
Hence: procreation; procreator

procreation n procreation

procreator n procreator

[procul] (pró-) adv far off, far away, at a distance

procurar v to procure (= to secure after effort);
procurar se un cosa to procure something
Hence: procuration; procurator; procuratorio

procuration n 1. (action of) procuring, procurement; 2. power of attorney

procurator n procurator (1. proxy, attorney; 2. [Rom. Hist.]);
procurator general Attorney General

procuratori adj procuratory

prode adj valiant
Hence: prodessa

prodessa n 1. prowess; 2. exploit

prodigalitate n prodigality

prodigar v to be prodigal of, to lavish

prodige (pród-) adj prodigal (= very free in spending or giving);
prodige de lavish with, prodigal of;
filio prodige prodigal son
Hence: prodigalitate; prodigar

prodigio n prodigy, wonder
Hence: prodigiose-prodigiositate

prodigiose adj prodigious

prodigiositate n prodigiousness

producer [-duc-/-duct-] v to produce (1. to bring forward, show; 2. to bring forth, be productive of)
Hence: producibile-producibilitate; production-superproduction; productive-productivitate, improductive; productor; producto-subproducto; reproducer &

producibile adj producible

producibilitate n producibility

product- see producer

production n production (1. as in “the production of evidence in court”; 2. producing, making)

productive adj productive

productivitate n productivity

producto n product (1. result of producing; 2. [Arith.])

productor n producer (= one who produces or makes); attrib. producing

profan adj profane (1. secular; 2. irreverent, blasphemous)
Hence: profanitate; profanar-profanation, profanator; profano

profanar v to profane; also: to misuse, debase, etc.

profanation n profanation; also: debasement

profanator n profaner

profanitate n profanity

profano n layman; also: irreverent or ignorant person

profect- see profic-

profecticie adj [Rom. Law] profectitious

profess- see profit-

professar v to profess (1. to avow, delare openly; 2. to take religious vows; 3. to exercise a profession; 4. to teach)

professe adj professed (as in “a professed monk”)

profession n profession (1. declaration, avowal; 2. vocation)

professional adj professional

professor n professor

professoral adj professorial

professorato n professorate, chair

profic- [-fic-/-fect-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: proficiente; profecticie

proficiente adj making progress, advancing

profilar v to profile

profilo n profile (1. sideface; 2. [Arch.]; 3. [Civ. Engin.]; 4. [Geol.])
Hence: profilar

profit- [-fit-/-fess-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: profitente; profession-professional; professor-professorato, professoral; professe; professar

profitabile adj profitable

profitar v to profit (1. to thrive, grow; 2. to gain, benefit);
profitar de to profit by

profitente n [Eccl.] professing (= one who professes)

profito n profit (1. advantage; 2. pecuniary gain);
profitos e perditas profit and loss
Hence: profitar-profitabile

pro forma [L] pro forma, as a formality

profundar v 1. to deepen (= to make deeper in level); 2. to go deeply into

profunde adj deep, profound
Hence: profunditate; profundar; approfundar-approfundamento; profundo

profunder [-fund-/-fus-] v to lavish; to squander
Hence: profusion; profuse

profunditate n depth, profundity (= quality of being deep or profound)

profundo n depth (= deep place)

profus- see profunder

profuse adj profuse

profusion n profusion

progen- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: progenie; progenitive; progenitor; progenitura

progenie n progeny

progenitive adj progenitive

progenitor n progenitor

progenitura n progeny, progeniture

progno- [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: prognosis; prognostic &

prognosis (-ósis) n prognosis; also: [Med.]

prognostic adj prognostic
Hence: prognosticar-prognostication, prognosticator; prognostico

prognosticar v to prognosticate

prognostication n prognostication (1. prediction; 2. foretoken)

prognosticator n prognosticator

prognostico n prognostic; also: [Med.]

programma [-ma/-mat-] n program
Hence: programmatic

programmat- see programma

programmatic adj programmatic

progreder [-gred-/-gress-] v to progress, go forward
Hence: progression; progressive; progresso-progressismo, progressista, progressar

progress- see progred-

progressar v to progress

progression n progression; also: [Math.]

progressismo n progressism

progressista n progressist

progressive adj progressive

progresso n progress (= continuous improvement);
facer progressos to make progress

prohibir v to prohibit, forbid
Hence: prohibition-prohibitionista; prohibitive; prohibitor; prohibitori

prohibition n prohibition (= act of prohibiting, forbidding)

prohibitionista n prohibitionist (= one who is in favor of prohibitive measures)

prohibitive adj prohibitive, prohibitory

prohibitor n prohibiter, prohibitor

prohibitori adj prohibitory, prohibitive

project- see projicer

projectar v to project (1. to throw, cast; 2. [Geom.]; 3. to plan, contrive)

projectil n projectile

projection n projection (1. act of throwing or casting out; 2. act of jutting out; also: part jutting out; 3. [Geom.; Map Making]; 4. [Photog.; Motion Pictures])

projective adj projective (= pertaining to, or produced by, projection)

