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va¹ pr of vader 1. go, goes; [grammatical function: auxiliary, forming the future or immediate future];
va! go!;
io va comenciar I shall begin, I am going to begin

va² see also: vader

Vaal npr Vaal (river)
Hence: Transvaal

vacante 1. ppr of vacar; 2. adj vacant, not occupied

vacantia n vacancy (= unoccupied post);
vacantias vacation, recess

vacar v 1. to be vacant, unoccupied; 2. to be in recess
Hence: vacante-vacantia

vacca n 1. cow (= female bovine); 2. cowhide
Hence: vacchero; vaccheria; vaccin-vaccino &

vacch- see vacca

vaccheria (-ía) n 1. cow stables; 2. dairy farm

vacchero n cowherd, cowboy

vaccin adj vaccine

vaccinal adj vaccinal

vaccinar v to vaccinate

vaccination n vaccination

vaccinator n vaccinator (= one who vaccinates)

vaccinic adj vaccinal, vaccinic

vaccino n vaccine (= preparation for vaccination and inoculation)
Hence: vaccinal; vaccinic; vaccinar-vaccination, vaccinator, revaccinar-revaccination; vaccinogene etc.

vaccinogene adj vaccinogenic

vacillamento n (act of) vacillating, vacillation

vacillar v 1. to vacillate; 2. to flicker; 3. to be unsteady or shaky
Hence: vacillamento; vacillation; vacillatori

vacillation n 1. vacillation; 2. (act of) flickering, shaking, etc.;
le vacillation de un barca the rocking of a (row)boat

vacillatori adj 1. vacillatory; 2. flickering, shaking, etc.

vacuar v to empty, make empty

vacue adj empty
Hence: vacuitate; vacuar; evacuar &; vacuo-vacuolo

vacuitate n emptiness, vacuity

vacuo n emptiness; void; also: vacuum

vacuolo (-cú-) n [Biol.] vacuole

vadabile adj fordable

vadar v to ford, wade through

vademecum (-mé-) n vade mecum

vader [vad-/-vas-] v to go
Hence: evader &; invader &; see verbal forms va, [van], [vamos]

vado n ford
Hence: vadar-vadabile

vagabundage (-aje) n vagabondage

vagabundar v to vagabond

vagabunde adj vagabond
Hence: vagabundar-vagabundage; vagabundo

vagabundo n vagabond

vagar n to wander about, ramble

vage adj 1. wandering about, rambling; 2. vague (= not clearly defined)
Hence: vagar-vagabunde &, divagar &, extravagar &; noctivage etc.; multivage etc.

vagina n 1. sheath; 2. [Anat.] vagina
Hence: vaginismo; vaginitis; vaginula; vaginal; evaginar &; invaginar &

vaginal adj [Anat.] vaginal

vaginismo n [Med.] vaginismus (= spasmodic contractions of the vagina)

vaginitis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] vaginitis

vaginula n [Bot.] vaginule

vaina (-ína) n sheath, scabbard, etc.
Hence: vainero; disvainar; invainar

vainero n sheather, scabbard maker

[valde] adv 1. vehemently, strongly; 2. exceedingly, very much

valdese adj/n Waldensian;
valdeses Waldenses

Valdo, Peter npr Peter Waldo [founder of the Waldenses]
Hence: valdese

vale! interj vale! (= farewell!)

valente 1. ppr of valer; 2. adj valiant

valentia n 1. valor, bravery; 2. [Chem.] valence

valer v 1. to be worth (= to be equal to, in value or in price); 2. to be courageous
Hence: valide &; valente-valentia; valor &; valetude &; prevaler &; convalescer &; eguivaler etc.

valetude n (state of) health
Hence: valetudinari; valetudinario

valetudin- see valetude

valetudinari adj invalid, infirm

valetudinario n invalid

valge adj bow-legged

Valhalla n [Mythol.] Valhalla

validar v to validate (= to render valid)

validation n validation (= act of rendering valid)

valide adj 1. able-bodied, robust; 2. valid
Hence: validitate; validar-validation; invalide-invaliditate, invalidar-invalidation, invalido

validitate n 1. robustness, vigor; 2. validity

valise [F] n traveling bag, valise; also: suitcase, satchel, etc.

valkyria n Valkyrie

vallar v to surround with a rampart

vallata n valley

vallation n 1. (act of) surrounding with a rampart; 2. rampart, circumvallation

valle n valley;
lilio del valles lily of the valley;
per (le) montes e valles over hill and dale;
valle de lacrimas vale of tears
Hence: vallata; vallea

vallea (-éa) n valley

vallo n rampart, circumvallation
Hence: vallar-vallation-contravallation, circumvallar-circumvallation, circumvallate; intervallo

valor n 1. value, worth; 2. valor;
valores [Com.] holdings (as stock, shares, etc.)
Hence: valorose; valorisar-valorisation, revalorisar; plus-valor etc.

valorisar v to valorize (= to fix prices by valorization)

valorisation n valorization

valorose adj valorous

valuta n 1. value (= monetary worth of a thing); 2. [Fin.] (monetary) standard
Hence: valutar-valutation; devalutar-devalutation; evalutar &

valutar v to value, appraise

valutation n valuation, appraisal

valva n 1. leaf or wing (of a folding door); 2. [Bot., Zool., etc.] valve (as in “valves of the pericarp”)
Hence: valvate; valvula &; valvar; multivalve etc.; bivalve etc.

valvar adj [Zool.] valvar, valvular

valvate adj [Bot., Zool.] valvate

valvula n valve (1. [Anat.] as in “heart valves”; 2. [Engin.]; also: tap, spigot, faucet, etc.; 3. [Radio, Elec., etc.] tube);
valvula de securitate safety valve
Hence: valvular-multivalvular etc.

valvular adj [Anat., etc.] valvular

[vamos] (vá-) pr 1me pers pl of vader I. (we) go, are going; II. let’s go, let us go; III. [Grammatical functions: 1. auxiliary, forming the future or immediate future; 2. auxiliary, forming the imperative];
vamos comenciar 1. we shall begin, are going to begin; 2. let’s begin, let us begin

vampir n vampire (1. bloodsucking ghost or reanimated corpse; 2. [Zool.] vampire bat)
Hence: vampirismo

vampirismo n vampirism

van adj vain (1. futile; 2. worthless; 3. conceited);
in van in vain
Hence: vanitate-vanitose; evanescer &; vangloria etc.

