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ubere¹ n udder

ubere² adj fruitful, abundant, uberous
Hence: ubertate, exuberar &

ubertate n fertility, abundance, uberty

ubi 1. adv where (= in or at what place); 2. conj where; when, as soon as; wherewith; in which;
a ubi where, whither;
de ubi from where, whence
Hence: ubicar &; ubique etc.; ubicunque etc.; alicubi etc.; [alterubi] etc.

ubicar v to have one’s location, be (somewhere)
Hence: ubication

ubication n location (= fact of being located in a certain place), ubication

ubicunque adv/conj wherever

ubique adv everywhere; anywhere, wheresoever, wherever
Hence: ubiquitate

ubiquitate n ubiquitousness

ukaz [R] n ukase

Ukraina npr Ukraine
Hence: ukrainian-ukrainiano

ukrainian adj Ukrainian

ukrainiano n Ukrainian (1. native of the Ukraine; 2. Ukrainian language)

ulcerar v to ulcerate (= to affect with ulcers)

ulceration n [Med.] ulceration

ulcere n [Med.] ulcer
Hence: ulcerose; ulcerar-ulceration

ulcerose adj ulcerous (1. having the nature of an ulcer; 2. ulcerated)

[ulle] adj/pron any, anyone
Hence: nulle &

ulmacee adj [Bot.] ulmaceous

ulmaria n [Bot.] meadowsweet, queen of the meadows

ulmeto n elm grove

ulmic adj [Chem.] ulmic

ulmina n [Chem.] ulmin

ulmo n elm
Hence: ulmeto; ulmacee; ulmaria; ulmic; ulmina

Ulster [A] npr Ulster;
ulster [Clothing] ulster

ulterior adj 1. ulterior, situated beyond, thither; 2. subsequent, later

ulteriormente adv later (on), subsequently

ultimar v to bring to a close, to bring to completion

ultimate 1. pp of ultimar; 2. adj ultimate

ultimation n (action of) bringing to a close or to completion

ultimatum [NL] n ultimatum

ultime (úl-) adj last
Hence: penultime &; ultimar-ultimation, ultimate

ultra I. adv on the other side, beyond, farther; II. prep 1. on the farther side of; beyond, past; 2. besides;
ultra illo besides, moreover;
ultra que aside from the fact that
Hence: ultrage &; ultrar-ultrantia

ultra- prefixo ultra- (= beyond)
Hence: ultramarin etc.; ultraviolette etc.; ultrapassar etc.

ultrage (-aje) n outrage
Hence: ultragiose; ultragiar

ultragiar (-ajár) v to outrage

ultragiose (-jose) adj outrageous

ultramar adv overseas;
(paises) de ultramar overseas (countries)

ultramarin adj ultramarine (blue)

ultramontan adj ultramontane (1. transmontane; 2. [R.C.Ch.])
Hence: ultramontanismo

ultramontanismo n ultramontanism

ultrantia n excess, extreme;
a ultrantia to the bitter end

ultrapassar v to go beyond

ultrar v to carry to excess or to extremes

ultraviolette adj ultraviolet;
radios ultraviolette ultraviolet rays

uluco (ú-) n owl

ulula (úlula) n barn owl

ulular v to howl, ululate
Hence: ululation; ululator

ululation n howling, ululation

ululator n howler (= one who howls); specif.: howling monkey

Ulysses (-lís-) npr [Gr. Mythol.] Ulysses

umbella n [Bot.] umbel
Hence: umbellate; umbellifere; umbelliforme etc.

umbellate adj [Bot.] umbellate

umbellifere adj [Bot.] umbelliferous

umbelliforme adj [Bot.] umbelliform

umbilical adj umbilical;
cordon umbilical umbilical cord

umbilicate adj umbilicate

umbilico (-íco) n [Anat.] navel, umbilicus
Hence: umbilical; umbilicate

umbra¹ n 1. shade (as in “light and shade”; also: as in “the shades in Hades”); 2. shadow;
al umbra de under or in the shadow of;
umbras (del nocte) shadows (of the night);
umbra de (dubita, etc.) shade or shadow of (doubt etc.)
Hence: umbrella; umbratile; umbrifere; umbrina; umbrose; umbrar-adumbrar &; penumbra

umbra² n umber (1. [Mineral.]; 2. “the color umber”);
terra de umbra sienna

umbrar v to shade, darken (= to put shading in or on)

umbratile adj shady, umbrageous

umbre adj Umbrian

umbrella n umbrella (= cloth-covered frame used for protection against rain or sun)