projecto n project;
projecto de lege draft of a law, bill

projector n projector; also: searchlight

projectura n [Arch.] projection, projecture

projicer [-jic-/-ject-] v [Geom., etc.] to project
Hence: projectil; projection; projective; projector; projectura; projecto; projectar

prolaber [-lab-/-laps-] v [Med.] to prolapse
Hence: prolapso

prolaps- see prolaber

prolapso n [Med.] prolapse, prolapsus

prole n offspring, progeny
Hence: prolifere &; prolific &; proletari &

prolegomeno (-ómeno) n prolegomenon

prolepsis n [Rhet.] prolepsis

proleptic adj proleptic

proletari adj proletarian
Hence: proletario-proletariato

proletariato n proletariat

proletario n 1. [Rom. Antiq.] proletary; 2. proletarian

proliferar v to proliferate

proliferation n proliferation

prolifere adj proliferous
Hence: proliferar-proliferation

prolific adj prolific
Hence: prolificar-prolification

prolificar v to breed (= to produce offspring)

prolification n breeding, prolification

prolixe adj prolix, long-winded
Hence: prolixitate

prolixitate n prolixness, prolixity

prologar v to prologue

prologo (pró-) n prologue (= preface, introduction)
Hence: prologar

prolongabile adj prolongable

prolongamento n prolongment, prolongation; also: (act of) lengthening

prolongar v to prolong; also: to lengthen
Hence: prolongamento; prolongabile; prolongation; prolongator

prolongation n prolongation

prolongator n prolonger

promenada n walk, promenade (1. as in “a long walk”; 2. as in “public promenade”)

promenar v -;
promenar se to walk, take a walk; to promenade
Hence: promenada

Prometheo npr [Gr. Mythol.] Prometheus

promin- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: prominente-prominentia

prominente adj prominent (as in “prominent teeth”)

prominentia n prominence (= conspicuousness)

promiscue adj mingled together; promiscuous
Hence: promiscuitate

promiscuitate n promiscuity, promiscuousness

promiss- see promitter

promissa n 1. promise; 2. betrothed, fiancée

promisso n betrothed, fiancé

promissor n promiser

promissori adj promissory (= containing a promise)

promitter [-mitt-/-miss-] v to promise
Hence: promissor; promissori; promisso; promissa; compromitter &

promontorio n promontory

promot- see promover

promotion n promotion

promotor n promoter (as in “promoter of a worthy cause”)

promover [-mov-/-mot-] v to promote (1. to elevate in station, rank, dignity, etc.; 2. as in “to promote learning”)
Hence: promotion; promotor

prompte adj prompt
Hence: promptitude

promptitude n promptitude, promptness

pron adj prone (1. lying flat, prostrate; 2. lying face downward; 3. inclined, disposed)
Hence: pronitate; pronar-pronation, pronator

pronar v [Med.] to pronate (1. to lay flat; 2. to turn the palms downward)

pronation n [Med.] pronation (1. lying flat; 2. “pronation of the palms”)

pronator n [Anat.] pronator

pronitate n proneness

pronominal adj [Gram.] pronominal

pronomine n [Gram.] pronoun
Hence: pronominal

pronunciabile adj pronounceable

pronunciamento n 1. pronouncement; 2. pronunciamento

pronunciar v to pronounce (1. to state officially; 2. as in “to pronounce correctly”)
Hence: pronunciamento; pronunciabile-impronunciabile; pronunciation; pronunciator; pronunciate

pronunciate 1. pp of pronunciar; 2. adj pronounced (= strongly marked)

pronunciation n 1. pronunciation; 2. pronunciamento

pronunciator n pronouncer

propaganda n propaganda
Hence: propagandista-propagandistic; propagandisar

propagandisar v to propagandize

propagandista n propagandist

propagandistic adj propagandistic

propagar v to propagate (1. to breed, cause to breed; 2. to spread, cause to spread)
Hence: propaganda &; propagation; propagative; propagator

propagation n propagation (1. breeding, causing to breed; 2. spreading, causing to spread)

propagative adj propagative

propagator n propagator

proparoxytone adj [Phonet.] proparoxytone

[prope] adv/prep near, close, at hand

propeller [-pell-/-puls-] v to propel
Hence: propulsion; propulsor

propender [-pend-/-pens-] v to tend, have an inclination (towards something)
Hence: propension; propense

propens- see propender

propense adj inclined, favorable, tending

propension n natural inclination, bent, propensity

propheta n prophet
Hence: prophetessa; prophetia; prophetic; prophetisar; pseudopropheta etc.