[van] pr pl of vader 1. go; 2. [grammatical function: auxiliary forming the future or immediate future];
nos van comenciar we shall begin, we are going to begin
(= (nos, vos, illes, illas, illos) va)

vandale adj 1. Vandal, Vandalic (= pertaining to the Vandals); 2. vandal, vandalish (= wantonly destructive)

vandalic adj 1. Vandal, Vandalic (= pertaining to the Vandals; 2. vandal, vandalish (= wantonly destructive)

vandalismo n vandalism

vandalo (ván-) n 1. [Hist.] Vandal; 2. vandal (= wanton destroyer)
Hence: vandalismo; vandalic; vandale

vangloria n boastfulness, vainglory
Hence: vangloriose; vangloriar

vangloriar v -;
vangloriar se to brag, boast

vangloriose adj vainglorious, boastful

vanguarda n [Mil.] vanguard

vanilla n vanilla
Hence: vanillina; vanillismo; vanillate

vanillate adj vanilla-flavored

vanillina n [Bot., Chem.] vanillin

vanillismo n [Med.] vanillism

vanitate n vanity (1. futility; 2. conceit, vainglory)

vanitose adj vainglorious, conceited

vannar v to winnow

vannatura n chaff (= husks separated from the grain hy winnowing)

vanno n winnow, winnowing fan
Hence: vannar-vannatura

vantar v to boast of, vaunt;
vantar se to boast (about oneself)
Hence: vanteria

vanteria (-ía) n boasting, vauntery

vapor n 1. steam, vapor; 2. steamer, steamship;
machina de vapor steam engine;
banio de vapor steam bath;
nave a vapor steamer, steamship
Hence: vaporose-vaporositate; vaporisar-vaporisation, vaporisator; evaporar &; cavallo-vapor etc.

vaporisar v to vaporize (1. to evaporate; 2. to atomize, spray)

vaporisation n vaporization, evaporation

vaporisator n vaporizer, atomizer

vaporose adj vaporous

vaporositate n vaporosity, vaporousness

var adj knock-kneed

vari- see variola

variabile adj variable

variabilitate n variability

variante¹ 1. ppr of variar; 2. adj variant, varying

variante² n variant

variar v to vary (1. to differ; 2. to modify, alter)

variate 1. pp of variar; 2. adj varied

variation n variation;
thema con variationes theme with variations;
calculo del variationes calculus of variations

varice (vá-) n [Med.] varix, varicose vein
Hence: varicose; varicocele etc.

varicella n [Med.] chicken pox, varicella

varicocele n varicocele

varicose adj varicose

varie adj 1. various (1. different, diverse; 2. several, diverse); II. variable, inconstant
Hence: varietate; variola &; variar-variante, variabile-variabilitate, invariabile-invariabilitate, variation, variate

varietate n variety (1. variedness, difference; 2. [Biol.]);
theatro de varietates vaudeville theater

variola (-rí-) n [Med.] smallpox, variola
Hence: varicella; variolar; variolic; varioloide; variolose

variolar adj [Med.] variolar, variolous, variolic

variolic adj [Med.] variolic, variolar, variolous

varioloide n [Med.] varioloid

variolose adj [Med.] variolous, variolic, variolar

varion n minnow

Varsovia npr Warsaw

vascello n vessel (= ship)

vascular adj [Anat., Bot.] vascular (as in “vascular membrane, tissue, etc.”)

vascularitate n [Anat., Bot.] vascularity

vasculo n 1. vessel, container; 2. vasculum
Hence: vascular-vascularitate; vasculose

vasculose adj [Anat., Bot.] vascular

vaselina n Vaseline

vaso n 1. vessel (= hollow container); 2. vase;
vasos communicante communicating vessels;
vaso de election [Eccl.] chosen vessel;
vaso sanguinari blood vessel
Hence: vascello; vasculo &; extravasar &: invasar; transvasar; vasomotor etc.

vasomotor adj [Anat.] vasomotor

vassallage (-aje) n [Hist.] vassalage (= state of being a vassal)

vassallo n [Hist.] vassal; also: attrib.
Hence: vassallage

vastar v to lay waste

vaste adj 1. waste (as in “to lay waste”); 2. vast (= extensive in area or range)
Hence: vastitate; vastar-devastar &

vastitate n vastness

vatican adj Vatican (1. as in “Vatican Hill”; 2. pertaining to the Vatican);
Citate Vatican Vatican City
Hence: Vaticano

Vaticano n 1. Vatican Hill; 2. Vatican

vaudeville [F] n vaudeville

[vece] n time (as in “three times”);
alcun veces sometimes;
un vece once (= one time; at one time);
a veces at times;
altere vece again;
plure veces several times, repeatedly
(= vice)

vect- see veher

vecte n 1. crowbar, pry, lever, etc.

vector n 1. conveyer, conveyor; 2. [Math.] vector
Hence: vectorial

vectorial adj [Math.] vectorial

veget- see vegetal

vegetabile adj vegetable

vegetal¹ adj vegetal, vegetable;
le regno vegetal the vegetable kingdom

vegetal² n vegetable

vegetar v to vegetate (1. to grow, as plants, seeds, etc.; 2. to live a merely physical life)

vegetarian adj vegetarian

vegetarianismo n vegetarianism

vegetariano n vegetarian

vegetation n vegetation (1. action of vegetating; 2. plant life, plants collectively)

vegetative adj vegetative

vegete (vé-) adj healthy, vigorous, flourishing
Hence: vegetal¹-vegetal²-vegetarian-vegetarianismo, vegetariano; vegetar-vegetabile, vegetation, vegetative; vegetoanimal etc.

vegetoanimal adj vegeto-animal

vegetomineral adj vegeto-mineral

vehemente adj vehement, impetuous
Hence: vehementia

vehementia n vehemence

veher [veh-/vect-] v [occurring in compounds and derivatives]
Hence: vehiculo &; vector &; eveher &; inveher &

vehicular¹ adj vehicular

vehicular² v to convey in a vehicle

vehiculo n vehicle; also: [Pharm.]
Hence: vehicular¹; vehicular²

[vel] conj or, or rather;
vel ... vel either ... or
(= o)

vela n sail (“the sail of a ship”);
facer vela to make sail;
poner al vela to set sail;
a plen vela under full sail;
sub vela under sail
Hence: velero; veliero

velar¹ adj velar; also: [Phonet.]

velar² v to veil

velario n [Rom. Antiq.] velarium

velero n sailmaker

velia n waking, being awake

veliar v 1. to stay awake; 2. to watch, be on the lookout
Hence: velia; eveliar &; surveliar &

veliero n sailing ship; sailboat

[velle] subj pass of voler 1. would, would wish, would like; 2. [Grammatical function: auxiliary, forming the conditional];
ille velle comenciar 1. he would like to begin; 2. he would begin

-veller [-vell-/-vuls-] v [occurring in compounds]
Hence: aveller &; conveller &; diveller &; eveller &; reveller &

velo n veil (as in “bridal veil”);
velo (del palato) soft palate, velum
Hence: velario; velar¹; velar²-disvelar, revelar &

velo- see velocipede

veloce adj speedy, swift
Hence: velocitate; velocifero; velocimetro etc.; velocipede etc.