Umbria npr Umbria

umbrifere adj umbriferous

umbrina n [Zool.] umbrina, umbrine

umbro n Umbrian (1. inhabitant of Umbria; 2. Umbrian dialect)
Hence: Umbria; umbre

umbrose adj shady, umbrageous

un 1. adj one; 2. indef art a, an;
le un le altere one another, each other, each (one) ... the other (one);
le unes le alteres one another, each other, each (of them) ... the others, other ones
Hence: union &; unitate &; unic &; unir &; unificar &; unicorne etc.; unilateral etc.; uniforme etc.; unanime etc.; unicolor etc.; unipare etc.; [unaltere] etc.; undece etc.; dece-un etc.; alicun etc.; [qualcun] etc.; [alcun] etc.; [necun] etc.; uno-[qualcuno] etc., alcuno etc.

[un-altere] pron each other, one another

unanime (-ánime) adj unanimous
Hence: unanimitate

unanimitate n unanimity

uncia n 1. ounce; 2. inch
Hence: uncial-semiuncial etc.

uncial adj uncial

unciforme n unciform, hook-shaped

uncinate adj uncinate

uncino n hook (as in “wall hook”, “hook and eye”)

unco n hook, barb
Hence: uncino-uncinate; unciforme etc.

unct- see unguer

unction n unction (1. act of anointing; 2. unctuousness)

uncto¹ n anointed;
le Uncto del Senior the Lord’s Anointed

uncto² n unguent, ointment
Hence: unctuose-unctuositate

unctu- see uncto²

unctuose adj unctuous (1. oily, greasy; 2. oily, suave)

unctuositate n unctuosity, unctuousness

unda n wave (1. “wave of the sea, etc.”; 2. [Phys.]);
unda sonor sound wave;
unda luminose light wave;
undas curte [Radio] short waves;
undas longe [Radio] long waves
Hence: undulose; undular &; undina; undose; undear; inundar &; undisone etc.

[unde] adv whence (1. from which place; 2. wherefore, for which reason or cause)

undear v to wave (= to move in waves or undulations)

undece (ún-) adj eleven

undina n undine

undisone adj wavelike (= sounding like waves)

undose adj wavy

undular v to wave, undulate (1. to move in, or like, waves; 2. to impart a wavy appearance to)
Hence: undulation; undulatori; undulate

undulate 1. pp of undular; 2. adj wavy, undulating

undulation n I. undulation (1. waving motion; 2. wavy form); II. [Hairdressing] wave;
undulation permanente permanent wave

undulatori adj undulatory

undulose adj rolling, wavy, undulous


ungue n nail (of a finger or toe); also: unguis
Hence: unguiculo-unguiculate; ungula &; unguifere

unguentari adj unguentary

unguento n ointment, salve

unguer [ung-/unct-] v to anoint (1. to rub with an ointment; 2. to make sacred with oil)
Hence: ungento-ungentari; unction; uncto¹; uncto² &; axungia etc.

unguiculate adj unguiculate

unguiculo n small nail or claw

unguifere adj unguiferous

ungula (úngula) n 1. nail (of a finger or toe); 2. claw (of a canine, feline, or bird); 3. hoof (of an animal)
Hence: ungulate-ungulato, multungulate etc.; multungule etc.

ungulate adj ungulate (1. having hoofs; 2. pertaining to the ungulates)

ungulato n [Zool.] ungulate

unibile adj uniteable

unic adj 1. sole, only; 2. unique (= that has no like or equal);
filio unic only son
Hence: unicitate

unicitate n 1. oneness, singleness; 2. uniqueness

unicolor adj one-colored, unicolorous

unicorne¹ adj one-horned
Hence: unicornio

unicorne² n unicorn

unicornio n unicorn

unificar v to unify
Hence: unification

unification n unification

uniflor adj [Bot.] uniflorous

unifoliate adj [Bot.] unifoliate

uniformar v to uniform (1. to make uniform; 2. to put into uniform)

uniforme¹ adj uniform
Hence: uniformitate; uniformar

uniforme² n uniform

uniformitate n uniformity

unilateral adj unilateral (1. [Bot.]; 2. [Law])

unimento n (action of) uniting, joining, etc.