prophetessa n prophetess

prophetia (-ía) n prophecy, prophetic utterance

prophetic adj prophetic

prophetisar v to prophesy, foretell

prophylactic adj prophylactic

prophylaxis (-láx-) n prophylaxis

propinque adj near, neighboring
Hence: propinquitate

propinquitate n propinquity

propitiar v to propitiate
Hence: propitiation; propitiator; propitiatori; propitiatorio

propitiation n propitiation (1. appeasement; 2. atonement)

propitiator n propitiator

propitiatori adj propitiatory

propitiatorio n [Jewish Antiq.] propitiatory

propitie adj propitious (1. favorable, advantageous; 2. favorably inclined)
Hence: propitiar &

proponer [-pon-/-posit-] v to propose, suggest;
proponer se un cosa to intend, plan something;
proponer se de (facer un cosa) to propose, purpose to (do something)
Hence: proposition; proposito; proponitor

proponitor n propounder, proposer

proportion n proportion (as in “proportion of wise to foolish”); also: [Math.];
proportiones proportions, dimensions
Hence: proportional-proportionalismo; proportionar-proportionate; disproportion-disproportionate

proportional adj proportional;
representation proportional proportional representation

proportionalismo n proportionalism

proportionar v to proportion (as in “to proportion a penalty to an offense”)

proportionate I. pp of proportionar; II. adj 1. proportioned (= formed, fashioned); 2. proportionate;
ben proportionate wellproportioned;
proportionate a proportionate to

proposit- see proponer

proposition n I. proposition (1. proposal; 2. [Logic]); II. [Gram.] clause;
proposition principal [Gram.] main clause;
proposition incidente [Gram.] nonrestrictive or descriptive clause;
proposition subordinate [Gram.] subordinate clause

proposito (-pó-) n purpose (1. aim; 2. subject under discussion);
(dicer un cosa) a proposito (to say something) to the purpose, apropos, to the point;
a omne proposito at every turn;
a proposito! by the way! incidentally;
foras de proposito ill-timed, irrelevant, beside the mark;
a proposito de with regard to, apropos of

proprie adj 1. proper (= appropriate); 2. own;
proprie a proper or peculiar to;
le senso proprie the literal sense;
amor proprie self-esteem;
nomine proprie proper name
Hence: proprietate &; improprie-improprietate; appropriar &; expropriar &

propriet- see proprietate

proprietari adj proprietary (= pertaining to a proprietor)

proprietario n proprietor, owner

proprietate n I. ownership; II. property (1. thing or things owned; 2. piece of land or real estate; 3. quality proper to a thing)
Hence: proprietari; proprietario-coproprietario; coproprietate

[propter] (próp-) I. adv near, at hand; II. prep 1. near, close to; 2. on account of, by reason of, because of

propugnar v to defend, fight for
Hence: propugnator

propugnator n defender, champion

propuls- see propeller

propulsion n propulsion (= act of propelling)

propulsor n propeller; also: screw propeller

propyleo (-éo) n [Arch.] propylaeum

proque adv/conj 1. why (= for what reason); 2. because

prorogar v to prorogue, prorogate (= to postpone, adjourn)
Hence: prorogation

prorogation n prorogation

pros- prefixo pros- (1. near, besides; 2. to, towards)
Hence: prosopo- etc.

prosa n prose; also: [Eccl.] sequence
Hence: prosaismo; prosaista; prosaic; prosar-prosator

prosaic (-áic) adj 1. prose; 2. prosaic

prosaismo (-ízmo) n prosaism

prosaista (-ísta) n prose writer

prosar v to write prose, prose

prosator n prose writer

proscenio n [Theat.] proscenium

proscriber [-scrib-/-script-] v to proscribe (= to outlaw)
Hence: proscription; proscriptor; proscripto

proscript- see proscriber

proscription n proscription

proscripto n exile, outlaw

proscriptor n proscriber

prosecut- see prosequer

prosecution n pursuit (= action of carrying on)

prosemita n pro-Semite

prosemitic adj pro-Semitic

prosemitismo n pro-Semitism

prosequer [-sequ-/-secut-] v to pursue (= to carry on)
Hence: prosecution

prosodia (-ía) n prosody
Hence: prosodista; prosodic

prosodic adj prosodic, prosodical

prosodista n prosodist, prosodian

prosopo- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] prosopo-, prosop- (= face)
Hence: prosopopeia etc.

prosopopeia (-péya) n [Rhet.] prosopopoeia

prospect- see prospicer

prospecto n 1. prospect (outlook, vista, view); 2. prospectus

prosperar v to prosper (1. to be prospering; 2. to cause to prosper)

prospere adj prosperous (1. having success; 2. conducing to success)
Hence: prosperitate; prosperar

prosperitate n prosperity

prospicer [-spic-/-spect-] v 1. to look forward, to look ahead; 2. to exercise foresight
Hence: prospecto

prostata (pró-) n [Anat.] prostate (gland)

prosternamento n prostration; being prostrate

prosternar v to prostrate (1. to throw prostrate; 2. to reduce to submission, exhaustion, etc.);
prosternar se to prostrate oneself
Hence: prosternamento; prosternation

prosternation n prostration (1. throwing prostrate; 2. complete exhaustion, defection, etc.)

prosterner [-stern-/-strat-] v to prostrate (1. to throw prostrate; 2. to reduce to submission, exhaustion, etc.);
prosterner se to prostrate oneself
Hence: prostration; prostrate

prosthese (-óstese) n prosthesis (1. [Gram.]; 2. [Surg.])