velocifero (-cí-) n 1. stagecoach express; 2. velocipede, dandy horse

velocimetro (-cí-) n speedometer, velocimeter

velocipede (-cí-) n velocipede
Hence: velocipedista; velodromo etc.

velocipedista n velocipedist

velocitate n speed, velocity;
de alte velocitate high-speed

velodromo n velodrome

-velopp- [occurring in compounds]
Hence: disveloppar &; inveloppar &

velvet [A] n velveteen

vena n vein (1. blood vessel; 2. as in “veins and arteries”); also: [Bot., Mineral., Geol., etc.];
vena musical musical vein
Hence: venula; venate; venose-venositate, intravenose; venar-venatura

venar¹ v to hunt, chase
Hence: veneria; venation; venator; venatori

venar² v to vein, grain

venate adj veiny, veined

venation n (action of) hunting; venation

venator n hunter, huntsman

venatori adj hunting, hunter’s; venatory

venatura n venation, veining

vender v to sell (= to exchange for money or other payment)
Hence: vendibile-invendibile; venditor; vendita; revender-revenditor, revendita

vendibile adj vendible, salable

vendita (vén-) n sale (= act of selling)

venditor n vendor (= seller; also: vending machine);
venditor ambulante peddler

vene- see veneno

veneficio n (act of) poisoning

venenifere adj poison-bearing

venenific adj poison-producing, venenific

veneno n poison; also: venom (= poisonous fluid secreted by certain snakes, etc.)
Hence: venenifere; venenific; venenose-venenositate; invenenar-invenenamento; contraveneno; veneficio etc.

venenose adj poisonous, venomous

venenositate n venomousness

venerabile adj venerable

venerabilitate n venerability, venerableness

venerar v to venerate, revere
Hence: venerabile-venerabilitate; veneration; venerator

veneration n veneration, reverence

venerator n venerator

venerdi (-dí) n Friday;
Venerdi Sancte Good Friday

Venere npr Venus (1. [Rom. Relig.]; 2. [Astron.])
Hence: veneree; venerdi etc.

veneree adj venereal

veneria (-ía) n hunt, chase, hunting; venery

venete (vé-) adj 1. [Rom. Antiq.] Venetic (= of Venetia or the Veneti); 2. of Venezia
Hence: veneto-Venetia-venetian-venetiano

Venetia npr 1. [Rom. Antiq.] Venetia; 2. Venezia; 3. Venice

venetian adj Venetian, of Venice

venetiano n Venetian

veneto (vé-) n 1. Venetic (= language of the Veneti); 2. one of the Veneti

Venezuela npr Venezuela
Hence: venezuelan-venezuelano

venezuelan adj Venezuelan

venezuelano n Venezuelan

vengiabile (-já-) adj worthy of revenge

vengiantia (-ján-) n vengeance, revenge

vengiar (-jár) v to avenge;
vengiar se to avenge oneself, take revenge
Hence: vengiantia; vengiabile; vengiative; vengiator

vengiative (-ja-) adj vengeful, vindictive

vengiator (-ja-) n avenger

venia n mercy, indulgence
Hence: venial-venialitate

venial adj venial;
peccato venial venial sin

venialitate n veniality

venir [ven-/vent-] v to come;
venir al mundo to come into the world, be born;
venir al manos to come to blows;
facer venir to send for
Hence: venita; advenir &; circumvenir; convenir &; contravenir &; devenir; evenir &; intervenir &; pervenir; prevenir &; provenir &; revenir; subvenir &; supervenir &; benvenite etc.

venita n coming

venose adj venous, venose

venositate n venosity, venousness

ventalio n ventail

ventar v to blow, be windy

ventilar v I. to fan, winnow (grain); II. to ventilate (1. to supply with fresh air; 2. to discuss openly)
Hence: ventilation; ventilator

ventilation n ventilation (1. supplying with fresh air; 2. as in “ventilation of one’s grievance”)

ventilator n ventilator;
ventilator (electric) (electric) fan

vento n wind (as in “east wind”)
Hence: ventose &; ventar-ventalio; ventilar &; paravento etc.

ventose adj 1. windy, gusty; 2. ventose, flatulent
Hence: ventositate

ventositate n ventosity, flatulence

ventral adj abdominal, ventral

ventrata n 1. litter (of puppies, etc.); 2. hearty feed

ventre n belly
Hence: ventrata; ventriculo &; ventral; eventrar &; ventriloque etc.

ventricular adj ventricular

ventriculo n [Anat.] ventricle
Hence: ventricular

ventriloque (-trí-) adj ventriloquous, ventriloquial
Hence: ventriloquia; ventriloquo

ventriloquia (-ía) n ventriloquism, ventriloquy

ventriloquo (-trí-) n ventriloquist

venula n [Anat.] venule, veinlet

Venus (vé-) npr Venus (1. [Rom. Relig.]; 2. [Astron.])

ver¹ n spring, springtime
Hence: vernal; primavera etc.

ver² adj true (= truthful; in accordance with truth or reality)
Hence: verismo; verista; veritate; verace &; verificar &; averar; veridic etc.; verisimile etc.; verdicto etc.; verosimilante etc.; [vere], [vero]

verace adj veracious
Hence: veracitate

veracitate n veracity

veranda n veranda, verandah

verbal adj verbal (1. as in “a verbal contract”; 2. [Gram.])

verberar v to beat, whip, flog
Hence: verberation; reverberar &

verberation n (action of) beating, whipping, flogging; verberation

verbo n 1. word; 2. [Gram.] verb;
le Verbo the Word
Hence: verbal; verbose-verbositate; adverbio &; proverbio &

verbose adj verbose

verbositate n verbosity

verde¹ adj green;
fructo verde green fruit (= unripe fruit);
vino verde hard, sharp, wine;
le annos verde the green years;
verde vetulessa green old age
Hence: verdiero; verdura; verdear; verdemar etc.; semperverde etc.; biliverdina etc.

verde² n (the color) green

verdear v to become green

verdemar adj sea-green

verdicto n verdict

verdiero n orchard

verdura n I. verdure (1. fresh greenness; 2. green vegetation); II. greens (= green vegetables)