union n union;
tracto de union hyphen (= sign used to join two words together)
Hence: unionismo; unionista; disunion

unionismo n unionism

unionista n unionist

unipare adj uniparous (= producing but one offspring at a time)

unipersonal adj [Gram.] unipersonal; also: impersonal

unipolar adj unipolar

unir v to unite, join, connect
Hence: unimento; unibile; unitive; unite; disunir; reunir-reunion

unisexual adj unisexual

unisone adj unison, unisonous
Hence: unisono

unisono (-í-) n unison

unit- see unitate

unitari adj 1. unitary; 2. [Theol.] Unitarian

unitario n 1. unitarist; 2. [Theol.] Unitarian

unitarismo n 1. unitarism; 2. [Theol.] Unitarianism

unitate n 1. unit; 2. unity; also: oneness
Hence: unitari-unitarismo; unitario; disunitate

unite 1. pp of unir; 2. adj smooth, even;
(le) Statos Unite (the) United States;
Nationes Unite United Nations

unitive adj unitive, uniting

univalve adj [Bot., Zool.] univalve, univalved

universal adj universal;
suffragio universal universal franchise or suffrage

universalisar v to universalize

universalismo n [Theol.] Universalism

universalista n [Theol.] Universalist

universalitate n 1. universality; 2. totality

universe adj universal
Hence: universitate &; universo-universal-universalismo, universalista, universalitate, universalisar

universit- see universitate

universitari adj university

universitate n university
Hence: universitari

universo n universe

uno indef pron one

unquam (únquam) adv ever, at any time

upas [Mal.] n [Bot.] upas

ur-¹ n [occurring in compounds] ur-, uro- (= tail)
Hence: cenuro etc. ...

ur-² v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: ureter &; urethra &

-ura suffixo substantive [used with the second stem of verbs in -er and -ir] -ure (= action or result of
Hence: mixtura etc.; pictura etc.; fissura etc.; cultura etc.; copertura etc.

Ural npr 1. Ural (River); 2. Urals, Ural Mountains
Hence: uralian; uraloaltaic etc.

uralian adj Uralian

uraloaltaic (-táic) adj uralaltaic

Urania npr [Gr. Mythol.] Urania (1. Muse of astronomy; 2. epithet of Aphrodite)

uranic adj uranic

uranie adj uranian (1. pertaining to the god Uranus; 2. pertaining to the planet Uranus; 3. pertaining to Urania; 4. pertaining to the heavens)

uranite n [Mineral.] uranite

uranium (-rá-) n uranium
Hence: uranite; uranic

Urano npr Uranus (1. [Gr. Mythol.]; 2. [Astron.])
Hence: uranie-uranium &, urania; uranographo etc.; uranometria etc.

uranographia (-ía) n uranography

uranographo (-ógrapho) n uranographer
Hence: uranographia

uranometria (-ía) n (science of) uranometry

urban adj 1. urban; 2. urbane

urbanisar v to urbanize

urbanisation n urbanization

urbanismo n town planning, city planning

urbanista n 1. city planner; 2. [Eccl.] urbanist

urbanitate n urbanity (1. urbanness; 2. urbaneness)

urbe n town, city
Hence: urban-urbanismo, urbanista, urbanitate, urbanisar-urbanisation, inurban, suburban; suburbio; suburbicari

urceo n pitcher, jug

uredine n [Bot.] uredinium
Hence: uredineas

uredineas npl rust fungi, Uredinales

uremia (-ía) n [Med.] uremia, uraemia
Hence: uremic

uremic adj uremic, uraemic

urente 1. ppr of urer; 2. adj [Med.] caustic

urer [ur-/ust-] v 1. to burn, burn up; 2. [Med.] to cauterize
Hence: uredine &; urente; ustion; adurer &; comburer &

ureter n [Anat.] ureter
Hence: ureteritis; ureteral; ureterotomia etc.

ureteral adj ureteral

ureteritis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] ureteritis

ureterotomia (-ía) n [Surg.] ureterotomy

urethra n [Anat.] urethra
Hence: urethritis; urethral; urethroscopio etc.

urethral adj urethral

urethritis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] urethritis

urethroscopia (-ía) n [Med.] urethroscopy

urethroscopio n [Med.] urethroscope
Hence: urethroscopia

urgente adj urgent (= demanding immediate attention or action)

urgentia n urgency (= need for immediate attention or action)

urger v to urge, be insistent or pressing; also: to be urgent
Hence: urgente-urgentia

-urgo [occurring in compounds] -urge (= worker)
Hence: chirurgo etc.; metallurgo etc.; thaumaturgo etc.; siderurgia etc.

