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yalesleutel ZN

1 clave de Yale

yaleslot ZN

1 serratura Yale

yamswortel ZN

1 dioscorea

yamswortelfamilie ZN

1 dioscoreaceas

yang ZN

1 yang

yankee ZN

1 yankee (E)

yard ZN

1 yard (E)

y-as ZN

1 axe del y/del ordinata

Y-chromosoom ZN

1 chromosomo Y

yen ZN

1 yen (Ja)


1 s. pl. oculos

yin ZN

1 yin

yod ZN

1 yod

yoert(e) ZN

1 yurta

yoga ZN

1 yoga

yogaoefening ZN

1 exeritio de yoga

yogapraktijk ZN

1 practica del systema del yoga

yoghurt ZN

1 yogurt
magere -- = yogurt magre
gewone -- = yogurt grasse
naturel -- = yogurt natural

yoghurtbacterie ZN

1 bacterio de yogurt

yoghurtdieet ZN

1 dieta de yohurt

yoghurtferment ZN

1 fermento de yogurt

yoghurtfles ZN

1 bottilio de yogurt

yoghurtpudding ZN

1 crema dulce al/con yogurt

yogi ZN

1 yogi

yperiet ZN

1 (mosterdgas) yperite

ypsilon ZN

1 ypsilon

ytterbium ZN

1 ytterbium

yttria ZN

1 yttria

yttrium ZN

1 yttrium

yuan ZN

1 (munteenheid van China) yuan

yucca ZN

1 yucca

yup(pie) ZN

1 yuppie (E)

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