[vere] adv truly, really, indeed, even
(= vero)

verger v to verge (as in “a hill verges to the north”)
Hence: converger &; diverger &

vergilian, virgilian adj Vergilian

Vergilio, Virgilio nprm Vergil
Hence: vergilian

vergonia n shame (1. “feeling of shame”; 2. disgrace);
haber vergonia to be ashamed
Hence: vergoniose; vergoniar-avergoniate

vergoniose adj 1. bashful, modest; 2. shameful, disgraceful

veridic (-rí-) adj truthful, veridical
Hence: veridicitate

veridicitate n truthfulness, veracity

verificabile adj verifiable

verificar v to verify (1. to confirm the truth of; 2. to test or check the correctness of);
verificar un conto to check, audit an account
Hence: verificabile; verification; verificator

verification n verification

verificator n verifier

verisimile adj likely, probable, verisimilar
Hence: verisimilitude; inverisimile

verisimilitude n likelihood, probability, verisimilitude

verismo n verism

verista n verist; attrib. verist, veristic

veritate n truth; also: verity;
dicer le veritate to tell the truth;
a dicer le veritate to tell the truth;
in veritate in truth, truly, really

verme n worm;
verme de terra earthworm
Hence: vermiforme etc.; vermicida etc.; vermivore etc.

vermente adv really, truly; indeed

vermicelli [I] npl vermicelli

vermicida n vermicide; attrib. vermicidal

vermiforme adj vermiform;
appendice vermiforme vermiform appendix

vermifuge¹ (-í-) adj vermifuge

vermifuge² (-í-) n vermifuge

vermilie adj bright red, scarlet, vermilion, etc.
Hence: vermilion

vermilion n vermilion

vermina (vér-) n vermin
Hence: verminose

verminose adj verminous (1. infested with vermin; 2. [Pathol.])

vermivore adj vermivorous

vermut n vermouth

vernal adj vernal, spring;
equinoctio vernal vernal equinox

vernissar v to varnish

vernissator n varnisher

vernisse n varnish
Hence: vernissar-vernissator

[vero] adv truly, really, indeed, even
(= vere)

verosimilante adj likely, probable, verisimilar
Hence: verosimilantia; inverosimilante-inverosimilantia

verosimilantia n verisimilitude, probability

verre n boar (= male swine)

verruca n wart; also: [Med., Zool.] verruca
Hence: verrucaria; verrucose-verrucositate; verruciforme etc.

verrucaria n [Bot.] Verrucaria

verruciforme adj wart-shaped, verruciform

verrucose adj warty; also: [Med.] verrucose

verrucositate n verrucosity

vers- see verter

versar v -;
versar se in to become familiar or conversant with, to verse oneself in

versate adj -;
versate in versed in, conversant with

versatile adj versatile (1. fickle, variable; 2. as in “versatile genius”)
Hence: versatilitate

versatilitate n versatility

versetto n 1. verse (of the Bible); 2. [Liturgy] versicle

versiculo n versicle

versificar v to versify (1. to write verse; 2. to relate in verse)

versification n versification

versificator n versifier

version n I. (act of) turning or turning round; II. version (1. translation; 2. as in “two versions of an affair”)

verso¹ n 1. [Poet.] verse; 2. [Typog., etc.] verso (= reverse or left-hand page);
verso leonin Leonine verse;
verso libere free verse
Hence: versetto; versiculo; versificar-versification, versificator

verso² prep toward(s); also: to, in the direction of, etc.

versta [R] n verst

vertebra (vér-) n vertebra
Hence: vertebral-intervertebral; vertebrate-invertebrate-invertebrato, vertebrato

vertebral adj vertebral

vertebrate adj vertebrate

vertebrato n [Zool.] vertebrate

verter [vert-/-vers-] v to turn, turn round; also: to turn, bend
Hence: vertice &; version; verso¹; verso² &; anniversari etc.; versar-versatile &, versate, malversar etc., tergiversar etc., ambivert- &; averter &; adverter &; converter &; controverter &; diverter &; everter &; extroverter &; introverter &; inverter &; perverter &; reverter &; subverter &; transverter &; sinistrorse etc.

vertical adj vertical
Hence: verticalitate

verticalitate n verticality

vertice (vér-) n vertex (1. top, summit; 2. [Anat.]; 3. [Math.])
Hence: verticillo-verticillate; verticitate; vertical &

verticillate adj [Bot.] verticillate, verticillated

verticillo n [Bot.] verticil

verticitate n verticity

vertigine n dizziness, giddiness, vertigo
Hence: vertiginose

vertiginose adj vertiginous (1. dizzy, giddy; 2. causing vertigo or giddiness; 3. whirling, rotatory)

verve [F] n animation, zest, verve

vesica (-íca) n [Anat.] (urinary) bladder;
vesica biliari [Anat.] gall bladder;
vesica natatori [Ichthyol.] air bladder, swim or swimming bladder
Hence: vesicula-vesicular; vesical; vesicar-vesicante, vesicatori

vesical adj vesical

vesicante¹ 1. pp of vesicar; 2. adj vesicant, vesicatory

vesicante² n vesicant, vesicatory

vesicar v [Med.] to blister, vesicate

vesicatori adj vesicatory, vesicant

vesicula n vesicle (1. [Anat.]; 2. [Med.] blister; 3. [Bot.])

vesicular adj vesicular (= having the form or structure of a vesicle)

vesir [Tu.] n vizier
Hence: vesirato

vesirato n vizierate

vespa n wasp
Hence: vespiario

vespera (vés-) n evening;
iste vespera this evening, tonight;
le vespera in the evening, evenings;
heri vespera last night;
mane vespera tomorrow night;
vesperas [Eccl.] vespers

vesperal¹ adj vesperal, vespertine

vesperal² n [Eccl.] vesperal

vespere n evening;
iste vespere tonight;
le vespere in the evening, evenings;
heri vespere last night;
mane vespere tomorrow night
Hence: vespera-vesperal; vespertilion; vespertin

vespertilion n [Zool.] bat

vespertin adj vespertine, vespertinal

vespiario n wasp’s nest

Vesta npr Vesta (1. [Rom. Relig.]; 2. [Astron.])
Hence: vestal

vestal¹ adj vestal (1. pertaining to Vesta; 2. pertaining to a vestal virgin)

vestal² n vestal (virgin)

veste n (outer) garment
Hence: vestiario; vestir-vestimento-subvestimentos, vestitura, disvestir, investir &, revestir &, travestir &

vestiario n cloakroom, checkroom

vestibulo (-tí-) n vestibule; also: [Anat.]