prostituer [-stitu-/-stitut-] v to prostitute
Hence: prostitution; prostituta

prostitut- see prostituer

prostituta n prostitute

prostitution n prostitution

prostrar v to prostrate (1. to throw prostrate; 2. to reduce to submission, exhaustion)
Hence: prostration; prostrate

prostrat- see prosterner, prostrar

prostrate I. pp of prostrar; II. adj prostrate (1. lying prostrate; 2. exhausted, dejected)

prostration n prostration (1. act of throwing prostrate; 2. complete exhaustion, dejection, etc.)

prot- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] proto-, prot- (= first)
Hence: prote--proteina, proteic, proteolyse etc., proteolytic etc.; protagonista etc.; protoxydo etc.; protonotario etc.; protoplasma etc.; prototypo etc.; proton

protagonista n protagonist

prote- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] prote-, proteo- (= protein)

protect- see proteger

protection n 1. protection; 2. patronage, support

protectionismo n [Econ.] protectionism

protectionista n [Econ.] protectionist

protective adj protective;
systema protective [Econ.] protective system

protector n 1. protector; 2. patron, sponsor

protectorato n protectorate (1. rank or office of a protector; 2. as in “British protectorate”)

protectrice n protectress

protégé [F] n protégé

proteger [-teg-/-tect-] v to protect
Hence: protective; protection-protectionismo, protectionista; protector-protectorato; protectrice

proteic (-éic) adj proteinaceous, proteic, protein

proteiforme adj protean, proteiform

proteina (-ína) n protein

protele n aardwolf; Proteles

pro tempore, pro tem. [L] pro tempore, pro tem.

Proteo npr [Gr. Mythol.] Proteus;
proteo [Zool.] Proteus
Hence: proteiforme etc.

proteolyse (-ó-) n proteolysis

proteolytic adj proteolytic

protestante¹ I. ppr of protestar; II. adj 1. protestant; 2. [Eccl.] Protestant

protestante² n 1. protestant (= one who protests); 2. [Eccl.] Protestant

protestantismo n 1. protestantism; 2. [Eccl.] Protestantism

protestar v to protest (1. to assert, affirm; 2. to make a protest)
Hence: protesto; protestante¹-protestante²-protestantismo; protestation

protestation n protestation (1. as in “protestations of friendship”; 2. protest)

protesto n protest (1. as in “to pay under protest”; 2. [Law])

prothese (-ótese) n 1. [Surg.] prosthesis; 2. artificial limb

protocollar¹ v to protocol

protocollar² adj protocol, protocolar

protocollista n protocolist

protocollo n protocol (1. [Roman Civil Law] original record kept by a notary of documents or transactions that he certifies; 2. records or minutes of a conference or congress which show officially the agreements arrived at by the negotiators; 3. diplomatic etiquette or ceremonial)
Hence: protocollista; protocollar¹; protocollar²

protomartyre n [Eccl.] protomartyr

proton n proton

protonotario n protonotary (1. chief notary or clerk; 2. [R.C.Ch.])

protoplasma [-ma/-mat-] n protoplasm
Hence: protoplasmic; protoplasmatic

protoplasmat- see protoplasma

protoplasmatic adj protoplasmatic

protoplasmic adj protoplasmic

prototypic adj prototype, prototypical

prototypo (-ótipo) n 1. prototype; 2. model (as in “a model of virtue”)
Hence: prototypic

protoxydo (-óx-) n [Chem.] protoxide

protozoon (-zó-) (pl protozoa) [NL] n [Zool.] protozoon, protozoan

protruder v protrude

protrusion n protrusion

protuberantia n protuberance

protuberar v to swell or bulge out
Hence: protuberantia

prova n proof (1. evidence sufficient to establish a fact; 2. test, trial; 3. [Print., Phot., etc.]);
poner al prova to put to the proof;
a prova de bomba bombproof;
prova prime galley proof;
leger le provas to proofread;
lectura del provas proofreading;
lector del provas proofreader

provabile adj provable

provar v 1. to prove (= to establish as true); 2. to test, try; also: to prove (as in “to prove gold”)
Hence: prova-semiprova etc.; provabile

provenientia n provenance, provenience

provenir v to arise, spring (from)
Hence: provenientia

proverbial adj proverbial

proverbio n proverb, byword;
le Proverbios the Proverbs
Hence: proverbial

providente 1. ppr of provider; 2. adj provident (= exercising foresight, making provision for the future)

providentia n 1. providence; 2. Providence

providential adj providential

provider [-vid-/-vis-/-vist-] v I. to see beforehand, foresee; II. to provide (1. “to provide for a future contingency”; 2. “to provide what is needed”);
provider de to provide with;
provider a to provide for
Hence: providente-providentia-providential; provision-provisional, approvisionar-approvisionamento; provisori; provise-improvise-improvisar &; disprovider-disproviste

provincia n province (as in “province of Quebec”)
Hence: provincial-provincialismo

