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Zacharia (-ía) npr Zachariah; Zachary

Zarathustra npr Zarathustra

ze- n [occurring in geographical compounds] Zea-, Zee- (= sea)
Hence: Zelanda etc.

zebra [Amh.] n [Zool.] zebra
Hence: zebrate

zebrate adj striped

zebu (-bú) n [Zool.] zebu

Zelanda npr Zeeland (= province in the Netherlands)
Hence: Nove Zelanda etc.; neozelandese etc.

zelar v to be zealous (about)

zelator n zealot (1. zealous person; 2. [Jewish Antiq.])

zelo n zeal, ardor
Hence: zelote &; zelose &; zelar-zelator

zelose adj 1. zealous; 2. jealous;
zelose de (le libertate) jealous of (one’s liberty)
Hence: zelosia

zelosia (-ía) n jealousy

zelote n zealot (1. zealous person; 2. [Jewish Antiq.])
Hence: zelotismo

zelotismo n zealotism, zealotry

zenit n zenith
Hence: zenital

zenital adj zenith, zenithal

Zephyro npr [Cr. Mythol.] Zephyrus;
zephyro zephyr (1. west wind; 2. soft, gentle breeze; 3. zephyr cloth)

zeppelin [G] n Zeppelin

zero n 1. zero, cipher; 2. as in “zero centigrade”;
zero absolute absolute zero

zeta n 1. zeta (= sixth letter of the Greek alphabet); 2. zed, zee (= the letter “z”)

Zeus (Zéus) npr [Gr. Relig.] Zeus
Hence: diantho etc.

zigzag (zígzág) n zigzag
Hence: zigzagar

zigzagar v to zigzag

zinc n [Chem.] zinc;
oxydo de zinc zinc oxide;
blanco de zinc zinc white
Hence: zincar-zincage; zincographo etc.

zincage (-aje) n (act of) zincking

zincar v to zinc, coat with zinc

zincographia (-ía) n zincography, zinc etching

zincographic adj zincographic, zincographical

zincographo (-có-) n zincographer
Hence: zincographia; zincographic

zircon n [Mineral.] zircon
Hence: zirconium-zirconic

zirconic adj [Chem.] zirconic

zirconium n [Chem.] zirconium

zodiacal adj zodiacal

zodiaco (-dí-) n zodiac
Hence: zodiacal

zoic (zóic) adj [Zool.] zoic

zona n zone;
le zona torride the Torrid Zone;
zona temperate Temperate Zone;
zona frigide or glacial Frigid Zone
Hence: zonal-bizonal etc.; zonar

zonal adj zonal

zonar v to zone

zoographia (-ía) n zoography
Hence: zoographic

zoographic adj zoographic

zooide n zooid

zoolatra (zo-ó-) n zoolater, animal worshiper
Hence: zoolatria

zoolatria (-ía) n zoolatry, animal worship

zoolitho (zo-ó-) n zoolith, zoolite

zoologia (-ía) n zoology

zoologic adj zoological;
jardin zoologic zoological garden

zoologista n zoologist

zoologo (zo-ó-) n zoologist
Hence: zoologia-zoologista; zoologic

zoon (zó-on) (pl zoa) n [Zool.] zoon
Hence: zoic-cenozoic etc., paleozoic etc.; zoide; epizoon; azoic; zoolitho etc.; zoologo etc.; zoographia etc.; zoophyto etc.; spermatozoon etc.; entozoon etc.; protozoon etc.

zoophytic adj [Zool.] zoophytal, zoophytic

zoophyto (zo-ó-) n [Zool.] zoophyte

zoophytologia (-ía) n zoophytology

zoospora (zo-ó-) n [Bot.] zoospore

zootomia (-ía) n zootomy

Zoroastre npr Zoroaster
Hence: zoroastrismo; zoroastrian-zoroastriano

zoroastrian adj Zoroastrian

zoroastriano n Zoroastrian

zoroastrismo n Zoroastrianism

zuavo n zouave

zulu n Zulu

zym- n [occurring in compounds] zymo-, zym- (= leaven, ferment)
Hence: azyme; enzyma

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