vestigial adj vestigial

vestigio n 1. footprint; 2. vestige
Hence: vestigial

vestimento n 1. garment, piece of clothing; 2. [Eccl.] vestment;
vestimentos clothing, clothes, apparel

vestir v 1. to dress (a person); 2. to put on (a garment);
vestir de to dress (a person) in

vestitura n clothing, clothes, apparel

vesuvian adj Vesuvian

vesuvianite n [Geol.] veruvianite

Vesuvio npr Vesuvius
Hence: vesuvian-vesuvianite

vet- see vetere

veteran adj veteran
Hence: veterano

veterano n veteran

vetere adj old (1. not young; 2. not new);
le Vetere Testamento the Old Testament;
le Vetere Mundo the Old World
Hence: veteran &; vetuste-vetustate; inveterar &; vetule &

veterinari adj veterinary
Hence: veterinario

veterinario v veterinarian, veterinary surgeon

veto n veto;
poner su veto (a un cosa) to veto (something)

vetula (vé-) n old woman

vetule adj old (1. not young; 2. not new)
Hence: vetulessa; vetulo; vetula

vetulessa n 1. old age; 2. oldness

vetulo (vé-) n old man

vetus- see vetere

vetustate n 1. old age; oldness; 2. antiqueness

vetuste adj 1. very old; 2. antiquated

vexar v to vex, annoy, irritate
Hence: vexation; vexator; vexatori

vexation n vexation, irritation

vexator n vexer

vexatori adj vexatious

via¹ n way (=road, path); also: route; course (of action);
vias (respiratori, digestive, etc.) [Anat.] (respiratory, digestive, etc.) tracts, passages, etc.;
via sic (humide) [Chem.] dry (wet) process;
via lactee Milky Way;
vias de facto acts of violence, assault and battery
Hence: viatico; viage &; viabile &; devie &; obvie &; pervie &; previe; conviar &; disviar; inviar &; viaducto etc.; ferrovia etc.; tramvia etc.; multivie etc.; trivio etc.

via² prep via, by way of

viabile¹ adj passable (= that can be passed or traversed)
Hence: viabilitate¹

viabile² adj viable, capable of living
Hence: viabilitate²

viabilitate¹ n passableness (= state of being passable or traversable)

viabilitate² n viability (= capacity for living)

viaducto n viaduct

viage (-aje) n journey, trip; also: voyage;
facer un viage to make or take a trip
Hence: viagiar-viagiator

viagiar (-jár) v to travel

viagiator (-ja-) n traveler; voyager

viatico n viaticum (1. provisions for a journey; 2. [R.C.Ch.])

vibrante 1. ppr of vibrar; 2. adj vibrant

vibrar v to vibrate
Hence: vibrante; vibratile; vibration; vibrator; vibratori; vibrato

vibratile adj vibratile

vibration n vibration

vibrato n [Mus.] vibrato

vibrator n vibrator

vibratori adj vibratory, vibrating

vic- see viginti

vicari adj vicarious

vicarial adj vicarial (= pertaining to a vicar)

vicariato n vicariate

vicario n vicar (1. deputy, proxy; 2. [Eccl.])
Hence: vicariato; vicarial

vice n 1. turn (as in “my turn”); also: stead; 2. time (as in “three times”);
alicun vices sometimes;
un vice once (1. on a single occasion; 2. formerly, at one time);
un vice que once, once that;
in vice de instead of;
a vices at times;
altere vice a second time, once more, once again;
plure vices several times; repeatedly
Hence: vicari; vicario &; vicissitude

vice- prefixo [used with titles] vice- (= one who takes the place of)
Hence: vicepresidente etc.; vicerege etc.

vicecontato n viscountcy

viceconte n viscount
Hence: vicecontessa; vicecontato

vicecontessa n viscountess

vicennal adj vicennial (1. lasting twenty years; 2. occurring once in twenty years)

vicepresidente n vice-president, vicechairman, etc.

vicepresidentia n vice-presidency, vice-chairmanship, etc.

vicerege n viceroy

vice versa [L] vice versa

vicin adj neighboring, adjoining, near
Hence: vicinitate; vicinal; vicinar; avicinar; circumvicin; vicino

vicinal adj neighboring, adjoining;
via vicinal vicinal road

vicinar v to border upon, neighbor

vicinitate n neighborhood, vicinity (1. nearness; 2. region, surroundings)

vicino n neighbor

vicissitude n vicissitude (as in “after many vicissitudes”)

vico n 1. street, alley; 2. village, hamlet
Hence: vicin &

vict- see vincer

victima (víc-) n victim

victo n sustenance, food
Hence: victualia-victualiar

victor n victor

victoria n victory
Hence: victoriose

victoriose adj victorious

victu- see victo

victualia n provisions, victuals

victualiar v to provision, victual

vidente¹ I. ppr of vider; II. adj seeing (1. having the power of sight; 2. clairvoyant)

vidente² n clairvoyant

vider [vid-/vis-/vist-] v to see;
vidite que seeing that, considering that
Hence: vidente-evidente &, clairividente etc.; onmividente etc.; visibile-visibilitate, invisibile-invisibilitate; vision-visionari-visionario, television etc.; viso-visage, visiera, visual, visar, aviso, avisar &; viste; vista; intervider &; previder &; provider &; revider &

vidua n 1. widow; 2. [Bot.] mourning widow, sweet scabious

viduage (-aje) n widowhood

vidual adj belonging to widowhood

viduar v to widow (= to bereave of a husband)

vidue adj widowed
Hence: viduo; vidua-viduage, viduitate, vidual, viduar

viduitate n widowhood

viduo n widower

Vienna npr Vienna
Hence: viennese

viennese adj/n Viennese

vig- see viginti

viger v to be vigorous
Hence: vigor &

vigesimal adj vigesimal

vigesime (-gé-) adj twentieth

vigesimo (-gé-) n twentieth (part)

vigilante 1. ppr of vigilar; 2. adj vigilant, watchful

vigilantia n vigilance, watchfulness

vigilar v 1. to stay awake; 2. to watch, be on the lookout;
vigilar super to watch over, look after

vigilator n 1. one who stays awake; 2. watchman, guard

vigile adj awake
Hence: vigilia; vigilar-vigilante-vigilantia, vigilator

vigilia n vigil (1. wakefulness; 2. wakeful attention, watch; 3. eve of a festival)

viginti adj twenty
Hence: vigesime-vigesimal, vigesimo; vicennal etc.

vignette [F] n vignette

vigor n vigor; also: validity
Hence: vigorose; vigorar

vigorar v to invigorate

vigorose adj vigorous

vil adj 1. cheap; 2. vile, base;
a precio vil at a low price
Hence: vilitate; vilificar &; vilipender etc.

vilayet [Tu.] n vilayet

vilificar v to vilify
Hence: vilification

vilification n vilification

vilipender v to hold cheap, despise, vilipend

vilitate n 1. cheapness; 2. vileness, baseness

villa n villa
Hence: village; villetta; villan &

village (-aje) n village

villan adj 1. living in a village; 2. vile, infamous, villainous
Hence: villanage; villania; villano

villanage (-aje) n [Hist.] villenage, villeinage (= status of a villein)

villania (-ía) n vile action, villainy

villano n 1. villager, rustic; 2. [Hist.] villein; 3. scoundrel, villain

villetta n small villa

villo n hair, down
Hence: villose-villositate; villute-villuto

villose adj hairy, villous

villositate n hairiness, villosity

villute adj hairy

villuto n velvet;
villuto costate corduroy

Vilna [Lithuanian] npr Vilna, Wilno

vin- [occurring in compounds]
Hence: vindice etc.