provincial¹ adj provincial

provincial² n [Eccl.] provincial

provincialismo n provincialism (1. provincial style, form of life, etc.; 2. provincial turn of expression)

provis- see provider

provise adj foreseen, expected

provision n provision (1. act of providing; 2. provisions, supply)

provisional adj provisional, provisory

provisori adj provisory, provisional

provist- see provider

provocar v to provoke (1. to induce, instigate; 2. to bring about, call forth; 3. to incense, irritate)
Hence: provocation; provocative; provocator

provocation n provocation

provocative adj provocative, provoking

provocator n provoker

proxime (próx-) adj 1. very near, close; 2. next (as in “next week”);
causa proxime [Philos.] proximate cause;
proximo neighbor, fellow being
Hence: proximitate; approximar &

proximemente adv shortly, soon

proximitate n proximity;
proximitate del sanguine proximity of blood;
in le proximitate de in the proximity or vicinity of

prude [F] 1. adj prudish; 2. n prude

prudente adj prudent
Hence: prudentia-prudential; imprudente-imprudentia; jurisprudente etc.

prudentia n prudence

prudential adj prudential

pruderie [F] n prudery

pruina (-ína) n 1. frost, hoarfrost; 2. bloom (“the bloom on fruit”)
Hence: pruinose; pruinar

pruinar v to rime (= to form hoarfrost)

pruinose adj [Bot.] pruinose, velvety

pruna n plum;
pruna sic prune

prunella n [Bot.] prunella

pruneto n plum orchard

prunifere adj pruniferous; drupiferous

pruniforme adj pruniform

pruno n plum (tree);
pruno maritime beach plum
Hence: pruneto; prunifere; pruniforme etc.; pruna

prunus [L] n [Bot.] Prunus
Hence: prunifere; pruniforme etc.

pruriente 1. ppr of prurir; 2. adj prurient

prurientia n prurience

prurigine (-ígine) n prurigo
Hence: pruriginose

pruriginose adj pruriginous

prurir v to itch
Hence: prurigine &; pruriente-prurientia; prurito

prurito n itch, pruritus

prussi- see prussic

Prussia npr Prussia;
blau de Prussia Prussian blue

prussian adj Prussian

prussianisar v to Prussianize

prussianisation n Prussianization

prussiano n Prussian

prussiato n [Chem.] prussiate

prussic adj [Chem.] prussic;
acido prussic prussic acid
Hence: prussiato

prusso n Prussian (1. one of the Prussi; 2. inhabitant of the Prussian state; 3. Prussian language)
Hence: Prussia-prussian-prussianisar-prusianisation, prussiano, prussic &

psalmic adj psalm, psalmic

psalmista n psalmist; also: Psalmist

psalmo n psalm; also: Psalm
Hence: psalmista; psalmic; psalmodo etc.

psalmodia (-ía) n psalmody

psalmodiar v to psalmodize

psalmodic adj psalmodic, psalmic

psalmodo n psalmist, psalmodist
Hence: psalmodia-psalmodic, psalmodiar

psalterio n 1. Psalter; 2. [Mus.] psaltery; 3. [Anat.] psalterium

psest- adj [occurring in compounds] -psest (= rubbed, rubbed away)
Hence: palimpsesto etc.

pseud- [occurring in compounds] pseud-, pseudo- (= false, falsely)
Hence: pseudesthesia etc.; pseudopropheta etc.; pseudopodio etc.; pseudoclassic etc.

pseudesthesia (-ía) n [Med.] pseudesthesia

pseudoclassic adj pseudoclassic
Hence: pseudoclassicismo

pseudoclassicismo n pseudoclassicism

pseudonyme (-ónime) adj pseudonymous
Hence: pseudonymitate; pseudonymo

pseudonymitate n pseudonymity

pseudonymo (-ónimo) n pseudonym

pseudopodio n [Zool.] pseudopodium, pseudopod

pseudopropheta n pseudoprophet

pseudosymmetria (-ía) n [Mineral.] pseudosymmetry

psittacidos (-tá-) npl [Zool.] Psittacidae

psittaco (psí-) n parrot
Hence: psittacidos; psittacosis

psittacosis (-ósis) n [Pathol.] psittacosis

psyche n psyche (= soul, mind);
Psyche [Mythol.] Psyche
Hence: psychic; metempsychose, psychiatro etc.; psychoanalyse etc.; psychopathia etc.; psychopathe etc.; psychophysic etc.

