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wadi (-dí) [Ar.] n wadi

wafla n waffle

wagon n (railroad) car;
wagon restaurante dining car, diner;
wagon lectos sleeping car

waldense adj/n Waldensian;
waldenses Waldenses

Waldo, Peter npr [founder of the Waldenses]
Hence: waldense

walzer [G] n waltz

water-closet [A] n water closet, toilet

water-polo [A] n water polo

watt n [Elec.] watt
Hence: wattage; wattimetro etc., watt-hora etc.; kilowatt etc.

watta n (absorbent) cotton
Hence: wattar

wattage (-aje) n [Elec.] wattage

wattar v to pad, wad, quilt, etc.

watt-hora n watt-hour

wattimetro (-í-) n wattmeter

W.C. [A] n W.C., water closet

week-end [A] n week end

west n west;
(ir) al west (to go or travel) west;
(vento) del west west (wind), westerly (wind)
Hence: Westfalia etc.; sud-west etc.

Westfalia npr Westphalia
Hence: westfalic

westfalic adj Westphalian

whig [A] n whig

whisky [A] n whisky

whist [A] n whist

wigwam [A] n wigwam

Wilno [Polish] npr Wilno, Vilna

wolfram [G] n wolfram (1. [Chem.] tungsten; 2. [Mineral.] wolframite)
Hence: wolframite

wolframite n [Mineral.] wolframite

wombat (wóm-) n [Zool.] wombat

Worms [G] npr Worms

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