vinagrar v to vinegar, season with vinegar

vinagre n vinegar
Hence: vinagrero; vinagreria; vinagrar

vinagreria (-ía) n vinegar factory

vinagrero n vinegar maker or dealer

vinari adj wine, of wine

vincer [vinc-/-vict-] v to vanquish, overcome
Hence: vincimento; vincibile-invincibile-invincibilitate; victor-victoria &; invicte; vincitor; convincer &; evincer &

vincibile adj vincible, vanquishable

vincimento n vanquishment

vincitor n victor

vindemia n vintage
Hence: vindemiar-vindemiator

vindemiar v to harvest grapes

vindemiator n vintager

vindicabile adj vindicable (= that can or deserves to be vindicated)

vindicantia n vengeance, revenge

vindicar v 1. to revenge, avenge; 2. [Law] to vindicate;
vindicar se de to take vengeance for

vindicative adj vindictive

vindicator n avenger

vindice (vín-) n avenger
Hence: vindicar-vindicantia, vindicabile, vindicative, vindicator, revindicar-revindication

vinia n vineyard

vinic adj vinic

vinicole adj wine-growing

vinicultura n viniculture

vinifere adj wine-producing

vinificar v to (cause to) turn into wine

vinification n vinification

vino n wine
Hence: vinari; vinia; vinic; vinifere; vinolente &; vinose-vinositate; vinificar-vinification; avinar &; vinicultura etc.; vinicole etc.; vindemia etc.

vinolente adj too fond of the bottle, winebibbing
Hence: vinolentia

vinolentia n winebibbing

vinose adj vinous

vinositate n vinosity (= quality of being vinous)

vintesime (-ésime) adj twentieth;
le vintesime parte, le vintesimo the twentieth part, the twentieth

vinti adj twenty
Hence: vintesime

viola¹ n [Bot.] Viola; viola; specif.: violet
Hence: violetta &; violacee-violaceas

viola² n [Mus.] viola
Hence: violista; violino &; violon

violabile adj violable

violaceas npl [Bot.] Violaceae

violacee adj violaceous (1. violet, violet-colored; 2. of the Violaceae)

violar v to violate (1. “to violate a law, rule, etc.”; 2. “to violate a sacred place”; 3. to rape)
Hence: violabile-inviolabile-inviolabilitate; violation; violator; violate-inviolate

violate 1. pp of violar; 2. adj violate, violated

violation n violation (1. “violation of a law, rule, etc.”; 2. “violation of a sacred place”; 3. rape)

violator n violator

violentar v to do violence to

violente adj violent
Hence: violentia; violentar

violentia n violence;
facer violentia a to do violence to

violetta n [Bot.] violet
Hence: violette-ultraviolette, violetto

violette adj violet

violetto n violet (= color violet)

violinista n violinist

violino n violin
Hence: violinista

violista n violist

violon n bass viol

violoncellista n violoncellist

violoncello [I] n violoncello
Hence: violoncellista

vipera (ví-) n viper
Hence: viperides; viperin

viperides (-pér-) npl [Zool.] Viperidae

viperin adj viperine, viperous

viragine n virago

virga n 1. rod (= straight, slender stick); 2. [Naut.] yard
Hence: virgula &; invirgar-invirgatura

virginal adj virginal

virgine¹ n virgin;
Virgine [Astron.] Virgo;
le Virgine the Virgin Mary
Hence: Virginia &; virginitate; virginal

virgine² adj virgin, virginal;
foreste virgine virgin forest

Virginia n (State of) Virginia;
tabaco de Virginia Virginia (tobacco)
Hence: virginian-virginiano

virginian adj Virginian (= pertaining to Virginia)

virginiano n Virginian (= native or inhabitant of Virginia)

virginitate n virginity

virgula n [Gram.] comma;
puncto e virgula semicolon;
bacillo virgula [Med.] comma bacillus
Hence: virguletta; virgular

virgular v to (put a) comma

virguletta n (single) quotation mark;
virgulettas quotation mark or marks;
poner (un parola) inter virgulettas to put (a word) in quotation marks

viril adj virile;
etate viril manhood
Hence: virilitate

virilitate n I. virility (1. potency; 2. masculinity, manliness); II. manhood (as in “to arrive at manhood”)

viro n man (= male human being)
Hence: viragine; virtute &; viril &; triumviro etc.

virose adj virose, poisonous

virtu- see virtute

virtual adj virtual
Hence: virtualitate

virtualitate n virtuality

virtuose adj virtuous (1. having or exhibiting moral virtue; 2. efficacious, potent)

virtuositate n virtuosity (= great skill in the methods of an art, especially music)

virtuoso n virtuoso (= person skilled in the methods of an art, especially music)
Hence: virtuositate

virtute n I. manliness, valor; II. virtue (1. active property, potency; 2. moral excellence; 3. chastity in a woman; 4. [Theol.] one of the orders of celestial beings);
per virtute de by virtue of;
facer de necessitate virtute to make a virtue of necessity
Hence: virtual &: virtuose-virtuoso &

virulente adj virulent (1. [Bacteriol.]; 2. as in “virulent invective”)
Hence: virulentia

virulentia n virulence, virulency

virus (ví-) n [Pathol.] virus
Hence: virulente &; virose

vis- see vider

visa n visa, visé

visage (-aje) n countenance, face, visage

visar v to aim (= to take aim);
visar a to aim at

vis-à-vis [F] adv opposite, face to face, vis-à-vis

visco n 1. mistletoe; 2. birdlime
Hence: viscose-viscositate

viscose adj viscous

viscositate n viscosity

visibile adj visible

visibilitate n visibility

visiera n visor (1. of a helmet; 2. of a cap)

vision n vision

visionari adj visionary

visionario n visionary

visita (ví-) n visit;
facer un visita a un persona to call on someone;
visita domiciliari domiciliary visit;
derecto de visita right of search or visit;
visita pastoral pastoral visitation (of a bishop)

visitante n visitant, visitor

visitar v to visit
Hence: visita-contravisita; visitante; visitation; visitator

visitation n visitation

visitator n visitor, caller

viso n sight, vision (= power of seeing)

vist- see vider

vista n view (1. sight; 2. things seen; 3. mental picture);
a prime vista at first sight;
perder de vista to lose sight (of);
secunde vista second sight;
puncto de vista point of view;
in vista de in view of

viste prep considering, in view of;
viste que considering that

Vistula (vís-) npr Vistula

visual adj visual (= pertaining to the sense of sight)

vita n life;
ganiar le vita to make a living;
sin vita without life, lifeless;
plen de vita full of life, lively
Hence: vital-vitalismo, vitalista, vitalitate; vitamina etc.