psychiatria (-ía) n psychiatry

psychiatric adj pcychiatric

psychiatro n psychiatrist
Hence: psychiatria; psychiatric

psychic adj psychic (= of the psyche or mind);
phenomenos psychic psychical phenomena

psychoanalysar v to psychoanalyze

psychoanalyse (-ná-) n psychoanalysis
Hence: psychoanalysar-psychoanalysta

psychoanalysta n psychoanalyst

psychoanalytic adj psychoanalytic

psychologia (-ía) n psychology (= science of psychology)

psychologic adj psychological;
momento psychologic psychological moment

psychologo (-ólogo) n psychologist
Hence: psychologia; psychologic

psychometria (-ía) n [Psychol.] psychometry

psychopathe (-ó-) n psychopath (= mentally deranged person)

psychopathia (-ía) n [Pathol.] psychopathy
Hence: psychopathic

psychopathic adj psychopathic (= pertaining to psychopathy)

psychopathologia (-ía) n psychopathology

psychopathologo (-ólogo) n psychopathologist
Hence: psychopathologia

psychophysic adj psychophysical
Hence: psychophysica

psychophysica n psychophysics

psychophysiologia (-ía) n psychophysiology

psychose n [Pathol.] psychosis

psychotherapeuta n psychotherapist

psychotherapia (-ía) n psychotherapy

ptero- n [occurring in compounds] ptero-, pter- (= feather, wing)
Hence: aptere-apteros; pterodactylo etc.; helicoptero etc.; phenicoptero etc.; chiroptere etc.; coleoptere etc.; orthoptere etc.; diptere etc.; hymenoptere etc.

pterodactylo (-dác-) n pterodactyl

ptolema- see Ptolemeo

ptolemaic (-áic) adj Ptolemaic (1. as in “Ptolemaic system”; 2. of the Ptolemies)

Ptolemeo (-éo) nprm [Gr. Hist.] Ptolemy
Hence: ptolemaic

ptom- n [occurring in derivatives] ptom- (= corpse)
Hence: ptomaina

ptomaina (-ína) n ptomaine

pubere adj who has arrived at puberty, pubescent
Hence: pubertate; impubere

pubertate n puberty

public adj public
Hence: publicista; publicitate; publicar-publicabile-impublicabile, publication; publico

publicabile adj publishable

publicar v to publish (1. to make public; 2. as in “to publish a book”)

publication n publication (1. act of making public; 2. as in “the publication of a book, etc.”; 2. something published)

publicista n publicist, journalist

publicitate n publicity (1. quality or state of being public; 2. advertising)

publico n public (1. people; 2. audience)

pud- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: pudibunde, pudic-impudic; pudor; pudente-impudente-impudentia

pudding [A] n pudding

pudente adj modest, bashful

pudibunde adj modest, bashful

pudic adj modest (= decorous in manner and conduct)

pudor n modesty (= womanly propriety of behavior)

puera (púera) n girl

pueril adj childish (1. of a child; 2. puerile, immature)
Hence: puerilitate

puerilitate n puerility (1. childhood; 2. foolishness, immaturity; 3. foolish act, statement, etc.)

pueritia n childhood; also: boyhood

puero (púero) n boy
Hence: pueritia; pueril &; puerpera etc.; puera

puerpera (-érpera) n woman in labor or childbed
Hence: puerperio; puerperal

puerperal adj puerperal;
febre puerperal puerperal fever

puerperio n puerperium (= confinement, lying-in)

pugile n pugilist, boxer
Hence: pugilismo; pugilista-pugilistic

pugilismo n pugilism

pugilista n pugilist

pugilistic adj pugilistic

pugnace adj pugnacious

pugnacitate n pugnacity

pugnal n poniard, dagger
Hence: pugnalar

pugnalar v to stab

pugnar v to fight
Hence: pugnace-pugnacitate; expugnar &; impugnar¹ &; propugnar &; repugnar &

pugnata n handful

pugno n fist
Hence: pugnata; pugnal &; pugnar &; impugnar²

pulice (pú-) n flea
Hence: pulicose; expulicar-expulicatorio

pulicose adj infested with fleas, pulicous

pullario n chicken coop

pullero n 1. chicken farmer; 2. poultry dealer, poulterer

pullicultura n poultry farming

pullman [A] n [R.R.] Pullman

pullo n young animal; specif: 1. colt, foal; 2. young bird; also: chicken
Hence: pullario; pullero; pullicultura etc.

pullular v to pullulate (1. to sprout out, bud; 2. to swarm)
Hence: pullulation

pullulation n pullulating, pullulation

pulmon n lung;
a plen pulmones at the top of one’s voice
Hence: pulmonia; pulmonar; pulmonaria; pulmonate; pulmonifere

pulmonar adj pulmonary

pulmonaria n [Bot.] Pulmonaria

pulmonate adj [Zool.] pulmonate, pulmonated

pulmonia (-ía) n [Pathol.] pneumonia

pulmonifere adj pulmoniferous, pulmonate

pulpa n pulp (1. as in “pulp of a fruit”; 2. [Anat.] as in “dental pulp”; 3. as in “wood pulp”)
Hence: pulpitis; pulpose

pulpitis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] pulpitis

pulpito (púl-) n pulpit

pulpose adj pulpous, pulpy

puls- see pell-

pulsar v 1. to push; also: to shove, thrust, drive, etc.; 2. to pulsate (= to beat, throb)
Hence: pulsatile; pulsation; pulsative; pulsator; pulsata

pulsata n push (as in “to give someone a push”)

pulsatile adj pulsating, pulsatile

pulsation n pulsation

pulsative adj beating, throbbing, pulsative

pulsator n pulsator

pulso n pulse (= regular throbbing in the arteries)
Hence: pulsometro etc.

