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xen- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] xeno-, xen- (1. strange, foreign; 2. guest)
Hence: xenio; xenophobe etc.; pyroxeno etc.

xenio n [Antiq.] xenium (= present given to a guest or to an ambassador)

xenon (ksé-) n [Chem.] xenon

xenophile adj xenophile
Hence: xenophilia; xenophilo

xenophilia (-ía) n xenophilism

xenophilo (-nó-) n xenophile

xenophobe (-nó-) adj xenophobe, xenophobian
Hence: xenophobia; xenophobo

xenophobia (-ía) n xenophobia

xenophobo (-nó-) n xenophobe

xylo- n [occurring in compounds] xylo- (= wood)
Hence: xylographo etc.; xylologia etc.; xylophono etc.; xylophage etc.; pyroxylo etc.

xylographia (-ía) n xylography (art of engraving on wood or taking impressions from such engravings)

xylographic adj xylographic

xylographo (-ógrapho) n xylographer
Hence: xylographia; xylographic

xylologia (-ía) n xylology

xylophage (-ó-) adj [Zool.] xylophagous
Hence: xylophago

xylophago (-ó-) n [Zool.] xylophage

xylophonista n xylophonist

xylophono n [Mus.] xylophone
Hence: xylophonista

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