vital adj vital;
fortia vital vital force

vitalismo n [Philos., Biol.] vitalism

vitalista n vitalist

vitalitate n vitality

vitamina n vitamin
Hence: vitaminic; vitaminisar; vitaminologia etc.

vitaminic adj vitamin, vitaminic

vitaminisar v to vitaminize

vitaminologia (-ía) n vitaminology

vitar v 1. to plant vines; 2. to screw, screw in

-vitar see invitar

vite n 1. vine, grapevine; 2. screw;
matre vite [Mech.] nut
Hence: vitar; viticultura etc.; viticola etc.; viticole etc.; tornavite etc.

vitelligene adj vitelligenous, vitellogenous (= producing the yolk or vitellus)

vitellin¹ adj calf, calf’s

vitellin² adj 1. yolk, yolk-like, yolk-colored; 2. vitelline (= pertaining to the vitellus)

vitellino n vellum

vitello¹ n 1. calf (= young of the cow); 2. veal
Hence: vitellin¹-vitellino

vitello² n 1. yolk (of an egg); 2. [Embryol.] vitellus
Hence: vitellin²; vitelligene etc.

vitiar v 1. to corrupt, deprave; II. to vitiate (1. to impair, spoil; 2. to destroy the legal force of)

vitiation n vitiation

viticola¹ (-tí-) n winegrower, viticulturist

viticola² (-tí-) adj winegrowing, viticultural

viticole adj viticultural

viticultor n wine grower, viticulturist

viticultura n viticulture

vitio n 1. vice (= moral fault or failing); 2. defect (as in “defect of eyesight”)
Hence: vitiose; vitiar-vitiation

vitiose adj 1. depraved, wicked, vicious; 2. defective, faulty;
cavallo vitiose vicious horse

vitrar v to glaze, furnish with glass

vitree adj vitreous (1. of, pertaining to, or derived from, glass; 2. glassy, resembling glass);
humor vitree [Anat.] vitreous humor

vitrero n glazier

vitriera n stained glass window

vitrificabile adj vitrifiable

vitrificar v to vitrify

vitrification n vitrification, vitrifaction

vitrina n 1. show window; 2. showcase, cabinet

vitriolar v to throw vitriol at

vitriolic adj vitriolic

vitriolisar v to vitriolize (= convert into vitriol)

vitriolo n [Chem.] vitriol
Hence: vitrolic, vitriolar, vitriolisar

vitro n I. glass (1. as in “made of glass”; 2. drinking glass); II. windowpane, pane
Hence: vitrero; vitriera; vitrina; vitree-vitriolo &; vitrose; vitrar; vitrificar-vitrificabile, vitrification

vitrose adj vitreous (1. of, pertaining to, derived from, glass; 2. glassy)

vituperabile adj vituperable, reprehensible, vile

vituperar v to vituperate
Hence: vituperabile; vituperation; vituperative; vituperator

vituperation n vituperation

vituperative adj vituperative

vituperator n vituperator

vivace adj vivacious; also: [Mus.] vivace
Hence: vivacitate

vivacitate n vivaciousness, vivacity

vivanda n (dish of) food;
vivandas viands, victuals
Hence: vivandero, vivandera

vivandera n (female) canteen manager, sutler

vivandero n (male) canteen manager, sutler

vivario n fishpond

vivat (ví-) viva, vivat

vive adj 1. alive, live, living; 2. lively;
(color) vive bright (color);
de vive voce by word of mouth;
de vive fortia by sheer force;
al or in le vive to the quick
Hence: vivario; vivific; vivificar-vivification, vivificator, revivificar-revivification; avivar &; vivisection etc.; vivipare etc.; semivive etc.

vivente adj alive, living

viver v to live;
viver de to live on (something);
maniera de viver way of life, way of living;
viver (in un loco) to live (in a place)
Hence: conviva &; vive &; vivace &; vivide; vivanda &; vivente; conviver; reviver; superviver &; reviviscer &

viveres npl victuals, food

vivide adj vivid

vivific adj vivifying

vivificar v to vivify

vivification n vivification

vivificator n vivifier

vivipare adj viviparous (= producing living young)
Hence: ovovivipare etc.

vivisection n vivisection
Hence: vivisectionista

vivisectionista n vivisectionist

[vix] adv 1. with difficulty; 2. hardly, scarcely, barely

vocabulario n vocabulary (1. list of words with their meanings; 2. stock of words used by a person, class of people, profession, etc.)

vocabulo n word, vocable
Hence: vocabulario

vocal¹ adj vocal (= pertaining to voice or speech)

vocal² n vowel
Hence: vocalic-intervocalic; vocalismo; vocalisar-vocaliso, vocalisation, vocalisator; semivocal etc.

vocalic adj vocalic

vocalisation n vocalization (1. act of changing into a vowel; 2. [Mus.])

vocalisator n [Mus.] vocalizer

vocalismo n vocalism (= system of vowels)

vocaliso n [Mus.] exercise in vocalization, vocalizing

vocar v to call (= to command, ask, etc. to come)
Hence: vocabulo &; vocation; vocative-vocativo; advocar &; convocar &; evocar &; invocar &; provocar &; revocar &; equivoc etc.

vocation n vocation (1. divine call; 2. action or activity a person feels called upon to perform);
le vocation de Abraham the call of Abraham

vocative adj vocative

vocativo n [Gram.] vocative, vocative case

voce n voice (1. as in “human voice”; 2. [Gram.])
Hence: vocal¹-vocal² &; vociferar &; portavoce etc.

vociferante adj vociferous

vociferar v to bawl, vociferate
Hence: vociferante; vociferation; vociferator

vociferation n vociferation

vociferator n vociferator

vodka [R] n vodka

voga n 1. (act of) sailing, moving, floating, drifting; 2. vogue;
esser in voga to be in vogue or in fashion

vogar v to sail, move, float, drift
Hence: voga

[voi] pron you
(= vos)

[vol] pr of voler; 1. will(s), wish(es); 2. [Grammatical function: auxiliary, forming the future];
io vol comenciar 1. I wish to begin; 2. I shall begin

volante n 1. flywheel; 2. steering wheel; 3. frill, ruffle; 4. shuttlecock

volapük [Vol.] n [Interling.] Volapük
Hence: volapükismo, volapükista

volapükismo n [Interling.] Volapükism

volapükista n [Interling.] Volapükist

volar v to fly (as in “birds fly”)
Hence: volo; volante; volatile &; volata; revolar

volata n 1. flight (as in “the flight of a shot,” “within an eagle’s flight,” etc.); 2. [Artil.] chase

volatile¹ adj 1. flying; 2. volatile (= evaporating rapidly);
sal volatile smelling salts
Hence: volatilitate; volatilisar-volatilisation

volatile² n flying animal, winged creature

volatilisar v to volatilize

volatilisation n volatilization

volatilitate n volatility

voler¹ v to wish, want;
voler (facer un cosa) to want to (do something);
voler (un cosa) to want (a thing);
voler dicer to mean, signify
Hence: benevolente etc.; volition; volitive; benevole etc.; see verbal forms [vol], [velle]

voler² n will (= act of willing)

Volga npr Volga

volition n volition

volitive adj volitive, volitional

volo n flight (1. action or manner of flying; 2. distance covered in flying)

volt n [Elec.] volt

volt- see volver

volta n 1. [Man.] volt; 2. vault (= arched ceiling or roof)
Hence: voltar; voltear-volteo; archivolta etc.