pulsometro (-ómetro) n pulsimeter, pulsometer

pulverar v to powder, dust (= to sprinkle with powder or dust)

pulvere n I. dust; II. powder (1. pulverized substance; 2. [Specif: Pharm., Cosmetics]; 3. gunpowder);
jectar pulvere in le oculos de un persona to throw dust in someone’s eyes;
reducer in pulvere to reduce to powder;
ille non habe inventate le pulvere he won’t set the world (or Thames) on fire
Hence: pulverose; pulverulente-pulverulentia; pulverar-dispulverar; pulverisar-pulverisabile, pulverisation, pulverisator

pulverisabile adj pulverizable

pulverisar v to pulverize

pulverisation n pulverization

pulverisator n atomizer, pulverizer, spray

pulverose adj dusty

pulverulente adj pulverulent, dusty, powdery

pulverulentia n (state of) being pulverulent

pumpa n pump (as in “suction pump”)
Hence: pumpero; pumpar

pumpar v to pump (= to raise with a pump)

pumpero n 1. pumpman; 2. fireman (= member of a fire brigade)

pun- see pena

punch [A] n punch (“the beverage punch”)

punct- see punger

puncta n point (1. sharp end of a weapon, pin, pen, etc.; 2. [Geog.] tapering promontory or cape; 3. salient feature of a story, epigram, joke, etc.)
Hence: punctute; punctar &; appunctar &

punctage (-aje) n pointing, aiming (of guns, etc.)

punctar v to point (1. to furnish with a point; 2. to direct, level)
Hence: punctage; punctator

punctator n pointer; specif: [Artil.]

punctilio n nice point of honor, punctilio
Hence: punctiliose

punctiliose adj punctilious

puncto n I. point (1. dot; 2. [Gram.] period; 3. definite item or unit, as “salient point,” “important point,” “another point,” etc.); II. prick, stitch;
puncto e virgula semicolon;
puncto de interrogation question mark;
puncto de exclamation exclamation point;
duo punctos [Gram.] colon;
puncto de congelation, de ebullition, etc. freezing, boiling, etc., point;
le punctos cardinal the cardinal points;
puncto de vista point of view;
esser super le puncto de facer un cosa to be on the point of doing something;
puncto de honor point of honor
Hence: punctilio &; punctual &; punctar &; punctuar &; appunctar &; contrapuncto &

punctu- see puncto

punctual adj 1. exact, punctilious; 2. punctual
Hence: punctualitate, impunctual-impunctualitate

punctualitate n 1. exactness, punctiliousness; 2. punctuality

punctuar v to punctuate
Hence: punctuation

punctuation n punctuation

punctura n prick, puncture
Hence: puncturar; acupunctura etc.

puncturar v to puncture

punctute adj pointed (= having a point or points)

pungente I. ppr of punger; II. adj 1. pungent; 2. poignant
Hence: pungentia

pungentia n 1. pungency; 2. poignancy

punger [pung-/punct-] v to sting (1. to prick; 2. to pain sharply)
Hence: pungente &; punctura &; puncto &; puncta &; compunger &; expunger &

punibile adj punishable

punibilitate n punishability

punic adj Punic;
fide punic Punic faith;
guerras punic Punic wars

punir v to punish
Hence: punibile-punibilitate, impunibile; punition; punitor; punite-impunite

punite 1. pp of punir; 2. adj punished

punition n punishment

punitive adj punitive

punitor n punisher

puno n Carthaginian
Hence: punic

pupa n 1. (young) girl; 2. doll; 3. [Zool.] pupa

pupilla n pupil (1. girl under the care of a guardian; 2. [Anat.])
Hence: pupillage; pupillari

pupillage (-aje) n pupilage

pupillari adj pupillary (1. [Law]; 2. [Anat.])

pupillo n pupil, ward (= boy or child under the care of a guardian)
Hence: pupillage; pupillari

pupipare adj [Zool.] pupiparous

pupo n boy, child
Hence: pupillo &; pupipare etc.; pupa-pupilla &

pur adj pure
Hence: puressa; purismo; purista; puritate-puritan &; purificar-purification, purificator; appurar &; depurar &; impur-impuressa, impuritate

pure n [Pathol.] pus
Hence: purulente &; suppurar &

purée [F] n purée;
purée de malos applesauce;
purée de patatas mashed potatoes

puressa n pureness

purga n purge

purgar v to purge
Hence: purga; purgation; purgative-purgativo; purgatori; purgatorio; expurgar &

purgation n purgation

purgative adj purgative

purgativo n purgative

purgatori adj purgatory, purifying

purgatorio n Purgatory

purificar v to purify

purification n purification

purificator n 1. purifier; 2. purificator

purismo n purism

purista n purist

puritan adj puritan, puritanical
Hence: puritano-puritanismo

puritanismo n Puritanism

puritano n Puritan

puritate n purity

purpura (púr-) n I. purple (1. [Zool.] Purpura; 2. purple dye or color; 3. purple garment); II. [Pathol.] purpura
Hence: purpurato; purpuree; purpurin-purpurina; purpurar