-uria [occurring in compounds]

urina n urine
Hence: urinal; urinose; urinar-urinatorio

urinal n urinal (= vessel for holding urine)

urinar v to urinate

urinatorio n urinal (= building for urinating purposes)

urinose adj urinous

urna n 1. urn; 2. ballot box;
urna cinerari cinerary urn

uro- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] (= urine)
Hence: -uria-albuminuria etc.; uremia etc. ...

ursa n she-bear;
ursa major [Astron.] Ursa Major, Great Bear, (Big) Dipper;
ursa minor [Astron.] Ursa Minor, Little Bear or Little Dipper

ursin adj ursine

urso n bear;
urso polar or blanc polar bear
Hence: urson; ursin; ursa

urson n [Zool.] Canada porcupine; urson

U.R.S.S. n U.S.S.R.

urtica (-tíca) n nettle, urtica
Hence: urticaria; urticacee-urticaceas; urticar-urticante, urtication

urticaceas npl [Bot.] Urticaceae

urticacee adj urticaceous

urticante 1. ppr of urticar; 2. adj urticant, stinging

urticar v to nettle, urticate

urticaria n [Pathol.] urticaria, nettle rash

urtication n urtication

Uruguay (-ái) npr Uruguay (1. Uruguay river; 2. Republic of Uruguay);
Republica Oriental del Uruguay Republic of Uruguay

us- see ut-

U.S.A. [A] n U.S.A.

usabile adj usable

usabilitate n usability, usableness

usage (-aje) n 1. use (= act of using); 2. usage, custom

usantia n usage, custom, habit

usar v 1. to use, make use of; 2. to use up;
usar (facer, etc.) to be used to (doing, etc.)

uso n use (1. act of using; 2. habit);
facer uso de to make use of;
in uso in use;
foras de uso out of use
Hence: usual-inusual; usar-usage, usantia, usabile-usabilitate, inusabile; disuso-disusar; misuso-misusar-misusage; usufruer etc.

usquam (ús-) adv somewhere

usque prep (all the way) to, up to (a point in space or time); also: till, until;
usque nunc up to now;
usque al presente up to the present

ust- see urer

ustion n 1. (act of) burning, destroying by fire; 2. [Med.] cauterization

usual adj usual (1. ordinary; 2. customary)

usufruct- see usufruer

usufructo n [Law] usufruct

usufructuari adj [Law] usufructuary

usufructuario n [Law] usufructuary

usufruer [-fru-/-fruct-] v [Law] to enjoy the usufruct
Hence: usufructo-usufructuari, usufructuario

usura n usury
Hence: usuria; usurari; usurero; usurar

usurar v to practice usury

usurari adj usurious

usurero n usurer

usuria (-ía) n usury

usurpar v to usurp
Hence: usurpation; usurpator; usurpatori

usurpation n usurpation

usurpator n usurper

usurpatori adj usurpatory

[ut] adv as, how, in order that, to the end that, just as;
ut ... ita ... the ... the ..., as ... so ...
Hence: sicut etc.

ut n [Mus.] (the note) C

ut- [ut-/us-] v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: utile &; uso &; abut- &

utensile n utensil, tool

uterin adj uterine (1. pertaining to the uterus; 2. born of the same mother, but of a different father)

utero (ú-) n uterus, womb
Hence: uterin; uterologia etc.

uterologia (-ía) n uterology

utile adj useful
Hence: utilitate-utilitari-utilitario, utilitarismo; utilisar-utilisabile-inutilisabile, utilisation, utilisator, utilisate-inutilisate; inutile-inutilitate, inutilisar

utilisabile adj available (= capable of being turned to account)

utilisar v to utilize

utilisate adj utilized, used

utilisation n utilization

utilisator n utilizer

utilitari adj utilitarian (as in “utilitarian ethics”)

utilitario n utilitarian

utilitarismo n utilitarianism

utilitate n utility, usefulness

Utopia n Utopia;
utopia utopia
Hence: utopismo; utopista; utopic

utopic adj utopian

utopismo n utopianism

utopista n utopian

[utroque] indef pron either or both of two

[utrum ... an] (ú-) conj whether ... or

uva n 1. grape; 2. grapes, bunch of grapes;
uva de Corintho currant (= small seedless raisin used in cooking);
uva sic raisin
Hence: uvula &; uvea

uvea n [Anat.] uvea

uvula n uvula
Hence: uvular

uvular adj uvular

uxor n wife
Hence: uxoricida etc.; uxoricidio etc.

uxoricida n uxoricide (= one who kills his wife)

uxoricidio n uxoricide (= act of killing one’s wife)

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