Volta, Alessandro npr [1745-1827; physicist after whom the “volt” is named];
lege de Volta Volta’s law;
effecto Volta Volta effect
Hence: voltaismo; voltaic-voltametro etc.; volt-voltage, voltimetro etc., voltampere etc.

voltage (-aje) n voltage

voltaic (-áic) adj voltaic;
pila voltaic voltaic pile;
arco voltaic voltaic arc

voltaismo (-ímo) n voltaism

voltametro (-tá-) n voltameter

voltampere (-pér) n voltampere

voltar v to vault (= to cover with a vault)

voltear v [Man.] to vault

volteo (-éo) n [Man.] (act or art of vaulting)

voltimetro (-ímetro) n voltmeter

volu- see volver

volubile adj voluble (1. apt to roll; 2. [Bot.]; 3. glib, garrulous)
Hence: volubilitate

volubilitate n 1. tendency to roll; 2. volubility, volubleness

volumine n volume (1. as in “a work in three volumes”; 2. space occupied, compass)
Hence: voluminose

voluminose adj voluminous

volunt- see voluntate

voluntari adj voluntary

voluntariato n [Mil.] voluntariate, voluntary service

voluntario n [Mil.] volunteer

voluntate n will;
a voluntate at will;
bon (mal) voluntate good (ill) will;
de bon voluntate willingly, gladly;
de mal voluntate unwillingly, grudgingly;
le ultime voluntate the last will
Hence: voluntari-involuntari; voluntario-voluntariato

volupt- see voluptate

voluptate n pleasure, delight; specif.: sexual pleasure
Hence: voluptuari; voluptuario; voluptuose-voluptuositate

voluptuari adj voluptuous, voluptuary

voluptuario n voluptuary

voluptuose adj voluptuous

voluptuositate n voluptuousness

volut- see volver

voluta n volute (1. [Arch.]; 2. [Zool.] any kind of gasteropods)

volver [volv-/volut-/volt-] v to roll, turn round
Hence: volvulo; volubile &; voluta; volta &; circumvolver &; convolver &; devolver &; evolver &; involver &; revolver &

volvulo n [Med.] volvulus

vomic adj vomitive, vomitory;
nuce vomic [Bot.] nux vomica
Hence: vomica

vomica (vó-) n [Med.] vomica

vomir v to vomit
Hence: vomic &; vomitive-vomitivo; vomitorio; vomito; vomitar-vomitator; vomiturition; ignivome etc.

vomitar v to vomit

vomitator n vomiter

vomitive adj vomitive, vomitory

vomitivo n vomitory, emetic

vomito (vó-) n vomit, vomiting

vomitorio n [Arch.] vomitory, vomitorium

vomiturition n [Med.] vomiturition

vorace adj voracious
Hence: voracitate

voracitate n voraciousness, voracity

vorar v to devour
Hence: vorace &; devorar &; carnivore etc.; omnivore etc.

vortice (vór-) n whirlpool, vortex
Hence: vorticose

vorticose adj vortical, vorticose

vos pron I. pers you [1. in polite or formal use; addressing one person or several persons (as in “you are”, “I love you” “for you”); 2. in familiar or informal use; addressing several persons (as in “you are”, “I love you”, “for you”)]; II. refl 1. yourself [in polite or formal use (as in “you hurt yourself,” “to yourself”)]; 2. yourselves [in all uses (as in “you hurt yourselves”, “to yourselves”)]
Hence: vostre

vosgian adj Vosgian (= pertaining to the Vosges Mountains)

Vosgos nprpl Vosges Mountains
Hence: vosgian

vostre I. adj poss your [1. in polite or formal use; addressing one person or several persons; 2. in familiar or informal use, addressing several persons]; II. pron poss yours [1. in polite or formal use; addressing one person or several persons; 2. in familiar or informal use; addressing several persons]

vot- see vov-

votante n voter

votar v I. to vow (1. to promise solemnly; 2. to dedicate); II. to vote (1. to cast a vote; 2. to approve, determine, or grant by a vote)

votive adj votive

voto n 1. vow (= solemn promise); 2. vote (as in “to cast a vote”);
facer voto de to vow (= to promise solemnly)

vov- [vov-/vot-] v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: votive; voto; votar-votante; devov- &

vulcanic adj 1. Vulcanic, Vulcanian; 2. volcanic; also: [Geol.]

vulcanie adj Vulcanian

vulcanisar v 1. [Geol.] to volcanize; 2. [Technol.] to vulcanize

vulcanisation n 1. [Geol.] volcanization; 2. [Technol.] vulcanization

vulcanismo n [Geol.] volcanism; also: vulcanism

Vulcano npr [Rom. Relig.] Vulcan;
vulcano volcano
Hence: vulcanismo; vulcanic; vulcanie; vulcanisar-vulcanisation

vulgar adj vulgar (1. of the common people; 2. low, coarse);
lingua vulgar vulgar tongue, vernacular

vulgarisar v to vulgarize

vulgarisation n vulgarization

vulgarisator n vulgarizer

vulgarismo n vulgarism (1. vulgarity; 2. vulgar phrase or expression)

vulgaritate n vulgarity

Vulgata [L] n [Theol.] Vulgate

vulgo¹ n common people, vulgus
Hence: vulgar-vulgarismo, vulgaritate, vulgarisar-vulgarisation, vulgarisator; divulgar &

vulgo² [L] adv commonly, vulgo

vulnerabile adj vulnerable

vulnerabilitate n vulnerability

vulnerar v to wound

vulnerari adj vulnerary

vulneraria n vulnerary (= vulnerary remedy)

vulnere n wound
Hence: vulnerari-vulneraria; vulnerar-vulnerabile-vulnerabilitate, invulnerabile-invulnerabilitate

vulpe n fox
Hence: vulpin

vulpin adj vulpine (1. pertaining to a fox; 2. foxy)

vulture n vulture
Hence: vulturides; vulturin

vulturides (-túr-) npl [Zool.] Vulturidae

vulturin adj vulturine

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