purpurar v 1. to purple (= to make or dye purple); 2. to dress in purple

purpurato n [Chem.] purpurate

purpuree adj purple, purpurate

purpurin adj purplish, purpurate

purpurina n [Chem.] purpurin

purulente adj purulent
Hence: purulentia

purulentia n purulence

pus n [Pathol.] pus

pusillanime (-ánime) adj pusillanimous
Hence: pusillanimitate

pusillanimitate n pusillanimity

pusille adj 1. very small; 2. petty
Hence: pusillitate; pusillanime etc.; pusillo

pusillitate n 1. smallness; 2. pettiness

pusillo n small boy or man

pustula (pús-) n [Pathol.] pustule
Hence: pustulate; pustulose; pustular

pustular v to pustulate (= to form pustules)

pustulate adj pustulate, pustulous

pustulose adj pustulous

putar v 1. to trim, prune, lop (trees or vines); 2. to suppose, think, imagine
Hence: putative; amputar &; computar &; deputar &; disputar &; imputar &; reputar &

putative adj putative

puteal n well curb, puteal

puteo n 1. well (“well of water, oil, etc.”); 2. [Mineral.] shaft, pit;
un puteo de scientia a well of learning, fount of knowledge
Hence: puteal

puter v to stink

putrefacer [-fac-/-fact-] v to putrefy (= to cause to rot)
Hence: putrefaction; putrefactive

putrefact- see putrefacer

putrefaction n putrefaction

putrefactive adj putrefactive

putrer v to rot
Hence: putride-putriditate; putrescer-putrescente-putrescentia, putrescibile-imputrescibile-imputrescibilitate; putrefacer etc.

putrescente 1. ppr of putrescer; 2. adj putrescent

putrescentia n putrescence

putrescer v to rot

putrescibile adj putrescible

putride adj putrid

putriditate n putridity

putsch [G] n putsch

pyjama n pajamas

pyl- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] pyl- (= gate)
Hence: pylon; propyleo; pyloro etc.; Thermopylas etc.

pylon n [Arch.] pylon

pyloric adj pyloric

pyloro n [Anat.] pylorus
Hence: pyloric

pyr- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] pyr-, pyro- (= fire)
Hence: pyridina; pyrite &; pyric; empyree &; empyreuma &; pyrolatra etc.; pyromane etc.; pyromania etc.; pyrometro etc.; pyroxeno etc.; pyroxylo etc.; pyrophosphoric etc.; pyrotechnic etc.; pyrophore etc.; pyrolignose etc.

pyra n pyre

pyramidal adj pyramidal

pyramidar v to pyramid (= to build or heap up in the shape of a pyramid)

pyramide (-rá-) n [Arch., Geom., etc.] pyramid
Hence: pyramidal; pyramidar

Pyrene npr [Gr. Mythol.] Pyrene
Hence: pyrenee-Pyreneos

pyrenee (-ée) adj Pyrenean

Pyreneos (-né-) nprpl [Geog.] Pyrenees

pyric adj of fire, producing fire, fiery

pyridina n [Chem.] pyridine

pyrite n [Mineral.] pyrite, iron pyrites, fool’s gold
Hence: pyritose

pyritose adj pyritous

pyrolatra (-ó-) n pyrolater, fire worshiper
Hence: pyrolatria

pyrolatria (-ía) n pyrolatry, fire worship

pyrolignose adj pyroligneous

pyromane adj pyromaniacal
Hence: pyromano

pyromania (-ía) n pyromania

pyromano (-ró-) n pyromaniac

pyrometric adj pyrometric

pyrometro (-ó-) n pyrometer
Hence: pyrometric

pyrophore adj [Chem.] pyrophorous

pyrophosphoric adj [Chem.] pyrophosphoric

pyrotechnic adj pyrotechnical
Hence: pyrotechnico; pyrotechnica

pyrotechnica n pyrotechnics

pyrotechnico n pyrotechnist

pyroxeno (-róx-) n [Mineral.] pyroxene

pyroxylina n [Chem.] pyroxylin

pyroxylo n [Chem.] pyroxyle, pyroxylin
Hence: pyroxylina

Pythagoras (-tá-) npr [Gr. Philos.] Pythagoras
Hence: pythagorismo; pythagorista; pythagoric

pythagoric adj Pythagorean, Pythagoric

pythagorismo n Pythagoreanism

pythagorista n Pythagorean

pythia n Pythia

pythic adj Pythian

pythie adj Pythian

Pytho npr [Gr. Antiq.] Pytho (= Delphi)
Hence: pythic; pythie-pythia

Python npr [Gr. Mythol.] Python;
python [Zool.] Python

pyxide (píx-) n 1. small box or case; 2. [Eccl.] pyx; 3. [Bot.] pyxis, pyxidium

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